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Long-distance sea trips: intermarkets and payloads instead of cruisers

The Russian fleet needs ships in the far sea zone. With this statement, which has been continuously repeated over the past decade, it is impossible to argue. But what to do if there are critically not enough suitable combat units in the composition of the Navy, and it is necessary to be present in dozens of points of the World Ocean? Ships are sent to the campaign, not intended for long autonomous voyages and auxiliary vessels.

IRAs are leaving at sea

The problem of the shortage of ships for long autonomous campaigns arose acutely after the decision was made to revive the permanent naval unit in the Mediterranean. One of the first "swallows" who went on a campaign outside their area of ​​responsibility was the small rocket ship Samum, which had spent a month and a half surfing the Mediterranean. Despite the strike power of its rocket armament, comparable to the destroyers of the 956 project, it remains the ship of the near-sea zone, intended for rapid strikes and withdrawal under the cover of air defense.

RKVP "Samum"

By 2015, the work of small rocket ships outside the native Black Sea coast became the rule rather than the exception. To accomplish the tasks in the Mediterranean, the XRNXX Mirage project was sent, with autonomy of only a day in 1234. This is sufficient for sea crossings within several seas, but it strongly binds the crew to the coastal infrastructure. It is worth noting the weather restrictions on the application weapons - the ship’s seaworthiness is 5 points.

IRA "Mirage"

A year later, the ambitious plans of the Navy to retain military superiority in the region forced two more small rocket ships to be sent to the Mediterranean: the Serpukhov and the Green Dol. This time, the newer project, 21631, which their builder, the Zelenodolsk plant named after Gorky, classifies as "multi-purpose ships of the river-sea class."

Long-distance sea trips: intermarkets and payloads instead of cruisers

Small rocket ship project 21631 "Serpukhov"


Do not forget about such an important task as the demonstration of the Russian flag at international naval events. This is a strategic task that seriously affects the image of the state, the implementation of which many foreign commanders assign to the most powerful and combat-ready ships. In Russia, these tasks are often assigned to Project 1164 missile cruisers and Project 956 destroyers. However, in recent years, there are some exceptions, which in diplomatic circles could well be regarded as disrespect. In 2013, the killer ship KIL-158 of the Black Sea was sent instead of a large landing ship for the annual Russian week in Greece fleet.

Kielctor vessel "KIL-158"

In 2016, in the Indian International Fleet Review, история repeated There, instead of warships, the rescue ship Epron was sent, which, with more than 50 years of age, is a well-deserved fleet veteran. The situation was twofold. It is impossible not to be proud of the fact that Russian sailors are able, during such a period, to support the material part in the state of ability for long-distance sea trips. However, it is impossible not to regret the more than modest demonstration of the combat capabilities of the state against the background of the frigates, destroyers and cruisers that came to the IFR.

Rescue ship "Epron"


The reason for replacing the 1 ships of rank for much smaller combat units and even auxiliary ships lies in the very long-running renewal of the Russian Navy. Today, the country's largest shipbuilding and ship repair yards are heavily loaded with military orders, but for this very reason, the combat capabilities of the Russian Navy relative to the US Navy, according to statistics from the Central Naval Portal, have decreased to three years ago. A number of 1-th and 2-th rank ships are in long overhaul, while their modern counterparts are not transferred to the fleet as quickly as the extensive sea borders of Russia and tasks in the far sea zone require.

From the series of frigates of the 11356 project, only three ships will be part of the Navy in the foreseeable future, the main frigate of the 22350 project is still under test, the destroyer “Leader” has just formed in the form of a draft design. But already there have been statements about the construction of a large series of small rocket ships of the new project 22800.

Layout of the ISC project 22800

So, the era of long-distance marches RTOs is just beginning. Taking into account the fact that the Caliber missile systems installed on them managed to “thunder” to the whole world, they could cope with the tasks of displaying the flag in foreign ports properly. "Better a small rocket ship in the ranks than the destroyer in the project," - such an opinion was expressed in the press back in 2012 year. Today, in the context of the tasks of participating in international naval events, it can be rephrased: "Better is a small rocket ship than an auxiliary ship."
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  1. Scharnhorst
    Scharnhorst 10 July 2016 07: 45
    The logic of the construction of two almost identical RTOs 22800 and 21631 is still not clear. Fleet development should be planned for decades to come, and not be a response to the daily changing political situation. On the surface is the example of Turkey. A little deeper - Crimea for two years in Russia. A number of events in the Arctic! Ahead is a base on the Pacific island or Kamrani. And the ships will serve for thirty years, with them we will respond to future challenges and tasks.
    1. Berkut24
      Berkut24 10 July 2016 10: 25
      Yes, the logic is simple. In view of the fact that project 22350 was stuck in implementation due to the unavailability of some of the weapons and misunderstandings about propulsion systems, it was decided to plug the holes for the Black Sea Fleet with Project 11356, which had already been tested on the Indian Talwar. Project 11356 is already morally outdated, but was pulled up by the installation of a new weapon - "Caliber". Well, at least something ... At the same time, as in the situation with 22350 sanctions, supplies of propulsion systems were cut off. Therefore, so far only 3 pieces.
      And yes - the projects are not the same. According to the plan, 22350 is more advanced, but the complexity of the device and the presence of imported components in it, which now require development in our country from scratch, drag out the construction process. And the war is already today and now.
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 10 July 2016 10: 45
        You confuse frigates with two series of RTOs:
        Zelenodolsky toothy Buyans - grown from the usual river IAC Buyan for Astrakhan and the Caspian.
        Diamond Kakrakuts - grown from an abandoned Scorpio in Rybinsk (also designed by Diamond).

        They have an identical main complex UKSK-8, similar sizes.

        However, there are a few BUT:
        Karakut is originally marine, there are other contours of the hull, plus a propulsion system, this gives the design 30 knots.
        Toothy Buyan - created by increasing the usual (actually we inserted a section by 12 meters + slightly expanded to keep the proportions), from this the ship is still low-speed and has only 23-25 ​​knots of maximum speed (in the first two Sviyazhsk and Uglchi there was a shortage of 2,5, XNUMX nodes from the design, repaired or not, I don’t know).

        However, further it is not so clear:
        Karakut carries a 76mm cannon (a lightweight version of the AK-176 in a new cap), 2 AK-630 in the stern and 2 MTPU in the superstructure from the pirates.
        Toothy Buyan, on the other hand, is a 100mm A-190 (a lightweight version, like on an IAC), MZA Duet, 2 posts Bending 6 MANPADS each, on a stabilized platform, 2 MTPU.

        That is, if anything, then Karakut is doubtful that he will even fight off a single LA / rocket, but Buyan has a chance.
        1. seos
          seos 2 November 2016 10: 41
          Buyan M costs 160 lyamov - it is expensive for a ship "platform for launching with calibers", frigates cost from 200 to 350, and a simple frigate is clearly better than a soldier ...
  2. realist
    realist 10 July 2016 08: 00
    for warm seas and trips to the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, small ships with good autonomy and seaworthiness and armament with cruise missiles are needed. small 2000-3000 tons of fisheries displacing the seas and oceans go. big ship –– big money and construction time –– smaller, less ..... although my opinion is not a sailor and is not the ultimate truth.
    1. Verdun
      Verdun 10 July 2016 11: 46
      Quote: realist
      for warm seas and trips to the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, small ships with good autonomy and seaworthiness and armament with cruise missiles are needed. small 2000-3000 tons of displacement fishermen walk on seas and oceans

      On small vessels with heavy waves or storms, difficult, sometimes unbearable conditions are created for the crew and equipment. Unlike a fishing seiner, a warship cannot always avoid meeting a cyclone after receiving meteorological observations. He must carry out his tasks in any weather. For those who do not know how this happens, I recommend reading at least the same Macklin - Ship of His Majesty Ullis. Unlike civilian vessels, the crew of a warship is large, and it needs to be provided with long-distance food and water, and they take up a lot of space. Finally, within a small displacement, it is impossible to place either powerful location stations, or a sufficient amount of ammunition for weapons systems. All of the above makes either MRKs, or even corvettes unsuitable for long hikes. As practice shows, a displacement of at least 5000 tons can be considered sufficient. And this is a BOD or a cruiser. Until our fleet has enough of these ships, it will remain coastal.
    2. Galleon
      Galleon 26 September 2016 16: 30
      Add: and with very good cold machines. Otherwise, all the equipment will go into failure.
  3. Cat
    Cat 10 July 2016 08: 42
    Ps Better auxiliary boat - a veteran than nothing!
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 10 July 2016 09: 29
      To an international exhibition?
      There - either the latest, or nothing. Otherwise, it’s anti-advertising
      total defense industry.
  4. Neputin
    Neputin 10 July 2016 09: 46
    RTOs and missile boats should protect the coastal zone under the cover of aviation, and not "display the flag" or drive Somali pirates. They simply will not get there - the autonomy is small. For such purposes, a minimum of a frigate or BOD is sent. The question of the article is different: How long will this disgrace with engines for ships last? At the beginning of 2000, NPO Saturn was tasked with preparing for import substitution in the field of ship engine building. So what? But nothing. The production of the most important products in Rybinsk has not been mastered. Not even a test stand for shipboard gas turbine units has been created, for which 6 billion rubles have now been urgently allocated. On the territory of the former USSR, such a stand still exists in a single copy. In Nikolaev. Sabotage? Definitely. Under Joseph Vissarionovich, for such cases it was possible to stand up to the wall. And we all have "like water off a duck's back." Uncle Vova, where is the landing?
    1. alexmach
      alexmach 10 July 2016 19: 43
      How long will this outrage with engines for ships last?

      Well ... in my opinion, the last forecast sounded that until 2018 .. this is if we are talking about the gas turbine. Since 2018, Kakraz has promised the first serial installations, if I'm not mistaken.
    2. ism_ek
      ism_ek 11 July 2016 00: 14
      Quote: Neputin
      NPO Saturn back in the early 2000s was tasked with preparing for import substitution in the field of ship engine manufacturing. So what? But nothing.

      This is a very complex technique. In Nikolaev, when testing the turbine, the plant and the village were completely disconnected from external power supply. The turbine should work for several years in conditions of high humidity and salinity. CHP turbines - moved once a year
      1. gridasov
        gridasov 11 July 2016 10: 20
        Modern turbines are built communally not logically and therefore complex and not efficient. To repeat the well-worn phrase that the algorithms of individual physical processes occurring at each stage of the interaction of the hydrodynamic flow and the outflow surfaces in it do not correspond to the harmony of interactions, i.e., energy ones, apparently it’s not worth it. Therefore, to wait for the result that something will come out after endless modernization and improvements of what is no longer possible to do better in the municipality is useless. No one sees an elementary physical process, which is the basis of the screw and its development in the turbine.
  5. Kudrevkn
    Kudrevkn 10 July 2016 09: 51
    The author was a little mistaken, indicating "In Russia, these tasks are more often assigned to the KR pr. 1164 and EM pr. 956"? At the expense of cruisers I agree, but instead of destroyers, you should probably indicate the BOD pr.1155! For the EM pr.956 (once a fairly massive series) practically did not remain in the fleet. My dear "Discreet" was cut "on pins and needles" back in 1993 (did not serve even 10 years, 2 BS)! As for the "oceanic" BS and in the tropics, I can judge from my own experience (the Persian Gulf 1988 - 7 months) - this is LJJJJ! Although we "prepared" thoroughly or "prudently", and our younger destroyers failed to pass this heat test? For these ships (steam turbine) are more suitable for the northern theater of operations! However, this is the headache of our General Staff of the Russian Navy and the Ministry of Defense?
    1. Dimon19661
      Dimon19661 10 July 2016 10: 07
      TEST-served 8 years (just my former order).
  6. Tihas
    Tihas 10 July 2016 09: 55
    The Russian Navy and defense enterprises are considering the possibility of equipping all large ships with nuclear power plants, a source in the military-industrial complex told This decision is related to the import substitution of power units for the fleet.

    - It is about creating a line of unified installations for surface ships of rank 1-2 with a displacement of 4 (frigate) to 80 or more thousand tons (aircraft carrier), with a conditional capacity of 40 to 200 megawatts. We already have or are developing the required size reactors, ”the source said.

    According to the expert, the damage caused by the severance of economic ties with Ukraine, where the USSR has been developing the production of gas turbine engines for the Navy for decades, is very difficult to compensate for in a short time. "The ships need to be built now, given the aging of Soviet ships, we have no time to wait. And when planning construction, we have no right to expect a quick restoration of relations with Ukraine. Under these conditions, the development of new nuclear installations is a way to hedge ourselves, at least," added source.

    Ships of rank 3-4: corvettes, patrol and small missile ships, can be equipped with diesel engines, the production of which is established in Russia. These same motors are planned to be used on large ships as auxiliary power plants.

    Now nuclear power plants are used on heavy cruisers, icebreakers and nuclear submarines (the latter are planned to be built by 2020 under the state armaments program by 15). It is expected that the promising aircraft carrier "Storm" and the destroyer of the far ocean zone "Leader" will receive a power plant with a new generation reactor RITM-200. The same power unit is installed on promising Project 22220 icebreakers. The first ship of the series, Arktika, was launched in June.
    1. Cat
      Cat 10 July 2016 10: 01
      God grant! So that everything works out.
    2. Dimon19661
      Dimon19661 10 July 2016 10: 08
      Is your nickname interesting? Not by chance from Fokino?
  7. NEXUS
    NEXUS 10 July 2016 10: 02
    After 25 years of inactivity, it is strange to believe that we will begin to rivet ships of the first and second rank in batches. First, we need to well and reliably strengthen our shores, building quickly and a lot of MRK. When all the problems in the construction of frigates of Project 22350 are solved, and I think they will start to build a lot But for now, they will be honored to build Leaders, which will probably not be in a large series, since this is essentially a replacement for the Eagles and Atlantes, God forbid, in the near future, I suppose we need a light, inexpensive (relatively) destroyer from 6500 to 8000 tons of displacement, which will occupy a niche Sarich and ships of project 1155. But with the "mass" destroyer, things are not very good for us. I think it is in this direction that we would focus our maximum efforts in the near future, but I hope that work on the project has not begun today. And the main problem in the construction of destroyers I see the difficulties of the new GSO, which cannot but worry.
  8. okroshka79
    okroshka79 10 July 2016 10: 29
    Soft, worn down the most acute problems of building the domestic fleet to the shape of a ball. For what - a fat minus. No one was asked for stopping the construction of new ships due to the lack of domestic power plants. As they did not ask for the destruction of ships in the nineties from the still living admirals such as F.N. Gromov, I.N. Khmelnov and the like. And now only the inglorious bleating of the current naval commander is heard, like "we will, we need." The fleet is still leaving on ships of Soviet construction, and even without any modernization over the years. These ships are on their last legs, and there is no replacement for them. It is incomprehensible to the mind how the ships built in the sixties, such as the large landing craft "Saratov" or the SKR "Smetlivy", solve the problems! But it leaves because, to our greatest happiness, there has not yet been an open clash with NATO ships. So, small provocations like with our TFR "Yaroslav the Wise". And it is necessary to prepare for this, even as it should! Small ships, which, by the way, have almost zero air defense in the Mediterranean and in similar theaters of operations simply cannot cope either in terms of autonomy, or seaworthiness, or in terms of combat stability. And, if at least something remote in the construction of new ships is somehow vague, but peeped out, nothing is heard about the floating rear. Where is the construction of modern supply vessels such as Boris Chilikin, Berezina, Akhtuba and others, known to everyone who once served in the Mediterranean Sea or in the Indian Ocean? What a shame, in order to solve the problems of supplying our group of troops in Syria, we had to buy old transport equipment from Ukraine! From all this only takes a shock.
    1. gridasov
      gridasov 10 July 2016 12: 10
      And you put yourself in the shoes of a human being as a decision maker. You have what you have - money and resource management! In addition, modern conditions require a complex of potential knowledge about new physical principles of efficient operation of power plants. Knowledge about new devices providing movement in various environments. New methods of analysis of complex and highly dynamic processes in the information space. All this is not bought for money and you still need to find those who think and understand this. Now tell me which of this and who has it. There is at least a package of ideas that are well-grounded and discussed in the circles of realist specialists. Each human being, reaching the level of illusory well-being, is guided only by the principle - "I will not have enough. And after me, even a flood." Therefore, in addition to the fact that it is permissible for everyone to scold and abuse, you need to understand the ways and algorithms for solving issues and problems. This, in turn, is not a trip to the store when you can buy. Only a few understand the complexity and interconnectedness of all the processes associated with the search for fundamental ideas, then developments, then justifications, and only then the whole "mess"
      In general, VO is a serious platform with the presence of smart and different people. Therefore, here you need to be able to separate "wheat from chaff" very accurately and calmly. Some msyinusiks are playing, scouts receive analysis from talkers, while others are looking for a place for their implementation. etc
      1. Cat man null
        Cat man null 10 July 2016 12: 20
        Quote: gridasov
        Some msinusiks put it, scouts get analysis from talkers, while others look for a place for their implementation. etc

        - (dreamily) and there are just clowns ... I even know a couple laughing
        1. gridasov
          gridasov 10 July 2016 13: 00
          If you are talking about yourself, I dare to reassure you that a world without depths, dreamers, dreamers, smart, talented, etc., would not be complete. Do you not understand this? It is interesting whether you refer yourself to whom or introspection is problematic for you.
          1. Cat man null
            Cat man null 10 July 2016 14: 22
            Quote: gridasov
            I wonder who you belong to

            - to the "orderlies of the forest" laughing

            Quote: gridasov
            world without depths

            - and who is "deep"? belay
            1. Bogdarin
              Bogdarin 10 July 2016 14: 54
              These are deep ludy, you chdo, not banymeda? ))))
        2. Falcon5555
          Falcon5555 10 July 2016 23: 08
          Quote: Cat Man Null
          - (dreamily) and there are just clowns ... I even know a couple

          And is there a second hybrid?
          1. Cat man null
            Cat man null 10 July 2016 23: 21
            Quote: Falcon5555
            Quote: Cat Man Null
            - (dreamily) and there are just clowns ... I even know a couple

            And is there a second hybrid?

            - a hybrid, a hybrid ... ah!
            - not a hybrid, then a symbiosis
            - and the second is not a hybrid, there’s just a troll ... but it’s funny laughing
            1. Falcon5555
              Falcon5555 10 July 2016 23: 25
              Oh well.
            2. The comment was deleted.
      2. Verdun
        Verdun 10 July 2016 20: 50
        Quote: gridasov
        Each human being, reaching the level of illusory well-being, is guided only by the principle - "I will not have enough. And after me, even a flood."

        For those who hold this point of view, the word "Human" should be removed and only "Being" should be left.
        you need to understand the ways and algorithms for solving issues and problems
        Necessary. And those who have plundered the country for many years understand these paths and algorithms very well. And they are doing everything to never get to the application of these algorithms. Because, to create a normal fleet, like everything else, there are no other ways and algorithms other than bringing the perpetrators to justice in full, and building a normal economy of the country.
  9. Mareman Vasilich
    Mareman Vasilich 10 July 2016 12: 13
    RTOs in long hikes are just a need, since there is no other. The construction of the fleet, which even came close to the Soviet one, is not underway.
  10. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 10 July 2016 12: 14
    Yeah! With ships of the 1st and 2nd rank and in general with the surface fleet, our situation, to put it mildly, is not brilliant. PMO ships are almost all retirement age. I was in Baltiysk, I even saw "yachts", is still in service, I did practice on them at 78. Are we the only BTshki?
  11. Bashibuzuk
    Bashibuzuk 10 July 2016 12: 58
    A sad article.
    It immediately resembles the "battles" after the Russian-Japanese war, the "battles" after the revolution, when they did not know from what and what kind of fleet to build young Russia.
    Old cut. You do not need to have a special education to understand - they were cut from hopelessness. In order not to let the ships go to rust. To please the adversary, they cut it - they demonstrated peace. And brainlessness.
    And now - the history of the last century - where is the fleet? WHERE THE FLEET ??? And where everything is social ... in a deaf asshole.
    When it still rises.
    In the meantime, SMALL ships will represent the Russian flag. Well, at least - not torpedo boats and torpedo boats.
    Okay, we should wipe ourselves for the first time after a slap in the face, asil.

    "Verdun EU Today, 11:46 am ↑ New
    Quote: realist
    small 2000-3000 tons of displacement fishermen walk on seas and oceans
    On small vessels with heavy waves or storms, difficult, sometimes unbearable conditions are created for the crew and equipment. Unlike a fishing seiner, a warship cannot always avoid meeting a cyclone, receiving data from meteorological observations. He must carry out his tasks in any weather. "
    Note that I happened to both serve in the Navy as a "bull" and go fishing from the base of the trawl fleet.
    So, our main entertainment in the Navy was "Storm Evasion". Despite the beautifully written stories about the Ulysses ship.
    This, in fact, is correct - a warship must be ready for battle. And not to eliminate damage from storm conditions. Radar antenna area .... impact on mobile systems of deck weapons - what will break, who will do? In the sea.
    The fishermen have a different task - to ensure the fishing and loading of TRANSPORT refrigerators. And not just transport workers. Therefore, fishermen are constantly fishing, and even in a 5-point storm. And do not shy away on okaena seas. Firstly, they are attached to the fishing area, and secondly, the long "gut" behind the stern gives such stability that the mother does not worry. During the outflow of the trawl, it is uncomfortable, well, so ... it's also uncomfortable to sleep on the ceiling, the blanket falls.

    Honestly, I was surprised - by fastening the fishing fleet to the realities of the military.
    Need big ships. Oh, how are you.
    When will the latest ones appear?
    Maybe we’ll disperse the football team and scrape another frigate, huh?
  12. demiurg
    demiurg 10 July 2016 14: 35
    I don’t understand one thing, who interferes with ordering boxes abroad? We ordered iron in China or Finland, and are already saturating it with our weapons and electronics. Armament still costs 80-90% of the price of the ship.
    1. NEXUS
      NEXUS 10 July 2016 15: 24
      Quote: demiurg
      I don’t understand one thing, who interferes with ordering boxes abroad? We ordered iron in China or Finland, and are already saturating it with our weapons and electronics. Armament still costs 80-90% of the price of the ship.

      Do you recall the story of the Mistral? And our shipyards need to be developed and modernized, otherwise we will rub along our shores.
      There is an increase in capacities, both material and human. But this will not happen in a short time, as we would not like. In the USSR there was a school, traditions and succession of shipbuilders ... much has been lost and destroyed. Now you have to restore it all, and in emergency mode.
      Ships of the first or second rank to build is not rivets. We’ll bring the frigates to mind, and there you can increase the tonnage of warships taking into account developments and a new arsenal.
      Unfortunately adversary does not give us much time, and therefore everything is done in a hurry.
      1. demiurg
        demiurg 10 July 2016 18: 38
        We need gas turbines yesterday. They won’t sell them to us without a case. tech that I don’t see anything terrible in Vyartsilya building for us a couple of buildings for the Gorshkovs.
  13. gallville
    gallville 10 July 2016 15: 46
    Feed 22350 to 8 thousand tons. Increase the BC by 2 times and shove 2 gtu instead of 4 gas turbines. While they will draw the project and make the case, they will already establish the release.
    With corvettes, change the redoubt furke to tor-m. Lowers the price and makes unification with CB.
    22800 worthy replacement 1234.
  14. dojjdik
    dojjdik 10 July 2016 19: 09
    don't worry, our submariners will get everyone in the Mediterranean if necessary
    1. NEXUS
      NEXUS 10 July 2016 19: 22
      Quote: dojjdik
      don't worry, our submariners will get everyone in the Mediterranean if necessary

      Unfortunately, in the nuclear submarine and submarine issue, we are several times behind the adversary. It makes me glad that the SU for Kalina is kind of ... They’ll be unable to upgrade Varshavyanka infinitely.
      But Yaseni-M is building everything and, as far as I understand, there are serious problems there, since they delayed the delivery of Kazan by at least two years. In light of this, I would like to know how things are going on for Husky’s nuclear submarines, because we need MAPLs like air and we need them at least 5-6 on the Pacific Fleet and the Northern Fleet. And while there is one Severodvinsk in the ranks and this is not even Yasen-M.
      1. Dart2027
        Dart2027 10 July 2016 21: 46
        Quote: NEXUS
        In light of this, I would like to know how things are with the Husky submarines

        While work is underway on "Ash" and repair "Shchuk".
        Quote: NEXUS
        there are serious problems, since they delayed the delivery of Kazan

        No, it's just that "Kazan" is actually the lead ship of the series. "Severodvinsk", although similar, but still not the same. Well, the lead ship is always hemorrhoids, the second and then go along the knurled one ..
  15. serg2108
    serg2108 10 July 2016 19: 11
    eh all the same, Comrade Stalin was right at 37 to shoot enemies of the people in large packs from the top leadership .....
    the systematic development of the fleet is going on for 10-30 years, everything is in our place ... and it’s especially proud of nothing ... everyone sold it out, the industry collapsed, the ability to produce at least something more or less tolerable left much to be desired ... the story of the adoption of ships (really large - for which the power and the people would be proud of this wrecking on a state scale and it would be time to put all the leaders, starting with those at the top and responsible for the fleet!
  16. Lyubopyatov
    Lyubopyatov 10 July 2016 21: 34
    Without transferring responsibility to wartime norms, amending the constitution and demonstratively punishing saboteurs, nothing can be done. Oprichnina is a historical necessity and a way of Russia's survival.