The world market of armored vehicles. Part of 1

The world market of armored vehicles. Part of 1

In October, 2015, the company L-3 WESCAM began production of stabilized optical-electronic sighting systems of the latest generation for combat vehicles. This advanced panoramic sight is designed to increase the survivability and combat power of the BMP and MBT in different countries.

The Russian annexation of the Crimea and the Ukrainian crisis that followed it, the rapid rise of the so-called Islamic state, the continuing tension in the Middle East and the territorial disputes between China and its neighbors are putting more and more pressure on governments, forcing them to increase the military potential of their countries and increase their armored vehicles. Current and future armored vehicle procurement programs in nearly every large or developing army are proof of this. German publishing house Monch gives its view on the world market of armored vehicles, which has become more dynamic than before.

More and more manufacturers of combat vehicles (BM) and their components are seeking to expand their global business, but penetration into new and emerging markets and compliance with regional standards complicates the life of the defense industry.

India has long been a familiar market for armored vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers, but interest in this country today is declining due to a cumbersome bureaucratic system and endless delays. Markets in the Middle East, in particular Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, are increasingly attracting interest because of their potential export opportunities, although Australia and Mexico should also be recorded in this company.

It is believed that in the next decade, explosions on improvised explosive devices (IEDs) will become one of the most significant threats to armored vehicles (with the exception of Africa, where militants and terrorists of all stripes prefer heavy machine guns).

Armored personnel carriers and vehicles of the MRAP category (with enhanced protection against mines and improvised explosive devices) will be in demand despite the recent sharp drop in orders for the latter, as the military wants to have significantly lighter, more flexible from an operational point of view and more maneuverable platforms. In addition, the need for light BM, most likely, will cause a decrease in the need for basic combat tanks (MBT) in the future, as the nature of warfare evolves and the military is faced with increasingly complex hybrid threats.

As for the growing BM markets, investments in maintenance, repair and operation (in terms of size are inferior only to measures to combat IEDs) suggest that states are becoming, or at least striving to become, smarter when buying military equipment and invest more resources for ensure that the weapons they buy meet their needs as closely as possible, and besides, at least 30 years from the date of purchase would be cost-effective.

Active protection complexes (KAZ) are a key area that influences promising BM projects. Their increasing distribution is a consequence of the rapidly changing operational space and priority requirements, among which the safety of those sitting inside the machine is paramount. It is unlikely that KAZ will replace physical reservation systems in the short term, but technological progress is likely to have a strong impact on the components of the BM protection systems in the future.

While a number of countries are developing new and modernizing outdated MBTs (Turkey, South Korea, and Thailand will eventually purchase heavy armored platforms), lighter, more maneuverable and flexible from an operational point of view, machines will in the future be the preferred choice for difficult operating conditions.

An interesting element that distinguishes different infantry vehicles is how the landing force is landed, through hatches or ramps. Hatches (for example, as on Russian infantry fighting vehicles) allow soldiers to receive some kind of protection or cover, but soldiers are not able to quickly leave the car compared to soldiers running down the ramp (the opposite is also true: soldiers get into the car faster than in the case of hatches ), as for example these French soldiers in FELIN combat gear, landing from Nexter’s TITUS armored personnel carrier (pictured)


Full-scale programs on armored vehicles, ranging from completely new platforms to proposals for maintenance, repair and operation, are being implemented in many European countries as part of the modernization process and maximizing the fleets of actual operating vehicles.

Austria upgraded PANDUR wheeled armored personnel carriers manufactured by General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) for its peacekeeping mission in Kosovo. According to the program worth 25,43 million dollars per month, the upgrade took place on two cars. It consisted in increasing the level of protection of crews from IEDs, mines and bullets and debris and the installation of a remotely controlled combat module (SDM) with circular rotation. All versions of the car were upgraded by RUAG Defense in accordance with a joint supply contract.

Belarus announced a significant increase in revenues from arms sales (2014 earned 800 millions of dollars in 2015 alone) and in August, Belarusian mass media reported 15 that the country was ready to offer new lightweight vehicles to foreign markets. According to the State Committee of the Defense Industry, two prototypes for the Ministry of Defense were prepared for the tests that are currently underway. 80 related companies are involved in this project, with more than 490100% of components being produced in Belarus. A prototype model of a light armored personnel carrier MZKT-1 (V-2016) was shown at the recently held exhibition Eurosatory XNUMX.

Armored personnel carrier MZKT-490100 (V-1) at the exhibition Eurosatory 2016

Armed forces Belgium replaced all their tracked vehicles with wheeled vehicles, including the GDELS PIRANHA 8x8 armored personnel carriers. The Belgian Ministry of Defense reportedly intends to increase by three times the budget of the Belgian ground forces (this will be 2030% of GDP) by 1,6, but it continues to decline in accordance with current plans announced at the end of 2015. The defense budget in 2015 was 2,45 billion euros and should be reduced to 2,1 billion euros by 2019 if current proposals come into force.

In March, the 2015 Croatia showed off several of its new BMVs adopted for service, including four variants of Patria’s AMV (Armored Modular Vehicle) modular armored vehicle: ambulance, cargo, commander and BTR, as well as MRAP 212 machines donated by the United States, including Navistar MaxxPro, Oshkosh M-ATV and BAE Systems RG33 HAGA (Heavy Armored Ground Ambulance). Croatia has previously bought Iveco's LMV (Light Multirole Vehicle) vehicles, as well as former American HMMWV armored vehicles for military police and combat training. Difficulties with the integration of subsystems caused delays in the procurement of 126 AMV machines, but it is expected that by the end of 2016, all machines will go into service. Eight vehicles will be equipped with an anti-missile defense system with an 30-mm cannon, several MRAP vehicles will go to the Croatian special forces, and the rest will go to the balance of the rear command, the military police regiment and the Croatian army.

defense Department Czech Republic has confirmed that its army will purchase 20 machines from PANDUR II to supplement the existing fleet of 107 machines from PANDUR 8x8. GDELS signed a cooperation agreement with the Czech Excalibur Army in January 2015 on the marketing of PANDUR II vehicles in Eastern Europe and Asia. In addition, in October 2014 of the year, a tender was opened for 8,7 million dollars for five armored recovery vehicles for the technical support of its fleet. The Czech Army also intends to get up to the 62 MRAP category machines. In 2013, it was reported that the Czech Republic had signed a contract with Xivia for 50 million dollars to sell 350 floating BRDM (combat reconnaissance patrol), but this rather risky contract with uncertain commitments has rather vague prospects. In addition to the deal on PANDUR II 8x8 vehicles, contracts for a medium Tatra T-810 6x6 medium truck and an armored vehicle VEGA 4x4 manufactured by SVOS Prelouc are also allegedly signed. The Czech army, moreover, last year completed the process of buying X-NUMX T-58 tanks from the presence of the Hungarian army.

In December, the 2014 France signed a contract worth 752 million euros for new generation wheeled vehicles as part of its modernization program for the SCORPION army. In accordance with the contract, GRIFFON (VBMR) 6x6 and JAGUAR (EBRC) 6x6, as well as auxiliary equipment and systems for the maintenance and preparation of these machines, will be developed and purchased. GRIFFON will replace the VAB 4x4 light armored personnel carrier, while the JAGUAR will replace several wheeled combat vehicles at once, for example the ERC90 SAGAIE and AMX 10RC. The vehicles are being developed by a French consortium of companies Nexter Systems, Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) and Thales. France will manufacture 1722 machines VBMR, 358 machines VBMR Light and 248 machines EBRC, the first machines will go into service in 2018 year. The cost of the SCORPION program is estimated at 5 billion euros in the next 10 years. Provides for a complete update of the fleet of medium-sized combat vehicles, along with issues of extending the life of existing systems and the development of a standardized digital network. Until 200 MBT LECLERC will remain in service until the 2040 year.


After a long period of difficult negotiations, the government Germany is currently increasing defense spending in line with NATO’s requirement that defense spending should be 2% of GDP. The Cabinet approved the budget for the 2016 of the year and the financial planning cycle to the 2019 of the year for which there should be an increase of 4,2% compared to the 2015 year. For four years, it is planned to spend another 8 billion euros. In addition to this increase in spending, the country, as some analysts believe, will spend the most in Western Europe in the next decade on the purchase of armored vehicles. Much of it is spent on development and production by PSM (Projekt System Management, a joint venture between Rheinmetall and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW)) PUMA BMP, deliveries of which began in June 2015 of the year.

New German BMP PUMA

This 4,3 billion-dollar contract provides for the adoption of 350 vehicles (including eight driver training machines) armed with an XKNUMX-mm MK30-30 / ABM automatic cannon and programmable ammunition that can be used for various purposes, even under cover. These machines should replace the current BMD MARDER 2, in service with the 1 year. Completion of deliveries is scheduled for 1971 year; Crew training at the training center in Münster is in full swing.

Machines of the German Army BOXER A1 in service in Afghanistan

These companies also supply multipurpose BM BOXER to the Netherlands and Germany, having specially organized for this a joint venture ARTEC. First of all, the German army will procure 190 armored personnel carriers, 10 training vehicles and 72 sanitary (all supplied) of the necessary vehicles from 700. At the end of 2015, a contract was signed for another 34 machine, the BOXER A2, and all remaining machines will be supplied in this standard. For the time being, they plan to purchase up to 300 machines of the C2 standard and the issue of the engineering option and the fire support machine has not yet been resolved. The evaluation of the BMX BOXER with different towers, including the LANCE turret, mounted on the PUMA infantry fighting vehicle, as well as the version of the self-propelled mortar installation BOXER, is still ongoing. However, the German armed forces are also considering alternative systems (FUCHS 1A8 armored personnel carrier) and / or intermediate systems (FUCHS 1A4), the latter is considered only for training purposes.

It is worth noting that the companies Nexter and KMW have finally completed the merger process, while combining the tank brands LECLERC and LEOPARD. According to German politicians, the new entity will absorb KMW, while the production of the tank LEOPARD 3 will be discontinued. All activities will focus on MBT LECLERC, which may at first be designated as Future MBT. In this case, the only alternative to modernization in the context of the LEOPARD tank family for the German armed forces will be the Rheinmetall LEOPARD REVOLUTION platform.

Current defense budget Greece It aims to maintain in good technical condition a large fleet of armored vehicles of the Greek army, which consists of 460 BTR M113 and 320 Oshkosh heavy heavy duty truck HEMTT (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck) from the USA at the end of 2014. The new arrivals include the 225 BTR M113A2 to replace the Greek BMP-1, which at one time came from East Germany, along with the 128 control points M577A2, 106 anti-tank installations M901A2 Improved TOW and 107-mm MMA, I’m used to use the M106 MUMNXX Improved TOW and XNUMX-mm anti-tank units with the MXNUMX MNUMX MNUMX-XNUMX BMN-XNUMX BMN-XNUMX BMN-XNUMX BMN-XNUMX BMN-XNUMX, XNUMX

On the NATO exercises "Capable Logistician" (Efficient Logistics) 2015 Hungary showed its logistics capabilities and the combat power of the T-72 tanks that can be offered to NATO

LEOPARD 2A6 German Tank Battalion during the "Grantiger Lowe" 2015 exercise

According to the bill Hungary allocated 2016 billion euros in defense expenditures in 960 for the year, which is 22% more than in 2015. Hungary is preparing for its participation in the international coalition against the Islamic state (prohibited in Russia) as part of the new weapons strategy, which consists in implementing defense cooperation programs with other countries.

Defense budget Italy According to the latest data, we are talking about total defense expenditure of 13,19 billion euros. A recent program to purchase the Iveco-OTO Melara (Finmeccanica) multitasking armored vehicle FRECCIA 381x8 from the Iveco-OTO consortium cost around 8 a billion dollars; purchases of cars will go up to the 2,9 year. These new machines will go into service with the mechanized brigade and will become part of the process of transition of the Italian army to better mobility and digitization. The previous procurement program, mainly financed by the Ministry of Industry, provided for the delivery of FRECCIA 2024 vehicles in several variants: combat, anti-tank, mortar transporter, command post and reconnaissance. The previously announced priorities regarding the BM include the completion of the modernization of the OBI ARIETE and the BMP DARDO, providing for an increase in the level of protection against IEDs.

In budget Latvia 2015 for the year for the construction of the armed forces were allocated funds in the amount of 253,8 million dollars, which reached 1% of the country's GDP. Parliament also passed a defense spending bill, which provides for a gradual increase in defense spending to 2% of GDP by 2020. As part of its modernization activities, Latvia has strengthened its partnership with NATO by purchasing, from the presence of this organization 123, combat reconnaissance vehicles in a package worth 61,45 million dollars, including their overhaul and rehabilitation.

In July 2015 years Lithuania announced the planned acquisition of "a certain amount" of BOXER machines from Germany, a proposal on this issue was submitted to the State Council on Defense. According to the latest data from the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense, at least 88 machines will be purchased, the mass production of which will begin in 2017 year. Initially, the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense chose the Boxer option with an uninhabited KMW RCT-2015 turret with an 30-mm Rheinmetall MK 30-30 / ABM automatic cannon (this tower is installed on new German BMP Puma) and Israeli Spike ATKM missiles. But at the beginning of 2, the Lithuanians found this option too expensive, and requested the installation of a Samson Mk 2016 combat module from the Israeli company Rafael on the Boxer with an ATN Orbital Bushmaster Mk 2 ATN gun and an Spike ATKM launcher. Contract signing can take place as early as July 30. Earlier it was reported that the country intends to spend about 44 million euros for weapons, which is a record investment in the Lithuanian defense.

Boxer variant with the Samson Mk 2 combat module from the Israeli company Rafael with the 30-mm ATK Orbital Bushmaster Mk 44 ATK automatic cannon and the Spike ATG launcher that Lithuania chose

In June 2015, the army Netherlands completed deliveries of the sanitary version of the BOXER (NL AMB) Ambulance manufactured by ARTEC, as well as machines for training drivers. The first 60 control station options were delivered in July, while the remaining GNGP (engineering) and cargo options are expected to be shipped in 2016 year.

The Netherlands began with 2015 to increase their defense spending by 100 million euros per year. According to the Dutch Ministry of Defense, 1,15% of GDP is currently allocated for defense.

Poland implements a program to modernize its armed forces, the costs of which will be 41 billion dollars by the year 2022. In particular, it is planned to replace the fleet of obsolete cars with 882 lightweight multi-purpose machines 4x4 (841 light; 41 armored), for which a tender was opened in July 2015. Poland Defense Holdings (PDH) is also implementing its concept for a new combat vehicle. During the joint development of the light tank PL-01 by Obrum and BAE Systems, special attention was paid to low visibility. Ultimately, Poland will be able to get a universal modular tracked platform with a crew of three people, an 120-mm cannon with automatic loader, an uninhabited tower and a proven chassis based on the CV90 chassis in order to reduce risks and meet the planned delivery schedule. So far, full-scale production is scheduled to begin in 2018, with readiness for export deliveries in 2022. In May 2014, Poland began to receive the first LEOPARD 105A2 5 tanks and 14 2A4 tanks from the presence of the German army. She also ordered 307 additional multi-purpose machines ROSOMAK 8x8. This licensed version of the Finnish Patria AMV is manufactured at the local factory Wojskowe Zaklady Mechaniczne (WZM); The last car should be delivered in 2019 year. Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ) and Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) are jointly developing a new floating wheeled armored personnel carrier, which will be mass-produced in the 2019 year. Poland will be the only manufacturer of the machine and its future modifications, but partners will ultimately offer this machine to customers from other countries.

The concept of the Polish light tank PL-01

Patria AMV XP BMP with a turret from OTO Melara HITFIST with an 30-mm Orbital-ATK BUSHMASTERII Mk44 automatic cannon, two ATGM launchers and an additional paired 7,62-mm FN MAG machine gun at DSEI 2015

Portugal approved at the beginning of 2015, the law on military programs for a period of 12 years, according to which it is expected that the Ministry of Defense will spend 2018 million euros on armaments programs before 960. Among them, the army’s four-year priority program for the purchase of lightweight military vehicles 4x4 for the rapid reaction brigade. The army interventional brigade has already received XANDUM II machines PANDUR II 166X8 from the total number of 8 units. In 188, Portugal allocated 2015 a billion dollars (roughly 2,45% of the country's GDP) for defense.

Romania increases its defense spending, having a goal in the form of commitments to NATO to achieve 2% of GDP by 2017 year. Funds will be allocated not only for the modernization of the armed forces, but also for peacekeeping operations, joint operations and measures to ensure the protection of borders. Meanwhile, the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense recently announced a program worth 680 million dollars to modernize its armed forces and reduce dependence on supplies from Russia to 2020.

In July 2015 years Serbia announced that it will begin in 2016 year batch production of a family of multi-purpose machines LAZAR 2 8x8, armed with an 12,7-mm machine gun. No sooner said than done, at the Eurosatory 2016 exhibition a contract for an unnamed customer was signed on the 12 machines of LAZAR 2 (it may well turn out to be the Serbian gendarmerie). Serbia also produces a self-propelled howitzer NORA, which is the most competitive product of this country in the international market. Serbia has ordered for itself 15 of such systems, while the export potential of this system is considered to be quite good. The Serbian military industry is slowly recovering, and with more confidence than other countries in the region. The current fleet of the Serbian army consists of 199 tanks M84 (upgraded T-72M), 15 tanks T-72, 320 BMP BVP M80, 49 armored personnel carriers M86 BOV-VP and 46 BRDM-2. The state-owned enterprise Yugoimport SDPR manufactures the M-84AB1 version with additional bookings and increased firepower. Other M84 MBT options include M84AB, M84ABK and M84ABN.

The newest Serbian armored personnel carrier LAZAR 2

In July, 2015, Poland signed a letter of intent from Slovakia on the sale of 31 ROSOMAK machines, which will have a Slovak tower installed on the Polish-made chassis. The variant should receive the designation SCIPIO and will be manufactured at the plant in Siemianowice Slaskie. Slovakia expects to purchase up to 66 such machines. Slovakia also combines resources with the Czech Republic in order to carry out joint modernization and stimulate the defense industry of both countries.

Spain again began for her army to search for a new armored infantry combat vehicle 8x8, the program for which until the parliamentary elections of the year 2012 was considered the top priority. But the process was delayed. The request for proposals, issued in 2015 year 6 years after the original, provides for the manufacture of at least 400 machines worth about 1,5 billion euros. The contract worth 99 million dollars for the development of the prototype received the company GDELS Santa Barbara Sistemas. In 2014, Spain allocated 127 millions of dollars for the purchase of new medium and heavy trucks for all military branches from 2014 to 2020.

At DSEI 2015, GDUK for the first time showed its new AJAX platform (the former SCOUT program), which is the second prototype presented by GDUK and the first with the installed Lockheed Martin UK tower. The AJAX platform is designed to meet the needs of the modern British soldier. Lockheed Martin UK has contracted with Rheinmetall Defense to manufacture up to 245 towers (with an 40-mm gun) for a reconnaissance vehicle with a total value of 130 million euros. Saab received an order from GDUK for the supply of Mobile Camouflage System camouflage systems up to 2022. Driver training for the British AJAX program should be conducted on stationary and mobile simulators, which will put the Marshall Aerospace and Defense Group. MTU, which is part of Rolls-Royce, is to supply the Type 8V199 TE21 engine

Army UK currently running its Army 2020 internal structuring program, which aims at saving 5,3 billions of pounds. The main changes over the past year and a half have been implemented at the level of brigades and subdivisions, including the mid-term modernization of the 643 BMP WARRIOR project known as WCSP (WARRIOR Capability Sustainment Program - the program for extending the capabilities of the BMP Warrior). Along with some other "elite" NATO countries, in accordance with the guidelines of the Alliance, the UK has pledged to raise its defense spending to 2% of GDP. The UK is also continuing the implementation of the FRES program (Future Rapid Effects System - a promising rapid response system), pledging to issue a General Dynamics contract to 2015 million pounds for AJAX special machines (former SCOUT) in 390, which is followed by a total pound worth 3,5 announced before the NATO summit in 2014, for the purchase of 589 machines. The contract will go until 2024 year. Thales has been awarded a contract for the supply of sighting systems and additional equipment for the SV production machine, which includes the main sight, a video camera system to increase awareness of the situation, the director of the smoke screen and other systems, while Rheinmetall Defense along with Lockheed Martin UK received a contract for production towers, Curtiss-Wright on their TOSS drive system, and CTA International will supply an 40-mm weapon system with CTAS telescopic ammunition (Case Telescoped Armament System), which will provide increased firepower.

In addition, the British Marines might well purchase the 233 of the new floating all-terrain vehicle if the Department of Defense starts a replacement program for the fleet of articulated BV206 all-terrain vehicles. The project for the future ATV Future ATV (F / ATV) is estimated at 230 million pounds. Also, the Chief of General Staff said that the program for choosing the machine 8х8 should begin for the army.

In August 2014 years Ukraine announced the allocation of additional 3 billions of dollars in response to the ongoing Russian invasion. The current mechanized and armored forces are armed with MBT T-64 and T-64BM Bulat; wheeled BTR-4, BTR-60, BTR-70 and BTR-80 and tracked BMP-1, BMP-2 and BMD-2. The country is strengthening its armored vehicle fleet by obtaining equipment from Western countries, including American HMMWV armored vehicles and up to 75 British unarmed SAXON armored vehicles.


Scandinavian defense cooperation is growing, partly due to fears of a Russian invasion, partly due to an emphasis on increasing overall capabilities in the context of bilateral security, border security, and cost-sharing of major programs that remain part of regional plans.

Denmark chose 206 wheeled armored personnel carriers PIRANHA 5 8x8 from GDELS in April 2015, to replace its fleet of M113 with the option of increasing the number of vehicles to 450 units. The Department of Defense also suspended the planned purchase of a new 155-mm self-propelled howitzer. It is currently exploring the possibility of renting a modern artillery system from another country as an interim solution until the country can invest in a new self-propelled howitzer.

Finland busy with the problem - how best to integrate your 250 MBT and combat vehicles into collective deterrence against Russian aggression. The government reached a preliminary agreement with opposition parties to increase the defense budget in 2016-2020 years, while the country is experiencing economic difficulties and seeks to reduce government spending by almost 6,5 billion dollars in the next five years. As a long-term investment in the Finnish strike force from the Netherlands, deliveries of 20 tanks from LEOPARD 2A6 began, which will be completed in 2019 year. Meanwhile, Patria supplied the first of the 71 XA-180 6xNNXX XRUMXs that had been repaired to the Finnish army, including the installation of new seats and the electrical system and the repair of the engine, transmission and bridges. It is planned to complete the transfer of all machines before the end of 6, with the possibility of issuing a contract to repair more 2017 machines.

Norway decided to invest 500 million dollars in two new programs whose goal is to increase military power. One of them is the upgrade of 38 from 52 MBT LEOPARD 2 MBT worth about 356 million dollars. The issuance of the contract is scheduled for this year with the completion of deliveries in 2021 year. Modernization includes, among other things, an increase in the level of protection, new thermal sights, air conditioning, etc.

The LEOPARD 2A4 tank life extension program and the new combat support vehicles based on the LEOPARD 2 chassis (evacuation, bridge laying, engineering) are part of the modernization program. Other investments include upgrades to M113, different types of OCDs, upgrades to SISU MLU armored personnel carriers, plus a number of smaller areas. The goal of the LEOPARD 2 bridge construction project is to replace the existing LEOPARD 1 machines. Under the contract, the total cost of 300-500 million NOK is planned to produce about 5-8 machines, which will be delivered by 2020 year. A contract for the same amount was signed on 5-8 engineering machines LEOPARD 2 AEV based on the LEOPARD 2 chassis, which will be delivered by 2021 year.

Norwegian tank LEOPARD 2А4

In March 2015, the Norwegian defense supply organization accepted the delivery of the first CV90 BMPs from BAE Systems Hagglunds as part of one of its most expensive programs. The 750 BMP, 74 Reconnaissance, 21 Commander, 15 Engineering, 16 Multi-Purpose and Two Driver Training Machines are delivered as part of the modernization contract worth 16 million dollars. The program must be completed in 2017, resulting in a fleet of Norwegian CV90 144 machines in five different configurations, including the version equipped with a sensor kit for monitoring.

Sweden pledged to increase its defense spending to 1,18 billions of dollars over the period from 2016 to 2020 a year. The country also cooperates with Norway in a joint program worth 2,7 billion dollars for the purchase of 2000 logistic equipment from RMMV; deliveries of cars will go to 2026 year. Delivery of the first batch of 335 machines with a total value of 272 million dollars will be completed in 2017 year. At the initial stage, the Swedish armed forces placed an order for the first 215 vehicles in different configurations, of which the 51 machine with a cabin with enhanced protection. Sweden has already delivered 2012 articulated off-road conveyors BvS48 from BAE Systems Hagglunds worth 102 million dollars to the previously purchased 10 machines in 120 year. The vehicles are supplied in various variants, including personnel transporter, command, ambulance and cargo. In addition, in 2014, the government began negotiations on the sale of Austria's BvS20 10 machines as part of a program to sell weapons to foreign countries.

PIRANHA armored vehicle from GDELS with LEDS 150 active protection complex

To be continued
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      July 4 2016
      "Russian annexation of Crimea" - maybe the respected author of the article should have clarified that he was citing the German edition? And, by the way, if I am not mistaken, in the photo with the caption "Norwegian tank LEOPARD 2A4", after all, BMP CV-9040.
      1. +3
        July 4 2016
        Quote: Blondy
        Indeed, moderators, you would follow, or immediately indicate that this is not our author. If they want, then they can call the return of the Crimea annexations, well, and then our monkeys. Moreover, this is not annexation, but a special case of the realization of the right of nations to self-determination, in accordance with the UN Charter.

        And on the top left above the first picture, is it really impossible to see "Foreign press translations, Armored vehicles, military-industrial complex" am
    9. +1
      July 4 2016
      Even if this is a translation, in order to interact with the Russian audience, it is necessary to indicate the controversy of the definitions, at least in quotation marks. This is so accepted, even in diplomatic correspondence. As for the article ... well, this is not a listing of the whole picture, it is easier to open TSAMTO and read a report with figures and calculations, the rest is supplemented with pictures of products and explanations for the "non-target" audience. And so, do not let BG compare the speed and timing of rearmament with the CSTO countries, the poor fellow of the author of this article will start to twitch the eyelid and then the fingers will be covered.
    10. 0
      July 4 2016
      If you believe the wiki, then annexation is the forcible accession of all or part of another state unilaterally.
      Irredentism is a policy aimed at uniting a people or nation within a single state, including through the annexation of territories.
    11. 0
      July 4 2016
      The only competitor in armored vehicles is the Germans, they have something digestible there.

      The rest are just zeros.

      The Polish tank looks cool, but the concept ...
    12. +1
      July 4 2016
      The Pentagon’s budget in 2015 amounted to $ 575 billion.

      But it turns out we have one more super military giant - Hungary. Judging by the material
      According to the bill, Hungary allocated 2016 billion euros for defense spending in 960, which is 22% more than in 2015

      Some of you are lying, I don’t understand who? laughing laughing laughing
      1. 0
        July 4 2016
        What are they doing there? A thousand times more or less garbage. The paper suffers. But in reality, they mean euro lard, but will they really allocate?
        Although, green peas in banks can be sent to warehouses for a large amount. It would be nice to have a dry feed for DRG, you can find out by the sound or smell of hydrogen sulfide, in the event of an aggravation of the international situation.
      2. 0
        July 5 2016
        did not write for how long ... maybe these are plans for the third millennium? But seriously probably just a typo and talking about millions. laughing
    13. The comment was deleted.

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