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June 24 - Victory Day Parade Day on Red Square

Today 24 June 2016 marks the 71 anniversary of the legendary Victory Parade on Red Square - the parade, during which the victorious warriors threw the banners of the defeated enemy units and formations onto the platform in front of the Mausoleum. The decision to conduct the parade was taken personally by I.V. Stalin 15 of May 1945.

June 24 - Victory Day Parade Day on Red Square

From the memoirs of the outstanding Soviet military commander, General Sergei Shtemenko:
The Supreme Commander ordered us to think over and report to him our thoughts on the parade to commemorate the victory over Nazi Germany, while he said: “We need to prepare and conduct a special parade. Let representatives of all fronts and all types of troops take part in it ... ”.

After receiving the directive in the composition of all fronts, they proceeded to the immediate formation of subdivisions that were to pass through Red Square. From archival sources Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation It is known that the approach to the selection of candidates was very thorough. First, preference was given to those servicemen who heroically showed themselves in battles, had high military skill. Secondly, anthropometric data of the candidates took place - a strong constitution, height not lower than 176, see. Third, the selection went by age - up to 30 years.

By early June, the formation of consolidated regiments. The staff of each regiment at the time of the parade was up to 1465 people with 10 spare for each unit.

Before the parade, literally every detail was checked and coordinated: from the manufacture of standards for each of the regiments representing the front, to the suit of horses of the parade host and parade commander. The horse of Marshal G.K. Zhukov: a stallion named “Kumir” is a white, light gray color of Terek breed. The horse of Marshal KK Rokossovsky is a stallion named Polyus - a crow, a Krakow suit.

The General Staff ordered to deliver from the parts of the 1 of the Belarusian and 1 of the Ukrainian fronts (at that time were in Berlin and Dresden) almost 900 trophy banners and standards. All these trophies were brought to the Lefortovo barracks. For the soldiers participating in the parade, 200 banners and standards were selected, and it was these 200 trophies of June 24 that fell on a special flooring installed on the pavement of Red Square.

Participants in the legendary parade, themselves turned into real legends, told that the preparation was very intense. The issues of drill training was given the greatest amount of time.

From the memoirs of the holder of the two Orders of Glory S.Shipkina:
We were trained as new recruits, our tunic didn’t dry out of sweat. But we were 20-25 years old, and the great joy of victory easily got the better of fatigue. The classes were good, and we were sincerely grateful to the Dzerzhinsky guys.

Order of the Supreme Commander:
To commemorate the victory over Germany in World War II, I will appoint a parade of troops of the army, naval forces on Red Square on June 24, 1945 in Moscow Fleet and the Moscow garrison - Victory Parade.

At the parade to bring the combined regiments of the fronts, the combined regiment of the People's Commissariat of Defense, the combined regiment of the Navy, military academies, military schools and the troops of the Moscow garrison.

The Victory Parade to receive my deputy Marshal of the Soviet Union Zhukov.

To command the Victory Parade Marshal of the Soviet Union Rokossovsky.

I give general guidance on organizing the parade to the commander of the Moscow Military District and the head of the Moscow garrison, Colonel-General Artemyev. ”

Supreme Commander-in-Chief

Marshal of the Soviet Union I.STALIN

The cadres of that parade today cause not just interest, but also great pride in the generation of winners who broke the back of Nazism.

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  1. dsm100
    dsm100 24 June 2016 13: 19
    That was a sight !!!
    1. cniza
      cniza 24 June 2016 13: 23
      It was grandiose, had the opportunity to communicate with the participant in this parade, indescribably.
      1. sever.56
        sever.56 24 June 2016 13: 38

        I especially liked that the fascist banners did not touch our Soviet, Russian land, and even the gloves in which the fascist standards were carried were burned! The magnificent move is also the moral destruction of fascism !!!
        1. Tatyana
          Tatyana 24 June 2016 14: 18
          A worthy parade of heroic Soviet warriors of the Great Patriotic War, dedicated to the Great Victory of the USSR over German fascism!
          And the preserved film is, consider, an invaluable “monument” to the history of Russia for ALL for the rest of your life!
        2. Nikolay82
          Nikolay82 24 June 2016 16: 13
          The basis of the box, with banners and standards, was the warriors of the 2nd regiment of the OMSDON named after Dzerzhinsky.
      2. Bazilevs81
        Bazilevs81 24 June 2016 14: 32
        Why did the parade take place not on June 22, but on June 24. There is an opinion "But if we recall the Masonic symbolism and ritual, then June 24 is the day of John the Baptist, whose name is one of the directions in the Judeoism. In Ianne's Freemasonry, June 24 is the day of the Order's holiday. Accordingly, the appointment of the victory parade at 24 is a sign indicating those who really started that war in order to achieve their political goals with its help. "
        1. Alena Frolovna
          Alena Frolovna 24 June 2016 19: 02
          24 June 1945 of the year - Day of the Holy Trinity.


          - 22 1941 June years the Russian Orthodox Church celebrated the day of all the saints who shone in the Russian land;

          - December 6 1941 On the day of the memory of Alexander Nevsky, our troops launched a successful counterattack and drove the Germans away from Moscow;

          - July 12 1943 on the day of the apostles Peter and Paul, battles began near Prokhorovka on the Kursk Bulge;

          - to celebrate the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God November 4, 1943 years, Soviet troops took Kiev;

          - Easter of 1945 of the year coincided with the day of memory of the great martyr George the Victorious, celebrated by the Church of 6 in May.
          9 of May - at the Bright Week - to the exclamations “Christ is risen!»Added the long-awaited "Happy Victory Day!";

          - The Victory Parade on Red Square was scheduled for June 24 - Holy Trinity Day.

          And no Freemasonry.

          Mother of God…

          From different pictures, the memory of my eyes kept one completely unexpected.
          Having looked at the head of her peasant in the car window, a young strong Siberian woman jumped onto the bandwagon of the train, which had not yet stopped, and pushing the bunch of soldiers in the vestibule, she rushed inside.
          Some time after the train stopped, she, beautiful, black-eyed, appeared in the doorway of the carriage, holding in her arms, like a child, a completely legless, one-armed stump in a vest. He, embracing the neck of the wearer with his only hand, looked at her with his blue guilty eyes and bashed her:
          “Forgive me, Nyusha, I have not escaped, I have not escaped ...”

          - Mother of God, Mother of God, Jesus Christ! - baptized, she screamed, looking at them, always a drunken grandmother-beater and collapsed in front of the car on her knees.
          The crowd was numb.

          Two military men carefully removed the Mother of God with her burden from the foot of the car and put it on the platform. The black-eyed woman, stepping into the parting crowd, carried her chopped-off Christos through people, roaring and laughing with joy at the same time.

          Someone exhaled: “The war ...”
          Eduard Kochergin. "Baptized with crosses. Notes on your knees"

          And this is also the VICTORY PARADE, which was created by Russian women.
          These are they: mothers, wives, widows, sisters, daughters invisibly walked along the Red Square on 24 of June 1945 of the year through the blessed rain.

          "And we even have showers in Russia -
          and they whip in a special way:
          Pour holy water that washes away
          from the soul of a repentant sin.
          And the gruin leaves somewhere
          fragments of a cloud of ominous
          And the blessing of life and the sun
          the roosters are singing at dawn. "
          1. Bazilevs81
            Bazilevs81 24 June 2016 20: 44
            I have nothing against faith, there are so many holidays in Orthodoxy, you can compare any event with a holiday. Jews chtoli put cons))))). And if I am seriously reading the book now "Ford and Stalin. On how to live humanly", I recommend deep analysis ...
    2. Pereira
      Pereira 24 June 2016 13: 34
      That was a sight !!!

      This is a gorgeous sight today.
      Sometimes I look without a reason.
    3. Khariton
      Khariton 24 June 2016 13: 35
      Yes there were times .... A holiday with tears in his eyes ... Already a lump in his throat!
      Now again we are being crushed on all fronts .. But the enemy is much more cunning and crafty.
      1. Peasant
        Peasant 24 June 2016 13: 44
        Yes there were times ....

        and now, on May 9, we bashfully curtained Lenin's Mausoleum with rags. That same Mausoleum at the foot of which the banners and standards of the Nazis were thrown. Why? After all, from history, like from a song, words cannot be erased.
        1. 34 region
          34 region 24 June 2016 15: 33
          Peasant! 13.44. Ah, a peasant, a peasant! Today we hide the mausoleum, and hide the coats of arms of the Soviet republics and the Soviet Union, and Soviet symbols, and portraits of Soviet commanders. And the most interesting. All Soviet leaders took parades while standing. Even Brezhnev! And sitting today. That's the attitude to the past. Then another moment. Today they say how the Reds destroyed the Russian Empire. But who returned many territories of the Republic of Ingushetia? And who distributed sovereignty with a generous hand, who can take how much? Today, others have nostalgia for tsarist times, morals and military uniforms. Especially the time of Peter. But in my opinion the form of the Soviet troops is very similar to the form of imperial time. And it seems like even Stalin himself proposed a uniform in the style of RI and epaulettes. hi
          1. Peasant
            Peasant 24 June 2016 15: 57
            34 region 15,33. Yes, a lot of things are hidden. Many things turned upside down. But maybe enlightenment will come someday. This is the story of OUR MOTHERLAND. It was good in all times, it was bad. Anything happened. And I don’t think it is necessary to be ashamed. Every era of the development of our Motherland should be given its due. Well, all this alluvial husk will fly around. And the May 9 Parade, our leaders will take STAND. I believe it will be.
      2. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky 24 June 2016 14: 16
        Quote: Chariton
        Yes there were times .... A holiday with tears in his eyes ... Already a lump in his throat!
        Now again we are being crushed on all fronts .. But the enemy is much more cunning and crafty.

        If the enemy does not settle down, there will be another parade ...
        Winner will remain the same
    4. activator
      activator 24 June 2016 15: 28
      And the drill step is not what it is now similar to modern Chinese or vice versa, or is it still a step of the tsarist army? I liked the old step, as it’s more confident, but now they are running as if they were running away from someone.
  2. Marlen
    Marlen 24 June 2016 13: 25
    My grandfather was at the parade. Saved photo. There are no words. Only emotions.
  3. Joe stalin
    Joe stalin 24 June 2016 13: 26
    The Great Victory is only a PART of the Great Achievements of JV Stalin!

    The whole Victory of 1945 became possible only because the Soviet (Russian) people under I.V. Stalin led a HEALTHY, SOBER and SPORTS LIFESTYLE!

    Under Stalin, alcohol consumption was more than 2 times less (a maximum of 1,9 liters per day of pure alcohol per year - 1952) than in tsarist Russia in 1914 - 4,7 liters. and more than 10 times less than now (20-25 liters). Russia is the leader in child alcoholism.
    Under Stalin, there was no drug addiction, because there was no drug mafia. Over the past 25 years, the number of drug addicts in the Russian Federation has increased by more than 10 times and now, according to the Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation, it amounts to 5,1 million people. From 70 to 100 thousand people die every year from drug use. Russia is one of the leaders in the scale of child addiction.

    It is also necessary to restore the ANNUAL PARADISES OF PHYSICAL CULTURALISTS with the participation of top officials of the state on Red Square in Moscow and in all cities of the country!

    1. 34 region
      34 region 24 June 2016 15: 42
      Stalin! 13.26. Well, you damn it and bent! The parade of athletes! New time, new technologies! The Olympics and International Championships are an analogue of parades. I do not accept the practice of purchasing foreign players into national teams. What is it national? National when: courtyard (organization), district, region, republic, all-Union and final, international! This is a national team! She grew up in your yard, district, region, republic, country!
    2. Ze Kot
      Ze Kot 25 June 2016 11: 23
      Quote: Joe Stalin
      Over the past 25 years, the number of drug addicts in the Russian Federation has increased by more than 10 times and now, according to the Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation, it amounts to 5,1 million people. From 70 to 100 thousand people die every year from drug use. Russia is one of the leaders in the scale of child addiction.

      If the drug control did not protect and earn money from drug dealers, but fought with them, then the figures would be different.
  4. Mareman Vasilich
    Mareman Vasilich 24 June 2016 13: 35
    It was a triumph of the Soviet people under the leadership of the Soviet government, headed by I.V. Stalin. The current government cannot achieve this in a hundred years. They only know how to milk people and spit on the memory of their ancestors.
  5. Yuri Y.
    Yuri Y. 24 June 2016 13: 36
    Thank. I somehow did not pay attention (except for the standard for paving).
  6. atamankko
    atamankko 24 June 2016 13: 37
    Truly a WINNERS Parade,
  7. Engineer
    Engineer 24 June 2016 13: 37
    Previously, at the feet of the leader at the Mausoleum, the standards and flags of the enemies were thrown, but now they are bashfully closing them with shirts. A disgrace.
    1. Peasant
      Peasant 24 June 2016 13: 46
      Sorry to post your post above. Hurried up. request
    2. 34 region
      34 region 24 June 2016 16: 01
      Engineer! 13.37. Of course bashful! And what is proud of? Okay, that time is easy. But there is not enough brain surpassing and you can’t buy it! But there is no courage to admit to your own stupidity. After all, the underdeveloped Soviet economy (according to Medvedev) was able to make high-tech (by that standards) from an agricultural country. Did we steal western technology? And who is stopping today from tying? How tired of these proposals come uncle and invest in our economy! Itchy about inefficient state property, which must certainly be sold in private hands. And how much have Western and private companies invested in the Soviet nuclear program, rocket, space? How much did the West invest in the military-industrial complex of the Union for 41-45 years? Have we done everything for foreign investments? How much has the west invested in creating the Soviet atomic icebreaking and submarine fleet? How much did the west invest in launching the first Soviet satellite and man? Did we do this for foreign investment?
      1. Peasant
        Peasant 24 June 2016 17: 16
        34 region (2) SU Today, 16:01 ↑
        Did we do this for foreign investment?

        Well, of course not. And by the way, there were also sanctions against the USSR in those years, though under a different sauce, the notorious Jackson-broom amendment, but there were.
        And the Soviet people built and developed.
  8. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 24 June 2016 13: 37
    History, however ...
    24 June 1812 year Napoleon with more than 600-thousandth army without declaring war crossed the Neman and invaded Russia. The year before, he told his ambassador to Warsaw, Abbot de Pradt: “In five years I will be the ruler of the whole world. Only Russia remains, I will crush it ... "
  9. KBR109
    KBR109 24 June 2016 13: 39
    Let us bow to those great years. Those glorious commanders and fighters. And further to the end the whole song. But why is it now so painful and bitter ... With Stalin's words - EVERYTHING IS BROKEN.
  10. EvgNik
    EvgNik 24 June 2016 13: 41
    Today, 100 grams for the Victory Parade is a must. No matter how many times I look, I admire and feel pride in the Soviet Army.
    1. Joe stalin
      Joe stalin 24 June 2016 13: 49
      It was the Red Army that won only because, unlike the Germans, it did not abuse alcohol and THERE WERE NO "100 front-line grams" invented by the ENEMIES of the USSR - see film frames from 9:55

      RUSSIAN = sober!
  11. Joe stalin
    Joe stalin 24 June 2016 13: 42
    Stalin left us the Great State, and we all are delayed ... whether!
    1. Khariton
      Khariton 24 June 2016 13: 48
      Quote: Joe Stalin
      Stalin left us the Great State, and we all are delayed ... whether!

      Yes, while we still hold on and I think we will prove that we are worthy of ancestors ... Time is needed!
      1. Vladislav 73
        Vladislav 73 24 June 2016 14: 53
        Well, well. With the Ministry of Health and Social Development, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Finance and many others, how long will we hold out? How much longer will some of them fatten and at the same time advise others to "tighten their belts"?
  12. dmitriyruss
    dmitriyruss 24 June 2016 13: 50
    "..Do not hope that once you take advantage of Russia's weakness, you will receive dividends forever. Russians always come for their money. And when they come, do not rely on the Jesuit agreements you signed, supposedly to justify you. They are not worth the paper on which Therefore, it is worth playing with the Russians either honestly, or not playing at all ... "Otto von Bismarck
  13. erased
    erased 24 June 2016 15: 06
    Favorite moment of the parade - when the Nazi threw banners! You can watch all the time!
    And now there’s nothing to throw, and nowhere.
  14. PValery53
    PValery53 24 June 2016 15: 09
    An impressive historical event - the Great Victory Parade on June 24, 1945! Suffered happiness of the Soviet people! In the unity of the peoples of the USSR-Russia, our strength!
  15. gur4enk
    gur4enk 24 June 2016 20: 39
    Glory to you warriors winners !!!
  16. evge-malyshev
    evge-malyshev 24 June 2016 20: 46
    The spectacle is grand. I would like to show this film in adversary social networks. Then it would certainly be there that the Ukrainians, Belarusians, Karelians won the war ... And not some Soviet people there, especially Russians. Of course, the film requires commentary in the appropriate network language.