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Results of the week. "And let's weigh on brotherhood"

Abkhaz confusion of personal wool with the state

The first July week showed the presence of a hotbed of tension in neighboring Abkhazia. And this is against the background of an increase in the flow of Russian tourists to this Caucasian republic and very active Russian-Abkhaz interaction on a whole range of issues: from military-technical to transport.

Results of the week. "And let's weigh on brotherhood"

The current Abkhaz opposition declared that President Raul Khadzhimba should resign, as he did not fulfill his election promises about constitutional reform. At one time, exactly the same claims were put forward by Khajimba and his supporters against the previous president of Abkhazia, Alexander Ankvab.

As practice shows, the rearrangement of persons in the Abkhaz government does not guarantee political and economic changes in Abkhazia as in a de jure independent state. The main source of income is financial assistance from Russia, on the spending of which the Abkhaz authorities cannot afford to fully account for. Why? We guess ourselves. Perhaps simply because some people continue to confuse their personal wool with the state ...

Comments from our readers:

All the leaders of the Abkhaz tribes would gather, throw lots and rule the country on a schedule of one year each.

Surely the country's leadership is working on the step of joining Abkhazia and the reunification of South and North Ossetia. In my opinion, this is a bit late. They needed to be incorporated into the Russian Federation two years ago. What did we lose? Sanctions were already imposed to the full, and, most importantly, popular support was even then the same as now. Perhaps even more. There are our interests - this should always be a priority, the interests of Europe are secondary.

Valery Valery

Fight against corruption in Abkhazia ?! This is a struggle against those who take bribes and plunder the budget, and those who want to take bribes and plunder the budget are leading this fight.

Who is war and who is ...

In the Donbass again a lot of blood. Press services on both sides report each other being cunning. About unwillingness to comply with the Minsk Agreement. Both sides successfully repel attacks. Successfully pushing the enemy to previously occupied positions. Successfully go on the counteroffensive. Fight to the fullest.

A sort of military romance, when with his naked swords and a full truck of machine guns to the front line under howitzers, the fact remains. The ongoing war with trampling on the spot, constant victims and endless statements about how the implementation of the Minsk Agreements would be fed up with everything except those particularly stubborn on both sides of the conflict is also a fact.

Some indulge themselves with the thought that Uncle Sam will give "Javelina" and universal paramount will come, others are waiting for the first to wander into the cauldron again and turn into "surgical waste". But there is no "Javelin", or boilers. But there are attacks, provocations and a plus to this - representatives of oligarchic circles continue to bang "loot" on both sides of the contact line, believing that money does not smell.

And if someone has such a situation “golny enthusiasm”, then thousands of representatives of the militia, previously expressed willingness to weapons in the hands of defending the interests of the big Novorossia, stretched to the hut ... And what is to blame them from the sofa?

Comments from our readers:

According to the Pitmen, ukrovoyaki rush into battle. Either the lesson was forgotten, or ... Well, in short, buried, so there are no students left. They plan to spend everything quickly so that our people do not have time to react. Well, have to repeat.

And if it works out for them, and not for us? You can not be self-confident in war.
Self-confidence has already failed ukrov more than once, the last time when Debaltsev's ledge, which they considered to be a springboard for an offensive, turned into a cauldron. But, in the future, Ukrainians may not give such chances.

Everyone must find his own rake, because many do not want to learn from the mistakes of others and prefer personal experience. So it is with the formation of the Novorossia Armed Forces: if the leadership of the republics understands their mistakes in building the army, then they will be honored and praised, they will return to the place of the defenders who defended their independence in the very first and most difficult months. If God is offended by reason, then pardonte, the song of the republics is sung, to our common regret. Still, they are building their own independent state formations, so it’s completely wrong to expect that the Russian army will come and do everything for them. I said this at the very beginning of the declaration of independence of the LDNR, and I will repeat it now - we must fight for our freedom. We all saw how many young and healthy men left for Russia from the war, and volunteers from Russia and other countries took their place. But volunteers someday must leave. Who will stay? It was here that the dog rummaged.
Well, I repeat once again - the survival of LDNR depends only on the adequacy of their leaders and their ability to make decisions regardless of their likes and dislikes, but based on the expediency of using certain people in the right place.

About counting losses under Debaltseve

Ukrainian security forces attempted an offensive on the Debaltsevsky direction. During the offensive, impressive forces were involved, including units equipped with armored vehicles. As usual, the battles did not have time to end, the media have already begun to publish data on the dead and wounded.

Ukrainian media with reports of the dead and wounded especially zealous. Apparently, Mr. Tymchuk himself, who had succeeded in super-correct reports, walked through debaltsevskiy neighborhoods in his hands and, husking seeds under the whistle of mines and shells, counted the exact number of casualties on both sides. When the “bones” on the accounts and the seeds of Tymchuk were over, he had to order new ones, which were promptly delivered to the battlefield by the special correspondents of “Ukrpravda”, who moved to better inform the readers right on the nominal couches ...

Comments from our readers:

Now we are free
Why do I trust the sources of the militia for casualties more:
1. Tales of Hoffmann ... oh, Valtsman, we all learned by heart about 40 thousand military men of the Russian Federation, "40 Chechen KamAZs", elusive Russian columns tanks etc. (Special greetings to Tymchuk-Kaska and Lysenko-Chebureshka ...) But because there is no faith UKROSMI (even without any rejection of the words of the Junta there for political reasons).
2. The APUs attacked, and this means, firstly, at least the 4-6 have surpassed at least once over the militiamen who held the defense. Armed Forces of Ukraine were fixed on the heights and block posts (where the militiamen left), driving their LS + there. The APU moved further in the direction of Debaltsevo along a single road + the APU strengthened the LS and the “wall of its breakthrough” technique. As you understand, Valtsman's Chocolates have crammed into such a potential cauldron quite a lot ...
3. When all this "hodgepodge" from the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the AUs and the "opera singers" rested in a well-organized defense, and not in the "Flying outposts", she, realizing that now the "Debaltsevskaya peremoga 2" can come, the only road in the middle of the fields, where there was no place to hide ... The artillery of the VSN sowed "Heroes", as it seems, fairly, because it was impossible for the huntovs to hide or maneuver the possibilities ...

I repeat, this is just elementary analytics, based on scanty compared with 2014-15 years of information from both sides of the front (military censorship works well). So that you can congratulate the father-Valtsman and mother-Groisman with the next "Peremoga", or, as some say, with the "Debaltsevo 0,2" ...

One Ukrainian "pIvets" otpelsya. And what brought him there? They say that he sang the waste - the Ukrainian anthem - the best. Now he is a hero there, and for the NPT he is a murderer. Who else there will entice to the front. Maybe Zelensky or Jamal?

Sick people. Their toad presses that people began to live better in LDNR, and Ruin continues to collapse. Here they are evil and tear. And when Bandera than good differed? - Only malice and cruelty. But, what is encouraging, they always got their teeth. And rightly!

Give lard

More than a month has passed since that “epoch-making” for Ukraine, when Finance Minister “Square” Alexander Danilyuk and American Ambassador Jeffrey Payette put their signatures on a document that reported on the provision of credit guarantees from the United States totaling $ 1 billion. But none of the credit structures has confirmed the issuance of funds to Kiev, guaranteed by Washington.

Kerry flew to Kiev, but don Pedro, no matter how much he wandered in front of him, still dumbing for anything ...
The only thing that promised, so it says, is “the endless path of democratization.” And, he says, Ukraine "is already on this path."

After such a statement Kerry academicians of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences began to calculate the time that Ukraine would need to overcome the INFINITE path of democratization. Proceeding from the basics of the Ukrainian integral calculus, they came to the conclusion that peremoga was already on the nose ... Yes, even Caucasian noses would envy such noses ...

Comments from our readers:

34 region
Not bad, not bad! Give loans for the purchase of their products! Support your manufacturer! Debtor's corral in a debt loop! In fact, yusovtsy support their producers, not dill. But Ukrainians will have to! And what to give? Industry because cranes! So you have to give in kind! As infrastructure and territory. Tomorrow, the Americans will offer to put their air defense systems (ABM), for example. And Poroshenko will agree. The debt will hang after all. And they will have to square the coffin of their lives!

Schaub, I lived like that!
Get profit from the sale, and you also have to do it! Brilliant !!!
And what will they give? Factories, factories, land, nuclear power plants ... Give all Ukraine with giblets, and they should be!
Brilliantly !!!

Who said that where the crest went, then the Jew has nothing to do? Yes, Ukrainians shod like the last suckers in full!

For some reason, it seems that Ukraine, even under American guarantees, is in no hurry to give money. Another thing is that the Americans themselves will give a small loan, and then demanding to buy only American. A country that year with an outstretched hand and mournful sobs rushes from America to Europe with only one — give whoever can, we are not local ... With one word, Ukraine is already starting to turn back the soul, so already got. And our leaders are still going to meet the "brotherly people", who no longer know how, once again, to cheat, insult, and slander Russia and the Russians.

Well, for the Arctic!

The frequency of meetings of the Ministry of Defense on the restoration of military infrastructure in the Arctic region (New Siberian Islands, the Novaya Zemlya archipelago and other territories, including the points of material support of the Northern Sea Route) directly affects the degree of comments from Western "friends of Russia".

The nightmare of the restoration of the Russian presence in the Arctic is not only for foreign "partners", but also for Russian hamsters. With hamsters in general trouble - pills from distemper would definitely be useful. They did not build icebreakers - “everything is gone, the fleet is falling apart, the authorities are on board.” We started building icebreakers - “why not these icebreakers, we'd better raise our grandmothers pension”. There were no bases in the Arctic - “aha! dear ... is the Arctic! ”Recovery has begun -“ And what are we celebrating? We cannot make our cell phone, but military bases on the virgin north are poking, the ecology is not put into anything ... ”

Ladies and gentlemen, you already decide on the rhetoric, and if the soul for the Arctic hurts so much that you cannot eat as much, then go ahead - for development. He is a big North - he will accept everyone ...

Comments from our readers:

Armored optimist
I am glad how to build a base. When I served myself in Chukotka, everything was more primitive and difficult. At the distant points of the RTV-Schnick quite hard. There was even such a joke:
A helicopter is driven by a green lieutenant to the Red Yaranga point. Hangs on 300, the pilot says - Jump! Lieutenant - What are you doing? Break up, let's lower! We went down to 200 - the same words, went down to 100 - Jump, otherwise, if you drop another couple of meters, they will start jumping from there!
By the way, in the programs I did not see or hear anything about families. Are families supposed to be there?

The consistent and thoughtful development of Russia infuriates the Western countries because of its helplessness to transcend, repeat or hinder this process ...
These are strategic tasks that require time in any case, and starting to move, say, tomorrow, Western countries will be far behind in this direction, but tomorrow nobody will start building icebreakers, space centers, Arctic towns ...

They are outraged not by our expansion, they are outraged that we are simply restoring what was ours and what they were so lovingly destroying.

Pending T-50

Tests of promising airline T-50 moved to the final stage, according to RIA News With reference to the Sukhoi Company Report for 2015. It is noted that "in total, more than 700 T-50 test flights were carried out, which confirmed the compliance of the aircraft with the technical specifications of the Russian Ministry of Defense."

According to Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov, serial deliveries of the T-50 to the Russian Aerospace Force will begin in the 2018 year. Earlier it was reported that a new generation of aircraft in the series will go in the 2016 year, and the troops will begin to arrive at the beginning of 2017. Timing, as you can see, has to be adjusted.

And the main thing here is not to panic and not to drive horses. There are flaws, it means, to bring the plane to mind without shouting about the "five year plan and a half years" and adding supplies to the troops to some "red date." But without tightening with an eye to cuts, of course.

It is better to be late with the deliveries for half a year now than later weekly to publish reports about what else “fell off” or did not work during the flight, like in the “partner” F-35. Advance graphics are not always and in Soviet times gave reason for pride.

Comments from our readers:

I understand that the installation party still does not take into account the machines adopted for service.
Apparently, when all 12 machines pass certain military tests, then already the machine, taking into account the corrections and improvements made, will be adopted. Although I may be mistaken and already LA LA install party are serial.

Diana Ilyina
Quickly only cats will be born, and putting the plane on the wing is not a quick process! Remember history create su-xnumx. He generally had to completely redo it, but it turned out the car legend! So do not write to compote, everything goes as it should. Do not believe, look at the American Fu-27, here is someone who has problems, and he is already being stamped despite his flaws.

Stop banging. Silently bring to mind and declare that the aircraft is accepted into mass production.

SK-16 self-loading carbine from the Kalashnikov concern

The appearance of new types of small arms of domestic development has always attracted the attention of specialists and the general public. Of particular interest is the high-precision systems that can be used by snipers of the armed forces and security forces. Not so long ago it became known about the development of a new project of such weapons. Concern "Kalashnikov" is developing a promising self-loading carbine of the original design, which received the designation SK-16.

Perhaps, such a large number of announcements about the creation of new weapons - from self-loading carbines and machine guns to unmanned aerial vehicles - have never been published by Kalashnikovs.

If Kalashnikov really succeeds in creating a new, really reliable and demanded (not only on the Russian market) weapon, then it will be possible to rejoice in the concern. And if we talk about the brand, it adds not only attention to the developments from specialists and the public, but also responsibility from the developers themselves.

Comments from our readers:

Let us not forget that the Soviet shooter was created for use in the mass army of low-skilled collective farmers and workers. Actually, for this reason, these trunks came to taste and the Vietnamese and Arabs.

However, times are changing. Our army is becoming far from mass, and the share of professional contract soldiers in it is gradually increasing. Accordingly, we can afford to shoot more difficult to maintain (and more expensive), but more effective in battle. Even Vietnam refused to AK and goes to the Israeli "Galil". This, moreover, that "Galil" is a modified Kalash.

Together with the army, the canons of combat use are also changing, the rules of the game on the battlefield are changing. And it changes the requirements for weapons and fighter.

The product is most likely for the foreign market. When the fire layout can be easier to use a short (long) stroke of the barrel without the removal of gases? Although ... the developer knows better.

Yes, and under the NATO cartridge. An experimental model with the ability to supply the US civilian market, but not a new military weapon of Russia.

I have a feeling that they do not replace the SVD, but an analogue of the AR-15.

Passion for "Kuze"

The Reuters news agency has published material that says that Russia is using the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft-carrying cruiser trying to respond to US activity. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on this background reported that the Russian aircraft carrier will go to the shores of Syria, where he will lead the permanent grouping of the Russian Navy used to participate in the fight against the militants.

Opinions about the effectiveness of the use of the only Russian aircraft carrier off the coast in Syria, as usual, and on other similar issues, too, were divided. One part is sure that “Kuzya” will “break everything”, and the American sailors “will start scribbling reports of dismissal by packs”, while, of course, “not having time to change diapers at the sight alone ...”

Others believe that to frighten someone with a Soviet-built aircraft carrier with a modernization that has not been brought to mind (or its complete absence) - you yourself know what to frighten a bare hedgehog with.

But the truth, as usual, is somewhere in between. Those who decided to send "Admiral Kuznetsov" to the eastern Mediterranean, perfectly understand its real potential against the background of other potentials and are clearly not going to throw caps at each other. At the same time, they understand that where, if not on a real theater, deck pilots aviation they will be able to develop the skills of roasting of bearded "boys" from international terrorist groups who dream of gratifying the gouries.

Practice, practice and practice again. And, based on the analysis of the early days of Admiral Kuznetsov’s activities, it seems, they will draw conclusions about the nature of its further use.

Comments from our readers:

On the "Kuz now need precisely" MiGar, since only he from our carrier-based aviation is capable of carrying anti-ship and anti-radar missiles, as well as adjustable bombs and carry a threat to enemy ships in the Mediterranean. The pilot training program was disrupted, this has already been written. And to work on the land we have machines and so above the roof in Syria, they just need to be returned there. Here they are handsome, and could already be based on the "Kuze".

Kuznetsov’s guards are only the Russian strategic nuclear forces. Because without this cover, two amerovkiy carrier-based groups, if necessary, roll it in 30 minutes. This is not counting the rest of the bases of NATA, stumbled in the Mediterranean Sea and around it as needles of a hedgehog. Demonstration of the flag and an attempt to practice and understand what it is - an aircraft carrier and how to use it.

Scare, of course, he will not scare anyone.
But pilots from the deck will work on the ground, some, but there will be skills.
Most importantly, information will appear to analyze the performance of an aircraft carrier on the ground. Not the estimated information from another's experience, but information on the basis of the experience.
Maybe the next avainino will not be a miracle Yudo fish, but something practical.

From a position of strength

The defense committee of the British parliament called on the home government not only to participate in the policy of expanding anti-Russian sanctions, but also to reconsider the system of military "deterrence". The deputies' main recommendation concerns the “defense” role of the North Atlantic alliance. According to the speakers, Russia's actions in relation to the Crimea and Ukraine "destroyed the idea of ​​a stable Europe after the Cold War." According to the British deputies, NATO must "restore its defense system, review the deterrence system and re-start a dialogue with the Russian authorities."

But what kind of dialogue, on what basis to conduct it? As emphasized in the document, participants in the upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw should build a dialogue with the Russians “from a position of strength”.

It would be strange if the choir from Britain were not singled by the great “fan” of Russia, Pan Matserevich from Poland.

As the head of the Polish Defense Ministry said, NATO will change its attitude towards the Kremlin and will move from a policy of “not teasing Russia” to a policy of deterrence. “All NATO countries supported this view. It was just that what we warned materialized ... It turned out that when we talked about Russian imperialism after the collapse of the USSR, we were right, ”explained Matserevich.

Before that, we recall, this man was in the center of attention due to anti-Russian statements. For example, he proposed the North Atlantic Alliance to “scare Russia away from reckless aggressive steps”, declaring Moscow “the greatest threat to the world.”

Comments from our readers:

Kindergarten ... Stomp their feet, waving their hands. Less attention to Russophobes - more sense.

I propose an effective way to deal with these figures. On the eve of the World Cup, impose sanctions for all Russophobian high-ranking fans from NATO, the EU, about two days before the start of the championship, and cancel after the World Cup 2018 year. And for one and high-ranking officials WADA.
PS And at the same time, leaders and officials of countries where Russophobia is being inflated. The British can impose sanctions for all fans, referring to the British Parliament. Let them blow on their officials.

We are all outraged, worried, trying to reach the common sense of the Poles (?!) And the British. What for? It is necessary to quietly, without being imposed, to make both of them and these feel the whole negative of the “policy of containment”. At one fine moment they suddenly felt, but they could not have done anything. Well, the first thing you can do is to exclude Polish and English business from your business plans. All the same, deceived or failed. A Pole comes to work in Moscow (they are hanging around here), and they say to him: “Sorry, Grzegorz, but we and your business are not needed. Come on, bye! ”The same with the British. It is necessary to remove their subversive institutions under the sign of the English Ferst, and send the “teachers” to their homeland.

That's when the British and Poles feel some trouble in their ass from a grenade, looking at the ring in the hand of Russia, then you can talk to them. Themselves will come running.

Friends against Russia

The NATO summit (Warsaw, 8-9 in July) was “advertised” by NATO strategists as a meeting dedicated to “collective defense” from the well-known “aggressor”. The summit brought together eighteen presidents, twenty-one prime ministers, forty-one foreign ministers and thirty-nine ministers of defense. Representatives from the EU, the UN and the World Bank were noted here (well, where without the bankers?). The key topics of the summit are: plans to create multinational battalions in Poland and the Baltic states, negotiations with Kiev and Tbilisi, Brexit, cyber security and crisis relations with the Russian Federation.

This kind of event was held for the first time in the homeland of the Warsaw Pact, which united socialist states headed by the Soviet Union in the era of the bipolar world and ended its operation in July 1991. Thus, the meeting should be recognized not only historical, but also symbolic. A sort of sinister symbol of the era of the new cold war, which took off in 2014 year.

The NATO summit in Warsaw really looks symbolic. I remember the era of the Warsaw Pact and the commonwealth of socialist countries. Only now European socialist countries are no longer there, and the USSR is not, and only Russia is among the strategic opponents of the present united Europe. It is a capitalist, with the bourgeoisie and the oligarchs.

Against the backdrop of the bloody actions of the “IG” terrorist cells in Europe, the aforementioned Europe, at the behest of the United States, has to consider and call Russia the aggressor. Russia, which has not attacked any of the NATO countries and effectively destroyed the militants of “IS” in Syria, is listed as an opponent of the West.

Absurd? Not. For the US military requires money. Much money. And for knocking out "a lot of money" of some kind of "IG" is not enough. Against the few terrorists from the "IG", intimidating Europe, there are police and special services. Russia is the enemy of big, with a big army. This is a very convenient enemy for stuffing the bastard with the big money from the state military-industrial complex. Therefore, against Russia, and calls for arming "exceptional hegemon."

Comments from our readers:

Tatar 174
The leaders of Russia, China, India, Iran and other normal partners need to gather and declare an ultimatum to the West: that if they do not dissolve NATO in the near future, then we will begin to create a polar opposite to them for defense against NATO ... Joke, of course, and fiction but this will come, there is already BRICS, the SCO, and the situation against the countries of these organizations is heating up slowly on the part of NATO, what else will they have to do? It is necessary to collect strength by force, the other has not yet been invented ...

Andrey Yuryevich
Come on, buddy! What are the "bricks and shos"? With them, and economic relations are skidding, but you mean military units! ..

For NATO (US), a cold war is necessary, it will give orders to US military factories, sales of American weapons will increase, and the cold war will rally NATO and prevent it from collapsing.
But for Russia, the cold war is not needed, we don’t have money for it either, and there are workers who will rivet weapons in factories in three shifts for a rich uncle. Plus, Russia is actually surrounded, NATO troops have rested on our border, there is no buffer zone from other countries, like in the USSR, and this is not good. And in the number of people, military equipment, we are far behind the United States, and even more so from NATO.

Defeat instead of victory?

On the American resource "Veterans Today" information appeared: "In the city of Abu Kemal (Syria), American and British special forces were taken prisoner." An extraordinary event. The message was confirmed in the Associated Press.

The essence is as follows. In the town of Abu Kemal, during the operation to seize the airfield, the convoy of the “New Syrian Army” and units of the American and British special forces were completely destroyed. According to ISIL, a large amount of equipment, weapons, and communications equipment was seized. And from 20 to 80 prisoners. And the NSA fighters, and special forces. Only British and American "technicians" captured about 20 people. Specialists of Britain and the United States "poked his face into the dirt."

Specialists were completely defeated naturally, according to military experts Alexander Staver and Roman Skomorokhov. The fact that the enemy has specialists with a level of training comparable to that of the United States, as well as knowledge of tactics and strategy, not only special forces in general, but also specific units, plus excellent intelligence set doom American special forces to serious losses in the future.

In addition, Western experts are preparing for the so-called collective war (the fighter works well as a unit, but is weak in individual combat). And this is a minus, which becomes a decisive factor in a collision with the enemy: “Americans do not have heroes like our boy who caused the fire on themselves. Not so they brought up. "

Comments from our readers:

But in Afghanistan, the sappers of the 40 Army developed an excellent tactic for the destruction of the spirits who had taken refuge in the Kyrias, the so-called. quadrifonic / stereophonic effect, followed by a series of minor explosions following the main blasting, which direct the overpressure wave. As a result, Kiryazy became a death trap for entire gangs.


“According to ISIL, a large amount of equipment, weapons, and communications equipment was seized. And from 20 to 80 prisoners. And the NSA fighters, and special forces. "
Why was this operation necessary? Why not to plow this airfield from the air along with the bogeylings? I dare to suggest: the technique should have come to ISIS! They will carry out some kind of mnogohodovka, and the special forces soldiers will return home.


Freak man, but how else to deliver the trained weapons and reinforcements to the terrorists? And so no one will stick. They themselves captured, and if someone from the "new" and "specialists" emerges, it can always be said that the terrorists forced the prisoners, broke them with torture or psychologically.

Trail One-Handed Ahmed

The investigation into the terrorist act at the Istanbul airport, which killed forty-five people (240 suffered), continues in Turkey to this day. Once again, the name of one-armed bandit Akhmed Chatayev emerged: in the case of the terrorist act, he passes as a suspect. In Russia, this fighter is notorious as a ward of Doku Umarov, as well as a bearded recruiter for the banned Islamic State. In the West, this person was often presented as a victim of Kremlin political repression against the free Chechen people.

Earlier it was reported that the one-armed Ahmed was repeatedly detained by law enforcement officers. For example, in 2010, he was detained in Ukraine, and in 2011, he fell into the hands of security officials on the border of Bulgaria and Turkey. However, Moscow failed to extradite the militant.

It must be assumed that after the terrorist attack at the Istanbul airport, the attitude of the West to the ideologist of “free Chechnya” Mr. Chataev will change. At least now hardly anyone dares to present him as a “freedom fighter”.

True, the United States will certainly pull the rubber, disagreeing that Chataev is guilty of the terrorist act. “We are not yet able to confirm this information” is a very indicative statement by the White House. Announcing Chatayev as a suspect and helping Turkey search for a bandit for the United States would mean admitting the mistakes of the past and agreeing that "Russia had warned you." In addition, it would mean admitting that the US continues to divide terrorists into “bad” and “good”.

Comments from our readers:

Spit in the ceiling and then wonder what kind of rain drips on his head. A snake on the chest has burnt; it bites them now.

Andrey K
They mention, probably, from “shame”, about searching our country somehow in passing ... Why not just say: Russia 13 has been demanding for years to extradite a terrorist from all countries of “Western democracy”, where this geek was noted?

Hi Erdogan. I fed, fed and fed.

Between war and peace

According to some experts, Moscow does not share Syrian and Iranian enthusiasm about the situation on the antiterrorist front in Syria. Allegedly, Damascus and Tehran are ready to go into battle, and they believe that the truce will help regroup the militants, while Moscow, by contrast, is cautious and inclined to continue the truce.

MK Bhadrakumar, a former diplomat who has worked at the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs 29 for years, put forward a number of assumptions regarding the meeting of the Ministers of Defense of Iran, Russia and Syria in Tehran, held in June, and further general strategy of Damascus, Tehran and Moscow to combat terrorists in syria. According to him, the speeches from the Minister of Defense of Iran, General Hossein Dehkan, it became clear that Tehran is clearly afraid of the aspirations of Moscow to maintain working relations with the United States and Israel. Moscow is in favor of adhering to the ceasefire in Syria and is actively promoting communication through communication channels between the Assad government and opposition commanders for the de-escalation of the conflict at the local level. In other words, Russia focuses on negotiations on the cessation of hostilities and the intra Syrian dialogue on the future of the Syrian state.

What will be next? Iran and Syria should be extremely cautious: after all, the United States and its allies may have a backup plan. Russia can also be trapped in the American trap. It is already clear that the next political step with the participation of external players in Syria will be the transfer of powers of local authorities to the Syrian factions from both the government and the opposition. There are signs that the military and political situation is moving in this direction. The recent arrival of British and French special forces fully proves the “expectation” of such a decentralization process in Syria.

Comments from our readers:

Syrian process is delayed only because if we leave, everything will start anew.

If we leave, then I think that Syria will be promptly donated with the support of the West and a number of Middle Eastern monarchies.
I am sorry that we brought a significant part of the group from there. After all, the initiative was completely on the side of Syria, the offensive was in full swing, and now the situation in different directions is either stalling or degrading.

How was it written recently? That Russia has no equal in the wait-and-see tactics? Now this is the best tactic. There are not so many resources to spray them to the right and left.

How to effectively spend half a million

In early June, information appeared on the Internet about the T-90 tank captured by the militants, which was in service with the Syrian army. Recently there was information about its sale. According to data in social networks (for example, on Ivan Sidorenko’s Twitter account), IG militants who captured T-90A sold him to Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist group for 500 thousand dollars.

It is unlikely that the terrorists will defeat the army of Assad with the help of a purchased tank. However, it is clear that the very fact of capture and purchase will be actively used in propaganda, which the "warriors of Allah" tirelessly lead. Half a million "green" is an investment not only in the technique, but also in the hype on the Internet.

Comments from our readers:

This tank is likely to be sent to Turkey, and the one to resell to Europe or the United States.

Yes nafig it in Europe and Yuse is not needed, there is a modification of 90-ies, they have been with them for a long time!

VKS RF waiting for a photo of the tank to bind on the surrounding landscape to the coordinates of the area.

Igilovtsy are enviable businessmen ... At times, it seems that Assad and the company are also not angels ... Buy and sell more. All of them are one world mazana.
Unfortunately, we have to deal ... TO THE APPEARANCE.
Just sometimes you become a creepy miser. Then, when a Russian pensioner cannot live worthy (live) on his monthly FEED. When left and right scatters humanitarian aid of all kinds of bearded gangsters (at the expense of this pensioner). When any rabble that seizes power, steals billions, and the system, looking down, picks up the sand with a shoe and says that this is not the 37 year, like let it steal, we are a great power ...
Similarly, I am a terrible miser, and even became a Stalinist in recent years. Solid negative.
And yet, it seems, dear friends, that they throw us in the Middle East in full. But after all this only seems to me so? Or is there more defeatists?

About patriotism and holidays

“As soon as Putin announced the lifting of sanctions in the tourism market, Turkey immediately became number one in popularity,” writes Roman Skomorokhov. - Sorry, this is the FSB in the apartments went, forcing the Russians to buy vouchers? Or did they spit on something themselves? ”Who wanted to vote for Antalya with a ruble and other places, he had voted before ...

But why is Turkey so attractive for Russian citizens? And what about the Crimea? “How many do not speak about the Crimean resorts, the service is still lame on both legs,” reminds R. Skomorokhov. - Starting from a rather problematic and expensive journey and ending with prices that are clearly too high for such a resort. You don’t even need to write about the quality of rest. ”

Recall, in recent days, the demand of Russians for trips to Turkey in 10 (ten) times the supply.

Comments from our readers:

I can not stand the Turks, but in this situation I always believed that a thin world is better than a good war.
And those who are now the most outraged that they putin, have been crying recently that they will not be able to rest in Antalya.

I can not tolerate "our" retailers, which now our manufacturers will close the shelves in favor of Turkish vegetables and fruits.

Yes, it seems like they have not yet allowed the importation of vegetables. And the prime minister "said" that they would take into account the interests of local suppliers. Will watch…

What the prime minister said does not have much weight, just like the prime minister himself.

Grenades have the wrong system

"During the 59 session of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, a number of countries, including the United States, Great Britain, France, Japan, Italy, Spain and Australia, called for a revision of the principles of using nuclear sources in space," writes "RT "With reference to the UN General Assembly report. “Some delegations asked the legal subcommittee to review the framework for ensuring the safe use of nuclear power sources in outer space and to promote the adoption of binding standards to ensure the responsible use of nuclear power sources,” the report says.

"RT" notes that this initiative "is a response to the Russian project of creating a spacecraft with a nuclear power plant by the year 2025." None of the states of the world does not conduct such developments today.

“Response”, we add, is the usual way of “jamming” competitors. On Earth, Western politicians have succeeded in this, now they have taken up space. Soon, look, they will declare democracy in the Solar system, and English will be called the language of the Galaxy.

Comments from our readers:

If they do not have, then others cannot have! Just a children's sandbox: since I don’t have a scapula, then I’ll break your house so that it doesn’t exist! And they can launch a space drone of an incomprehensible purpose, because others do not have such a thing!

Bolt put on this resolution and move in the right direction! The main thing is that the reactors are safe at 100%!

There is nothing safe on 100%. But it is necessary to develop atomic technologies. We are leaders, and it pleases. An example is a floating nuclear power plant. First in the world. “Kindersurprise” Kiriyenko knowingly eats his bread with caviar.

Does the UN mandate extend to the Universe or is it necessary to conclude an agreement with aliens?

Stopped due to a broken headlamp

In many US cities, including major ones (New York, Chicago, Dallas), protests were held due to the killing of two blacks by the guards. In the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the other day, two policemen threw a black man face on the asphalt, and then shot him dead. A day later, a black man who was driving a car was injured by a policeman in Minnesota, in Falcon Heights. The wounded man died in the hospital. Later, his girlfriend arranged on the Internet "video broadcast" of the tragedy. The whole world could see her bleeding African-American buddy dying, who were stopped by police because of a broken headlight.

In many US cities, including major ones (New York, Chicago, Dallas), protests were held. Not all of them were peaceful. The blood of police officers was shed in Dallas. According to the local police department, during the protests in Dallas, four policemen were killed. More 11 injured. Police Chief David Brown told the press that two snipers were firing.

In recent years, the number of incidents involving the killing of blacks by the police has been steadily increasing in the United States. Earlier, high-profile incidents involving the use of weapons by cops against African Americans occurred in Ferguson, Baltimore, and in the New York district of Staten Island. In the United States more than once passed mass protests, growing into major unrest. To help the police was the National Guard.

Comments from our readers:

Uncle Murzik
It’s time for Russia to express concern about violations of the democratic rights of the black population in the United States and try to push through the UN resolution!

And so that Zakharova at a press conference publicly stated that the police themselves had shot themselves. But no, she is not psaki, can not ...
Here is the technology maidan, with snipers in the back, boomerang back to their homeland. We stock up on popcorn and watch how totalitarian democracy hawala their own cookies.

I do not pity them a bit.

just exp
And I feel sorry for the police, they just did their job. And, if in fairness, they don’t black out there for nothing, they really lost their nose there.
But the state of the States itself is not a bit sorry for me.
They should be put under pressure on human rights and put on the fact that they are a police state-tyrant.

And do not bother you how they do their work?

My friend was invited to the US as a young promising scientist and has been working there for 15 for years. He says that the cause of black crime in the US is the lack of education. They often do not complete high school, become involved in youth gangs, begin to use drugs and steal. He says that it is difficult in the US to get a higher quality education, because it’s for money and, moreover, big money. On the one hand, the negros are to blame, but on the other hand, he says, it is very difficult to get through to the USA if you have already gone down and are in poverty.

* "And let's weigh on brotherhood" - a phrase from the movie "The Irony of Fate or" Enjoy Your Bath! "

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  1. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 10 July 2016 06: 45
    "The whole world could see her bleeding African American buddy, who was stopped by the police because of a broken headlight, die."

    And they will still tell us about the "police state". request
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 10 July 2016 07: 58
      Authors Respect! The results of the week on the pulse of the most pressing topics. Glad for articles by Roman Skomorokhov twice marked by the results. True, he does not always have convincing thesis justifications (it’s a gain), but if he gets it, it’s in the eye. Definitely!
      Good luck to everyone and have a nice weekend! hi
    3. Douel
      Douel 10 July 2016 11: 12
      My hope is still alive that the World will finally see the Donbass bleeding. And finally, it will become clear that the fascist elements of the Baltic states and 404 must be crushed until they spread all over the world.

      Although what am I talking about?
    4. atakan
      atakan 11 July 2016 12: 25
      by "killed Negro"
      White A student is stopped in a campus parking lot for speeding by a local hysterical cop. He, for some reason, began to threaten the student (an excellent student, by the way) with a pistol. The student said something like, "So what, are you going to kill me now?" For some reason, the "officer" felt at this moment fears for his life, even though the student had no weapons and, in general, the lad was quite small and skinny, and opened fire. The student is killed on the spot. For speeding.
      White a teenager with a girl drove into drive thru fast food, then a policeman flew by car, blocked their exit. As the cop reported later, the teenager tried to crush him with a car, but for some reason the fire was fired through the side window and even a little from behind, that is, no one knows how they crushed him. Yes, and to hell you crush, standing still? The girl was on the line of fire, they found some marijuana in the car, they had no weapons. The reason was that the policeman suspected a teenager of selling this very marijuana.
  2. izya top
    izya top 10 July 2016 06: 51
    NATO will change its attitude toward the Kremlin and move from a policy of "not teasing Russia" to a policy of containment.
    1. evil partisan
      evil partisan 10 July 2016 08: 07
      Izzy hi . Seven of you held yesterday. Didn’t hold back, chel ?? belay
      Hi bruise! drinks
  3. evil partisan
    evil partisan 10 July 2016 06: 58
    Thanks to the authors for the review. hi However, one completely significant event escaped their gaze - namely, Putin’s almost two-week loss. At Ukrainian resources, the most stupid of the Svidomo people buried and buried him 114 times, and the smartest ones did their best, because they remember that such disappearances of Putin in 2014 and 2015 for the Armed Forces ended very poorly ...
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 10 July 2016 07: 10
      Quote: Angry Guerrilla
      Putin’s two-week loss.

      Pike again? belay Oh, these pikes, their influence on world politics is underestimated. what Hi forest brother. drinks
      1. evil partisan
        evil partisan 10 July 2016 08: 05
        Quote: Vladimirets
        Oh, these pikes, their influence on world politics is underestimated.

        Truly. yes
        Quote: Vladimirets
        Hi forest brother.

        Well, to whom is the brother, and to whom is the assistant of a hunting specialist winked ...Just kidding wink . We don’t give our own soldier . Well, or almost ... do not give up repeat ... Hello, poacher! drinks
        1. Vladimirets
          Vladimirets 10 July 2016 08: 13
          Quote: Angry Guerrilla
          Well, to whom is the brother, and to whom is the assistant of a hunting specialist

          Sorry, gracious sovereign, not out of malice, but out of your meekness.
          Quote: Angry Guerrilla
          Well, or almost ... do not give up

          A little, it did not pass. winked
    2. dmi.pris
      dmi.pris 10 July 2016 08: 06
      Where is Putin? Where? ... In Karaganda! .. Sorry, Kazakhstan. An interesting review. I haven’t heard about the defeat of the convoy of "moderates" with special forces. If this is so, then the fate of the prisoners is sad, although no ... the owners are on the one hand That on the other the same. Ablo will spit and return home. I think that the zashtatniki did not forget the disastrous helicopter raid in Tehran to liberate the embassy in the 70s.
      Quote: wicked partisan
      Thanks to the authors for the review. hi However, one completely significant event escaped their gaze - namely, Putin’s almost two-week loss. At Ukrainian resources, the most stupid of the Svidomo people buried and buried him 114 times, and the smartest ones did their best, because they remember that such disappearances of Putin in 2014 and 2015 for the Armed Forces ended very poorly ...
  4. Aleksander
    Aleksander 10 July 2016 07: 20
    . The ongoing war with trampling on the spot, constant casualties and endless statements about the implementation of the Minsk agreements, as it were, bothered everyone except the especially stubborn on both sides of the conflict, - also a fact.

    Some revel in the thought that Uncle Sam will give "Javelins" and universal ecumenism will come, while others wait for the first to wander into the boiler again and turn into "surgical waste." But there are neither Javelins nor boilers. But there is shelling, provocation, and a plus for this - representatives of oligarchic circles continue to pound the "loot" on both sides lines of contact, considering that money does not smell.

    Wow, for the first time, perhaps, in VO nazi Ruin and LDNR (with all their flaws) are set ON ONE BOARD.
    The next step, we can assume, will be like this: "If some bandits ate and roll other bandits, it's okay!"
    1. dmi.pris
      dmi.pris 10 July 2016 08: 15
      No, not on one board. It’s just that the leadership there, as well as in Abkhazia and in South Ossetia, is trying to live by someone else’s mind. And here you have to run, bustle, work at last. Yes, and the treasury that Russia dumped wisely spend, and not steal. Regarding the entry of Abkhazia into Russia .. They clearly stated (unlike the Ossetians) that they have a different path. To drag them on a rope to themselves is unreasonable. Someone promised something to someone and did not fulfill it? So politicians around the world they’re leading this way, that’s not the reason. It’s just a redistribution of power, the republic is full of weapons and everyone wants to become the leader of the Indians ..
      Quote: Aleksander
      . The ongoing war with trampling on the spot, constant casualties and endless statements about the implementation of the Minsk agreements, as it were, bothered everyone except the especially stubborn on both sides of the conflict, - also a fact.

      Some revel in the thought that Uncle Sam will give "Javelins" and universal ecumenism will come, while others wait for the first to wander into the boiler again and turn into "surgical waste." But there are neither Javelins nor boilers. But there is shelling, provocation, and a plus for this - representatives of oligarchic circles continue to pound the "loot" on both sides lines of contact, considering that money does not smell.

      Wow, for the first time, perhaps, in VO nazi Ruin and LDNR (with all their flaws) are set ON ONE BOARD.
      The next step, we can assume, will be like this: "If some bandits ate and roll other bandits, it's okay!"
  5. Koshak
    Koshak 10 July 2016 07: 20
    Review +, cartoons +, except for the one that "I am for diplomacy!", Because the character looks like Putin. If there is no such similarity, then also +. fellow
  6. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 10 July 2016 07: 31
    The authors, compiling the review, did not introduce the main event into it - the destruction of the turntable in the sky of Syria with our pilots. am
  7. Khariton
    Khariton 10 July 2016 08: 27
    I wonder who the results minus ..? Liberoid definitely minus, and who is the second ...
    1. Tambov Wolf
      Tambov Wolf 10 July 2016 11: 10
      I minus the third. For a solid Urya, and not for a clear analysis of the week. Do you belong to "approvals"? Then you are in "EATING RUSSIA". There is your place.
  8. Amurets
    Amurets 10 July 2016 08: 30
    << My friend was invited to the USA as a promising young scientist and has been working there for 15 years. He says that the reason black crime in the United States is a lack of education. They often do not finish high school, become involved in youth gangs, start using drugs and stealing. He says that it is difficult to get a higher quality education in the USA, because it costs money and, moreover, a lot of money. On the one hand, the negroes are to blame, but on the other, he says, it is very difficult to break through in the United States if you have already fallen into poverty and beggarly. ”
    This is a problem not only in the USA. It is a problem in other countries as well. I mean crime. On the other hand, not only blacks but also whites fall into this swamp. It's just that the attitude of blacks is much worse, especially in the southern states of the USA. And the worse things are in the economy, the worse the relationship between Colored and Whites.
    1. Khariton
      Khariton 10 July 2016 09: 59
      Quote: Amurets
      << My friend was invited to the USA as a promising young scientist and has been working there for 15 years. He says that the reason black crime in the United States is a lack of education.

      He’s already become a racist .... He doesn’t feel sick there, he doesn’t pull on the salty ..))))
  9. Khariton
    Khariton 10 July 2016 08: 42
    For our fallen pilots .... There is a war in Syria and our fight for Russia! Everlasting memory..
  10. Des10
    Des10 10 July 2016 08: 46
    Specialists were completely defeated naturally, say military experts Alexander Staver and Roman Skomorokhov.
    laughing I am glad that military experts appeared at the end of that.
    Soon there will be an article by "military experts" with a reference to political experts Alexei Volodin and Oleg Chuvakin. Well, at about the swamp and waders. smile
    A joke of humor, the article did not minus.
    But, if it is not state. or military. secret - let me know the stages of becoming military experts, of course, if Alexander Staver and Roman Skomorokhov - agree.
    1. Khariton
      Khariton 10 July 2016 09: 43
      Quote: Des10
      A joke of humor, the article did not minus.
      But, if it is not state. or military. secret - let me know the stages of becoming military experts, of course, if Alexander Staver and Roman Skomorokhov - agree.

      Joke with fire ..)))) hi
  11. Altona
    Altona 10 July 2016 10: 04
    If you have a hole in one of the socks in a pair, then do not throw them away. They may be needed by the president of one powerful European power. laughing
  12. su163
    su163 10 July 2016 10: 48
    Admin You need to see the list of voters. I propose to introduce such a function. People will stop using anonymity and their position on a particular issue will become clear.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 10 July 2016 14: 48
      Live on the site for a year, and you yourself will learn to understand who is minus. As a rule, these are "pioneers" or those who understand everything with their eyes, but cannot say laughing
  13. Lelek
    Lelek 10 July 2016 12: 21
    [After such a statement, Kerry AcadEmics of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences began to calculate the time that Ukraine would need to overcome the ENDLESS path of democratization. Proceeding from the basics of Ukrainian integral calculus, we came to the conclusion that it was already on the nose ...]

    Not only acadEmics, but also local spill strategists such as Pavel Zhebrivsky, clicking the buttons on the calculator, made congenial predictions for the coming in 5 years I can overcome:
  14. Tsoy
    Tsoy 10 July 2016 12: 34
    It's all good ... but where in the review about the signature of the president under the bill of Spring? In VO, and in general about this silence ... soon you no longer criticize the power, the article about extremism and prapagande does not sleep! Hurray comrades!
  15. yuriy55
    yuriy55 10 July 2016 16: 58
    Results of the week? recourse Disappointing ... Mi-25 was shot down, our pilots died ... The rest is routine, almost everything, starting with the NATO fuss and the usual anti-Russian hysteria + a deadlock in the economy, when tariffs rose and bank rates fell + incessant theft in different areas of Russian business and ending with the results of the American training of democracy within their own country, which resulted in executions of government officials ...stop
  16. su163
    su163 10 July 2016 18: 20
    Quote: siberalt
    Live on the site for a year, and you yourself will learn to understand who is minus. As a rule, these are "pioneers" or those who understand everything with their eyes, but cannot say laughing

    He lived and more, registered in November last year. You always want to know your opponent even by nickname, not to mention the face and other parts of the brain wink
  17. Zulu_S
    Zulu_S 11 July 2016 02: 12
    Good review.
  18. The comment was deleted.