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Chechen trace of Mr. Surkov

Chechen trace of Mr. Surkov

The popular unrest of the last weeks continues to respond loudly in the highest circles of the government. It would seem that the national Russian tradition should work a long time ago - to drop everything and prepare for the New Year, but it was not there. Literally every day, power throws up to its people (us, that is) something well predictable, then generally non-susceptible metamorphoses in “higher spheres”. One of these perturbations was the appointment of Vladislav Surkov to the post of Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. Now, the former first deputy head of the presidential Administration will deal with modernization issues. Vyacheslav Volodin, one of the active party functionaries of United Russia and already the former head of the government apparatus with the rank of deputy prime minister, took his place.

Among analysts, disputes do not abate: what is the reason for this kind of reshuffle before the onset of the New Year holidays. Someone saw this as a regular New Year's gift "under the tree" from Vladimir Putin, who recently promised to "put" fair presidential elections under an evergreen holiday tree. It is possible that, along with the honest presidential elections, Putin decided to give the people also the resignation from his post of Vladislav Surkov, whose activities on the part of the opposition forces have recently been seriously criticized, if not more, by public rejection. Sometimes it seemed that the protesters of the “Decembrists”, the personality of Mr. Surkov, were even more concerned than the “magic” of the main “CEC officer” Churov at the recent parliamentary elections in our country.

Foreign publications so called Vladislav Surkov at all as the ideological inspirer of mass censorship and the creation of a “personality cult” in new Russia. British journalists exhibited Surkov as a “strangler” of democratic norms and an instigator of higher authorities for the revival of the one-party system.
Whatever it was, but during the work of Mr. Surkov in the presidential Administration (and this is from 1999), such a political system really managed to form in Russia that cannot be called a multi-polar and multi-party language. But the question is - is it really Vladislav Surkov who was able to build the very vertical of power, which, for some time now, is called “Putin's”? In order to answer this question, it is necessary to touch on the biography of Mr. Surkov.

And in the biography of this full of moments that resemble either episodes from the sentimental Indian film, or excerpts from the biographies of people who lived in those times when the statistics were not public authorities, and in the best case, chroniclers. So even the place and date of birth of Vladislav Surkov remain unknown for certain. According to the official version, it is believed that Vladislav Surkov was born in one of the villages of the Lipetsk region in 1964, however, Surkov himself in an interview with the authoritative Der Spiegel once stated that he belongs to (quote) “to the world famous people”. This people is the Chechen people, as the father of Vladislav Surkov is Andarbek Danilbekovich Dudayev, who worked in the school of the village of Duba-Yurt in the Shali district of Chechen-Ingush Autonomy with his mother Vladislav. By the way, the name Vladislav is not quite real. At birth, according to the journalists of Komsomolskaya Pravda (year of birth - 1962), the current deputy chairman of the Russian Government was named Aslambek. His father gave him this name in honor of the hero of the 1917 revolution, Aslambek Sheripov. It turns out that one of the ideologists of the creation of the United Russia party and Vladimir Putin’s deputy (from December 27 on 2011) is not Surkov Vladislav Yuryevich, but Aslambek Andarbekovich Dudayev ...

Vladislav Yurievich Surkov himself appears when his father left for another family, and young Aslambek-Vladislav and his mother moved to the Lipetsk region.

Further, the biography of Surkov-Dudayev also has a number of very surprising sharp turns. After graduation, Vladislav (we will adhere to the official name) entered the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, however, after studying for a couple of years, he was expelled from there due to low academic performance. After serving in the Soviet Army, Vladislav Surkov decided to test himself as a student of the Institute of Culture, but in the third year he decided to quit his studies. Although, apparently, the potential of the director in Mr. Surkov is evident to this day.

Officially, Mr. Surkov has a master's degree from the Russian-American University, although here journalists tend to believe that the diploma was not obtained due to Vladislav Yuryevich’s diligence and diligence, but due to his acquaintance with many high-ranking officials at the end of 90. But how could a man who, in fact, did not have an honest and systematic career behind him, find himself in the highest echelons of power?

The answer is simple: Mr. Surkov for some time was involved in the notorious structure of Menatep, where he initially worked as a security guard of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Due to the irrepressible desire to either curry up, or really move up the career ladder, or both, Vladislav Surkov not only protects his boss, but also takes on the most unimaginable advertising projects of the company, which increases his personal rating in Khodorkovsky's eyes. It was precisely advertising “deeds” of Mr. Surkov that made him see a serious PR man, who at that time was simply necessary for Russia, and with the active support of financial elites.

It turns out that Mr. Surkov, in which exactly half of Caucasian blood flows, is ambitious enough, self-serving and accepts any wishes from above on no other than the most real orders. Therefore, the current translation, which some consider to be a lowering, others to be an increase, personally Surkov himself perceives simply as just another order that must be executed by all means. Therefore, we can already say that soon Vladislav Surkov will start inventing such formations on the basis of modernization, which will not limit itself to modernization, but will, one way or another, emphasize the current structure of current political power.

In connection with the facts of his biography, it is possible to draw a portrait of Vladislav Yuryevich Surkov, as a man who tried and tries his best to please his immediate superiors. Such a desire in Russia was encouraged at all times, and therefore Surkov’s career was quite impressive, even with its very vague past. It is possible that it is precisely the desire to demonstrate their irrepressible loyalty to the leadership, which is precisely what has been expressed in what we call today “sovereign democracy” and the Russian vertical of power. Over the past 12 years, Surkov was able, using a rather clumsy method, to show the so-called systemic opposition to its true position as vertical holders. After all, if she stops holding, then the vertical itself collapses, crushing the oppositionists scurrying around. However, a different kind of opposition has appeared, which, as it turned out, does not want any falls at all, but simply wants the authorities to listen and hear it. It was the birth of such an opposition that seemed to push the leaders of the state to move Surkov a little bit.

But, apparently, both Putin and Medvedev appreciate the executiveness and acumen of Mr. Surkov, and therefore decided not to refuse his services for the sake of Bolotnaya, but to transfer him to other rails. But, being guided by the principles of the existence of Vladislav Surkov, one can be sure that he will use these rails also not as a backup option for implementing his plans to please the government that is at the helm of the country.
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  1. dimaas
    dimaas 30 December 2011 08: 57
    Yes, the events of the past week have determined our life for the next 12 years. And this, not Swamp with Sakharov, but the last destination. In general, Vaska listens, but eats.
  2. Eugene
    Eugene 30 December 2011 09: 03
    Clear business, that dark business ....
  3. pokermen
    pokermen 30 December 2011 09: 18
    And I thought his first name is Surkovich wink
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 30 December 2011 10: 13
      Quote: pokermen
      And I thought his first name is Surkovich

      Well, if we consider nationality by Surkov’s mother - Zinaida Antonovna, born on May 31, 1935, then yes.
      1. wall
        wall 30 December 2011 12: 00
        Yes, and dad's name is very interesting if true.
        1. arhipelag
          arhipelag 30 December 2011 12: 29
          so the result is a Jew! from the chosen ones, the surnames are taken from the mother.
          1. 3DV
            3DV 10 January 2012 17: 56
            Nationality, not last name EMNIP
  4. LTL70
    LTL70 30 December 2011 09: 52
    Outraged not by Chechen blood, but by the lack of education and persistence with which he climbed into the "power structures" without soap, using the love of two from St. Petersburg to flattery and lackeys! Isn't it a mishandled boy from the Dudayev teip? Yes, our two can play leapfrog, including the personnel one. No, they are good guys, they did something for Russia, but "small" lapses that affect the country and society and which cause enough nausea and rejection, as a result - the defeat of the United Russia and the fall in the rating of the authorities!
    1. Dmitry T
      Dmitry T 30 December 2011 10: 44
      Not Chechen blood is indignant, but ignorance and persistence

      ".. Here I have an acquaintance - also a scientist - he has 3 classes of education ... And he will draw a top ten in half an hour - you cannot distinguish it from a real one!" am
      1. AleksUkr
        AleksUkr 30 December 2011 11: 56
        Envy is a bad feeling! Go to his assistants. Teach something.
  5. karimov01
    karimov01 30 December 2011 09: 57
    The article is shit, it’s not Chechen, but a Jew.
  6. ivachum
    ivachum 30 December 2011 10: 00
    No, the muzzle is not Jewish .... wink Now imagine that in Russia, for example, DUDAEV became the Minister of Defense, for example !? Although not Johar, but still ..... am And Barayev headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs! wink
    1. karimov01
      karimov01 30 December 2011 10: 14
      And what do you think should be the face of a typical Jew? wink for example, Khodorkovsky and Kiriyenko, Zhirinovsky and Germans, Khakamada and Klebans, as well as Livshits, Chubais, etc. Jews too, but you won’t say anything about them smile

      and at the expense of Barayev in the ministry, he won’t pull on his personal qualities and knowledge ...
    2. Straus_zloy
      Straus_zloy 30 December 2011 11: 10
      Quote: ivachum
      Now imagine that in Russia, for example, DUDAEV became the Minister of Defense, for example !? Although not Dzhokhar, but still ..... am And Barayev headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs! wink

      I don’t see this tragedy, if the country’s order,
      For example, Twice Hero of the Soviet Union Issa Pliev at the beginning of the 1960's led the group of Soviet troops in Cuba. During the Caribbean crisis, he received the right to use nuclear weapons in the event of a US invasion of Cuba. I am sure that he would have managed. So it’s not the last name,_%D0%98%D1%81%D1%81%
      1% 87
      1. karimov01
        karimov01 30 December 2011 11: 34
        Issa Pliev - Ossetians. And Ossetians, I'm sorry - it's not Chechens ........
        1. Straus_zloy
          Straus_zloy 30 December 2011 11: 50
          come on you nonsense to carry. one of my best friends is a natural Chechen from Grozny, from the Square Minute itself. Dude was dumped from the war by a geophysicist and programmer and just a normal guy with whom you can drink beer and everything else. I know him for more than 15 years. his wife is also a Chechen. I go to their house - a normal. hospitable house, with a mother-in-law, a daughter and a bug. Do I need to rebuke his origin?

          Sometimes for fun I ask him according to Lermontov: Well, the evil Chechen, crawling to Terek, sharpening your dagger?
          No, he says, I don’t point out already, I scratch sometimes wink
  7. Millibyte
    Millibyte 30 December 2011 10: 01
    Имя аллаха - Асламбек:
    = 40316 & lr = 213
  8. Pharao7766
    Pharao7766 30 December 2011 10: 06
    ... a sort of chain hamster.
    Such bosses love to keep closer to the fifth point, so that it is always licked.
    SAVA555.IVANOV 30 December 2011 10: 22
    The answer is simple: for some time Mr. Surkov was involved in the notorious Menatep structure, where he initially worked as a security guard for Mikhail Khodorkovsky. STUPID-FORMER BANDIT !!!!! And who in general "covered" Khodorkovsky in the dashing 90s ??
    1. military
      military 30 December 2011 11: 19
      such a "career" could well have been received as payment for a certain kind of service ...
      for example (theoretically), for a "change of orientation" - a competent (timely and targeted) filing of compromising evidence on his own boss, who by that time becomes a thorn in the ass of the powerful ...
  10. Igor
    Igor 30 December 2011 10: 49
    This dark person, Surkov, somewhere read his interview that he, together with Putin, forced Yeltsin to leave voluntarily.
  11. mitya
    mitya 30 December 2011 10: 59
    But is he not a well-camouflaged Cossack?
    1. karimov01
      karimov01 30 December 2011 11: 30
      According to some reports, he served in the GRU of the General Staff ...
  12. Baron Wrangell
    Baron Wrangell 30 December 2011 11: 00
    cool! Surkov is a Chechen! so this is where the legs of the Chechen well-being and the infusion of money grow!
    1. AleksUkr
      AleksUkr 30 December 2011 12: 01
      But the thought is worthwhile and has the right to exist. Life is a complicated thing. Surkov is a Chechen by nationality, almost, and Putin is a hero of Chechnya. Not without reason, Victory Avenue in Grozny was renamed to Putin Avenue. Cases, affairs !!!!
  13. Owl
    Owl 30 December 2011 11: 21
    Tell Who is your friend (colleague, nominee) and I will say Who You Are!
    SAMEDOV SULEYMAN 30 December 2011 11: 44
    The meaning of the article is that Putin needs to be more discriminating with his staff? Knowing Putin you just want to tell him what kind of nationality he is on the drum, his job is to follow all his instructions, he does it well, and if you don’t have a kick in the ass, do not hesitate.
  15. Strabo
    Strabo 30 December 2011 12: 02
    YES it's time to get used to the fact that all Jews hide their real names, or are "shy" of them. So Dudayev did not break traditions. It's easier to powder your brains this way. Well, so that the Russians are not outraged who rules them. Lenin-Blank. Sverdlov-Rosenfeld. Trotsky-Bronstein .. and so 450 names who were in power. So gentlemen, false Dmitriev is still missing.
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 30 December 2011 13: 30
      The list goes on with a vkidku Zhirinovsky, Borovoy, Novodvorskaya, Chubais, Fradkov, Pozner, Svanidze, Abramovich, Berezovsky, Fridman, Aven,
      Yavlinsky, Khodorkovsky, Gusinsky, Kasparov, Nemtsov is still a bunch along with the Judaic liberal intelligentsia. Among them was one real representative of his people, the general, the hero of the Chechen war, Lev Ivanovich Rokhlin. Kakova, his fate is well known to everyone. So the business of Rosenfelds and Bronstein lives and prospers, unfortunately.
  16. 916-th
    916-th 30 December 2011 12: 03
    Someone saw in this another New Year's gift “under the tree” from Vladimir Putin


    From the Russian people
    The population of the whole earth
    Happy New Year
    We uttered in two mouths.

    One head - not bad.
    Two, of course, is ideal.
    Milestone in the current era
    Our tandem has undoubtedly become.

    That’s why the Russian coat of arms
    Two crowning heads
    Not two bottles of whiskey
    And a bunch of dry grass.

    Day and night we are on guard.
    For your sake, ordinary people,
    We sleep in turns even
    (This is the fate of all the leaders).

    What do we need their Barack Obama!
    Our path is completely different.
    Democracy with shame
    We don’t need it, my God.

    Persons who have lost confidence
    Criticizing our work,
    Quickly put out the door.
    Let them live in the apiary!

    Any other Khodorkovsky
    Our plans are unknown.
    Their place is in prison, on the boards!
    No problem - we’ll extend their term.

    Happy New Era, Russians!
    We are for you - in the window light.
    to you with love and attention

    Medveput and Putimed.
  17. Strabo
    Strabo 30 December 2011 12: 04
    And so Vlazhislav Yurievich Surkov. I wonder where the old passport went.
  18. Ascetic
    Ascetic 30 December 2011 12: 57
    Surkov is a typical representative of the "fifth column" in the political elite.
    The fifth column "in Russia consists, first of all, of individual representatives of the ruling elite, who express the interests of various external world structures, individual states and elite associations. One can give the simplest classification of those who are included in the" fifth column. "These are representatives, relatively speaking, political, economic, diplomatic, military, creative, religious elite: "The fifth column "in the political elite

    The US State Department, through the representatives of the "fifth column" from among the political elite, is even trying to participate ... in Russian lawmaking. So, in the reporting report of this powerful organization it was noted that with the support of the United States in Russia, it was possible to unite more than ... 170 associations! And they achieved legislative changes in 30 cases. At the same time, the US Congress issued an appeal to the Russian government, in which there was a call to withdraw or amend the bill on non-governmental organizations, adopted to limit their opportunities in Russia. In this statement, a warning: "Russia has embarked on a dangerous path!" That is, as soon as the legal cover for sabotage and intelligence work was taken away from the United States, they insolently began to demand that this law be canceled. The pressure on the State Duma was exerted by GAP V. Surkov.
    "The fifth column "in the economic elite

    The specifics of the Russian economy is such that a significant part of our elite is concerned about the United States and its allies through bank accounts, real estate, families, etc. And, of course, overseas puppeteers rely on it as a potential and serious support.
    As for Surkov’s business interests, they were largely successful due to close friendship since the institute’s time with M. Fridman, thanks to his friend he was recommended to be created by M. Khodorkovsky in
    1987 GKO "MENATEP" first as a bodyguard as a former special forces soldier, and then headed the advertising department as a half-educated director.
    In 1997, he moved to his friend Fridman at Alfa-Bank, where he became the first deputy chairman of the board of directors. He was tired of being third after Khodorkovsky and Nevzlin.
    In 1998-1999, Surkov served as First Deputy General Director, Director for Public Relations of Public Russian Television (ORT). In May 1998, he was elected executive secretary of the ORT Open Supervisory Board. The media published data that Surkov was invited to ORT by entrepreneur Boris Berezovsky.
    In the spring of 1999, Surkov became an assistant to Alexander Voloshin, the head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation, and in August 1999, his deputy. In early December 1999, thanks to the patronage of Surkov himself, his former subordinate, Alexander Abramov, was appointed to the same position. The media subsequently suggested that Surkov's arrival in the Kremlin was made possible thanks to his connections with Berezovsky, and they did not rule out the possibility that he was recommended by Fridman or the president of Alfa Bank, Pyotr Aven.
    Comments as they say are unnecessary.
  19. 12061973
    12061973 30 December 2011 13: 25
    and that Russian ended or ended?
    1. karimov01
      karimov01 30 December 2011 13: 57
      However, they do not give the right to rule our country ......... So, only the Yids rule ............
  20. Ascetic
    Ascetic 30 December 2011 13: 39
    Who is who ?
    1. karimov01
      karimov01 30 December 2011 14: 21
      The photo very well reflects the meaning of the quotation of Peter 1 smile

      but still Putin as president is unsuitable
  21. Ascetic
    Ascetic 30 December 2011 14: 23
    The reaction of Medvedev and Surkov (according to some reports, he is half Jewish, now married to a Jewess) to Zyuganov’s words about the Russian people is very indicative.
    Surkov's arms crossed in the castle - as everyone probably knows - in body language mean rejection of the interlocutor, a negative attitude to what is being said.
    But Medvedev is simply writhing.
    But Medvedev among his own people - here his expression is completely different.

    pay attention to the hands: a reaction of reverence and respect
  22. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 30 December 2011 18: 39
    Any garbage is collected, can it be that he is a Jew or a non-Jew explaining something ?, until he has shoveled the whole country with an E-candidate he didn’t really interest anyone, he’s just one of the current government’s team, tomorrow they will write about Ivanov that he is a crest.