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25 moments of war in the pictures of Viktor Antonovich Tyomin

1941. Soviet war correspondents Konstantin Simonov, Viktor Tyomin, Yevgeny Krieger and Joseph Utkin during the days of the defense of Moscow

1941. Scout squad in the German rear

1941. Downed by Moscow German attack aircraft Henkel Hs 129

1941. Soviet artillery during the preparation of a counter-offensive near Moscow

1941. Soviet soldiers during the Rostov operation

1941. Conjured tank 1st tank Kleist’s army during the battle of Rostov-on-Don

1941. Soldier neutralizes mines near Moscow

1941. Alexey Surkov and Konstantin Mikhailovich Simonov at the front

1942. Sevastopol. German shell

1942. Soviet soldiers in the center of Sevastopol

1942. The attack of Soviet soldiers during the fighting in the area of ​​Sevastopol

1942. German prisoners of war

1942. Guerrillas in the reconnaissance campaign in the Caucasus

1942. Stalingrad. View across the Volga to the burning city

1943. German prisoners of war on the march through Kiev. The picture was taken from the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky

1943. Paramedic provides first aid during hostilities in Little Earth

1944. Brest Fortress on 28.07, on the day of liberation from the Nazi occupation

1944. POW corpses who were buried alive by the Nazis in the forest

1944. The Nazis poured water on this unknown soldier until it turned into an ice statue

1944. Soviet soldiers set a mark on the USSR state border in March 1944

1945. Soviet war correspondent Viktor Tyomin, Boris Gorbatov and Roman Karmen on the German border

1944. Bales of killed women from the Auschwitz concentration camp, prepared for the production of mattresses

1945. Mortars captured by the Red Army in the battles on the Seelow Heights

1945. Demobilized soldiers return from Berlin

1945. Demobilized soldiers return from Berlin

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  1. igordok
    igordok 2 July 2016 07: 23
    Very often, signatures do not correspond to archival photographs. Because of ignorance, because of time, because of neglect of archives.

    This photo must have a different signature.

    Soviet soldiers at the German attack aircraft Henschel Hs 129B-2 serial number W.Nr.141537 of the Oberleutenant Bartel from the 13. (Pz) / SG 9, destroyed by the Luftwaffe ground personnel during the retreat in January 1945. The soldier on the right holds the tape to the MG-151 / 20 automatic gun. Airfield Thorndorf (Wargowitz).

    1941. Soldier neutralizes mines near Moscow

    Rather, it stores. Under such conditions, no one will disarm.
    1. moskowit
      moskowit 2 July 2016 08: 58
      I agree with you. Photographs by a remarkable master of documentary photography should reflect objectively captured events.
      The first group photo of war correspondents is Konstantin Simonov with the rank of "senior battalion commissar", which he was awarded in 1942. Summer time. The period of the defense of Moscow is documented 19.10.41/25.01.42/XNUMX - XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX. The inscription, therefore, does not reflect reality.
      The famous photo where Simonov and Surkov dates back to the 1941 year, but we see Konstantin Mikhailovich’s Order of the Battle Red Banner, which he was awarded on May 3 of the 1942 year, and not the fact that he received the badge of the order simultaneously with the award order.

      It's a shame that such things are already becoming a trend everywhere, on all information resources. And it’s impossible to listen to what our crazy "top-presenters" are saying on television or various commentators of all kinds of programs. And most importantly, with aplomb, with a claim to "the truth in the first instance" ... Shame on this all-embracing informational ignorance and disgrace! am stop
      1. Gado
        Gado 2 July 2016 14: 13
        This is not only with you or with us, it is already becoming normal in all types of media, because sometimes there is nothing to write or say, but it is necessary, so they invent all sorts of nonsense. And ignorance and simply illiteracy are the consequences of all kinds of "reforms" in education, both you and us. Politics is not even worth mentioning.
      2. ZIS
        ZIS 2 July 2016 23: 19
        1942. Sevastopol. German shell
        30th battery, unexploded shell "Karlushi".
    2. Stas57
      Stas57 2 July 2016 23: 18
      1942. German prisoners of war

      shtug late
      1945. Mortars captured by the Red Army in the battles on the Seelow Heights

      1 mortar
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 2 July 2016 07: 53
    Thank you, interesting photos ..
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 2 July 2016 12: 35
      Quote: parusnik
      Thank you, interesting photos ..

      I don’t remember who had it in the book about V. Tyomin. "And the picture was gray and dark, it was shot by Vityusha Tyomin." A lot of documentary books about the war are illustrated with his photographs.
  3. R-22
    R-22 2 July 2016 08: 30
    Horror, especially with women’s hair in bags ... this photo reminded and evoked a feeling of the horror that I received as a child listening to the stories of old people who personally experienced the burning of people in houses and the destruction of entire villages, all kinds of atrocities from nonhumans - fascists
    1. Massimo
      Massimo 2 July 2016 11: 30
      That is why after such photos I have no pity and no sympathy for the Germans, and I do not feel sorry for the "poor unfortunate German women", because most of them participated in one way or another, helped or enjoyed the fruits of this monstrous war.
      1. Приговор
        Приговор 2 July 2016 20: 37
        Almost all of them enthusiastically shouted "Heil" to their beloved Fuhrer. Sobering up came when our people at the front began to slap them in the face. Our country has never seen a more bestial attitude towards the civilian population than from the Germans. Therefore, I absolutely agree with you. I'm not sorry for either the Germans or their German women. For what they did here, I hate and despise them. And I will punish my son.
        1. ZIS
          ZIS 2 July 2016 23: 31
          Do not forget! Our people were moaning from the Hungarians, and the Romanians were more famous than the Germans by robbing the civilian population, "bombing" even those who welcomed the Germans.
      2. ZIS
        ZIS 2 July 2016 23: 26
        "Poor unfortunate German women", if there was anything, should be happy, because their "Hans" and "Fritzes", if there was anyone else, had to wait another 10 years.
  4. Andrey VOV
    Andrey VOV 2 July 2016 13: 54
    We need more such pictures, release photo albums, but only with very detailed comments on the pictures ... and it’s true that it should be in all its beauty or ugliness, the horrors of war should not be erased from human memory ... and labor front-line everyday life showed how our ancestors , grandfathers, great-grandfathers saved the world from the plague
  5. ZIS
    ZIS 2 July 2016 23: 46
    1944. POW corpses who were buried alive by the Nazis in the forest

    25 moments of war in the pictures of Viktor Antonovich Tyomin
    Particularly indicative, it seems that they were chopping down with checkers, it is unlikely that the Germans, collaborators tried. Understand, forgive?
  6. Mzn41
    Mzn41 4 July 2016 10: 31
    extremely strange signatures
  7. Blue fox
    Blue fox 4 July 2016 17: 28
    Many photos are incorrectly signed and have a different author. For example, the photo that is signed "1944. The Nazis poured water on this unknown soldier until he turned into an ice statue" is actually a photograph of a deceased prisoner of the Gardelegen camp and was taken by another photographer and moreover, American Army photographer.
    These and other photos of Viktor Antonovich Tyomin can be viewed, for example, here