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Brothers and sisters in trouble and in victory

In a record short time after the start of fascist aggression, the Soviet Union became a single military-political and economic springboard. This was greatly facilitated by Stalin’s radio performance on July 3 on 1941.

Brothers and sisters in trouble and in victoryStarted with the words "Brothers and sisters, my friends!", It showed: the supreme Soviet power together with the people knows what to do, unlike, for example, from the leadership of France, who lost control over his country and military actions a week after the Nazi invasion.

Stalin’s appeal unreservedly confirmed: our country is absolutely united in its solidarity and confidence in the Victory, which, according to the head of state, consists not only in repelling aggression, but also in helping the people temporarily enslaved by the Nazis.

This radio broadcast, published the same day by Pravda, had a tremendous impact on the country and impressed the world. The President of the United States, the prime ministers of Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and the leaders of many other countries responded to the appeal to the Soviet people. Stalin's words “all the best people of Europe, America and Asia see that our cause is just, that the enemy will be defeated, that we must win” were heard in all corners of the planet.

“The performance of Stalin on July 3, on the whole calm, but quite clear, showed that it took less than two weeks for Moscow to organize the military-industrial and economic restructuring of the country as a whole. The Soviets are confident in their abilities and understand that the strategic circumstances push Britain, the British Commonwealth, the United States and its allies, albeit less powerful, on a par with the USSR. This means the creation of a very broad and effective coalition, which was hardly expected in Berlin and in the Axis countries in general, ”Radio Leopoldville stated in the Belgian Congo on the same day.

“Calculations on the“ stir ”in the Kremlin and the change of power are clearly not defended: the performance of Stalin on July 3 is proof of that. Moscow by this time realized that this war was not at all local, which Stalin noted. He called for the consolidation of the whole country in the name of victory, and he could not be heard. Stalin's speech is a well-thought-out program of resistance to aggression and victory over the aggressors. We fought with the Italian occupiers for six years (from October 1935-th to May 1941-th. - A.Ch.), the war in Russia will probably last as long, but it will certainly end in victory over the aggressors, "4 reported July" Abyssinia Radio.

“The speech of Stalin on July 3 showed that the leadership of the USSR was by no means at a loss, it was capable of debugging the front and rear and had built an integral concept of warfare. Moscow was overwhelmed by excessive hope for the “peacefulness” of Berlin in relation to Russia, but the restructuring of the political and military thinking in the country happened quickly. Stalin’s speech also showed that there can be no “second” Brest peace and the war will continue until the complete defeat of Germany, ”the Iraqi British war news said on July 5.

The Stalinist definition of war with Nazism as Patriotic immediately entered into circulation and was accepted by the masses. The significance of the appeal for the mobilization of all the forces of the Soviet people to repulse the enemy was already understood both here and abroad. The people felt, and the world learned that Moscow, despite the gravity of the situation, was confident of victory.
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  1. Tsoy
    Tsoy 10 July 2016 06: 42
    Yes, the victory in the Second World War became a reality largely thanks to the leader of the callibre Stalin. And the people he united in a single impulse. Another symbol of unity was the song "Sacred War". First there were poems published in the newspaper, then a song. The words "Get up, huge country, get up to fight to the death" have become the motto for the entire people. It is worth noting that at first they wanted to ban the song, considering it a decadent mood. But on Stalin's personal order, she played on the radio every day. After the first performance, there was silence at the station, and people asked to perform it again. By right, the anthem of struggle and victory.
  2. 34 region
    34 region 10 July 2016 07: 08
    Another question is interesting. The mobilization economy of the USSR was able to survive. And the market economies of the West quickly died. If the economy cannot be controlled, then how did it turn out that the controlled economy survived? So a controlled economy, whatever one may say, is more efficient than a market economy. And not only the socialist system but also the controlled economy won in the Second World War (if we ignore ideology). Why are we stubbornly refusing to manage the economy today? Who benefits from a chaotic economy. What will a private trader do today in a similar situation? Will such a turn of events be provided for?
    1. alicante11
      alicante11 10 July 2016 10: 04
      So a controlled economy, whatever one may say, is more efficient than a market economy.

      A managed economy is ALWAYS more efficient than a market economy. Because a market economy is an economy of overproduction. Remember how the institute on "economics", which was taught even to techies, talked about the cyclical nature of the market economy - first growth, then surplus - overproduction, which leads to a general decline, and when supply falls below demand, new growth begins. And we in the 90s also wondered how all this was well arranged for them, not what we had, plans, coercion, deficit. In a planned economy, overproduction is impossible. If only the calculations were made incorrectly. By the way, the deficit, as the theory of economics shows, is also inherent in the market. In moments of production decline. But at the same time, purchasing power falls much faster and therefore the shortage of money in the wallet becomes much larger than the shortage of products. And for those who have enough money, there are also enough goods.
      The downside of the planned economy is one important point - it is very difficult to respond to changing consumer preferences. Today they like double-breasted jackets, and tomorrow they read in a fashion magazine that it's cool to wear vests. And what to do with the planned and produced jackets, which will be worn only by those who are "from the Urals"? That is why Stalin relied in a planned economy on heavy industry and meeting simple mass demand, while consumer demand was farmed out to private traders and artels. They are much quicker able to adapt to the whims of "gourmets". And Khrushchev, as an orthodox Marxist, completely destroyed the private owner, and the large-scale industry of consumer goods turned out to be too clumsy.
      1. tatra
        tatra 10 July 2016 11: 43
        Ha, something is not visible any overproduction after the enemies of the USSR imposed this "market economy" on the republics of the USSR and the peoples in them.
        Even after as many as a quarter of a century, much less agricultural and industrial output is produced in the republics of the former USSR than in the USSR.
        Your vaunted "but now everything is there" - these are 100 varieties of koliuas without meat, "products" from soybeans, palm oil, chemicals.
        Imported non-natural, with a bunch of chemistry food and production products.
        And the same thing in the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe.
      2. Boris55
        Boris55 21 November 2016 09: 31
        Quote: 34 region
        And the market economies of the West quickly died.

        Quote: alicante11
        A managed economy is ALWAYS more efficient than a market economy.

        The economy is controllable (planned) under both capitalism and socialism. The difference is in the ways of achieving the goals of the plan.
        Under socialism - fell here, pressed out there.
        Under capitalism, three crusts of bread around the corner, whoever reaches first will live.

        Russia has embarked on the path of building a global slave civilization.
  3. atos_kin
    atos_kin 10 July 2016 08: 23
    Each word in the text of Comrade Stalin’s speech was thought out by him, and the content is a rather detailed guide to action in all areas important for countering the enemy. Now they don’t know how to appeal to the working people.
  4. avvg
    avvg 10 July 2016 08: 28
    The time will come, from small and large in our country, it will adequately assess the role of Stalin in the history of Russia.
  5. AK64
    AK64 10 July 2016 09: 14
    Started with the words “Brothers and sisters, my friends!”, It showed: the supreme Soviet power, together with the people, knows what to do

    Uh-huh: as the roast rooster pecked, I forgot about the "comrades", got into brothers and sisters ... Well, then, when the "brothers and sisters" won the war, they again ... hunchback for free on comrades.
  6. Basil50
    Basil50 10 July 2016 09: 26
    Today in * power * those who fought with the Bolsheviks and in Stalin, not sparing the lives of others. That's just the logic of events will require them to strengthen RUSSIA and the destruction of traitors, otherwise they themselves and their descendants will simply be destroyed, just like the Romanovs.
  7. Shah71
    Shah71 10 July 2016 13: 54
    Today is the Day of Military Glory. On this day, July 10, 307 years ago, the Russian Army bent the Swedes near Poltava soldier drinks
  8. den-protector
    den-protector 5 December 2016 15: 05
    Will there be the same genuine unity in our country now as it was then? Question. There is no figure and personality equal to I.V. Stalin. External threats are clear and visible. They probably haven't even changed. The internal threats to Russia have changed - this is the growing possibility of a social explosion, especially against the background of clumsy attempts by certain forces to "rally" the population into a kind of community called the "Russian nation" and obsessive attempts to rehabilitate the white movement, attempts to "reconcile" whites and reds in order to legalize the blatant social inequality, property stratification. The impression is that this is done on purpose in order to undermine society. Redecorating the political and social system will not solve the problem. We need a transition to a new state system - socialism (taking into account the mistakes of the Soviet Union), the nationalization of strategic sectors of the economy, the elimination of private ownership of the means of production. It is necessary to change the ideology (not superficial, official-patriotic), the state system, the mobilization economy and the preparation of the country for a possible global war. Perhaps only a blind man does not see the growing possibility of such a war. We need to cleanse society from top to bottom. And such large-scale events are possible only under socialism, if the leader of the country and his team have political will. They came up with the Day of National Unity as opposed to November 7. What and with whom the hell is unity? What can unite an ordinary person and a commerce person, a snickering bureaucrat or a representative of the "creative intelligentsia." Normal people can only be united by truth and justice. And the attitude towards them among the above categories of the population of Russia is very different. And the bulk of the youth (up to 30 years old) do not care at all, the "chicks of the nest" of J. Soros managed, with the help of a zombie box and other media, to grow up future efficient managers. Lenin's signs of a revolutionary situation are evident. This so-called elite without blood will never part with the back-breaking labor they have acquired. The well-known Russian question arises: who is to blame and what to do?
  9. Almaty man
    Almaty man 19 February 2017 13: 46
    Moscow does not believe in tears!!!