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PR is a double edged weapon!

The fate of a journalist is to always be on the "edge" of public interest. But very often these interests are not addressed to the future, and not even to the present, but to the past. We try to draw our strength in it, we hope that we take the good from it, and on the bad we will learn not to repeat it. But this is usually just our wishes. But, nevertheless, remembering the past is interesting and instructive.

PR is a double edged weapon!

“I would have been badly accepted here, and they would have looked at me badly there if I accepted your proposal!” (Still from the film The Three Musketeers, directed by Bernard Borderie. Considered to be the best adaptation of this novel).

Here, for example, I visited a conversation about the myths of war not long ago on the VO website, and someone under the nickname Fantômas (it seems there were two more letters there, but this was not unprincipled) stated that many important documents of that time were fake, and as testimony cited the words of the communist Viktor Ilyukhin. And the motivation: "I have no reason not to trust him!" But then I have them. Of course, de mortuis aut bene, aut nihil, that is, about the dead or good, or nothing, but ... we wash the bones "iron Commissar", "commissars in dusty helmets," but who knows who else. So for some reason not to learn from the examples related to the life and activities of people who are not so ancient in time? Moreover, all this is connected with PR, and this is very strong weapon and an interesting topic in the context of the next escalation of information wars. Yes, and next elections again soon ...

Well, we need to start with the fact that the formation of PR in our country began in the 90s. The time was difficult: the paradigm of consciousness was changing, the economy paradigm, everything changed. And it was then that the first PR events began to be held in Penza, and from 1995, PR began to be taught at our Penza State University.

As always, smart and stupid people met in Penza, and the latter, as elsewhere, had more. And they also made PR for themselves and others, without asking the specialists why various embarrassments happened to them.

Worked, for example, in our Penza one A.F. Kavlyagin, himself a native of the village, from the 1982 year on posts in the apparatus of the Central Committee of the CPSU: instructor, then assistant to the head of the department of party organizational work. Then in 1986, he was elected second secretary of the Penza CPSU Regional Committee, and then in April 1993, as a result of the first general elections, he became governor, receiving 71% of Penza votes. The absolute majority, so to speak! He then went to the Federation Council, and all sorts of other "members", but in April 1998 of the year, running for a second term, lost the gubernatorial elections to the head of the administration of the Zheleznodorozhny district of the city of Penza, Vasily Bochkarev, and State Duma deputy Yury Lyzhinu (KPRF ), taking only third place. These are the mean lines of Wikipedia, but in life it was much more interesting.

Penza was then in fourth place from the end in terms of life among all other regions, newspapers were black and white (well, sometimes with a red heading!), When, shortly before the voting day, the Penzents had a newspaper in their mailboxes: “Governors Club and mayors №1 ". Full color printing! Bright colors! And the text: on every page, what a good Kavlyagin! And they wrote about him in this newspaper and Yegor Stroyev, and the governor of Kamchatka, and the president of Kalmykia ... You look at the map ... Where is Penza and where is Kamchatka? How was it possible to give them complimentary articles, when it’s one thing to work together in the Federation Council, and quite another, here, on the spot. But most of all I “liked” the last page. There, the then Penza ruler from the Russian Orthodox Church directly stated that "Kavlyagin is pleasing to the Lord." That's right - "good" and all! And against scrap, as you know, there is no reception!

Oppositional “Birzhevaya Gazeta”, supporting V.K. Bochkareva, then wrote: "You would be" guys "on our 300 rubles per capita" and ... where did the money for this colorful, lurid newspaper come from? And why is the “number one” started with Kavlyagin, and where is the output of the printing house, where it was printed? In a word, the editorial board of the “stock exchange” broke up this colorful opus “like a god of a turtle”! By the way, the number in which she gave materials “for Bochkarev” was outwardly the same as all the others, that is, modestly black and white and ... I am not surprised that Kavlyagin then lost, and many noted that it was this newspaper that the straw that “broke the camel’s back”.

But the real Fantômas once said: “Even a great man is worth nothing without a press!”

And here is the question: after all, it was an obvious PR, and how then did such a “wise” leader not understand that it was impossible to do this, and - most importantly, who advised him to do that? If he came up with it, then ... well, it is clear how we call such people vernacular. If you advised any "friend", then ... the same ... unprofessional in this matter. But if “friend / foe”, it means that poor Anatoly Fedorovich warmed a snake on his chest and did not recognize the trick! Or maybe bought into beautiful pictures? The psychology of its citizens did not know? That is, PR is a good thing, as is a sharp knife, but it’s dangerous in inept hands - you can cut yourself!

And further and funnier. The unexpected happened: between the new governor V.K. Bochkarev and the editors of the “stock exchange” “ran a black cat”, so much so that from their former friends they became ardent enemies.

It was here that Mr. Ilyukhin appeared on the horizon, who by that time had long broken up with Penza, but then returned to the next election. And the Birzhevaya Gazeta began to agitate for it! I told them: “Guys, remember how d'Artagnan answered Cardinal Richelieu when he invited him to his guard -“ My friends are there, and the enemies ... are here. I would be taken badly here, too, and they would look at me badly there if I accepted your proposal! ”After all that you wrote about the Communists, they will not consider you as their own, but the Democrats will turn away from you, this is clear as god day!

But they did not listen! There was at that time in Penza a purely communist newspaper “Lyubimy Gorod”, and there they came up with an even better course: they began to write in each issue “before Bochkarev’s re-election left ... days and then the sun would rise over the Penza region! Until ... three days left and then the sun will rise over ... "

It’s impossible to write to a PR manager! Unprofessionally, because the forces of nature are beyond the control of anyone, and it is silly to appeal to them - the same thing as to spit against the wind! And about the “stockbrokers”, “commies” began to say that they “wriggle on the winners,” although the victory was still very far away. And here, right on the eve of the elections, the next issue of the “stock exchange” goes entirely “for Ilyukhin”. The number came out, the editorial board sits, rejoices, and here Ilyukhin comes in and shows them ... another, exactly the same number of their newspaper, but with information turned upside down in 180 degrees! On the first page - an interview with him and a photograph - you can’t imagine worse! Well, the text. In the original: "I am a fighter in life!" In duplicate: "I am in life ...!" And so the whole newspaper, and the style of the journalists was copied, and under the articles of their signatures - all as in the original, only the content is completely different. And the circulation - what the first!

And after all, what does this do? The diskette in the printing came in 19.00. The next day at 5.00, the newspaper was ready and began to be delivered point by point. This means that during this period of time, some group of journalists, and professionals, received a duplicate number (and who gave it to them, how could this even be?), Managed to make a double number and sent it to print ... Where? Where it was printed so that when Ilyukhin sued, no one ever found? That is, all this was done clearly not at the local level, but where and who did it, God knows ... But although this was a very dirty PR, it was done skillfully, it should also be noted.

And with the "beloved", it was like that. Their newspaper has closed. And the same author of the texts that “the sun will rise together with his re-election to the governors of Ilyukhin”, six months later he received an invitation to the PR department to ... Governor V.K. Bochkarev and, spitting on all his convictions, went to work for the good of the “anti-people regime.” The same fate befell another young and fiery Penza Bolshevik, who left as deputy presidential representative somewhere far, far away. Probably both of them received offers that they could not refuse! And those who continue today to “denounce the regime” obviously have not received such proposals yet!

"New exchange" is also not lucky. She closed. VC. Bochkarev filed a lawsuit against her - she wrote something “unsubstantiated” to him, and ... the fine resulted in a very large sum. Not without reason, by the way, American journalists are not so much writing articles, but checking how the facts stated in them are documented. Otherwise, a lawsuit, a court, a huge fine and a queue for a free plate of soup to the canteen of the Salvation Army!

As for Mr. Ilyukhin, he, agitating for his own election, came to our university. An audience of professors and associate professors gathered him; two groups of students drove the students for mass, he ascended the podium and began to speak. He talked for half an hour and, as it were, not to the governors of methyl, but to the ministers of foreign affairs, all about how bad the Americans are and that the threat of a new war is again on the threshold. And he said nothing about what he would do for Penza as governor. That is, he didn’t have a very good “political information”. And to whom? No, somewhere on the farm among the breeders or in a brick factory with outdated equipment that would have worked quite well. But not in the audience of associate professors and doctors of science, including those in the social and humanitarian disciplines. But the main rule of PR is that you need to focus on the audience. Therefore, he got through only one retired veteran, who immediately stood up, said that he opened our eyes to all of us and wished him success as the governor of Penza. And then one of the associate professors got up and asked the question: you came to us for the votes, didn't you?

It seems to be a direct question and it should be a direct answer? “Well, in general, yes!” Answered Ilyukhin, but he obviously shouldn’t have responded that way, because the catch was clearly felt. “Then tell us,” the assistant professor continued, “who was the first to support the fascists in Germany in 1929, and why?”

It is clear that Ilyukhin did not know this, very few people know this, except professional historians, but still, his “I don't know” left an unpleasant impression!

And the assistant professor continued: “So know that it was not the workers, not the peasants who supported them, but the All-German trade union of associate professors! Do you know why? Because Hitler promised to raise their salaries four times! And the question is: how much will you raise your salary if we, associate professors, give you our votes? ”Cynical, isn't it? But how correct! After all, he said: "I came for the voices!"

You would see how this valiant agitator has changed in the face. Faded right in front of you! And all because ... I could not give a figure lower than the associate professors promised the possessed Adolf, because he understood that the reply would be a reply, “why do you value us so little?” But he couldn’t call a big number, because The Communist Party of the Russian Federation was not a word about it, and journalists would immediately “smash” his statement and cause an intra-party scandal!

But he found a way out of the situation! He looked at his watch, said that "he needs to go to speak at the plant," then said that "we all destroyed the Union and we all will work to restore it!" And headed for the door. Only he was seen! And one of the students shouted loudly: “He did not answer the question! Out of response! ”And there was silence! I never met him personally, however, and this meeting, it seems to me, was quite enough!

Why? Well, I do not really respect people who do not know how to work professionally with target audiences, but they come to the podium. Because of lack of intelligence or sad arrogance and the habit of thinking that “they will get away,” it does not matter. You can not do it this way! And this game he lost in our university at that time outright, and, by the way, in Penza also lost the election! That is, I repeat once again: PR is a strong and double-edged weapon, and it should be used by either very clever people or professionals who have all the subtleties of this craft! And if you yourself do not understand this, then you could hire a specialist, because any business should be done well. Or ... not to do at all!

Well, what fate awaited the communist journalist who went to the PR people to the Penza governor? He worked there for several years, and then something went "wrong" and sent him from the government to our department to teach ... PR! I remember how I smiled to myself when I met this former “fiery fighter”, but since we were educated and intelligent people, we greeted and dispersed. But only he for some reason left us very quickly ...
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  1. inkass_98
    inkass_98 8 July 2016 07: 09
    Dear Vyacheslav! The phrase about "real Fantomas" struck me to the core, after which I fell "patstol".
    Well, on the topic - you so fervently praise the opposition publications that I shed a tear from sympathy for them. And then I suddenly remembered the years of my studies, when the faculty of journalism was opened in our university (the year was 90 or 91). And, do not believe it, the blue dream of most of the students of this faculty was to become an "opposition" corrupt journalist in order to cut the dough. If you think that something has changed, then I sympathize with you. hi
    1. kalibr
      8 July 2016 07: 21
      What kind of sympathy are you talking about and why shouldn't I believe you? I teach PR and advertising (we also have journalism at PSU, but I don't work there) and ... the students have not changed. But I explain to them that "you can't lie", that is why a PR man differs from a journalist, that he has no right to lie. He just doesn't need it. There are other ways as well. But I really feel sorry for the Penza opposition publications both on the right and on the left. Without them, it's somehow insipid. There is nothing to make samples, and then after 5-10 years, on their basis, make excellent materials.
      1. DanSabaka
        DanSabaka 8 July 2016 22: 24
        politicians .... right, left, bullshit, revolutionaries and liberals .... is there any difference besides external tinsel and slogans?
    2. Schulz2
      Schulz2 8 July 2016 07: 31
      Quote: inkass_98
      ... you so hotly chant the opposition publications that I have already shed a tear from sympathy for them.
      And, do not believe it, the blue dream of most of the students of this faculty was to become an "opposition" corrupt journalist in order to cut the dough.

      Why don't we believe it? We believe. "Opposition" journalists are lying all the time, let alone the opposition
    3. Lyubopyatov
      Lyubopyatov 8 July 2016 14: 22
      From history: The historical and philological faculties of Russian universities were divided in Soviet times, divorced in two.
      Then journalistic departments were cut from philological faculties and given them to the beginning of the Zasur and Zaslav schools. In a cynical post-Soviet time, they wound up in journalism departments of the PR department.
      And the Russian language indulged in ever-increasing scolding - but not only the language, but also history itself and the objective truth about modernity with it. It is ridiculous to read the allegations that the PR man appreciates the truth more than the journalist does. Both are worse!
  2. Bureaucrat
    Bureaucrat 8 July 2016 07: 09
    An intriguing name, an intriguing picture, and then a shallow regional brawl.
    By the way, Dumas was still that weirdo, Rochelle is the greatest personality in the history of France, only Jeanne Dark and Napoleon can compete with him. And thanks to the Three Musketeers, a kind of evil arrogant and stupid schemer is presented.
    1. CONTROL
      CONTROL 8 July 2016 07: 48
      Quote: Bureaucrat
      Richelieu is the greatest personality in the history of France, only Jeanne Dark and Napoleon can compete with him. And thanks to the Three Musketeers, a kind of evil arrogant and stupid schemer is presented.

      D "Artagnan is also quite a historical person; and - in this very story he is" recorded "not only as a" good swordsman "of considerable personal courage and courage, but also as a true Gascon - a rather petty and mercantile intriguer who does not shy away from big lies and betrayal ... An odious person ... the son of his age!
  3. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 8 July 2016 07: 13
    Bitter zhurnalyugi bread, BUT ..... he chooses his own path, and in his own problems, I must blame myself exclusively .... and nothing else.
    1. kalibr
      8 July 2016 07: 26
      Yes. remember Star Wars where Luke Skywalker asks Yoda, "Is the dark side stronger?" "No, more accessible!" - he answers. So it is in journalism. The businessman signed a lucrative contract with the Japanese. I would like to inform the journalists about this. But ... the businessman does not want to and it is clear why. But "about obscene barking" and the low culture of the townspeople that they throw paper and bottles around it is safe to write. And it seems ... necessary. But what is the bottom line? They sketched it out, stabbed it, then the cars collided ... one negative!
    2. Schulz2
      Schulz2 8 July 2016 07: 35
      Quote: Shiva83483
      BUT ..... he chooses his path

      And if you choose the wrong one, then you can always re-choose ...
      1. tatra
        tatra 8 July 2016 09: 30
        Enemies of the communists on the territory of the USSR are conducting their anti-Soviet / anti-communist propaganda according to Goebbels' precepts "We are seeking not the truth, but the effect!"
        "For a lie to be believed, it must be terrifying!"
        1. Rivares
          Rivares 8 July 2016 18: 13
          Quote: tatra
          Enemies of the Communists in the USSR

          I understand that elections are coming soon and everyone will have an aggravation ... but who are these mythical enemies of the mythical communists? Not accidentally reptilians?
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 8 July 2016 07: 26
    Vyacheslav, I'm sorry .. but the general impression of the article is: I opened the door and there was a lot of garbage on the site, although there wasn’t in the evening ..
    1. kalibr
      8 July 2016 07: 29
      But what if there is one?
      1. V.ic
        V.ic 8 July 2016 18: 16
        Quote: kalibr
        But what if there is one?

        Do not eat and do not have to burp.
    CONTROL 8 July 2016 07: 38
    ... no way!
    A case is described that is typical of a journalistic fraternity - the second oldest, how come ... with similar moral principles and ethical principles!
    Well, what fate awaited the communist journalist who went to the PR people to the Penza governor? He worked there for several years, and then something went "wrong" and sent him from the government to our department to teach ... PR! I remember how I smiled to myself when I met this former “fiery fighter”, but since we were educated and intelligent people, we greeted and dispersed. But only he for some reason left us very quickly ...
    Obviously, one of them is more than an author! - "well-mannered and intelligent", on occasion drove a cunning PR in the face ...
    ... In modern journalism, this phenomenon is increasingly observed - "for your money - any whim"; with a general disregard of not only journalistic ethics and morality, but in general - they are not blue powder ...
  6. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 8 July 2016 08: 12
    I really liked the examples provided. Intrigues, deception, out of place templates used, advice that goes to the detriment, the conceit of those who want to be a "servant of the people" !!!!!!!!!
    Quote: Bureaucrat
    An intriguing name, an intriguing picture, and then a shallow regional brawl. .

    Why, does the reader want examples from "high" society, from foreign policy? Or maybe global? I am grateful to Vyacheslav Olegovich that he told us these examples from the recent past. The phrase of a great man: what is above, so is below! People are the same everywhere, and their vices do not change in all countries and from century to century! How many "blunders" we observe in the actions of Ukrainian politicians and laughing merrily!
    I have no doubt that the situations described in the article are very "typical, well, just typical - typical"! Surely they are repeated in other places, we just won't know about it.
    The article is a plus!
    1. kalibr
      8 July 2016 08: 33
      Thank you Dmitry! You see, in my opinion it is better to write about something specific in one region than to say "everything" without proof. "About everything" I simply do not have material and I do not know who has it. Although there are many interesting books on PR by the same Medynsky, Chumikov, Musician, Edward Bernays, Sam Black and many others. But there is also a lot of water, and many examples "a hundred years ago" are clearly outdated.
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 8 July 2016 09: 03
        RZHUNIMAGU !!!! The article was unexpected, therefore, I did not immediately remember the facts that I observed myself. One employee, slightly under 50 (in the distant past, a foreman at a factory) began to complain that she was tired, nervous, tired of intrigues and fuss, but she had everything, the children were with her do not live, but at the same time she had earnings and free time. She wants peace, she will go to the cleaning lady: wave a mop for two hours --- and go home, to the sciences, crafts and arts. Other employees dissuaded her ... After 4 months returned. "Some cleaners substitute others", "means heal (washing)", "bred for money", "steal watches", while watchmen are intriguing against elevators, and there are also electricians, plumbers and security guards of various qualifications. And a very complicated relationship. Worries. Nervous. Returned. This is me to the fact that in vain people think that life in the "provinces" is calmer. On the contrary: there are fewer choices!
        I would like to add that we, the readers, that is, just can be mistaken due to PR. Throwing, fakes, misinformation, manipulation --- what is not there and "there is no place to hide". Think, follow.
      2. Anatole Klim
        Anatole Klim 8 July 2016 19: 36
        Quote: kalibr
        But there is also a lot of water, and many examples "a hundred years ago" are clearly outdated.

        Vyacheslav! thanks for the article, but the examples are really "a hundred years ago". Now in Penza it is so quiet and smooth, such a quiet pool that even devils are not visible. Everything happens quietly and everyday, that the election of the governor, that the appointment of the head of the city or the head of the administration, will gather for a quiet get-together, but they decide who is where and why. Well, there are funny situations when the former head of administration dressed himself up before the anniversary of Penza and posed for the terminally ill in a corset, then the head physician of the madhouse promised to cure everyone ... I can’t even imagine what kind of PR you teach there on the example of Penza. Maybe the elections to the State Duma will revive the field of activity, although I don't see anything except newspapers and leaflets. And the people? the people you know are silent.
        1. kalibr
          8 July 2016 20: 11
          To learn is one thing, to do another!
        2. kalibr
          8 July 2016 21: 20
          I have examples of 10 years ago!
          1. Anatole Klim
            Anatole Klim 8 July 2016 21: 42
            Quote: kalibr
            I have examples of 10 years ago!

            Yes, I understand you very well Vyacheslav! Consider my comment simply as notes on the margins of your article, I’m just interested in your opinion, something will change, or the appointed scapegoat will sit down again and not for 8 years. (Although why am I talking about it, this is a completely different story)
            1. Reptiloid
              Reptiloid 9 July 2016 14: 28
              I think that there is always intrigue and struggle. Just years go by and people learn to do all this secretly, invisibly to the average person. And if something came to the surface, that was someone’s plan
  7. Beefeater
    Beefeater 8 July 2016 08: 44
    The real d'Artagnan - Charles de Butz de Castelmoro de Artagnan actually served the cardinal faithfully and faithfully. This is the power of the printed word.
  8. Stanislas
    Stanislas 8 July 2016 09: 31
    I explain to them that "you cannot lie", that is why a PR man differs from a journalist, that he has no right to lie. He just doesn't need it. There are other ways
    Gorgeous: "the PR man differs from the journalist that he has no right to lie" (the clumsy PR of PR people is a lie, nmv, is too obvious even taking into account the specifics of the local "target audience" that does not favor journalists too much) - "You cannot lie" (in quotes !) - "it's just not necessary" (??, even softer, but questions arise) - "There are other ways" (lies are transferred from moral to instrumental). A PR person differs from a journalist only in that he chooses the most vile, immoral of this profession, legalizes it with an unpretentious (watch your hands!) Translation from the framework of moral and ethical assessment into an instrumental and technical framework, and says: "Trust the professionals!"
    I do not really respect people who do not know how to work professionally with target audiences, and go to the podium
    Two types of people come to the podium: the first are those who have something to say (they at least think so), and the second are those who know (or think they know) how to hang noodles on their ears and are ready to hang any noodles for modest (by their standards) remuneration. Advertising and PR, nmv, should be prohibited at the legislative level: if a lie is a weapon, then it is of a special kind. The point is not in its "double-edgedness", but in principled antisociality, ie. directed against the society in which it spreads, even if you call it PR.
    1. kalibr
      8 July 2016 12: 57
      Stanislav, well, you are a serious person, I hope not a schoolboy, but write this:
      Quote: Stanislav
      Advertising and PR, nmv, should be prohibited at the legislative level
      This will never happen anywhere. It was under the USSR, it is now and will only develop further. And as in every profession in PR and advertising, there are also C grade students and simply "bad people". And there are masters. By the way, one of the definitions of PR - the simplest - is "good word of mouth". You can't make it on a lie!
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 9 July 2016 09: 05
        Somehow it is not said about the time when the truth is said, and after which the truth is said. And this is very important!
        In a word you can kill, in a word you can save,
        In a word, you can lead the shelves behind you,
        In a word, you can sell, and betray, and buy,
        The word can be poured into smashing lead.
        There are words like wounds, words like judgment.
        They do not surrender with them and are not taken prisoner.
        I don’t know the author. Grandmother told me, just remembered.
        And I wanted to ask this: the candidates for governors, candidates for deputies, they want, they are trying to be elected. They elected !!!!!! They became servants of the people, you see, they elected for a second term. And at some point they turned from servants. to the elite. Super! !!!! And their children become "real" elite! How and when and why does this happen? After all, the absurdity is complete!
  9. tatra
    tatra 8 July 2016 09: 52
    My "Comment has been deleted".
    This is proof of how the enemies of the communists "love" freedom of speech and the truth about themselves.
    1. kalibr
      8 July 2016 13: 13
      Woe to the vanquished! - This is what the Romans said. At first the Communists banned the opposition press, now they delete your comments, eye for eye, right? And by the way, if you read Lenin so well, you should know that he wrote about freedom of speech. Every state must protect itself!
      1. tatra
        tatra 8 July 2016 13: 25
        Yes, you, the enemies of the communists, always justify what you do after the seizure of the republics of the USSR - demolish monuments, rename streets, cities, introduce political repression, "gag" dissidents - those that "but the communists did the same." ...
        1. Cartalon
          Cartalon 8 July 2016 15: 43
          Not only the same thing, but also an order of magnitude on a large scale, and even about the gagging of the mouths, they were directly pleased, because under the communists the mouths were open.
        2. kalibr
          8 July 2016 15: 50
          That is, you are a clear enemy of the existing government? And remember what Lenin said about bourgeois parliamentarism - just like that it is invincible! So ... only by force! Then you go to the forest, to the Lenin-Stalin partisan detachment and blow up the trains. Then the expropriation of banks, the purchase of weapons abroad, their shipment to Russia on the schooner Zara-2 and the steamer John Grafton II and ... an appeal to the masses to go to the barricades! Only it seems to me that the masses will not go. By the way, the cathedral in the center of my city was blown up by someone, huh? Now it is being restored. And does the same Zyuganov oppose the ROC, but in his party there are also millionaires. They are not exploiters, they are correct, they are probably such kind-hearted "red capitalists". And who let them get rich? Martians?
  10. Rivares
    Rivares 8 July 2016 18: 06
    Quote: lukmag
    Although heroes were valued in the USSR, now Vlasovites,

    How are you right. And Vlasov was a communist, and the current owners are either former or children of the communists.
  11. tasha
    tasha 8 July 2016 18: 37
    To be a witness to what is happening and to be able to dissociate oneself from events in order to objectively tell about them. This is the daily work of a journalist.

    It seems to me that the objectivity of a journalist is the lack of propaganda, right?

    Of course. A person should not think about objectivity, but should always strive for it. It should be a filter and not pass slag, not become a PR man. If you want to know something, it’s better to read several materials in different publications, even if the publication is very good, you’ll still miss something.
  12. 1536
    1536 8 July 2016 19: 09
    In general, since the 19th century, our people have not changed at all. Put any of us in the bread position and begin to steal, spread rot of your neighbors, promote your relatives everywhere and take bribes at best with greyhound puppies.
    And then disinterested revolutionaries will appear, both in 1917 and 1991, and they certainly will save the country from all troubles, and the people from themselves.
    Would you go ... to the bathhouse, for example, gentlemen PR specialists, journalists, propagandists, other bearded-eyed riffraff, who had not eaten cheese since childhood !!!
    1. tasha
      tasha 8 July 2016 19: 21
      Ah, as he said ... Only not in their bathhouse, but in the stable!
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 9 July 2016 09: 29
        Oh, in the stable bathhouse --- it hints at something! Words from the serf past!
        Quote: 1536
        In general, since the XNUMXth century, our people have not changed at all.

        Yeah, a man still has two arms and two legs. Here a representative of the highest echelons of power showed his intimacy on all TVs and computers in the country. Not impressed!
        1. tasha
          tasha 9 July 2016 13: 06
          And you wanted to see something outstanding there (here in YaPe all 45cm wink )? It is necessary to look into the head, to study the brains. Drill a small hole ...

          It is necessary to test people using modern achievements of medicine, psychology, sociology and in general. Assign to those responsible posts those with cockroaches in their heads sitting on shelves rather than chasing greyhound puppies. Call me just boring wink
          1. Reptiloid
            Reptiloid 9 July 2016 14: 18
            I didn't think about big sizes. I'm generally more interested in the opposite side. That is, "antagonists" --- girls, and what can be done with them while no one sees. Maybe something new, unprecedented? But no - either a bed, or speaking from the podium!