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Give the tank to the young Russian! Need to...

It is not excluded that I am already rather fed up with my performances on a patriotic theme, but alas, the topic is still angry, so ... I continue. But today, we will do without shouts and accusations towards individuals taken (well, we will almost do without), and we’ll dwell only on facts and conclusions.

I will not focus your attention on what mushrooms helped me to come to these conclusions, but the fact is that the conclusions are quite realistic and (possibly) useful. But - in order.

So, it is indisputable that the education of patriotism among our rising generations is a matter, as one would say historical character, archival. And in our words, more and more attention is paid to this every year. I emphasize, in words. in fact, the cart still stands in the middle of a dirty and deep puddle.

Just last year, I expressed joy about the creation of a Russian union of schoolchildren and students. It was the case, remember? The Union was supposed to solve the problem of properly educating schoolchildren and university students. And who has heard that year about the activities of this union? So I did not hear. "Didn't take off."

It is quite logical, because the main burden fell on the shoulders of our Ministry of Education. It is clear that to demand something more from this cesspool than the Unified State Exam is simply unrealistic. And then there's patriotism ... You remember about the CWP, right? Or, as it is called today, OBZH.

I don’t know where the situation is with this, I’ll see an example of Lyceum No. XXUMX of the city of Voronezh, where my child studied, for a long time. There OBZH alternately taught music and geography teachers. At half time. So it makes no sense to talk about how high the level of teaching was. Perhaps the only person who thought about the subject is mine. Optional studied with daddy. The rest - alas ...

Summary: NVP destroyed, OBZH - it basically depends on the Directorate and managers. Maybe it may not be at least some kind of substitute for NVP. And in our realities, of course, “not to be” because to whom it is necessary for such a bet?

In general, the next pulling owls on the globe.

This year began a stir from the other side. It was announced about the beginning of the movement of the project "Yunarmiya". Here, by the way, is more complicated, although more understandable. The movement assumes almost everything is the same as in the students' union, but using the DOSAAF base.

Take off? Well, taking into account that everything is being done on the initiative of the first geographer of our country, I think it will take off. Here for some reason he takes off, pops up, walks and drives.

Geographers, they are so ... complicated. History stores many names of geographers who knew how to combine. For example, Jules Verne. Or Alexander Kolchak. Or Sergey Shoigu.

So it remains to hope that this project will be implemented. Because in an amicable way, he was needed the day before yesterday.

But it was all a preface. The essence of which is that today in Russia there is not a single structure that could really take on the proper patriotic education of young people. Will be - great. But today is not.

Meanwhile, we have as many as two implicit armies that could bring invaluable benefits to the state. And the army is not weak, that in size, that equipment. And, most importantly - in terms of potential.

We are talking about reenactors and airsoft.

Indignant shouts and guesses about what I used, as many readers like to express lately, leave for later. First read the arguments.

Exactly, in that order. Reconstructors and airsoft. Two huge armies, more precisely, a large and a huge one, many times more fans of airsoft in the country. We begin to disassemble in order.


I have a peculiar attitude to this caste. For the theater. The events are beautiful, of course, and uniquely useful. But - the theater. Gathered, dashed off the script, played for half an hour, patted the blanks, and that's it. Oh yes, also a photo shoot.

Representatives of the authorities are quite willing to cooperate, because here you have a tick in the report, shooting on TV and so on. But - no more than a couple of times a year. For nothing, the budget is not rubber.

At the same time, many of the reenactors are also search engines. That is, they have such knowledge of the history of hostilities and battles that any historian will nervously swallow validol with envy.

And here I quietly turn to our museums.

Museum. The place of concentration of our history. Exhibits under glass, in shop windows and behind fences. In the rarest of cases, the exhibit can be touched. As, for example, in Prokhorovka. But Prokhorovka rather an exception to the rule. Usually: "Do not touch your hands!"

And just with your hands, and you need to touch! It is the hands, namely the kids! Take in handles six odd kilogram PPSH. Realize that it is Weapon Victory, uncomfortable, heavy, but Weapon. Or Mosinku. Try to understand what it is like when everyone is banging everything around and howling, lying in a ditch, shove a clip into the rifle with unruly fingers. About the equipment of the disk to the PCA just keep quiet.

None of our museum can provide such an interactive. Weakly.

Now about the technique. Yes, tanks and guns at the exhibition sites are now enough. But what's the point in them? Are steel boxes, welded tightly. To avoid. Well, the tank. Well, a gun or a howitzer. So what? Never mind.

Who can boast that was inside T-34? Or IS-2?

Of course, not a single museum will take such a step. It is necessary to answer the same and look into three eyes. What if a trauma? Or will they break the tank? No, no way. Let it stand as it is, we paint it. No more.

Although at the exhibition "ARMY-2015" I watched (and you are in my photos) open tanks, armored personnel carriers, BPM, on which the lucky ones from among those who went to the exhibition crawled just like an ant heap. And not a single BTR broke. Military equipment, it is as if strong. Just museum officials do not know. And the soldiers also stood near the exhibits. And helped, and hands, and language.

Why this can not be done in museums? Well, I seem to understand their position as normal, but look above. There are search engine reenactors. Any one of whom knows about this tank more than all the guides combined.

And here is the thought. Why not give the opportunity to search engines and search engines to demonstrate the technique? Not every day. One to two days a week. By recording or agreeing, as the search engines in Mtsensk do, about which I wrote, with my mini-museum. But after all, the museum worker in Mtsensk is stunned by the fact that there it is possible (and necessary, as the director says) to touch EVERYTHING!

It's simple: they organized an excursion, showed a tank inside, let it sit. They gave to feel-hold the real weapon, which 70 is over the years. You can hold a small quiz, and give the winner (!!!) a shot from this weapon.

I did not invent all this, they do it in Mtsensk. I just screwed the tank.

And even if the recons earn a little money from such an excursion. On blank cartridges, for example. Benefit at times will be more. Moreover, search engines recons for the most part are intelligent, understanding people and, moreover, legally registered.

But how to overcome the inertia of our educational bureaucrats and teachers, alas, I still do not see a recipe. Because everything will be limited to one thing: it is necessary to bear responsibility "in case of anything." And what if someone dislocates a finger? This is an emergency! And how many graduates after the "celebration" in the hospital falls with alcohol poisoning, I am silent. And as these teachers get drunk at the festivities, I am also silent. Looked, thank God, his own. And nothing, if part of the responsibility on the parents - and you can get drunk in snot.

To thump, it is, of course, simpler than organizing an adventure with a similar excursion ...

But it seems to me that such a turn can not only revive the museums themselves, but also really give a new impetus to the interest of history. Our, please note the story.

And museums will cease to be a repository of dead exhibits under glass. About guides just keep quiet. The answer of the director of one of the museums of Brest to our friend, who agrees with him about the excursion, is still indicative for me. "Can you come to an agreement with fortifiers? We have guides, you know yourself ...".

In Brest, I will tell you, guides just are there. In Voronezh, I don’t have them at all from the word. These are some mannequins, memorized bleating the same thing and making round eyes, worth at least a little away from the topic.

Now a few words about airsoft fans.

Also caste, living for itself. Not really climbing under TV cameras, for, as practice sometimes shows, it can only be worse. For example, after seeing a report on one of the local channels, the owner of the site, which was used by our local airsoft players, simply decided to raise the fee 10 times. Nothing, you understand, to climb into the frame.

But there are many useful things in the world of scooters too. Unlike reconstruction. There is a theater where everything is directed. Here you, here the opponent, here somewhere you will fall, who should win is also understandable. Still, the story ...

The reconstruction gives a historical picture. Airsoft gives realism. And one that I hadn’t dreamed of in the good old days of “Zarnitsa” or “Eaglet”, the participants of which I was lucky to be.
Legs. Kilometer, two, three. Crawling to the scapula, from which the machine-gun maniac peels so that the grass falls, cut off by balls. And there’s no staging of the reconstruction, you really have to be more precise and smarter than the enemy. Be able to. Move, disguise, shoot, crawl, dig. Realism...

And what kind of vegetables come to tell sad. Over the 7 years that I have been involved in organizing gaming events, I have seen a lot. But the level of illiteracy of our youth is such that there are enough sad examples of three articles. Like when the 18-year-old blockhead miraculously does not cripple itself, opening a can of canned food. And also speaks in justification, when he is bandaged, I am the first time ...

But many, many useful things. Of course, there are in the world of sharometov and frankly rye-commercial events, such as "Day on Armor". And there are those where really, without a strong nervous system, health and skills of extreme being, not to hold out until the end. I am on the "White banks", if anyone understands.

Why all? But to what. We need to save what grows up. For generations are growing up - the dream of a fruit and vegetable supermarket. And it is necessary to save not the creation of the next crowd of officials, leaders, coordinators and other husks. It is necessary to create, relying on those who can, and most importantly, want to teach something and give something. By example and starting from his baggage of knowledge and experience.

And that's probably not worth talking about insane expenses. The dream of any schooler, a white iPhone, in rubles weighs as much as the equipment of three people in full. My child also moaned for “iphone”: well, almost everyone in the class has it, but she doesn't. But - they bargained, because the Sonya was no worse than the parameters enough to take a new rifle with good optics and a new outfit. And saved a little. But I do not want a vegetable with an iPhone. Years through 15-20 come in handy.

And what can these, from ministries and departments, give? Except for instructions - nothing. But what are the instructions to the devil, if they will be performed by all the same, adherents of the USE sect?

In general, the vegetable base called "Russia" must be purposefully converted into a slaughterhouse. Yes, it is difficult. But we have to. We, today's need. To tomorrow was exactly tomorrow.

These are the considerations that came from observing much of what is happening around. I don’t know how to do everything exactly, but what I’d thought about was what I decided to share. Maybe someone else will have thoughts.

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  1. Teberii
    Teberii 8 July 2016 06: 27
    History as a subject, including for patriotic education. Turned into a regular test, it is unnecessary to reflect.
    1. Raven
      Raven 8 July 2016 06: 55
      before you think - you need to know ... the very little things that make up the test ... otherwise you don’t know what to argue without knowing the elementary ...

      I then no one talks about the features of thermonuclear physics - they teach it, but divorced from the history of balabol and everyone argues ...
    2. Ivan Slavyanin
      Ivan Slavyanin 8 July 2016 07: 14
      I agree with you here. I believe that on the topic in the subject, you need to make hours for visiting museums (free of charge) and (or) agree with private collectors for showing to schoolchildren. Hard? Yes. But, if we want to leave behind generations with knowledge of the historical experience of our country, then we have to roll up our sleeves. There are well-known words to this: LISTENING TO THE FATHER AND MOTHER OF OWN - OWNED BY EXPERIENCE OF ONE GENERATION, KNOWLEDGE OF THE HISTORY OF THE COUNTRY - OWNED BY EXPERIENCE OF ALL GENERATIONS!
      As for the question of Roman in the article, in many ways the parents themselves express little desire to take their children to the museum, and sometimes there is no money (excuses, because there is 80 rubles for cigarettes for beer every day) Accordingly, there is no desire of the parents - no pressure on officials, etc. Maybe my personal opinion is wrong .... I'm waiting for a refutation and criticism.
      1. Diana Ilyina
        Diana Ilyina 8 July 2016 09: 56
        Quote: Ivan Slav
        I look forward to denial and criticism.

        Don't expect me to, I agree with you. But here, in general, a question for parents: do you want dear parents to raise a worthy citizen of your Motherland ?! And how much does each of us do for this ?! I understand that I will say things that have set the teeth on edge, but as for me, the concept of PATRIOTISM is made up of trifles and it is the parents who should bring it up, and the school should only help them in this! Patriotism should start from the courtyard and the entrance, where they do not spit, do not relieve themselves, do not throw cigarette butts, do not set fire to buttons in the elevator, where dad, leading his child by the hand, does not drink beer from a can and does not throw an empty pack of cigarettes under his feet. The upbringing of a child begins from the cradle and is raised by his parents, he comes to school as a person, albeit not fully formed, but a person. And if parents did not find time to read at least a few books to their child in childhood, then the school is unlikely to be able to instill in him a love of literature. I was probably five years old when my grandfather began to read books that were not at all for children: "The Fate of a Man", "The Fourth Spread", "Tales" by Alexei Tolstoy and many other things. Yes, my grandfather devoted more time to me than my parents, but this does not change the essence, they took care of me, they raised me.

        So guys, you need to start with yourself loved ones! By the way, I congratulate all the VO men on the feast of Peter and Fevronia, the day of love and fidelity! All good health, success in the business field, love in the family, prosperity in life and a peaceful sky above your head (the latter has recently become more relevant)!
        1. Diana Ilyina
          Diana Ilyina 8 July 2016 11: 33
          Uti Bose ... Someone was offended by me. And I’m so upset right, so upset, put a minus sign crying cry-cry ... Who are you an unknown "hero" ?! Come out of the gloom, explain what you disagree with ?!
          1. Sodom897
            Sodom897 10 July 2016 09: 17
            In contrast to this zatsu I put you a plus sign
            1. Diana Ilyina
              Diana Ilyina 11 July 2016 09: 34
              Quote: Sodom897
              In contrast to this zatsu I put you a plus sign

              Thank you, but it's not the pros or cons. The fact is that I’m just wondering which of my statements a person disagrees with, and if he agrees with everything, then what is the minus, for personal hostility ?! Then let him write, out of personal hostility.
      2. Lyubopyatov
        Lyubopyatov 8 July 2016 14: 02
        First, it is necessary to expel Livanov (without the right of residence in Russia) and make a scientist-historian with a general rank as the minister of education (and any former commander-in-chief of a branch or branch of the army - he knows history better than Medina and others). After that, arrange for schoolchildren not only visits to museums, but also military units with their favorite equipment. And to return Livanov to his Russian relatives (non-Russian, of course) only after solving the tricky USE offered to him, drawn up as a result of a nationwide competition. Isn't it a plot for a movie in the spirit of Leskov's "Lefty"?
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. siberalt
      siberalt 8 July 2016 07: 38
      A novel, a conclusion from a fact, according to logic, there can be only one - recognition of the fact itself. Conclusions are drawn from a certain plurality of facts collected in the system. But this is a word.
      Do museums need true history? Undoubtedly. But history is dead without ideology. It is like the Egyptian pyramids or ilmen stone. He looked, felt, and was even surprised. You can also look at the night sky, at the water in the river or at the bonfire. Hence the conclusion - we need a common ideology that is understandable and accepted by the majority for the people. But he (our people) is prohibited by the liberal Constitution. The victory is not a weapon, as a means, but an Idea. Make a conclusion yourself.
    5. Maki Avellevich
      Maki Avellevich 8 July 2016 07: 49
      It is thought that ptriotism is not inculcated or educated, but rather a function of self-awareness and well-being of a citizen of a country. that is, dozens of different parameters affect how a person relates to his tribe / people, how united and interconnected they are.
      it’s not enough just trying to instill patriotism with in school or trips to youth museums.
      from the beginning, a young citizen himself should feel the benefits (economic, psychological, etc.) for him coming from belonging to a certain nation.
      if this feeling will be grown then what is called patriotism will itself appear.
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 8 July 2016 14: 59
        Maki Avelevich

        I support your comment.

        Yes, this self-awareness must come under the influence of various factors.

        A little criticism of the author.

        In general, according to the article, there is a need for self-awareness, but the methods that influence this are somewhat controversial.

        What gives a feeling of elbow? It is the realization that you are not alone? Joint lesson. The economic system is opposed to this. In any manifestation of which there is a strict upbringing of individualism.

        Formalization of events gives, or can give a repulsive result.

        How to fight against the negative manifestations of the system? The first factor is the availability of free time. The second is the desire to use time for a collective way of spending time.

        Having free time is the work of unions.

        Having a desire for collective sports is information support, it is not expensive. Create a powerful website linking people of interest is within the reach of anyone with a low income.

        Well, patriotism does only the attitude of the state towards its citizens. As soon as the state really helps in a difficult moment, then a person is ready for him to lie under the tank.
  2. KOH
    KOH 8 July 2016 06: 39
    While we will be ruled by an alien education system, which implies the export of clever and wise men to the west, NVP will not be included in the education system ... I am not a supporter of the CPSU, but I openly say that I will vote for them, because they are anti-balloon or Bologna tfuuu ... well, you probably understood ....))))) With this system, we have already achieved that a teenager will change his mother to an iPhone ...

    Moderators, pzhlsta! Put the USSR flag back, I did not ask to change it ...
    1. aba
      aba 8 July 2016 07: 03
      While we will be ruled by an alien education system

      It is alien not in itself, but because the alien system of the state.
      1. KOH
        KOH 8 July 2016 07: 12
        Again what to do? A mess with pots is not our method, so it turns out that we need to dilute the EP to the opposition, so that at least something changes ...
    2. Pushkar
      Pushkar 8 July 2016 13: 32
      Quote: CON
      Not a supporter of the CPSU, but I openly say that I will vote for them
      And where is the CPSU? Can’t you tell me? If you are talking about the Communist Party, then these are completely different organizations. The CPSU stood on the principles of internationalism, and the Communist Party - rather Russian nationalism, the CPSU - on the basis of materialism, and the Communist Party - Orthodoxy. (Zyuganov demonstratively attends services.) Look at the statistics of voting in the Duma - the Communist Party almost always votes in solidarity with the EP. I have nothing against the Communist Party, the party as a party, no worse than others. But the CPSU, like its brainchild - the USSR, were killed in 1991, and maybe earlier.
      1. Greenwood
        Greenwood 13 July 2016 16: 11
        Quote: Pushkar
        Communist Party almost always votes in solidarity with United Russia
        Something I don’t remember. Do not confuse LDPR? Communists usually always vote against or defiantly leave the conference room.
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 8 July 2016 06: 41
    Put 54 or 55 in each school yard (they should still rust in the storage fields), armored personnel carriers and other possible iron. Let them master daily, do not hurt and do not interfere in life.
    1. Al1977
      Al1977 8 July 2016 13: 47
      Quote: aszzz888
      Put 54 or 55 in each school yard (they should still rust in the storage fields), armored personnel carriers and other possible iron. Let them master daily, do not hurt and do not interfere in life.

      Maybe by computer to school? No, not more useful?
      1. Sunseich
        Sunseich 10 July 2016 10: 41
        minus I set
        in schools there are PCs.
        there are no teachers. Teacher of additional education (circles).
        the teacher can run water from his strength and draw a simple presentation.
        And 90% of the children in the village are simply not interested in computers: they slide down to the 7th grade to the level of TNT and a madhouse-2 (drank, smoked "herbs", crumpled pullets, went to bed).
  4. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 8 July 2016 06: 48
    The right thoughts came to the Author !!!! as a child distant to our school for Zarnitsa, the nearest military unit - 2 BMPs allocated ........ they participated in the game - the delight of the guys and even the girls)))) there is no limit. since then I probably made the decision to become a tankman)))) Although the parents - both with the landing service - Vitebskaya 103. for the questions raised in the article - thank you ...... and yes to the MINISTRIES - there is definitely no hope ...... ..
    1. KOH
      KOH 8 July 2016 06: 52
      The question is what to do? Just contemplate? Do not prepare the same disappearance in the Siberian forests of Livanov ...
    2. Moore
      Moore 8 July 2016 07: 47
      Quote: Volga Cossack
      as a child distant to our school for Zarnitsa, the nearest military unit - 2 BMPs allocated ........ they participated in the game - the delight of the guys and even the girls)))

      Thoughts came to you no less correct.
      There was such a thing here and there: patronage of military units over educational institutions. We were lucky at one time - the aviation unit was the bosses, from where the circles logically appeared:
      - shooting (in almost every high school there was a shooting range);
      - young helicopter pilots;
      And how did they provide "Zarnitsy" ... mmmm ...
      I believe that now it is necessary to revive in the order ...
    3. The comment was deleted.
  5. Altona
    Altona 8 July 2016 06: 49
    I didn’t quite understand what the author of the article suggests in the ending. Yes, young people need to show equipment, give it a rifle with plastic balls in their hands and put it in camouflage. There will probably be benefits. The question is, who will do this?
    1. fennekRUS
      fennekRUS 8 July 2016 15: 21
      In general, the vegetable base under the name "Russia" should be purposefully converted into a slaughterhouse.
      Quote: Altona
      The question is, who will do this?

      Themselves, parents and the "castes" indicated in the article smile and they will do it. just would not interfere!
  6. aba
    aba 8 July 2016 07: 02
    The essence of which remains that today in Russia there is not a single structure that could really take on the proper patriotic education of youth. They will be fine. But not today.

    I plusanul - topical article, but alas ...
    What structures, when everything is on a commercial basis, when everyone is faced with the task of making money. But even if the funding is left on the shoulders of the state, the "money earners" will not be able to ignore such a source of personal wealth.
  7. EvgNik
    EvgNik 8 July 2016 07: 05
    These are the considerations that came when observing a lot of what was happening around.

    Such thoughts, Roman, arise in all normal people. Okay, we give our children everything we can (in the sense of education, not material). But not everyone is engaged in raising children. Most interesting tv box. And what he can give, we know. One should not expect anything positive from the state. So think - what to do?
  8. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 8 July 2016 07: 07
    There are not many options for the revival of patriotic education of children and youth. If we revive DOSAAF, the ice will break. Yes, and military pensioners just need to be pulled up to this work, the main thing to start is that interest in children will wake up.
  9. X Y Z
    X Y Z 8 July 2016 07: 22
    Again about the sad. The Moscow region is full of museums demonstrating unique military equipment. But they are not within walking distance and visiting them requires a lot of time and effort (Kubinka, Monino, etc.). At the same time, the lands historically associated with the development of this technique — the lands of the Tushino airfield and Khodynka — are being spent inexplicably. Yes, they promised the Aviation Museum on Khodynka, but where is it? But in Tushino, in my opinion, they did not promise. With us, as usual, business has defeated everything and tidbits in the center of the capital will go for completely different purposes.
  10. 34 region
    34 region 8 July 2016 07: 26
    Pancake! Good idea! It is interesting to implement it. Who will do this and how? Deputies, merchants, volunteer volunteers? For such events need territory. Maybe in the territory of the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of Emergencies? At the same time, the issue of control will disappear. Material supply? It is possible from the state, department (MO, Ministry of Emergencies), payment for a similar game. In my opinion, there are simply no leaders in this matter. Who would do it. In small cities with entertainment is not very. And so they would combine business with pleasure.
    1. zadorin1974
      zadorin1974 8 July 2016 11: 47
      34 region. Yes, all this is there: drive rentals with attendants and platforms equipped and in each region (at least Bashkiria, Tataria, Perm Territory, Udmurtia, Sverdlovsk Region) clubs and strike associations. In Ekat, up to three thousand people play games games happens. Whoever wants, he finds everything.
  11. Kenneth
    Kenneth 8 July 2016 07: 36
    Well written. Everything about the case.
  12. Stauffenberg
    Stauffenberg 8 July 2016 07: 46
    Well written. Oboluses are obtuse, but when a child is near a weapon, and even when he can touch something, a miraculous transformation into a normal person occurs with many.

    But are the strike players ready for mass?
  13. zadorin1974
    zadorin1974 8 July 2016 07: 46
    Let Roman put in his five kopecks. Let's look at the attitude of the state towards technical sports. There is not one of the four sections of motocross, there was not one of the shooting sections either, but there were 7. On the SUT (who does not remember - the station of young technicians) there is macrame, woodcarving and sewing. There is a municipal auto club in the city, but after changing the gelding (mayor) and the director of the club, they are more engaged in washing the dough than working. The club's cross track has been taken away for the third time (instead of the first two, there are already cottages) and now too After that, there is practically no amateur motorsport left (the state has tightened the screws through the RAF, the standard drivers were forbidden to participate in championships without full equipment, the average price without a car is 200-500 per person) there is no point in going to the "pump station" prize, and it is not really expensive ...
    At the expense of the strike, everything has been official for a long time, in the city we have 6 strong teams (up to 30 bodies), well, like my ten pieces (from five to ten, mostly family ones) there are just loners. The rules for games are pretty strict (ban on drunk, Safety precautions, regulations for violation of punishment one-BAN (for some it can become eternal) But in general it’s fun, the wife asks us to start (we will have to fork out one more drive). The age structure is different, but the admission of participants under 16 is only under the letter of guarantee of the team commander. There is no partisan general.
    1. zadorin1974
      zadorin1974 8 July 2016 09: 21
      I want to add, where can we be too old to preserve our knowledge of tactics and handling weapons? Who chuckles at the airball, I can just recall that the ball takes off from the barrel at an average speed of 125 m / s and at a distance of 50 meters it burns through the body pretty well. And where else can you teach your children (and not only) the survivor, so that they would be more or less prepared upon arrival in the army? DOSAAF, we only cut loot at a driving school, our leadership doesn’t need anything more (only school remains the fifth part is rented for offices and vendors). Even the repaired shooting gallery (money allocated for the program from the region) did not open. But in the city there are more than a dozen boxing, karate and boxing sections. And then I wonder why I try to catch youngsters with a crowd and illegal races are arranged. Regards!
  14. Peaceful Basmach
    Peaceful Basmach 8 July 2016 08: 05
    can it boast that it was inside the T-34? Or IS-2?

    Of course, not a single museum will take such a step. It is necessary to answer the same and look into three eyes. What if a trauma? Or will they break the tank? No, no way. Let it stand as it is, we paint it. No more.
    Museum in Prokhorovka on the "Kursk Bulge" welcome. You can even hold a weapon in your hands, although it is fixed on cables. Pistols, rifles, machine guns, machine guns, weapons of both armies.
  15. Baloo
    Baloo 8 July 2016 08: 14
    OBZh must be conducted by competent specialists. A man at home worked with a power tool, damaged the femoral artery. A bunch of rags were wound around the wound, he died at the entrance to the hospital. And all that was needed was to put a stick under the improvised tourniquet and spin until the bleeding stopped. Tragedy...
    NVP needs to be restored, this fosters responsibility for oneself, for those who are nearby and for their country, self-discipline. Are there few retirees who have passed fires and water? In the distant Soviet childhood, the choice of games was not large. Most often, Corporal-General-something like towns played the war.
    Nobody wanted to play for the Nazis, everyone wanted for their own. To whom it turned out to be a Fritz, they played like a movie, they tied their hands, slightly pounded, and even girls were tortured by twisting their arms, of course, within reason. But when our catch of Hitler, it was something. Not tortured, but played for real, expressing their attitude.
    Patriotic education is laid in the family, not only in school.
    Films about the war, shot by the post-war generation, are not always realistic.
    Actors, extras and the film crew need to carefully study the film library about the Second World War, shot by those who fought on their own.
  16. Old military officer
    Old military officer 8 July 2016 08: 17
    The article is good and timely, but without conclusions and recipes. But it has long been known that the new is the well-forgotten old. That is, it is vital to restore the classical school system. Clear the curriculum and training programs from all kinds of garbage. Restore atomized functions to education. And then it came to the point that Rospotrebnadzor is responsible for organizing the summer holidays for children, hence the results and, in general, according to his recently published opinion, the parents themselves should be responsible for organizing the holidays. Masterpiece! Unfortunately, I can’t give a link, I didn’t remember it. Well, and, of course, to disperse this sect of adherents of the exam and the Bologna system completely. There are competent teachers. In Russia, everything is there, but it’s easier for fools.
    CONTROL 8 July 2016 08: 18
    Let us suppose!
    Reconstructors - experience in strategy; airsoft - experience of tactics of military operations ...
    Climbing tanks is the same ... open-close barrel locks ... Romance!
    ... at the same time chop off a child's finger with the hatch cover of an armored personnel carrier or a tank ... (a scar over an eyebrow from a cartridge case that flew out from a normally operated TT reflector is the first shot in my life! and I'm left-handed (and not only in the sense of "hands" ... Children and adolescents are not yet conscripts, healthy (alas, not always lately ...) young guys!
    Therefore - we need people with experience and specially trained to do this with children and teenagers! Do we have them? Again - specially prepare?
    Yes, in addition to this - the "adepts" of the exam! ...
    So - ooh-ooh-o-noses! ... because he himself was doing this ...
    1. Stauffenberg
      Stauffenberg 8 July 2016 09: 04
      Maybe for this you need some kind of program of short pedagogical courses and passing at least microexams plus getting help that a person is elementary mentally healthy. No one is against such requirements for obtaining rights, but here the question is about our children.
      1. zadorin1974
        zadorin1974 8 July 2016 10: 19
        CONTROL. I will not agree with you. Pedagogical education is needed in educational institutions. Otherwise, you just need to love to communicate with children and try to pass on something to them, rather than to impose and force them. You yourself worked as a trainer and teacher (in the absence of pedagogical education you had to sit at the head office ) .Here is it where we train teachers in motorsport or motocross (namely a pedagogical diploma)? You just need to allow teaching with technical education in technical sports. And there are a lot of people who want and know how to work with youth (well, the salary 10-13 thousand) such usually live in clubs and sections.
        1. Sunseich
          Sunseich 10 July 2016 10: 46
          about ZP in 15tr you bent))) I have 40 hours a week, I bring everything from home for my own and what the people sent in the form of technical assistance
          too lazy to look for a spine on zp, but something like 6300r per month))))
          1. Alexander Romanov
            Alexander Romanov 10 July 2016 10: 50
            Quote: SanSeich
            too lazy to look for a spine on sn, but something like 6300r per month)))

            I would write 3800 and, there.
            1. Sunseich
              Sunseich 10 July 2016 13: 05
              specially for the hamnyuk ...
              1. Sunseich
                Sunseich 10 July 2016 16: 21
    2. lelikas
      lelikas 8 July 2016 12: 41
      Now - can you imagine what they will do with the leader of the group, if the child is chopping something for himself? Therefore, especially no one is torn.
      1. zadorin1974
        zadorin1974 8 July 2016 12: 57
        Well, I don’t know, we had everything, and our legs were wrung and our hands didn’t complain. Do you always have a short conversation with your parents, would you like a child to do it? Then be prepared for injuries, as well as for observing certain democratic rules I have no .. I didn’t let anyone into boxing without a receipt from my parents (also on Fridays a diary for checking-usually Saturday-Sunday training on the track, which can fly with bad luck) And now the neighbors are asking for games to take their children to the races or to the strike ( I try to take as much as possible and places in the car).
    3. Pushkar
      Pushkar 8 July 2016 13: 42
      Quote: CONTROL
      Let us suppose!

      Therefore - we need people with experience and specially trained to do this with children and teenagers! Do we have them? Again - specially prepare?

      Why cook? There are a lot of reserve officers, military pensioners.
  18. Beefeater
    Beefeater 8 July 2016 08: 27
    Education should be given in the family. Parents should give the necessary books, go to museums, talk about the war. About relatives who have ever fought. In our country, they are going to adopt a law directed against parents who are indifferent to their children. That's already what it came to.
  19. Egor-dis
    Egor-dis 8 July 2016 08: 52
    Article plus. Added to bookmarks. I almost completely agree with the author. For a small but significant nuance. Who will control and select reenactors and airsoft players to work with the younger generation? Among the reenactors there are also amateurs of the White Guard, but for sure there will be both "Vlasovites" and amateurs of "Nachtigail". It's the same with airsoft players. Among them there are NATO members and anyone else. And who will they educate? Moreover, knowing the history, they can wrap it in any end in any direction. Especially if the sponsors are those who organized the Yeltsin Center.

    So, "accounting and control" (c)

    By the way, the Cossacks are another important resource for patriotic education. They seem to have good training programs for children (at least there were). Just combining the historical component with the practical one. The only thing left is to find the one who organizes all this.
    1. Sunseich
      Sunseich 10 July 2016 10: 48
      in our country everyone who wanted to became "Cossacks" in the early 2000s. They had nothing to do with the Cossacks in any knee :)
      thumped on the road, fought, then someone left this discharged theater, someone simply died.
      It seems to be quiet ...
  20. fsps
    fsps 8 July 2016 09: 17
    Not really in the subject. Where can we find, say, the characteristics and appearance of the main types of US / NATO armored vehicles, the most vulnerable places, or, for example, handling a grenade launcher? In an understandable way, not so that the flies die of boredom.
  21. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 8 July 2016 09: 28
    the greatness of the state can be judged by its relation to the elderly and children. with this, alas ... from every next "decree" of the government, you internally shudder, against the background of "thumping" idlers, football players, millionaires, pensioners who honestly worked at enterprises and live on pennies, it's just a shame. You can talk endlessly on this topic , but the word "halva" will not become sweeter.
  22. AleBors
    AleBors 8 July 2016 10: 40
    I fully share the opinion of the author. We ourselves are trying to establish at least some kind of patriotic education in our region. We use both strikes and reenactors and local Cossacks. But everything flows sluggishly. It is not disgusting to state, but representatives of the above groups, almost without exception, with rare exceptions, are primarily concerned with their own welfare. Any suggestions about holding some kind of events for children and adolescents hears the question: "What will we get from this?" It's good that not everyone is like that, so we are gradually playing military games and taking them to museums. But all with a creak. It remains to be hoped that Resolution No. 1493 of 30.12.15/XNUMX/XNUMX will work.
  23. Vladimir61
    Vladimir61 8 July 2016 10: 44
    "The road is paved with good intentions ..."A strange position, and most importantly, has already become systematic - everything is bad from everywhere in the defense industry to the situation in the Donbass and the education of true patriots of Russia.
    Reconstructors. I have a peculiar attitude to this caste. For the theater. The events are beautiful, of course, and definitely useful. But - the theater. They gathered, dashed off the script, played in half an hour, patted the idle, and that’s all. Oh yes, and also photo shoots.
    Yes, of course, writing and referring, this is not a real war to "play", as did the reenactors Igor Strelkov (Slavyansk), Valera Bolotov, Karjakin (Lugansk) and many other reenactors in the Donbass! Those who are real, do not let us forget our past and instill pride in our children, for their ancestors and the country!
    In general, the vegetable base called "Russia" must be purposefully converted into a slaughterhouse. Yes, it is difficult. But we have to. We, today's need. To tomorrow was exactly tomorrow.
    They swallowed, washed and instructed the plus sign in the article. Cool, now with "patriotism"!
    1. Vladimir61
      Vladimir61 8 July 2016 14: 35
      Cons ... I'm waiting for them, at least two, I know what I'm talking about. I do not need a rating, but freedom of opinion and assessment! And the author of the minus could have argued his true "patriotism" - as his reaction to comparing Russia with a "vegetable base". Weak!
  24. Tishka
    Tishka 8 July 2016 11: 12
    What kind of patriotism in our country can we talk about, if starting from a deputy of the State Duma and ending with the powers that be, we see how they do not love their homeland! All real estate is not in Magadan, or in the Kolyma, but in Europe, or rotting America! If our businessmen do not buy domestic football clubs, but more and more English, and try to spend their whole lives abroad! And you want the younger generation to love their homeland, seeing such a disdainful attitude towards it, on the part of their own government! You can paste posters over all the fences and gates, but from this, young people will not love her anymore! Concrete examples are needed, and concrete actions of the people's representatives, showing that they are for their homeland, are ready to give their lives! And we see only their children, who drive on expensive foreign cars, violating all rights, and for this, they will not be anything! How our valiant darlings beat their electorate, because he was trying to drive through the pedestrian zone in his cool foreign car, and his car was accidentally hit! And what, this "golden" youth, will go to defend the country and the Motherland, if God forbid! Or our chosen ones will have the willpower, and they will allow them to bomb their property, there over the hill, acquired by hard work, because their families and children live there! You can pour in billions, attract both DOSAAF and Shoigu, but the cart will remain in the middle of the swamp until our chosen ones show by their deeds how they should love the Motherland and the people will not support them! In the meantime, all these undertakings, a wonderful feeding trough for those who are engaged in this!
    1. pigkiller
      pigkiller 8 July 2016 12: 04
      You write about yourself, about what you personally do to develop the patriotic education of the younger generation, pzhl. We are waiting with sincere attention!
      1. Cat man null
        Cat man null 9 July 2016 01: 56
        Quote: pigkiller
        You write about yourself, about what you personally do to develop the patriotic education of the younger generation, pzhl. We are waiting with sincere attention!

        - manure is thrown at the fan. Shovel. Tirelessly laughing

        Quote: Silence
        all these undertakings, a wonderful feeding trough for those who are engaged in this!

        - something like this looks like yes
      2. Tishka
        Tishka 9 July 2016 12: 37
        You really want to hear the story of how we went through seven circles of hell and stayed with nothing! It all started, about 10 years ago, when we were sitting in the garage and talking for life! One, complained that the child, not pulled away from the computer, constantly plays his shooters. I remembered our childhood, pioneer palaces and sections, and since the couple of us, at that time, were engaged in water-motor sports, even went to city competitions, although they did not achieve any significant results, there was so much interest and enthusiasm. They decided, and what, you can try, to revive such an undertaking, even if not in full, but to keep the children busy, teach them how to use the tool, repair motors, and so that they don’t hang around the yards, the Former Colonel promised to talk to DOSAF, they say there will be no problems, native structure! True, they welcomed us there with open arms, but after learning that it’s not courses, that’s all, free of charge, and that we should expect to come from us, anyway, that interest from the goat’s milk quickly disappeared! They gave us a bunch of papers, what instances to go through, what documents to collect, where and what to agree on, and where to sign what, and the question arose, who will finance all this, if we don’t charge for classes? In short, after fermentation, in all instances where we were culturally hinted that this is a long process, and it should be accelerated, so to speak, we went to the district deputy, who, oddly enough, supported our idea and gave us saving paper, after which , business has gone. Even the management company allocated a place in the basement, saying that we pay only for the light, and that the residents of the house will not mind that there will be a section. They made a small repair, bought a tool, plywood, and began to make the first glider. It’s good that since Soviet times, a motor was lying in the garage, it was a pity to throw everything out. Well, checks began, then firemen, then inspections, and they all demanded something, change, eliminate, eliminate. But all the same, at the beginning of summer, they bought a couple of cans of gasoline, and on the trailer, we left for Myakinino, where they decided to make a test launch. They didn’t even burn the tank, as the inspectors pulled up on a boat, saying that we were interfering with shipping, so there was a yacht club nearby, and we, they were stopping to relax! We drew up a protocol, and warned that next time, we won’t get off with a warning! And two weeks later, the inspection came to us, accompanied by the police, and showed the paper that, in accordance with the decree, all basements should be closed and sealed for the purpose of the anti-terrorist operation, so please be kind enough to free the room! So, it was all over. Now, only once every two years, we try to get out on air shows, and even then, every year, fewer and fewer people can afford it, such expenses, a ticket of 1200, per person, plus the road, plus you need to collect food, that, on this our patriotism has run out!
  25. Old warrior
    Old warrior 8 July 2016 13: 34
    Well, not three or four, but all ten to fifteen (especially frostbitten - and just a few tens of kilometers with obstacles). And I had to sit in the tank, even drove it - T-34-85 February 1945 release. We stood in service with the armament. (1981). yes And then I had to climb in the T-70, Prague, T-3. Just at these very reconstructions. good
  26. SlavaP
    SlavaP 8 July 2016 14: 11
    Thanks to Roman for the correct article. Someone may not agree with the details, but by and large everything is correct. I also want to express my "thoughts from afar".

    1. Budget: why not look into the pocket of the Ministries of Defense and Internal Affairs? Someone there will grimace, of course, but this is a direct INVESTMENT of money in the FUTURE and these same ministries will win in the long run.
    2. It’s good to dream about shooting from PPSh or Mosinki, and airsoft is worth it. But you can start with very little, even with pneumatics. All you need is a closed room or 10 meters of the yard and, perhaps, safety glasses. And that’s all. The next step is a little thing. Even in our country, it’s officially allowed under the supervision of children to shoot from pneumatics from 12 years and from 0.22mm from 14-tee.
    3. And yet, I do not want to offend the girls, but war is a man’s business. And the guys are ready for it at the genetic level. It is only necessary to give a tiny impetus and help. I remember there was an article about ten years ago - scientists went to some very closed tribe, whether in the Amazon or in New Guinea, practically not communicating with the outside world. There they took various toys and offered the children of this tribe a choice. And as a result: the girls captured Barbie and the boys were sabers, machine guns and tanks, in principle, not knowing what it was!
  27. Pushkar
    Pushkar 8 July 2016 14: 13
    Speaking of reenactors. I saw several reconstructions of the battle of 1812. Does anyone’s soul not flinch at the sight of a Russian soldier?
  28. Evgeniy-111
    Evgeniy-111 8 July 2016 15: 56
    Those who are engaged in large-scale modeling (of the same military equipment) simply need to be added to the reenactors and airsoft players. Suspiciously, it is necessary for the kids to do this! And then we (modelers) will die out, and there WILL NOT be a change !!!
  29. Forever so
    Forever so 8 July 2016 18: 27
    There was an idea to make two tracked all-terrain vehicles with a Zhiguli engine on soft tracks, now there are a lot of such projects for home-made people, the main levers are)) And with the help of such a military base, conduct summer military-patriotic camps. But. Alas, it did not work out and it will not work out for me. drove the nibble to zero, cool savyavki. But the matter is crucial. The author is 1000% right.
  30. Samaritan
    Samaritan 8 July 2016 19: 08
    Tests of the new Samara aircraft
  31. Cat
    Cat 8 July 2016 20: 46
    I fully support the author. I have to endure this in the next school year. Just think about it my daughter OBZH will be taught by a teacher of labor - grandmother is 64 years old. Sailed.
  32. The Sparkle
    The Sparkle 8 July 2016 21: 55
    Finally, they thought about returning to school the lessons of non-formal education -
  33. Tishka
    Tishka 9 July 2016 01: 39
    Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed departments to submit proposals to the government on the resumption of charter flights to Turkey within a week. This was reported by the press service of the Cabinet. That's all patriotism, instead of developing our tourism, we are simply sent to Turkey, that's where the legs grow from, I wonder who personally, and how much will put in your pocket, from this decision? And the fact that the people are dying in a foreign territory, our government, little concern! The Americans, because of one offended tourist, drove the whole fleet, not understanding who is right and who is to blame! An American flag hangs above each house, but try it, they can be fined only on holidays, and then, with the permission of the management company! About the domestic aircraft industry, generally keep silent, it is not prestigious to fly on domestic aircraft! Yes, they didn’t remain, thanks to the ruling party, they all sold out and plundered!
    And you can fight like a fish on ice, try to prove by personal example, but against the background of such decisions, you cannot convince the child that you need to love your own, Fatherland! As they say, with such a government, "For Power" is insulting!
  34. Igluxnumx
    Igluxnumx 9 July 2016 13: 46
    Quote: Maki Avellievich
    It is thought that ptriotism is not inculcated or educated, but rather a function of self-awareness and well-being of a citizen of a country. that is, dozens of different parameters affect how a person relates to his tribe / people, how united and interconnected they are.

    But the child, the teenager, first learns from others, copies them. Those. the personality is formed by the family, the street, and the school. So the state needs it if it wants to have patriotic citizens, to educate / influence its family, street and school. Helping the family: providing jobs, housing, decent income. Influence on the street: ensuring order and tranquility on the street, which is achieved by the conscientious work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and, above all, district police officers, as well as the construction of swimming pools, children's and playgrounds / sports grounds. Here I want to talk about the story that happened to a friend when he was on a business trip in China about 15-20 years ago: in the residential district where he lived, there was a small area between the houses. Every morning a Chinese came to her with a radio tape recorder and began practicing Taijiquan gymnastics. Those interested could join. And joined in! The Chinese was a gymnastics instructor, the state paid him to come to this site daily and do gymnastics. Nothing more was required from him (!)! It just gives an example of a healthy lifestyle! (True, pharmaceutical magnates will be against .... Well, to hell with them!)
    The third component is school. Well, a lot has been written here .... The USE is a way to debilitate the population, because It doesn’t teach to express one’s thoughts, doesn’t teach to form an opinion, justify it. Now they are still talking about the introduction of juvenile justice. I officially declare: I will be categorically against it. Up to massacre and the organization of partisan detachments.
    Something like that.
  35. Trom
    Trom 9 July 2016 21: 01
    So tomorrow was tomorrow.

    .. I would add - OUR tomorrow. And I agree with the author, time gives sprouts that need to be supported. And the Unified State Exam is dibiloid ... One can argue with the author, not everything is so simple, but I don’t want to, because in the alternative, the inhabitants of the vegetable warehouse are really growing, and something needs to be done with this right now.
  36. sgapich
    sgapich 10 July 2016 08: 00
    So now they are trying to squeeze children's tourism. Astakhovshchina is being bred. Honestly, I would gladly have met the message that upon arrival at a certain camp the "law enforcers" would receive a charge from slingshots / slingshots / bows.

    And then, damn it, they thought up - you can’t burn bonfires.
  37. Foxmara
    Foxmara 10 July 2016 08: 10
    "The dream of any schoolboy, a white iPhone, weighs the same in rubles as the equipment of three people in full."
    This is just the "entrance" so to speak. You need to invest 35-40 thousand just to start running. Then you find out that everyone has a spring of 140-150, and you have 120, and no matter how hard you try, that bush "enemy" shoots through, but you do not. And you start to collect on "AP", from 7 thousand, then the team decides to change the form, from 7 thousand more, if you bought a machine gun, then you will carry the balls in wagons))
    In general, it is very expensive, although it is worth it. Because of him, I had to change jobs wassat to a higher paying one. But he could not collect himself for classes with children. The headmaster of the local school, having heard the offer, quietly disowned it - they say we need a special on robots, and patriotism - you never know what is in my mind. I didn’t say, but I clearly thought. It seems that the state allocates money for patriotism, but to understand how it is possible to make efforts correctly? There will not be enough preschool children for their team; parents are unlikely to lay out 30-50 thousand.
    1. Sunseich
      Sunseich 10 July 2016 10: 57
      Foxmara, well, for three years I went for the director of the Center for Children's Creativity (formerly SUT). And what? yeah, of course, come on Monday ... and so for almost 3 years!
      came to the deputy head: for my money I will organize a circle to study the basics of electronics and robotics. Give room.
      I began to hint that the circle must be paid, then yes ...
      sort of fought off. but we still don’t have our own premises: we combine everything with another. Every time I have to carry parts and materials on myself ...
      here is patriotism
  38. kunstkammer
    kunstkammer 10 July 2016 14: 13
    even though I put a plus to the article, I remembered the recent scary and deadly trip on boats of the not very effeminate children of orphans and from dysfunctional families in Karelia ...
    And I thought - it's not so simple!
    And not always "overcautious teachers" simply shirk the patriotic "education" of children. Children are children. And they can easily drown at a depth of half a meter. More than once I was shocked by such events in pioneer camps on the sea coast.
  39. Torins
    Torins 10 July 2016 14: 51
    In general, I agree with the author. True, the author is somehow very generalized about the reenactors) There are reenactors who quite realistically and with all the dope figurate the enemy with a very real steel sword or falsion. Just not imprisoned, otherwise there would have been as many corpses after such an action as happened after real battles) And these reenactors know history at a level much higher than the same teachers at school and other historians) True, they are reconstructing not the Second World War, but the Middle Ages) And there is practically no theater there, sometimes it happens but the reenactors themselves do not like such activities)
  40. T-80
    T-80 11 July 2016 16: 00
    Sliding patriotism into militarism is a wrecking idea. Patriotic education should be necessary, but it should be versatile. Someone has to design a tank, someone - to put into production, someone - to assemble it, someone - to train a soldier, and someone - to fight on it.
    Russia will become really strong when John somewhere in America chooses a more prestigious Russian Lada instead of the collapsing Chevrolet or Toyota, and Hans from Germany instead of florida travels to a better Crimea.