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Wings of Parma-2016. Part of 1

Last Saturday at the Sokol airbase of the Russian Aerospace Forces aviation festival "Wings of Parma".
As is known, the Perm airbase is known for the fact that MiG-31 interceptor fighters are based on it, and they share the runway with the Bolshoye Savino International Airport. Unfortunately, the catastrophe of the Su-27 fighter "Russian Knights" and the subsequent suspension of flights of pilots of the Russian Defense Ministry did not allow the "Russian Knights" to take part in the Wings of Parma. However, the holiday was a success.


2. On the statics were presented three fighter-interceptor MiG-31. Blue 21 RF-92474 was exhibited with a split layout 23-mm gun mount GSH-6-23





7. Blue 9. Media representatives and bloggers were allowed into his booth, then they were allowed to



10. Yak-40 RA-87418 Airlines "RusDzhet." Currently the aircraft is in storage.

11. The first flight of this Yak-40 made in 1974 year. He flew in Aeroflot - Lithuanian UGA, with 1987, he was transferred to the Ministry of Aviation Industry for the Perm Engine Company.

12. From 1997 to 2007 in Perm Airlines-PAL


14. Passenger Tu-134A-3 RA-65064 Perm Airlines. The first flight made in 1977 year. Since 1978, flies to Perm

15. As part of the Wings of Parma festival, it has become a tradition to assign the MiG-31 interceptors to their own names.

16. This year, the honored guest of the festival was Honored Test Pilot, Hero of Russia Igor Votintsev (second from right)

17. Honored guests remove the veil

18. and MiG with a tail number 14 blue (RF-95443) gets the name of the Hero of the Soviet Union, the famous pilot of the Great Patriotic War Nikolai Vasilyevich Ivanov

19. Hero pilot N.V. Ivanov during the years of the war made 371 sorties, in which he destroyed 15 tanks, 2 railway trains, 130 wagons, up to 60 cars, 8 batteries, 2 ammunition depots, many soldiers and officers. In addition, during the fighting, he saved the lives of eight pilots, taking them out of the emergency landing sites behind the front line. The title of hero Nikolai Ivanov received in February 1945.


21. And these are volunteer guys who put a memorable inscription on board the MiG

22. №14 was with suspended long-range aircraft missiles P-33 (then we take a closer look at this board)


24. Our colleague is the photographer of the aviation magazine "Wings of the Motherland" Igor Egorov

25. 14-th board began to prepare to start the engine, as in the sky suddenly appeared a plane with a banner


27. Technicians are waiting for pilots

28. Here they are!

29. Quickly took a seat in the cabin

30. Started the engines

31. and steered

32. An unforgettable feeling will come in an instant when the plane turns to you with nozzles

33. It blew away everyone, including the fence))) But we saved expensive optics - it was not for nothing that the political officer of the unit gave us a briefing)))

34. Between the radio means of flight support MiG-31 taxiing out on the runway

35. and passes in front of the festival guests


37. Excellent neighborhood passenger planes and interceptors

38. But 14 is already on the taxiing in front of its parking lot

39. You can park!

40. And next to it is another personal MiG-31 - “Great Perm” №06 blue RF-92368

41. And then the guests of the holiday were allowed to the statics site)))

Thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to attend the holiday!
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  1. Alex_59
    Alex_59 7 July 2016 06: 57
    Today the most unfortunate holiday has turned out in all years. The air program was heavily compressed. We hoped that "Rus" would arrive, but it didn't work out. Colleagues from Bashkiria arrived, but for some reason they were not allowed to show aerobatics. I hope next year everything will be more fun in terms of aviation.
    1. alex_tec
      alex_tec 7 July 2016 09: 27
      It is a pity that the day spent at the DOSAAF "Frolovo" airfield was excluded from the festival program. It was a very entertaining event.
      1. Alex_59
        Alex_59 7 July 2016 09: 30
        Quote: alex_tec
        It is a pity that the day spent at the DOSAAF "Frolovo" airfield was excluded from the festival program. It was a very entertaining event.

        Did not agree on the price of the issue. Without revealing the details, I can say in general terms: DOSAAF requested an unbearable amount for the holiday.
        But this time it turned out so crumpled. Not always everything goes smoothly. The previous years were great, I hope next year will be better too.
        1. alex_tec
          alex_tec 7 July 2016 09: 37
          Yes, let's hope that reason overcomes greed.
  2. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 7 July 2016 07: 39
    In 35 photos, the spy in the bushes was pleased. smile Great report. good
  3. Lekxnumx
    Lekxnumx 7 July 2016 08: 08
    What’s the commander’s name Niyaz Mirzoev? Answer please