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Mikhail Leontyev. Big American hole 3

"History teaches that she teaches no one. Everything has already happened. History is cyclical, and the history of the economy - even more so. We are not engaged in prophecy, we simply state what is happening. "

The first channel represents the third part of Mikhail Leontiev’s X-American Hole-4 3-series documentary.

The predictions from 2010's Big American Hole 2 come true. It is worth reminding them in brief. How and why did the economic crisis that broke out in the USA in September of the 2008 develop? How and why, after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers - one of the four great American investment banks - was the entire global financial system bankrupt? How and why the crisis of private banks and corporations turned out to be a public debt crisis. Those that can not be paid in principle?

A reminder is necessary to understand the fundamental causes and patterns of all economic crises. About this in the third series of the film. The third and fourth series on the basis of the theory of change of economic structures demonstrate that the current crisis is systemic and is overcome by the change of economic and technological epochs. In order to understand where all this is moving, you need to look like one system: way of life, civilization replaces the other. The current economic order - the American era - is coming to an end. And ends disastrously. In this, in fact, the main misfortune, if we talk about the change of economic epochs. Progress is not necessarily good. And if good, then certainly not for everyone. The benefits of progress enjoy nice. Everyone, except those who paid for these fruits.

The crisis is half the trouble. The real trouble is a way out of the crisis.

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  1. Chuck-norris
    Chuck-norris 29 December 2011 12: 22
    This opinion is presented by this Leontiev. wink
    1. rysich
      rysich 29 December 2011 13: 37
      Despite the caustic sarcasm in relation to Western "values", his programs are a deep analysis of the topic that is revealed to the viewer. A very intelligent man and a patriot. It would be nice that our leadership sometimes openly upset the presumptuous bourgeois, otherwise they think too much good about their "correctness".
      1. esaul
        esaul 30 December 2011 05: 25
        Rusich, dear, I personally didn’t notice that our bourgeois were obviously thinking too much about themselves. When I see their physias, I notice on their brows a "deep concern" about maintaining their position. Hodor's example is an example to many! And Deripaska got hit in the face, and Luzhkov's son-in-law got acquainted with the situation of the prison, and Abramovich, having significant assets in the Russian economy "from the kindness of his heart" is forced to invest in certain projects in Russia! And without this they may find themselves in the position of Luzhka or, even more terrible, Hodor! And about the article - Leontyev very succinctly and intelligibly expressed what you and I, in principle, see from the Internet and from discussions that often throw up very sensible thoughts.
        1. KILLAvolt
          KILLAvolt 30 December 2011 08: 35
          Listening to Leontyev's ear is pleasant, of course, but ... very much reminds Comrade Dorenko ... Not that, of course, the pressure, and the rigidity is almost not the same, but ... I mean that ... "strings" can be The same. The channel is the same!
  2. dred
    dred 29 December 2011 12: 35
    Well, basically he's always right.
    1. AleksUkr
      AleksUkr 30 December 2011 12: 24
      Not mainly, but as always right.
  3. Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine 29 December 2011 12: 40
    Actually, this is not new. Anyone who is more or less intelligent can understand
    US finances are seriously ill. The issue of the death of this system is in time. But a different pattern appeared, the closer the end of THIS SYSTEM, the more different conflicts on the planet Earth (color revolutions, wars in the name of democracy, bankruptcy of states (GREECE), etc.) Nothing good is not to be expected from this.
    1. Pacifist
      Pacifist 29 December 2011 12: 56
      These conflicts are a way for the United States to turn the attention of the world from itself and, in addition, burn part of its debts in these wars and stimulate its economy by increasing the activity of the military-industrial complex. So there is nothing surprising here.
  4. Alexei
    Alexei 29 December 2011 13: 18
    "History teaches that it does not teach anyone anything."
    Here are the golden words. I'll take it into service.
  5. saratt
    saratt 29 December 2011 13: 43
    in fact, everyone criticizes this system, but there is no alternative yet in the foreseeable future. it’s bad, but they conferred and decided that they choose the least of two evils. Here and everyone pays tribute to the United States. Who thinks that the states have a headache, that they should I’m half a trillion China, then I’m mistaken. If the United States system crashes, it means that the states should automatically depreciate, so China has to do everything possible so that this debt has a certain price and support the state economy. And I owe China 10% of the states GDP and the sum is not so terrible for them. basically this debt is an internal state debt and the land did not turn over under the states because of this
    1. danilatrg
      danilatrg 29 December 2011 14: 34
      Very competent comment. To continue: the gold standard was canceled not because the US wanted to become the rulers of the world, but because gold as an asset cannot act as money and cannot provide the growing need for money, even if we exclude the transfer of inflation to the stock markets. So they came up with a system of money on trust. We print money as much as we are trusted. The US trusts everything. As a minimum, for more than a hundred years, there are no problems with issuing debt. Well, now you have to trust, otherwise the debts may depreciate and China, Japan and Russia will lose their reserve funds.

      There is no other system yet. And this system can also work, if you still allow systemic crises that will redistribute values ​​and prevent bubbles such as US government bonds. What do we see? The crisis is delayed and delayed.
      1. serge
        serge 29 December 2011 15: 41
        The United States does not trust everything now, but everyone is afraid.
    SAMEDOV SULEYMAN 29 December 2011 13: 45
    I thought the article was about Mrs. Clinton! 1- Madeleine Oldbright, 2-Canaliza Wright, 3-Hilary Clinton!
    1. serge
      serge 29 December 2011 15: 43
      SAMEDOV SULEYMAN Today, 13:45 new 2
      I thought the article was about Mrs. Clinton! 1- Madeleine Oldbright, 2-Canaliza Wright, 3-Hilary Clinton!
      4-Valeria Novodvorskaya
      1. Odesit
        Odesit 29 December 2011 20: 03
        Hanging Novodvorskaya.
        1. sichevik
          sichevik 30 December 2011 09: 13
          And not just hang, but hang this scarecrow upside down over the anvil and from time to time drop it sharply!
          1. AleksUkr
            AleksUkr 30 December 2011 12: 26
            What sadists are you all, however. She is not even worthy of such an execution.
  7. wk
    wk 29 December 2011 13: 50
    rating agency "mudi" is a telling name ....
    1. KILLAvolt
      KILLAvolt 30 December 2011 08: 43
      wink wink wink ... not "MOODIE", but "Moody's"!
  8. Odesit
    Odesit 29 December 2011 14: 30
    The right movie! Selling air - how profitable it is! I am not an ardent supporter of communist ideas, but in many ways they are right. It turns out that those who do not sow, neither plow, nor run on calls, and by all means ensures the peace of mind of citizens that Eats! And who is trying to preserve the State is the "Defendant for the State" !?
    1. AleksUkr
      AleksUkr 30 December 2011 12: 27
      Patriotism, unfortunately, has become an abusive word, almost at the mat level.
  9. valerei
    valerei 29 December 2011 15: 04
    There is an anecdote: "Why are you all suffering? Yes, the tooth hurts, I'll save you! Yes, if your tooth was in my mouth, I would pull it out in no time! Yes! If YOU had my tooth mouth, I would have done the same long ago! " Why the anecdote? And h-yen knows him.
    1. Odesit
      Odesit 29 December 2011 15: 28
      Explain your thought please! Or the question is that, unfortunately, I live in Little Russia, and not in Russia? So I’ll inform you that abroad there are much more PATRIOTS than in MATUSHA RUSSIA. Because, felt in his own skin and career. what it means to be in another country. Sorry for the harshness, it just got sick.
      1. AleksUkr
        AleksUkr 30 December 2011 12: 29
        What few patriots of the USSR you had! They escaped like rats from a sinking ship. Yes, and now resist. Although no one is pulling you anywhere.
  10. saratt
    saratt 29 December 2011 15: 20
    and despite all these soap bubbles, the states remain a country that is not very dependent on global shocks as it is a self-sufficient country which, if something happens, can provide itself with everything it needs without problems. And if you really need to see a lot, you need to learn from them.
    as the saying goes, the head hurts only not in the states. that is, all the others got into trouble. and if you believe the blind man’s movie, it’s the distance between the anus and the vagina.
    1. serge
      serge 29 December 2011 15: 39
      In general, this is great, of course. America buys oil from us for a non-cash dollar, and we buy their debentures for this non-cash one. we exchange raw materials for a small bundle of paper. This had to be invented. And all this is provided by the US Army and Navy. But we have something to fear. Ergo-in the government are either thieves who get a blunt kickback, or just enemies.
      1. AleksUkr
        AleksUkr 30 December 2011 12: 30
        Probably both.
    2. AleksUkr
      AleksUkr 30 December 2011 12: 30
      However competent you are, you’ve been everywhere, and you know everything.
  11. wolverine7778
    wolverine7778 29 December 2011 16: 49
    In general, I see here a lot of supporters of Leontief’s concepts of debunking the United States and imperialist conspiracies, and does anybody from the political establishment listen to Leontiev’s opinion ?!
    1. serge
      serge 29 December 2011 21: 25
      Well, since Leontiev has been stuck in a box for so many years, then if they don’t listen,
      then at least recognize the existence of his theories as real.
  12. PSih2097
    PSih2097 29 December 2011 18: 14
    A cool comparison of Obama with a donkey (here also makes sense) IA ...
    By the way, at the very beginning, the hero of Michael Douglas explains the model of the UWB economy on the fingers, not even an economist will understand it with a diploma ...
    To the list - expenses - must be correlated with income, otherwise we can take Alaska ... And FSU for your pro and their protection ...
  13. PSih2097
    PSih2097 29 December 2011 18: 39
    And yes de Gaulle, was right ...
    It's time back to the USSR ....
  14. PSih2097
    PSih2097 29 December 2011 18: 59
    And in the end, according to anyone, there will be a global war ...
  15. sashalenovo
    sashalenovo 29 December 2011 19: 29
    So why is Russia joining the WTO to help America?
    1. AleksUkr
      AleksUkr 30 December 2011 12: 33
      Russia has been drawn into the WTO for 18 years. If America needed our help, they would draw us in much earlier.
      1. arhipelag
        arhipelag 30 December 2011 12: 51
        how would we help them, for example, 15 years ago ???
  16. APASUS
    APASUS 29 December 2011 20: 58
    The crisis is half the trouble. The real trouble is a way out of the crisis.

    The way out will be on the death of the economy, half of the world, and then, as from the ashes, a new US economy will emerge.
  17. Ascetic
    Ascetic 29 December 2011 21: 15
    In America, financially speculative capital initially ruled, and the economy and standard of living was maintained by robbery and subjugation of other peoples.
    But you can’t hold the whole world in your pocket, and without it, the inflated condom of the speculative Pindos economy will inevitably burst and the entire world will inevitably end up rolling its vile contents
  18. Rashid
    Rashid 29 December 2011 22: 30
    In fact, our liberal journalists simply hate Leoniev, talk about him as a custom-made Kremlin journalist, mention his name only with a grin, say that supposedly decent people don’t greet him, etc. I think this just speaks of his decency.
  19. VadimSt
    VadimSt 30 December 2011 07: 13
    He should be respected, only because of the recruitment of his foes - an official ban on entering Lithuania, litigation with the couple Yushchenko and, as a result, a ban on entering Ukraine (canceled in 2007), and Chernomyrdin - a patriot, at that time, officially declared that Leontiev is sick.
  20. Filin
    Filin 31 December 2011 04: 20
    The most interesting thing is if you look at series 4 and analyze the question of an imminent fall in oil prices due to cheaper shale oil production .... and read the news ... Only 3 days ago, Comrade Putin announced a new INDUSTRIALIZATION of the country. According to the announced plans, it is planned to invest 42 trillion in infrastructure, energy and industry. rub for 3-4 years. This amount is equal to the country's annual GDP. That is, the volume of investments in the region of 25-30% of GDP per year.
    Of course, much echoes the harmonious THEORY outlined in this film.
    Because ... if oil prices really fall in the next 5 years to $ 30, then our export pipe will become just a loss-making project ... and not a gold mine ...
    We’ll wait and see of course ...
  21. 755962
    755962 2 January 2012 00: 40
    History teaches, teaches. We sometimes listened to lessons. And someone didn’t go to school ...