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We break the cast concrete with an iron pipe!

Probably everyone saw the footage shot from the air, which shows the Syrian cities that have become the scene of hostilities. At first glance, everything is terrible - broken glass, demolished brick walls and partitions. But look: they themselves are at home! The roofs are intact! New walls set, the windows glazed, the holes in the bullets and fragments plastered and ... live! Because these houses are all made of cast reinforced concrete. There is a photo where the concrete roof slid down from such a house, as the columns on which it rested collapsed, but it slid down entirely! So, from the point of view of the defenders of this house, it is even good that it happened so!

We break the cast concrete with an iron pipe!

Type 4. Japanese launcher for 400-mm rockets. But there were rod mortars of the same caliber.

Well, now frames with the destroyed cities of the period of the Second World War - what is there? And there, if the walls are, then without a roof and floors between the floors! Why? But because at that time they were built according to the technology of the Middle Ages: they erected walls of brick, and the ceilings were installed from wooden beams. The bomb falling from above often pierced through them, and exploded in the basement, causing people to hide in special bomb shelters, which again had a concrete ceiling, or in the subway. The fire destroyed the interior of the house from the bottom to the top, and usually it was impossible to do anything.

Solid concrete building - parking in the center of Penza.

What now? Well, yes, fragments cut the beloved sofa and the TV, smashed the glass (by the way, why did nobody stick them inside and outside with adhesive tape?), Which is uncomfortable in the apartment during the cold. However, to fix these "destruction" of labor is not. The morale of people such a "evil" also can not break, and what we have in the end? A waste of resources!

And this is the "Tower Akbar" in Barcelona. Office center. And also solid concrete. Glasses from the shelling, of course, fall out, but you try to "pick it up"!

Meanwhile, already during the First World War, the howling powers were armed with their armies with heavy guns of 305, 320, 406, 420 and even 500-mm caliber, capable of penetrating a three-meter reinforced concrete plate with their shells!

Today, the ultimate caliber in artillery of the Russian army is 240-mm (self-propelled mortar "Tulip") and ... everything. Next come the MLRS with a caliber of 300-mm, but that's all, again. Meanwhile, it is obvious that a projectile with a caliber of 406-mm and a weight of 800 kg, of which, say, 250 kg will fall on explosives, with the very first impact it will destroy any brick house to the ground, and the structure of cast reinforced concrete will cause serious damage. In any case, his defenders will not be well!

This is a caliber! But the First World ...

True, today mobility is at the forefront of all military doctrines. But there are quite successful examples of the use of such powerful shells in the years of the last war, and in a completely "mobile" way. So, the German army used the “251” armored personnel carrier with six rockets mounted on the sides, 280-320-mm caliber with incendiary and high-explosive warheads. The Japanese used jet mines of caliber 220, 305 and 400 mm in a very original way. They were launched from tray and rod launchers. The latter was a crate of logs or sleepers, laid on the slope of the pit. In the center, a launch tube was installed on triangular struts and ... that's it! A 400 mm mine was put on the pipe, and the pit itself was carefully masked. Typically, such "mortars" were installed on the islands, and were shot at a water edge. Once the American landing Tanks-amphibians rushed to the shore and went out of the water to the beach, followed by a volley of shells like this and the shore turned into a sea of ​​raging fire and disrupted steel. Not without reason, during the assault on the atoll of Taraw, the sanitary vessels did not have time to evacuate not so much even the wounded as they had gone insane!

The German Sturmtigr was also armed with an 380-mm jet mortar, which threw shells weighing 350 kg for five kilometers (5700 m). There is a case when, with one shell, this installation destroyed three American Sherman tanks at once and, of course, this vehicle was indispensable in street battles while crushing the same Warsaw Uprising.

And here is another interesting development, and even earlier, of the period of the First World War: the 240-mm wooden German mortar “Albrecht”. Already the first tests showed high efficiency of this weapons, so almost immediately after him, the production of the older brother “Albrecht” in caliber of 350-mm, and then the 450-mm mortar, to which the prefix “gros” was added, was launched.

Albrecht mortar captured by the British. September 1917 of the year.

It was necessary to shoot from such mortars not with ordinary mortar mines, but with cylindrical bombs with very thin walls of a very primitive design. The firing range was only about 600 meters. Not far, but what a projectile fell on the enemy’s heads! So, the mine for the Albrecht mortar weighed 100 kilograms (of which 60 accounted for explosives!), But the grosAlbrecht projectile weighed all 200, and 114 were for TNT! Recall that a caliber growth of 2 times respectively increases the projectile volume by 8 times. And for comparison, we note that the mass of the explosive charge aviation FAB-250 bombs are only 100 kilograms, and how much does it take to deliver these kilograms to the target? And now let’s imagine that this German mortar, as it should be, is made of the corresponding metal and ... what kind of shell is it and at what distance will it be thrown? And this is very important to calculate in this case, because today the situation is repeating to some extent.

German wooden mortar. Photo from the magazine "Niva". Replace wood with steel and ...

The roof of the building from solid concrete perfectly protects both the first and second floors of it from 120-mm. Shells 122 and 152-mm howitzers, falling at it at an acute angle, again can not do it. Under the blunt - leave a hole comparable to its caliber or a little more, that's all. It is enough to be not on the second, but on the first floor of such a building, so as not to fear such shelling. It is clear that a flat-fired shot can be made on a single building, but in conditions of dense urban development (as in Syria, for example), making such a shot is very, very difficult. It's easier to lose both the shooting tank itself and the SPG.

What is the way out of this situation? Back to large calibers already at a new technical level! Take a rather banal situation today. There is a road in front of us, and on the road just one kilometer away is the so-called checkpoint. It was built of concrete blocks and covered with concrete slabs, and in what way would it be best for us to destroy with just one shot? We drive up to it ... a one-time metal barrel of caliber from 280 to 305-mm on an extremely lightweight three-wheeled chassis and with the simplest sighting devices designed for a direct shot range. Install, direct and scatter who where. Then - bang! And the huge projectile flies in one direction, and the cart with the barrel “flies” to the other, and the main thing is that there is no one there! But the projectile of the appropriate mass and with the appropriate charge sweeps from the ground any checkpoint, be it at least three times from concrete blocks and twice covered with concrete slabs. If necessary, you can install this barrel at an angle and then the range of the shot will increase accordingly. You can bury it in a hole and shoot it. The main thing is that even a car will be able to tow such a “supergun”, and it will not be possible to disguise it at all. That is, in fact, a disposable shooting tube ... and that's it!

Japanese wooden mortars near Port Arthur 1905 year.

Even easier can look made on the basis of the same ordinary metal pipe, now no longer disposable, but reusable large-caliber pin-type mortar. The basis of the mortar under the mine caliber 400-mm and a height of human height or so, and in this case will be all the same steel pipe, sharpened at one end. Practically - a cylindrical pile! A vibrator-penetrator clogs it in the ground, which is put on and fixed on it, and the required angle is set using a triangle-lodgement. The pipe itself is screwed together in place of two, which makes the entire installation extremely compact: two parts of the pipe, a penetrator and a lodgement, and this one mechanism can serve not one, but many such pipes.

Japanese mortar "Type 4" caliber 203-mm and projectiles to it.

They scored and got ... an "obstacle field" of pipes inclined towards the enemy. But after that, a mine is put on each such pipe, and they all connect to the control computer. Mines can be of two types: the first one is unmanaged and non-rotating, with guidance from a drone in the vicinity of the target. In the first case, a block should be provided on the mine for promotion with obliquely spaced nozzles of the type of Segner wheel. At the time of launch, this unit spins the mine, after which the main engine starts, and the mine goes to the target. At the same time, it will be enough for her to climb only 3-5 km, so that when falling from there she will acquire high speed and corresponding shock power. Such a mine at the expense of its mass and speed will pierce through any concrete floor of a modern building and explode at its base. In any case, after such a strike, it will not stand! As for the "pipe", then it is not a pity, because the metal on it is used the very second grade! By the way, such shells can also be used against enemy field fortifications from their own trenches, why not? 15 thousands of fragments, flying at a distance of up to two kilometers, will tear off the attack of any enemy in this area! As a result, cast concrete - pipe!
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  1. tasha
    tasha 12 July 2016 06: 19
    For the historical part of the article, of course, thanks.
    But only for the historical ...

    Horses, people, mortars and rockets mixed up in a heap ....
    1. AUL
      AUL 12 July 2016 11: 02
      As generals are always ready for a past war, so the author offers solutions that would perfectly fit a past war. And now, for a minute, the XNUMXst century is in the yard, and the war is expected to be completely different!
      1. Pissarro
        Pissarro 12 July 2016 15: 37
        the author proposes solutions not of the past but of the war before last, the first world war
    2. razmik72
      razmik72 12 July 2016 14: 59
      The author of the article raised an interesting topic! I watched a Russian TV report from Syria, near the city of Kabbani, which was stormed by ISIS. They showed a home-made huge caliber mortar captured by the Kurds from the broads. So ISIS uses these weapons.
      1. Winnie76
        Winnie76 13 July 2016 02: 19
        We have Solntsepek and the Serpent-Gorynych. Why invent another bike ...
      2. your1970
        your1970 24 September 2016 12: 21
        with shells made of gas cylinders, the accuracy is true-minuscule ....
  2. PKK
    PKK 12 July 2016 06: 29
    Vyacheslav! A big plus for you for an urgent and timely idea. Inventors and rationalizers can deal with this problem. We wish that such people would be in the right place and at the right time. The author of success.
  3. igordok
    igordok 12 July 2016 07: 00
    In fact, Vyacheslav offers weapons for terrorists. As with the help of a cheap pipe, destroy the personnel of the structure and equipment of regular troops.
    1. alicante11
      alicante11 12 July 2016 13: 00
      In fact, Vyacheslav offers weapons for terrorists. As with the help of a cheap pipe, destroy the personnel of the structure and equipment of regular troops.

      Will not work. On the same b / p are not fools. Do not see how this fool will be installed - only a blind observer can. Naturally, reconnaissance and / or UAVs will be sent there, and if they do not pass, then, just in case, they will direct artillery or aviation, which will mix both the pipe and its servants with the ground. Even history speaks of the impracticability of an idea. No wonder all the delights of the Germans and Japanese did not save them from defeat.
      The only application can be recognized as the fight against terrorists entrenched in buildings. But isn't it better to burn them out with a "bumblebee" charge that flew through the window?
      1. Pissarro
        Pissarro 12 July 2016 15: 44
        even if you can turn this pipe into a direct shot and get to the checkpoint, the chance of which is already small, to kill a couple of soldiers at the checkpoint and turn the structure around, you won’t be able to leave for sure. That is, the efficiency is doubtful. Terrorists prefer suicide bombers in a car when attacking a checkpoint and the defeat of personnel by the blast wave and splinters. Since in practice the personnel are usually outside and serve, rather than in a concrete structure, for some reason sits without a break in full force.
  4. Bayonet
    Bayonet 12 July 2016 07: 02
    A universal weapon for militants is ... a propeller shaft from "KamAZ". If desired, the gimbal can be used as a mortar - the "caliber" of the KAMAZ gimbal is ideal for Russian ammunition, just like a custom-made, ready-made barrel. To turn it into a mortar, you only need a two-hundredth nail soldered into one of the ends of the shaft. After that, the mortar is ready to fire, you just need to stick it into the ground. The principle is the same - a mine lowered into the "barrel" hits a nail with an explosive primer and is fired in the desired direction.
  5. Waltasar
    Waltasar 12 July 2016 07: 13
    Everything would be fine, but those 100+ kg of TNT will not fly to the desired house, but "somewhere in that direction." A dangerous toy.
  6. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich 12 July 2016 08: 40
    And what about volume-detonating ammunition? It is necessary to separate the two functions. The destruction of the building. And the destruction of enemy personnel. And, as a rule, the second is more important than the first! And in this case, Bumblebees have an advantage. Weight, dimensions, ease of use. And drag a tube with a caliber of 400 mm, dig it in, charge it with a two hundred-kilogram shell ... Dismiss, it’s better to call aviation ...
    1. kalibr
      12 July 2016 08: 48
      Better, but not cheaper! One departure - 2 250 kg of bombs and the prohibitive cost of fuel and maintenance. Syria has demonstrated this. And here it is much cheaper.
      1. tasha
        tasha 12 July 2016 09: 25
        It is much cheaper to use the "Tulip" you mentioned. And, believe me, it will have enough power to destroy such a target as the "so-called checkpoint."
        1. kalibr
          12 July 2016 10: 23
          "Tulip" can not be delivered to everyone who needs it. And "pipes" and shells can be supplied to everyone. The Grad was not supplied to the Vietnamese, but its analog was supplied - a "pipe" on a tripod. In the jungle, it was "that". Specific conditions require specific weapons. The main thing is that it kills well.
          1. tasha
            tasha 12 July 2016 15: 31
            What do you think, how much does a shell weigh, with the characteristics declared by you?

            For example, the M-31 shell weighed under a hundred kilograms. And it was launched, by the way, not from a pipe, but directly from a transport closure. Here's the task for you - how many Vietnamese do you need to drag one shell through the jungle to the nearest American base? wink
            1. Pissarro
              Pissarro 12 July 2016 15: 50
              305 mm projectile specified by the author, this is a projectile for a ship’s gun, weighs more than 400 kg. That is, the answer is, no amount of Vietnamese will put it in the pipe in the field. Yes, and the passenger car specified by the author will not pull out this structure, at least a jeep is needed. I am silent at all about the camouflage. The pipe should be at least 12-15 meters for a direct shot at least laughing
              1. kalibr
                12 July 2016 18: 52
                The Japanese had a self-propelled 305-mm mortar, and so the barrel had no 12-15 m in length. But it was charged from the muzzle, though using a mechanism. So everything can be done.
                1. Pissarro
                  Pissarro 12 July 2016 20: 18
                  You wrote about a direct fire shot, what does the mortar have to do with it. Do you not understand the difference?
            2. kalibr
              12 July 2016 18: 50
              I don’t know and don’t want to know. I know that they somehow dragged and fired at American bases with them. This was written by newspapers, the magazine Technika and armament, where there were photos of the installation for 122-mm shells. They are also heavy, but dragged.
              1. dzvero
                dzvero 12 July 2016 20: 10
                As you correctly noted, the Vietnamese fired on the bases, i.e. area goals. A checkpoint is almost a targeted target and I’m not sure that the PC will get out of the closure the first time.
                In principle, the idea of ​​the article is interesting - how to give a platoon / company a "personal" large-caliber artillery. In my opinion, one of the optimal solutions would be the reincarnation of a dynamo-reactive cannon of the SPG-9 type on steroids. At one time, Kurchevsky offered 305mm on torpedo boats. The implementation of such a design is quite possible, but hardly anyone will bother with Buratin, Solntsepekov and Zmeev-Gorynychy. Although hello from a thermobaric "suitcase" about 240mm should be quite hot, visible from afar and memorable for a long time.
          2. Alexey RA
            Alexey RA 12 July 2016 16: 09
            Quote: kalibr
            "Tulip" can not be delivered to everyone who needs it. And "pipes" and shells can be supplied to everyone.

            And who needs a primitive bomb with a 400-kg shell, which will either hit the target or not?
            If you can get to the object at 300-500m - RPO or RPG-7 with a grenade with TBC.
            If not - ATGM and ATGM with TBT.
            1. kalibr
              12 July 2016 18: 52
              Quote: Alexey RA
              If you can get close to the object

              And if you fail? Do you feel sorry for people or explosives?
              1. Alexey RA
                Alexey RA 12 July 2016 19: 28
                Quote: kalibr
                And if you fail? Do you feel sorry for people or explosives?

                I feel sorry for the people. Which will be like to drag 200-400 kg of ammunition to miss from a distance of 3-4 km per hundred meters.

                If you want to hit a relatively small target from a distance outside the range of an effective ATGM fire, you need a normal mortar. And the prepared calculation. And not a fool with a primitive sight.

                And I am especially pleased with the term "direct shot range" in relation to a mortar / bomb. laughing Well, firing at a checkpoint from 1000 m also delivers.
          3. Mother CheeseEarth
            Mother CheeseEarth 12 July 2016 21: 13
            Quote: kalibr
            The Grad was not supplied to the Vietnamese, but its analog was supplied - a "pipe" on a tripod. In the jungle, it was "that"

            And even in the jungle, Ontos was the "very thing". That, in general, is practically from the same opera.
  7. tasha
    tasha 12 July 2016 09: 17
    Disposable launchers of extra-large caliber projectiles are advanced. wink
    1. kalibr
      12 July 2016 10: 19
      Yes, inside you can install a block of rockets, make the bottom open and apply. And the enemy will have to guess that in front of him is just a barrel or ... a military target.
      1. Bayonet
        Bayonet 12 July 2016 10: 51
        Quote: kalibr
        Yes, inside you can install a block of rockets, make the bottom open and apply

        It is better to use as intended - to trade beer! smile drinks
        1. mroy
          mroy 12 July 2016 14: 39
          laughing Drink, and in the morning you can agree on the conditions of surrender. Until they sign - do not hangover.
      2. tasha
        tasha 12 July 2016 16: 16
        I don’t know, they saw, they didn’t see, but there is a photo. And I’m not sure of the reliability.
        1. Zulu_S
          Zulu_S 17 July 2016 16: 56
          Cheap and cheerful. Goal for fiction is cunning.
  8. Gora66
    Gora66 12 July 2016 10: 03
    concrete pipes, concrete pipes ... nonsense that could fit in one paragraph ...
  9. Riv
    Riv 12 July 2016 10: 21
    The first ever wooden mortar for shooting stray dogs. The moral effect of a screeching mongrel falling into a trench could not be described. Later, weapons were prohibited by the Geneva Convention as inhumane.
  10. kytx
    kytx 12 July 2016 11: 53
    all these inferences do not make much sense. now is not the time for trenches and fortified areas that were useless in BB2. and it is not necessary to cite Syria or the Donbas as an example, there are specific wars going on there, the opponents do not have the necessary quantity and quality of means of breaking through. this is a war of "popuasov" whatever one may say. no one will give you time to prepare a "mortar field" from water pipes, they will blow it to hell at the stage of pipe delivery. paradoxically, precision weapons are now cheaper and more efficient than tons of steel and TNT. not everyone has access to such technologies, the "entry threshold" is still high enough. but we'll also see a homemade ATGM with a Chinese android tied with blue tape to an outdated rocket.
    1. Riv
      Riv 12 July 2016 12: 15
      This is not to say that fortified areas, fortresses and the like davits are completely useless. They should fit into the overall concept of the operation. It is clear that with the absolute superiority of the enemy in aviation and the presence of high-precision ammunition, it is useless for the defender to equip bunkers. But the same action is quite reasonable for the upcoming, when equipping checkpoints.

      And yet the barmalei quite successfully use home-made launchers, welded on the knee precisely from water pipes.
      1. kytx
        kytx 12 July 2016 12: 26
        "And yet barmaley quite successfully use home-made launchers welded on the knee from water pipes."
        in-in. there is simply no one and nothing to crumble these positions. whether the enemy has satellites, drones and strike weapons with a short reaction time. the barmaley from the tunnels would not have time to get out. It was not in vain that the Americans came up with the "instant global strike" IMHO this is really a topic for the future.
        but as in Ukraine, the artillery radars set up and the fact that the coordinates that these radars give out should arrive in the MSA howitzers in real time somehow forgotten. Well, about the coordinate system which is not amer’s at General Staff kilometers either.
        1. Riv
          Riv 12 July 2016 13: 30
          What does an instant global blow have to do with it? Generally not the topic. About Ukraine generally keep silent as a dead man.

          You have a poor idea of ​​infantry capabilities. It is not in vain that it is considered the only branch of the armed forces capable of conducting hostilities without the support of other branches of the armed forces. Fortified area is not only a long-term construction. There are also communication routes, firing positions of light and heavy weapons, artillery positions, including closed ones, underground shelters for tanks (and all this is disguised), dugouts at a depth of almost twenty meters. You simply do not know how deep a person can dig in if he wants to live. Minefields, traps, snipers ... All this can be covered dozens of times by MLRS and not achieve significant results. And if there is still urban development, or green spaces ... Artillery fire in the forest is generally ineffective. Satellites are also useless in conditions, for example, overcast.

          As a result, the same infantry, with machine guns and grenades, has to take positions. And here it is: who knows more.
        2. spech
          spech 12 July 2016 18: 05
          the coordinates that these radars give out must arrive in the MSA of the howitzer in real time somehow forgotten. Well, about the coordinate system which is not amer’s at General Staff kilometers either.

          so after all, to translate latitude and longitude (which are used on the radar campaign) into the degrees of the globe of Ukraine, the task is not trivial laughing
  11. alex86
    alex86 12 July 2016 13: 05
    The historical excursion is very entertaining, the instruction for the partisans, if not very specific, then stimulates creative thought. The construction part gives out a dilettante, but this is a site about military equipment, not about construction. For the destruction of buildings today, "Buratino" is quite suitable, in the Second World War 152 mm worked well on direct fire.
  12. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 12 July 2016 15: 48
    Let's take the situation that is pretty commonplace today. There is a road in front of us, and on the road only one kilometer from us is the so-called checkpoint. It was built of concrete blocks and covered with concrete slabs, and what is the best way for us to destroy it with just one shot? We bring to it ... a disposable metal barrel of caliber from 280 to 305 mm on an extremely lightweight three-wheeled chassis and with the simplest sights designed for the range of a direct shot. We install, point and scatter who where. Then - bang bang! And the huge shell flies in one direction, and the cart with the barrel "flies" in the other, and, most importantly, that no one is there! But a shell of the appropriate mass and with the appropriate charge will sweep away any roadblock from the ground, be it even three times from concrete blocks and twice covered with concrete slabs.

    Shooting and shooting are two different things.. ©
    What dispersion will this huge shell have? How exactly will your single-shot barrel be aimed at the target with the simplest sights? Is it possible that
    And what will be the firing range of this freak? And then the checkpoints are now quite toothy ... and will receive a calculation during preparation for a shot either a burst from the CPV / NSV / Ma Deuce, or a "snail" from an AGS, or an ATGM with an infantry fighting vehicle.

    And most importantly - why be so perverted if the same tasks are solved by regular means of the ground forces? For foot units - RPO, TBG-7V. If the approach to the goal is difficult - "Cornet" with 9M133FM-2. Well, for the motorized riflemen, the task of destroying the checkpoint is not a problem at all.
  13. kytx
    kytx 12 July 2016 18: 56
    I remembered about the "global strike" because it is the opposite of the "carpet bombing" method, such as by the method of large numbers, more bombs were poured out, at least one would hit. the barmaley are engaged in carpet bombing; they have no technical means. their precision weapons are mujahideen suicide bombers. and their number is limited.
    about infantry - you're right, I vaguely imagine its capabilities in modern conditions (I don’t stutter about the war with WMD).
    I do not belittle its capabilities - I seriously do not know (I was taught about something else at the military department). I can only say that by the example of BB2 it is clear that the Germans, faced with stubborn defense, were looking for a detour and achieved success, and if they tried to butt on the forehead, this resulted in prolonged and bloody battles. In my opinion, the era of classical fortifications ended in BB1. and, accordingly, the means of their destruction are also not particularly needed. after all, even such brute force as concrete-bombs is now also essentially a precision weapon.
    1. Zulu_S
      Zulu_S 17 July 2016 18: 03
      The era of classical fortification ended long before 1MB. The fact that the generals are always preparing for the war past has proved just 1MB. Preparing for the war of the 19th century, although already Russo-Japanese turned out to be positional.
  14. Cat
    Cat 12 July 2016 19: 35
    Better single-shot portable hail - partisans. For carrying enough two Vetnam.
  15. Mother CheeseEarth
    Mother CheeseEarth 12 July 2016 20: 50
    What Vyacheslav writes about a long time ago, and in a much more cultural performance, is called a recoilless gun.
    In Syria, the same ISIS beautifully naughty from the Soviet recoilless with hands moreover from buildings! Putting the same 400 or 500 mm onto an SUV will not be a problem.
    PS And yes, the effectiveness of the URs has not been canceled either. For example, it is absolutely not known what would have happened if the Molotov line had been completed, because the Finns who had left Stalin’s line near St. Petersburg did not hold back.
    1. Zulu_S
      Zulu_S 18 July 2016 17: 46
      Quote: Mother CheeseEarth
      what would happen, have time to complete the Molotov line

      1.Remind, please, what happened to the Maginot line, which was completely completed? And with the Mannerheim line?
      2. According to some reports, the Molotov line was not completed, not by the time factor, but because of the prohibitive cost of construction and subsequent maintenance.
  16. Former battalion commander
    Former battalion commander 12 July 2016 21: 00
    "The sleep of reason gives birth to monsters ...". You can't say better about this article ...
  17. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 12 July 2016 21: 02
    The author lit it! But practically all tasks of this kind when cleaning up urban development are performed by ODB of the Bumblebee type, the corresponding grenades for the RPG-7, and the recently appeared "Bur" (for jewelry). Carrying hundreds of kilograms in disposable barrels of dubious accuracy is, IMHO, a rare masochism. Have pity on our soldiers.
    1. kalibr
      12 July 2016 22: 11
      Sweat saves blood!
  18. Aibolit64
    Aibolit64 13 July 2016 09: 24
    The author mixed God's gift with fried eggs.
    ISSIDOR 13 July 2016 21: 01
    Now, the army, these tasks are being solved with the help of thermobaric charges, and terrorists use similar systems, barrels are made of oxygen cylinders.
  20. CTABEP
    CTABEP 17 July 2016 10: 02
    So I imagine - there is a checkpoint, and at the range of a direct shot they mastered such a shaitan pipe. If at the checkpoint there are blind handshakes, then it will help, if sober and not sleeping fighters - no. Shooting from a closed firing position by such a freak will also not show wonders of accuracy. All these self-propelled guns are used by ISIS at all not from a good life, but from the fact that there is no normal artillery and MLRS.
  21. Old_Python
    Old_Python 17 July 2016 14: 41
    The farther into the forest, the more Shpakovsky reminds Kaptsov ...
  22. Gunther
    Gunther 20 July 2016 15: 25
    Quote: Shpakovsky
    ... Then - bang bang! And a huge shell flies ..

    Quote: Former Combat
    - "The sleep of reason gives birth to monsters ...". You can't say better about this article ...

    I agree that the author's Manilov constructions are more reminiscent of the genre of "alternative fiction and the populace".
    In this genre
    ... 15 thousand fragments flying over a distance of up to two kilometers will disrupt the attack in this area any the enemy!

    to think at what distance the enemy is from you, at what angle is the expansion of the striking elements, cost and other performance characteristics are not required - the enemy is defeated - as the author wants :-)
    Quote: Shpakovsky
    A vibrator-penetrator is driving it into the ground, which is put on and fixed on it ...
    ... a mine is put on each such pipe, and all of them are connected to the control computer.
    ... and the mine goes on target. At the same time, it will be enough for her to climb only 3-5 km ...

    The question is whether the trumpets praised by the author, after the realization of his fantasies, become gold)))
  23. Nexus 6
    Nexus 6 2 October 2016 23: 27
    The author read this article! Here is the answer to his aspirations. And then - "a huge projectile flies in one direction, and a cart with a barrel" flies "in the other" - funny!
  24. Kenneth
    Kenneth 12 December 2016 13: 22
    Barmaley have a lot to learn. They drove the professional army of Assad as lousy in a bathhouse with all its weapons. We are laughing at shaitan cars and mortars from gas tanks, or maybe we should think about the more than successful Barmalean tactics of urban battles, but something to take into service.