How the “allies” helped the white (part of 2)

At first glance, and with the white armies, life is getting better. “From the beginning of 1919 we received 558 guns from the British, 12 tanks, 1 shells and 685 million rifle rounds, ”writes Denikin. Still sailed from England 522 thousand sets of uniforms. Is it a lot or a little? You won’t understand right away. It is necessary to compare with something.

We open the memoirs of the commander of the Drozdovsk division, Major General Turkul: “The heavy battle near Heidelberg (German colony in Crimea) reminded us of the battles of the Great War. We fired up to five thousand shells; red, I think two times more. "

White artillery fires hurricane fire: five thousand shots in one day! We calculate - with such an expenditure of English supplies (1 685 522 projectile) enough for 337 days of fighting. Let the battle not every day, but once in three days, then the "allies" of ammunition brought almost three years of shooting. Thanks to them, we will bow to the belt - well, they provided the Denikin army, for three years her artillery could shoot without getting tired. Under one condition ... that the whole White Army consists of only one Drozdov division!

And all the shells were delivered to the front line, nothing was left in stock, not lost, not captured by the Reds or the strollers of the Makhnovists. This is how you can get rid of the magic of numbers: there are millions of shells, and there is nothing to shoot, if you divide the English supplies into the ALL White Army ...

Because for Her Majesty’s Government it is necessary that the Reds win, not the Whites. However, there was another option.

Which one Put yourself in the place of the organizers of the Russian catastrophe, cast aside your conscience, honesty and philanthropy. All that in real politics will pull you to the bottom. And it will become clear to you that the only acceptable alternative to the victory of the Bolsheviks for Western governments was only a draw, in which both enemies breathe their last.

And indeed, the "allies" are trying to create two Russia. Instead of one big and strong - two are small and weak. The British offered to hold a peace conference on the Princes' Islands (in the Sea of ​​Marmara, near Constantinople). White and red had to sit at the negotiating table and divide Russia in half, and at the same time recognize the separation of all suburbs. Sign a peace treaty, that is, fix the dismemberment of the homeland legally. In order not to appeal to either white or red, which could be interpreted as their actual recognition of London, the invitation to the negotiations was published in the press and 23 of the year was broadcast on 1919 January. Reds quickly agreed. Lenin knows perfectly well what the “allies” really need, so the Bolsheviks say that they are “ready to meet the desires of the UNION”. Lev Trotsky, in his work “On Social Democratic Criticism,” lists these proposals: “1) recognition of Russia's debt obligations; 2) returning our raw materials as a pledge, as a guarantee of paying loans and interest; 3) granting of concessions - according to their taste; 4) territorial concessions in the form of military occupation of some areas by the armed forces of the Entente or its Russian agents. We offered all this to the capitalist world by 4 February 1919 of the year in exchange for leaving us alone. ”

In other words, the Bolsheviks are ready to do anything to preserve their power. They are ready for a new world of Brest. White - those strongly opposed. General Denikin sends a personal protest to Marshal Foch. Admiral Kolchak told a British officer that he had lost sleep when he heard about the Princes' Islands. White is indignant to the depths of his soul: the very proposal for negotiations with the torturers of Russia offends them. Their stubbornness spoils such a good idea. It would be two Russia: Russia Lenin and Russia Kolchak. Could trade weapons with both, set them against each other and plunder the wealth of a country artificially divided in two. The British special services have already reached their goals: all national suburbs have fallen from Russia, the economy has been destroyed, transport has been destroyed) a significant part has been sunk fleet. All the main claimants to the throne have already been killed. You can end the war and start making money on rebuilding the country, robbing the natural wealth of Russia.

The elimination of the White movement by the "allies" is historical fact. To describe all her secrets and her entire course, an infinite number of volumes will be required. Therefore, we will single out from its entire volume only clear and undeniable facts of betrayal by the British and French of those who tried to save Russia from the Bolsheviks. But even this small fraction will be more than enough for us to clearly realize to whom the white armies owe their defeat.

When the variant of the Princesvym Islands failed, the "allies" made another attempt to dismember the territory of our country. In March, an American emissary, William Bullitt, came to Moscow with 1919 goals. He is a member of the American delegation at the Paris Peace Conference, where the Entente powers share dividends from their victory in World War II. Russia, which laid several million lives on the altar of this victory, is not represented at all on it. Bullitt, the future first American ambassador to the USSR, agreed with the Bolsheviks on the end of the war and the preservation of Russian governments in the conquered borders. Bullitt's mission was failed ... by those who sent him. US President Wilson banned the publication of the draft agreement brought by Bullitt to Paris, while Lloyd George, speaking in parliament, generally denied his participation in organizing negotiations with the Soviet government. Why? They decided that due to the presence of Trotsky and other "fiery revolutionaries" in the leadership of the Soviet of Deputies, who had long-standing contacts with British intelligence, this state entity would be easily manipulated. They did not know that Stalin would soon come out of the shadow of history ...

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