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Where planes appear

I always wanted to visit this production. I wanted to see the place where the planes are born.
Although of course they are born first in the thoughts of the designer, then in sketches and drawings, and only then they appear in production.

Irkutsk aviation Plant (IAP) - a branch of PJSC Irkut Corporation is the very production that I heard a lot about, but never was.
This year such an opportunity was provided by the ceremony of rolling out the newest and future MC-21, which will be a separate story.

The production of IAPs is made up of Su-30MK and Su-30M multi-purpose fighters, training aircraft of the new generation Yak-130, as well as components
for passenger aircraft Airbus A320. Yes, yes, you heard right. It is Airbus A320.
A full cycle of work is carried out at the plant, including the design and technological preparation of the production of new aircraft, manufacturing
equipment, production of experimental and serial aircraft, their ground and flight tests, after-sales service. Since 1932, the plant has released about 7000
aircraft of more than 20 types, which were supplied in 40 countries.

Like many journalists who came to the ceremony, I was shown a small part of the production. Believe it was a very interesting excursion,
at the same time I dare to remind you that the production is still military and the very opportunity to visit it, and even take photos - great luck!

2. In the production shops cleanly, everyone is busy with his own business, part of the production is automated.

3. Do you know? This YAK-130 is a Russian combat training aircraft, a light attack aircraft, developed by the Yakovlev Design Bureau in cooperation with an Italian company.
Aermacchi to replace the L-39 training aircraft in the Russian Air Force.

4. And this plane?

5. The work goes well. During conversations without a voice recorder, people say what they like in the factory. Much has changed, it became more interesting ...

6. So you still do not know? Su-30MK - a double multi-role fighter generation 4 + gaining air superiority,
designed to destroy air targets day and night.


8. As they say "on horseback"!

9. And this is a completely different, new aircraft. And, pay attention - the first flight copy.

10. At first, they didn’t want to show and tell about him. but nevertheless shown.

11. The initial training aircraft Yak-152 is included in the training complex Yak-130 and is designed to solve the problems of the initial
training and professional selection at an early stage of pilot training.

12. The heart of any aircraft is its engines. Unfortunately, the Yak-152 engine is not of Russian production, but maybe everything will change and it will have our engine.

13. For the first time I see such a "armament". And you?

14. Near collect another instance. We go further in the shop.

15. As I said, production is automated. The equipment is imported, but I think it is not worth condemning the enterprise.

16. The plant carries out orders for foreign manufacturers of aircraft, and there their technologies, their equipment, their requirements.

17. Trolley for transporting parts of the fuselage.

18. It is controlled automatically, remotely.

19. High-performance robots are ideal for the concept of "easy" automation. Used to install rivets, of which a great many on airplanes.

20. The system includes: standard 6-axis robot, Broetje-Automation Cell-Control® precision improvement kit, head with drilling spindle
and a tool changer, an automatic head changer and loading / unloading of an assembly unit.

21. Looks like a "stranger"?

22. And this is one of the elements of the fuselage assembly MC-21.

23. Again military production

24. They explained to me, but I repent, did not remember. What is the production phase captured here? Tell me?

25. Unnoticed, the tour went to the final assembly shop. Details of the glazing Yak-130 and not only him.

26. Because of this engine, a terrible debate has erupted on the pages of social networks. The MS-21 project initially assumed the presence of two alternative power plants - with Russian PD-14 engines or American Pratt & Whitney PW1400G engines.

27. PW1400G already exists and moreover, it is already installed on the first flight copy of the MC-21, but the Russian PD-14 is not yet, but the tests are underway
sure to appear. You just have to wait.

28. Almost finished Yak-130

29. In fact, this is a workshop for the assembly of military products, but MS-ka pressed them a little.

30. Here she is! This is the second copy, for static tests.

31. Top view, as they say, better!

32. From above, you can also see ready-made military products. Then we were also led ...

33. Almost assembled fuselage MC-21.

34. Already prepared Su-30MK prepared for demonstration to Prime Minister Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev.

35. Even without color it is beautiful.

36. Grace and beauty.

37. Let's go back to the MC. It's time to complete the tour. There was little time. But I will say right away - I liked the plane.

38. Journalists, by the way, too.

39. Meet Harry Kniagnitsky, NTV special correspondent. In my opinion, one of the best aviation television journalists.

40. The excursion to the assembly shop is completed, and the MC-21 roll-out ceremony is ahead. But I already told about it.

You have it.
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  1. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 8 July 2016 06: 53
    "This is the first time I've seen such a" removal ". And you?"

    And this is the first time I hear this word. smile
    1. Vovanfalcon
      Vovanfalcon 8 July 2016 09: 27
      Ordinary stub)) ... the word denotes-remove, delete wink
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. Andreitas
    Andreitas 8 July 2016 08: 05
    The brilliance and cleanliness of the workshops are pleasing.
  3. sergeyzzz
    sergeyzzz 8 July 2016 08: 07
    It's nice to see a well-functioning and stable work.
  4. sgr291158
    sgr291158 8 July 2016 08: 09
    I am glad that our aircraft industry is starting to rise from its knees.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 8 July 2016 08: 33
      This is IAZ, it has been working in-line since 98. The Su-30 alone was made by more than 350 (in fact, this is the main Su-30 manufacturer in the world, and Komsomolsk produces a less advanced version of the MK - for which there are much fewer orders - about 100 aircraft since 2000)!

      On the contrary, their future is not very good. Sushi's export niche has already been completely filled, and there are no large contracts from here. Yak - despite a peppy start, as the export is taut. As a result, there is only hope for the state defense order. Yak-152 is a different scale of work. That's the result, all the hopes for the MS-21 (and the military, which will remain at the GOZ).
  5. guzik007
    guzik007 8 July 2016 09: 06
    The theater, as they say, begins with a hanger. A production culture, with clean floors and equipment.
    Very nice to see perfect cleanliness.
    I remember reading Koshkin’s memoirs about visiting the Kharkov Tank Plant with an inspection: ... solid dirt everywhere, engine pistons before assembly are piled with shavings on workbenches, it’s not surprising that our tankers complain of frequent breakdowns ...
    1. PKK
      PKK 8 July 2016 19: 27
      Cleanliness and order depends on the leader. Will require discipline, there will be order.
    2. PKK
      PKK 8 July 2016 19: 27
      Cleanliness and order depends on the leader. Will require discipline, there will be order.
  6. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 8 July 2016 09: 09
    I am delighted with the article. The material is very competently saturated with photos, as they say - it is better to look once than to read endless trills like "oh, how everything is with us ..."
  7. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff 8 July 2016 21: 30
    As an aviator ... Delighted!
    For me, since 1974, the howl of turbines (I’ll recover - and the roar of my beloved ASH62IR) and the smell of kerosene ... This is love for life. Well, yes, and the wife from there - the airfield, KDP, runway ... How beautiful miracles are born!
  8. Andrey VOV
    Andrey VOV 8 July 2016 22: 15
    Thanks more for the material, for the photo, for the comments ... class !!!!!
  9. iouris
    iouris 9 July 2016 16: 50
    I had to accept the MiG-23UB at the plant and service the MiG-27M of this plant. I can say that the quality of production was quite high (compared to the Ulan-Udi plant), but below the level of the Moscow plant (MiG-23M and MiG-23ML). The MiG-27 turned out to be a rather "failed" aircraft. I hope that over the past 35 years the quality of production at the Irkutsk plant has only grown.
  10. Looking for
    Looking for 9 July 2016 20: 35
    Almost finished Yak-130. Yes. The author is far removed from aircraft production.