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Humanization of legislation. What is its meaning and "pitfalls"?

Recently in Russia, amendments to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation have been actively discussed, consisting in commuting of a number of unlawful actions. The initiators of the amendments explain their actions by the desire to humanize Russian legislation. Already in the message of the President to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation dated April 18 of 2002, the message was laid to humanize the country's criminal legislation, as well as the penitentiary system. Since then, the head of state periodically returns to the question of the need to humanize Russian legislation.

First of all, it is necessary to find out what is understood in modern Russia by the humanization of legislation? If you turn to legal science, the humanization of legislation can be called the process of reforming criminal law and law enforcement practice aimed at improving the level of human security, ensuring equality and fairness in the field of law enforcement, proportionality of punishment and unlawful acts. As part of the humanization of criminal law, the possibility of expanding the grounds that give the right to exemption from criminal liability is implied. In addition, conditions are created for the replacement of real deprivation of liberty with alternative measures of punishment, including conditional punishment, fines, correctional labor.

The need for humanization of Russian legislation is obvious. First of all, it is explained by an extremely large number of prisoners held in Russian correctional colonies and pre-trial detention centers. Not all of them committed those acts for which it would really be worth depriving them of their freedom. It should also be recalled that all prisoners are kept at public expense, that is, at the expense of taxpayers. Meanwhile, a far more useful measure in some cases would be to award fine or corrective labor. Then the convicts would bring tangible income to the state or pay compensation to the parties affected by their actions, and not be kept for several years at public expense in places of detention.

In fact, the Russian state has never been distinguished by an overhuman attitude towards prisoners. Therefore, when in the country, including at the highest level, the topic of mitigating criminal legislation in order to humanize it, the two main factors that could be the reasons for such a change in the legal policy of the state began to be actively discussed. First of all, these are financial and economic considerations. Indeed, in the face of a worsening economic situation in the country, it is not economically advantageous to keep in places of imprisonment thousands of “alimentists” or those convicted under other non-dangerous articles. Secondly, Russia seeks to comply with international standards, and the humanization of criminal law and law enforcement practice is one of the recent world trends.

Imprisonment in Russia is overcrowded with people who have committed minor crimes. For such crimes, fair punishments could be fines or correctional labor, but people are sent to prisons at public expense. In addition, the punishment of real deprivation of liberty contributes to the criminalization of people convicted of minor crimes. “Alimentschik” or a person who got into a fight with someone on the street (without serious consequences) falls into an environment where professional criminals are being held with him who are the generators and popularizers of the ideology of the criminal world. What is so good about it?

The draft law on the humanization of legislation provided for the decriminalization of a number of acts for which criminal liability had previously been provided. These include cases that qualify for articles h. 1 Art. 116 (beatings) h. 1 Art. 119 (the threat of murder or the infliction of grievous bodily harm), including 1, 2 Art. 157 (alimony evasion), h. 3 Art. 327 (using a fake document). Every year, 130-140 thousands of people were condemned under these articles. Of course, not all of the convicts received real terms of imprisonment, but the majority acquired criminal convictions, which then had a negative effect on their future life, first of all - on their professional implementation. The listed articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation were the first candidates for decriminalization.

At the plenum of the Supreme Court, the chairman Vyacheslav Lebedev noted that up to 90% of the criminal cases before the courts are domestic crimes, about half of which are not related to danger to life, dignity, or major damage. The decriminalization of only the four articles of the criminal code mentioned above (beatings, death threats, malicious evasion of alimony and falsification of documents) can reduce the number of convicts in Russia by a quarter. The legislative initiative to humanize Russian legislation towards the decriminalization of these acts was supported by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. 21 June 2016. The State Duma of the Russian Federation, on the third reading, adopted a bill on the decriminalization of responsibility for beatings, evasion from paying alimony, using obviously false documents and petty embezzlement. At the same time, the deputies refused to support the initiative of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation to decriminalize responsibility for the threat of murder.

Instead of criminal liability, now for those acts that will be decriminalized, administrative responsibility is provided. But only for the first time - so that a person has the opportunity to correct and stop making such mistakes. For repeated commission of the same acts criminal liability is already provided. For the first time, the accused can get off with a court fine or community service.

Humanization of legislation. What is its meaning and "pitfalls"?

Most of the questions from the deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, and in society as a whole, led to a proposal to decriminalize the article “Beating”. It led to concerns about a possible increase in domestic and domestic violence in Russian society. As is known, in Russia the level of domestic and domestic violence is already very high, and the decriminalization of the article “Beating” would not have contributed to its reduction. Therefore, after lengthy discussions, the State Duma deputies stopped that the article “Beating” would be partially decriminalized. Criminal liability for beatings is preserved in the following cases: 1) if the object of the crime is a close person (parents, children, spouses, brothers and sisters, grandparents, grandchildren, guardians and trustees, relatives, as well as persons leading the common household ); 2) beatings were committed out of hooligan motives, 3) beatings were dictated by political, ideological, racial, national or religious motives of hatred or hostility, or motives of hatred or hostility against any social group.

Thus, criminal liability for beatings in these cases remains. This moment, by the way, also caused a certain public discontent. In particular, many critics of changes to the criminal code have wondered why an outsider is released from criminal responsibility for beatings, but a relative can be convicted under a criminal article, for example, a parent who decided to "spank" his child for bad behavior. The All-Russian Parent Assembly even organized a series of street protests against innovations in legislation, which will be held in a number of Russian cities. The most well-known critic of the new interpretation of the article “Beating” became a member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Elena Mizulina. She said that the provision of relatives in the new reading of the law into a separate category discriminates against family members, contradicts the main objectives of the state family policy of the Russian Federation, as it legalizes juvenile justice and unreasonable intrusion into family affairs.

According to Mizulina, a child’s bruise will be the reason for initiating a criminal case and taking the child from the family, which will adversely affect the state of family policy in the Russian Federation. Indeed, it is not very clear why a father or mother who spanked a child can receive up to 2 years of imprisonment and acquire a previous conviction for life (which, by the way, will have a negative effect on the child himself — with convicted close relatives to him in the future in many government agencies, including the prosecutor's office, court, security agencies, law enforcement agencies), and the bully who beat the same child on the street can get off with administrative punishment and a fine of up to 40 thousand rubles.

Certain questions were caused by the transfer of non-payment of alimony to the category of administrative offenses. This caused a strong reaction from the Russian society, first of all - its female part. After all, the fear of criminal punishment is one of the very effective arguments against evading child support. But divorced parents can be reassured - for the evasion of payment of alimony, criminal liability can be avoided only for the first time, for the malicious non-payment can still shine a real term, up to one year in prison. Responsibility will be provided for evasion from the content of disabled parents.

Another innovation, which will mostly affect the domestic business, was the addition of the article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Fraud”. This article is supplemented by the fifth part - “Fraud, involving deliberate non-fulfillment of contractual obligations in the field of entrepreneurial activity, if this act entailed causing significant damage”. In accordance with Part 5 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, now a penalty of up to 300 thousand rubles will be provided for this. The maximum punishment that can be threatened under this article is deprivation of liberty for up to five years with restriction of liberty for up to one year or without it. In the event of major damage resulting from fraud, the amount of the fine increases to 500 thousand rubles, and the maximum term of imprisonment is up to six years. Finally, in the event of particularly major damage, the perpetrator may be sentenced to a fine of 1 million rubles or imprisonment for up to 10 years. The sums that should be considered significant, large and especially large damages are also established. Considerable damage is the amount of 10 thousand rubles, large - from 3 million rubles, and especially large - from 12 million rubles. Recall that at present the thresholds for article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation are 2,5 thousand rubles, 250 thousand rubles and 1 million rubles. The increase in damage thresholds under the article "Fraud" is aimed at liberalizing the article and contributes to the improvement of conditions for domestic business.

The humanization of Russian legislation is, of course, a good thing. Indeed, innocent people are serving sentences in Russian prisons, and people convicted of acts that are justly difficult to consider as socially dangerous. But it is puzzling why decriminalizing such articles as “Beatings”, both specialists of the judiciary, and deputies of legislative bodies did not pay attention to extremely harsh measures taken under the “narcotic” 228 article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Of course, drug addiction is a terrible disease and social flaw, it is simply necessary to fight it in all possible ways. But is the justification for storing drugs (including the so-called “light drugs”) for the storage of murder or rape? Approximately half of Russian prisoners are currently serving their sentences under a “narcotic” article, and, as you can easily guess, these are not drug barons or even large dealers, but small distributors and even ordinary drug addicts, who happened to be “dose” in the hands of law enforcement officers. organs.

It is among those convicted under this article that there are a large number of completely random people, including very young, 18-20-year-olds, yesterday’s schoolchildren and students, whose whole fault lies in the fact that they “indulged” or even tried to indulge in some kind trash For several years spent in prison (and this may be five or ten years), young people turn into hardened criminals, and often into complete drug addicts (it’s no secret that drug addiction takes place in Russian prisons). A young man convicted of 8-10 years for drug possession loses the best years of his life, becomes a socially unadapted member of society and is likely to commit a new crime.

The fight against drug addiction can only be successful when there is real work in two directions. The first is the eradication of social prerequisites for the spread of drug addiction, which implies the improvement of work with young people, the improvement of social and living conditions of the population. The second is the overlapping of the channels for transporting drugs to the territory of the Russian Federation and the harsh opposition of real drug mafia, and not to drug addicts - loners and small dealers. Otherwise, the Russian prisons will be filled with ordinary drug addicts, and the real movers of the criminal business will remain at liberty and will only increase their income, including at the expense of the same prisoners.
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 1 July 2016 05: 52
    Humanization? Do not la la.
    1. Megatron
      Megatron 1 July 2016 11: 37
      For dope correctly give. There’s nothing to indulge in any rubbish.

      PS Guys, I'm resting in the Crimea, why is the wrong flag?
      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 1 July 2016 12: 11
        Quote: Megatron
        why is the wrong flag?

        That one, that spy burned. laughing
      2. Bath
        Bath 1 July 2016 13: 35
        This (spring package) is the humanization ???? the author drink yadu by the way it is very much you advocate for 228, whether my friend is sinful for an hour))))
        1. Cosmopolitan
          Cosmopolitan 23 March 2017 07: 20
          And you look at the statistics, all the able-bodied population was transplanted, some women and the elderly remained, is this normal?
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 2 July 2016 07: 34
      Decriminalization in a liberal system means lower costs of incarceration and replenishment of the budget through higher fines. At first glance, it seems normal. But those who do not have money for a fine will either go to prison or lose their property. So it is beneficial to a few rich people. The author correctly noted that the responsibility for the beatings would fall on the relatives. And the goal is to remove children for sale. But for some reason he kept silent that this had already been announced by the public movement "Parent All-Russian Resistance" (chairman M. Mamikonyan), which sent an open letter to the President of Russia on this matter. On June 21, Pavel Astakhov called juvenile justice evil. As usual, there was no response to the letter, and Astakhov began to drain.
  2. Kenneth
    Kenneth 1 July 2016 06: 51
    To reduce the number of prisoners it is possible to give the death penalty for all crimes
    1. Oorfene Deuce
      Oorfene Deuce 1 July 2016 13: 46
      It is the fear of the death penalty (although certainly not for all crimes) that can reduce the number of crimes. And then they lit a bodyagie here ... Humanizers x.renova. For the most part of the articles of the Criminal Code, one should think about tougher penalties, and not about mitigation. They write laws for themselves.
      And besides, the law we have is like a tongue, not written for everyone ... A la Vasiliev and others like them did not care about him. It does not apply to the "chosen ones" ...
      1. Bath
        Bath 1 July 2016 16: 43
        Are you without sin? Do you think you can never be robe?
        1. Oorfene Deuce
          Oorfene Deuce 1 July 2016 17: 41
          Like from prison and from sumy do not renounce? Well, everything is possible ... I have a couple of administrative protocols such as going in the wrong place or drinking alcohol (beer on a bench in the park). But not more. I live honestly, I don’t steal money, I don’t take bribes and I don’t know how to fake them.
          And you have a respected to see the stigma in the cannon, otherwise why are you so worried, remember the scriptures, are afraid of throwing stones at you?
          1. Bath
            Bath 1 July 2016 18: 24
            Stigma))? Sorry, I didn’t grunt in the same puddle and didn’t drink glass in the parks if you consider the court’s verdict as the supreme act of social justice.
            1. Oorfene Deuce
              Oorfene Deuce 1 July 2016 19: 11
              Quote: Bath
              Sorry, I didn’t grunt in the same pool and didn’t drink glass in the parks

              Well, where can we ... We have different puddles with you and my "glass" (what word) is unlikely to suit you.
              Quote: Bath
              Do you consider the court verdict with us the supreme act of social justice

              Judging by the latest high-profile corruption cases, the opinion is just the opposite. I am pleased precisely for the rigor and impartiality, and you for what?
              And by the way, it seems that with the organized and proper functioning of the judicial and law enforcement agencies you will have something to lose ... Or not?
              1. The comment was deleted.
              2. Bath
                Bath 1 July 2016 20: 42
                Quote: Oorfene Deuce
                Judging by the latest high-profile corruption cases, the opinion is just the opposite. I am pleased precisely for the rigor and impartiality, and you for what?
                And by the way, it seems that with the organized and proper functioning of the judicial and law enforcement agencies you will have something to lose ... Or not?

                That is, you yourself claiming that the legal system in our country is, to put it mildly, not demanding tougher punishment, while perfectly understanding that it will not affect the top, and that the same ordinary ordinary citizens will sit, do you happen to personally participate in lawmaking? Or just people do not love?
                1. Oorfene Deuce
                  Oorfene Deuce 3 July 2016 19: 12
                  Quote: Bath
                  Do you happen to be involved in lawmaking personally? Or just don’t like people?

                  What am I? Dude in "law" smile
                  I am below the middle class, I don’t live in Moscow city (I live in a provincial Siberian town), and I think I express interests that are probably worth listening to.
                  The mood is changing, you do not feel? Probably the authorities need shocks ...
  3. 2s5giacints
    2s5giacints 1 July 2016 07: 12
    as always, laws were passed by nothing, judging by the comments, you can also put Santa Claus if you wish. For fraud, frankly corrupt law. Styril 3lama received a 300k fine and 6 years probation)) the author still talks about drugs, it’s necessary to liberalize. . not only the rogue is expanding, but the rich are taking root. I think the problem is not in the social sphere, but in the availability of drugs. It is necessary to tighten the laws and not soften. So that the person knows that the punishment will be severe and think 10 times, but do I need it or as now maybe about rolls if the condition does not roll off
  4. Lyton
    Lyton 1 July 2016 07: 15
    Ilya Polonsky, let’s kiss the addicts now, they’re sick, they just don’t give us 8-10 years, so the doses were measured in kilograms, and as you write, you’ll need to shoot real people like in China in an area with a large crowd of people.
    1. Cosmopolitan
      Cosmopolitan 23 March 2017 07: 22
      You would read article 228, and then draw conclusions, kilograms would be 10 years for 1 gram
  5. Andrey K
    Andrey K 1 July 2016 07: 17
    ... The need for humanization of Russian legislation is obvious ...
    Games on the mood of society.
    We have a strange humanization - bankers, "throwing" depositors, the state is not for rubles, for billions of rubles - for a fine and suspended. Someone hungry, who stole something to eat from the store, God forbid that the Cerberus "guards" are not killed on the spot - and then the full power of a fair trial, a real time.
    About Vasilyeva everyone’s teeth were nagging, the servants of the people-governors were mired in requisitions and frauds. Yes, it’s good that they started talking about it, showing it to the public - where is the result? Where are the real landings, the confiscation of the stolen ...
    1. Ketharro
      Ketharro 1 July 2016 08: 40
      Shootings are needed. The same Vasilyeva stole not a box of matches, but Serdyukov covered it, both with the highest measure and the confiscation of all property from close relatives.
      1. Gardamir
        Gardamir 1 July 2016 10: 00
        and Serdyukov covered her,
        who covers Serdyukov?
    CONTROL 1 July 2016 07: 20
    It is not necessary to decriminalize, but to tighten! And to revise, say, administrative legislation, procedural legislation. Today, any judge can make a decision to arrest an account or block a single mother's salary bank card - for housing and utilities arrears, for example ... In the absence of the debtor himself, they either gave a subpoena to the court, or not - more likely not than yes .. Here is the space for the "juvenile", and for the bailiffs and collectors (who will soon just start getting wet - within the framework of the "humane" criminal code ...)
    ... But "a fraud associated with ... -" shod a partner "on ... how much is there? On 12 lyamas ... and - gave it in the face! Applying, you know, light bodily ... This is what will? Absorption of a more serious and socially dangerous act less serious? Which of them what? ... For someone, 10 thousand is a lot of money, and for someone 12 million is a small change for cigarettes ...
    ... Or an article "for nonsense": well, a schoolboy ... well, he tried to smoke or shoot ... While high he "tried" to steal ... to rob ... Then what? Kill, blow up the station or "nord-ost"? ...
    The fight against crime should not be carried out by "softening" the codes and the penitentiary, but by improving the living conditions of the people - creating jobs, strengthening the social sector, improving education, and te de - yes, it’s imposed on us!
    And relying on "penal battalions" as an electoral support is not a presidential business! ...
    1. sivera1116
      sivera1116 1 July 2016 10: 52
      I agree with your arguments. In particular, on not submitting a subpoena, he accidentally came to a hearing on the case of non-payment of housing and communal services. And about my non-payment)) There was no agenda, the judge was very surprised and informed that she was handed to me) So you are sitting at home, and the bailiff is knocking on you with the writ of execution, and you are not dreaming ...
    CONTROL 1 July 2016 07: 27
    And the first photo for the article is just an illustration of "decriminalization"! Such faces ... Lombroso loudly applauds! ...
    1. Bath
      Bath 1 July 2016 13: 45
      my friend you about 6 months on the stage to ride a robe will look absolutely the same
  8. Tsoy
    Tsoy 1 July 2016 07: 35
    they are not looking for money there ... stole the money back in triple size. No matter what. A bottle of vodka? Give back three and go on. Billion? 3 returned and sat down on 10 years. And then it turns out you can sit in the colony for a month and come out clean (see Vasilyeva). Tighten and need mass killings on cars. A car is not considered to be a murder weapon now, it seems that cranks who are driving at full speed at a stop make an accident. And therefore they pass on 2, 3, the colonies of the settlement. In the Irkutsk region, many know how they work. Gave money marked in the morning, and walk on the 4 side. You need to give a lot more because people will not return it.
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 1 July 2016 07: 55
    a bruise in a child will become a reason for initiating criminal proceedings and removing a child from the family, which will negatively affect the state of family policy

    This is reminiscent of the Scandinavian countries, in which, by our standards, complete lawlessness in relation to parents and their children. For them, it is humane to place a child in an orphanage or foster family, than to leave to parents who were forced to do homework and were not allowed to go for a walk.
  10. Egoza
    Egoza 1 July 2016 07: 56
    Russia seeks to comply with international standards, and the humanization of criminal law and law enforcement practice is one of the recent global trends.

    Or maybe there is no need to strive for "international norms"? all the more so since these "norms" are only on paper and in the mouths of politicians, but in fact no one is fulfilling them. We need Russian norms in terms of the safety of citizens of their country and financial benefits.
    1. Bath
      Bath 1 July 2016 13: 49
      Of course, we don’t need any international standards. So what about the camp system in our country such that the Chukhites die of envy and traditions under the tsar of exile penal servitude?
  11. Blondy
    Blondy 1 July 2016 07: 57
    As far as I can vaguely remember, at the dawn of the assertion, the Soviet authorities also fought against drug addiction, and they managed to do it in less than five years, but they didn’t bother with eradicating prerequisites and improving social conditions.
  12. PDM80
    PDM80 1 July 2016 08: 04
    The author of the article finished it on an interesting note regarding articles on drug addiction, which for me are so too soft. It is necessary to introduce everywhere compulsory treatment in such cases. And so the main issue of our legislation is not what is written in the code, but how it is applied in practice is law enforcement practice, because no one forces a judge to immediately put a person down, the judge always has an alternative, even for serious crimes, and in exceptional cases he can even impose a sentence below the lower limit, but in practice the identity of the defendant is not really studied, nor the circumstances of the case, the judge and the prosecutor sat, thought and decided. A striking example is the application of criminal law in terms of self-defense, our legislation goes along the path of the fact that the only thing a person can do is to run away, God forbid, hit the criminal or cripple, BOTH sit down!
    As for replacing the real punishment with fines, sometimes it makes no sense, because a person does not have stupid money to pay a fine, and he still doesn’t end up being replaced for a real term.
    As for the criminal record, this is part of the punishment of a person, and most importantly, this is the prevention of crimes, i.e. a person should know that if he commits a crime, it will become a stigma for his whole life and he will no longer be able to live as he wants - the conclusion is not to commit crimes.
    Regarding the fact that the maintenance of prisoners rests on the shoulders of taxpayers, here I agree only on suicide bombers, they need to be shot and not fed their whole life, as for other institutions, depending on the detention regime, most have their own households, prisoners work and partially pay themselves for your content.
    1. Tsoy
      Tsoy 1 July 2016 17: 26
      The number of drug addicts is actually very large in the Russian Federation, to say the least. If everyone used to sit on hard drugs (coke, heroin, club), now there is a huge amount of cheap drugs. The same spice and crocodile. In Irkutsk, syringes are lying on each trashcan. A smoking mixture can be easily bought through the Internet. This is the worst thing that is now easy and cheap to find hallucinogens. Imagine how many people will be treated?
  13. cobalt
    cobalt 1 July 2016 08: 15
    As a practitioner, I do not expect anything good from this humanization. Steal. According to the plan, they want to determine the theft as a crime with 5000 rubles, all that is less is the administrator, no one will really deal with it, imagine how the feeling of impunity and, accordingly, the number of thefts will increase. The fact that small things now give a real term is nonsense. Take statistics from the website of any district court - imprisonment is conditionally given three times more often than real imprisonment. In addition, the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation itself (Art. 56) is prohibited from actually appointing deprivation of liberty for crimes of minor gravity, only in the presence of aggravating circumstances and for a number of separate drug crimes. They got to the point that they didn’t take into custody during the investigation, they kept them on a subscription, they had recently suffered, they had to carry out a whole operation to search for the defendant to bring him to court, he knows that they will be sent to robbery, and he’s hiding in the court does not go. And so all over the country.
  14. Nix1986
    Nix1986 1 July 2016 08: 20
    Humanization ??? For example, in the USA you saw a dude with 4 walks behind him or more ?! Only here. We have a humane Criminal Code, we don’t shoot either drug dealers or embezzlers, we don’t have a public show with an electric chair. Which states do this, and so we all know. In my opinion, what should be changed is to replace the principle of absorption of terms by its totality and increase the liability for relapse by a multiple. In the USA, for example, they caught you 1 time for theft, okay, there are no other schools for you, you stumbled, it happens, get a clue, you caught a second time, uh, you didn’t understand, sit down now, you caught a third time, yes you’re incorrigible - get years 20, and then we call the United States the most cruel state, because the poor lagger Niger Joe from Harlem just sat down for theft for 20 years, forgetting that this is his third walk. And our state is so humane that such a Joe would be released every 5 years and each time would endanger the lives of law-abiding citizens. Whatever, but I'm for the Texas Ranger wink
  15. erased
    erased 1 July 2016 08: 27
    Beatings are a trifle! This is necessary! Any attack can be converted to beatings, even if the victim is in intensive care. But if you, defending yourself, broke someone’s head, then you’ll put yourself in prison, and the attackers will stand cute on the sidelines.
    It seems that laws are written under the dictation of criminals. Back in the 90s, it was clear that the law was beginning to protect not normal citizens, but namely representatives of the criminal world. Dates for serious articles were reduced, purchased judges simply could not pass convictions. But they always and everywhere planted those who defended themselves or others. There is a conclusion - power deliberately puts pressure on a person, forcing him to become an obedient victim.
    And after that they still say - he walked past the crime, heartless, did not help, how indifferent! And how not to get through if you yourself are blamed!
    The threat of murder and reprisal is also nonsense, right? It’s ridiculous.

    It would be nice if these lawmakers experienced beatings and threats on themselves. How did you react then? Things are good. beautiful marquise? Although yes, all these deputies, senators and others do not walk the streets, they are taken under guard. But ordinary people are not sorry, there is so much superfluous. According to the plan of the West, there should generally remain 10-15 million. It is necessary to fulfill the will of the owners. So they try.
  16. Leto
    Leto 1 July 2016 08: 45
    Places of imprisonment in Russia are crowded with people who have committed minor crimes.

    For the author, this sounds like a postulate. But where is the evidence? The main articles on which they sit are 158 part 2 (theft with penetration), 161 part 2 (robbery by a group of persons) and 228 of all stripes from storage to distribution. Are these easy crimes?
    "Alimentary worker" or a person who had a fight with someone on the street (without serious consequences) ends up on Wednesday

    On Thursday it hits. What kind of goof is writing this? In my memory, not a single case of the landing of an alimony or "kitchen fighter", the maximum punishment is not associated with imprisonment. There were cases of landings for Torture at 117, this is when during the year the "kitchen fighter" was involved three times at 116, but this is rare.
    If some alimony and thunders in the MLS, then only to the village, the general regime does not shine for him unambiguously.
    for example, a parent who decided to “spank” his child for bad behavior

    To bruises? What the fuck is this parent? Was the author beaten to bruises at least once in his life? If so, is he ready to beat his child like that?
    can receive up to 2 years of imprisonment and acquire a criminal record for life

    The fact that mizulina is inadequate and illiterate is understandable, others are not kept there, but the author could then make inquiries about what articles there is a "life sentence"? For no reason, even after serving a particularly grave crime, the conviction is removed after eight years!

    Maybe it was necessary to write easier?
    "NO MONEY BUT YOU KEEP! The maintenance of criminals is expensive and therefore they will not be free. They will not crawl over a high fence to us, but you stay there, good mood to you!"
    1. ilyaros
      1 July 2016 08: 59
      I personally know two people who have served for alimony in a general regime colony. I can name names and surnames. Is there any sense in the names of strangers? Kitchen fighters in general is fully sitting, and many - on the stipulation of wives. A bruise on a child may occur, even if he was just roughly very strongly taken by the hand. As for the removal of a criminal record, then even with the canceled conviction, the way to the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the prosecutor's office and the list goes on. And in a decent company does not get a good position.
      1. PDM80
        PDM80 1 July 2016 09: 08
        And is it bad that people who have committed crimes will not work in the police, the prosecutor's office? As for bruises, a child can get them on the street, but in practice, the juvenile justice authorities "freak out" and actually take the children out of the family.
        Aliymenchiks can really sit down if they have been sentenced to a more severe one, for example, they have not paid or evade correction work, the same applies to kitchen fighters who can commit 116 while in pre-trial detention or with an unexpunged criminal record.
        1. ilyaros
          1 July 2016 12: 46
          And we should not forget that the same alimentary worker can be quite a law-abiding person, and even properly maintain her child, just trust the mother and not keep the checks. do not take receipts. And then bang - and flew. And penalties there are such that in a year a huge amount can accumulate. And people get problems with the law out of the blue. And about the bruises of the child - what a space for the bases! As now with pedophilia, especially in families with step-fathers - an excellent field for blackmail.
      2. alexej123
        alexej123 1 July 2016 14: 24
        Ilya, yes, I don’t argue that we have such convicts that they sit undeservedly, someone may have had enough censure, someone a fine, someone is generally innocent. The first and foremost problem is the Courts. I described my vision of how to reduce the risks of unfair sentences here. But believe me, I served in this system - the bulk of them are those who should sit. And one more thing, in Russia the "prisoners" have much more rights than the FSIN officers. Talk to the police, the bulk of phone fraud crimes are committed from prisons. But they tried to put "jammers" on mobile communications, so at once hundreds of complaints to the Prosecutor's Office about deteriorating health conditions. And that's it, REMOVED the equipment.
    2. alexej123
      alexej123 1 July 2016 12: 45
      I rarely agree with you, I rarely put a minus to an article - here and with you Leto agree and an article a minus. The author pulled well-known cliches from the media and based on them builds conclusions and draws conclusions. According to the author, if this is the state of affairs, then who is to blame and what to do? Answer 1: Courts. Answer 2: at least equip all courts with a video surveillance system, like polling stations in elections, and archive this data. If there are any inconsistencies, disassemble. In the case when the judges are clearly guilty - to dismiss with a "wolf ticket". As for the contingent of convicts, the author should look through the criminal and administrative practice. Tell me, how many in Russia, even in percentage terms, are serving a sentence of imprisonment for drug possession? Talk to the drug police, be surprised. Basically, such people, if they are caught for the first time, with an INSIGNIFICANT amount of the seized receive a punishment that is not related to imprisonment. If the amount is insignificant, an administrative penalty follows. And with a SIGNIFICANT amount, criminal punishment follows, and it is not a fact that it is always associated with imprisonment. And you here snot and tears lit up the young boys who "just tried".
      1. ilyaros
        1 July 2016 13: 56
        under a significant size just a large armful of foolishness, which some "fool" picked up in the field, and then fell for it, falls simply. Is it really all "drug lords"?
        1. alexej123
          alexej123 1 July 2016 14: 14
          I am for "just trying". Such a category CANNOT HAVE HAPPY OF DOOL, GRASS, SIMPLEX, CHECK, GERYCH and other evil spirits. You see - it CAN'T. An armful may be at the one who is sitting on this foolishness, or at the huckster, large and not so. But this category should sit. From their own service experience, drug addicts are by no means goodies, for a "dose", "a jamb shmali" their mother will be sold and sold. Relatives around the world were allowed in, lost and pierced houses, apartments, furnishings, etc. Someone hunched over all their lives, and someone, for the sake of several hours of "high", let everything down and did not care how their relatives and friends would live in the future.
          1. ilyaros
            1 July 2016 15: 58
            I have met lovers of "weed", and not one (although I myself am not at all a supporter of this case). Absolutely ordinary people, they did not lose or sell anything ... (I think you have seen such people too) There are not so few of them of all ages and professions, including among the "servicemen" (and in the same drug police, including). About those who are "on the needle", of course, I agree with you. A "planokurov" is full of completely harmless. Many beer and vodka drinkers are much more dangerous. And people are dying from alcohol and related problems in Russia much more, just many people do not think about it. A man of 45-50 years old died - it’s a heart attack, a stroke is to blame, but what he drank in a day decently, it’s nonsense, especially if he had time to work and brought money to the house ... And how many drunkards who do not care how their loved ones will live - there are no such people at all ...
            1. alexej123
              alexej123 1 July 2016 17: 21
              Ilya, here I agree with you. Life is not black or white. She is colorful.
    ALEA IACTA EST 1 July 2016 09: 20
    A crime is a crime and should be punished as severely as possible. For "minor" crimes it is necessary to imprison with special zeal.
  18. Cobra77
    Cobra77 1 July 2016 09: 36
    Well, yes, we don’t want to do prevention, it’s difficult, we have to work there, but how else to reduce the amount of criminal activity? It is natural to remove or weaken the relevant articles of the Criminal Code. Ingenious. wassat
  19. Forever so
    Forever so 1 July 2016 10: 33
    Humonization of society from liberalists, and Yaroslavna’s crying for a weak drug market, only you know, they will add a client to the drug, they will create a consumer, and even that person will be imprisoned. This is what a shortage of funds from officials is obtained. All income from the owners of the zones.
    1. commentator
      commentator 1 July 2016 15: 44
      As long as there are drug defenses under the roof of the police-clients, they will always find them. And it’s good for the police, for statistics, they always find out from the hucksters who took the dose for the article today, and the drug lords are like goose water.
      and these hucksters trade for an hour not in grass, but in a very dangerous chemistry of the form of "salts and spice" from which any person with a first dose can die or become addicted-So they create an extreme danger that no one touches.
      And the fact that it doesn’t touch you — naivety — I know cases from completely prosperous families of teenage students once they tried spice they went into a coma forever.
      With whom, with whom, the emphasis in the fight must be done precisely against the drug mafia where both the authorities and the drug control are involved ..
  20. atamankko
    atamankko 1 July 2016 10: 37
    Parents can be convicted of a stipulation of a child,
    why do I need extra trouble, I'm better
    I will not give birth, in our country
    with demography, everything is fine.
  21. D. Dan
    D. Dan 1 July 2016 18: 03
    And let's introduce amendments from Uncle Dan.
    A thief caught at work on a birch. That is, killers are eradicated and robbers.
    The thief pays in full measure.
    We whip the deceiver and destroy the virus.
    Continue, taty sub-singers?
    And we have such a long distance.
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 2 July 2016 02: 07
      Quote: D. Dan
      And let's introduce amendments from Uncle Dan.
      A thief caught at work on a birch. That is, killers are eradicated and robbers.
      The thief pays in full measure.
      We whip the deceiver and destroy the virus.
      Continue, taty sub-singers?
      And we have such a long distance.

      Or maybe just introduce "Russkaya Pravda" by Yaroslav the Wise?
  22. APASUS
    APASUS 1 July 2016 18: 55
    Strange, the whole humanization, as it were, revolves around money, do not banks lobby these laws ???
    Everything is under the legalization of extortion, now everything is being pulled under the new law on collectors, and there are no articles for beatings, a threat to life, and of course there is no fraud either.
    You can set at least 300% per hour, the prescription on the interest rate of the Central Bank can be circumvented by an ordinary agreement between two entities - the borrower and a private person.
    Somewhere I already saw such crap!
  23. Old warrior
    Old warrior 2 July 2016 22: 58
    Legislation, first of all, should be JUST and PROTECT a law-abiding citizen, not a criminal. When a Citizen is truly PROTECTED by the Law, then it will be possible to talk about some humanization ...
  24. Cosmopolitan
    Cosmopolitan 23 March 2017 07: 16
    Dear Sirs! I think you talk about the fate of people, not knowing enough information. Do you think a large amount is a kilogram? Yes it is 1 gram! And throughout Russia, more than 110 thousand young people sit huge terms for such a large number !!! And these are broken lives and families! And then we have no one to work with and we have to increase the retirement age. Yes, many of them stumbled, and after all, many got it right. You consider this an adequate punishment! Humanization 228 is necessary, otherwise who will vote for Putin?
  25. OOM-9
    OOM-9 31 May 2017 04: 34
    Humanization - oh ... do not get up. He stole a stick of 2 rubles, so this is not much. But b ... from a grandmother-pensioner, from whom the money was stolen by the ushlopok and no longer, and how she will survive to retirement now, our humane courts do not care.