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Rare army, or how to cut short

So the autumn call of 2011 comes to an end, which has become not only the smallest in the entire conscious history of our Fatherland (only 136 thousand people), but also perhaps the most scandalous in recent times. Moreover, the scandal is not associated with the number of new recruits of various branches of the army, but with some interesting selectivity of the draft. The draft “selectivity” consists in the fact that young people of draft age from some constituent entities of the Russian Federation were “overboard the draft”. For example, out of 3320 young Dagestan guys they decided to call only 121, and from the Chechen Republic with Chechen nationality they decided to “not take anyone”. Moreover, the motivation of the representatives of the General Staff looks really reinforced concrete: what if, you see, among the Chechen conscripts, someone will be a relative or close friend of the terrorists. Then, they say, we ourselves will prepare a new "terrorist" in Russian weapons, we will trust this soldier with the most secret military secrets, show strategic objects, and he, a dirty trick, will take, and then do his dirty deed under the General Staff under his nose.

Continuing to hold on to the ephemeral thread of the General logic logic, it should be noted that military officials had to “patch the holes” that appeared after it was decided to abandon the “services” of the majority of North Caucasian youth. Holes were patched, as expected, clearly and on time. More than 50-thousand (according to the data confirmed by the General Staff itself) young people, who due to their health cannot perform their sacred military duty, acted as prepared “patches” of the autumn draft. Among this fifty thousand soldiers, the majority have serious visual impairment (perhaps preparing for service on computer shooters), several thousand suffer from dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system. But it turned out that our army is literally everything today, if only the conscript in the family tree did not have names like Basayev or Yandarbiyev.

Of course, we will not deny the fact that interethnic conflicts more and more flare up in the Russian armed forces. And about the stratification of the modern army along ethnic lines, it’s not that lazy. But the almost complete refusal to call young people according to their nationality is an obvious inflection, which not only does not unite the Russian army, but, on the contrary, can have very serious negative consequences. Today we do not call on Chechens, tomorrow we will stop calling Bashkir or Tatar youth, and at the same time Buryats with Yakuts. But do we not have nations that we can not call upon ... Only, it seems, high military officials forget that Russia, as the Constitution says, is a multinational and multi-religious state. At the same time, officials seem to forget about the demographic situation in our country. Either the terrorist threat finally clouded the eyes of the Ministry of Defense, or the army specifically decided to call for the most part frail and sick. Perhaps all the hope for our new weapons, which, apparently, can be managed with minus eight in the left eye and plus five in the right, but at least with the last stage of flatfoot ...

The plenipotentiary of the Russian President in the North Caucasus Federal District Mr. Khloponin made a surprising speech about the “non-appeal” of the young men from the North Caucasus. He said that the “customer” of the appeal is the Ministry of Defense, which, he says, is extremely concerned about the “negative signals” associated with the terrorist activities of the bandit underground in the Caucasus. Khloponin said that this, they say, is not entirely correct. Some business project, and not the Russian army is obtained: customers, performers, merchandising by region ...

But if you look at this situation from a slightly different angle, then for many “draft dodgers” there appears a completely new chance to avoid military service, which the Ministry of Defense itself gives them. It is enough just to change the last name to, say, Evloev or Umarov and register somewhere in the Achkhoy-Martan district - it's done: you, young man, are sent to the reserve due to your unreliability.

However, it should be noted that there are quite a few of these “draft dodgers” among Russian draftees, but there are only a few among Caucasian youth. Both Chechen and Dagestan guys actually want to serve in the Russian army, as this can open the way for them to get a good job in the territory of their own republics. It turns out that the Ministry of Defense is acting according to the old established scheme, which has also undergone modern modernization: we wear a round one, a square roll, only now we do it: we don’t call on those who don’t want, we call on no matter what! ..

And if you see in every Chechen or Dagestan draftee an accomplice of world terrorism, then it is absolutely incomprehensible how the Ministry of Defense is going to continue working with the North Caucasus regions in terms of the fulfillment of constitutional duty.

In addition, it is worth noting that the designated 136 thousand "fall-2011" conscripts should be boldly increased by 3 units of manpower. It turns out that the military command of our country has drafted as many as three dogs into military service! The figure is truly impressive, given recent considerations about the revival of military cynology in Russia. Now there is certainly no time for such luxury as four tankers and a dog. Now at best this is: four tank division and dog.

Apparently, it is still too early to call in more than three dogs to the modern Russian army, since they can better catch Major Canadow’s smell of dog food from the food stores of many military units. So, in this case, a dog is no better than a relative of a bearded terrorist ...

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  1. gmajor
    gmajor 29 December 2011 08: 08
    In tsarist Russia, the national cadres were also not called up ("The Wild Division does not count"), and normally they defended the Motherland.
  2. ivachum
    ivachum 29 December 2011 08: 17
    We were fused from another part with three Tuvans who, in principle, do not speak Russian .... do not even understand it at all. In addition, epilepsy. But they have already SERVED before this six months! wink
    1. ytqnhfk
      ytqnhfk 29 December 2011 09: 45
      There is a plan for which in the military registration and enlistment offices such "Cossacks" get a bonus from there and do not get it if there is a shortage!
      1. pokermen
        pokermen 29 December 2011 10: 41
        The other day passed a medical commission.
        So the guy with cirrhosis of the liver was recognized as being of limited suitability and "category A" was given a joke, though in the military registration and enlistment office they racked their brains for a long time how to remove the drive to the drug dispensary fellow
        1. ytqnhfk
          ytqnhfk 29 December 2011 10: 46
          Himself was called up in this category only much earlier! and my indicators are not Narikov’s school strip (army) I went for 1 m 16 sec!
    2. almost demobil
      almost demobil 29 December 2011 20: 15
      Yes, there were more than enough such cases in the Soviet Army! Sometimes a foreman would beat all their hands off them, but after a couple of months they read the charter in the original wink
  3. saratt
    saratt 29 December 2011 08: 56
    the main thing is not this, but the fact that many pendos here are wet on the site in full)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    and judging by the statements, it is likely that they are of this military age and there are faces. only for some reason they are keyboard player heroes and representatives of show business))))))))
  4. Chuck-norris
    Chuck-norris 29 December 2011 09: 33
    All this is sad.
  5. 443190
    443190 29 December 2011 10: 40
    If not encouraged, let them rejoice and study the AKM device at home. And really, until everything calms down, there is no need to put yourself at extra risk by preparing potential specialists for the forest brothers.
  6. dred
    dred 29 December 2011 11: 41
    Yes, very few draftees went this year. I will be glad if they draft in the army.
    1. almost demobil
      almost demobil 29 December 2011 14: 52
      And you do not wait for the summons, go to the military registration and enlistment office. Maybe the office has missed something, they are so inattentive!
    2. Artemka
      Artemka 29 December 2011 19: 41
      There is a valid about a hundred thousand all called up, very few.
  7. Farkash
    Farkash 29 December 2011 13: 57
    In my time (the turn of the 70s - 80s), of course, no one was eager to join the army of my own free will, I will not lie. But they looked at the men who did not serve, as at a sturgeon of the second freshness.
    1. AleksUkr
      AleksUkr 30 December 2011 11: 22
      It’s not clear your time. In those years, most were drafted into the army with desire. In the villages, for a guy who did not serve in the army, not a single self-respecting girl ever married. But for the time being, for the time being. There will be a holiday on our street.
  8. Alexei
    Alexei 29 December 2011 14: 07
    "Freedom" and "democracy", which came in the 90s, contributed to the low birth rate and the growth of street children (5 million) now. Graduation classes are so small today. Few children. Nothing has been fixed yet. Hope for those born in the 70s and 80s (the last gift of the Soviet government), maybe they will fix the shitty demography.
  9. Colonel
    Colonel 29 December 2011 14: 11
    Probably the author did not have these guys subordinate. Otherwise, he would not have written such stupidity. Or he did not serve in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation at all.
  10. shmack
    shmack 29 December 2011 14: 45
    Why are they different? The plan to radically reduce conscription in the Southern Military District was announced and approved even before the start of the campaign itself, in the summer. Reducing the plan + abolishing the extraterritorial principle. Did you want to remove the "blacks" from the parts in the middle lane? Receive.
  11. almost demobil
    almost demobil 29 December 2011 14: 49
    Today we do not call on the Chechens, tomorrow we will stop calling on the Bashkir or Tatar youth, but at the same time the Buryats with the Yakuts. But you never know of peoples that can not be called ...
    Yes, we have few such peoples, few! The author distorts, the Bashkir, Tatar and Yakut guys in the barracks will not make mess. The Defense Ministry has listened to the commanders and does not want to launch savages into the barracks, all the more so since nobody needs elections on the nose-troubles.
  12. valerei
    valerei 29 December 2011 18: 09
    In the years 60-70, no one ran from the army. But I did not serve, due to illness and, frankly, I never felt flawed. He graduated from the institute with a military department, received a lieutenant, was regularly called up for training, etc. You can serve in this capacity. But when you are nobody and every trash that has served for six months !!!, everything !! considers himself king over me, I do not need such a service. My son served in full, in Samara. I specially prepared him for this and, first of all, he became a universal athlete: running, swimming, shooting. The driver of categories B and C. He said that this training helped him a lot. But he also told about the army. A soldier in the army should do only one thing: learn to fight and EVERYTHING! My father and father-in-law (both participants in the war) told how they were taught to fight. From early morning until late at night in the field on exercises. Exhausted to death! Maybe because both survived. And no hazing, because it was simply not her, and it was not accepted in principle. Soldiers in the army must learn to fight and should not do anything else, then it will be easier to keep track of the order.
  13. zavesa01
    zavesa01 29 December 2011 18: 19
    Quote: valerei
    Soldiers in the army must learn to fight and should not do anything else

    In our army, soldiers learn combat regulations, do the cleaning and restore order in the unit. As for fighting, there is only one answer: they will order us to go, but for now we need to restore order.
  14. marauder
    marauder 29 December 2011 18: 22
    Think Caucasians are eager to serve. for example, the US Army is very eager to serve fagots. Fight for the rights of fagots of your world. It seems that it’s not even hiding.
    Are you sure that the Dagestan will be a real defender of Russia.
    Never! He will be the protector of Dagestan.

    Now, if he wrote Russia that would serve. and so xep his.
    1. almost demobil
      almost demobil 29 December 2011 20: 09
      Well, here it’s disgusting to look not so much at the animal as at these underbelly. Maybe some relatives or friends recognize them, let them be ashamed. Ugh!
    2. Max79
      Max79 29 December 2011 20: 13
      marauderRIGHT TO ALL 100%
    3. Colonel
      Colonel 29 December 2011 22: 04
      Oh that shit just wipe your legs
    4. Bretwald
      Bretwald 29 December 2011 22: 09
      you my friend about Fokino on DV heard?
      1. SAVA555.IVANOV
        SAVA555.IVANOV 30 December 2011 02: 18
        In Fokino in general !!!!!
    5. SAVA555.IVANOV
      SAVA555.IVANOV 30 December 2011 02: 34
      Therefore, they do not call for the officers to have the following inscriptions on their heads
    6. sir
      sir 30 December 2011 04: 37
      marauder but Dagestan is also someone’s homeland
    7. valerei
      valerei 30 December 2011 12: 58
      That would be a s-ku for his finger and hang up .. Below they talked about the service, where the majority are Caucasians, and if the majority are Russians? Then see the picture. After such a "service" these Caucasians will certainly go to the mountains to pay off their debts. Well, okay, this ub-dock with a finger, clearly de-il. But the demand for this should be, first of all, from the officer, from the company commander! Judging by the photo, no one is going to ask him. The company commander has enough power to put things in order in the company, and if there is no order, then the fish has already rotted from the head. By the way, if there were no Caucasians, then ours, Russians, would be in this row, only the letters would be different. And if you, Marauder, agree to stand in front of this bastard, even with the letters "Russia", then you are a SLAVE. not a man!
      1. almost demobil
        almost demobil 30 December 2011 19: 06
        Quote: valerei
        . By the way, if there weren’t Caucasians, then our Russians would be in this row

        valerei you didn’t get it? In the picture, the Russians are standing. You can only call them Russians with a great stretch.
        1. valerei
          valerei 30 December 2011 22: 29
          I didn’t get it. So, is this dog with a Caucasian finger? Or did it seem to me that his face is blackish? Then maybe a Caucasian company? I see no other explanation for this picture. And if Russian, then one conclusion: our army is pi-dets.
    8. Barbarian
      Barbarian 11 January 2012 20: 11
      you can sleep peacefully, these heroes will protect me
  15. Viking
    Viking 29 December 2011 18: 30
    Well, it's right that the draft was removed from the Caucasian republics. Firstly, interethnic relations with these peoples are not very simple. What he himself has repeatedly witnessed during his service. Well, and secondly, such a recruit with brainwashed Islamists, assigned to an ammunition depot, for example, or some other responsible place, can really do something. So in this respect, I am a supporter of the principle of "less is more." And I advise the author of the article to serve in a team where most of the soldiers are from Chechnya or Dagestan. There he will quickly forget about "tolerance".
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 29 December 2011 18: 34
      The Caucasus and others like it is better to leave as a militia, not to allow them to the army and equipment in general ... IMHO
    2. almost demobil
      almost demobil 29 December 2011 20: 04
      Moreover, you won’t even put them on critical areas, you’ll be racking your brains on what the animal can do there.
      1. woland05
        woland05 2 January 2012 22: 18
        Words horseradish sergeant ....
  16. marauder
    marauder 29 December 2011 20: 42
    In general, there is a tendency towards highly intellectual sodates.
    What kind of a nerd at a control panel can put so many enemies that it’s not even dreamed of pitching with a goblin’s brain.

    What is the strength in, brother.
    1. arhipelag
      arhipelag 30 December 2011 19: 43
      Power is in the truth!
  17. 755962
    755962 30 December 2011 00: 30
    fraternity in the army has always been. Served with the Chechens and the Dagi. They didn’t give offense to them. They didn’t eat pork in the canteen either. They say that they shouldn’t be a dirty animal. After a month they refused and marched throws, they all whistled off the plate
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 30 December 2011 00: 32
      He served with both Chechens and Dagi. They didn’t give offense to them. They didn’t eat pork in the canteen either. They say they can’t be a dirty animal.

      At a classmate on a course, the Saudis ate fat and drank vodka with cognac ... This is for example ...
  18. SAVA555.IVANOV
    SAVA555.IVANOV 30 December 2011 02: 29
    For a year or two they will not call these "good people", our boys will understand that the state has stood up for them and will calmly study military affairs, and let all these unreliable nations graze the sheep. By the way, they say Surkov's son Dudaev ?! What kind of a vice-premier is it necessary for your father to unleash a war ??? !!!! In the course of the matter, he is being prepared for the presidency !!! Well then, in general, all this looks like a betrayal !!!!!
    1. almost demobil
      almost demobil 30 December 2011 04: 33
      No, this is another Dudaev Andarbek Danilbekovich.
  19. common man
    common man 30 December 2011 07: 24
    He himself served in the mid-eighties in a, well, very multinational unit. And he came to the conclusion that our multinational army greatly promotes ethnic hatred. I mean, the problem was not born yesterday. But to recruit from them purely national military units, and in principle it is possible to force them to serve on their territory (such as self-defense forces). Well, not all the same they are potential terrorists. This is also impossible.
  20. AleksUkr
    AleksUkr 30 December 2011 11: 32
    All is well that ends well. We have one homeland. And everyone must be able to defend it. And division into national apartments - during the war there were traitors from all nationalities. Even Jews, and they served the Nazis. During my service in the army I had to command soldiers. and officers of different nationalities. Everyone needs an approach. Caucasians are more organized; they stand for each other. And the Russians - look at the photo. One crushed everyone. And everyone is silent. This is where the female upbringing of such "defenders" of the Motherland affects. This is our misfortune.
    1. marauder
      marauder 30 December 2011 18: 56
      Quote: AleksUkr
      One crushed everyone. And everyone is silent. This is where the female upbringing of such "defenders" of the Motherland is affected. This is our trouble.

      Firstly, he is a demobilization. Suckers with letters recruits. Secondly, he is not alone.
      This is the one in the photo, and most likely they are the majority.

      About female education I agree. This is a big problem in our country. It is necessary to educate a generation. In the USSR, this was somehow done.
      And now the Pepsi generation. The Minister of Education is busy fooling the younger, he has no time.
      1. marauder
        marauder 30 December 2011 19: 10
        The problem is not even in Dagestan. Take away the Dagestan and one of those who is now standing with letters will take his place. Only the inscription will be different. For example, MOSCOW or SMOLENSK. The point in the army system is to break it. The army must be prestigious.
        1. Lakkuchu
          Lakkuchu 31 December 2011 16: 37
          You're absolutely right. Russians themselves are humiliating their own more than anyone else, but they prefer to hush it up. Now it’s fashionable to blame Caucasians for all troubles.
      2. almost demobil
        almost demobil 30 December 2011 19: 11
        Yes, not necessarily the majority of blacks. It is enough about five to organize a flock of scumbags, for which to mock such with their heads bowed for happiness.
      3. valerei
        valerei 30 December 2011 23: 05
        Any organized group always has a "locomotive". This s-uk with a finger is the "locomotive". He will never put an assistant to the fore! He himself is always ahead in such pictures. So the officer needs to twist it into a ram's horn. The others will shut up quickly. When my son was serving, as I wrote above, I clearly told him: you will be demobilized - don't you, and so it was, as I said. Not without young people respecting demobels, but so!
    2. valerei
      valerei 30 December 2011 22: 53
      I agree that women's education is a disaster. However, the company has one owner: the company commander, but it turns out that there is more. In the army, an officer is given enough power to mix this bastard with a finger and make him eat not only pork! How many of them are there in the company? Not much that an officer can't handle, unless he's an Officer and not bullshit. I understand: an emergency in a company is a spot in the track record, later they will give an asterisk, maybe. When such bullshit went to school, what was it thinking? About a beautiful shape? For years we lived on everything ready, and when the time came to serve, this "officer" has a mess in the company, and he is in the bushes! So, it's all about the officer, and if he is not the owner in the company, what is his upbringing?
  21. MaxArt
    MaxArt 30 December 2011 13: 24
    I will say this: I put a "minus" in the article. Because I am personally pleased with the absence of Caucasians in our army. The army is not a duty, not a slave labor, the army for young guys is a real school of life. I served myself, I say responsibly. Because of the Caucasians, there is a very large number of conflicts, murders and suicides in the armed forces, and it is a big problem to put things in order in the military unit with a large percentage of them. Let our guys serve and become peasants, for them this is a very useful business, we will cope without the Caucasus. Understand correctly, I am not Caucasian, but I have seen enough of the mountaineers in two years - oh, oh, how many.

    One case in life: a guy from my unit left after six months to serve somewhere near the Urals. He entered the guard. Three children of the mountains raped him unnaturally. In response to humiliation, he shot all three and put a bullet in his forehead. To hell with these children in the Caucasus, let them sit at home and have lesser weapons skills. If something happens, they won’t fight anyway, history remembers such cases, and they’ll go to defend Russia.
    1. SAVA555.IVANOV
      SAVA555.IVANOV 30 December 2011 20: 37
      THERE IF NAME THEIR PIDORAST am AMI (IMPORTANT WHICH IS ACTIVE OR PASSIVE) WILL IT BE MAT OR STATEMENT OF THE FACT ????! Early on, the boy settled accounts with his life, he would have flunked a dozen scum, then he wouldn’t hurt to give a hero
  22. Colonel
    Colonel 30 December 2011 14: 27
    I was born and raised in the Caucasus. I am Russian and I will not give my Caucasus to chocks. Dagi and Czechs are far from the whole Caucasus. Comrade officers, we are working.
    1. almost demobil
      almost demobil 30 December 2011 16: 06
      Valery, it’s a shame for your city of Stavropol, especially since he and I studied there. So much chock filled that my mother did not grieve! I was 3 years ago, the city is beautiful, green, very beautiful. What caught my eye: I walk around the city, a weekday, working hours, and on the street there are only black people and their croaking is only audible in all cafes and shops, there are no rooks, they are at work. Such a percentage of crow in the 90s was not.
      1. SAVA555.IVANOV
        SAVA555.IVANOV 30 December 2011 20: 44
        Friends from the Stavropol Territory say that they were given chocks there for a long time and the garbage can close their eyes as if there was no second Chechnya (when the Russians were squeezed out of their houses and subordinated into slaves) WHEN THE RUSSIANS CUT OUT SIMPLY !!! am
      2. Colonel
        Colonel 31 December 2011 10: 14
        Alas, you are right.
  23. Lakkuchu
    Lakkuchu 30 December 2011 16: 00
    Then watch your filthy tongue. By the way, this applies to everyone who is insulting here, thereby showing who you are.

    Normal people will never insult people on a national or confessional basis, and in order for there to be no such or similar inscriptions, raise your children with men, not rags.
    1. SAVA555.IVANOV
      SAVA555.IVANOV 30 December 2011 21: 00
      Lakkuchu This incidentally applies to everyone who insults us here, thereby showing who you are, YOU ALREADY SHOWN AT THE END OF YOUR COMMENT WHO YOU ARE !!! You look what swells (!!! ???? according to national or confessional) ARE NOT BY BEHAVIOR AND ACTION CHARACTERIZING A PERSON OR A NATION !! ??
      1. Lakkuchu
        Lakkuchu 31 December 2011 16: 12
        The fact of the matter is that by actions they determine a person, but you do not need to hang labels on the whole people because of the actions of a certain circle of people! There are enough idiots among all nations. I served 2 years and I have never had a single conflict with the Russians, I have been friends with many.
    2. Colonel
      Colonel 31 December 2011 10: 11
      Lakkuchu, it is you (you and people like you) who anger and divide people with your fast-paced behavior. And, if you live in the Caucasus, you should know that there are no such nationalities as Dagi and Czechs in the Caucasus. Certain categories fall under such definitions. I won’t argue with you here (on the site) anymore. I consider this below my dignity.
      1. Lakkuchu
        Lakkuchu 31 December 2011 15: 51
        Nobody is going to argue with you. And you drank your dignity a long time ago.
  24. Lustrator
    Lustrator 30 December 2011 17: 25
    If separatist ideas are popular among the Caucasian youth of Russia, it means that someone is working closely with them as the most promising and responsive audience (the constant craze for activity and opposition to the society / system is a hallmark of ANY youth and is a more physiological factor ...)
    Therefore, one should look for the agents of propaganda and quickly eliminate it, while this domestic discontent can still be restrained by external pressure.
    National units will be least loyal to the Russian authorities in the event of a destabilization of the military-political balance in the North Caucasus and, having gained power, will turn into a huge hemorrhoids for the Russian Armed Forces.

    P.S. ... for example, it’s even more fun here: if you don’t want to join the army, give me money, if you want, give me money too! The vicious circle IMHO.
    1. almost demobil
      almost demobil 30 December 2011 19: 26
      Quote: Lustrator
      it means someone is doing a lot of work with them,

      Of course they are, their old men and parents. I don’t remember who gave a good example on this site from his life. He grew up in the Caucasus, so when he had a fight with a chicha in a kindergarten, the teacher called his parents. His mother scolded for fighting. and father scolded the little chicha because he could not beat this Russian pig. The mentality is different - we are taught to be kind and fair, and their evil and cruel.
      1. arhipelag
        arhipelag 30 December 2011 20: 57
        animals, what to take from them ...?
  25. globe of Ukraine
    globe of Ukraine 30 December 2011 21: 25
    I do not quite understand why some Putin lovers here generally unsubscribe. Isn't everything that is happening at the moment in the country, in the Caucasus, in the army at the suggestion of the "first person"? I would be very surprised if the Chechen Surkov-Dudayev worked for the benefit of the Ivory Coast.
  26. NickitaDembelnulsa
    NickitaDembelnulsa 31 December 2011 06: 45
    As soon as I found out that I was fit for the army, and after 4 years I would go there, all my friends neighing at home. But I told them that I will not mow, and let you be ashamed. Military service is the work of real men, and you will remain so jerks.
    1. SAVA555.IVANOV
      SAVA555.IVANOV 31 December 2011 18: 14
      When reading the current conditions of service in the army, go to the wrestlers, let them train you for a few months, let them put you a blow to the boxers, well, psychologically "bite into rams" and remember wherever you are, see if there are "aids" nearby ( sticks, stones, but don't hit the opponent on the head, situations are different)
  27. desava
    desava 31 December 2011 10: 31
    I don’t serve for a year, but I really want to return in the end .... It seems like they threw the RF Armed Forces at one time, but still I can’t do it in civilian life. So the site is the only one I have visited is VO.
  28. Igarr
    Igarr 31 December 2011 11: 08
    Valerei, you obviously did not serve in the army. Why then your comment? The company ... That's it, that the company-old, at least, in the absence of other officials - the eternal duty jop for everything.
    In 1981-1984 I happened to serve as a "bull" in the TFR. At the same time, I myself graduated from the highest civilian sailor. Those who are in the subject do not need to explain anything. In your terminology, Valerie, just a company commander. So one friend, a Bashkir, came to the service with the instruction - do not wave. They beat him for a week, beat him hard, then he served for 2 years like God in his bosom. Moreover, I learned the combat number by heart - against the authorities. Another came, ours, a Russian, in addition a Komsomol member. So he told me bluntly - I will suffer six months now, but then I myself will make up. That's it, that's it.
    "Cattleness" begins in the soul .... No company commander, no foreman, but no one will break the "willingness to suck" - the most important thing, there is nothing to break. Or you have eggs and you are ready to defend them .... or, well, if you just paint on your head with toothpaste.

    In general, fellow citizens, Happy New Year to all of you. May good luck and health be with us. Hooray!
    1. desava
      desava 31 December 2011 12: 58
      Breaking the rookie psilogy is of course necessary. A completely different matter is a method that needs to be applied. I personally saw how the officers (we had a specific part according to the organizational structure) from a seemingly insecure boy created a personality with a capital letter. But I repeat, the part itself was specific, what can I say if fire training was extremely rare at the training ground due to the lack of b / p. But for the most part, they came and stayed, if not worse.
  29. LiRoy
    LiRoy 31 December 2011 22: 42
    Arimia of the Russian Federation is an army of janitors and builders in camouflage.
  30. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 1 January 2012 13: 22
    I remember when I ran to the military registration and enlistment office with an unbearable desire to join the army, they didn’t find out immediately and told me if they asked me if they would extradite me, that’s how the army lost its volunteer,)))
    1. LiRoy
      LiRoy 2 January 2012 22: 13
      An intolerable desire to serve in the army of the Russian Federation smiled a pancake.
  31. valerei
    valerei 7 January 2012 20: 45
    Well, dear bloggers, they’ve talked, a long conversation turned out, it’s obvious that everyone was hurt, and me - after the picture. So who will be the result? I, as I did not serve a real one (although an officer after the institute), as I wrote above, do not undertake this. But I would like to hear and read the opinion of more experienced, maybe one, two, who would generalize the result: what to do? I am aware that neither in the MO, nor in the localities, they may never read our opinions. But still!
  32. thatupac
    thatupac 8 January 2012 17: 45
    He himself served in the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, 2005-2007, Neftekumsk, Stavropol Territory, 3753. And so. The unit was a "black battalion", where the blacks did not serve, but essentially rested. What to do? And do nothing. There is only one way out: the Russians must learn from the Caucasians. Also go in for sports from childhood, stand up for each other uphill. And only so. Not to call on the blacks means to sign that the Russians lost to them not only in real life, in civilian life, on all fronts, but also in the Army (they are afraid to take blacks even into the "elite", Caucasian contract soldiers are also in bulk, and they naturally do nothing even there (46 Defense Forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Chechnya, if only for the sake of an example.) They pinch us everywhere. While the Russians are zigging and fooling around at Manezhka, they have already created their capital - Maskvabad and Maskvastan. We even have Kondopoga and Sarga - this is, consider, a national holiday of some kind, which seems to be hinting.
    1. SAVA555.IVANOV
      SAVA555.IVANOV 8 January 2012 20: 59
      And fill up your first chock at age 14
  33. thatupac
    thatupac 8 January 2012 18: 04
    So to speak for comparison: