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Military equipment, equipment and a special obstacle course for engineering troops are represented in Murom

On the eve of the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that in Murom for the first time a special engineering and assault strip was worked out. The servicemen who took part in the overcoming of the special bands represented the assault and raiding divisions. From the press service of the main defense department:

The peculiarity of this obstacle is that it works out the procedure for subdivisions, starting from the moment of nomination from one's own positions, overcoming the neutral zone and ending with actions on the terrain of a conditional enemy equipped with dots and bunkers. The length of the route, which is more than 1,2 thousand meters, is filled with more than 20 fortifications, barriers and obstacles, on which military engineering troops can improve their tactical and physical skills.

It is noted that when creating a special obstacle course for engineering troops, the experience of training sappers during the Great Patriotic War was taken into account.

The difficulty of overcoming the engineering and assault strip was checked, including by the full-time division of the barrage company. Military men covered obstacles undercover tank T-80 As a result, the Egoza wire spirals, forest debris, various kinds of fences and minefields were overcome.

Against this background, units of engineering equipment for various purposes were demonstrated in Murom. During the gathering with the commanding staff of the engineering troops, about a hundred samples of technical equipment and special equipment options were shown.

Military equipment, equipment and a special obstacle course for engineering troops are represented in Murom

Press Service MO:
Among the promising models presented at the collection of engineering weapons and equipment are protective suits for engineering and sapper units OVR-2-02 and protective suits for engineering and assault units OVR-3Sh, as well as protected vehicles "Tayfun-K" with a combat module and "Patrol "Designed for their transfer, engineering complex of mine clearance MIKR, wheeled road vehicle, armored, mobile engineering repair complex PIRK, weatherproof windproof suit for pontooners, mobile recompressio nnaya station PRS-VM with diving equipment SLVI-15, mobile mast support system PSMO, military mobile sawmill complex VMLK-1.

In addition, a line of various mines and explosive devices was introduced. Among the objects of technology were special robotic complexes, tow boats and automobile cranes of various capacities.
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  1. hirurg
    hirurg 8 July 2016 15: 27
    By the way, the Open Water 2016 final was held in Murom today. I’m just from there. Won 45 ODIB. Now they are valued at international competitions.
    1. hirurg
      hirurg 8 July 2016 21: 59
      Relay relay crossing the Oka River. Winner in the photo.
      I can say that the outfit is not bad - to say the least. The questions are answered clearly and politely (Both officers and privates).
      Everyone worked perfectly !!! Well, of course, the participants had hitches. Well, so is the competition.
      Otherwise there would be no winner.
      Shooting, explosions, helicopters VERY low - impressive. The feeling that you are at the center of the battle.
      There is video, only amateur, the wind muffles the sound.
      And my sea, my wife and my daughter have sea impressions.
  2. Coconut
    Coconut 8 July 2016 15: 29
    Let the tada mona run and put the likes ... although I believe in the Russian warprom No.
  3. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 8 July 2016 15: 39
    The big red STOP button on the photo inspires! smile
  4. Sergey-72
    Sergey-72 8 July 2016 15: 58
    It would be even better to arrange supplies for the troops, but not very much. And the attitude to change to the troops themselves, and then how to build baht. Suppose a crane was given to the battalion, it works day and night and until the equipment is "killed" will not calm down.
  5. Elephant
    Elephant 8 July 2016 16: 42
    a glamorous blue color - from Yudashkin?
    1. Navuxonastupil
      Navuxonastupil 8 July 2016 17: 59
      Drink vitamins and change the monitor! It will not help, Amba, color blindness crept imperceptibly!
      1. Connie
        Connie 8 July 2016 21: 04
        A camouflage backpack with a green to the right, like a soldier in real green uniform and with a normal helmet in the background.
  6. 8 July 2016 16: 47
    Judging by what is written in the article, the engineer troops are not very well equipped! good !!!
  7. taseka
    taseka 8 July 2016 16: 57
    Presented - demonstrated - promising examples! To the troops all this and quickly !!!!!
  8. masiya
    masiya 8 July 2016 17: 27
    Decent equipment and gear, for the engineering troops this is a huge progress, in World War II there was nothing except a shovel, pickaxe, scrap and at best a mine detector, everything else is savvy and improvised materials, so everything is in order 21st century after all !!!
    1. Izotovp
      Izotovp 8 July 2016 18: 23
      As far as I remember, cuirasses were at the mouth of the fence.
  9. In100gram
    In100gram 8 July 2016 18: 23
    This is the thing. Nowhere without engineering troops. It is very necessary to train, and new types of weapons, and special equipment. Very clear MO policy on the development of the Engineering Forces soldier
  10. K-50
    K-50 8 July 2016 18: 39
    Is any Pepsi star painted on the technique? belay
    In Russia, as the assignee of the USSR, the star was RED !!!!!!!! fool
    What kind of stupid habits can redraw characters to your taste? fool
    1. sso-xnumx
      sso-xnumx 8 July 2016 19: 15
      Quote: K-50
      Is any Pepsi star painted on the technique?

      Quote: K-50
      What kind of stupid habits can redraw characters to your taste?

      I will add. Moreover, the coloring of the state flag of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. When will our PR-heraldry artists wise up ??? Or do you learn?
  11. Cosmonaut
    Cosmonaut 8 July 2016 22: 03
    Without sappers, nowhere !!!
    Well done, good luck !!! If not for SHOW !!!
    Experience in the military !!!
  12. zlyk19
    zlyk19 8 July 2016 22: 03
    Quote: Izotovp
    As far as I remember, cuirasses were at the mouth of the fence.

  13. mojohed2012
    mojohed2012 9 July 2016 02: 09
    And there were cuirasses, and chain handicraftsmen in the troops did from shrapnel on the helmets' regular helmets. And also were armed with regular and imported mines and minefields. In general, it seems that God forbid, but in the case of battles in the city, the more heavily and more securely protected units of the engineering forces with AK will still argue with the special forces and motorized rifles in less reliable body armor. A year ago I read that sappers would be the prototype of the German attack aircraft of the First World War, which will break through the defenses and hold the breakthrough until the approach of the main forces. Those. units of engineers in the new defense with attached technology to strengthen will be the new elite of the army along with the Airborne Forces.