Results of the week. "This bad man will betray us at the first danger!"

Debaltsev rush

During the week it became known that in the Debaltsevo area shelling began with new force, which are conducted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and representatives of gangs, including the Right Sector, banned in Russia by a court decision, and the Donbass battalion of Semen Semenchenko. DAN, citing the Ministry of Defense of the Donetsk People's Republic, writes that the Ukrainian security forces have advanced approximately 4 km deep into the territory of the DPR.

Ukrainian security forces attempt to break through in the area of ​​the village of Debaltseve (DNR)

Comments on events in Debaltseve

Detachments of the DPR and LPR pushed the Ukrainian security officials who carried out the breakthrough beyond the contact line

To sum up all the messages from the Ukrainian side, the essence of the June events under Debaltseve is approximately the following:

Fulfilling all the clauses of the Minsk agreements, the Ukrainian army, along with the National Bats, brought Tanks and BMP at o-o-very large (well, a kilometer and a half) distance from the line of contact. Just started - warm up the engines in June ...

For reasons unknown at this point (technical, essessnno ...), the armored machinery refused to carry out the “commands” of the mechanic squads and rushed to the enemy position. The perplexed servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, while again observing each letter of the Minsk Agreements, rushed after them, trying to stop tanks and other rebel armored vehicles from intensive fire from their own guns, hoping that the law of conservation of momentum would push the equipment back to its original positions. During the field confirmation of the same law of conservation of momentum, the Ukrainian military scientists came to the conclusion that, within the framework of the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, physical laws can give a significant error. In general, the technique did not roll back and pearl forward ...

Again, Essessno, Kremlevatniki and Colorado from the Armed Forces of the DPR and the People's Police of LNR thought that this offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (and as soon as they could think of it) came to their positions, and they began to burn in vain for becoming victims of the Ukrainian military. Having collected the corpses from the field and carrying out the wounded, Lysenko came to the unequivocal conclusion: no losses!

And at this moment representatives of the OSCE mission carried out a routine monitoring of the suites of Donetsk hotels, by Morse code under the guise of snoring (so that no one guessed) transferring data to the center ...

Comments from our readers:

Most will not like what I say.
Most comments to all news About LDNR calls for an offensive, for new battles, a campaign against Kharkov, Nikolaev and Kiev, and even Lviv.

Most hate Minsk, cutting off the flow of "interesting and exciting" information about the war and active databases.
All of them will be at war, but on the Internet, as spectators.

And what do residents of LDNR, mothers and wives of soldiers of republican armies think about this? .. I did not take part in the polls, but I think many would have arranged Minsk as at least a temporary measure, but without ukrostrelov. And here I doubt that a meat grinder is the only way to stop it. The Republican armies will win and the new line of contact will lie down, say, along the borders of the regions, and the situation there will be the same as now.

If we reject the fantastic scenarios in the near future (Ukraine has begun to see clearly, the storming of Kiev and Lvov), then the ceasefire must be achieved by other means, political first of all. But there is a sluggish wordplay, amid gunfights and all.

Here is the news of the active movement, see how many comments around this news.
And when the news comes about the next shelling, the imminent offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, etc. - 20-30 comments and all. As with Syria. Maybe this is a subconscious desire to see the war? .. Diko, but I can’t give up the idea that it drives many opponents of a truce.

An attempt by the Ukrainian army, undertaken last night at Debaltseve, turned out to be a failure for Kiev, said the commander of the Pyatnashka international brigade, Ahra Avidzba (call sign “Abkhaz”). “The attack from the Ukrainians is pure reconnaissance in force. Ours gave them some teeth and poured them in addition. That's it all over. Just a chain reaction among the civilian population suffered a panic that almost ours are not taken into the cauldron. In fact, this is nothing. It is necessary to understand that we are no longer the militia of 14, we are the army of 16. We will not allow the breakthrough of the enemy. I think they wanted to impose a fight on us so that we could pour them back. And then they will invite OSCE members to themselves and complain about how bad we are. The Ukrainian side is trying in every way to disrupt the Minsk agreements. Because a truce is disastrous for her. They went to these agreements only under the pressure of military setbacks. Full combat will not. And they will only if we decide to go see how Kiev is doing there, check whether the Maidan was restored, and if not, make them restore it. Only in this situation. What do you think, if the situation in Debaltseve were so serious, I would be at a football match and would support our team? ”- said“ Abkhaz ”.

Alexander Romanov
“There are no dead among our servicemen”.
In the Ukrainian media write the same thing: There is no loss.
The bottom line: they fought all day using everything they could. They attacked, retreated, attacked again, smashing each other, and dispersed, without loss, to their former places ...

How lovely! And how to continue? That is the task before the media. That, "we are standing, do not touch anyone, they are shooting at us, and they are breaking," and then "our brave APU liberated ..."

And if not add anti-corruption package to the anti-terrorism package?

On Wednesday, 29 June, the Upper Chamber of the Russian Parliament approved a package of changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation concerning the fight against international terrorism. 24 June in the third reading this package was adopted by the State Duma. On the basis of these changes in the criminal field of the Russian Federation, the concept of “international terrorism” itself appears, which was not previously distinguished from the general concept of “terrorism”.

Is the antiterrorist package strong??

Antiterrorist laws are a miraculous phrase that can help any party in the upcoming parliamentary elections. The fact that the anti-terrorist system in the Russian Federation, in principle, has been established for a long time and works quite well (pah-pah over the left shoulder ...), somehow does not particularly care about a certain category of citizens. PR is yes ... Excite ... September 18 is just around the corner, but what will inspire the electorate in the summer? ..

By the way, why shouldn't parliamentarians attend to the adoption of a similar anti-corruption package? Such that any official, to bribe to bribery, really closed away for a long time. So that his protege, who knew, but did not state the fact of corruption, was also held criminally liable. And better with the confiscation of property. Moreover, such a package would partially fit into the Spring package, because the corruption of Russia does at least as much harm as international terrorism. Yes, and mobile operators together with Internet providers at the same time could tell a lot of interesting things about the bureaucratic life ... We don’t pretend to the authorship of the anti-corruption bill and give it to any party that is ready to be responsible for its election promises.

Comments from our readers:

I am not a liberal and do not admire life in the United States, I feel more comfortable next to Baikal, but I don’t like this package at all. It's not just a violation of privacy rights, but also stupidly about money. Creating an infrastructure for storing conversation metadata (that is, there will be no recording of the conversation itself, only the info. Time, place, duration, addressee) will require a huge investment. It's about nothing less than a couple trillion rubles! These are servers, software, new technical solutions, changes to the existing architecture. All this equipment needs to be bought in the West. And who will pay for gesheft? That's right - simple subscribers. Already announced a rise in tariffs three times. But security will tell you ... so the rise in price of cellular communication will not affect the activities of terrorists. They use viber and telegram no one can open their encryption. From the spring initiatives of the Spring, too, there was both benefit and harm.

Let them stick "rights and freedoms", well, you know where. Compliance with the law for all is the guarantee of rights and freedoms.

Well, I do not know, with informing, it’s more likely a plus. And it's not about denunciations. It will just be great to recruit - the recruiter will already know in advance what is going on and what will be for him, since citizens will simply have to bring about his amateur activities.

Change of command of the Baltic Fleet

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu held a meeting of the board of the defense department. The venue was the Patriot Exhibition Center in Kubinka, Moscow Region. It just so happened that in addition to discussing the possible actions of the RF Armed Forces in connection with building up the military potential of NATO at the western borders of Russia, the Minister of Defense had to touch upon personnel issues. One of these issues was dedicated to the Baltic Command Service fleet. It turned out that the minister removed the posts of representatives of the high command of the naval base of the Russian Navy.

The Minister of Defense announced the removal from office of representatives of the command of the Baltic Fleet

Dozens of high-ranking military personnel from the Baltic Fleet flew from their posts, including the commander. And this is the first such major precedent in the newest stories RF.

Official reason: for serious omissions in combat training, as well as a distortion in the reports of the real state of affairs.

The expert community builds assumptions about what exactly the commander of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation Viktor Kravchuk and his closest circle has anger with. One of the assumptions is connected with the financial and economic activities, which in certain areas led to the fact that the fleet was overgrown with a strange kind of private business, using the fleet infrastructure as well.

Comments from our readers:

From May 11 to June 10, the test lasted, it is even possible to specifically guess why:
1. for the condition of the army units transferred to the DCBF from the disbanded 11-th Guards Army;
2. for the 689th Guards Fighter aviation Sandomierz Order of Alexander Nevsky Regiment named after Air Marshal A.I. Pokryshkin;
3. for the airfield Nivenskoe, there "jackets" gathered to extract potassium salt;
4. for the airfield of Kos, at the beginning of the band which grew garden society.
There, the conversation is not just about dismissal, but about dismissal from the Armed Forces ...

Due to the absence of galleys in the modern fleet, the link to the galleys is replaced by the link to the firewalls.

KazaK Bo
If announced to the whole of Russia - this is not for combat training. For her, she is dismissed and sent to retire heads of services and types of troops. And the first persons - often quiet and with a diploma! And since they announced through the media about the removal of the First Persons - I am sure, FOR THE HOST FINANCIAL ACTIVITY ... CORRUPTION. It means that they have “nakosyachili” such that, like an awl, you cannot conceal it in a bag ... there will be an assessment in society ...
Look at how many high-ranking “jackets” have been relocated for temporary residence in Lefortovo over the past month or two. In the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation there are also quite a few officials who sometimes confuse "state wool with their ... personal", especially in the area of ​​land allocation, real estate, etc.
So the Ministry of Defense has made its own contribution (I am sure of 100%, which is coordinated with GDP !!!) to the common cause of restoring order in the country.

"Armata" and pitfalls

The latest information from the representatives of UralVagonZavod is that at the moment there is a search for a compromise connected with the procurement of a certain number of new tanks by the RF Ministry of Defense. This kind of compromise translates into a decision to acquire the original party of the “experienced” Armat. This party, according to some data, is several dozen units, tests of individual armored vehicles are already underway. From 2017 of the year it is planned to begin mass purchases and on the basis of the compromise voiced - the more actively the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation conducts the purchases of T-14, the cheaper the contract can cost in the end.

Results of the week. "This bad man will betray us at the first danger!"

T-14 "Armata". Waiting for the start of serial deliveries to the Armed Forces

The Defense Ministry made it clear that "it will be a little expensive." This is about 250 million rubles for one tank T-14 "Armata". To this, the UVZ answers: look for cheaper. And while this semi-bargaining bargaining between the customer and the manufacturer continues, new pitfalls of the Armata program are revealed. In particular, Alfa Bank, without waiting for the return of loans from the Volgograd enterprise, producing armor for the newest tanks (and not only tanks), decided that it was time to begin the bankruptcy procedure. The owner of the company, from somewhere in Switzerland, sends signals that, they say, I will pay for everything, I will return, but I just can’t return to the Russian Federation, because “they sew things” ...

Does this background add optimism about the timely re-equipment of tank units of the RF Armed Forces? Frankly, not particularly ... I would like to think that the installation will still happen, and it will happen before one of the competitors starts massively arming their army with their own tanks.

Comments from our readers:

The whole hour-long film was on the TV channel "Star" about "Armatu". Everything goes, shoots, functions, the crew is comfortable. In the tank there is a complex of recognition of potential threats and their destruction. The series will do, work out. Do not dilute snot.

On the issue of financing, the bankers received a trillion rubles (970 billion) donated, which they successfully converted and zanykali, although they gave "for lending to the real sector." Here you have the 2000 stolen Armat. This is about money.

Just need to nationalize all companies tied to the defense complex. Otherwise, this deluga to the good will not bring ...

Golden words: "It is necessary to nationalize." Any literate person understands that the state must maintain a monopoly on the state-forming industries. This is, first of all, the defense industry and, accordingly, the heavy industries (machine tool industry, metallurgy, etc.) tied to it, basic science, transport and communications, energy and the extraction of natural resources. What do we see with us? Distributed everything. Now we are reaping the benefits - fraud, waste, disruption of defense orders and nobody needs anything. At one time, Dr. Roshal said an excellent phrase: As soon as money intervenes in any good deed, it disappears. In general, a slight feeling of hopelessness. To nationalize, no one and nothing will, they will tear their teeth for their piece of meat. I am afraid that V. I. Lenin was right. Only the expropriation of the expropriators and the dictatorship of the proletariat (i.e. methodically to shoot these villains).

In the prevailing international situation, Uralvagonzavod and Moscow Region need to agree as soon as possible on a sufficient number of Armata T-14 tanks, which must go to the troops in order to sufficiently ensure the defense capability of our country. Well, those who are trying to disrupt the financing of this project, these "figures" should be brought under art. 275 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, regardless of whether we are talking about any particular bank, or the head of the financial and economic bloc in the Russian government, including the head of the cabinet itself.

Lucrative for Ursula

The Russian Ministry of Defense responded to statements by German Defense Minister Ursula Gertrude von der Lyayen that Moscow should inform Berlin about the movements of its troops as part of various military training events.

From a statement by Major General Igor Konashenkov, representing the Office of the Press Service and Information Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation:
The statements of the head of the German defense ministry at least surprise us. Perhaps she simply does not know that we have been initiative, in good faith, for more than two years, we have been notifying our European partners through various channels of all sudden checks and major exercises, which, in accordance with the Vienna agreements, are not obliged to do.

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation: "It does not reach the German Minister of War ..."

The surprise of the official representative of the Ministry of Defense share. Apparently, this Ursula Gertrude needs to be warned about the beginning of the Russian teachings so that she will definitely “get it”. Performing ensemble songs and dances to them. Alexandrova "Apple" in her bedroom? .. Or is it still a salvo of 125-mm guns under the windows of her country residence? ..

Comments from our readers:

Is it worth it to warn the stubborn?

During the notice, while our names are spoken: Ursula von der nah ..., etc., the teachings are coming to an end ...

Reserve officer
Gynecologist - she is a gynecologist. And immediately everyone knows where to send it.

I’m kind of like a pensioner, I live in Russia, and I learn about sudden checks, including the quantity and quality of the parts taking part in them, from the media within 24 hours. I don’t speak about major studies. Learn Great Russian, and there will be no problems.

Well, or master the Internet. Vaughn - Psaki learned how much interesting through him, though she forgot everything in the office.

Kiev, want to save the sanctions?

State Secretary, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Grigory Karasin commented on recent statements by German Permanent Representative to the OSCE Gernot Erler regarding the fact that non-compliance with the Minsk agreements should lead to sanctions for all parties that do not comply with these agreements.

Moscow supported the idea of ​​the German permanent representative to the OSCE on the possible imposition of sanctions against Kiev

In the West, talking about the possibility of imposing sanctions on Kiev for non-compliance with the Minsk agreements

It is believed that the introduction of almost any sanctions against Ukraine will be a matter for Kiev much more favorable than the current situation for its rulers. Ban export weapons - Kiev is relatively modern armored vehicles (the one that is available and is being wound up) instead of Africa, will traverse to the Donbass. The export / import of food will be banned - at least they will rest from the Euro-GMO shaft, which obviously acts on the Ukrainian brain, so that even putting the pans on your head does not help ... The EU and the IMF will lend on the full program - they can even start working and not beg ...

So we are against imposing sanctions on Kiev! It is better to let them add for us - you see, in addition to the agricultural sector of the Russian Federation, growth will also be shown by the industrial sector together with the services sector. After all, we (historically) work better in the presence of barriers imposed from outside that need to be heroically overcome.

Comments from our readers:

Kuev is already in sanctions, if the promised loans are not given, they are not allowed into Europe, there is not enough gas, you can trade only a month a year ... From that, he is "nervous all over." And then Syria, refugees, Euroskeptics, referendums are unpredictable ... And anyway, to whom and for what this zombie "stub-country" surrendered? Flooded, damn it!

Not at all! Against Cueva will not enter, they will enter for this nigga) But against the Donbas and Luhansk - quite a can! Damage tolerastov.

St Petrov
West takes a lot of itself, handing out sanctions left and right. I'm not talking about the poor. And take at least the same Iran, us or Korea.

Hell, who are you at all, so that you can decide on which of the nations to impose sanctions?
This is really fascism already.

The main thing is when the pendulum of history will swing again, having made a strong Russia - not to forget about how the “West” freaked us.

And if God forbid there will be a war, then there, too, do not forget about the movements of Europe. And no longer regret (at the cost of the lives of our soldiers) their infrastructure and cities - passing through their countries occupied by someone to the goal.

Level with the ground. And never forget and pretend to be their friends. In general, the mission of the good people has really fed up, throughout history.

Well, if sanctions are imposed on the saucepan, then there will be a complete set - Kakol, Bulbash and Russian. Russian (Orthodox) people will be under sanctions. Not the state (3 pcs.). Namely the people. And we catch sanctions from Catholics. How sweet it is.

It's time to get angry. Long ago. And it was not necessary to save Europe. It was necessary to demolish those countries who hoaxed with the Reich.

Drill do not bother

Russian special forces will receive new weapons that can significantly increase their firepower and simplify the solution of certain tasks. A few days ago it was announced that a new hand-held rocket launcher “Bur” had been adopted by the anti-terror units. This system has a number of characteristic features, with the help of which high combat characteristics and a significant reduction in weight and overall parameters are achieved.

Mal, yes daring: grenade launcher "Bur"
The smallest grenade launcher in the world began to enter the arsenal of anti-terrorist units of the Russian Federation

It is reported that the shot "Bura" has a capacity of up to 6 kg in TNT. With such power, all the modest dimensions of the Russian grenade launcher should be considered, as they say, from a different angle. And, as they say in certain circles: size doesn’t matter ... POWER will compensate for everything. Barmaley DANGER ...

Comments from our readers:

"... a telescopic sight for shooting during the day, a telescopic night sight, and a thermal imaging system ..."
Here, for example, I climb up the mountains, stumbled onto my side, and the scope went astray.
Why all these sights without mechanical? It’s necessary to display and adjust each sight.

Andrey K
The range of ammunition indicates a "narrow" specialization of this product - "smoking out" of bogeyles from the premises. No ammunition with BZ and cumulative warhead.

Rather, the "roasting". "Smoke" is still better with spetschininka with "chloropicrin" or something similar, the same "Cheryomukha."

RPK-400. Light version?

The main difference between perspective small arms from existing models is that the light assault machine gun is perfect for firing in urban environments, both on the streets and in small-sized and volume premises, allowing the shooter to create a greater density of fire. At the same time, the probability of “unpredictable results” of firing is minimized, that is, random defeats caused by the breaking of walls or ricochets from them.

The Kalashnikov Concern is working on the RPK-400 machine gun

As one familiar man in uniform said: “Today - the machine gun is light, tomorrow - the parade of homosexuals on Red Square”.

This means that opinions on the issue of modernization of weapons are once again habitually divided: some advocate ergonomics (in other words, for convenience) and follow the trends of time and marketing, others for historical weapon traditions - so that the 200 nail could be used with a machine gun. pound into a log, and an enemy tank weapon bend with a pair of direct blows ...

Comments from our readers:

Aaron Zawi
Of course, I am a simple sergeant, and may the generals forgive me, but this is not a machine gun. This is an AK machine gun with a more powerful barrel.
I believe that the machine gun is obliged to have tape feed, but in general, who is used to something. But the 5.45 partition / platoon is not a problem to do.

In this case, deeply equally - tape or store food. With an 95 drum capacity of cartridges and approximately the same dimensions, a magazine-fed machine gun will be simpler in design and lighter in weight, as well as more technological in manufacturing. Recharging in combat conditions will also be easier with store food. And at least the equipment, although the store of such a volume will take quite a lot of time, so there’s parity in it.

Well, and again, in which case it will be possible to install any magazine from a machine gun of the same caliber on a machine gun with store power, such a focus definitely will not work with a ribbon machine gun.

Tape feed on a manual machine gun hemorrhoids and delirium, it is usually advocated by those who have no idea what the equipment of the tape is, its amortization during use and the interchangeability of ammunition on the battlefield. Technologically advanced and operating in any conditions, the drum shop on the 95 is much more convenient and solves all the same tasks as the PC box for 100 cartridges.

Also, a light machine gun of the same small caliber as the machine gun is not the best solution. There is a beautiful, still in service and supplied to the troops cartridge 7,62х39. He certainly has more weight and flatness is worse, but penetrability and stopping effect are much higher than 5,45x39, which is the most important thing for the “urban” machine gun.

Folding butt on a light machine gun is also a very controversial decision, and even more so its “telescopicity”. It is bad that the development of small arms is now following the fashion and laws of the market, and not the development of manufacturability, reliability and efficiency.

Long-awaited Turkish apology

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a sensational news this week: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan apologized for the Russian Su-24 bomber shot down last fall. Here is a statement by the press secretary of the Russian president: “President of the Russian Federation Putin received a message from Turkish President Erdogan, in which the Turkish leader expressed his interest in resolving the situation associated with the death of a Russian military aircraft. In his message, the head of the Turkish state expressed his sympathy and deep condolences to the family of the deceased Russian pilot and said: “Excuse me” (quoted in Interfax).

The Kremlin press service: Turkish President Erdogan apologized for the downed Su-24 RF videoconferencing system

Tricky comments. On the sink, steel testicles and the situation "late rush"

Thinking out loud. So mnogohodovka, or still got off with tomatoes? ..

Most recently, as I recall, Mr. Erdogan sent another letter to Moscow in which he congratulated the Russian president and the Russian people on the Day of Russia. The message also contained theses on the need to normalize relations between Russia and Turkey. However, the Kremlin was waiting for an apology for the plane shot down by the Turks and punishment of the perpetrators of the execution of the Russian pilot.

This week it became clear that Erdogan, who destroyed the country's economy with his sultan's ambitions, had to step past them.

Let's see how the situation will develop after the apologies. Will those who directly participated in the shooting of Oleg Peshkov, the commander of the Su-24 crew, be punished in Turkey?

Comments from our readers:

When Griboyedov was killed, along with apologies and condolences, the diamond was presented as a sign of reconciliation. And then apologies through closed channels of diplomatic communication. Yes, he can convey anything through these channels, even recognize the Armenian Genocide.

Now we must not apologize to Putin, but to the people of Russia!
He apologized to his family.
And I can say thank you to Putin for not stooping.
Here are just Turkish tomatoes, let them devour themselves. Rural residents need support. Earlier in our south, tomatoes were, as they say, even eat ass.
So we only need a Turkish coast with a hotel where everything is included.

Not all! Where is the material compensation? And then all the same to ignore.

Established involvement

In the largest city of Turkey, once again recently, several explosions thundered. According to the Turkish media, right after the explosion, a real battle between the police and the attackers broke out in one of the Istanbul neighborhoods. Later, Turkish law enforcers announced that, hot on the heels, they allegedly managed to establish involvement in the terrorist acts at Ataturk Airport (Istanbul) of thirteen people. It is reported that the direct perpetrators of the attacks were immigrants from Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

A series of terrorist attacks in Istanbul

Ankara: Immigrants from Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan are involved in the terrorist attack in Istanbul

According to the Anadolu news agency, all those whom the Turkish police suspect of involvement in the terrorist attacks in Istanbul have been taken to police stations. They are working quickly.

By the way, Ankara considers the detainees representatives of the "Islamic State" (prohibited in Russia). As you know, the Turkish government likes to support the Syrian "opposition". Now, with blood, it turns out that this love is unrequited.

Comments from our readers:

St Petrov
Scorpio, who was put in his pocket, still stung the Turks. Airport and subway - this is serious.
Bon appetit, the Ottomans. You give them chemical weapons, as they did before, there will be a complete set.
Assad warned, but he was written off ahead of time and did not heed his words, thinking that the deed was done.

Again the media, like a cart in front of a horse. While there is operational work with the detainees, not a single intelligence service of the world of information gives anyone (unless there is a goal to misinform the accomplices), so we are waiting for official statements.

Siberia 9444
Natives from Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. No, well, the movie and not the Germans! Well at least, not Russian Orthodox.

Dangerously approached

Frants Klintsevich, First Deputy Head of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, commented on the information about the approach of the American destroyer Gravely at a close distance to the Russian Yaroslav the Wise patrol in the Mediterranean. According to the Russian senator, this is an American provocation.

After several days of reflection, the Pentagon issued its own interpretation of events. According to the top of the American military department, the Yaroslav the Wise outposts allegedly deliberately tried to interfere with the actions of the American aircraft carrier Harry Truman, which was accompanied by the very same destroyer Gravely.

The American destroyer Gravely has dangerously approached the Russian watchdog Yaroslav the Wise in the Mediterranean

The Pentagon has voiced its version of the rapprochement of "Gravely" with "Yaroslav the Wise"

Of course, the old Pentagon habit was further followed by the accusations of the Russians of “unprofessionalism”.

Pentagon officials say that at Yaroslav the Wise they behaved unprofessionally when they announced via radio communications that space for maneuver was limited and the corresponding signal flag was displayed. Ever, they say, this Russian place in the sea is not enough. It begs the assumption that the sea is for the Americans. For exceptional.

Comments from our readers:

Dangerous driving! It is necessary for the merikos to write out the fine, and it is better to prescribe.
I did not notice the aircraft carrier on the video? Or is he so small? Or maybe underwater?

Andrey K
Explanations Pentagon warriors something like our anecdote about the rink, which "overtook and cut." Do they themselves hear that nonsense that falls out of their mouths?

Ros 56
What can I say, all words and expressions are only non-parliamentary. Striped when you're lying, at least jump.

Ukrainian migrant workers stuffed faces

Radio Radio Poland reports that in the city of Przemysl a mass brawl took place between local residents and Ukrainians, many of whom were in Poland as guest workers. The report says that the Ukrainians decided to hold a rally in memory in honor of the so-called Sich archers buried in Przemysl. Locals began to beat the representatives of the Ukrainian procession, who were going to get to the burial site of the Sich Riflemen who fought on the side of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Ukrainians were beaten up in Poland to organize a march "in memory of the Sich Riflemen"

Poles traditionally do not burn with love for Ukrainians rushing in the EU. Burn with very different feelings. The Polish police even had to accuse several residents of Przemysl in organizing the attack. The investigation says that a person’s 23 was arrested and accused of “violating the right to profess a religious cult”.

A cult is a cult, but the fact is that the majority of detainees are members of the All-Polish Youth Association. At first, the young people shouted to the Ukrainians either to “answer for Volyn” or “get out to Kiev”, and then got down to business: they gave cuffs to the “brotherly people”. They beat not only fists, but also sticks.

It is difficult, very difficult to imagine Ukraine in a friendly family of Euro-people.

Comments from our readers:

But in Odnoklassniki, with foaming at the mouth, they prove to everyone how they love them everywhere and how the whole world hates us. Propaganda there they brain (residues) washes great. such nonsense is ... to prove something is practically useless.

However, what politically active guest workers! And work, and go to the demonstration, and get on the neck - all have time.

I paraphrase the phrase classic: for the Ukrainian passport not so long ago spat in the face, and soon they will start beating in the face.

Welcome to the Reich!

The politicians of Germany, France, and at the same time Italy, started talking about the “European superstate”, which should replace the EU. The project, which German Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier intends to present in Prague on July 4, describes a common foreign policy, tax and visa system. It also speaks of the weakening of the role of NATO in this super-education.

Foggy vision?

The idea of ​​a single “superstate”, about which one very enterprising German person, Herr Steinmeier, will tell 4 of July (was this date chosen by chance - US Independence Day?) In Prague, has long been in the air. For several years now, experts have been talking about a certain “Reich” with the capital somewhere in Berlin and with the present government, and not with “supranational institutions” like those that the EU has. It seems that the idea is turning into a political initiative. And, of course, the Germans will represent the initiative.

However, one should not think that we are talking about some national values ​​and (God forbid) about racial purity. Quite the contrary: the ideologists of the “superstate” want to preach on the territory of the new union the refusal to control their own borders of the “former” states. Thus, refugee flows will be able to move absolutely freely.

It turns out that this initiative is generally consistent with the policies of Frau Merkel and is based on the very European values, which imply the free movement of individuals without visas and borders. A kind of European Union, only under the flag of the present state, and not a quasi-state entity with yellow asterisks. Well, it is clear who will be the main. Not Greece with Cyprus. And, of course, Britain, which is not slowly chipping away from the EU.

Comments from our readers:

Germany, France, Italy ... And what should the Balts and other Ukrainians do? They also want to be in charge.

They had never been asked before. They put the puppet at the head - they stupidly carried out orders from Brussels. This is cannon fodder. Sorts will be cleaned for some time until they become extinct, and then their territories themselves will go to the Germans. Without war. There is no one to protect them, no one asks their opinions ... The main thing is that the Soviet Union was bad.))

The black
And they will be the main ones. In line utilities. Well, in a sense, scrub toilets.

They will be the "main" in the mikrorihe under the control of Poland.

And about the fourth Reich, I have long been waiting for the next step to merge the EU into one Reich / USSR / USA, as you like. This is quite a logical and obvious step in the further restructuring of Europe in order to create a counterbalance to the US and NATO. Moreover, the external enemy or “the most likely enemy” will remain the same - Russia, although it will be periodically perceived as one of the leading partners. Under Hitler, until the very beginning of the war, there was cooperation with the USSR, and even during the Cold War, everything was exactly the same. Trade trade, and politics in its own right.

I would go to the farmers

American billionaire investor Jim Rogers believes that the United States is waiting for the collapse and hopes for Russia. In an interview RBC He said that you need to invest in rubles and in Russian agriculture. “Now I myself invest in Russia, I like it here, I see huge changes associated with what happened in the Kremlin, they realized that Russia needs foreign investors, people with knowledge, expertise, and now this is a completely different country, very attractive, ”said the billionaire, skeptical about the idea of ​​investing in Russia before 2012.

“I am very optimistic about agriculture all over the world, including in Russia, I would even say, especially in Russia. You know, it’s in ruins, there are a lot of opportunities, now smarter people are starting to engage in this, investing money, bringing equipment, and the situation with Russian agriculture will improve. Instead of doing journalism, you should consider becoming a farmer. ”

Experts: the US will fall apart, and Russia will become a prosperous peasant country

So, dear readers, even if a journalist from a non-poor RBC company is given advice to go to the peasants, then what should a mere mortal do from Military Review? Do not be surprised that the articles on the site will be less and less: someone needs to process the fields - follow the advice of a billionaire. You look at the peasantry and get rich.

But seriously, the talk of decay, collapse and disintegration of the United States has been going on for a long time, and sometimes it seems that just now ... Why, what a thing: the mentioned Mr. Rogers still keeps his wealth not in rubles, but in dollars!

As for farming in Russia with its bureaucratic lawlessness, “raiding” and risky farming zone, it is far from a convenient and profitable occupation as in the USA, where it is also generously subsidized from the treasury. That is why at one time the “Bush legs” came to us; no reverse processes were observed.

Comments from our readers:

We have a lot of people have vegetable gardens, including associate professors with candidates. So we are all peasants. All rain will fall.

"Peasants"? Maybe immediately, "serfs"? Serf peasants, serf workers ... The story moves in a spiral, however. Sons and daughters of VIPs will grow up with their masterly manners and confidence in their permissiveness, they will take over the reins of government, will acquire private armies and "haidukas", and a "happy" season of new Russia will begin.

Do you have shares of Sberbank?
Phosagro? VEB? Mozh, Gazprom?
Ile money keep everything in the bank?
Well, in the three-liter ... In a simple way.
Help Russia is very necessary!
No stock? A little money,
Yes you can retirement contributions.
And these are not? Then potatoes!

I myself grow three hundred parts with my parents. 600 kg collected in the last year of the selected potatoes. This year, the grass is not even to the waist, but higher. Now let the cattle graze, before my eyes would be fat. Previously, three herds went heads in 300, then one, now there are no cows, sheep and goats. It's a pity. True, we take the village milk, I live on the edge of the city, they bring it by car now, to the “Lada-Kalina”, who needs it. 100 rubles bank 3-liter. And also cottage cheese.

Say no to confrontation!

NATO’s inclination to negotiate with Moscow was recently reported to the world by the French foreign minister, Jean-Marc Eyreau, who talked with his colleague Sergei Lavrov in Paris. In addition, Monsieur Eyro expects that members of the North Atlantic Alliance at the upcoming summit in Warsaw will declare their desire to put an end to confrontation with Russia. Has NATO really started shooting?

Ammo run out

The statement of Monsieur Eyro, who spoke out against the “confrontation”, is the first swallow, which promises in the near future some warming between Europe and Russia.

Of course, other politicians from Poland and the Baltic states may not like these “anti-confrontational” initiatives. However, even these politicians (with the exception of the Polish Minister of Defense) are well aware that the Russians are not going to attack either individual Latvia or the entire European Union. To yelp on the air is one thing, but to believe in an aggressor on the threshold is quite another. Where the latter happens, broad-shouldered orderlies with syringes should enter the game.

Comments from our readers:

I do not believe in improving NATO’s relations with Russia.
In the Pentagon and NATO countries, military budgets are inflated and painted, military orders have been made and are being worked out. Try to stop this whole militaristic business! It is easier to stop where the military budget is less. And it is less in Moscow than in Washington.
Most likely, the NATO leadership is once again bluffing and is going to “improve” its relations with the Kremlin at the expense of concessions only from Russia!

Let the NATO members first wake up at the summit in Warsaw as they should, reveal their true plans and intentions (in the statements and documents of the alliance), and only then it will make sense to talk with them about something. Any kind of sweet statements by individual politicians (and obviously short-term and momentary) cannot be attached to the matter.

Ruzina Natalia
No, this is not a break in the consciousness of European politicians, it is pure water that takes the topic aside. Why French? It's just that there are serious strikes, European Championships, Brexit, refugees, etc. For them, this is too much on their heads. And then NATO, money, forcing up passions, sanctions. Just in case, they are the first in line for negotiations with the Russians. The main thing is that ours are not in a hurry to believe the sweet speeches.

One sixth or shreds?

White House spokesman Eric Schulz told the world about the “maximum isolation” of Russia in recent history. This result was brought about by the well-coordinated policy of the West, which introduced restrictive measures against Russia. Mr. Schulz believes that the merit of “isolation” belongs to the “international leadership” of President Obama. According to the official representative of the White House, Western sanctions led to a reduction in the economy of the Russian Federation on the 1 / 6 part.

"Maximum" isolation

A certain "maximum" of international isolation, achieved "in the entire newest history," which Mr. Schultz spoke of, seems doubtful.

For example, the unpredictable Turkish President Erdogan (inclined toward autocracy and sultanism, by the way), if not to say more, made an attempt to apologize to Russia for the fighter shot down last year during the proclamation of this very “maximum”.

Another example. India is not at all eager to observe "isolated" Russia. Analyst P. Sh. Raghavan indicates: “For India, political, defense and strategic relations with Russia retain great importance. We do not want the cold war-style pressure to weaken this relationship by strengthening others. Some areas of interaction between India and Russia cannot yet be replaced by relations with any other countries. Cooperation with Russia strengthens our leverage in relations with other partners. ”

You can not ignore the Celestial. The results of Vladimir Putin’s visit to China demonstrated a high degree of proximity between the two countries, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Monday. “The results of President Putin’s visit to China fully demonstrated the degree of closeness of current Chinese-Russian relations, as well as the unity of the positions of the two countries,” Hong Lei quotes RIA News".

According to the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, during the visit, the parties agreed to strengthen strategic cooperation and mutual trust in the political sphere.

With such an interaction, we add, it is rather difficult to speak not only about “maximum” international isolation, but about isolation in general. You can only talk about this or that effect of certain sanctions on the Russian economy. Obama and his talking heads need to figure out the indicators: did the economy of Russia decrease by “one sixth” - or is the economy “torn to shreds”?

Comments from our readers:

Andrey K
Eric Schulz told the world about "maximum isolation." A few months earlier, the Afro-American representative of the “exclusive nation,” he is the “international leader” of President Obama, declared that the Russian economy was torn to shreds.
Question: who to believe? Whether the head of Schulz, who hurried to report a torn economy, or Schultz, who, refuting the greatest of the most exceptional ones, states that "Western sanctions led to a reduction in the economy of the Russian Federation by the 1 / 6 part." That is, it disproves the boss’s thesis about a “torn economy”. How can you cut what is already torn?

No one
Instead of sitting at the negotiating table with Moscow in 2014, discussing the situation with the Crimea and with Ukraine, and reaching an agreement, Washington decided to recall the rhetoric of the Cold War. All this leads to the conclusion that Washington never ended the Cold War against Russia, there was only a short interglacial period. NATO's eastward expansion, the creation of a missile defense system, a dirty war with Serbia are all links in one chain. Russia finally began to operate in 2014, for too long, the pressure spring of NATO was compressed by a unilateral procedure. In war as in war, and not Russia began it. Earlier, the Americans with regard to Russia were dragging on their artificial smiles, retaining the appearance of good-neighborly relations, but now the masks are dropped. It may be for the better, the enemy showed his real wolfish grin, respectively, you can take all the necessary response measures with a clear conscience, and now everyone understands why everything is being done, why big money is spent.

The nonsense of the representative of the White House is another attempt to give what is desired for the real, especially regarding the mention of the “international leadership” of their president. Such a briefing would be unsurprising if the broadcast was not from a white, but from a “yellow” house.

Russians, let's negotiate!

The US president offered Moscow a new military partnership in Syria. This was reported by the foremost mouthpiece of democracy - the newspaper The Washington Post. The Russians were promised military cooperation in exchange for the cessation of bombing attacks on “rebels”, that is, on those “opposition” groups that are approved by the United States.

Washington has already handed over the text of the proposed agreement to members of the Russian government. The essence of the deal: the United States promises to join forces with the Russian Air Force to find targets and coordinate actions against Dzhebhat al-Nusra, the Al-Qaida branch in Syria, which is fighting mainly with the government of Bashar al-Assad.

According to this proposal, which was personally endorsed by President Obama and largely supported by Secretary of State Kerry, the cooperation of the American and Russian military will reach an "unprecedented level." In return, the Russians should agree to put pressure on the “Assad regime” and convince him to stop attacking those Syrian rebel groups that the United States does not consider terrorist.

Obama offered Putin a "new military partnership" in Syria

There are big changes in the position of Washington regarding the policy of cooperation of Russia in Syria. Some of the administrative ranks in the United States recently showed off how thoroughly Mr. Obama “isolated” Russia. This, in particular, was stated by White House spokesman Eric Schulz, who told the world about the “maximum isolation” of Russia as much as possible in all of recent history and noted that the merit of such “isolation” belongs to the “international leadership” of President Obama. And today, all of a sudden, the White House itself broke through its own “isolation” and is ready to make agreements with Russia.

Mr. Obama, the “lame duck,” rushes about, not knowing how to rectify the situation in Syria, which in fact is a historical example of his political failure, on the throne in the remaining few months. Obama always liked to make long speeches, to make pretentious statements, he always dreamed to go down in history. It seems that instead of going down in history, he left to plunge.

Comments from our readers:

Yes, Obama's mattresses again come up under the guise of cooperation some meanness, like Erdogan! You can not believe them!

Both on! It turns out that he already sees in us negotiating partners, and not just an object for sanctions. We are on the right track, comrades!

Some kind of crap. We don’t like these ones, let's wet them together, but don’t touch them, don’t touch them, they’ll help the USA to overthrow Assad.

In fact, the United States has achieved success in Syria: 1) The US Air Force is quietly bombing anyone they see fit; 2) Russia had reasons to reduce the grouping of HQS; 3) on land offensive-offensive; 4) Assad + Iran + RF resist, but did not win.
The proposal for Assad is unacceptable. He is an ally. This is not a proposal, it is a threat to permanently “err” when bombing.

Americans are afraid of being late and not becoming one of the winners, and offer a second front.
Help does not hurt, the Kremlin will figure out how to do the right thing!

* "This bad man betrays us at the first danger!" - the phrase from the movie "Gentlemen of Fortune"
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  1. -32
    3 July 2016 06: 56
    What is the maiden crying about?
    1. +21
      3 July 2016 09: 00
      Gathering corpses from the field and taking out the wounded, Lysenko came to the unequivocal conclusion: there are no losses!

      As always, a good overview and not much about Debaltseve.LNR handed over to Ukraine the body of an APU fighter, who was left to die by wounded colleagues, retreating after an unsuccessful provocation at the village of Logvinovo. The transfer of the body to the Ukrainian side took place on the bridge over Seversky Donets in the area of ​​Happiness. The mediator for the transfer of the body was the Union of Afghan Veterans of the Luhansk Region, OSCE representatives observed the process. “Today we handed over to the Ukrainian side the body of a soldier of the 54th separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, who died near Debaltseve near Logvinovo during provocations by Ukrainian security forces on June 29 ", - said the official representative of the LPR People’s Police, Major Andrei Marochko." An APU fighter was wounded and could not get out of the battlefield on his own, he did not wait for help from his comrades and colleagues and died from blood loss, "the major recalled." Despite the continuous fire from the side of the APU’s positions by our military personnel was able to detect and take out the body of a Ukrainian soldier in order to subsequently hand it over to his relatives, ”said a representative of the People’s Police. He noted that the Ukrainian side’s consent to take the body of his fighter was unexpected for LPR, as according to official data APU there were no clashes near Logvinovo, respectively Naturally, there were no losses.
  2. +13
    3 July 2016 07: 01
    The week was not easy. one Turkish pasha what is worth with its incomprehensible twists ..... well, and to the Reviewers - as always- Thank you! Sensibly. Squeezed. And the main thing with humor !!! In the morning I read it with great pleasure!
  3. +3
    3 July 2016 07: 05
    Thanks to the authors! as always, the review is top notch. I hasten to insert my 5 cents, and then, like many, I’ll run to the garden ...
    Probably the main news of this week “Passion for Aidar”
    The newspaper Today reports ... ..
    The Ukrainian military prosecutor’s office detained the former commander of the punitive battalion “Aydar” Valentin Likholit, nicknamed “Father”, under the leadership of which Nadezhda Savchenko fought.
    The court decided to keep the founder of "Aydar" in custody until 28 August 2016. It's almost two months, - TV Channel 24 reports.
    Criminal proceedings against him were instituted on suspicion of organizing an armed gang, robbery, penetration into a home, abduction of two or more persons. According to the investigation, Aydarovets violated the Constitution of Ukraine several times, the Charter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and improperly performed their duties.
    “The people who liberated Ukraine, they were arrested. Likholit was a legend of the Aydar battalion. He saved this country. A Ukrainian judge just sent him to jail on charges from a separatist, and Ukrainian police are trying to put him in prison,” said the people's deputy Yegor Sobolev.
    Semyon Semenchenko noted that such a term is unacceptable on these charges. People's deputies, who wanted to bail "Batya", simply surrounded him in the courtroom.
    Valentin Likholit also appealed to the demobilized soldiers. “Guys, you can become in the place where I am now, if we are not one whole and do not punish the judicial and prosecutorial system,” said Dad.
    In the courtroom there are clashes with law enforcement officers who are trying to take the gunman out of the hall.
    5 people's deputies - Sobolev, Kostenko, Semenchenko, Mosiychuk and Lozova took on bail Valentin Likholit. Nadezhda Savchenko herself wanted to bail her former commander, but she could not come to the courtroom.
    Throughout the night in the Pechora District Court a circus continued with the participation of obscure people, with weapons and without identification marks (including from the punitive battalions Aidar, Azov, Tornado, Donbass and members of the Right Sector *), which block the building, including the outside, blocking the entrance to it with overturned tables and tires, which they threaten to set fire in the event of a police assault.
    A symbol of complete disregard for power in Ukraine was the singing of songs with a guitar right in the courtroom.
    It is known that in court there are deputies of the Verkhovna Rada from the Radical Party Igor Mosiychuk, Andrey Lozovoi and Dmitry Linko, deputies from "Self-help" Semyon Semenchenko and Yegor Sobolev, people's deputy from "Petro Poroshenko Bloc" Oleg Petrenko, people's deputy and commander of "Azov" Andrei Biletsky .
    “Most patriots are very tired, because already 12 hours of confrontation continues. Get tight! Help win freedom for the one who fought, protecting you! At 6 in the morning the metro opens. We urge all patriots, war veterans, Kiev residents to go to the Pechersk court (Khreschatyk, 42). Let us light the fire of the National Revolution! ”- Mosiychuk is not shy in his expressions.
    1. 0
      3 July 2016 07: 46
      A symbol of complete disregard for power in Ukraine was the singing of songs with a guitar right in the courtroom.

      Why is it so small that the guitar? lol
      They would have dragged the piano from the Maidan. Somehow more impressive. what
      Well, not a country, but a SHAPITO. fool
    2. +8
      3 July 2016 08: 00
      Quote: Egoza
      . I hasten to insert my 5 cents, and then, like many, I’ll run to the garden ...

      Elena, But I’m already in the garden (therefore, the Romanian flag), but viewing the review is a holy thing. Thanks to the authors. I go to work.
  4. +2
    3 July 2016 07: 08
    Further more
    The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko told the Ukrainian media that he was taking the case of Licholith under personal control.
    The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that the militants of the punitive battalion "Aydar" were forced to take cars from the civilian population to protect the state, since they were not provided with transport.
    “The incompleteness of the investigation consists in the fact that the Aydar’s fighters were not provided with vehicles at that time to protect the state and, from my point of view, were forced to get these funds,” the 112 Ukraine television channel said.
    Well, a cherry on a cake - a tent on Khreshchatyk, which the police diligently do not notice, directing transport on another road. Mustache according to plan?
    “Tents were brought under the Pechersk court. Dobrobat fighters plan to put them on Khreshchatyk, ”wrote Mosiychuk.
    “We continue to block the court demanding the release of Valentin Likholit (“ Batu ”). We had a short meeting, decided:
    1. send a delegation to the Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko with a request to change Bate’s preventive measure. The delegation is led by my colleague on the legislative support committee for law enforcement Pavel Kostenko;
    2. to form a convoy of a maidan for a trip to the village of Kozin, where the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko lives with his family to convey our demands to him;
    3. plan to block traffic on the street. Khreshchatyk;
    4. pull yourself up! All support is needed! ”- organizes the“ popular uprising ”Mosiychuk.

    Total! The court in the case of the ex-battalion “Idar” Valentin Likholit, accused of grave and especially grave crimes, decided to release him on bail of people's deputies. (judges also want to live)
    And this is not the end !!!!
    Already the liberated Licholith was attacked ... by the Aidarites themselves!
    “There was an attack on the car of People's Deputy Andrei Lozovoy, in which at the time of the attack were the newly freed founder of the Aydar battalion Valentin“ Batya ”Likholit, his wife Larisa, Lozovoy, his assistant and me. The bandits cut the wheel and crushed the car body, ”Mosiychuk wrote.
    In the attack, according to Mosiychuk, about 15 people participated, his customer was another deputy of the Rada, the former commander of the Aydar Sergey Melnichuk.
    According to Ukrainian blogger Anatoly Shariy, who posted the video of the incident, the Aydar fighters, who accused Likholit of separatism and involvement in the death of military personnel of the battalion, participated in the attack on the car on which Likholit left the courthouse.
    A remarkable conclusion was made by V. Kornilov
    It is unlikely, however, that this trial will turn into the beginning of a nationalist revolution, as Mosiychuk wants. But sooner or later, these militants will go further. The authorities armed them, and this gun, suspended on the wall, will have to shoot in one of the acts. Sooner or later Poroshenko or someone who comes for him will have to solve this problem created by the Maidan. Sooner or later, they will have to make a night of long knives against these Nazi fighters, otherwise they will simply take their power, ”sums up Kornilov.

  5. +8
    3 July 2016 07: 14
    We found the IL-76 crashed during the extinguishing of fires, perhaps this is the main event, unfortunately tragic.
  6. +1
    3 July 2016 07: 15
    Hit! Hit! When will the knockout already be?
    Ukraine has received a number of sensitive attacks in the international arena in a very short period of time.
    This was announced at a press conference in Kiev by the head of the Ukrainian Politics Foundation Kost Bondarenko, who called to think about how adequate the current leadership of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is.
    “All the defeats in the external arena - and there were about a dozen of them - stem from the absolutely inadequate leadership of the Foreign Ministry,” the expert noted. “But let us also be objective: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs only embodies what is planned from above.” And therefore, we must talk, probably, about resetting the entire foreign policy of Ukraine.
    I mean the blows that Ukraine received from the EU, and from the Netherlands, and German officials who said that the issue of Ukraine’s membership in the EU is not considered. Here is a whole series of points related to Poroshenko’s stay in Brussels, when he was simply humiliated. He has a pre-agreed program of meetings, half of which did not take place. Schulz refused to meet. And besides, they told him: we will move this whole schedule for the evening, because we have more important things to do. ”
    “Plus, the adventure with an appeal to the Ecumenical Patriarch and the Pan-Orthodox Council, which ended in complete failure for Ukraine and, moreover, indignant comments by the higher clergy, who stated that Ukraine acted excessively insolently, demanding autocephaly by the Orthodox Church through the head of the Moscow Patriarchate,” added Bondarenko .
    - All this for one week, a very compressed period of time. As a result, we saw a complete fiasco in all directions. ”
  7. +1
    3 July 2016 07: 17
    Geese fly ... ..
    Intelligence of the Donetsk People's Republic recorded the arrival of 150 fighters from a private military company (PMC) at the contact line of the parties near Gorlovka.
    “Our intelligence continues to record the arrival of foreign mercenaries in units standing at the line of contact. So, in the area of ​​the settlement of Mayorsk (1,5 kilometers to the line of contact), PMCs arrived to 150 people of Arab appearance, ”said the deputy commander of the DPR operational command Eduard Basurin at the press center of DAN. In particular, on June 25 it was reported about the work of sniper groups in the village of Novotroitskoye near Volnovakha, formed from foreign mercenaries.
    We add that in early October, the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada adopted the law "On Foreigners Performing Military Service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine", thereby legalizing the use of mercenaries.

    Add .... Do you smell, But father?
    The warriors "Taktychnaya Group Belorussia", which fights with the residents of Donbass near Donetsk, in particular, in the Avdiivka industrial zone, have been officially issued Ukrainian military cards. They do not hide their goals - then, together with the Ukrainian "volunteers" to fight in Belarus. Belarusian soldiers are going to serve under a contract in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “There are instructors from the USA and other NATO countries. We hope to get the necessary knowledge there, ”they frankly tell the unwelcoming press.

  8. +26
    3 July 2016 07: 19
    No, I certainly understand that Erdogans come and go, but the Turkish people remain (to paraphrase a well-known expression). But at least kill I do not understand why we should at the very first and very amorphous "Excuse me" rush into the arms of the Turkish Sultan? How long have we waited even for these words? Seven, eight months? Why not take time out for reflection for a similar period of time without saying "Yes" or "No"? Why are our leaders with such enthusiasm and cordiality in a hurry to surrender themselves into the hands of a person who has clearly shown his attitude towards us? What prevents us from waiting for the results of our embargo to reach the maximum level (because then and only then it will be possible to negotiate with the Turks, because only then will they express any apologies)? Are the Turkish hotels bought up by the Russian bureaucracy at bargain prices, the occupancy of which must be urgently ensured in order to recoup the costs incurred as soon as possible, are of equal importance to the sovereign status of our country? Are they worth the sacrifices of our pilot? What about our pride, our self-respect? Are they worth it? It looks like the government thinks they are. What can now be said with confidence that the country's flag (once the flag of the merchant fleet) is the best match for the real content of its policy. All this is sad.
    1. +4
      3 July 2016 08: 44
      Yes. This is alarming. I agree with the author of the comment. A strange haste. Not even three days have passed since they began to creep. The "partners" immediately cackled that they were greeting.
      1. +5
        3 July 2016 08: 56
        Quote: Stinger
        Yes. This is alarming. I agree with the author of the comment. Strange rush. Not even three days passed before they began to spread.

        And I think that we do not know all the twists and turns of the case. Most likely, the work on rapprochement between our countries was carried out for a long time and behind the scenes. Erdogan's apology is the tip of the iceberg, and what is hidden under the "water" is the main highlight in this case. I hope very soon we will understand that Putin is not eating his bread for nothing.
        1. +3
          3 July 2016 09: 39
          Quote: SRC P-15
          Quote: Stinger
          Yes. This is alarming. I agree with the author of the comment. Strange rush. Not even three days passed before they began to spread.

          And I think that we do not know all the twists and turns of the case. Most likely, the work on rapprochement between our countries was carried out for a long time and behind the scenes. Erdogan's apology is the tip of the iceberg, and what is hidden under the "water" is the main highlight in this case. I hope very soon we will understand that Putin is not eating his bread for nothing.

          The highlight of the iceberg is that Erdogan had managed to reconcile with the more implacable Israel the week before. He announced a penny to terrorists and suddenly 20 million families.
          I think everyone got the "advice" to stabilize the Middle East.
          1. +5
            3 July 2016 10: 18
            Quote: Mavrikiy
            The highlight of the iceberg is that Erdogan managed to come to terms with the more implacable Israel the week before.

            And another highlight is Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow on June 7.
            Incidentally, this was the fourth meeting of Prime Minister Netanyahu with President Putin in the past year. If you add to this the March trip to Moscow of President Reuven Rivlin, you might get the impression that "something is behind it."
            Therefore, I admit that the reconciliation of Turkey with Israel is the result of negotiations between Putin and Netanyahu. Erdogan’s apology to Russia can also flow from here.
    2. 0
      4 July 2016 03: 32
      We did not rush and have no illusions regarding Erdogan.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  9. 0
    3 July 2016 07: 19
    Commander-in-chief steers ....
    - But the sweet cherry to whom! Fresh strawberries!
    Who do you think could shout this and where? Lively aunts at a nearby bazaar? No, it’s Petro Poroshenko arrived in the very heat of the ATO - in the village of Vodyanoye, under the very Donetsk airport. He brought the soldiers an order for a demobilization and, at the same time, a bossyat run - on a pair of boxes bought on the side of the berry. And then empty-handed it was inconvenient to somehow come ...
    For some six months of real battles in the 2014 year, Poroshenko for some reason in the ATO preferred not to meddle. Well, you never know what - a crazy splinter or a bullet in the back from your own.
    However, this did not prevent the AP speaker from reporting that Poroshenko came under fire in the ATO: “In Zaitsevo, Mayorsk, Avdeevka, Experimental and Vodyan there were enemy mortar shells, and in Pesky the enemy opened fire from barreled artillery. In total, over 130 mines and 26 shells were fired at our positions. Yesterday, the president of Ukraine was also in these positions, despite the enemy’s fire, he inspected several of our strong points and found an opportunity to communicate with Ukrainian defenders. ”
    as it turns out right away, both the Minister of Defense and the Chief of the General Staff were together with Poroshenko.
    Petro brought a signed decree on awarding distinguished soldiers, but - empty, unfilled. And they filled it “on the knee” with the first lucky ones who turned up: “That is, state awards were presented to the first military men who came to hand. And about "liberated and held." In the 2014-early 2015 years, completely different people were engaged in this, and not these soldiers of the last wave of mobilization who received awards from the noble shoulder, ”writes the famous military blogger Denis Mokrushin.
  10. 0
    3 July 2016 07: 21
    Did not wait ....
    The time has come for Ukraine to pay for the blockade of Russian trucks in February, and Kiev, not hated Moscow, but Astana, observing its interests, reminded Kiev of this hooligan behavior. Presented another rather big score for the horses. The Kazakh Ministry of Investment and Development recalls: the time has come.
    Starting from July 1 of this year, the paths of Ukrainian goods to consumers in Kazakhstan will become much longer. This unfortunate fact was reminded by the Svidomo Ministry of Investment and Development (MID) of Kazakhstan:
    “From July 1 to 2016 of the year, carriers engaged in international transportation from Ukraine to the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, organize the delivery of goods by the following routes: through Georgia, Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea to Aktau; through Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. ” WORLD of Kazakhstan
    By July, the decree of the President of the Russian Federation ends, which established a special transit order for Ukrainian goods to Kazakhstan through our territories. Upon the expiration of the decree, transit from Ukraine “will be banned”.

    Our football players still excelled!
    Rogul again in his repertoire - to steal something and sell. It doesn’t matter: a golden loaf, looted goods from the broken houses of Donbass, or a piece of dung from French fields.
    Due to the unsuccessful performance of the Ukrainian national team at Euro-2016 and a reduction in the funding of the team, the leadership of the Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) decided to put up for sale 2 trophy pieces of the lawn neatly cut from the fields “Pierre Morois” Lille and “Stade de Lyon” Lyon, on which Schweinsteiger, Müller, Goetze, Khedira, Boateng and Mario Gomez ran. The quality is excellent, European.

  11. 0
    3 July 2016 07: 24
    Offended the boys!
    In training courses for drivers - instructors of HMMWV cars in Germany, Ukrainian paratroopers were not entrusted with military weapons. Relevant photos did not hesitate to post on your official website of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.
    In the pictures, 80 soldiers of a separate airborne assault brigade of the airborne forces pose against the backdrop of German armored vehicles with rubber mock-ups of weapons.
    “The courses were held at a US military base in Germany. American instructors conducted theoretical and practical exercises. In particular, the crew’s actions were worked out during the rollover of vehicles, driving - overcoming various natural and water barriers, ”said the press service of the Ministry of Defense.
    From this official message it is not at all clear why the Ukrainian military needed folding rubber machines.

    Care and rushing!
    Zhytomyr sector of the State Service for War Veterans and ATO Participants has issued a brochure "How to survive for combatants in a peaceful life. "
    The publication discusses the most important issues of ATO participants in the Zhytomyr region, returns home and gives practical recommendations on the first steps after demobilization.
  12. 0
    3 July 2016 07: 26
    The glove is thrown ....
    Serious passions boil in the heart of the Ukrainian capital. Yesterday, the mayor did not recognize the valiant law enforcement officers guarding the corridors of the Verkhovna Zrada, and simply - they simply did not miss Vitaly. To which he proudly stated that Kiev is located in Kiev. Briefly and clearly, and most importantly, everything is correct, and as always, you will not quibble. Said it suddenly and bluntly.
    Today, Klitschko has matured a new Napoleonic plan to restore order in this glorious city. The Roshen kiosk in the area of ​​the Svyatoshin metro station in Kiev is to be dismantled along with other MAFs. According to the boxer, the Roshen store does not have the right to use the corresponding land, which is why it is subject to demolition.

    and they demolished it! ... the inscription Roshen!
  13. 0
    3 July 2016 07: 28
    Former Minister of Defense of the DPR Igor Strelkov told the details of the attempt on the famous officer of the LPR Army with the call sign "Machete" and his wife.
    “The attempt on the Machete and his wife Lilya is confirmed - their car was literally riddled on the road Debaltseve - Gorlovka.
    They beat from a machine gun and SVD, but it was extremely unprofessional - the Machete and his wife were small and managed to “squeeze into the floor”, and most of the bullets went higher, ”adds the ex-commander of the militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic.
    “Only Lily was hurt relatively seriously - she was wounded by a fragment of a bullet shell. Already operated, life and health are not in danger of injury. The machete got off with scratches, ”said Igor Strelkov.
    In addition, he praised the fighting qualities of the Debaltsevsky commander of the LPR Army:
    “I personally saw the Machete in Yampol and Nikolaevka. And he is truly a warrior. ”
  14. +1
    3 July 2016 07: 29
    Guess who it is

    As bloggers write - Answer: This is not a urka, this is the first deputy chief of the National Police of Ukraine Vadim Troyan. I’m even afraid to imagine what the boss looks like.
    Meanwhile ...
    in Ukraine, the month of voluntary surrender of weapons began, thanks to which citizens of Ukraine will be released from punishment, in accordance with the provisions of the Criminal Code.
    From 1 to 31 on July, the National Police of Ukraine will accept various types of weapons from the population in order to remove them from illegal circulation. In accordance with Article 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, persons who voluntarily surrender weapons, ammunition, explosive substances or explosive devices that they store illegally to authorities are exempted.
    According to experts of the Ukrainian Association of Weapon Owners, since the beginning of the ATO, the number of illegal weapons in the hands of the country's population has grown to 4,5-5 million units.

    Apparently, inspired by the “situevina and realities”, Tymoshenko also creates her own battalion. And what? Kolomoisky - has, Lyashko, Dmitry Yarosh, Igor Baluta - have, what is it worse? And then Groysman began to make hints that they supposedly put her right for Yanukovych for such a price for gas for Ukraine. You look, they will put him in prison again, only the sores are over and Merkel will not come to save her friend.
    Moreover, there is something to protect: over the years in power, the ex-prime minister was able to make a huge fortune by plundering budget money with the help of various frauds. According to the “gas queen” in the early days of the selection, more than a thousand people signed up for the battalion and had to make a selection, the current number is about 500 people. There is doubt that the battalion of Tymoshenko will take part in the conflict in the Donbass, most likely they will be engaged in raiding and will protect the welfare already accumulated by Yulia Vladimirovna

  15. 0
    3 July 2016 07: 35
    Not everything is so bad in Ukraine

    Now in Ukraine, of course, everything is not so organized, but spontaneous popular acts of retaliation against the Maydan Nazis arise more often and popular avengers act more effectively. From some point on, such incidents (apparently, at the direction of the Minstets) almost stopped falling into news chronicles so that people could not see the mass process. However, in social networks, ordinary Maydan regularly publish their cries of indignation and horror about the persecution of “domestic separatists” against them. The heroes are scared, the heroes are in a cold sweat from horror.

    “Atoshnikov” and other activists of the Maidan are beaten (and, which is typical, they are increasingly being killed) everywhere - in Mariupol, Poltava, Kherson, and even in Lviv. Beat in regional centers and in small towns. Near Lviv, an 32-year-old employee of the Armed Forces was found stabbed with a pitchfork in the chest. “What a brutal suicide,” the police said.

    The other day, a program was conducted at Ganopolsky’s question about whether Ukrainians were ready to send their loved ones to war. And as a result, 90% replied that they were not ready. And the reasons that sounded most often were “this is not a war against Russia, but a civil war”, and “we will not defend this power.”

  16. 0
    3 July 2016 07: 37
    Here are those times!
    According to the website “Crimea. Realities ”, Ukrainians who visit the territory of Crimea as tourists pose a threat. According to the Crimean human rights activist Lyudmila Lubina, among vacationers there are members of the criminal organization “PS”, which is prohibited in the Russian Federation. This situation is cause for concern, because a military group may organize terrorist acts and riots on the peninsula. It’s also strange for a human rights activist that the arriving Ukrainians believe that the Russian authorities and residents of the Crimea are obliged to provide them with free housing. Now the issue of housing in the tourist area is very relevant, its average cost in the Crimea per day is 1500 rubles.
    Many Crimean residents are concerned that too much activity of Ukrainian tourists will increase the level of robbery and robbery in the resort towns of the southern coast. This was reported in one of the local police departments.
    If crime and sabotage by the PS will become widespread, then the Russian Federation will stop letting Ukrainians.

    Or maybe you shouldn't wait for a massive character, but hurry up in advance? Is there really no data, "xy from xy"?
  17. 0
    3 July 2016 07: 41
    They forgot about the doghouse!
    On July 1, a new law on taxation of real estate came into force ... moreover, you need to pay it within two months, and if you haven’t received the receipt, then run on your own to the appropriate authorities, because then you will immediately receive a fine - first 10%, then - 20%
    So why pay?
    [quote] The objects of residential real estate are: residential building (garden type and multi-unit); extension to a residential building; apartment; cottage; rooms in multi-family (communal) apartments; garden house, country house

    Non-residential facilities: hotel buildings; office buildings; trading buildings; garage; industrial buildings and warehouses; buildings for public speaking (casinos, gambling houses); and (what really worries rural people) household (household) buildings, auxiliary (non-residential) premises, which include sheds, barns, garages, summer kitchens, workshops, latrines, cellars, awnings, boiler rooms, boiler rooms, transformer substations, etc .; [/ quote] (highlighted by me)

    Threat. MEN !!!! A small team is urgently needed to demolish a couple of sheds in my house! feel laughing
  18. 0
    3 July 2016 07: 42
    ATO will be in Lviv?
    150 forum participants participated in the International Forum "The Role of Free Economic Zones in the Development of Regions: Lviv Region", which took place there. Among them were the elected representatives of the regional council of the Lviv region, representatives of the authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as experts from the United Arab Emirates and Poland.
    During the forum, agreements were reached on the creation of a new movement. It will have the name "The Power of Galicia" and fight for the formation of the Free Economic Zone in Lviv region. The convenient location of this region will allow conducting international economic activities with German partners. But for this it is necessary to initially “adjust” the laws that allow the region to independently conduct dialogue with partners. It is they who can invest in the development of any industry and agriculture.
    Thanks to the agreements, the economic situation in the region can dramatically improve. Naturally, everything depends on the official Kiev. Such prospects may not appeal to the current government, because this is not the first region trying to be independent from them.
  19. 0
    3 July 2016 07: 46
    We are ahead of the rest! .... by lies
    “Very spectacular shots of a powerful battle of Ukrainian heroes and militants in the Svetlodar arc region have been published,” the 24 TV channel reports (
    A video titled “Nichiy Biy on Svitlodarskiy Duzі” was found by non-living journalists on the channel of the Ukrainian patriot with a “promising” name USNATOArmy.
    “Using heavy artillery and tanks, terrorists and Russian troops tried to seize the positions occupied by the Ukrainian army. This happened, according to the main intelligence department of Ukraine, in the Slavic direction. This place is also called the “Svetlodar arc”. The APU managed to repulse the attempt to storm the camera, ”details the Vinnytsia portal“ Real-Vin ”( reports.
    In the comments to the video, Ukrainian patriots were ecstatic due to the inevitable in such a battle large losses of “militants” and “Russian invaders”.
    “Russian Spring” found the first completely similar video called “SYRIA Night horror fight”, it was published in 2013 year.
    But we had a great doubt that the operator could so calmly shoot on camera, being in the very center of the battle under bullets whistling around. As a result, it turned out that the frames show a night airsoft game using "tracer" luminescent balls with superimposed shooting sound and artificially impaired quality.
    Netizens clarify that in the "video, US Marines train with airsoft guns that shoot with plastic balls." We also managed to find the video from the scene, it is given out by the characteristic structure in the center of hostilities.
    1. +6
      3 July 2016 08: 09
      Elena, thank you for the review too! By the way, Savchenko nominated herself to the post of Ukrainian Defense Minister !!!
      1. +3
        3 July 2016 11: 28
        Quote: Exorcist Liberoids
        Savchenko nominated herself to the post of Minister of Defense ukroiny !!!

        I am very sorry that she was not sent to the place of stay from the pre-trial detention center, now she would have nominated herself in sexual minorities, and that would be a great MO.
  20. cap
    3 July 2016 08: 11
    The first koment with a virus. am
    Thanks to the authors for the review.
    I'll wait until the admins work with the site.
  21. +8
    3 July 2016 08: 12
    Why are all the comments of Fidget deleted, can someone explain?
    1. +4
      3 July 2016 08: 53
      Quote: Kos_kalinki9
      Why are all the comments of Fidget deleted, can someone explain?

      But why? For not jumping on the Maidan? Did Mat swear? Calling to bomb Kiev in the Stone Age? Unclear.
    2. +2
      3 July 2016 09: 27
      The freedom of speech of Adnak is limited in all possible ways.
    3. +4
      3 July 2016 11: 34
      Quote: Kos_kalinki9
      Why are all the comments of Fidget deleted, can someone explain?

      Yes, everything is very simple, a person sees the whole situation in kind, sensibly analyzes, to see someone not in a buzz.
      Who likes AWESOME.
      1. +5
        3 July 2016 11: 59
        sensibly analyzes, to see someone not in a buzz.

        Envy, probably !!! request Sadness .....
  22. +19
    3 July 2016 08: 23
    The article and the comments on it are lovely.
    It is a pity that they did not mention the situation in the JSC MKB "Compass", where the general director Murad Midhatovich was arrested for stealing 800 mil. rubles of budgetary funds. And once this KB, subordinated to me from 1979 to 1989, created the most advanced technology. I will give examples: automatic radio compasses (ARC) for all aircraft and helicopters, RSDN "Mars-75", with which we have equipped the entire Northern Sea Route, high-precision radio navigation "Grass" (for trawling), airborne receivers "Kvitok" with a satellite channel (moreover, receivers on the line "GLONASS" were first created as multichannel) and much more.
    I ask myself a question sometimes. Why didn’t we steal, creating military and civilian equipment, creating new enterprises and research institutes? I can’t find an answer. I have the honor.
    1. +6
      3 July 2016 09: 31
      Why didn’t we steal, creating military and civilian equipment, creating new enterprises and research institutes? I can’t find an answer. ,,
      there was responsibility and demand. and now 15 years of probation.
    2. +10
      3 July 2016 12: 21
      Quote: midshipman
      I ask myself a question sometimes. Why didn’t we steal, creating military and civilian equipment, creating new enterprises and research institutes? I can’t find an answer. I have the honor.

      Because HONOR IS!
  23. +2
    3 July 2016 08: 33
    By the way! Today Belarusians have a holiday, pl my opinion, Independence Day! Congratulations!!! drinks love soldier
  24. +2
    3 July 2016 08: 40
    Thanks for the review! I love reviews for capacity, witty conclusions, humor.

    EvgNik RO Today, 08:00 ↑ - and I’m not going to the garden or garden, because under the flag of the European Union: I will hope for it (just kidding).
  25. +1
    3 July 2016 09: 04
    As always, it’s very interesting and with humor, another bow to the authors.
  26. +2
    3 July 2016 09: 23
    About the patient, about Turkey. You need to teach a lesson so that when such thoughts appear (knock down, dirty tricks), they know that it’s easier to remove the Sultan than to attack us
  27. +4
    3 July 2016 09: 24
    Lucrative for Ursula
    Take a look around! Open your eyes wider!
    Must deal with what works best.
  28. -9
    3 July 2016 09: 26
    The comments of the authors in the review are rather weak.

    Either the week is so "empty", or the reviewers have a "vacation" mood ...
  29. +5
    3 July 2016 09: 27
    What I don’t understand is that the Polyakov’s sons — they themselves raised Galitsa to the peak of Russia, they themselves dreamed that Bandera fought with the Russians, and now they’re unhappy with something. A mad dog broke the chain and bit the owners? So the owners themselves created it like that, what's the problem ?
    1. +2
      3 July 2016 11: 51
      Quote: revnagan
      What I don’t understand is that the Polyakov’s sons — they themselves raised Galitsa to the peak of Russia, they themselves dreamed that Bandera fought with the Russians, and now they’re unhappy with something. A mad dog broke the chain and bit the owners? So the owners themselves created it like that, what's the problem ?

      The problem is that insight came into disagreement with HISTORICAL FACTS, because there were people who, instead of supporting the bandera, which Ukraine falls into, finally remembered what the UPA and their admirers were doing.
      The kingdom of heaven is innocently slain.
      Fiery Hyena to murderers of souls not wine! AMEN!
  30. +8
    3 July 2016 09: 39
    With such Turkish results of the week, you need to hide your face before the voters ... It remains to apologize to Angela Merkel for the cruelty of our soldiers in the capture of Berlin in 1945 ... negative

    The lousy mood and the sense of disgust do not pass ... No.
    1. 0
      4 July 2016 10: 07
      Well, September 18 is getting closer .... let's think head dear forum users! good
  31. +1
    3 July 2016 09: 43
    For an unidentified reason at this time (technical, essential ...), the armored vehicles refused to carry out the "commands" of the mechanics and rushed to the enemy's position. The perplexed servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, observing again every letter of the Minsk agreements on the move, rushed in pursuit, trying to stop tanks and other rebellious armored vehicles with intense fire from their own guns, hoping that the law of conservation of momentum will push the technique back - to its original position. During the field confirmation of the same law of conservation of momentum, the Ukrainian military scientists came to the conclusion that in the framework of the implementation of the Minsk agreements, physical laws can give a significant error. In general, the equipment did not roll back and pushed forward ...
    Short course of physics however wassat
    1. +8
      3 July 2016 09: 59
      Short course of physics however

      That’s very interesting, but what will the English scientists say? what fellow
      1. +1
        3 July 2016 10: 07
        and what will the English scientists say?
        Cocaine is over wassat hi
      2. +2
        3 July 2016 10: 09
        English scientists long ago found salvation. In heroin. crying
    2. +4
      3 July 2016 10: 14
      Quote: Horst78
      Short course of physics however

      Yes, they just have Gridasov as a consultant there. laughing
      1. +5
        3 July 2016 12: 04
        Yes, they just have Gridasov there as a consultant
        Gridasov Yu. A.

        Patient Advice: 0
        Specialty: Proctologist
        Position: doctor
        Academic degree: no data
        Category: no data
        Work experience: no data
        City: Kursk
        Clinic: Medical Center Medeor Kursk
        Number of views: 223
        1. +5
          3 July 2016 12: 33
          Quote: Kos_kalinki9
          Specialty: Proctologist
          Position: doctor

          And I thought he was a secret physicist. recourse
          1. +4
            3 July 2016 12: 43
            And I thought he was a secret physicist.

            Running undercover ......
  32. +3
    3 July 2016 09: 43
    The week was interesting, one fart of what it costs ...
    Well, the tragedy ... Found the wreckage of IL-76 .. All died .. My condolences to relatives. hi
    1. +1
      3 July 2016 09: 49
      Quote: Chariton
      The week was interesting, one fart of what it costs ...
      Well, the tragedy ... Found the wreckage of IL-76 .. All died .. My condolences to relatives. hi

      Meehan, highlighted all the interesting events of the ending week in your opinion.
      1. +1
        3 July 2016 10: 28
        Quote: rabbi's paisas
        Quote: Chariton
        The week was interesting, one fart of what it costs ...
        Well, the tragedy ... Found the wreckage of IL-76 .. All died .. My condolences to relatives. hi

        Meehan, highlighted all the interesting events of the ending week in your opinion.

        I'm Hariton ..! I’m afraid they’ll start kicking again, I just walked away ..)))) Over the evening, I was demoted from the colonel to the second lieutenant ... Somehow I shot back and went into the trench .. soldier I’ll clean the sniper rifle; I won’t go to bayonet attacks anymore. Dangerously! bully
        1. +4
          3 July 2016 10: 53
          Hariton (3) RU
          You just got demoted, and last year I got demoted and sent out of the borders of the Russian Federation - to the European Union (judging by the flag, I still dwell there). I’m waiting now, when at least they have returned their citizenship.
          1. +4
            3 July 2016 11: 10
            Quote: vostok sibiri
            Hariton (3) RU
            You just got demoted, and last year I got demoted and sent out of the borders of the Russian Federation - to the European Union (judging by the flag, I still dwell there). I’m waiting now, when at least they have returned their citizenship.

            Lucky..! I would have your problems ... fellow The flag is not the main thing, remember (but you don’t touch it ..))))
            Oh you kind of woman ..))) Sorry, sorry love Zinaida everything will be fine, we won’t give you an insult!
        2. +7
          3 July 2016 13: 07
          rabbi's pais


          Hariton (3) RU
          I'm Hariton ..!

          And how similar to Mikhan ....... laughing
          1. +1
            3 July 2016 14: 26
            Quote: Kos_kalinki9
            rabbi's pais


            Hariton (3) RU
            I'm Hariton ..!

            And how similar to Mikhan ....... laughing

            Meehan you see stepped in one place .. ??? What many people remember him ..)))
            Hariton you will remember ..? wassat
            You are afraid of Mikhanov! .. Am I right?
            1. +2
              3 July 2016 17: 25
              Yes, everything is fine with Mikhan, the only thing is when after the second, that is, the second bubble, everyone starts wetting wherever they hit and wherever they hit, in the sense of everyone who is not Russia, he suffers for this.
              1. +3
                3 July 2016 18: 22
                Jura RU
                when, after the second, that is, the second bubble, he begins to wet everyone, for this he suffers.

                Of course, I’m not Ivan Arnoldovich (Dr. Bormental), but one thing I can say for sure, take care of Mikhan’s liver, take care and !!!!
  33. +5
    3 July 2016 10: 10
    The head of the Turkish state in his message expressed his sympathy and deep condolences to the family of the deceased Russian pilot and said: “Sorry” (quote from “Interfax”).

    Now we must not apologize to Putin, but to the people of Russia!
    He apologized to his family.
    And I can say thank you to Putin for not stooping.
    Here are just Turkish tomatoes, let them devour themselves. Rural residents need support. Earlier in our south, tomatoes were, as they say, even eat ass.
    So we only need a Turkish coast with a hotel where everything is included.
    ... So we only need a Turkish coast with a hotel where everything is included? ... For me, if you put a sign, it will probably look better. Hit not only the family, but also millions of us Russians. So apologize and apologize. And not the fact that everyone will forgive. The head of the Middle East Institute, E. Ya. Satanovsky ... "State relations do not tolerate the wording" make peace. " This wording is for kindergarten, for school, at worst for two young people competing over a girl. Interstate relations may be at a good level or upset. They may be torn apart, which we did not have with Turkey. Is there a chance our relationship will improve? Yes, of course, this is inevitable. Is there any chance that our interests will be divided in different directions? Not the slightest. They cross each other, including along the same Syria. Turkey continues to carry out heavy anti-Russian activities throughout the post-Soviet space, and at the same time in Russia in the Turkic space. Turkey acts against us in Ukraine very actively and quite successfully. And in this regard, one must be less optimistic and stop accepting every letter that is sent to the Kremlin for manna from heaven. Well, Erldogan wrote, there is a big difference in how this letter sounds in Russian and in translation, and what they say about it in Turkey, where this letter is interpreted in a diametrically opposite way to our comments. Well, there was a conversation at Erdogan with Vladimir Vladimirovich, well, wonderful. And what will happen next, we will see ”... N.V. Starikov offers and I support him.
  34. +4
    3 July 2016 10: 46
    The return of the prodigal Turkish son ...
  35. +5
    3 July 2016 11: 05
    Lampshades would be made of these people - it would be better if there were no lampshades in the world
    Deputy of the Latvian Seimas from the National Association Alexander Kirshteins proposed to the mayor of Riga Nil Ushakov to erect a monument to Nazi soldiers in the capital. "In Pardaugava, symmetrically to the Red Army, a monument should be erected to the German soldiers who liberated Riga from the Bolshevik horde in July 1941"
  36. +6
    3 July 2016 11: 51
    Regarding the "breakthrough of Debaltsevo" ... The poems of men, can someone from the other side read it! The lump in the throat is straight ... Enough for us to kill the Slavs, each other .. GOOD UKRAINE!
    1. +1
      3 July 2016 12: 18
      There was no need to jump on the Maidan, you need to think with your head, not when the civil war, except for death and destruction, brought! Not the time to build a new world!
      Now reap the seed that planted your land
      gentlemen, democrats from overseas!
    2. +4
      3 July 2016 12: 42
      Quote: Chariton
      . Poems men, maybe someone on the other side will read! A lump in the throat is straight.

      Hariton, you need to read more. This mug, after he was cured by a Donetsk doctor, went to fight again, and not on the side of the DPR. And you, look at a lump in the throat.
      1. -1
        3 July 2016 14: 14
        Quote: EvgNik
        Quote: Chariton
        . Poems men, maybe someone on the other side will read! A lump in the throat is straight.

        Hariton, you need to read more. This mug, after he was cured by a Donetsk doctor, went to fight again, and not on the side of the DPR. And you, look at a lump in the throat.

        Do you offer them such a shoot? They are afraid ... And who needs to be shot ...! hi
        1. +1
          3 July 2016 15: 05
          Quote: Chariton
          They are afraid ...

          He went to fight for the Armed Forces on a prosthesis, he had to amputate his leg in Donetsk. And who is he afraid of? The enemy - he is the enemy.
          1. -1
            3 July 2016 15: 10
            Quote: EvgNik
            Quote: Chariton
            They are afraid ...

            He went to fight for the Armed Forces on a prosthesis, he had to amputate his leg in Donetsk. And who is he afraid of? The enemy - he is the enemy.

            So they’ll shoot ...
  37. +3
    3 July 2016 12: 04
    My guys in the brigade say there’s nothing to answer Turkey’s belated apologies so quickly, they also had to be humiliated, and even for me ... yank.
    What terrorist attacks they have, thanks to their president. Why not warm the snake in the neck.
    Review as always clear, thanks guys!
    1. +3
      3 July 2016 12: 22
      Quote: olegyurjewitch
      My guys in the brigade say there’s nothing to answer Turkey’s belated apologies so quickly, they also had to be humiliated, and even for me ... yank.
      What terrorist attacks they have, thanks to their president. Why not warm the snake in the neck.
      Review as always clear, thanks guys!

      Guys rightly argue yours ... (and in most Russia the same opinion ..)
      But the holiday season begins and Muscovites need rest (they will all be licked there ..))) And we need to work for the good of Russia! It's a shame, but these "bags of money" do not care ... They will rush now under the smile of Erdogan and the West! So consider the number of the "fifth column" ... bully
      1. 0
        4 July 2016 17: 18
        Well, there will always be such "beneficiaries". Well, let’s tear it to Turkish resorts. There is nothing to stop such people. They will then run along the shore there like refugees in June 1941. Whoever God wants to punish is deprived of reason.
  38. +2
    3 July 2016 13: 31
    And this July has just begun! And the events of darkness. smile And since August we have always been rich in shocks and resonant events, it becomes somehow uncomfortable. For the review, as always, plus and thanks. wink
  39. 0
    3 July 2016 17: 44
    Thanks for the review.
  40. The comment was deleted.
  41. The comment was deleted.
  42. +1
    3 July 2016 17: 59
    What Erdogan whispered to Putin that the citizen president immediately forgot his "harsh" words in "aiding terrorists" and "stabbing in the back" which he addressed to Turkish "partners" and rushed to immediately lift sanctions and "normalize relations" and this despite the fact that two prerequisites for the normalization of relations from the voiced have not been fulfilled (punishment of the guilty and compensation) ... not to mention the moral side of the permission to restore tourist patrons to a country where there is a terrorist and civil war (!) fellow citizens. Otherwise, as a "cunning plan" and not explain ...
    1. 0
      4 July 2016 13: 16
      Quote: Tamerlan I
      What Erdogan whispered to Putin that the citizen president immediately forgot his "harsh" words in "aiding terrorists" and "stabbing in the back" which he addressed to Turkish "partners" and rushed to immediately lift sanctions and "normalize relations" and this despite the fact that two prerequisites for the normalization of relations from the voiced have not been fulfilled (punishment of the guilty and compensation) ... not to mention the moral side of the permission to restore tourist patrons to a country where there is a terrorist and civil war (!) fellow citizens. Otherwise, as a "cunning plan" and not explain ...

      Are you implying that Putin is a traitor ?? !!!!! Well, whether you’re busy ... it smacks of articles about extremism ... it's time to tell where you should .. Do not like the president - change the country !!!! Pour into your krajina !!!
  43. -1
    4 July 2016 10: 21
    I just read the review. I thought before writing a comment and now I don’t understand for what sins Egoza’s comments were deleted, because such an adequate girl always wrote very correctly, and suddenly ... and the second: maybe my comment will be deleted, but I really want to remind everyone “correct "medveputam: do you remember the statements of the GDP immediately after the loss of our plane? Do you remember earlier statements? these are the ones where he promised milk rivers with some kind of banks for the population? and the current statements of the economic bloc of our "beloved" government do not resemble anything? I'm not talking about the fact that "everything is gone, the client run away, take off the plaster cast", but in my opinion for the promises, that is, for the market, you have to answer! Once again I call on ALL who think hard to think for whom to vote on September 18!
  44. +1
    4 July 2016 13: 11
    In-depth analysis, from which it is easy to conclude that the state and the GDP personally understand the situation and respond in time. Our enemies are trying to rock us, but this, thanks to a timely and competent policy of the state, they again failed. Our country continues to pursue an independent policy in spite of the Western imperialists. Everything goes according to plan. I am pleased to read these articles, and I also find a lot of interesting things in the programs of Mr. Kiselev and Solovyov, which I advise.
  45. 0
    5 July 2016 01: 49
    A week, like a week, and this one will pass ...
  46. 0
    5 July 2016 04: 01
    "In particular," Alfa Bank ", without waiting for the return of loans from the Volgograd enterprise, which produces armor for the latest tanks (and not only tanks), decided that it was time to start bankruptcy proceedings."
    The owners are Ukrainians there, it’s not the first time they have put wheels in our military-industrial complex, they’ll take the license for hell ...

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