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Bombing of Prague, or How history is forgotten

Americans love to emphasize their participation in the fight against Nazism, but 14 February 1945, they themselves acted as Nazis

Have you ever seen a crying crocodile? Or a hyena? The white shark, apparently, too, very few people saw sobbing sob. But American diplomats in Tallinn annually let a tear, recalling the "barbaric" bombardment of the Estonian capital by the Soviet air forces 9 in March 1944.

When representatives of the most democratic nation in the world start letting a tear, it makes sense to be on the alert. Usually this is only a cover for covering up their own crimes, and the louder they sympathize, it means that the more monstrously they “inherited” somewhere.

Bombing of Prague, or How history is forgotten

A plaque on the site of the death of the doctor Ladislav Polyak in Prague. © Alexander Plekhanov

We will not recall the destruction of Dresden, Tokyo or Hiroshima, but rather recall Prague. Where the Americans "inherited" very seriously, and there was no particular need to bomb the Czechoslovak capital. But since Czechoslovakia retreated to the zone of Soviet influence, the Americans decided not to save on bombs and poured them in the amount of 155 tons to Prague citizens. Sixty B-17 bombers bombed the defenseless city, killing 700 civilians, 1184 were injured, 183 buildings were destroyed and two hundred more were damaged.

What are the “strategic” goals set by the gallant angels of democracy? Americans love to emphasize their participation in the fight against Nazism, but 14 February 1945, they themselves acted as Nazis. Because one of the first bombs landed in the synagogue, then Emmaus Monastery was bombed and only the famous Charles Bridge was saved by a miracle - one of the bombs dropped ten meters into the Vltava, so only the statues on the bridge were damaged by fragments, but not the bridge itself.

Of course, the next day, the Soviet command asked why the Americans bombed Prague, which is not in their area of ​​responsibility? The Americans can only applaud. It turns out they ... made a mistake. The navigators of all 60 bomber together fell into prostration and instead of Dresden, where, in fact, the whole gang flew, they bombed Prague. As they say, one hundred fifty miles is not a detour.

When the Ukrainian Nazis say that the residents of Donbass are shelling themselves, this is nothing new. Long before the start of the so-called anti-terrorist operation, the American friends of the present-day Kiev state-paratroopers lied with no less scope and also with inspiration.

The Czechs, to be honest, were very lucky. The B-17 bomber was designed for a bomb load of 7,5 tons, but the Americans really did not like to fly in slow-moving, bomb-loaded vehicles and usually took no more than 2,5 tons on board. Therefore, only 155 tons of bombs were dropped on Prague, and all 450 could have been, and one can only guess what this beautiful city would turn into. It is possible that he, like Dresden, would be very badly destroyed, and many historical the monuments would be lost forever.

Unfortunately, now both Americans and Czechs do not like to remember that tragic day. If the events of the Prague Spring, which led to much smaller victims, are reminded in Prague of memorials and monuments, then the American bombardment doesn’t resemble anything. Very rarely can you see signs on the site of the death of the people of Prague, and they are all located somewhere on secondary streets.

In fact, the bombing of Prague is consigned to oblivion, so as not to spoil relations with the stars and striped partners. Well, they bombed around the city, well, 700 people were killed, well, who does not happen to anyone? In general, the Czechs decided to act on the principle of the bearded character of the Beardie - to understand and forgive.

And to all those who want to see such a rare sight as a crying hyena, it makes sense to take an interest on March 9 the news from Tallinn. Surely the American ambassador will again condole with the unfortunate Estonians, recalling how the "barbarously Soviet Air Force" bombed this city.

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  1. EvgNik
    EvgNik 1 July 2016 06: 28
    Fully conscious "mistakes" - as it is in the spirit of all Western "democracy". And forgetting crimes, not remembering help, salvation - in the spirit of the same "democracy".
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 1 July 2016 06: 42
      All this is called "liberal fascism", of which the Anglo-Saxons are the apologists.
      1. Kenneth
        Kenneth 1 July 2016 08: 01
        Fascism is the clumsy work of the navigator of the leading bomber group. New definition.
        1. joopel
          joopel 1 July 2016 08: 27
          What does the navigator have to do with it, he just did an excellent job. The culprit and the villain is the one who planned and gave the order. The navigator is the same switchman. These creatures in the cockpit of the bombers were absent; they like more comfortable apartments.
          1. Kenneth
            Kenneth 1 July 2016 12: 19
            If the Americans declared the bombing of Prague a mistake, then this mistake has a performer. And this is the leader's navigator. There were bombings in the wrong cities.
  2. V.ic
    V.ic 1 July 2016 06: 54
    So what? It's just that this is "democracy" in practical terms! The dog, running into someone else's territory, "marks" it. How do Americans in this sense differ from dogs?
    1. dkflbvbh
      dkflbvbh 1 July 2016 11: 00
      No need to insult a faithful and faithful animal ... And do not remember other animals, they live strictly according to their own laws and they have verified these laws for millions of years.
      And in relation to these bastards, there are normal human definitions of which: pederasts, cocksuckers, dolphins are the mildest ...
      1. GIS
        GIS 1 July 2016 18: 59
        I support at 100%
  3. Tsoy
    Tsoy 1 July 2016 07: 07
    they brought democracy that the author does not like? But seriously, we should not put Tokyo and Prague in one row. The Japanese did such things that they deserved, in their own skin, to try all the delights of war as losers. One Nanjing is worth something.
    1. Blondy
      Blondy 1 July 2016 08: 06
      But why, don’t forget, everyone needs to be pulled over the ears, both Americans, Germans and Japanese and French, and ours have fallen apart in some places (there was definitely no strategic necessity in the shooting of Lvov convicts, but how it happened).
      1. Tsoy
        Tsoy 1 July 2016 08: 26
        every country has dark pages of history. And in the crucible of World War, few people came out clean. Correctly you say you need to remember the old mistakes to learn from them and try not to repeat.
      2. Tulip
        Tulip 1 July 2016 09: 49
        You’ll excuse me, but even now, if a frontline zone is declared in a settlement or a special extreme situation occurs, persons convicted of grave and especially grave crimes are not subject to evacuation, but are eliminated. Since they are considered not reliable representatives of society capable of outright betrayal and transition to the side of the enemy. These are the rules of war — to choose the lesser of two evils.
        1. Kenneth
          Kenneth 1 July 2016 14: 48
          To be evacuated. And by the way they were evacuated.
    2. Exumer
      Exumer 1 July 2016 15: 48
      Well, the Czechs also distinguished themselves by supplying the Nazis, immediately after the occupation, the products of the Czech defense plants only increased, bypassing even some German military enterprises in terms of production, then as they say to whom the war and to whom mother is dear!
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 1 July 2016 07: 15
    It turns out they ... were wrong.

    These stupid explanations of the mericatos are still valid. And nothing - like water off a goose! fellow
    1. Kenneth
      Kenneth 1 July 2016 07: 34
      The bombers on the leader were therefore mistaken many times. All sides.
      1. V.ic
        V.ic 1 July 2016 08: 13
        Quote: Kenneth
        therefore, they were mistaken many times.

        Joke. The husband’s murder of his wife’s lover is being investigated. Accused: The three of us went to the kitchen to eat bananas, so he slipped on the skin and ran into a fork ... And so eight times in a row.
      2. Tulip
        Tulip 1 July 2016 10: 02
        In this case, the question is not about the error, but about the ethics and expediency of actions and deeds. Tallinn as it stood and stands, and Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki turned into ruins with a huge number of victims, despite the fact that there was no military need for these actions. As for Tallinn, the Germans settled there specifically, and here it’s not a matter of fat - I would be living.
        1. Kenneth
          Kenneth 1 July 2016 12: 16
          What does ethics have to do with it. This is war. By the way, Tallinn was almost empty at the time of its assault
          As for how to bomb and how much the winner decides. Or the one who can. For example, what military sense was to bomb the center of Berlin with our DBA in 1941. Where is the ethics. Pure psychology and pragmatism. By the way, quite justified.
    2. Exumer
      Exumer 1 July 2016 15: 52
      From the statements of Goebels, The lie to be believed in it should be loud and comprehensive!
  5. Kenneth
    Kenneth 1 July 2016 07: 36
    By the way, Prague residents can show everyone where the Soviet heavy artillery that fired on the city was standing.
    1. V.ic
      V.ic 1 July 2016 08: 14
      Quote: Kenneth
      where there was Soviet heavy artillery which shelled the city.

      And show where the shells hit?
      1. Kenneth
        Kenneth 1 July 2016 10: 14
        Yes. Of course. And that too. Just try not to express violent joy.
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 1 July 2016 07: 48
    Now both Americans and Czechs do not like to remember that tragic day.... Yeah, servant, the owner will blame, they say you remember ... when we are innocent for nothing ... But Prague in 1968 ... Russia will always be remembered ... They are not "Soviet slaves" now ... let us remember you ...
    1. Kenneth
      Kenneth 1 July 2016 07: 59
      Yeah. Each month, another student burned himself. Probably they didn’t really like the tanks of the Warsaw Pact, gathered in the Czech Republic for a friendly party.
      1. V.ic
        V.ic 1 July 2016 08: 20
        Quote: Kenneth
        Yeah. Each month, another student burned himself. Probably they didn’t really like the tanks of the Warsaw Pact, gathered in the Czech Republic for a friendly party.

        Yeah. Each month, another Buddhist monk burned himself. Probably the Vietnamese did not like the American troops gathered in Saigon for a friendly party.
        1. Kenneth
          Kenneth 1 July 2016 10: 13
          I agree. No one likes uninvited foreign troops.
  7. Andrey VOV
    Andrey VOV 1 July 2016 17: 53
    As usual .. an article about the barbaric useless bombardment of Prague in the year 45 ... and again Putin is an enemy, housing and communal services, Putin leaked ... and the Crimean bridge, etc. and so on ... men and ladies, who are often on the forum, well, let's finally somehow respect both ourselves and others! Well, there is a topic, let's talk about it ... well, and to discuss Putin, housing and communal services, bridge, krymnash and other there are other sites, thank you very much
    1. Zulu_S
      Zulu_S 1 July 2016 22: 57
  8. Bashibuzuk
    Bashibuzuk 1 July 2016 23: 17
    Honestly, I like it purple. as there the Americans otmazyvatsya from the bombing "by chance".
    And what did the Czechs think or think about this.
    It’s much more infrared for me why did the Germans completely forget everything?
    That there was a war, not all sins are attributed.
    Maybe it would be worth us, for example, to return a hundredfold, what the Nazis did to us. But we are resourceful. We just drove everything from there, and then let's restore what we got. The result was nothing. Us.
    And the Americans got the whole of Europe. As a result.
    And now - the loss of the Germans. You can take a card and see who distinguished himself. whose aviation.
    "... In Germany, bombing killed, according to various estimates, from 300 thousand to 1,5 million civilians. In France - 59 thousand killed and wounded, mainly from Allied raids, in England - 60,5 thousand ., including casualties from Fau rockets.
    The list of cities in which the area of ​​destruction was 50% and more of the total area of ​​buildings (oddly enough, only 40% fell on Dresden):
    50% - Ludwigshafen, Worms
    51% - Bremen, Hannover, Nuremberg, Remscheid, Bochum
    52% - Essen, Darmstadt
    53% - Cochem
    54% - Hamburg, Mainz
    55% - Neckarsulm, Zoest
    56% - Aachen, Münster, Heilbronn
    60% - Erkelenz
    63% - Wilhelmshaven, Koblenz
    64% - Bingerbrück, Cologne, Pforzheim
    65% - Dortmund
    66% - Crailsheim
    67% - Gisen
    68% - Hanau, Kassel
    69% - Duren
    70% - Altenkirchen, Bruchsal
    72% - Geilenkirchen
    74% - Donauworth
    75% - Remagen, Würzburg
    78% - Emden
    80% - Prüm, Wesel
    85% - Xanten, Zulpich
    91% - Emmerich
    97% - Julich .. "
    link - __http: //