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Deliveries of new types of serial boats began.

The next promising project of the domestic defense industry was brought to practical use. According to the latest reports, the Ministry of Defense began to receive serial transport and assault boats of new models, intended for operation by special-purpose units. The development and construction of this technology is carried out by enterprises that are part of the Kalashnikov concern.

According to the press service of the Kalashnikov concern, serial deliveries of boats of two new types included in the so-called. single battle group. Boats have some differences and are designed to solve various problems. At the same time, they must be operated in parallel by special forces. Boats were developed relatively recently and as an initiative. Last year, this technique was first shown to a potential customer and the general public, and later it was tested and recommended for mass production. In addition, there was a formal adoption.

Several new projects of boats for various purposes were developed by the Rybinsk Shipyard, which is part of the Kalashnikov concern. The premiere demonstration of such equipment took place last year during the international naval salon IMDS-2015. In the future, new boats have passed all the necessary tests. Before the end of last year, according to the results of all inspections, two types of new boats were put into service. Also, a contract for the mass production of such equipment appeared, the implementation of which has so far reached the supply of finished products.

Boat BK-10

In early July, the first serial boats of new types were handed over to the customer. The existing contract involves the construction and supply of boats models BK-10 and BK-16. This technique is included in the so-called. united combat group and has a number of characteristic features. So, with some noticeable differences, the boats of the two projects have similar running characteristics, which makes it possible, during preparation for operations, to form a grouping in accordance with current tasks and use the optimal combination of one or two types of equipment. Both the BC-10 and the BC-16 are capable of at least 40 knots, and the cruising range exceeds 400 nautical miles.

The purpose of the BK-10 project was to create a high-speed assault boat. This sample is designed to transport personnel with weapons and special equipment or other payload. Characteristics allow the boat to operate in the coastal zone. Also, the boat is able to carry out the landing on the prepared and unprepared coast, if necessary, supporting the soldiers with fire. Such capabilities allow the crew of the BC-10 to perform a wide range of different tasks. The boat can be used to provide special operations, evacuate the wounded, in the fight against terrorists or pirates, in providing assistance in distress, etc. The breadth of the circle of tasks is determined by the characteristic technical appearance of the boat.

Boat BK-10 is built on a rigid-inflatable inflatable circuit. It has a main body made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, on which all the necessary units are mounted, and is also equipped with an additional inflatable balloon located on the nose and side parts of the body. Inside the hard case are the volumes to accommodate some units and other equipment. The total length of the speed boat BK-10 is 10,48 m, width - 3,7 m. The empty displacement is stated at the level of 3,7 t, full - 6,6 t.

On the open deck of the boat is set the control post with two crew jobs. With the help of existing equipment, the crew can control all the onboard systems and fully control their work. Behind the crew jobs is the landing area for the landing. In the existing configuration of the boat on the deck it is proposed to install 12 seats for paratroopers. They are arranged in three rows of four rows of longitudinal seats in each and provide comfortable movement along the route, and also do not impede landing on the shore.

In the stern of the boat, two 300 hp engines are installed. Such a power plant allows you to reach speeds of the order of 40 nodes. Economic speed is declared at the level of 22 nodes. With optimal fuel consumption, the cruising range reaches 400 miles, which significantly increases the practical potential of the boat.

Scheme BK-10

The BK-10 high-speed assault boat does not have its own weapons, however, the payload and other design parameters allow the landing force to carry with it the necessary weapon and use it against surface or coastal targets.

The second sample of equipment, recently reached the troops, is a high-speed transport-landing craft. The task of the boat BC-16 is also the transportation of personnel and cargo for various purposes. There is an opportunity to participate in various operations in the coastal zone. The boat is capable of solving various combat missions directly at the shore or at a certain distance from it. Thanks to this, the crew and troops can fight with pirates or terrorists in various conditions, as well as participate in helping those in distress or carrying out evacuation.

Speed ​​boat BK-16 has significant differences from the BK-10, associated with a different tactical role and other requirements. The project BK-16 was created taking into account the latest domestic and foreign developments in this area, which had a significant impact on the appearance of the finished equipment. In particular, the new boats of the Kalashnikov concern are very similar to the 03160 Raptor equipment, and also have the same goals.

The boat with a full displacement of 19,5 t (empty - 13 t) has a length of 16,45 m with a width of 4 m and a draft of 0,87 m. The main structural elements are made of an aluminum-magnesium alloy, which provides the required strength with a comparatively small mass. The hull of the boat BK-16 has a characteristic layout with a front cabin deck, behind which is a large volume for the transport of troops. Aft hull given under the power plant.

The crew consists of two people whose workplaces are located in a fully enclosed wheelhouse with glazing, ensuring maximum visibility. The entire central part of the hull accommodates the troop compartment, designed to transport fighters or to place other payloads, depending on the modification. Along the sides of the troop compartment are places for 19 passengers. The landing is made through the aft hatch of the troop compartment, leading to the deck, or through the bow corridor, equipped with upper covers and a folding ramp. The latter is used when landing on an unprepared coast.


In the aft hull compartment there are two 780 horsepower engines coupled with jet propulsion units. With their help, BK-16 can reach speeds up to 42 nodes. At an economic speed of 30 knots, the boat can go up to 400 nautical miles. Indicators of seaworthiness allow the vessel to operate in the coastal zone.

The BK-16 project implies the use of an armament complex that includes various systems. As the basis of the armament complex concern "Kalashnikov" it is proposed to use a remotely controlled combat module with a two-plane stabilization and a protected body. The control system is capable of independently accompanying up to 10 targets. The combat module can be equipped with various types of machine guns.

In the front part of the deck, a swiveling installation is provided for mounting a large-caliber machine gun or an automatic grenade launcher. Four rifle-caliber machine guns can also be installed along the sides of the deck. It is possible to transport light missile systems for various purposes, a certain number of sea mines, etc.

There are several variants of the speed boat BK-16, which differ from each other by their purpose and, as a result, by the composition of the special equipment. The main version is a transport-landing craft designed to transport personnel and disembark it at the place where the combat mission is performed. In addition, the construction of boats for other purposes. With the help of alterations of the troop compartment, the BC-16 can become a mobile command center with a set of communications and control equipment, as well as workplaces for nine specialists. A variant of a medical boat with the appropriate equipment is proposed. It is also possible to build fire boats and vessels for divers.

Interestingly, the first instance of the BK-16 boat was built in the fall of 2014, shortly after which its tests began on the Black Sea. By mid-2015, tests of this technique were carried out with the participation of the Black Sea fleet. Soon, a prototype of the new boat took part in the exhibitions "Army 2015" and IMDS-2015, where it was demonstrated to the country's leadership. Last summer, the construction of the second boat of the new model was completed, which later also went to the test. Judging by the latest reports, the construction of such equipment has continued. The consequence of this was the delivery of new boats to the customer.

Scheme of the boat BK-16

According to recent reports, the delivery of serial samples of new equipment to the Ministry of Defense began not so long ago. The customer received the first serial boats BK-10 and boats BK-16. This technique is intended for use by special forces that require high-speed vehicles to move in the coastal zone and disembark at the necessary points. The supply of such boats, as well as the technology of some other projects, will significantly increase the mobility of units in various conditions.

Two projects of high-speed boats have already been brought to mass production. Two more developments of similar technology have not yet reached this stage. The Kalashnikov Concern has also developed to date the speed assault boat BK-9 and the multipurpose boat BK-18. The first is a vehicle capable of carrying up to nine paratroopers and carrying a reservation to protect people or units. BK-18, in turn, is similar to an enlarged and modified version of the BK-16 with the corresponding characteristics. In terms of goals and objectives, the BC-9 boat and the BC-18 boat do not differ much from the samples received in the series.

New boats have already been brought to mass production. The same can happen with other promising projects. Thus, in the foreseeable future, domestic special forces will receive a sufficient number of new equipment, which will increase their mobility to the required level, which will positively affect their mobility and the effectiveness of the performance of combat missions in general.

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  1. Lemon1972
    Lemon1972 13 July 2016 07: 36
    Everything would be fine, but the Mercury engines are frustrating. Outboard motors, as I understand it, in Russia have died completely.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 13 July 2016 08: 37
      On BK-16 - Seatek + Castoldi water cannons. The Pell Raptor (which is with the Swedes CB90) has CAT + KaMeWa Rolls-Royce.

      And the news about these boats was July 6, 2016 at VO already.
    2. edge
      edge 13 July 2016 16: 12
      Quote: Limon1972
      Outboard motors, as I understand it, in Russia have died completely.

      yeah, and the boats are a Swedish project bought by the Pella factory. And where is ours here?
      1. vkl.47
        vkl.47 14 July 2016 10: 44
        Our only letters are here 《BK》. Alas
  2. denvar555
    denvar555 13 July 2016 07: 43
    I think alternative engine manufacturers can be found, the same Yamaha or Chinese clones. Although you need to restore your engine building you need.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 13 July 2016 08: 41
      Replacing Seatek and CAT too? A light cannons? Instead of Castoldi and KaMeWa Rolls-Royce? And on the BK-16 there are still SCHROTH folding chairs from Germany.
      1. edge
        edge 13 July 2016 16: 13
        Quote: donavi49
        Replacing Seatek and CAT too? A light cannons? Instead of Castoldi and KaMeWa Rolls-Royce? And on the BK-16 there are still SCHROTH folding chairs from Germany.

        import substitution .....
        1. Hog
          Hog 13 July 2016 20: 44
          Well then, let's replace them with stools from the nearest furniture factory?
          1. midivan
            midivan 14 July 2016 00: 04
            Quote: Hog
            Well then, let's replace them with stools from the nearest furniture factory?

            What did you mean? I correctly understood that the "stools" are not able to do? ugh further the mat is solid, do you think these are German high-tech chairs? Such crap can be done in batches a day, give me a normal pipe bender, the material is iron (it seems like we have an aluminum), I'd better do it, I will use my welding machines that are far from hospitals, but sometimes there is really not enough evil for our "manufacturers" am
    2. Malkor
      Malkor 13 July 2016 08: 51
      They would turn to any aircraft factory, if others cannot do it for the design and production of engines. A series of boats would partially pay back the investment, and then the free market.
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 13 July 2016 08: 59
        And how many years would it take to design, put into series? And most importantly, at whose expense is the banquet?

        Moreover, the customer wants to quickly (EMNIP last BK-16 under the contract in 18), and according to BK-9-10 there are orders for 2-4 boats with a term of one year.

        Plus, these Mercury go to all sorts of Pilots / Ministry of Emergency Situations / Customs officers / Rybnadzor, but there, too, the life of the contract is short.

        No way, the development, testing, certification and production of a series can not accommodate, even if the money is found.
      2. midivan
        midivan 14 July 2016 00: 14
        Quote: Malkor
        They would turn to any aircraft factory, if others cannot do it for the design and production of engines. A series of boats would partially pay back the investment, and then the free market.

        Yes, the aircraft factory was bored and take up such a job, what’s there, two tactics from Mercury? What is the difficulty? flap valves? sort it out for you and the floor is done (I can’t laugh) I don’t believe I can’t believe that they can’t, they do not want reptiles and no one needs to bother, but why? It’s also available in affordable sales, there’s the answer, we’re short of characters and principles and through a mountain of ambition to raise the dough while not doing anything
  3. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 13 July 2016 08: 19
    The main thing is that horses are needed not only in Moscow Region, but also in other security forces and the Ministry of Emergencies.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 13 July 2016 09: 15
      So build. This is the good old Rybinsk Shipyard, just now she entered the Kalashnikov Concern.

  4. Lyubopyatov
    Lyubopyatov 13 July 2016 16: 47
    When the war, there is no time for certification. It will require intensification of labor, 10-12 hour work shifts, internment of 5 columns and those villains who mixed up the terminals in a space rocket. (For some reason, it is impossible to make a mistake by inserting a SIM card into the phone, and with a space microcircuit - easily.)
  5. Cat
    Cat 13 July 2016 20: 02
    Prior to the Second World War, our torpedo boats were also equipped with Hispanic-Soyuz engines, but they also developed their own engine building, but in 1941 there were only boats with our engines in serial production. On this one do not twist, you need to maintain your own, and not someone else's. In order not to be tormented, as during the American-Spanish war, the Spanish battleships went into battle without guns of the main caliber.
  6. python2a
    python2a 13 July 2016 20: 50
    And why is this good?
    Keep the people in check?
  7. RF Armed Forces 12345678
    RF Armed Forces 12345678 19 July 2016 14: 18
    The devices are excellent, but you need to get rid of imported components EVERYWHERE.
  8. Tektor
    Tektor 20 November 2016 13: 27
    It seems to me that it is the BK-16 and the Raptor that need to be produced in a large series: they are better suited for landing operations, if only because they allow the placement of weapons. While the 12,7 mm machine gun Kord, it seems. But this is not the limit, I would think about the ZSU-23-2, for air defense and to support the landing.