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"Submarine of the Future"

People always wanted to know about their future. That is why fortune-tellers and psychics are not translated in the world, who try to anticipate it by the hand, playing cards and crystal ball. How true their predictions are is their conscience. Scientists (and journalists!) Act differently. They take a number of variables they know today. Approximately imagine the dynamics of the process of their changes. And ... transfer these variables, adjusting accordingly, to the future. For example, a lot of very accurate predictions made by Jules Verne. But the fact is that what he predicted was necessary for people. So it appeared. Even on the moon, people flew, that's just not the way he wrote about it.

One of the projects of the “submarine of the future” from the magazine “Youth Technique” 1941.

In the past, the magazine "Technique of Youth" often wrote about the prospects for the development of science and technology. For example, about what will be in the future submarines. One of these articles appeared in this journal at the end of the 30s, and ... let's get acquainted with how the predictions of its author have come true.

The story of what the future submarines of the future should be. The author A. Tarasov begins by referring to the disasters that have just occurred with the American submarine Skvalus, the English Tethys and the French Phoenix, whose crews could not be saved.

"Submarine of the Future"

But this is truly the legendary fantastic Soviet submarine "Pioneer" from the movie "The Mystery of Two Oceans", filmed in 1955 year after the novel of the same name by G. Adamov, written by him in 1938 year.

That is, in his opinion, it was necessary to start improving submarines from the creation of new, and much more reliable means of salvation. In his opinion, it should have been a special underwater vessel, the presence of which greatly facilitated and accelerated rescue operations. It seems to be a good idea. But why has nobody implemented it? Yes, simply because for years to keep such a ship "under steam" is very expensive. And besides, its speed is still limited, and it may not be easy to reach the place of the tragedy, which can be anywhere!

"Pioneer" on the surface of the sea.

Further, the author wrote about such a possible use of the submarine of the future as conducting ice exploration to her and using it as an icebreaker (!), Paving the caravans of ships along the ice on the Northern Sea Route. They say that the idea of ​​studying the Arctic with the help of a submarine is not at all new, it was proposed by the American polar explorer Hubert Wilkins. He tried to get to the North Pole on the submarine "Nautilus", but he failed due to the breakage of the depth rudders.

In any case, it was obvious to the author that his modern submarines did not meet the diverse tasks that they faced, and therefore a new ship was needed to cope with all of them.

And this is what he proposed: a universal submarine, which in the future was to solve almost all the tasks named by it. Therefore, it must, above all, have a streamlined body capable of providing high speed, both on the surface and under water. But ... then for some reason he needed the "skis" mounted on the deck and turned upwards by the runners, and even on the shock absorbers! But to prevent the boat from hitting the ice from below - that’s why, and also, so that there, under water, it would slide along it on these skis!

The commander of the "Pioneer" - well, just "darling"!

However, skiing protruding above the deck is not all. Next, the author had the idea to come up with four retractable hatches, and for some reason not round, but elliptical. But in reality, these are no hatches, but autogenous ice cutters! Of them, upward beats a strong flame, and ... it melts the ice, and the boat floats! How, where and how much fuel will be stored for these cutters, the author, of course, does not indicate. Do not care about him and the topic of consumption of this fuel for melting ice. But on the other hand, he did not forget to write that all these four "apparatuses" are being advanced by a special hydraulic device. "Special", that is, well-known specialists. Well, he doesn’t know what these devices are and describe them naturally.

Further on the deck, he invented another, now “big hatch”, also in the form of an ellipse, leading inside the boat to the “hydraulic chamber”. If necessary, certain “special rescue vehicles” should be thrown out of this chamber, which, together with people, independently float to the surface. This is a kind of "underwater parachute." And also in the form of an ellipsoid. Something ellipse, apparently, struck the author's imagination, and maybe the word "beautiful", but only something around him ellipses. The device accommodates two people. That is, inside the boat of theirs, that eggs in fish. But it is technically simpler - and time has shown that it is so, that it is more technological to make one large pop-up camera than a lot. The material is aluminum, although the pressure at the depth is best maintained by steel, but the funny thing is that people in these capsules "are tied to the walls with belts", because, rising to the surface, "the device can be turned over." But they still have a center of gravity so that the hatch is always on top, to exit the “vehicle” after lifting.

Near the hatch of the hydraulic chamber on the same deck there is also an access hatch - this is indeed not the author’s deck, but solid “hatches”, but for some reason none of the editors of “TM” have this blatant stupidity for some reason then noticed Further, searchlights and portholes were installed all around the boat, but what about without them, because everyone read about Captain Nemo's Nautilus. “Rays from several searchlights can intersect and give intensive illumination in the right direction” —that is, all this “illumination” can also be turned, and how can we speak of some kind of streamlining and reliability of this boat? Around the "skis", hatches, turning spotlights, and on the deck there are also three periscopes.

At the bottom of the boat, the author proposes to arrange a redan — a projection that allows it to develop high speed! Yes, of course, on the surface of the water, boat boats are distinguished by their speed data. But this is not a boat. However, the author sees the exit in the installation of four aircraft engines on the forked ship, which transform this vessel into a high-speed glider. And before diving, they are cleaned in two hatches on the stern. One wants to ask whether there is anything left behind the hatches or not, because along the sides of this boat there are also two hatches. One to exit the divers, and the other to enter! And in the bottom there are two retractable "cylindrical towers." They boat tightly pressed against the hull of a sunken submarine, autogenous burns two holes in it and rescues his crew through them.

Compared with all the other entourage, the most impressive in the film are the suits for the crew ...

Well, inside this “universal boat” one could even dance. In the nose are the cabin of the commander and navigator, a research laboratory, then a canteen, then an inlet diving chamber and even ballast tanks for diving and lifting this “super ship”.

Next, it houses the notorious “hydraulic chamber”, autogenous devices for cutting ice, then the chamber for diver's exit, divided by gateways - partitions - into compartments so that in each subsequent pressure rises. It is so proposed to deal with caisson disease.

In the novel, the crew of the boat is fighting the Japanese imperialists and even drowning the Japanese cruiser Izumo with an ultrasonic gun! In the movie, a positive hero, pursuing the vile spy of Gluzsky, who has beaten his sibling (!), Falls on the secret torpedo base of an unnamed enemy, the entrance to which opens the password "17".

And here, in the center of the ship, it’s already impossible to understand where the radio room, the crew cabins and the ladder to the deck are located. The engine room, of course, is in the stern, but there are also aircraft engines, an air purification chamber and lower "sliding towers".

That is not the boat turned out in the end, but ... a solid "sieve" or hatches. However, the author put a lot of credit on them, they say, there are a lot of hatches - in case of an accident the crew is easily evacuated and can rise to the surface. That is, the universal submarine invented in the article was equipped with an impressive array of various devices for performing the widest range of tasks.

Equipped with this base, well, just no worse than the aliens. Also ... fantasy without measure!

And now let's see what it was - fantasy as the greatest value or an empty fantasy, like take a little more and make it “better”. Unfortunately, the last. And it’s a pity that such technically illiterate materials even at that time appeared in TM quite often.

However, it is clear that it is very difficult to rise above your time, create in your imagination some new reality and come up with technical innovations for it. But look at another such “boat” - the submarine “Pioneer” from the fantasy novel Grigory Adamov “The Mystery of Two Oceans”, written by him in 1938 year. With all the fantastic "Pioneer" such absurdities, like hatches at every turn and aircraft engines aft, it is still missing ...
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  1. Fei_Wong
    Fei_Wong 11 July 2016 08: 23
    The graceless thing is to mock the fantasies of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers.
    I thought, after reading the introduction, that now an analysis will begin of how it was seen regarding what we at least at this stage now have (and what we want to strive for). And he saw, mily-pardon, in fact, only acrimonious attacks (apparently, only because the author of this project even dared to at least a little try to look into the future, which he saw him).
  2. inkass_98
    inkass_98 11 July 2016 08: 43
    If Vyacheslav wanted to mock the author of the utopian idea, he did not succeed very much. Even in "TM" they were not obliged to follow the real embodiment of the author's ideas. The author offered a certain concept that could be accepted or not accepted. Yes, technically illiterate, but we are not laughing at Jules Verne when he offered to fly "From the Cannon to the Moon"? Although now even a school student (normal, successful in subjects) can say why this is impossible. And A. Tolstoy, describing a hyperboloid or a spaceship, did not very accurately follow the path of the real embodiment of his inventions.
    And about the fantastic and absurd in an attempt to create a universal boat - our "imported" non-brothers have succeeded much more, which is worth at least this "invention":
  3. berezin1987
    berezin1987 11 July 2016 08: 43
    I was expecting to see here an analysis of submarine technology and the evolution of submarine design from World War II. In my opinion, the most promising direction is a further increase in the depth of submersion of submarines from 500-600 m to more than 1 km and a decrease in the number of crew due to further automation. Increasing the depth will avoid the detection of boats by sonars of surface ships due to the effect of the thermocline. It is impossible to radically increase the speed of submarines because of a sharp increase in noise and huge loads on the structure. In the future, the creation of fully autonomous deep-sea combat platforms with AI elements is possible.
    1. avt
      avt 11 July 2016 11: 29
      Quote: berezin1987
      . In my opinion, the most promising direction is a further increase in the depth of submersion of submarines from 500-600 m to more than 1 km and a decrease in the number of crew due to further automation.

      wassat Here is IT FANTASY for you, or the next day! ??? wassat Yes, it’s a nice person. Yesterday, USSR ovsky.
      1. NEXUS
        NEXUS 11 July 2016 13: 17
        Quote: avt
        Here is IT FANTASY for you, or the next day! ??? Yes, it’s a nice person. Yesterday, USSR ovsky.

        NPS Komsomolets. Operating immersion depth-1000 m, Ultimate immersion depth-1250 m. Launching-May 9, 1983
        Withdrawn from the fleet-June 6, 1990 wink
        1. avt
          avt 11 July 2016 14: 14
          Quote: NEXUS
          Premier League Komsomolets.

          Have you forgotten the Lyres? In general, practically semiautomatic devices.
          1. NEXUS
            NEXUS 11 July 2016 14: 38
            Quote: avt
            Have you forgotten the Lyres? In general, practically semiautomatic devices.

            drinks I didn’t forget. I just wrote the first thing that came to my mind. hi
    2. Idiot
      Idiot 11 July 2016 12: 27
      Quote: berezin1987
      In my opinion, the most promising direction is a further increase in the depth of submersion of submarines from 500-600 m to more than 1 km and a decrease in the number of crew due to further automation.

      Soviet nuclear submarine K-278 "Komsomolets" (project "Plavnik") in 1985. plunged to 1023m. So to speak, the successor to "Pioneer". And you cannot reduce the number of crew members. One of the key reasons for the death of "Komsomolets" was just the presence of a "wandering shift". The seventh aft compartment did not have a regular watch, as a result of which, perhaps, the cause of the fire was later noticed by the senior sailor Bukhnikashvili from the sixth compartment. Automation is good, but K-278 died precisely as a result of an avalanche-like increase in an emergency, the so-called "riot of machines": a flock of fire rushes into the sixth compartment - burning oil from the turbine compartment turns the compartment into a firebox, the right and left propeller shafts are stuck, the emergency protection of the reactor worked and the boat lost its speed. Lieutenant Commander Orlov shut down the reactor. Further, the connection is disconnected, all indicators on the remote control have gone out, the vertical steering wheel has jammed. Warrant officer Kadantsev blew the main ballast tanks and the boat surfaced. And it all happened in 14 minutes! Yes. the boat sank, but for whatever reason, that's another story. If the crew were smaller, they would be doomed. By the way, the boats of Project 705 "Alpha" were written off not only because of problems with the revolutionary liquid metal coolant (liquid-metal coolant), but also because the project was overly automated. A small crew in an emergency situation would not be physically able to eliminate possible malfunctions precisely because of its small number ...
      1. avt
        avt 11 July 2016 14: 12
        Quote: pft, fkb
        And you cannot reduce the number of crew members. One of the key reasons for the death of "Komsomolets" was just the presence of a "wandering shift".

        wassat And what kind of crew was on the "Lear"? "The change" was not "wandering", but quite specifically did not pass the test for "survivability" - they pulled them "satisfactorily" and pushed them out on the campaign.
    3. Denimax
      Denimax 11 July 2016 16: 14
      Quote: berezin1987
      In my opinion, the most promising direction is a further increase in the depth of submersion of submarines from 500-600 m to more than 1 km and a decrease in the number of crew due to further automation.

      I would add the function of setting weapons, so that submarines are more weapons transporters rather than launching platforms. The most feasible could be the deployment of all cruise missiles overland enemy and departure from the launch site.
  4. Pushkar
    Pushkar 11 July 2016 10: 04
    The article is interesting and with good humor. I watched the film "The Mystery of Two Oceans" at least four times. Thanks. The article is a definite plus. People, why are you all so serious? Smile.
    1. Evgeniy-111
      Evgeniy-111 11 July 2016 11: 44
      And where in the article "good humor"? It should be like in American shows - a note in the right place: "good humor"!
  5. Pal2004
    Pal2004 11 July 2016 10: 17
    Now, of course, the film looks ridiculous, but for its time - the film was gorgeous !!! I watched as a pioneer ... and more than once.
    1. avt
      avt 11 July 2016 11: 34
      Quote: Pal2004
      Now, of course, the film looks funny,

      wassat You just laugh, especially about the "torpedo station", if you google the current bottom self-propelled mines, or homing ones.
  6. 2s1122
    2s1122 11 July 2016 10: 34
    In current fantasies, such a thing will be written and thought out especially in American fantasies that one might think the authors had delirium tremens
    1. Berkut24
      Berkut24 11 July 2016 12: 00
      Well, yes, an astronaut on a space station stinking with diesel fuel, without taking off his cap with earflaps with a sledgehammer, corrects his brains on-board electronics. The first episode of the Hollywood "squirrel". But they can't do one series and calm down.
  7. Mercenary
    Mercenary 11 July 2016 11: 55
    Mr. Vyacheslav Shpakovsky! You first had to carefully study the First Ukrainian Underwater Shuttle! That's where the field is for your space !!!
    The magazine Tech of Youth never set the task of moving science by throwing ideas into scientists, the task of the magazine is to instill youth interest in science, technical creativity and solving technical problems!
    Readers of those magazines still surprise the world with incredible technical solutions. Shipunov, Gryazev and others created and are creating what, in principle, cannot work, but it is!
  8. Resistance
    Resistance 11 July 2016 11: 57
    In this film (you can see in the photo) there is a fashionable nuance of that time, the commander on the cap has an aluminum crab! A rare and very fashionable piece of clothing. The vast majority had ordinary crabs - sewn: o)
  9. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 11 July 2016 15: 27
    We are waiting for the author of an equally well-reasoned and serious analysis of the book "Doctor Aibolit". Mr. Shpakovsky is a straight hero, what an abscess he opened up! I practically lay down on the embrasure.
    And I, like many here, was waiting for the author’s vision about the future submarines ... Found who to wait from.
    "Here the Horse, who was silent for the time being, said:
    From the stone bati
    Wait for the iron prosphora! "

    And the question is interesting, especially if someone had considered it at the concept level. Because why did the submarine appear? And then, that the effectiveness of surface shelling of each other at the then ships was not even funny, but frankly shameful. 2% of hits were considered an excellent result. So the secrecy of movement and high (compared to surface ships) attack effectiveness lifted the submarines to the top of financing.
    And now? Stealth is given by more and more serious efforts, and will soon come to naught. The speed of movement was initially low, and now in proportion to the surface troops it has grown slightly. Previously, the underwater stratum, among other things, made it difficult to defeat the boat with any weapon. Depth bombs only partially solved the problem, and besides, it was a very expensive task to sprinkle the bottom of the sea with exploding millions. Yes, just about now, torpedoes will grow wiser at least by the level of anti-aircraft missiles. And even smarter, the bulk of underwater missile carriers are very slow, give time to be properly calculated.
    It is necessary to make a breakthrough, and a fundamental one. Increasing the speed by two to five knots, dopilivanie this will not solve the problems, just spend the people's money. But where to tear it? What do tomorrow's submarine fleet units need to achieve? Nepanyatna ... That's what I would like to read the article about. And not this cooking. Ugh.
  10. Bashibuzuk
    Bashibuzuk 11 July 2016 15: 41
    kill-up-the-wall ....
    Well, I don’t understand why from time to time, Mr.-Comrade-Master V.Shpakovsky is drawn to "chernukha".
    It can be seen, like O. Henry, in "The Trust That Burst" - in the trust itself lies the idea of ​​his death.
    THAT materials about weapons, castles, "peoples of the sea" and childhood in the circles of aviation and other modelers.
    Then suddenly - "vile" slander on the production of cinema. Soviet. For CHILDREN and YOUTH.
    And at the same time to the magazine on which this youth grew. I grew up.
    Why not roll the Andromeda Nebula into shit? There, one of the main characters, Dar Veter, is also an unforgettable actor Sergei Stolyarov, who is also the captain of the submarine "Pioneer", and at the same time Sadko and a lot of knights.
    And how great it sounded - "the oval scales of instruments were insolently grinning ...." in the wheelhouse of Tintagel.
    Tintagel, by the way - is just a castle. Parallels, however.
    You can make fun of why the instrument scales were diverse. Or why grin.
    It’s strange. It’s strange.
    Especially if you remember the crafts in the style of "Wild, Wild West" or "World of the Future" ... filmed ten years ago.
    Funny not?
    EEEEEH ..... writers.
    1. kalibr
      11 July 2016 16: 02
      Memory fails you. The starship was called Tantra. The Tintazhel starship was also there, but the expedition to the planet of the dark sun left it when Tantra returned, so it was not described. Only a trace on the ground from its take-off. So your parallel is built on sand.
      1. Bashibuzuk
        Bashibuzuk 11 July 2016 16: 40
        In the sand ...... thank God that you still read the TA.
        Still - in the sand. And not on what other substance.
        Tintazhel and Aella, two starships designed in 38 Star, of the same type of Tantra.
        And the parallel ... - let the seeker find it.
        1. kalibr
          12 July 2016 07: 49
          I don’t like it when people play in significance, catch up with the mystery of phrases and apply magnificent phrases out of business. It can be easier said and clearer for everyone.
  11. parusnik
    parusnik 11 July 2016 15: 51
    Eh, Vyacheslav, you don’t like a dream ... And if you love .. then some kind of dream you have is technically true. ideologically sustained should be ... type a step to the left, a step to the right, an attempt to escape, a jump on the spot is a provocation .. Does not exist for you, red horses and pink elephants ...
    1. kalibr
      11 July 2016 18: 29
      I do not like Manilovism and many hatches on the submarine, as well as skis on the deck and aircraft engines at the stern. And I also don't like it when people read inattentively and ascribe to others what they most likely have in their minds, but is really absent in the text. Where, for example, is it written in the text that the movie "Mystery ..." is bad? Quite the opposite, that in a novel, where everything is possible, the boat is more realistic than in a popular science magazine, although it should be the other way around. For me, there are also cr. horses and roses. elephants, but I do not confuse God's gift with scrambled eggs. And there is not a word about ideology in the article at all! But I cannot tell you the most important thing. For now ... it will be necessary, but later. About what I once promised you - food!
      1. parusnik
        parusnik 11 July 2016 18: 48
        Still, I'm right .. For you took everything literally ... Sorry ..
      2. Kurasava
        Kurasava 12 July 2016 09: 58
        Here. Right! The comrade read carefully. But the position is really not very good, the accents are not placed correctly, and that is why the impression was created that they were "pouring" our "Pioneer".
  12. Denimax
    Denimax 11 July 2016 18: 53
    I would say that before science fiction films were more watchable. Modelism was there. And now oversaturated computer graphics, with all the special effects, are just breaking the brain. I personally do not digest everything I see. (
  13. itr
    itr 11 July 2016 18: 58
    EEEEEEEEEEE what the fuck is that?
  14. Vadim237
    Vadim237 11 July 2016 22: 46
    Article full bullshit.
  15. proletarian
    proletarian 11 July 2016 23: 30
    Dear, I actually could not understand one thing, the author of this opus of what I wanted to say?
    Judging by his "creation", he is an ordinary graphomaniac with delusions of grandeur.
    1. kalibr
      12 July 2016 07: 47
      What other evaluations can be expected from the proletariat with such a flag ...
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Zulu_S
        Zulu_S 14 August 2016 19: 23
        Quote: kalibr
        What other evaluations can be expected from the proletariat with such a flag ...

        Dear Vyacheslav. "Graphomaniac", of course, is a misjudgment of your work as a whole. But this article is frankly weak, about nothing. But belonging to a social group, citizenship is not an argument. And if he was not a Proletarian from Ukraine, but a Professor from Russia, would you answer the same?
        However, "what other assessments can we expect" from the Zulu?
  16. Mwg
    Mwg 12 July 2016 09: 44
    Che why, the filly died ...)))
  17. Kurasava
    Kurasava 12 July 2016 09: 56
    Uv. Kamarada pay attention to the end of the article, all the same, the author of the Pioneer responded positively. Just apparently due to the fact that the article contains photos from this film, the impression is created that it is the Mystery of the Two Oceans and the Pioneer that is being "watered". For this autrow, of course, a minus, it is necessary to clear up the accents more clearly.
  18. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 12 July 2016 18: 13
    They shot movies here ..... Now there is nothing to watch. Reshoot in the modern version!
  19. Old_Python
    Old_Python 17 July 2016 11: 22
    I understand when Yakov Isidorych Perelman writes about CONTEMPORARY Herbert Wells: here, they say, dear writer, your gigantic people are utopia, because this and that way, and your Invisibility is utopia, that's why and that's why. CONTEMPORARY Carl !!!
    Bullshit, not an article.
  20. Terminolol
    Terminolol 27 July 2016 15: 21
    Something like that is all mixed up. The conversation is either about a film, or about an article in TM ...
  21. Tolik_74
    Tolik_74 11 October 2016 16: 50
    Those who are older and read the Youth Tech magazines in the early 70s and beyond the last century, there was a section of futuristic cars, then it was called something like that. So, after 25 years, Patrick Likeman came to a French car factory, or whatever it was, and made exactly the same, chopped with an ax, cars, such as a stage and heels. No wonder if someone else in 25 years, or maybe earlier, will make a submarine, as in the movie the secret of 2 oceans.