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Vasily Lanovoy may well become the chairman of the Public Council of the Ministry of Defense

Vasily Lanovoy may well become the chairman of the Public Council of the Ministry of DefenseAccording to Interfax, referring to the statement by Alexander Kanshin (head of the national assembly of veterans of the Armed Forces and deputy chairman of the public council under the Ministry of Defense), actor Vasily Lanovoy is considered an authoritative figure among the potential chairmen of the Council. In other words, it is quite obvious that he will replace Nikita Mikhalkov, a film director, who left this post in mid-May. A. Kanshin commented: “In my opinion, we cannot find a better mediator in the dialogues of civil society with the military department, rather than Vasily Lanovoy. This is a very thin and intelligent man who is known both in the army and in the country. And, of course, the main thing is that Vasily Lanovoy, with all her heart and soul, is a fan of the revival of the Russian army in the modern field. ”

It is known that the Public Council under the military department has been working for more than half a year without a chairman. A. Kanshin noted: “I absolutely do not think that someone artificially in the Ministry of Defense is delaying the deadline for choosing a candidate for this very important position. And I am absolutely convinced that by the beginning of next year this issue will be resolved in the best possible way. ”

In addition, Valentina Melnikova (executive secretary of soldiers' mothers, a member of the Presidium of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense) reported to Interfax that she spoke with Anatoly Serdyukov (Minister of Defense) about the reasons for which the nomination of the new chairman was delayed. V. Melnikova commented: “Instead of a direct answer, I heard only a joke. On this occasion, I did not hear anything concrete and intelligible from Nikolay Pankov (the State Secretary of the Deputy Minister of Defense). Based on this, it is clearly visible and clear that the leaders of the military department still cannot decide on the choice of a candidate for such an important position. ”

It should be noted that the creation of the Public Council under the military department took place in December 2006, based on the order of the Minister of Defense. The first chairman of the council was Nikita Mikhalkov (film director), and the council itself then consisted of at least a 51 person. N. Mikhalkov headed the council for a little more than 4 years, until this year, on May 16, he submitted an application to Anatoly Serdyukov (Minister of Defense), in which he announced his intention to relinquish his chairmanship.

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  1. kPoJluK2008
    kPoJluK2008 30 December 2011 16: 18
    A good, smart, bright person!
    Star of Soviet Cinema)
    We wish him good luck!)
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 30 December 2011 16: 43
      Quote: kPoJluK2008
      Good, smart, bright person

      I agree and add, very decent and honest
    2. shmack
      shmack 30 December 2011 16: 43
      The main thing is without lordly habits, the intelligentsia is real in general.
      1. esaul
        esaul 30 December 2011 18: 22
        Well, guys, does the tandem finally begin the long-awaited update? Good luck and support! It's nice that negative posts on this topic have not appeared yet. And we wish Lanovoy success in his new field! bully
        1. globe of Ukraine
          globe of Ukraine 30 December 2011 21: 16
          Well, yes, Dudaev was updated. From one chair to another transplanted.
      2. does it
        does it 30 December 2011 22: 03
        and on his own "skin" experienced, and knows what occupation is. so that his voice and opinion will not be superfluous in the council.
  2. dmnatbor
    dmnatbor 30 December 2011 16: 51
    It will be very difficult for him, precisely because he is a man of conscience.
  3. mitrich
    mitrich 30 December 2011 17: 14
    A reasonable and logical decision, especially since Vasily Lanovoy is the on-screen face of a Soviet-Russian officer. It was high time for Mikhalkov to kick his ass, especially after the movie "12", filmed with budget money. And Lanovoy is a completely different matter.
  4. midashko
    midashko 30 December 2011 17: 17
    Are there many artists, athletes and the like in politics? Valuevs, pluses, scarecrows, Evdokimovs ... It is clear that they are all someone’s puppets. All this speaks of the authority of our political elite and the current government. PR at the expense of untwisted people, under their cover it is easier to solve their affairs under rugs. Well, which head of a buffoon will drag him into power? And they drag and promote. And all over the world like that. Now there are no public politicians (except perhaps Lukashenko), and the rest - Obama, Putin, Sakashvili - artists. They are assigned to play their roles in the political circus. Power is somewhere in the shade, we can not see from his bell tower.
    Therefore, I would not be touched that they appointed a nice person somewhere, especially with an advisory voice.
    1. globe of Ukraine
      globe of Ukraine 30 December 2011 21: 17
      Everything is fine. The lawyer gets the laws, hamsters vote.
    2. SAVA555.IVANOV
      SAVA555.IVANOV 1 January 2012 20: 56
      Yes, it's better Lanovoy, man is all the same !!!! Otherwise, they will put a stripper))) or someone from "House-2". In general, buffoons (I mean the profession) who, under Ivan the Terrible, would have danced in caps with bells, entertaining people, will now decide the fate of the Great Country, like buffoons around the king !!! ???
  5. datur
    datur 30 December 2011 17: 48
    give -BARRAVA to the chairmen !!!! wink
    SAMEDOV SULEYMAN 30 December 2011 23: 46
    Guys and how he played incomparably in the film - "Officers"
  7. PSih2097
    PSih2097 31 December 2011 01: 21
    No, of course I respect Lanovoy, but why do you need a talking room at every ministry? Money nowhere to go? Public chamber, public council - bl ... hire 3 students (lawyer, economist and techie) will be the same, but much cheaper ...
    1. Superduck
      Superduck 1 January 2012 14: 41
      It really resembles a show, with all the deepest respect for Lanovoy. It seems to me that some professional skills in this area are required from council members.
  8. mar.tira
    mar.tira 31 December 2011 05: 52
    What Putin likes me, he knows how to find an approach to people of such a level. With a falling popularity rating, he will support him in this way. Govorukhin and Lanova are significant figures in our society, their authority is enormous. The main thing is not to lose it if it turns out that these are not the ideas for who invited them to fight, and not for those people. Their feelings are sincere, which I also wish for all of us.
  9. Alex63
    Alex63 31 December 2011 15: 27
    The delay in resolving this issue and any jokes on the part of Serdyukov do not surprise. The enemy of the people can’t do it any different. The question is for the president: will this person be at the head of our army for a long time? Or is he so dear to everyone. It seems that under the cover of beautiful speeches about the revival of the Russian army, our government continues to pursue a course of complete disorganization and collapse. Otherwise, one cannot regard the presence of Serdyukov at the head of the Moscow Region and what he continues to do. With regard to Vasily Lanovy, I fully support the possibility of appointing him chairman Public Council of the Ministry of Defense. Only there you can’t solve anything in one word. It wouldn’t hurt for some to fill their faces
  10. r.anoshkin
    r.anoshkin 1 January 2012 11: 38
    Lanovoy is a wonderful actor. But "every elephant carries his own eggs."
  11. SAVA555.IVANOV
    SAVA555.IVANOV 1 January 2012 20: 44
    In addition, Valentina Melnikova (executive secretary of soldiers' mothers, member of the Presidium of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense. Many feel sorry for the Army and why !!! ????) For the fact that they do not fulfill one of their duties (takes care of personal composition) they already need parental supervision !!!! ???? Women should already control these faces, which basically go there for the apartment to "serve", and do not lift anything harder than a spoon, survived, and got a minister to match themselves !!!! And they are also outraged !!! ?? I was a young boy called up to the army, I thought that I was going to serve the Motherland, and when I came and looked around I then said that there was nothing in common between what they say about the army and that there is really nothing no, they talk about duty about honor, but mostly people are just those who do not want to work in civilian life. Well, what do we get !! ?? ARTISTS SHOULD FOLLOW OFFICERS !!!! ??? wink