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The devil wears the "Truth." Part of 8

“The appearance of the IL-2 was a surprise for the German intelligence officers. And again, we will not repeat (after Zhukov. - Approx. Ed.) That there were few of them: in Germany there were no such aircraft, and until the end of the war the German designers could not create anything equal ”(p. 101). And again Rezun does not cite any figures, once again replacing them with verbiage ... Either there were a lot of our armored attack aircraft, which the vile Zhukov didn’t say, or there were few of them, and that vile Zhukov told us. Anyway, he lies!

The Il-2 attack aircraft began to leave the factory workshops in February 1941 of the year, and by the beginning of the Great Patriotic War 249 of such vehicles were produced. The first combat units, in service of which this aircraft was located, were formed just before the war. In the assault regiments stationed in the western military districts of the USSR, at the time of the Nazi invasion, there were about 60 IL-2.

These winged vehicles really came as a complete surprise to the enemy, and their combat use justified the innovative approach of Sergei Ilyushin in creating an aircraft for direct support of ground forces. The diverse composition of the IL-2 weapons made it possible to hit a variety of targets: infantry, transport convoys, Tanks, artillery batteries, trains, etc. This was combined with good speed and maneuverability for its class, as well as armor protection that was very well thought out in terms of work on the ground. But at the same time, in the harsh realities of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, with a lack of fighter escort (Germans raided our airfields to a large extent during the first hours of the war), the serious shortcoming of “Il” —the extreme vulnerability of the rear hemisphere to enemy fighter fire — drew attention. The tail was plywood and was not “covered” by a machine gunner.

Enhanced Il-2 double attack aircraft first appeared on the front in the fall of the 1942 year. The plane lost a little in speed and maneuverability, but attacks from behind have already ceased to be of mortal danger.

“And the Pe-2 bomber came as a surprise to German intelligence. He was superior to any German bomber, especially in speed ”(p. 101). We lost to the “pawn” according to the indicated index and our fighters I-16. For clarity: the maximum speed of the I-16 (type 29, the latest modification of the donkey) was 470 km / h. Pe-2 dive bomber developed 482 km / h. I compare airplanes belonging to different classes, not to humiliate the outstanding for its time fighter AND-16, but to once again point to the state in which the Soviet armed forces met the enemy. Conducted a gradual and deep retooling.

It should be noted that the Pe-2 “dive bombers” to 22 on June 1941 of the year 458 units were transferred to the Air Force, of which 42 machines were counted in the western military districts of the USSR.

Viktor Suvorov completely ignores the real state of our army on the eve of the war. He portrays it as “snickering” in qualitative and quantitative terms: this is what an aggressor army should look like! And that is why Rezun “forgot” to mention in his essay about fighters I-16 and I-153.

In response to the fact that the damned "Marxist historians" and their accomplice Georgy Zhukov describe the Red Army of that period not as "snickering," the author of "Suicide" writes: "... they need to prove that the Soviet Union could not invade Europe They need to demonstrate weakness ”; "... they say, Stalin's army was frail ..."; “Marxist propagandists declared that Vanka the Fools were stupid and inferior, completely unprepared for war ...” (all quotes taken from page 142).

Feel free to go to extremes, friends! If the Red Army was not "frail", then it means that it was completely ready for war (first of all for an invasion). In the last quote I quoted, we can see Viktor Suvorov in all his glory: he is trying to enlist our warm support in slandering our own storiesby pushing on "justice".

“The enemies of the people” (or rather, Rezun personally) for some reason are also silent: “For example, they write that Germany threw 3410 tanks against the Soviet Union. But for some reason they were ashamed to say that ALL German tanks were obsolete. And how many tanks did the peace-loving Soviet Union have? Silence was our answer. And how many planes did we have? Again a secret. Undiscovered ”(p. 14).

To begin, let's look into the most "silent". Our "researcher" also understands, but not with her, but with Georgy Zhukov, who for some reason does not want to be silent. Understands in a truly liberal style, saying a generous tear: “From 1917 to 1941, it's almost a quarter of a century. Over the years, the Marxists (and Zhukov among them) exterminated tens of millions of people, slaughtered entire estates and generations, spent tens of thousands of tons of gold, destroyed the great culture that was able to give the world Tolstoy, Gogol, Repin, Tchaikovsky, and repossess (and after the war and ruined) the nature of the country. And the question arises: for what? Zhukov has to justify himself: for the sake of weapons. “From January 1939 to 22 on June 1941, the Red Army received more than seven thousand tanks” (Memoirs and reflections. M .: APS, 1969. P. 205). “According to updated archive data, from 1 January 1939 of the year to 22 June 1941, the Red Army received 17 745 combat aircraft from the industry” (ibid. P. 209) ”(p. 17).

Bravo! Rezunov's “slender evidence base” was saved from the meanings of the mean Zhukov: the marshal cites those figures only because he “has to justify himself” for the years spent solely on weapons! We didn’t have, you understand, success in cinema (for example, the film “Peter the Great” won the big gold medal of the Paris World Exhibition in 1937), there were no literary achievements (Mikhail Sholokhov’s novel “The Quiet Don” is one of the most significant) masterpieces of painting were not created (“New Moscow” by Pimenov, etc.) ... Education was not improved - the basis of the culture and development of the state as a whole ... There was nothing! And Zhukov only "justify" remains. Well, Victor Suvorov triumphantly rejoices: “All the inventions about our frailty and underdevelopment, which are contained in Zhukov’s so-called memoirs, are also refuted by this book” (p. 19).

Or maybe they’re “refuted” because Zhukov didn’t try to portray us as “frail” and “backward”? I consider it necessary to give the floor to Georgy Konstantinovich, whom Rezun did not give “justification” as follows: “According to updated archival data, from January 1, 1939 to June 22, 1941, the Red Army received 17 combat aircraft from industry, of which 745 new types of aircraft. A new stage of development has begun aviation. TsAGI was almost completely reconstructed, and new design bureaus for military aviation are being created. Talented designers S.V. Ilyushin, A.I. Mikoyan, S.A. Lavochkin, V.M. Petlyakov, A.S. Yakovlev, together with their young teams, give military aircraft Yak-1, MiG-3, Lag-3 fighters 2, the Il-2 attack aircraft, the Pe-1969 dive bomber and many others — only about twenty types ”(Memoirs and Reflections. M.: APN, 209. p. XNUMX).

To be continued ...

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  1. Shadowcat
    Shadowcat 2 July 2016 09: 43
    It's funny. Of course, the author is being bombed from Rezun, but this doesn’t make you bored.
    He would have cited more accurate and detailed evidence.
    1. Maksus
      Maksus 2 July 2016 11: 24
      Who else believes what Suvorov-Rezun wrote? His "opinion" contradicts not only the official documents of the USSR, but even Western sources. The author of the article is trying to just show his fi from Rezun, instead of throwing it in the trash.
      1. Shadowcat
        Shadowcat 2 July 2016 11: 26
        Quote: Maksus
        Does anyone else believe what Suvorov-Rezun wrote?

        Ohhh, you won’t believe .... request
      2. EvgNik
        EvgNik 2 July 2016 18: 51
        Quote: Maksus
        Does anyone else believe what Suvorov-Rezun wrote?

        Oddly enough, they believe. In the libraries, Rezun’s books are very shabby.
        1. Maksus
          Maksus 2 July 2016 20: 05
          I haven’t been in the library for a hundred years, I’m indulging in everything like an electronic one or buying it myself, but earlier ....
  2. atamankko
    atamankko 2 July 2016 09: 50
    The USSR was never frail and weak and there was nothing to fight with it,
    not to mention patriotism and the Russian character of warriors.
    1. Shadowcat
      Shadowcat 2 July 2016 10: 41
      At the time of its formation, it was all the same. I think from 1922 to 1930.
      At least 6 years, we just threw to the landfill time, if not more.
  3. Altona
    Altona 2 July 2016 09: 56
    And why is the quantitative characteristics of weapons necessarily a sign of preparation for aggression? They would be so if they were concentrated on the border in the desired configuration and the corresponding training of rear services. None of this happened. Hypothetically, anyone can be accused of aggression if such "evidence" is piled up. Hitler also "preemptively" attacked France and Czechoslovakia, they had powerful and superbly equipped armies. This makes no sense.
  4. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 2 July 2016 09: 59
    It was very difficult to defeat Nazi Germany - but we won! Because they "rested". Finally - in Stalingrad. Technology matters, but it doesn't make the army a winner. That is why German tanks - inferior in all respects to thirty-fours - reached almost to Moscow. And then OUR thirty-fours reached Berlin - despite the fact that the "Tigers" and "Panthers" became where both strong and dangerous.
    And to read Rezun is for researchers. Either historians, or psychiatrists. It was with this “literature” that our patriotism was destroyed in the 90s. We are a GREAT country with a GREAT history. And we have nothing to be ashamed of.
    1. Shadowcat
      Shadowcat 2 July 2016 10: 45
      More likely second.

      As for the rest - the enemy attacked strong and skilled. Yes, in the first round we got a broken face, we got up and the second round showed that we were still standing, but the opponent also showed that it wasn’t too bad. Here in the third round, everything was decided. At first they seemed to merge, but in the end they could resist and withstand.
      I draw an analogy with boxing soldier
      But unexpectedly, after this match we were informed that the second match will be right away. Fortunately, our coach guessed and suffered not for long, but alas, it was impossible to evade him.
  5. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 2 July 2016 10: 00
    Damn forever and all the tribe of Rezun because of his corruption and meanness. If Hitler paused for a year and a half with the outbreak of war, the USSR could be able to equip the army with modern weapons at least half
    1. Svidetel 45
      Svidetel 45 2 July 2016 19: 34
      Yes, with this bastard, Judas, everything is clear, his essence is all about crap and vilification of our entire past, it's a pity that Sudoplatov's methods are now not held in high esteem. And as for the fact that "if Hitler for a year and a half ...", then this could not have happened, because he attacked in 41, when the rearmament and reorganization of the USSR armed forces were in full swing, but they were still far from completion, it was on this that all of Hitler's calculations were based. This was the most convenient moment for Germany, she would never have had another chance.
    BARKAS 2 July 2016 10: 02
    Soviet intelligence officer and writer Viktor Suvorov, who fled to Great Britain in the 70s of the last century, said that in the armed conflict in Donbass he sided with Kiev, advising the Kiev authorities to start developing a "dirty bomb."
    Suvorov wonders why Ukraine has not yet begun developing a "dirty bomb", believing that this would be an effective lever of influence and intimidation of Russia.

    "Who prevents Ukrainians from creating a dirty bomb and hinting: guys, you have such a beautiful city, Moscow," he advises.
    The former Soviet intelligence officer, still residing in the UK, said that he agreed with the policies pursued by the current Kiev authorities, since it has Ukrainian roots and considers itself to be a real Ukrainian.

    Reference. A "dirty bomb" (or radiological weapon) is a type of weapon of mass destruction (WMD) that uses ionizing radiation from radioactive materials as a destructive element.
    1. Albert1988
      Albert1988 2 July 2016 19: 40
      Quote: BARKAS
      "Who prevents Ukrainians from creating a dirty bomb and hinting: guys, you have such a beautiful city, Moscow," he advises.

      Omitting the small fact that the creation and possible use of this "dirty bomb" will instantly make modern Ukraine a real "terrorist state", the question remains - HOW will they deliver this "dirty bomb" to Moscow? Corners? Or in a shuttle bag? And once again - who will they "hit" with her - the civilians, that is, he proposes a policy of terror against the civilian population (albeit formally and "enemy"), the inadmissibility of which was said at one time by the so-hated rezun I.V. Stalin?
      Therefore, on the basis of this statement by Mr. Rezun (I categorically refuse to call him the sacred name Suvorov), we can conclude that he is completely insane ...
  7. Isum
    Isum 2 July 2016 10: 15
    IL-2 was clearly not a super plane ......
    To understand the reasons for gaining dominance in the air, this picture will help:
    number of aircraft produced.
    1. igor67
      igor67 2 July 2016 10: 45
      Quote: IZUM
      IL-2 was clearly not a super plane ......
      To understand the reasons for gaining dominance in the air, this picture will help:
      number of aircraft produced.

      IL 2 was discussed here on the site about three years ago, by the end of the war, IL2 had a little more than three thousand left, we had this car repaired in the war base and after the war
  8. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 2 July 2016 10: 25
    "Enemies of the people" (or rather, personally Rezun)

    How much can latently advertise Rezun (Suvorov)? Yes, the language in his books is easy and readable, but this does not mean that the traitor of the Motherland is periodically remembered and quoted even in order to convict of a lie. Too much was written about him and his books at the right time. The traitor's place is either in prison or in a nameless pit.
    1. rotmistr60
      rotmistr60 2 July 2016 11: 02
      An old "friend" has appeared again, who has already managed to eliminate all despising traitors and criticizing the United States on two branches. How annoying he is that he cannot put more than one minus per comment. But it’s probably very nice to create at least a small, but podlyanochka. If only for once he would respond, secret wretch.
  9. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 2 July 2016 10: 31
    To the author, interfere with the beads in front of the lizun — better throw a grenade under his feet !!!
  10. Fonmeg
    Fonmeg 2 July 2016 10: 37
    Suvorov wonders why Ukraine has not yet begun developing a "dirty bomb", believing that this would be an effective lever of influence and intimidation of Russia.

    Rezun’s problem (here’s a trick, he screwed up such a famous surname - Suvorov), and here’s the problem of this yoda in the absence of an ice ax!
  11. AID.S
    AID.S 2 July 2016 11: 15
    I read this rezun, yes, it reads, but I have not read it to the end, it doesn’t capture, it does not pull the traitor, neither the ruler of thoughts, nor the unrecognized genius. But the last word (like Penkovsky) in his performance, I would read with pleasure.
  12. tatra
    tatra 2 July 2016 11: 29
    The most important false myth of Rezun is “Stalin brought Hitler to power”.
    Rezun falsified the election results in Germany in 1933, and stated that the Communists should have united with the Social Democrats, although the Social Democrats themselves did not want to unite with the Communists.
  13. vladim.gorbunow
    vladim.gorbunow 2 July 2016 11: 54
    Another attack on windmills. Rezun - Suvorov takes what he understands. what he wants to prove, he consistently selects argumentation and strikes at his goal from different sides. regularly reminding about her. And everything is easy and entertaining. Together, this is called a concept. And the tenth thing. that it is wrong, it works and that's it. And the critics have no concept, which they prove is impossible to understand - Rezun is still lying, because the Pe-2 speed is 482 km / h and the Moscow Art Theater stars brilliantly played in the film Peter I. Alles kaput. Meanwhile, to the shame of historians and of us all, there are many blank spots. We know hourly how Nicholas II and Wilhelm II made a decision about war in 1914. There are books from June 22 in the title, there are even June 25, but there is no book on June 21. One can begin with an entry in the service diary of General Halder on June 20: "Mr. Molotov wanted to speak with the Fuehrer on 18.6 June."
  14. andrewkor
    andrewkor 2 July 2016 11: 58
    All sorts of "revelations" of different Rezuns there can be read once for a change, but to discuss, comment, too much honor!
  15. FANTOM-72
    FANTOM-72 2 July 2016 16: 05
    Not one of those who "have not read, but I condemn." I read all of Rezun (you need to know the enemy). The author of all these articles is a minus. Trying to refute a lie with a lie is unworthy. The appeal to Zhukov (he was not too lazy to read all the editions of his memoirs (not far from Rezun)) and his praise by the author is not clear and breaks elementary logic. Iosif Vissarionovich appoints Kuznetsov, who "succumbed to provocations," commander-in-chief of the USSR Navy, and exiles the "victory marshal" as commandant of Odessa. The epic "work" of Zhukov does not seem to be drawn to the ultimate truth.
  16. Senior manager
    Senior manager 2 July 2016 16: 17
    Rezun's syllable is light, he uses it, and vparivaet, juggle, where he just misinterprets, in short, he squeaks with a clever believable look. and you have to answer him, although he gets advertising. In his writings, the basis is the same - loot, he just lived with him, and he develops it for the needs of the "exceptional" special services. A renegade.
  17. Svidetel 45
    Svidetel 45 2 July 2016 20: 14
    Yes, I read a couple of "opuses" of him, I agree that his syllable is really foldable, read easily, sprinkles truthful, half-truthful and frankly false facts and from this hodgepodge a noble "cranberry" and "noodle" is obtained, which he, a lick, tries to hang on the ears of readers.
    Those who do not bother to analyze what they read and "swallow" it like semolina may become victims of its "conceptual" conclusions, the whole essence of which is the USSR, its leaders, the people of the world evil. It is understandable, Judas is working off his 30 pieces of silver, received from their new owners. A berry in the same field with Penkovsky, Kalugin and other traitors who deserve only contempt and, probably. complete oblivion, (except for the special services, of course). And yet, I have great doubts that the memories of G.K. Zhukov, for all his merits as a commander, can serve as a criterion of crystal truth, because there is a lot of evidence that he also bears some responsibility for the tragic start of the war as the chief of the General Staff , and since everything human is not alien to him, then in his memories he clearly tries to diminish this responsibility and is not always objective. However, this is my opinion, I do not pretend to be the truth of the last resort, now everyone is "smart" from the height of our time, they know how to do and how not to do it, although not everything is known yet, there are still many "blank spots" regarding those events.
  18. Tourist
    Tourist 2 July 2016 20: 57
    The topic of IL-2 was fully disclosed by Goblin in an intelligence interview with A. Skrobach. Who cares, look.
    Once again, only oh .. lags behind the admiration of our ancestors, how they were able to defeat the best, at that time, ARMY OF THE WORLD on IT!