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Sociologists figured out who goes to rallies and whom these people would like to see instead of Putin and United Russia

Sociologists figured out who goes to rallies and whom these people would like to see instead of Putin and United Russia

Record rallies in Moscow against the “rigged” elections to the State Duma and the political system “imposed on top” made observers wonder who the backbone of the disgruntled was. If about the organizers and those who rush into the leaders of the "new oppositionists", everything is clear - they are already in sight, then the composition of the many thousands of crowds can only be evaluated "by eye", because even polls from sociologists held at the rally cannot give one hundred percent correct result. However, the main conclusion is also clear: representatives of the middle class, matured during the years of Vladimir Putin’s power, came to the square.

A significant part of the December rally 24 on the prospect of Academician Sakharov is the so-called "office plankton", to which the opposition, until recently, was more than condescending. Now, these people have provided her with creative slogans for a long time to come and demonstrated good breeding and respect for each other and the rest. “Once in the crowd of the rally, these people politely gave each other a place and bought coffee in plastic cups to a bewildered policeman,” Kommersant writes.

The leaders of the non-systemic opposition, whom Putin called Banderlog with the Russians during his “straight line”, rejoice, in part even proudly, that they are broadcasting from the stands at the rally not to “disadvantaged, unemployed, migrant workers and beggars,” but to “white collar, managers, Internet activists, cultural and art workers. " “It was a creative Moscow. Fully educated and intelligent,” Boris Nemtsov quotes Nezavisimaya Gazeta. The fact that the same intelligent Moscow boos them and “sends them home” does not seem to bother the opposition leaders.

Another member of the organizing committee of the rallies, Vladimir Ryzhkov, called the protesters "the elite of society for education and occupation," "people who determine the future of the country." Interestingly, the first deputy head of the Kremlin administration, Vladislav Surkov, called the rally participants the “best part of society”. And in general, the representatives of the authorities seem to be competing who will be most complimentary about those who are dissatisfied with the government.

So, the new head of the presidential administration, Chief Surkov Sergey Ivanov, said after the rally on Sakharov Avenue, that this was “specifically a demonstration of the presence of free speech” in Russia. And on Tuesday, Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu said that he “supports everyone who goes to these rallies, demanding respect for himself,” ITAR-TASS quoted.

Shoigu admitted that the main part of the protest actions was directed against Vladimir Putin, and he is perplexed about this. “I remember an anecdote all the time, when one man dragged details from the bed factory to the house. I wanted to assemble the bed. I dragged it, the Kalashnikov assault rifle turns out anyway. The bed does not work. So we don’t have a rally for some reason lately , he grows up in a rally against Putin, "the minister complained.

"This is what I do not perceive and do not understand, because I am absolutely sure that this person knows what he is doing, this person is looking to the future, he is experienced. I will not evaluate whether he filled cones or did not fill cones: we went with him a serious crisis. I don’t understand why this is the main goal today. Or rather, I understand, I hope, everyone else will understand, "summed up the head of the Emergencies Ministry, whose words are given by Interfax.

However, as the media outlets, whose review is presented by the “Headlines” website, emphasize, this speaks not so much about the loyalty of the authorities and readiness to listen to the demands of the protesters, as about trying to even protests to merit it. Apparently, Vladimir Putin set the tone, who, starting from the “straight line”, immediately declared protests: “It pleases me, and if this is the result of Putin’s regime, then it’s good.” And “NG”, commenting on Ivanov’s remark, directly writes that it “can rather be interpreted as a compliment of the authority that allowed people to go to the square with impunity”.

Who protests and what to expect from them

Nezavisimaya Gazeta cites the results of the Levada Center survey on Sakharov Avenue, in which a 791 man took part. The survey was commissioned by the organizing committee of the rally. Sociologists have found out the following: more than 60% of participants are people from 18 to 40 years. More than 70% - with higher and incomplete higher education. Every fourth is a manager: either the owner of his own business, or a person who has subordinates. 12% of protesters are students. 70% of the participants share the liberal, democratic views. 24% profess left ideas.

The main motives of those who came to Sakharov Avenue: indignation of election fraud (72,5%), dissatisfaction with the state of affairs in the country (72,8%), dissatisfaction with the fact that the government does not deal with such people as the rally participant interviewed (51,7%), disappointment in the modernization and the president Dmitry Medvedev (41,7%), solidarity with the parties participating in the rally (15,2%), sympathies with the organizers (13%). Another 15,5% went for the company with friends or just for the sake of interest, write "Vedomosti".

The favorite party of the audience was Yabloko: it was for her that 37,6% of the protesters voted in the elections. The CPRF is the second most popular (19,1%), the third is the Social Revolutionary (11,8%). 6,5% sympathizes with the "right cause", as much LDPR, United Russia - less than one percent. 13% admitted that they did not vote.

In the next election, if the non-system opposition were allowed to register, the relative majority (24,2%) would vote for Yabloko, 18,6% would vote for the hypothetical party of Alexei Navalny, 10,9% would give votes to the Communists, 10,3% - to PARNAS, 8 % - Mikhail Prokhorov’s new party, the Social Revolutionaries and the Liberal Democratic Party would have received 5%, and Aleksey Kudrin’s new party - 3,9%.

In the presidential election, a relative majority would have voted for Navalny (22,2%), less willing to support Yavlinsky (20,7%), even less - Prokhorov (14,5%). If there is a second round of elections, the majority would choose not Vladimir Putin, but Zyuganov or Sergey Mironov. The overwhelming majority (67,5%) support the slogan "Not a single vote to Putin!".

The All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM) also conducted its own survey: the results mostly coincide. True, among the candidates for the presidential election, the VTsIOM respondents most of all supported Prokhorov and Yavlinsky (in 17%). And among the slogans, “For free, fair and fair elections” (37%) caused the greatest approval. Less than those who agree with Putin’s calls for resignation (25%), cancel the election results (19%), “Down with Churov” (9%), “Down with crooks and thieves” (7%).

Power "blinked" a riot in social networks

Meanwhile, “Kommersant” indicates that the government “missed” the opposition rally in social networks, which was going on there lately, without stopping and without limitation on the number. Lively LiveJournal, Facebook and Twitter. “Hundreds of caricatures, photoshoot and videos collected thousands of posts, likes and retweets. In any online voting, United Russia could barely overcome the 7-percent barrier. The police could not overclock these meetings, but the government obviously underestimated them,” the article says.

The country's most popular political blogger, Alexei Navalny, promoted United Russia as the “party of crooks and thieves,” having achieved that the whole country had learned about him by December, and some party members even agreed with him. But after 24 in September, when President Medvedev gave way to Putin at the United Russia congress, there were far fewer jokes on social networks, and much more irritation and anger.

If at the beginning of the year, the real street rally at 500 participants was considered representative, then after the evidence of fraud appeared when counting votes in the State Duma elections, those who had not even thought about this form of civil protest came to the streets: entrepreneurs, consultants, auditors, managers .

The rank-and-file protest participants - businessmen, managers, schoolchildren, glamorous party-goers - and how they became "new oppositionists" are described in detail in the White Guard, forbidden to show the White Guard, under the heading "Profession - Reporter" on the NTV television channel ( VIDEO). He was supposed to go on the air on the day of the December rally 25, however, according to the official version, it was decided on the TV channel that the film was raw, and the stated theme was not disclosed.

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  1. Sobibor
    Sobibor 29 December 2011 11: 49
    United Russia has created a beautiful custom article.

    Just think about the title "Sociologists Have Sorted Out ...". Well, they can't figure it out - their profession is different
    1. Lech e-mine
      Lech e-mine 29 December 2011 12: 15
      And who ordered the rallies? edros too?
      The survey was commissioned by the organizing committee of the rally. (WHERE FROM MONEY- to organize a meeting not from the SOROS fund?)
      1. military
        military 29 December 2011 13: 12
        Not ... edros ordered an article (unambiguously) tongue
        And in the attached photograph, indeed, every fourth is a businessman or a leader ... and a sea of ​​plastic cups with cappuccino ...
        (they can't even "submit material", rams)
        by the way, I am neutral to "banderlog", but Tabaki, who imagines himself Sher-Khan, is already too much ...
        1. Snake831
          Snake831 29 December 2011 16: 52
          I’m surprised you! Judging by your words, you didn’t look at the reports from the venue, but wrote the photo in Photoshop! You are probably a soothsayer and all that!)))
    2. Sandov
      Sandov 29 February 2012 20: 36
      Yes, even if you have ssy eyes, you will speak God's dew. Full is negative!
    3. Sandov
      Sandov April 25 2012 20: 48
      People even without sociologists guessed with whose supply all this orange plague spun. The State Department and other special services received loot for this.
  2. timhelmet
    timhelmet 29 December 2011 11: 52
    After the fight, fists do not wave
    1. KGB161rus
      KGB161rus 29 December 2011 14: 47
      But what kind of Zyuganov, Zhirinovsky, how many have they run for, from the Liberal Democratic Party 5 times already (and always lost), this has already become fashionable, and others are not allowed from their parties, as they like to say to promising young people, I don’t trust anyone of them, much less any Kuklachev like Nemtsov, Mironov, Prokhorov!
  3. AlievMR
    AlievMR 29 December 2011 11: 58
    Watching all this, I more and more begin to doubt the wrong actions of Stalin in the second half of the 30s, sadly .....
  4. Sergh
    Sergh 29 December 2011 11: 58
    They got these revolutionaries, shame! But Nemtsov, so this is generally a clown.
    1. karimov01
      karimov01 29 December 2011 12: 56
      Where are you going to be from ??? Have you ever come from Russia ???

      Aw !!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe you got lost ???? So in the country there is such a mess that people simply can’t stand it !!!!!!!!
      1. patriot64
        patriot64 29 December 2011 21: 04
        Quote: karimov01
        people can’t stand it anymore !!!!!!!!

        Sorry, PEOPLE the revolution will not be useful in the economy. But for those who are used to bawling instead of work, American money for this bawling is useful .. All revolutions began from loafers !!! No janitor with his low salary will make noise - he needs to clean the yard, the hard worker after going home changes to his family. And only lazy people and mediocre losers in this life are yelling and yelling !!! There will be another power, they will be unhappy with it !!!
        1. alex21411
          alex21411 2 January 2012 21: 33
          Oda, I completely agree with you !!!
    2. military
      military 29 December 2011 13: 27
      The corrupt bureaucrats, who usurped power and trampled on freedom of choice, already got it. Leeches!
      And in terms of BE, I agree, perhaps ...
    3. alex21411
      alex21411 2 January 2012 21: 28
      The main clown !!! He was already there, in power, do you remember he promised to transfer all officials to VOLGA in a month? As he was a clown, he stayed with him, like everyone else there ... And the one who was there at the rally, you just have to work for real, and not sell what without getting on))) for the production of all of them, then RUSSIA will rise , they have a lot of free time, office rats do not get tired)))
  5. bob
    bob 29 December 2011 12: 13
    Putin is our president
    1. karimov01
      karimov01 29 December 2011 12: 57
      No, he is yours!

      If he were a really strong and respected politician, he would not have been portrayed with a ha *** on his chest ..................
      1. patriot64
        patriot64 29 December 2011 21: 08
        Quote: karimov01
        If he were a really strong and respected politician, he would not have been portrayed with a ha *** on his chest ..

        And they are portrayed by the same kind of makers… as you, Mr. Karimov! By chance, you weren’t sent from behind a hillock, sorry for curiosity? What do you live for? Do you like it in Russia? And nobody is holding you! ...
        1. karimov01
          karimov01 30 December 2011 13: 44
          it's you, got it. I was born and grew up in Russia. served 3 years in the army (in the GRU special forces brigade) What is patriotism I know more than you !! And what is wrecking the motherland, too, not by hearsay! And the pest is Putin.
          1. alex21411
            alex21411 2 January 2012 21: 36
            The GRU spetsnaz will not write with errors ... go suction do uncle SAMU ...
      2. esaul
        esaul 30 December 2011 05: 47
        What is characteristic is that the next Putin judge appears, so zoological malice and upbringing straight out of it! If you had to communicate with him directly, he probably neglects saliva!
    2. military
      military 29 December 2011 13: 19
      subtly noticed: Putin is your president!
      1. Viking
        Viking 29 December 2011 13: 35
        And also tens of millions of Russian citizens. Democrats with liberals (who shout with might and main at these rallies that it is time to take power) have already been corrected with might and main in the 90s. Back to the Future? No, really.
        1. alex21411
          alex21411 2 January 2012 21: 39
          +1 000 000, I do not wish such a childhood to my son ... God forbid, as I recall this democracy, I’m already shaking everything, at 12 years old I unloaded the machine, so that the bread was at home, I don’t want such a childhood for my little son ... GOD WITH RUSSIA
  6. Viking
    Viking 29 December 2011 12: 28
    Indeed, a rally of the "poor and robbed", every fourth is the owner of a business or a leader. Every tenth person who came to the rally with a "fancy" device. IPhone, iPad, laptop. And this is how they rose up in the "dark times of Putin's rule." As someone rightly said - a rally of gluttonous bourgeois and "office hamsters". Do they really think that "they" represent the people of Russia? And does anyone in the rest of Russia think that the protesters at least in some way represent their interests? I think no!
    1. LTL70
      LTL70 29 December 2011 12: 50
      Yes, the poll is custom-made, for the money of the "poor and robbed" who have become cool and smart just under Putin! The bastard has always been distinguished, first of all, by ingratitude and the potential ability to betray his own mother !! They think (because they are stupid) that they represent the people, who are immediately called cattle!
    2. танк
      танк 29 December 2011 13: 08
      The profession of a hard worker is not fashionable for us, even bashful, it destroys us, and buy and sell office plankton, but when there is no one to produce these goods, we will see how the rally rallies jump.
      1. CEO
        CEO 29 December 2011 14: 40
        And they will not rally, they will piss. As in 90 pissed. Or Pindos farts lick. How difficult it is for them now (well, probably for me too). Imported car, dressed in stores. To the market only for meat. In 1917, too, progressive representatives of the then intelligentsia did good. Only then they began to shoot them all.
        1. танк
          танк 29 December 2011 15: 27
          Quote: Director
          In 1917, too, progressive representatives of the then intelligentsia did good. Only then they began to shoot them all.

          Well, in order to shoot, 2 higher education is not necessary
    3. Argyn84
      Argyn84 8 January 2012 02: 36
      And this is just the same. Most have no time to rally, they need to work. And in such cases they are always indignant. It’s cool that at the biggest rally on Sakharov there was 0,5% of the city’s population, who dare to call themselves the voice of the people. I have personally noticed more than once that those who have unlearned abroad, who are far from the people as far from heaven to earth, are especially indignant.
  7. 443190
    443190 29 December 2011 12: 29
    They survived ... Managers are already unhappy ... And rightly so. If the authorities achieved such a result through their actions and inaction, then why is it needed? It's time to change it !!!
    1. Viking
      Viking 29 December 2011 12: 36
      Quote: 443190
      It's time to change it !!!

      Power was changed both in 1917 and in 1991. After each "change of power" - blood, war, devastation. Enough! And 0,4% of Moscow residents who came to the most massive rally-concert-festivities are far from the best part of the citizens of Russia.
      1. karimov01
        karimov01 29 December 2011 13: 00
        And you are probably just a true Russian, and your nickname is directly patriotic ...
        1. Viking
          Viking 29 December 2011 13: 17
          Quote: karimov01
          And you are probably just a true Russian, and your nickname is directly patriotic ...

          That's what I understand, a good old trick. Instead of discussing an article or problem, move on to discussing a person. Usually done when there is essentially nothing to say. In principle, I don't like the word "Russian", I prefer "citizen of Russia."
          1. Snake831
            Snake831 29 December 2011 16: 55
            And even better, Russian! Russian is Borya came up with, not a word, a curse of some kind!
      2. alex21411
        alex21411 2 January 2012 21: 43
        A herd of dibilov hung out there and that’s all, it was necessary to run riot police there ...
        1. woland05
          woland05 2 January 2012 21: 48
          Better-Kadyrovtsev ....
    2. AlievMR
      AlievMR 29 December 2011 12: 47
      Then it's time to change managers ... Fortunately, there is enough space in Siberia for everyone
      1. танк
        танк 29 December 2011 15: 18
        And how will they live there without air conditioners, heaters and coolers ??? wink
      2. alex21411
        alex21411 2 January 2012 21: 51
        Yes, let’s send them here, we have a lot of plants here without labor, these Moscow rats will learn a lot about themselves wink wink wink
    3. 916-th
      916-th 29 December 2011 14: 36
      If the authorities, through their actions and inaction, achieved such a result, then why is it needed? It's time to change it !!!

      Do not go Dmitry Anatolich!

      The spring of the twelfth year is coming.
      It’s as if I see a gloomy day.
      Shocked nature cries
      the faded lilac will fade.

      In the squares, sobbing crowds
      under the jets of cold rain.
      And the leaves on the trees will turn yellow
      mourning the dear leader.

      Do not go Dmitry Anatolich,
      We barely had time to love you.
      About Disc Jockey Fortuna Yakubovich,
      Tell us the truth: “To be, or not to be”?

      You, without batting, give up the throne.
      Leaving the disgusted power.
      And the Russian crown will pass
      to someone who has a passion for her.
    4. esaul
      esaul 30 December 2011 06: 04
      Managers, for the most part, are office plankton, who, during work, often do not solve questions (it takes him about a couple of hours a day), but they chat on the Internet or are chopped into shooting games. This plankton is overwhelmed by the complex of its underestimation and increases its status in communication with their own kind! And interests, in the main, revolve around - hang out-cool-car-chicks-boys-plump-boutique-raise-guide! And this plankton hangs out to hang out, and not to fight for the rights of the oppressed! It's not difficult to manage this plankton - just put the topic on the net and wait for a profound debate! The game on the desire of the young and not strong, to increase their importance, in China, at one time, gave rise to the movement of the hungweipings, which became a symbol of the most severe (akin to the SS) repression and torture against the "wrong-minded".
      1. Sandov
        Sandov 29 February 2012 20: 46
        This plankton is the vanguard of Western democracy in Russia, on their shoulders they want to enter the "Kremlin".
  8. dred
    dred 29 December 2011 12: 33
    Damn people forget what it was in 90.
    1. alex21411
      alex21411 2 January 2012 21: 55
      YOU forgot, "gop-stop, we came from around the corner" they probably want this, they want it back, I can arrange for them)))
  9. Dmitry.V
    Dmitry.V 29 December 2011 12: 41
    For $ 500 you can go ...
    And indeed now the change of power will end with "democracy" and "peacemakers"
  10. King
    King 29 December 2011 12: 47
    in Russia today there is no alternative to Putin. if there really was a middle class raised by Putin at the rally, then we can say - ungrateful pigs.
    1. karimov01
      karimov01 29 December 2011 12: 58
      Answer then, what exactly did he do to the middle class ??
      1. Viking
        Viking 29 December 2011 13: 15
        Created conditions for their well-fed and not poor life. Provided stability, both in politics and in the economy. Systematically reduced the inflation rate. Today, for example, the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is 8%, compared to 200% during the era of the "democrats" led by Yeltsin - this is a rather impressive step.
        1. karimov01
          karimov01 29 December 2011 13: 39
          All you said is a lie. Of course, inflation shocked us very much under Yeltsin, but even now it is on everyone’s lips, is that not enough ???? When the salary remains the same, and in other cases even falls, and the prices rise? Normalek ???

          Yes, and one more important moment. All the reforms carried out by Putin, and which spent a lot of money failed miserably ....
          1. patriot64
            patriot64 29 December 2011 21: 24
            Quote: karimov01
            All the reforms carried out by Putin, and which spent a lot of money failed miserably ....

            Reforms fail thanks to whiners and saboteurs!
        2. military
          military 29 December 2011 14: 57
          ... ensured the full immunity of the family clan of the state criminal (EBN) and the cover of their "business" ...
          1. Viking
            Viking 29 December 2011 15: 50

            It’s something Berezovsky (who was part of this clan under the name “Family”) is hiding in London. And who to pursue? Wife and daughter? By the way, read what Yumasheva (Yeltsin's daughter) writes about Putin:

            "She also does not hide that her father did not like the course that Putin was leading the country in subsequent years." Yes, some things (from what Putin did) confused him, annoyed him, "Yumasheva said in an interview with the magazine. Bear". As an example, she cites the return of the Soviet anthem, which was banned by Yeltsin as a relic of the Stalin era - and Putin partially revived this hymn.

            “Of course, he (Yeltsin) himself would have done some things differently than Vladimir (Putin) did,” she adds, “I know for sure, and dad told me this many times that he wanted to see a politician from another generation as the next president. , with democratic views. "
            1. military
              military 30 December 2011 10: 45
              do not distort ...
              Abramovichs, Deripaska, Okulovs, Yumashevs ... and others like them do not feel very bad "under the wing" of VVP ...
              and "ex-Dyachenko" may not give out such "memoirs" wink
        3. Ustas
          Ustas 30 December 2011 07: 43
          Created conditions for their well-fed and not poor life. Provided stability, both in politics and in the economy. Systematically reduced the inflation rate. Today, for example, the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is 8%, compared to 200% during the era of the "democrats" led by Yeltsin - this is a rather impressive step.

          Well so it is his job. Only the middle class is growing not because of, but in spite of.
      2. танк
        танк 29 December 2011 15: 20
        Farmer, within 5 years from the date of opening, the tax does not pay at all
      3. karimov01
        karimov01 29 December 2011 19: 34
        No one can write, but put the cons. Conclusion - a bunch of fuckers
        1. Viking
          Viking 29 December 2011 20: 16
          Quote: karimov01
          No one can write, but put the cons. Conclusion - a bunch of fuckers

          Yes, culture is just rushing, you are our polite. fellow
          Starting from the fact that it is not accepted to "poke" strangers in the culture of Russian speech. Not Americans, after all.
        2. patriot64
          patriot64 29 December 2011 21: 34
          Quote: karimov01
          . Conclusion - a bunch of fuckers

          You are an uncultured person. You do not know this word. What are you doing among you spat upon society? !!! Look for like-minded people on another site and cry to each other in vests, and then reward each other with medals and - in the face of each other, so that it would not be boring !!!
      4. patriot64
        patriot64 29 December 2011 21: 22
        Quote: karimov01
        What exactly did he do to the middle class ??

        At my factory, the middle class buys cars for themselves, takes out apartments on credit. Everyone's environment is not sickly and no one cries that there is not enough for life! I'm talking about the middle class that really works, and not about the one that "smokes" time in the smoking room! In general, the question is interesting ... What have you done for your well-being, for the well-being of your loved ones? It seems like you can't do anything to vilify the future president ... So why bother?
      5. alex21411
        alex21411 20 January 2012 07: 33
        The middle class works, and without doing anything, the bulk of the sellers ... Let them go to work in production, there will be no time to do business ... or rather, to Siberia)))
    2. Ustas
      Ustas 30 December 2011 07: 41
      if there really was a middle class raised by Putin at the rally, then we can say - ungrateful pigs.

      And what does Putin have to do with it. Did he breastfeed?

      PS: Well, right now, they’re sticking me around.
  11. Roomata
    Roomata 29 December 2011 12: 58
    It doesn’t matter what field the sheep graze in. The main thing is that the shepherd does not sleep.
  12. recruit
    recruit 29 December 2011 13: 12
    Looks like they took control of the web.
  13. Samsebenaum
    Samsebenaum 29 December 2011 13: 19
    If the data is not distorted, then it is not cattle and adolescents go to rallies, as some have stated here, and people are quite educated ...
    The main points of reasonable claims are provoked or created by the authorities themselves. With her, and demand. And to paraphrase the famous slogan: We say power - we mean P ...., we say P .... - we mean - power, it becomes clear why these people do not glow with a fiery love for GDP.
    1. Viking
      Viking 29 December 2011 13: 23
      Quote: Samsebenum
      and people are quite educated ...

      And also quite divorced from the life of the rest of Russia, outside the Moscow Ring Road. And also do not forget that "sufficiently educated and intelligent" in many ways provoked the events of both 1917 and 1991. They also shouted about the need for the mythical "freedom and rights".
      1. Samsebenaum
        Samsebenaum 29 December 2011 13: 38
        When I wrote a comment, I knew that such arguments would appear ...
        Already someone is divorced from life, so this is the Kremlin nomenclature.
        And so that educated people no longer pose a threat, we are currently reforming education. No education - no problem.
        1. Viking
          Viking 29 December 2011 13: 52
          And 0,4% of Muscovites who came to the rally, to which, well, as soon as they did not invite and lure for a week - this is of course a b-a-a-alshoy indicator of discontent. Including the fact that people were brought there from other cities of Russia. It is necessary to work off the money allocated for this business. And then next time they will take and give less. Although certainly unlikely. Preventing Putin from assuming the presidency of Russia is a wild dream of the West. Of course, they will quickly find a common language with Western liberals. So the State Department and other interested structures will regularly allocate money for this. And the closer to the presidential elections, the more they will try to sway the situation in Russia.
          1. Samsebenaum
            Samsebenaum 29 December 2011 14: 20
            Viking, I want to tell how my son was almost among the protesters for EP.
            Students at his university were offered a FREE trip to Moscow to a rally. Needless to say, the bulk did not have any relation to EP. Extras were needed ... No more ... Plus, work out the allocated money, right?
            We picked up 2 carriages (about 100 people) of young people who in the morning disembarked at the Belorussky railway station. This group was run by 4 or 5 very nervous organizers. ... Everyone was given blue jackets with an inscription, posters and flags. The square was packed with fellow students from other cities. All were seated on buses and taken to the appointed place. My boyfriend saw firsthand the scale of the "performance". As a result, he left this event, bought a new mobile phone and returned home.
            That's it ...
            1. Viking
              Viking 29 December 2011 14: 37
              Quote: Samsebenum
              Students at his university were offered a FREE trip to Moscow to a rally.

              Well, wouldn’t he be driving, forcing them to force?
            2. Argyn84
              Argyn84 8 January 2012 02: 49
              You better tell me, these same 0,4% of the population of Moscow is the voice of the whole people? Where are the remaining 99,6%?

              I talked with one of the "disaffected" from Naberezhnye Chelny, he was distressed and sincerely bewildered how 500 people came to the rally in the city of 500 thousand. This is 0,01%.

              If everything is so bad in Russia, then why at all meetings less than 1%?
  14. sazhka0
    sazhka0 29 December 2011 13: 25
    The rallies are not for someone out there .. and not against Putin .. Just tired of the endless deception and stupidity of the authorities and vorovstvo.A pu only smiles and promises, and even the second who considers himself "president" .. FOOD !!! Even funnier is the "opposition", which for some reason thinks that the people went for the sake of them misbegotten ..
    1. CEO
      CEO 29 December 2011 14: 30
      You say the truth!!!
    2. I627z
      I627z 8 January 2012 03: 35
      I fully support.
  15. petrakov vowa
    petrakov vowa 29 December 2011 13: 35
    It’s ours to bite the giver’s hand. These people grew up under Putin and thanks to him .... but they would try to live in the early 90's., Revolutionaries ..
  16. zavesa01
    zavesa01 29 December 2011 17: 34
    The snickering so-called intelligentsia has NO clue about how the Russian hinterland lives. CORRECTLY did STALIN and LENIN that destroyed her. When the central actress says that there CANNOT be a salary of 10000, when the central news says that another nouveau riche bought her daughter, a student, the most expensive apartment in New York, when the State Duma seriously decides to swear or not. Understand the FULL WORKING PEOPLE begin to hate the whole intelligentsia as a class. Possessing ... Sobchak is an oppositionist. Yes, her and ALL like her. Normal people are now ready to at least shoot.

    GOD DON'T GIVE SOMETHING TO HAPPEN - LIKE OPEN MANIFESTATIONS. Another classic said: "God forbid you to see the Russian revolt, senseless and merciless."
    An ordinary hard worker NEVER now go to rallies he needs to work hard for 12 hours. This is the main part of the country's population, and it works and lives with its problems trying to solve them.
    That is why the GDP says openly they say rally to health because ALL that you can do is set up against yourself remaining loyal citizens.
    The people's anger with respect to officials and their lawlessness reaches its climax, the same attitude to the so-called creative intelligence, politicians - idiots.
    A HARD POLICY NEEDED ready to execute and pardon quickly and without compromises. The Russian people have been waiting for such a person for a very long time and the people do not care how much he will be in power for a year or ten.

    PS In life I am an atheist but GIVE US GOD SUCH A PROPHET.
    1. I627z
      I627z 8 January 2012 03: 48
      Do not choke on your poison. What do you mean?
      About the whole Russian outback? Sobchak - the intelligentsia? Duma - the intelligentsia?
      Another nouveau riche - the intelligentsia? You do not even have a rough idea of ​​the intelligentsia, but you allow yourself to make decisions about who can be shot. The anger of the "people" is solely in envy that they were not allowed to the trough.
      If you want to shoot, start from your own head - there will be less hatred from scratch in the world!
  17. Ascetic
    Ascetic 29 December 2011 17: 49
    How long can you discuss this meeting? there are no other problems or what? Everyone has long forgotten about it, even its participants. "white collars" can tell jokes. Ambition and snobbery through the edge, and the cat cried out for knowledge, professionalism, diligence and discipline. I myself constantly encounter them in my daily life. Once I decided to purchase a wireless Wi-Fi adapter for my computer. Since before, the sydnl on the wire and with wi-fi did not work, so I think I'll go to an advanced salon-store there they will help me choose and give advice on setting up. I come to the store and ask to show the required product, they first offer me a modem with a router, then a network card, and only when I explained to them on my fingers that it was such a piece of stuff that looked like a USB flash drive, then they realized what I needed. Naturally, how they differ and how to configure them intelligible information was not received. An inner voice immediately prompted me: HTU (h .. you guessed it) go home, climb the Internet and figure it out yourself. Here is the degree of creativity of the so-called. MANAGEROV-BANDERLOGS, but the words "scoops", "stone age", etc. they learned to howl well at such meetings.
  18. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 29 December 2011 18: 14
    Do not break the quagmire, the opposition will not just have to)))

    Maybe Putin is leaving himself ?, so to speak, until better times, there is a serious thunderstorm in the economy and it seems that everyone will have big losses, and he wasn’t chosen, everything went to waste, in the end they asked him to return, Ivan the Terrible cranked up such a democracy
    1. Ustas
      Ustas 30 December 2011 07: 55
      Maybe Putin leaves himself ?,

      Actually Putin is a smart man. I hope he can work on the mistakes and make the country strong and respected, both internally for the people and internationally.
  19. bob
    bob 29 December 2011 18: 37
    ) you're probably from banderlog
  20. bob
    bob 29 December 2011 18: 48
    zadolbali hait all. right Putin said -banderlog.
  21. older
    older 29 December 2011 19: 04
    Dima - "f furnace" ... if you want to be a banderlog, consider that you succeeded. The men rub it right. Without movement, nothing can be changed, but how? This is what they are talking about ...

    petrakov vowa,
    But this is correct, but I also lived in the 90s to the fullest, but I see no way out, how regrettable it is, those methods are not "acceptable", I will say they are no longer tolerated by the authorities :) -but you don't care +1
    1. rysich
      rysich 29 December 2011 20: 02
      "... schoolchildren ..." - they probably also took away their voice !!!!!!!!! Interesting are the comments of the "fiery democrats" when the schoolchildren were ordered to write tests (before the rally in the swamp) - how they lamented that the authorities had deprived them of their supporters (schoolchildren). These brutes would not hesitate, if something happened, would substitute the schoolchildren under the riot police's batons (God forbid). It was important for them ONLY the mass character of the event, they did not care about the consequences. All these today's brute-democrats are similar to the leaders of the times of the red terror with their slogans - "the forest is cut, the chips are flying" - only the chips are our children, they have long been in Pindos. In the coffin I saw these "fiery" bulk, daring, German ...
      1. Viking
        Viking 29 December 2011 20: 26
        Quote: rysich
        It was important for them ONLY the mass of the event they did not care about the consequences.

        And some of the "oppositionists" were also upset that the rallies took place without significant incidents. That no blood was shed. If only they had a field for activity. And how "Western friends" would be delighted.
      2. I627z
        I627z 8 January 2012 03: 52
        I agree about the students. But what do you say about sending Chechens to Moscow or riot police to send them? Wouldn't that be terror?
  22. bob
    bob 29 December 2011 19: 49
    I am sure that in old age you will all remember Putin only on the positive side. And those who are for him and those who are against.
    1. azgard
      azgard 30 December 2011 08: 07
      we will eat up that will be smile
  23. suharev-52
    suharev-52 2 January 2012 22: 29
    Dima. If we live to this old age. Discuss the crap that has surfaced, I think it's worthless. That Pu, that Nemtsov, Kudrin - these are all steering or who were at the helm and wanting to steer again. I assess Putin's 12 years of work negatively. I will try to justify: for this period, the prices for raw materials were fantastic. If VVP thought at least a little about Russia and its people, it would not invest in the purchase of Pinda papers, but would develop its own Russian production. One listing of enterprises ruined and squandered under him will take more than one sheet. But built ....? For one collapse of the Russian village you should ask. Under Putin, we have completely lost our food independence. Close the border for 2 weeks and there will be nothing to eat in the country, and you are still talking about something. Do you consider it a "huge" achievement to be able to buy cars assembled with our screwdriver? And of course, hundreds of billions of dollars invested in America don't count. And since we are at the military forum: then a huge gratitude to the state. Putin that he rid Russia of 500 tons of weapons-grade plutonium and transferred it to the States.
  24. rexby63
    rexby63 2 January 2012 23: 36
    The article is interesting. If these polls are true, then Putin is right - banderlogs, stupid, stupid monkeys, and those who received them (even if there’s anyway — even circus bears got to the 90th tower) got higher education.
  25. hot
    hot 13 January 2012 18: 03
    Why are you, damn it, completely hardened? What rallies? What is the change of power? Changing course means destabilizing. Outflow of foreign investment no one will risk their money in a foreign country with an unknown leader. Fuck knows how he will behave. Do you know who to vote for? For Nemtsov - a chatterbox? Of you rallies, who was in those days when the Nemtsov comrades were ruining the country? Nemtsov, Yavlinsky, Chubais. Who are you planning for power? Have you ever seen one of these gorlopans in business? Do you know what they are capable of? Kasyanov - you want the main corruption officer? Who is Navalny? What is it eaten with? What do you know about him? Pindos pursue their proven policies there too. Let's change the power, propose candidates ... we will discuss. And yell at rallies.

    It was not Putin who ruined the country, and it was not Medvedev that ruined it. The collapse has been going on since the 90s under Yeltsin. And did you think that uncle would come and in a presidential term he would make a rich country? There is no such thing. Start fighting bad guys in your area. You are in kind like Pindos. They also, three presidents got into debt and Obama was to blame. So okay, these are Pindos, they don’t have brains, but sometimes you have to connect gyrus. Like small children, by golly. I apologize for the tone.