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Brest Fortress


It is no secret that in recent years undertaken unprecedented efforts to revise the outcome of the II World War in general, and of World War II in particular, the role and place of the USSR in the struggle against fascism, to impose us, the citizens of Russia, alternative stories of our people and state. At the head of this controlled process are our Baltic neighbors, Poland, Ukraine, and the United States. They are joined by the FRG, trying to prove that the Red Army were no better than the Nazis. Hence the chilling stories (investigation) of 200 thousand, one million, five million (highest?) Raped German women.

Sometimes it seems that our enemies are about to achieve some results.

21 - 22 June I was fortunate to be in Brest. And I want to briefly tell you about their experiences.

Brest Fortress is one of the symbols of heroism and opposition to the fascist invasion. In Belarus, this is very well remembered. Therefore, the main events of the Day of Memory and Grief are held in this shrine.

21 June efforts of the regional executive committee, city executive committee, citizens, patriotic clubs on Sovetskaya street (symbolic name) carried out a historical reconstruction of the last peaceful day. It was interesting to find himself in the 1941 21, the evening of June.

I offer some photos and ask forgiveness for their quality. A good camera was not at hand.

Border guards evaluate incoming information from the border

Exercises with local government

Family of a pilot officer on a walk

Police squad sat down to rest

Restoration of a room in a Brest apartment

Those interested could immediately buy and adjust the military uniform for the kids. True, for some reason with epaulettes sample 1943 year.

The eye caught a large number of officers of the NKVD (there was even a major state security) and troops of the NKVD escort troops. But historical restorers know better. On some passersby were Polish rogatywka. He did not specify, but probably guests from Poland.

In 3.00 22 June in Brest Fortress began Requiem.

Entrance to the memorial of the Brest Fortress

Besides, of course, Belarusians, there were guests and delegations from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine. Among the guests of honor is the commander of the Airborne Forces, Colonel-General Shamanov.

As I was told at the regional executive committee, around 20 thousand people attended the Requiem. Of course, there were veterans, but the bulk of them are young people up to 35 years.

With the dawn, the historical reconstruction of the first days of the war began. This I have never seen: 30 thousand viewers, and everyone has tears in their eyes.

Division of the Red Army on the territory of the fortress (in the foreground is the senior lieutenant of the OMON of Belarus)

In the background in a white military family

Equestrian outfit of frontier guards returns from border

They are close-ups.

And this is the Germans secretly close to the border secret (in the foreground viewers)

The Germans are fighting with the guards

Attack of the Brest Fortifications

BA-3 (or BA-6) padded car

First, the armored car "played", as it should be, for our side. He even fired blank weapons. But in the course of the reconstruction, he was “hit”; part of the crew “was taken prisoner” and “shot”. After that, the Wehrmacht symbolism was strengthened on the tower, and the BA-3 began to “play” for the Germans. In addition to BA-3, M-1 and BA-20 took part in the reconstruction.

Another attack of the Germans

In the course of the reconstruction, blank cartridges, SHIRAS, IMs, smoke bombs were widely used. An-2 imitated the bombing. One of the participants was the guys from the St. Petersburg club of historical reconstruction.

What is most shocked? Everyone is aware of the historical fact when the defenders of the Brest Fortress, in an effort to alleviate the plight of the civilian population, the families of servicemen, the wounded, released them from the casemates, believing that the Germans were fighting only with the army. And when the “Germans” began to mock the “wounded” and “military families” and “shoot” them in the 15 steps from me, it seemed that I had “failed” in time.

Many have probably seen a four-part film called “Fortress”, which was shown on television in 2011 year. The story is told on behalf of Sasha Akimov, who at that time was a pupil of the musician platoon of the 333 Infantry Regiment. It turns out that the movie hero was created as a prototype of a real hero, who now lives at the age of 88 in Brest.

Once again, all 30 ths. Viewers had tears in their eyes. And if so, then nothing is lost. If people remember and sympathize - we are alive!
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  1. Lazy ozzy
    Lazy ozzy 29 June 2016 06: 19
    It’s a pity I live far away. So would the grandson drove.
  2. strelets
    strelets 29 June 2016 06: 45
    I think reconstruction is being carried out in many cities. We just don’t know about them.
    1. Andy
      Andy 29 June 2016 07: 21
      no, not in many. they’ll put a short wreath on May 9 and there will be veterans (if the television doesn’t shoot) ... the schoolboy doesn’t know either about May 9 or about June 22, they need it, since there’s a chupachups. I’m not familiar with the school program, maybe my legs grow from there . but I’m glad that there are still people (and youth !!!) who REMEMBER and understand that the Nazis won’t win the Bavarian beer then (unfortunately, there were some people who were disgusting when I saw a poll on TV and heard such answers)
    2. The comment was deleted.
  3. Lazy ozzy
    Lazy ozzy 29 June 2016 07: 36
    Quote: strelets
    I think reconstruction is being carried out in many cities. We just don’t know about them.

    We do not have such large-scale ones. But I'm not actually talking about that, we (Siberia), as you understand, did not have battles of the Second World War, and the boy wants to tell more than just "on the fingers". The Brest Fortress is a sacred place.
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 29 June 2016 08: 11
    Great ... Thank you, interesting material .. we should go ... although far away ...
  5. uskrabut
    uskrabut 29 June 2016 10: 02
    My friend is constantly involved in such renovations. Ride to different places. They were in Brest too; he portrayed a German there. When we went to Rostov, the entire M-4 highway became due to the appearance of the Tiger, everyone wanted to take a photo
  6. Edvagan
    Edvagan 29 June 2016 10: 10
    in August I’m going to Belarus with my children, we’ll definitely visit the Brest Fortress !!!
  7. tveritianin
    tveritianin 29 June 2016 10: 11
    Brest is my Motherland, and therefore, first of all, in recent years I have strived for this date to be there, among tens of thousands of citizens and guests of Brest. Everything struck me: from the ominous silence in the Fortress before the beginning of the Requiem Meeting at 4 in the morning, although there were thousands of people on the ceremonial square. but there was reverential silence, as if people were afraid to disturb the memory of the dead. I was struck by the feeling of involvement in the moment the war began on June 22, 1941: fog from the Mukhavets and Z. Bug, clear dawn in the east. There was a feeling that they (those who were at that time in the Fortress) saw all this and, like 75 years later, we did not wait and did not believe in the War.
    It was amazing how, following the example of the Immortal Regiment, they first brought before the obelisk photos of those who were discovered and identified during excavations in the Fortress, and then these photos were placed on the territory of the Fortress in the places where they were found. And when, after the rally, people went around the Fortress, they saw these photos and understood that they were living people who died in this place. For many, as it was for me, it was a great shock to realize that these faces from photographs represent the concrete feat of each defender of the Fortress and its tragedy.
    Secondly, I really wanted to see the reconstruction. As a boy, I climbed the entire Fortress dozens of times (for the first time in 1964) when it was still that - post-war, overgrown and abandoned. I was waiting for this event and was not deceived. And it was very painful to see how the "Germans" were taking civilians into captivity, how they went on the attack under the cover of them, how they shot those trying to escape.
    You can laugh, but you can be glad when from the loudspeaker rushed: "soldiers of the Brest-Litovsk fortress, you are surrounded ... surrender", one of the spectators shouted very loudly: "You will not wait", and everyone applauded and supported the screamer.
    It's a shame and especially a pity that the central channels of Russia ignored the evening before the start of the war and the detailed reconstruction, limiting themselves to (NTV and Pervy) short news stories. But this is not an ordinary date - three quarters of a century has passed. And the fact that more than thirty thousand residents of the city came to the Fortress, that more than 500 reconstructions participated in the reconstruction of the invasion, is very important for those living today.
    When the events ended, I stood in front of the Fortress, waiting for my friends. A living sea of ​​people passed by me in an endless stream for more than 40 minutes. And most importantly, there were young people and children in this sea. I thought that this is probably historically important: as long as human memory keeps the feat of the Heroes of Brest, until then not a single contagion will be able to break the Will of the People and alter History. From us, who were born in the forties and fifties, who listened live to war veterans and our parents about those days, from how we raised our children, how they are able to raise and pass on, excuse me, to the "Pepsi generation" our Memory will depend power and prosperity of Russia.
    The fallen and living defenders of the Fortress - Glory, remembering and supporting Memory - Respect and Gratitude ...
    1. Aleksander
      Aleksander 29 June 2016 10: 42
      Many thanks to both you and the author for the touching report: as if he himself had been there.
      And it’s infinitely sorry that the central channels ignored this truly landmark event.
      I'll try to search for video on YouTube ...
      And one more thing, these reports must be shown in Germany and other Romanians: to KNOW and REMEMBER-WHAT did they do.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. vasiaberner
      vasiaberner 29 June 2016 23: 50
      I look with admiration at our youth who are carrying out reconstruction. This is a very important, difficult and responsible job. What a pity that in the "stagnant" years they did not do what they do now. Everything would be completely different if people appreciated their History. Therefore, I will repeat your words:
      The fallen and living defenders of the Fortress - Glory, remembering and supporting Memory - Respect and Gratitude ...
      I am very sorry that I was not present in Brest at this event. Next year I will try to attend.
  8. tveritianin
    tveritianin 29 June 2016 10: 21
    One more thing. retired officers from Ukraine were sitting next to me. Rear Admiral arrived in a ceremonial white uniform with orders and medals. He is 78 years old. He told me that he had spent all his service at the USSR Navy. as he said: he was called up in the Soviet Union, served in the Soviet Union, quit in the Soviet Union, and I don’t know who I am now. And he wiped his eyes with a handkerchief, could not stand it, burst into tears. And so it became humanly sorry for our brother officers of the USSR Armed Forces, who are now forced to hide their insignia and awards there, while all the evil Bandera walks around Ukraine without hiding ...
    1. Pilat2009
      Pilat2009 29 June 2016 10: 52
      Quote: tveritianin
      while all the evil Bandera walks around Ukraine without hiding ..

      Well, Gunpowder, on the Victory Day, gathered veterans of the Soviet Army, the OUN and the heroes of the ATO, reconciled everyone and ordered them to exchange caps
    2. Kotyara Fat
      Kotyara Fat 29 June 2016 22: 00
      Annoyance takes over our central channels. Not programs, not films, nor any patriotic education! Some series are moronic, but the current show is no better! Belarusians are trying, but ours ... No words!
  9. potapych
    potapych 29 June 2016 10: 26
    Old man done and Belarusians well done honor the memory of their grandfathers. Great respect for them
  10. Warrior2015
    Warrior2015 29 June 2016 10: 33
    Quote: Armeec2
    Those interested could immediately buy and adjust the military uniform for the kids. True, for some reason with epaulettes sample 1943 year.
    "Because she's prettier." And the other is not released for sale.

    But first of all I personally am not very pleased to see the MILITARY (albeit of the past model, but still) uniform on children. And secondly, to see OFFICERIAL epaulets on children. I don’t know, maybe he’s been brought up like that - to respect the officer’s shoulder straps.
    1. tasha
      tasha 29 June 2016 16: 17
      Regarding the form - this is your personal one, you are right. You can’t say anything.

      Regarding the OFFICERS 'epaulettes - I object (I wanted to write about Pharisaism, but found it too harsh). Everyone understands that the form is toy. But who knows, maybe this kid, vilifying toy epaulets in childhood, then wants to earn the real ones? I was in the headquarters staff as a child. So what? Somewhere, a real chief of staff cried from unmanifest respect? hi
  11. geolive77777
    geolive77777 29 June 2016 10: 46
    The feat of the fortress garrison is immortal! I remember studying while alive!
  12. Cyril7377
    Cyril7377 29 June 2016 11: 41
    I was in Brest on May 8 this year. the first time, it was pleasantly surprised how the Belarusians honor everything related to the Great Patriotic War ... how young guys, girls wear the old uniform, proudly wear it ... I agree with one of the commentators ... we shout most of all in the post-Soviet space about patriotism and the need to remember the war, honor veterans, and on the central channels there was NOTHING in prime time about the outbreak of war ... sad :(
  13. samarin1969
    samarin1969 29 June 2016 11: 55
    The organization is impressive: massive, well-thought-out step-by-step reconstruction, cleanliness, activities for children, household "cuts". And the influence of the "bourgeois picnic" is not noticeable.
    At Alma-2015 we had: a canopy for VIPs, waitresses, cognac, tables with tablecloths. From the courage of the ancestors, they are trying to make a "remake" for "dear" guests.
  14. Dr. Sorge
    Dr. Sorge 29 June 2016 12: 30
    Many events on the Stalin Line are held.
    And the Brest Fortress for me is also the memory of a close person who headed the restoration and preservation of this monument.
  15. Mzn41
    Mzn41 4 July 2016 10: 46
    Thanks for the great story.