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Pakistani 9-mm pistol DSA Trushot

Pakistan, which unexpectedly for many in the twentieth century, broke into the club of nuclear powers, produces a sufficient number of different weapons. And let the Pakistani manufacturers produce not the best samples in the world, but their own, and quite cheap. This is confirmed by one of the latest developments of the local company Daudsons Armoury, which introduced the DSA Trushot self-loading pistol for the popular cartridge caliber 9x19 mm.

This may seem strange, but Pakistan today is one of the most liberal countries in the world in terms of arms legislation. Moreover, in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, it is not forbidden for residents to own in private property not only small arms, but even heavy weapons, which include grenade launchers and mortars. The reason for such unprecedented freedoms are local cultures and traditions. For example, for Pashtuns, being the owners of the AK-47 is a sign of special respect and honor. At the same time, the cult of weapons plays a very large role in practically all the nationalities inhabiting this country; it is in Balochi, Sindh and Punjabi. Many weddings or major celebrations in this country can not do without shooting in the air. According to Michael Palin, a well-known British geographer and writer, weapons for the people of Pakistan are a social necessity. The people of Pakistan carry weapons just like the people of London wear umbrellas.

Buy firearms in Pakistan is not difficult. In a number of regions of this state, primarily in the northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, there are also real factories for the production of handicraft weapons. Local craftsmen learned to copy rifles back in the years of British colonial domination, and the local arms business flourished in real life during the years of the Soviet military presence in neighboring Afghanistan. It was then that a huge arms market formed here. To this day, entire areas in the Tribal Zone live in the small arms trade. In many local gun shops, which work both legally and underground, under the guise of corrupt local authorities, you can buy a variety of weapons - from the saber of the Mughal times to samples of weapons of World War II and modern assault rifles.

Of course, the Pakistani small arms market is not only represented by handicrafts and smuggling that goes into the country from Afghanistan. The Pakistani military industry is well developed. One of the largest companies in the country that specializes in the production of small arms is Daudsons Armory. The production facilities of this company are located in the city of Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which is traditionally the center of Pakistan's weapons production. The company was founded back in 1954 and is currently one of the contractors of the Pakistani Ministry of Defense, producing a fairly wide range of products. The company specializes in the production of small arms and artillery weapons. Today, DSA enterprises produce 120-mm and 80-mm mortars, 40-mm hand-held and automatic grenade launchers, single-barreled and double-barreled 12-gauge pump-action shotguns, various rifles and pistols. They are also engaged in the release of ammunition: from various mines and grenades to RPG-7 grenade launchers to aviation bombs of various calibers. It also produces a large number of cartridges for small arms, shells and shells, as well as gunpowder.

The company Daudsons Armory also has a developed sector for the production of civilian weapons, including non-lethal. Here they collect small-caliber self-loading carbines, single-barreled and double-barreled smooth-bore pump guns. Noteworthy is the fact that, unlike military products, which often represent copies of Soviet, Chinese, American or German equipment, weapons models intended for the civilian market are the own developments of this Pakistani company.

These developments include the 9-mm self-loading pistol DSA Trushot, which is the first model of a short-barreled weapon, which was independently designed by the designers of Daudsons Armoury. The gun focuses mainly on the local arms market, but given the fact that Islamabad is a large exporter of weapons, supplying it to more than 40 countries of the world, we should not exclude the option that the DSA Trushot pistol will be shipped abroad to third world countries . There is also no doubt that the new pistol, developed in Pakistan, will be the subject of keen interest among collectors of exotic weapons from around the world. Especially, taking into account the fact that Daudsons Armoury has already presented this gun, made in the traditional oriental version as well (the gun was lavishly decorated with engraving). For lovers of unique firearms, this performance of the gun may seem very tempting.

Externally, the Pakistani pistol is somewhat similar to the quite popular SIG Sauer 226, but with numerous technological and design simplifications. In this case, DSA Trushot has a good balance and gives the impression of a fairly durable weapon. For the automatic operation of the pistol, the Pakistani designers chose a short barrel stroke traditional for the pistols of this caliber with locking due to its skewing. The total length of the 9-mm self-loading pistol is 189 mm, and the weight of the weapon without ammunition is 900 grams.

The barrel of the gun has a length of 105,6 mm, inside it is chrome-plated and has 6 rifling with a pitch 254 mm. As the material for the barrel was selected high-quality chromomolybdenum steel 4140. Such steel has high elasticity, heat resistance and fatigue strength, therefore, it is widely used in the automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, and defense industries, where this steel is used to produce spindles, shafts, torsions, and other highly loaded parts. In the arms business, such steel is common as steel for the production of barrels and as material for the blades of knives. The tray for filing was made large, it provides reliable filing of cartridges with all types of used bullets.

The frame of the gun is made of aviation aluminum alloy and, like the pistol barrel, was protected by the brand DSA ScratchlessTM special scratch-resistant coating. The casing and other external parts of the 9-mm pistol have a traditional black matte oxidized coating. There is no strong swinging of the shutter-casing, it was fitted very well with small tolerances. The cheeks were made of black polymer and provided with dotted ribs. On the pistol used trigger mechanism with an external trigger double / single action. There is also a slide lag. On the casing-gate was located double-sided fuse flag type. In the on position, the fuse separates the trigger and the trigger between them, also blocking the firing pin. The two-row magazine for this gun holds 14 cartridges, and its button-shaped latch is located at the base of the trigger guard. The trigger guard does not have the usual stop with a notch for the second hand, the value of which, in fairness, is sometimes disputed.

The DSA Trushot 9-mm pistol was equipped with a three-point sight, with a green dot on an unregulated front sight and two red dots on a laterally adjustable rear sight. Under the barrel of the gun is a standard tire for installing various tactical accessories. The performance and quality of the finish parts do not cause questions, while remaining fairly good, significantly exceeding the quality of Chinese-made pistols, which are fairly widespread in Pakistan’s arms market. In this case, the weapon manufacturer emphasizes the fact that the gun is made fully in accordance with ISO standards and NATO standards. Consumer DSA Trushot pistol comes in a neat plastic case and complete with two magazines.

Pakistani 9-mm pistol DSA Trushot has surprisingly good accuracy and stability when shooting. At the same time, the launching force on the self-coer and single-action hook operation on this pistol leaves much to be desired, although it significantly exceeds its closest Chinese competitors, which include the CF-98 pistol and similar models, reports the specialized website

Pistol DSA Trushot is very reliable and has a high survivability. In particular, the manufacturer says that after making 5 thousands of shots, the drop in the muzzle velocity is slightly more than 2%. People who fired from this pistol also emphasize one of its interesting features: even when firing fast batches, the barrel of the pistol warms up so little that you can safely and fearlessly touch it with your hand. This feature seems to be due to the thickened walls of the trunk itself.

Pakistani 9-mm pistol DSA Trushot

Of course, in terms of its technological and technical level, the Pakistani DSA Trushot pistol cannot confidently compete with modern pistols from leading world manufacturers, but in the lower price segment, especially in terms of price / quality, this gun may well declare itself in the international arena. In the Pakistani market, the price of this 9-mm pistol ranges from 27 to 30 thousand Pakistani rupees, which is roughly equal to 230-250 euros.

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  1. 7race
    7race 24 June 2016 06: 20
    That delicate moment when even the rag-headed better...
    1. Stormtrooper
      Stormtrooper 24 June 2016 07: 44
      Better to decorate the gun with engraving? Yeah, before them, probably no one has yet done this.
      But seriously, better than anyone?
      1. 7race
        7race 24 June 2016 08: 46
        And who owns the following "constructs": breaking after a couple of thousand shots with "unparalleled" SR cartridges; GS, looking "out of the box" as if they were trying to break open a cheap Chinese front door for the first half hour, and for the second half an hour - to knock this very door; Ich made clearly on "leave off the military reception, shoot - and okay!". It's better to forget about Strike, which has failed in tests.
        Against their background, the Pakistani 226-clone looks much more advantageous. And the price is ridiculous.
        1. Stormtrooper
          Stormtrooper 24 June 2016 11: 37
          Once at a time, I look, you don’t have to - at half-past six you are German, at half past eight you are already a Russian, this explains a lot.
          Reliability and simplicity like scrap have always been the hallmark of domestic weapons. I will not say that this is good, but it happened. In my opinion, we need an acceptable sacrifice of reliability in favor of ergonomics.
          As for modern Russian pistols, with the advent of capitalismus (man to man is a wolf), the production of high-quality firearms began to be hindered by underhanded fuss between design bureaus. Everyone is trying to grab a piece by any means possible.
          SR-1 is not difficult to finalize - to replace materials, to remove this stupid bar for hell and it will turn out, roughly speaking, a new generation PM.
          GSH-18 - I personally did not hold it in my hands, but they say everything is in order with reliability. Ergonomics have problems (what a shocking surprise!).
          As for the PO, a strange story happened for him (for the Russian weapons school) - he has no problems with accuracy of shooting and ergonomics, but there is reliability. Apparently Western influences affected and sacrificed too much reliability.

          Any techie will be able to take R-226 and simplify it by the very tomatoes. To come up with an original, reliable, efficient and ergonomic design is a much more tricky task. However, the process does not stand still - the materials are improving, the design is being improved. T-34 was also born in agony.
    2. Chukcha
      Chukcha 24 June 2016 09: 36
      Why is "better"? When our "military tests" pass, then we can say something more definitely.
  2. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 24 June 2016 08: 37
    We do not have a civilian short-barrel market. Therefore, ALL the development of these weapons are aimed at the state program, re-equipping someone. Ministry of Internal Affairs, or the army, or at least special services. A very good pistol GSh 18 was ruined by a CLEAR manufacture (he held it in his hands, I know).
    If there is a market, there will be a cool short-barrel. And so - there is an undecided struggle of large uncles for the state order, the quality of weapons is secondary.
    1. Skubudu
      Skubudu 24 June 2016 09: 15
      It will be very difficult for our pistols to compete with world famous brands.
      From domestic only PM and APS would be bought but it is a pity that APS is no longer produced.
    2. cth; fyn
      cth; fyn 24 June 2016 09: 51
      Have you seen a saiga without napilenga? There will be a market there will be a bunch of trash.
    3. gladcu2
      gladcu2 24 June 2016 20: 53
      Mountain Shooter

      Even if there is no shooter market, there will still be a market for deactivated or airsoft copies.

      Therefore, do not be upset.
  3. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 24 June 2016 09: 47
    Even the Pakistanis were able to gun, when can we?
  4. Lekov L
    Lekov L 24 June 2016 10: 02
    Today DSA enterprises produce ...... single-barreled and double-barreled pump guns of the 12 caliber

    Fell down!
    Then I tried to wring myself out and found a couple of links in the open spaces of the network:
    - Remington 1740 - "samopal"
    - Double-barreled pump gun Standard Manufacturing DP-12

    Thanks for the interesting article, with respect to the author,
    But be careful, about double-barrel pump guns produced by Pakistani DSA
    1. Lekov L
      Lekov L 24 June 2016 10: 04
      Thanks again for the article!
      After: Standard Manufacturing DP-12
  5. Verdun
    Verdun 24 June 2016 11: 40
    Thanks to the author for the article. The very case when the weapon is not just written - it is - and the design is described, but there is also information on its behavior and characteristics. The latter, from my point of view, is more important than "swinging larvae" and "twisting of the trunk". The device should be dealt with only later, when it is clear that the weapon is good.
    1. Ilya Mikhalych
      Ilya Mikhalych 24 June 2016 18: 12
      Maybe you're just not a techie. It is interesting to learn how various rarities work: a Manlicher self-loading rifle of 1886, for example, or a Korobov assault rifle tkb-022. These samples can hardly be called effective, but does that make them less interesting?
  6. Castor oil
    Castor oil 24 June 2016 13: 32
    Pakistanis handicraft any trunks, for any purpose, with any "khokhloma", and judging by the video they are good at it - well done in one word good
    1. marshes
      marshes 24 June 2016 13: 57
      Yes, they have whole cartridge factories in the tribal zone, here an article on VO was like that.
      MP-5 is still being released under license, not to mention shots for RPG-7, the article mentioned.
    2. Maki Avellevich
      Maki Avellevich 27 June 2016 06: 15
      Castor oil
      judging by the video they do pretty well - well done in one word

      Perhaps BUT - in production (production is not an exception), process stability is extremely important.
      in the video we see production not complying with standards like ISO for example.
      a product built in this way is not stable. the range of characteristics between different products will be huge and therefore not acceptable for most consumers.
  7. Dam
    Dam 24 June 2016 23: 43
    Litter, but why discuss shit varieties. This is me about Pakovsky the scarecrow
  8. Rich-ksy
    Rich-ksy 25 June 2016 03: 37
    It is always interesting to learn about new weapons.

    I agree with some comments, the quality needs to be raised.
  9. tracer
    tracer 25 June 2016 04: 15
    Quote: Rich-KSY
    I agree with some comments, the quality needs to be raised.

    Who? Who needs to raise quality? A semi-feudal country whose clothes include firearms? Let's imagine ... Well, they raised the quality, so what? Now their "outfits" are more fashionable? Or the largest market for firearms in the United States is ... What kind of pistols does Pakie make on their knees? It is necessary to deal with profitable imports .... I am already keeping quiet about the fact that the fastest and surest way to improve quality is to just wash your knees.
    1. aiw
      aiw 25 June 2016 10: 24
      In fact, they are actively and skillfully using these weapons. The quality will be higher - the effectiveness of the application will increase.

      IPhones are also won in China on unwashed knees, they are not talking about anything.
      1. Maki Avellevich
        Maki Avellevich 27 June 2016 15: 43
        IPhones are also won in China on unwashed knees