On the successes of American missile defense in Europe, Russia responded with nuclear weapons

On the successes of American missile defense in Europe, Russia responded with nuclear weapons

According to Nezavisimaya Gazeta, the Russian Federation consistently and steadily continues to prepare an asymmetrical effective response to the deployment of elements of the American Euro missile defense system, about which Dmitry Medvedev (President of Russia) warned at the end of November. And although in the ultimatum of the head of the Russian Federation, there was no talk of a missile strategic complex, but Moscow is very actively working on this issue. And in order to avoid accusations in the next nuclear arms race, she does this without loud statements, and "quietly."

It is known that at the end of December a salvo launch of a strategic Bulava type naval missile from a submerged position, as well as a Stiletto strategic missile with a new warhead, was made. In addition, it was reported on the putting on duty (combat) 2-th regiment of the Yars-type soil missile complex.

This year, the last underwater volley launch of two R-30 Bulava missiles (NATO classification RSM-56, SS-NS-30), made from a strategic submarine missile cruiser Borey (project 955), Yuri Dolgoruky took place on December 23. Dmitry Medvedev (President of the Russian Federation) last Tuesday at a reception in the Kremlin before the high command fleet and the army solemnly declared that the Bulava test program had been very successful, and that it was now planned to be adopted.

Presumably, in the very near future, the Bulava will become the basis of the strategic naval nuclear forces of the Russian Federation. In addition, for this rocket, have already begun the construction of submarines. And, allegedly, the Yuriy Dolgorukiy missile cruiser is planning to deploy about 12 mines with Bulava missiles. And on the second cruiser (serial) of this project (No. 955А), “Alexander Nevsky”, which is planned to be included in the Navy no earlier than 2012, the 16 of the mentioned missiles will be installed. In addition, the Bulava missiles in quantities of 20 units are supposed to be placed on each of the following ships of the same series: St. Nicholas, Vladimir Monomakh, and, accordingly, another 4 SSBNs that are going to be introduced before 2020. in build.

It is worth noting that of the 18 launches, Bulava recognized only 11 as successful. Unsuccessful tests were the reason for the lack of confidence in the readiness of missiles. And yet, four successive launches of this year in a row have been able to influence the decision of the command to complete the seven-year trials.

Answer number 2 - 2-th regiment "Yars"

As noted by NG, referring to the statement last Wednesday that the military did, it can be called another important response (undeclared) to the American European missile defense system, which was the deployment in the Teikov Rocket Division (Ivanovo Region) to the combat duty of the second regiment of the strategic ground missile system, type PC-24 "Yars". Let us clarify that in early March, the first regiment took over combat duty. The number of launchers in the regiment is not reported, however, according to media reports, now, after the appearance of the second regiment in the Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN), there are about 12 launch systems of the PC-24 type.

Lieutenant-General Sergei Karakaev (commander of the Strategic Missile Forces) announced in mid-December that over the course of 10 years, rearmament of troops was planned at the expense of Yarsov and Topol-M, and in addition the most powerful intercontinental missile would go into service. By the way, the military claim that not a single existing missile defense system is capable of intercepting Yars. In addition, the command announced intentions to supply the Yars to the Kozelsk division of the Strategic Missile Forces in place of the strategic obsolete PC-18 (UR-100НУТХ) type Stiletto missiles (according to the western classification SS-19). Also a little earlier it was said that the PC-24 will be replaced by the outdated PC-20 “Voevoda” (Р-36М) and PC-18 (УР-100Н УТТХ).

At the same time, obsolete rocket complexes are not in a hurry to remove from combat duty. Recently (the end of December) a test launch was made from the Baikonur test site UR-100NUTTH, which had new head equipment. According to NG, it was a test (non-advertised) of the head split-off part of individual targeting, which is set on Yars and Bulava.

It is worth noting that Dmitry Medvedev (President of the Russian Federation) 23 of November said that due to the fact that the Americans refuse to provide legal guarantees about nondirection of missile defense against Russia, Moscow will take retaliatory measures, among which the President called the launch of the Voronezh-MD radar station »In the Kaliningrad region, covering air defense systems and missile defense systems of nuclear facilities of strategic forces, as well as deploying Iskander missile attack systems on the southern and western borders of the state.

Some time later, the Ministry of Defense reported on the work done in this direction. In the presence of D. Medvedev in the last days of November, the Voronezh-MD radar was commissioned. And on December 1, the rocket and space troops, which were created by the personal order of the head of state, took up combat duty.
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    1. Sergh
      29 December 2011 16: 30
      So it is necessary, whoever needs it will see. Do your thing without screaming and dust. May Europe rejoice.
      1. +11
        29 December 2011 16: 32
        There is no reception against scrap! (if there is no other scrap)
        1. +11
          30 December 2011 07: 44
          Hi guys, Vadivak and Serge! I join in and sarcastically say - "Well, well, welcome the Yusovskaya missile defense system with flowers near my doors!" Is it right? Happy coming you guys! I wish you to celebrate well, meet and live the coming New Year and - see you! Health, prosperity to you and your families!
    2. +7
      30 December 2011 07: 25
      The strange and stupid behavior of Europe, has long led to the idea that they are being controlled from Washington, are controlled by all 100%.
      1. +2
        30 December 2011 07: 50
        Rather, they control it from Washington and London, they have one goal.
        1. Svyatoslav
          30 December 2011 10: 11
          Rather, some rulers.
      2. Debugger2005
        30 December 2011 11: 45
        And Washington is controlled from Sweden by a 200% shadow world government sitting there,
        1. marauder
          30 December 2011 16: 00
          What, again the Jews are to blame wink
          1. Tatars
            30 December 2011 16: 55
            Masons probably
      3. 0
        30 December 2011 22: 49
        The strange and stupid behavior of Europe, has long led to the idea that they are being controlled from Washington, are controlled by all 100%.

        Denis, the fact that Western Europe is controlled from Washington (at least in foreign policy aspect) is an obvious fact since the end of World War II. And the formalization of the NATO Treaty in April 1949 consolidated and strengthened the position of West Europeans as "vassals" of the United States.
    3. +10
      30 December 2011 08: 39
      Thank God and our test engineers! Great New Year's gift!
      By and large, with the adoption of "Bulava" in the series, we are creating a new powerful group of SSBNs, as if a rebirth after the collapse of the 90s, well, according to "YARS" - I am very happy for my former fellow soldiers in the 54th Guards Order of Kutuzov Division, who were the first to have the honor to master the new complex. The "schedule" is always ahead.
      Well done! Keep it up!
    4. dred
      30 December 2011 08: 41
      Pendos gift for the new year.
    5. svvaulsh
      30 December 2011 09: 37
      ... The RS-24 will also be replaced by the obsolete RS-20 Voevoda (R-36M) and RS-18 (UR-100N UTTH) ....

      Is the replacement equivalent? All are 3 BG vs 10.
      1. 0
        1 January 2012 12: 01
        It is very stupid to measure complexes by the number of goals, do not make any more such mistakes.
        1. 0
          1 January 2012 13: 29
          Varnaga - interesting ... 3 or 10, the probability of a breakthrough of min is 3 times higher for the latter, given the number of false bells and whistles attached ...
          What could change qualitatively? Have you come up with a new breakthrough technology (full-length plasmoid)? Hypermaneuvering or what else? (without sarcasm and the answer within the permissible)
          1. 0
            1 January 2012 18: 07
            There is nothing to break through, dear. US missile defense is not able to repel even a limited retaliatory strike. The criteria by which the number of BBs is too much to be judged by only one parameter. From the range, the presence of different PCB missile defense, dilution parameters, etc., etc.
    6. Farkash
      30 December 2011 13: 59
      Oh, sorry RSD-10 cut, how would they be useful now! A pair of divisions in the Kaliningrad region and the Euros are full of pants.
    7. 0
      30 December 2011 16: 31
      For the sake of interest, I would like to know what Pindos TTX nuclear missiles are capable of in comparison with ours, and how much do they currently have regarding us? Our quite a few metal installations were launched in the 90s unfortunately .........
      1. +3
        1 January 2012 21: 47
        The most powerful ground-based ICBM is the 15A18M missile of the R-36M2 Voevoda complex (designation Strategic Missile Forces RS-20V, NATO designation SS-18mod4 "Satan". The R-36M2 complex has no equal in terms of technological level and combat capabilities. 15A18M is capable of carrying platforms with several dozen (from 20 to 36) nuclear MIRVs of individual guidance, as well as maneuvering warheads. The design of the R-36M2 has the ability to launch directly during the period of a massive enemy nuclear impact on the positioning area and blocking the positional area with high-altitude nuclear explosions. The missile has the highest of ICBM resistance to the damaging factors of nuclear warhead / Strike 8-10 such missiles ensure the destruction of 80% of the industrial potential and almost the entire population.
        Monoblock warhead rocket 15A18M had a capacity of 20 MT. Explosion of ammunition of such power in low Earth orbit above the US geographical center - the state of Nebraska - according to scientists and military experts, will lead to complete failure for some time of the entire communications system, control and energy supply of the United States and neutralize its missile defense. [
        - comparative characteristics of ICBMs of Russia and the USA are given
    8. kPoJluK2008
      30 December 2011 16: 36
      How nervous NATO is right now ...
      missiles against Europe - they should think about the risk and whether it is worth further "six" for the United States
    9. 0
      30 December 2011 16: 44
      Quote: kPoJluK2008
      they should think about the risk and whether it is worth further "six" for the USA

      I think Europe has already thought about it, but she does not dare to bark at the mistress of Pindosovna :)
    10. General
      30 December 2011 18: 41
      even though I’m not Russian, but I’m very happy for my big brother, I need to try our weapons somehow
    11. Orthodox
      30 December 2011 19: 38
      With the upcoming men, the news is very good. We don’t make concessions to the Pindos, but GOD let us not have to use them, but we need to create, let us be afraid. Once again with the coming ALL WORLD IN THE FUTURE YEAR.
    12. 0
      30 December 2011 19: 41
      Let's show the Americans the Russian "Fak" ... wink We are not the United States, there’s nothing to advertise here. Once they said it’s all here ... I would like to know if our scientists have data on the American Patriot RAS-2 missile defense? Did they disassemble it? wink
    13. 0
      1 January 2012 08: 18
      "stated that the Bulava test program was very successful" - is this really the president's statement? (the question is not that the Bulava program is completed - AND GLORY TO GOD) ... 8 out of 18 are completely unsuccessful or partially ...
      They brought an elementary order in the technological chain, I really hope that the glorious managers also fell under the distribution, I VERY HOPE. It is necessary to drive with a filthy broom of any color non-professionals and especially clan relatives.
      And Amer FAC should not be shown especially, and when everything is hurt and done according to the mind, they themselves will respect.
      1. 0
        1 January 2012 12: 07
        Do not be stupid, dear. Test launches are not combat training, they chewed this topic 100 times already.
    14. L. konstantin
      1 January 2012 12: 39
      let at least one for trial
      1. 0
        1 January 2012 13: 18
        Cat - I won’t believe it, you just want blood so ... wink More positive !
    15. 0
      1 January 2012 13: 17
      Varnaga - do not distort, all the pins were tested ...., if you bet, read my koment carefully and understand its essence ...
      The final 2-3 combat training launches tell me personally 50x50 .... reminds me of the problems with the Trident - remember ???
      There are certain doubts and I will be glad in the positive direction of their resolution - do not hesitate.
      You work in the military-industrial complex - my sufficient respect, but do not imagine yourself as the last resort - brains and everything else is not only yours.
      My respect is Varnaga. ( Happy New Year )
      1. +1
        1 January 2012 18: 04
        and I don’t think, dear. I repeat, after the first launches from the DD it was clear that the rocket was FLYING. Further, the number of starts is taken such that the reliability specified in the technical specifications is achieved, this is an axiom and it is achieved just brilliantly. In general, it would be nice to familiarize yourself with the history of R-29 test launches up to R-29RMU2 as a comparison. You also have a happy new year winked
    16. Galina
      1 January 2012 19: 07
      We must place our weapons on their continent or nearby, and they don’t care. In a word, you need to crush them in your own cube.
      1. 0
        2 January 2012 13: 29
        Galina, if we talk about ICBMs, then the best trajectory: Krasnoyarsk-Washington. Starting and accelerating section over its territory, You can shoot down only missile defense from San Francisco. In theory. :) All Euro-PRO is out of work at all.
    17. dred
      1 January 2012 19: 11
      Quote: Galina
      We must place our weapons on their continent or nearby, and they don’t care. In a word, you need to crush them in your own cube.

      Dear Galina, if it was so easy. Firstly, in the country that is the enemy, it is not possible to put ours about it. Secondly, the UN and NATO.
    18. Anthrax
      1 January 2012 19: 33
      It’s interesting what and what missiles can be intercepted by Euro missile defense if the nearest Strategic Missile Forces division is 1500–2000 km from the European border, and there are divisions 5000–6000 km distant from European borders?
      And there are ballistic missiles of submarines where-thread in the Arctic or the Pacific Ocean.
      And the shortest route to the USA for missiles of the Strategic Missile Forces divisions and missiles for submarines is not to the West through Europe, but to the North through the Arctic
      And there are cruise missiles and torpedoes with nuclear warheads on our NOT strategic submarines, and these submarines can evaporate both coasts of the United States, and not 50 strategic submarines, but 13 ballistic missiles with ballistic missiles
      Like let them bomb America, the United States do not mind 100-200 million of its citizens?
      Or is EuroPro the same for protecting Europe from Iranian missiles?
      1. 0
        2 January 2012 13: 16
        It is easiest to shoot down missiles in the final section of the trajectory, before being divided into warheads. Those. For the United States, it is most beneficial to deploy a missile defense system ... in the United States itself. But to do this without agreement (otherwise we would have deployed anti-missile belts in St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Kazan ...)
        1. guessed
          2 January 2012 19: 47
          How is this possible? I'm talking about breeding blocks .... and their interception. As bee believes that it is necessary to intercept rockets before the separation of the blocks, but this happens in space ... something about 1000 km ... if I do not confuse anything.
          The USA is most advantageous to place SM-3 on ships in the oceans. Tikanderogov any. They need Europe as a platform for radars.
          The range of SM-3 block2 is planned by Pindos at least 1500km.
          So that they will impose us with radars and Tikanderogami with SM-3.
          That is why it is necessary to ensure that the radars in Europe do not stand and the Strategic Missile Forces are able to overcome the promising US missile defense.
          1. 0
            3 January 2012 13: 32
            Do not confuse anything, but the fleet itself is an expensive pleasure, and keeping Tikanderogi on alert ... Without any guarantee of defeat from some old anti-ship Granite, from an "old" SSGN ... Yes, even an ancient torpedo attack nobody canceled. This is a warrant for each Tikanderoga ... And this is not 2 or 3 vessels ... And this is billions of money ...
            1. guessed
              3 January 2012 14: 40
              Uh .... like be, if I don’t confuse anything again, then a wrecked ship in the sea ALWAYS on the database ..
              Do not underestimate the EP. It is unlikely that Yusa decided to ombombitso across the Russian Federation will act in one direction.
              Sea-based missile defense is only part., But important ...
              In the end, it will be possible to neutralize part of the launcher even on the ground; one cannot but take into account the fact of corruption and betrayal and technical failures .... that is, part of the ICBMs simply do not start. Considering that delivery vehicles are still being reduced, it becomes real for Pindos to intercept part of the BR until the units are divorced, part to destroy the nuclear weapons in space .... So the danger to the Russian Federation is great ....
              The simplest thing for us is to neutralize the "eyes and ears" of the missile defense ... the very same radars in Europe.
              Here is the opinion of the doctor of military sciences K. Sivkov ....
              But SM-3 missiles capable of solving intercept missions can be delivered to these cruisers. Today, under these ships, which have intercept missiles, in fact, all cruisers of the Ticonderoga type are being modernized. They have two vertical launch units MK-61, each of which is capable of loading 61 weapons; it can be anti-submarine missiles, and shock missiles (in particular, “Tomahawks”), and anti-aircraft missiles. Of those missiles that can be loaded into these universal installations, I note the SM-3 systems. Thus, virtually any US cruiser in a very short time can be converted into a missile defense ship.
    19. gale
      2 January 2012 20: 48
      it’s a lot of fun to watch this from a start) Russia begins to show its teeth, keep it up, but in Belarus, too, But father does something like that (of course, on a smaller scale)
      1. guessed
        2 January 2012 21: 22
        08.08.08/XNUMX/XNUMX, Munich?
    20. werr17
      5 January 2012 16: 26
      with us they (RT-2PM Topol) stood ... with the Yankees money the regiment was disbanded ... hundreds of warriors were left without work ...
    21. werr17
      5 January 2012 16: 28
      with us they (RT-2PM Topol) stood ... with the Yankees money the regiment was disbanded ... hundreds of warriors were left without work ...

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