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22 June. 1941 ... 2016. Inconvenient parallels

22 June. 1941 ... 2016. Inconvenient parallels

The often expressed view that the current international situation is surprisingly reminiscent of the eve of World War II can unfortunately be developed. There are even more reasons for the analogy between the course of Hitler's Germany in relation to the USSR, which became 22 June 1941, the object of unprovoked aggression, and today's attempts by the West to "put Russia in place." At the same time, the Western establishment is absolutely not embarrassed by the fact that it uses the means from the Hitler-Goebbels arsenal.

What is the goal, for example, of the notorious policy of sanctions against Russia, under the banner of which the United States, the European Union and a number of states have united? If we ignore the details, this is the same one that the Third Reich was laying, knocking together a block of its allies and satellites: first, concentrate the resources for the impending war and, second, prevent the Soviet Union from accessing these resources. Preparing for the establishment of world domination, the first significant step towards which was to be the defeat of the country of the Soviets, the Nazi regime seized the economic potential of almost all of Europe.

By June 1941, the metal production, electricity, and coal mining capacities of the aggressor were approximately 2 – 2,5 times higher than those of the USSR. In the occupied countries, the Reich seized vast reserves of metal, strategic raw materials, equipment, and most importantly, the entire arsenal of weapons. The products of the Škoda Czechoslovak enterprises alone could supply many types of weapons to the 40-45 divisions. Even “neutral” Sweden, by the way, now trying on the NATO forwarder, supplied Hitler with iron ore, steel, machine tools, ships, timber.

Let us pay attention to the ideological filling of the modern “crusade” against Russia. Here are just the latest evidence. Speaking 7 April at the Atlantic Council in Washington, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO is the defense of the West against Russia. He called the actions of our country destabilizing the situation in Europe, accusing Russia of wanting to restore the sphere of influence around its borders.

Well, why not a tracing paper from Hitler's propaganda, which declared that Germany fulfills the sacred mission of protecting Europe from the "Asian Bolshevik hordes"? According to the Barbarossa plan approved by 18 in December of 1940, the ultimate goal of the military campaign against the USSR was declared to be “creating a barrier against Asian Russia along the common line Volga-Arkhangelsk”.

In an address to the German people at dawn on 22 on June 1941, Hitler declared himself "a conscious representative of European culture and civilization" and formulated the goal of the war against the Soviet Union unleashed that morning - "to ensure the security of Europe and thereby save everyone".

You can’t say anything: Poroshenko’s “president of the world” got into a wonderful company! “We are protecting Europe from barbarism, tyranny, aggression, militarism, we are at the forefront of protecting European civilization,” he told 21 in Kiev on May on the occasion of Europe Day.

Western politicians steeped in Russophobia and trying to convince the whole world that Hitler and Goebbels went far away, that the expansion of the North Atlantic alliance at the expense of the former socialist countries and the Soviet republics, the tying down to the Russian borders of the NATO military contingents, almost never ending exercises in the Baltic States, Poland, Moldova, The deployment of elements of the US NMD in Poland, Romania, in the waters of the Black and Baltic Seas and other measures are of a forced nature and are a response to Russia's “aggressiveness”.

75 years ago, in the same address to the German people, the world heard from the Führer: “While Germany ... far removed its troops from the eastern border ... the concentration of Russian forces began on such a scale that it could only be regarded as a deliberate threat to Germany” ; "Tank and parachute troops [of the Red Army. - Yu.R.] in increasing numbers were being thrown over menacingly close to the German border. The German Wehrmacht and the German homeland know that a few weeks ago there was not a single German armored or motorized division on our eastern border [and this is said on June 22, 1941! - Yu.R.]; “Moscow not only violated the provisions of our friendship pact, but also betrayed it in a miserable way. And at the same time, the rulers of the Kremlin until the last minute ... hypocritically assured the outside world of their desire for peace and friendship and made outwardly innocuous denials. If until now circumstances have forced me to remain silent, now the time has come when further inaction will be not only a sin of connivance, but also a crime against the German people and all of Europe. ”

And what do we hear today? Yes, actually, the same. 2 May Jens Stoltenberg, urging correspondents of European publications that the alliance’s actions are of a forced nature, said: “NATO must respond to Russia's actions with a show of force and convincing intimidation. Moscow illegally seized the Crimea, supports the separatists in the east of Ukraine and violates the norms of international law. In this regard, we plan to strengthen our presence on the eastern frontiers. "

Hitler's ravings, widely developed by J. Goebbels (he read out the above-mentioned appeal to the German people) about the precautionary nature of Berlin’s actions, were, we recall, debunked at the Nuremberg Trials, who admitted that the attack on the Soviet Union was made “without a shadow of legal justification. It was a clear aggression. ” Perhaps, the statements of Stoltenberg in due time will also receive a corresponding international legal assessment.

One must be extremely naive to see the reason for the buildup of NATO muscles in the reunification of Crimea with Russia and its support for the just struggle of Donbass against the Kiev Nazi-oligarchic regime. Suffice it to recall that the first wave of NATO expansion to the east took place back in 1999, although with the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, the Soviet leadership received assurances of non-proliferation of the bloc in the direction of the Russian borders. After that, two more waves of expansion of the block took place, besides, Georgia and Ukraine are now bursting into it. At the same time, the alliance is so mistaken that it can give odds to the Reich Minister of Propaganda. What is, for example, a statement by US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel that the Russian army is "on the threshold of NATO"!

And, for example, plans for the deployment in Europe of elements of its missile defense system Washington made public in October 2004. Until Crimea returned to its native “harbor”, 10 years remained, and it could not be an argument from the NATO military. But throughout the decade (and in the last two years), Moscow hears the same song about the “non-directional” US missile defense system against Russia. Although anti-missiles and radars are no longer on paper, but are installed on the ground in Romania and Poland, and squadron destroyers of UROs, such as the widely known Donald Cook, with combat information-control systems Aegis, which allow use them as a ship component of European missile defense. And the Americans will continue to instill in expectation of idiots that they will intercept Iranian and North Korean missiles with this system?

A direct analogy with the actions of the Nazi leadership can be traced in how limitrophic states are inciting Russia. Together with Germany, having taken part in the division of Czechoslovakia in 1938, Warsaw also dreamed of partitioning the USSR. As far back as December 1938, a report by the intelligence department of the General Staff of the Polish Army emphasized: “The dismemberment of Russia lies at the heart of Polish politics in the East ... Therefore, our possible position will be reduced to the following formula: who will take part in the section. Poland should not remain passive in this wonderful historical moment ... The main goal is to weaken and defeat Russia ”[emphasized by me. - Yu.R].

In January, 1939, in negotiations with his German counterpart, I. von Ribbentrop, the Polish Foreign Minister J. Beck drew the attention of the interlocutor to the fact that "Poland claims to be Soviet Ukraine and to access to the Black Sea."

In the end, Poland was also responsible for disrupting the creation of the military convention of the USSR, Great Britain and France in August 1939, categorically refusing to let the Red Army troops through its territory to the border with Germany, which could have prevented Nazi expansion to the East. Poland itself became the first victim of such a short-sighted policy.

And Finland? Having suffered a defeat in the “winter war”, she decided to take revenge by supporting Hitler in his aggression against the USSR. Hitler spoke about his northern ally in the already mentioned address to the German people 22. June 1941 spoke with underlined respect: “German divisions under the command of the Norwegian conquerors, in cooperation with the heroes of Finnish freedom, with their marshal [Mannerheim. - Yu.R.], defend their land ". From the “Descriptions of the combat operations of the German army groups against the Red Army (June 22 - December 1941)” compiled at the German General Staff of the Ground Forces, it follows that the Southeast Front, commanded by Mannerheim, launched an offensive from the southern and northern sides of Lake Ladoga. 22 June, Finnish troops landed on the Aland Islands, then, in cooperation with German units, took Vyborg, cleared the Karelian Isthmus from the Soviet troops, destroying several Red Army divisions, and then taking an active part in tightening the encirclement around Leningrad. What can I say, Hitler's ally in the North turned out to be reliable.

How do political successors of Pilsudski, Antonescu, Mannerheim behave today? Romania and Poland have already taken on their land US missile defense installations and are waiting for the NATO contingents. From their side, these processes are accompanied by constant anti-Russian attacks, which are favorably found in Washington and Brussels. Has anyone heard about the condemnation in the West of the words of the former President of Romania, Traian Basescu, that if he were in the place of the dictator Antonescu, he would have attacked the USSR in the same way? Today, Basescu is set aside, but the line of his successors is no better.

Apparently, Poland did not learn any lessons from history, if its Minister of Foreign Affairs Vitold Vashchikovsky allows himself to say on behalf of the whole of Europe that with its “aggressive policy” Russia is leading the European Union “to a headache”. The Polish elite escalates tensions on the borders with the Russian Federation, without heeding the sober judgments of their own intellectuals that "if war breaks out in this part of Europe, Poland will become the main victim."

Compatriots of Marshal Mannerheim succumbed to the same moods. In Finland, they are increasingly talking about the need to join the North Atlantic bloc. At least, the Finnish army is already participating in NATO military exercises. Thus, during the exercise "Baltops-2016", the landing of the landing force on the Hanko Peninsula was practiced.

Someone is hanging on the eve of 22 on June commemorative plaques in honor of Carl Gustav Mannerheim, this “worthy citizen of Russia” (according to the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation), as if not knowing that the former Tsarist general, despite his services to the Russian Empire, was marching campaign against such a continuation of historical Russia, which was the Soviet Union. But another imperial general, Denikin, “for some reason” chose a different path: when the Vlasov emissaries came to him with a proposal to join their struggle in the ranks of the German troops, Anton Ivanovich expressed deep regret that he could not become a Soviet general, then he well, "pour out the Germans." It was an act that 70-year-old Denikin put himself on a par with Gastello and Matrosov, Karbyshev and Zhukov - it was they who honored us, the heirs of the victors of Nazism. False idols we do not need.

With traces from Hitler-Goebbels plans, although sometimes covered with a veil of searching for "political dialogue" with Russia, let NATO members follow it. The Russians are obliged at all costs to prevent the recurrence of 22 on June 1941, which requires you to rely primarily on yourself, carefully tracking and warning the maneuvers of the newly-minted Hitlers, Piłsudskih, Mannerheims.
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  1. tiredwithall
    tiredwithall 24 June 2016 15: 43
    Everything is right - they are getting ready, they are lying and will probably trample. Only one obscure question is when will they trample.
    1. fox21h
      fox21h 24 June 2016 15: 46
      Can not wait and groan in advance in order to avoid treachery ?! laughing
      1. Fregate
        Fregate 24 June 2016 15: 50
        Quote: fox21h
        Can not wait and groan in advance in order to avoid treachery ?! laughing

        So to say: "if a fight is inevitable ..." (c)
        1. st1342
          st1342 24 June 2016 16: 15
          Quote: fox21h
          Can not wait and groan in advance in order to avoid treachery ?!

          They are just waiting for this, so that we do something like this, that’s escalating the situation and trying to provoke us.
          1. disgraced shooter
            disgraced shooter 24 June 2016 23: 35
            They are just waiting for this, so that we do something like this, that’s escalating the situation and trying to provoke us.
            It’s not so difficult to provoke, if you haven’t done it yet, then it’s not the time yet.
            1. Mahmut
              Mahmut 25 June 2016 01: 46
              Can not wait and groan in advance in order to avoid treachery ?!

              Be sure to wail, soldier. But not now. Let them stack tightly.
            2. Viktor77
              Viktor77 26 June 2016 08: 23
              While time is "working" for us, the West twitches, gets nervous and squeals.
              1. Foxmara
                Foxmara 26 June 2016 13: 09
                Now ALL is intensively rearming, in theory, by 2020, the armaments of all players should change to a large extent, the technological leap can change the balance. Fortunately, ours began to restore both the military-industrial complex and the army.
                For example, the very railgun, which the Yankees advertise so much and which many of our colleagues laugh at, with successful "work", it allows you to fire at the enemy without a chance to intercept the projectile - the speed is huge, destruction due to kinetics, there is no electronics in the blank and electronic warfare is useless. Another thing is that there are still a lot of technical problems, but time is running out, the Yankees are investing ..
                1. Oleg_84
                  Oleg_84 27 June 2016 14: 15
                  Yeah, do not forget that this fluff needs a good power plant, and since its shot will be noticeable even from space => the power plant will be immediately destroyed and this fluff - that is, only in the sea it can float and flow away from the response for the accumulation of energy = It turns out that it is very good to clear and prepare the ground for the landing and intervention - there are no electronic warfare and radars => missiles flew => troops have landed => army has landed ...
                  1. Foxmara
                    Foxmara 27 June 2016 19: 03
                    She alone does not present any danger in the form as it is. Rate of fire NORMAL pigs funny, range does not exceed the missile response. I'm talking about the prospects. But they are.
        2. Delink
          Delink 24 June 2016 16: 32
          Vladimir Putin: “Even 50 years ago, Leningradskaya Street taught me one rule: if a fight is inevitable, you must beat first.”

          This phrase is taken from NTV.
          1. St Petrov
            St Petrov 24 June 2016 16: 51
            NTV channel is 25 years old? and this year’s phrase is probably as much as a person’s, for these are instincts and reflexes

          2. Weyland
            Weyland 24 June 2016 23: 06
            Quote: Delink
            This phrase is taken from NTV.

            It was half a century ago that Vysotsky had:
            "Why disappear for nothing - I hit the first then.
            I hit first then - it was necessary! "

            If you remember, there were "eight of them" against two. Now the situevina is worse, but we have not a knife with us, but something better!
          3. The comment was deleted.
          4. avdkrd
            avdkrd 25 June 2016 02: 18
            they taught me the same thing ... That NTV first discovered this principle?
          5. tiaman.76
            tiaman.76 25 June 2016 18: 18
            and what is wrong with it, or wait again on June 22 ?????
      2. DMB_95
        DMB_95 24 June 2016 15: 55
        That war lasted 4 years. Modern can take about twenty minutes. And if we do not win, then they will not win.
        1. tiredwithall
          tiredwithall 24 June 2016 16: 02
          Quote: DMB_95
          That war lasted 4 years. Modern can take about twenty minutes. And if we do not win, then they will not win.

          This is subject to the involvement of nuclear powers in an armed conflict. Until now, they acted on the territory of nuclear-free countries. In an article on historical analogies, the author tries to show that a global brawl is being prepared. This is your script. Given the flight time of the missiles, 20-30 minutes are quite real.
          1. DMB_95
            DMB_95 24 June 2016 16: 13
            Quote: tiredwithall

            This is subject to the involvement of nuclear powers in an armed conflict. Until now, they acted on the territory of nuclear-free countries. In an article on historical analogies, the author tries to show that a global brawl is being prepared. This is your script. Given the flight time of the missiles, 20-30 minutes are quite real.

            Sure. Russia and part of the NATO countries are nuclear powers.
          2. Zoldat_A
            Zoldat_A 27 June 2016 09: 33
            Quote: tiredwithall
            Given the flight time of the missiles, 20 - 30 minutes are quite real.

            Anecdote in my opinion, but I read it as a "real case". Nevertheless - I retell it as it is (first-person story)
            In a trolleybus next to me is a major with a son of 12 years. The son asks:
            - Dad, how long does it take to fly to America?
            - Well, about 25 minutes ...
            - And Vovka says that 8 hours.
            - Dunce is your Vovka ....
            And then I notice a dad on the sleeve of the Strategic Rocket Forces chevron ...
      3. tiredwithall
        tiredwithall 24 June 2016 16: 05
        Quote: fox21h
        Can not wait and groan in advance in order to avoid treachery ?! laughing

        What and by whom to crave?
        1. Khariton
          Khariton 24 June 2016 16: 13
          We are so unlikely to march ... We remember! From such a song the genes are twisted into a tourniquet ... So gentlemen, who would not come to us ... I feel sorry for them! Do you agree with the men ..?
          1. St Petrov
            St Petrov 24 June 2016 16: 54
            no pity. It is a pity to plow land with Russian shells. I feel sorry for Russian people

            Nevertheless, it is better to sow and then harvest the grain with combines. Yes, and forests on coffins will have to be cut a lot. That pity him

            1. kit-kat
              kit-kat 24 June 2016 17: 36
              Why coffins? In order to save forests you can just burn.
          2. Khariton
            Khariton 24 June 2016 17: 24
            Who so wants more gentlemen ... Welcome! Let's do it ... clearly, as always! soldier
          3. kit-kat
            kit-kat 24 June 2016 17: 32
            So she sang the march.
          4. Hope1960
            Hope1960 25 June 2016 10: 47
            I feel sorry for our civilians! In the Voronezh village, my grandfather and grandmother had many widows in their neighbors. They always asked my grandfather (WWII disabled person, with fragments in his leg, temple, eye) to help plant and dig potatoes, quietly came on holidays - to sit on the porch! This nagging feeling is still with me!
          5. Suhow
            Suhow 25 June 2016 17: 53
            mostly + to your komenta. And in spite of my Red views, respect to Denikin for the answer to the Vlasovites. And the Russian Federation cannot be bent and despite the difficulties to keep the powder dry. And if I choose between West and Russia I will choose Russia, (I’m from Ukraine) ... and partners can hint at their NATO ravings. If necessary, you can organize a trip to the West, those who wish will.
            1. Runx135
              Runx135 27 June 2016 08: 54
              Quote: Suhow
              And if you choose between the West and Russia, I will choose Russia, (I am from Ukraine) ...

              I will choose ?! The time to choose has come, wake up! The subjunctive mood is not appropriate here. Or Ukraine will remain a country with a Nazi bias. Silently you can tear everything.
          6. Massimo
            Massimo 27 June 2016 02: 00
            It’s not a pity, they destroyed our cities, burned villages, killed, robbed, raped, I do not believe in fairy tales about the noble Wehrmacht and the vile SS. I have two grandfathers and grandmother fought with them from 1941 to 1945, which is a pity for the Hans. From time immemorial, they have been climbing to us, and now it is numbing, the fourth Reich is another campaign to the east ...
        2. ALABAY45
          ALABAY45 24 June 2016 16: 48
          So, simply, "in squares" ...! Let's sober up - we'll figure it out! drinks
        3. St Petrov
          St Petrov 24 June 2016 16: 53
          everything is written in envelopes that are waiting for the autopsy at a specific time

          by whom, with what and in what sequence

        4. VALERIK_097
          VALERIK_097 24 June 2016 19: 23
          Why is a preventive strike bad in speaking languages?
          Yes, let them be afraid, let them dig up shelters again. It is clear that in cold winters, Russians survive quite normally.
          But if there is a mess, the first one will go to demolish the radar in Vardø. Although there are friends there too ((((
      4. Kent0001
        Kent0001 24 June 2016 16: 40
        ..the whole world is in ruin, but then.
      5. vv3
        vv3 24 June 2016 18: 11
        I venture to bring a sea of ​​anger, but the author did not see all the parallels. Of course, the nuclear shield of our country gives us confidence and faith in tomorrow ... But with conventional weapons, everything is like in 41. Nobody wants to see this parallel. Individual samples of our equipment even surpass the equipment of the probable enemy, and we cannot and cannot use it. Our military science and tactics have not gone a step from the level of World War II. We do not know how to wage a modern non-nuclear war using conventional weapons. Our level of use of information technology is zero. we don’t have information combat control systems that integrate reconnaissance equipment, including UAVs, and weapons, and everyone is silent about this. There were attempts to create similar systems such as ESU TK, but they failed. The silent veil is connected with the fact that the higher layers of the army and country command are guilty of this ... Cool took it? As Karaulov said, I am responsible for every word I say. The creation program was adopted in 2 at the level of the president and provided for equipping our army with such systems by 2000. As a result of the formal implementation of this program, a flashy ESU TK system was created that never worked , was created on an outdated computing base and is overloaded with secondary functions. It is mentioned on Wikipedia, if anyone is interested. This system was adopted by a state commission in 2020 led by Gerasimov. The theme is soaked, the corporation in Voronezh that creates this system is not mentioned, but it’s only changing its leadership and its structure. There is a corruption scandal with yet another squandering of money. But the most interesting is that our Army leadership has no idea how to wage a modern war and has not yet clearly formulated the requirements for such information systems. On the air, on TV shows political scientists and analysts do not touch on this topic, committees are silent, I don’t recalls a story with a sudden German attack that no one believed in or didn’t want to believe in. Believe me, if it weren’t for the nuclear shield, we would be washed to the full, as in 2013. And the consequences due to the absence of such systems are comparable. unprecedented, unreasonable cheers-patriotism. And nobody wants to think. This is the main invisible parallel ...
        1. Serg koma
          Serg koma 24 June 2016 21: 21
          Quote: vv3
          .We are not able to wage a modern non-nuclear war using conventional weapons

          Sorry, but I probably did not understand something in your statement. Is it "Desert Storm" "modern war", or the bombing of Belgrade? So in our country, Chechnya and Ossetia have made their own adjustments to the preparations for "modern war", Syria has shown how Russian non-nuclear means of "peace enforcement" are used laughing Probably by "experience" we are at least on an equal footing, and if we take into account that this "experience" was acquired in OUR and adjacent territories - this is only a bonus, the Donbass humanitarian convoys to the whole world have shown and proved the mobility of OUR army, its rear and the possibility of operational support of large military units with everything necessary in the shortest possible mobilization time. It is unlikely that any other army is capable, besides OURS, of such good
          But regarding 1941, rearmament and slogans (which you seem to have forgotten about) - I completely agree.
          1. vv3
            vv3 24 June 2016 22: 23
            The series just showed the inability to wage a modern war even in simplified conditions. Read my comments on information-combat systems, there are examples. We do not have real-time target designation for weapons. It’s completely simplified, just for understanding. We have everything apart from the option for spotters with a radio station. Either we can destroy stationary objects, and what’s moving is beyond our power.
        2. russkiy redut
          russkiy redut 24 June 2016 22: 23
          Where does the information come from? If in Syria our troops showed the level !!! I will say this: a soldier wins a war, not a technique !!! And no one has come up with anything better than Kalash!
        3. disgraced shooter
          disgraced shooter 24 June 2016 23: 51
          Some samples of our equipment even surpass the technique of a potential adversary, but we cannot, and cannot, use it.
          Where did such profound conclusions come from? For example, a missile system, for example, stands around and officers who do not understand anything wander around and don’t know which button to press, or what? All this is nonsense, and the experience in Syria more than proved it.
          1. vv3
            vv3 25 June 2016 16: 06
            And where will our complex get the coordinates of the target, I think you will answer by phone. I simply have no words, let's say: "Your spontaneity just touches."
        4. kunstkammer
          kunstkammer 26 June 2016 11: 56
          The war begins the one who has more illusions.
          Hitler believed that in the USSR the leadership of the army was destroyed, the USSR - an ear on clay feet, etc.
          Obama believes that the Russian economy is torn to shreds and that the "liberoid" opposition will certainly immediately raise a popular uprising, and so on.
          And the fact that Russia was never ready for the outbreak of war is no one denies this fact. We always lack a year or two.
          But if the war begins, I would like Russia to end it.
        5. Oleg_84
          Oleg_84 27 June 2016 14: 31
          And do you think airborne artillery sensors will record?
          An order for fire is given by a person and not by a computer, the maximum automation system on airplanes = the system detected a radar (at least traffic police) and the rocket flew to that point ...
          There are intelligence reports => bosses => order / plan to strike => troops to attack !!!
          simplified principle ...
          there will be no satellite spotted the enemy => automatics fired a rocket ... = we will cut them off with dummies)))
      6. akula
        akula 25 June 2016 00: 56
        You can crash, but, most importantly, win. Winners are not judged.
        1. haron
          haron 25 June 2016 12: 32
          Quote: akula
          Winners are not judged.

          If "zhahnite", it does not matter first or second, then there will be no winners ... no one will be.
    2. ALABAY45
      ALABAY45 24 June 2016 16: 43
      Until EURO 2016 is over, it will definitely not be trampled on ... yesI assure you, not threatened! smile Well, imagine: the evacuation of football players, insurance payments, transportation of luggage, removal of TV equipment, columns of fans hurrying to the borders of their countries, the money invested by banks, with no information about the whereabouts of 200 Russian fans. ...?! This is, in general, "European tin" ... And, there, more guns must be pulled to the front line ...! Looking forward to the 2018 World Cup ?!
    3. 24 June 2016 16: 54
      Whenever you flout, but you need to prepare now !!!
    4. OlegLex
      OlegLex 24 June 2016 17: 06
      What they want is for sure, but wanting and being able to do different things. chickpeas in the geyropa are now of such power as Adika had. There is no resource but no power. In fact, for us (my own opinion) the presence of the European Union in the form in which it is good. Why? Yes, because now they are like in that fable of Krylov the swan cancer and pike, there is a desire to live and work together, but there is no skill and competent policy. Even with the refugees, their elite agrees to stir up their snickering citizens. Together they are now much weaker than if they were alone. because everyone hopes for a neighbor, and it’s a pity and not cost-effective to spend money on his own army, he has made a contribution to NATO and sleep peacefully.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Gado
        Gado 26 June 2016 19: 56
        I agree with you, there is no power in modern Europe. What are the buggers parades worth, tolerance and all sorts of such nonsense.
        I live in such a country and the media tell us every day how fucking good we are, white and fluffy, and what kind of Russians you are, aggressive, well, they will not forget to say about Crimea, about Ukraine and, basically, about the "villain" and "midget "Putin and his dirty deeds. And how tired I am of them, I cannot describe it to you!
        If there is a war, then it will be out of stupidity of someone, but he will not be a European. Most likely, there will be a provocation of amers, they only know how, EU members have no desire not to start a war, their gut is thin on such matters, only the noise is big, and when it comes to a fight, they will be gone . My opinion.
    5. yehat
      yehat 24 June 2016 18: 41
      unlike in the past, the Russian army is much more powerful. Blitzkrieg is not possible due to
      very highly developed infantry anti-tank weapons, any set of armored boxes will quickly be in the scrap. And without ground advancement, moreover, at a great pace, the offensive will be drowned.
      moreover, there is no point in a NATO offensive, as they themselves know that they will simply be burned out. In addition to the terrifying legendary combat cheburashki that are terrifying ATO officers, there are a bunch of other pretty complexes whose work is not compatible with the survival of the target.

      And an attack without attack is doubly pointless. Finally, the Russian Federation today, unlike 41 years old, has a much more trained and technically equipped army, often having an advantage over radical European integrators. Therefore, a direct attack on the occupation is unrealistic.
      Much more real and dangerous are the other 2 steps - an attempt to bombard our territory, including with chemical and biological weapons, or toughening the economic blockade.
      1. vv3
        vv3 24 June 2016 19: 14
        At least you would take into account the experience of the outbreak of hostilities in Iraq and Yugoslavia. It's not yours, pour beer, or watch football and argue about these topics ...
        1. KaPToC
          KaPToC 26 June 2016 02: 11
          Quote: vv3

          Wehrmacht captured Yugoslavia by military means, NATO could not do it
        2. saigon
          saigon 26 June 2016 11: 55
          Gentlemen of the strategist, it is necessary to take into account another small detail: the weight of the enemy’s equipment, the carrying capacity of the bridges, the pleases of Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian roads for starters. As a rememberer, the bridges in the USSR (automobile) supported the weight of our tanks and NATO horseradish, I don’t think that something had changed. Plus, a much more developed network of cities, and their interconnectedness. And all this charm under the blows of rockets corpses, I’m afraid I won’t be in vain.
      2. disgraced shooter
        disgraced shooter 24 June 2016 23: 56
        Blitzkrieg is not possible due to
        That's when the approach time will be 5-10 minutes ,,,, then it will become very bad for the one who did not press the button first.
        1. realist
          realist 26 June 2016 07: 43
          Well, there is still a "dead hand", the answer will still be announced!
    6. Denis Obukhov
      Denis Obukhov 24 June 2016 20: 58
      The prerequisites are similar. The same saber rattling on the territory of other countries. The same bunch of minor conflicts. And about business and the economy ... Well. Those who are overseas are still profitable because they are not fighting. Hence the supply of arms, a lot of government orders. War as Ludovig 14 said, it is money, money, and again money. But someone receives them.
      I agree with the ideologies. But the one who was killed was killed all the same, killed for money or killed for the glory of the Third Reich or in the name of Christ.
      In my opinion, it’s dangerous that all these provocations, conflicts and other exercises are essentially a test of eggs for durability. And if someone passes their nerves it will be very bad.
      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 24 June 2016 23: 11
        Quote: Denis Obukhov
        .And about business and the economy ... Well. Those who are overseas are still profitable because they are not the ones to fight.

        And remember what happened in the USA on the eve of the beginning of the Second World War - the great depresnyak, now the same thing - if not worse, then you have to write off debts, then the world carnage is suitable for this.
    7. The comment was deleted.
    8. Hundred
      Hundred 25 June 2016 10: 32
      judging by the intensity with which the situation is changing and the adoption of such a package of laws as Spring is coming soon ...
    9. Chera
      Chera 25 June 2016 17: 47
      It is desirable - later ... Everything - as in 41?
    10. Foxmara
      Foxmara 26 June 2016 13: 01
      Quote: tiredwithall
      Only one obscure question is when will they trample.

      For this, conditions must be established. The main thing is to minimize losses and avoid retaliation. This can only be achieved by drawing Russia into one of the local wars with all the resources (IG, Afghanistan, Karabakh, Ukraine, Transnistria, in the Far East is still quiet, but ideally there should be something, unfortunately Japan is rebuilding its army .. ) and / or revolution in Russia (the dream of dreams of Navalny, Khodorkovsky and a dozen other muddy representatives of Western interests.)
      The problem is that GDP is not pulled in as well. If you solve even the last question, you can call the date of the invasion. In the meantime, they cook on several fronts at once. We must also prepare.
    11. Pasha
      Pasha 26 June 2016 23: 35
      "I hope that soon. While generations 60-70 years in the ranks. The younger ones will not cope.
  2. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 24 June 2016 15: 54
    Well, what can I say, the bastards will pop up sooner or later, although for them it is always "on time"! Therefore, # we are men for military affairs, familiar to many behind the backs of Afghan and Chechnya, we will fight for ourselves and for our future.
  3. Mama_Cholli
    Mama_Cholli 24 June 2016 15: 55
    There will be no Europe, there will simply be more Russia.
    1. Comrade Schucher
      Comrade Schucher 24 June 2016 16: 57
      Quote: Mama_Cholli
      There will be no Europe, there will simply be more Russia.

      Type as - the Western European Federal District.
    2. realist
      realist 26 June 2016 07: 41
      maybe that's just why they need us to feed, drink, maintain order. all this went through the Warsaw Pact!
      1. Vlad5307
        Vlad5307 26 June 2016 17: 56
        and why feed - let them get their own food, for example, "Bush's legs", and not for thanks, but for the loot and, most importantly, they will work on these legs! soldier
  4. dsm100
    dsm100 24 June 2016 15: 56
    Yeah. Somehow it’s not joyful. We have lived in the world for 70 years and now ... Well, they don’t take us for nothing.
    1. bastard
      bastard 24 June 2016 16: 21
      Quote: dsm100
      We have lived in the world for 70 years and now ...

      I alone did not understand what you had in mind? No offense, clarify pzhlst.
      1. St Petrov
        St Petrov 24 June 2016 17: 14
        4 wars since the 90th year.

        1 Chechen, 2 + Georgia + Syria.

        We only dreamed of peace.

        Well, plus shit revolution. People of sausage wanted 30 types. DB revolutionaries. They just break, and then whine, wondering at paid medicine and capitalism, voting for Yeltsin and change

        1. bastard
          bastard 24 June 2016 19: 18
          Quote: s-t Petrov
          Quote: dsm100
          We have lived in the world for 70 years and now ...
          I alone did not understand what you had in mind? No offense, clarify pzhlst.

          Quote: s-t Petrov
          4 wars since the 90th year.
          1 Chechen, 2 + Georgia + Syria.
          We only dreamed of peace.
          Well, plus shit revolution. People of sausage wanted 30 types. DB revolutionaries. They just break, and then whine, wondering at paid medicine and capitalism, voting for Yeltsin and change

          I'm not talking about it, I'm talking about 70 years of mythical peaceful life of the USSR (1922-1991) mentioned by a friend dsm100 or I didn’t enter something.
          Briefly about seventy peace years offhand and without dates, you yourself know everything:
          let’s omit the defeat in the Russo-Japanese War, Bloody Sunday, World War I and the surplus-appraisal (started under the tsar-priest, explanation for schoolchildren), because it was before the revolutions,
          let’s omit the bourgeois-democratic and Great October Revolution, because they occurred before the formation of the USSR, let’s skip the civil war of 1917-1922 / 1923, well, it was restless.
          Taperich almost 70 years of peaceful life of the USSR, if I correctly understood the author of this imperative.
          Overcoming the devastation, epidemics, banditry, poverty and extinction of the population caused by the above events. Yeah, basmachi yet, here!
          Collectivization and industrialization, with an accompanying struggle against opponents of the Soviet regime, pests (think you didn’t harm?), Saboteurs and other anti-people elements, Khalkhin-Gol, Finnish, World War II, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and other Zimbabwe with Honduras, figuratively speaking. This is an incomplete list of calm factors.
          And then the hunchback, Yeltsman, and the fact that there is now a synagogue called the Moscow Kremlin.
          Quite calm.
          If not so understood, my dear dsm100 then call. hi
  5. wow
    wow 24 June 2016 15: 58
    Any kid from childhood knows that to end a fight (or prevent it), you have to smack it on the head. Then there is no need to beat on the hands and feet, they themselves will "fall off like winter crops." Where is their head ...?, Right behind a big puddle.
  6. dsm100
    dsm100 24 June 2016 16: 00
    Receive again, be sure to receive. There was a DMB film, and so there the warrant officers asked about the rockets: Maybe we should? Be sure to bang more than once, the whole world is in ruins ...
    1. Anglorussian
      Anglorussian 25 June 2016 00: 28
      There was a DMB film, so there the warrant officers asked about rockets
      This is still a comedy film, no more. With elements of farce.
  7. Altona
    Altona 24 June 2016 16: 03
    In the comments to the articles on June 22, 1941, we actually talked about this. That all the same rhetoric sounds and all the same attacks, maneuvers, unnecessary rattling of weapons, a surge of anti-Soviet and Russophobic propaganda are carried out.
    1. engineer74
      engineer74 24 June 2016 16: 12
      Just wait for the repetition of June 22st - the top of idiocy, the West is preparing something new, in their opinion, super-efficient ...
      1. Vadim237
        Vadim237 24 June 2016 16: 34
        So far, they have not created anything effective against ICBMs.
    2. Vadim237
      Vadim237 24 June 2016 16: 33
      Only now the forces are not the same - and even more so weapons - a war for 20 minutes.
      1. Khariton
        Khariton 24 June 2016 17: 02
        Quote: Vadim237
        Only now the forces are not the same - and even more so weapons - a war for 20 minutes.

        And our territory is too big .... We will survive! (and revenge ..)
        1. Vadim237
          Vadim237 25 June 2016 00: 06
          We made a calculation with a friend - academics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, with an explosion of 1600 megatons, over the territory of Russia, it will cause 16 million tons of CO2, 960 million tons of dust to be emitted into the atmosphere, the area of ​​the radioactive fallout will be 28 million square kilometers with an annual radiation dose of 4 X-rays - that is within one year, after a nuclear attack, the entire territory of Russia and adjacent to it will be unsuitable for life, this is not counting the numerous man-made and natural fires that can occur during the attack and these fires will carry radioactive fallout from place to place, and there will be strong soot - chemical - radioactive rains throughout Russia - in those conditions only those who have a bunker or a bomb shelter with everything necessary will survive.
          1. Camel
            Camel 27 June 2016 02: 11
            Dear Vadim, with an explosion of 1600 megatons, no matter - over the territory of Russia, or somewhere in the ocean, there will be NOTHING living on the planet. And the big question is about the planet itself ... You don't have to be an "academic" to predict such a result.
            Yes, and where did you get this introduction about 1600 megatons? After all, this is 32 "Kuzkin Mothers" at a time. NEVER and NO ONE had such power!
  8. DREDD
    DREDD 24 June 2016 16: 17
    It seems to me that in the ranks of the attackers there will only be our colleagues in the social bloc - the Balts and the Ukrainians. Well, maybe the Poles will be driven to the meat grinder with whips. Well, the Europeans themselves, this time, may not go to war, limiting themselves to selling weapons to "cannon fodder." In the second world role of the British battering ram was performed by Germany. Now, when the vacancy of the suicide bombers was "voluntarily" occupied by the Slavs, it is possible not to waste precious European blood (although, seeing the dilution of Europeans by the southern peoples, this saying seems strange but not the essence).
    1. berezin1987
      berezin1987 24 June 2016 19: 56
      So you need to fry the East European suicide bombers with hydrogen bomb fire. What do we lose in this case? Due to the destruction of Poland, the Baltic states, and Romania, the United States will not hit us with rockets. And we should not lose people in the war with ex-brothers.
  9. gladcu2
    gladcu2 24 June 2016 16: 21
    The article extremely correctly describes the current situation and methods.

    To find a way out of the problem, you need to correctly determine it.

    The situation in which the world finds itself has very deep roots. If I begin to dig to these roots, you’ll just be horrified at how deep the problem is buried. To begin to solve it without digging to the end is to temporarily stop the situation.

    I will voice the situation. I will indicate the root of evil. They will understand units. I understand that I can cause anger. But I must say.

    Morality is a tool for managing the world.

    The Bible is a philosophical work, a tool for creating society. The Bible is an example of good morality. It is necessary to live as they live according to the bible. Otherwise, you will receive a church curse.

    Those who live violating the biblical laws of MORAL receive super power over society. Under them is a herd of sheep called to a single behavioral consciousness. These are the people who rule the world so called secret societies. It is clear that they must be secret, because they must be a minority. Because in order to gain power over the world only a small minority can violate biblical morality and gain superiority.

    Capitalism is an economic system, it is the pinnacle of efficiency, higher than slavery.

    This system is possible only in the presence of biblical morality. Because capitalism justifies the right to receive enrichment due to the total impoverishment of others.

    This is the root of the problem. Bible.

    Now how to get out of the situation.

    The Bible, morality must not be violated. Otherwise, society will collapse. But one must have knowledge, the realization that how to make a judgment based on what I described above.

    Any state law is based on consent to obey it. The Bible is a set of laws by which this consent was CREATED historically. And only on these laws are all the other laws of the constitution, state laws, intra-departmental laws, laws within corporations, schools, everyone in the family.

    What am I doing? And the fact that if you change the morality of how the media do it, then it’s not possible to agree on two kindred relatives.

    Two brothers who live in Ukraine cannot, and the second lives in Russia (Canada) will agree among themselves. Between them is a lie, morality is broken between them.

    This is the principle - "divide and conquer".
    The principle of world governance.

    It is based on morality and a monotheistic religion.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 24 June 2016 16: 52
      V.V. Putin correctly knows the cause and rules of the world. With all his actions, he is trying to create a system of understanding at the international level.
      To prevent a third world.

      If GDP cannot keep the world in its hands, then the world will get a war, and maybe the last one.

      What will happen if the third world begins?

      In Russia, ideology will be recreated in order to win the war. Ideology is an artificially changed morality. The fact that in spite of all the destruction of perestroika, in Russia it is possible to quickly create an ideology speaks about itself "Immortal Regiment". And this "Immortal Regiment" has already pushed aside the third world war once. Russia once again saved the world from war.

      Therefore, read what I wrote on the account of MORAL. Understand the underlying processes. Otherwise, we all will not be greeted, and do not be overjoyed.
    2. Aleksandr12
      Aleksandr12 24 June 2016 16: 56
      I disagree. The Bible, the Koran or any other work have not influenced the morality of society for a long time, since almost nobody reads them. TV and the INTERNET (social networks in particular), these are the main educators of the morality and spirit of society. It is through them that the "truth" that is necessary is poured into people.
      And secret societies ... They were before the Bible, will be after it. They will die later than all of humanity. The last person to die on earth will be a member of some secret organization. smile
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. The comment was deleted.
      2. romex1
        romex1 25 June 2016 05: 52
        even though we (the majority) do not read the Bible and the Qur'an, we live according to the morality inherent in them. and TV and the Internet is just a way to change morality. nothing personal is just a business.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  10. Million
    Million 24 June 2016 16: 26
    Our politicians need to stop flirting with the West. Otherwise, the Kuril Islands have already gathered together to master the Japanese
  11. PValery53
    PValery53 24 June 2016 16: 26
    We hope that, in which case, our reply will find its addressee. We will destroy the plans of villains.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 24 June 2016 16: 36
      Our Strategic Rocket Forces have 1730 well-known recipients in Europe and the USA.
      1. Aleksandr12
        Aleksandr12 24 June 2016 16: 47
        Waiting for sending teams? laughing
  12. Voyta
    Voyta 24 June 2016 16: 44
    Read this link carefully! Http: //
  13. Igor V
    Igor V 24 June 2016 17: 50
    The GDP back in the 14th year during the Olympics let slip that it was studying the documents of the pre-war years. So the analogy was noticed already then. Let's hope that conclusions are drawn.
  14. APASUS
    APASUS 24 June 2016 17: 57
    An attempt by the West to get everything without immediately putting hands on it is the cause of modern misfortune.
    Mankind is several thousand years old, but only in the last 20 years it has done as much in its development, substitution of faith and destruction of life principles, as it has not done in a couple of centuries.
    Perverts have become full-fledged supermen and dictate to citizens how to live, with whom to sleep, who to love. Freedom has been replaced by democracy, a purely conditional term can mean carpet bombing and caring for citizens at the same time. Money has replaced respect for the elderly and love of money.
    Now there is a process of survival and the question is whether or not humanity will continue to exist and in which system ..............
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. atamankko
    atamankko 24 June 2016 18: 09
    The situation is complicated, but those who complicate it, they think to survive ... will not work.
  17. Mestny
    Mestny 24 June 2016 18: 32
    Quote: fox21h
    Can not wait and groan in advance in order to avoid treachery ?!

    As a matter of fact, the same problem before the country's leadership as in 41 - or "zhahnut", and then the "civilized world" sighs with relief, and begins to blame us from all trunks, on the basis of "humanism" of course. Or to keep to the last and make a "good face" in order to preserve, at least for some, the awareness of our innocence at the beginning of the now 3 world.
    You need to remember only one thing - the most cannibalistic and most hateful version of civilization is precisely the civilization of the conditional west, led by the Anglo-Saxons. No longer exists in the history of ideologies. destroying more people on the planet.
    They have not changed a bit.
    1. Forever so
      Forever so 25 June 2016 22: 49

      As a matter of fact, the same problem before the country's leadership as in 41 - or "zhahnut", and then the "civilized world" sighs with relief, and begins to blame us from all trunks, on the basis of "humanism" of course.

      Let me add)) which world will begin to bring us down ?? If you count today, then besides the Baltic tigers, Poles, part of the ruin, and of course America, there’s nobody to bring us down. There is no more Western world, neither the French, nor the Germans, or the brazen will not expose multimillion-dollar armies. Blown away. it was not for nothing that the Anglo-Saxons turned people into transfers for so many years. so I think we’ll win the Baltic tigers, all 16 people.)))
  18. Basil50
    Basil50 24 June 2016 18: 36
    That's when they persuade themselves that the losses will be minimal, and especially our * democrats * will convince their masters of the possibility of destroying RUSSIA and the PEOPLE of RUSSIA, then they will attack. In the meantime, they * go to our ears * with all sorts of stupid things about world society and a decaying economy and much more about that, in the hope that young people will eventually believe and repeat the 90s, only with occupation. In Europe, do not hesitate to learn from the extermination of countries and peoples, examples are too vivid and clear.
  19. Cosmonaut
    Cosmonaut 24 June 2016 19: 25
    Quote: yo-mine
    Any kid from childhood knows that to end a fight (or prevent it), you have to smack it on the head. Then there is no need to beat on the hands and feet, they themselves will "fall off like winter crops." Where is their head ...?, Right behind a big puddle.

    Professor Dowell's Head ??? laughing
    And we, with a knife on the cable, chick! lol
  20. sabakina
    sabakina 24 June 2016 19: 28
    I think there is another parallel rearmament. Then did not have time, now, wait and see.
  21. Horst78
    Horst78 24 June 2016 20: 11
    Guys, the war has been going on since 1999. Then not just Yugoslavia "glorious troops Reichsorry NATO began to bomb, and US. Since then, I consider the war to have begun. WAR IS GOING, NOT COME.
    1. Forever so
      Forever so 25 June 2016 22: 44
      The war has been going on since 1953, when it was possible to kill Stalin. And already the active phase since 1985.
  22. Prisoner
    Prisoner 24 June 2016 20: 45
    But you can parallelize and May 9. I will not say that easily. But you can and can turn out to be what you need.
  23. soldat74
    soldat74 24 June 2016 20: 55
    Hitler’s ravings, widely developed by J. Goebbels (he read out the above appeal to the German people) regarding the precautionary nature of Berlin’s actions, we recall, were debunked at the Nuremberg trials, which recognized that the attack on the Soviet Union was “without a shadow of legal justification. It was a clear aggression. " Perhaps the statements of Stoltenberg, in due time, will also receive the corresponding international legal international legal assessment?

    And the meaning of these freaks to judge? Shooting, only shooting! 100% of Westerners, although they create the appearance of loyalty and tolerance towards you and me, In fact, they only dream that we will be in the ground.
    But as our pasture said. "When we are gone. Then everything will be yours."
  24. bad
    bad 24 June 2016 20: 58
    Quote: fox21h
    Can not wait and groan in advance in order to avoid treachery ?! laughing

    ... + drinks I am for! laughing
  25. zenion
    zenion 24 June 2016 21: 35
    Imperialism taught Nazism, then learned from Nazism. Countless times they tried to defeat Russia, Russia, but constantly got in the face. Was Russia in Berlin, was in Paris. If necessary - repeat!
  26. Jurkovs
    Jurkovs 25 June 2016 06: 02
    This time Europe was much better prepared, it managed to split the Russian World. Will have to fight not only without Ukraine, but also against Ukraine. So the West has enough cannon fodder. And the geopolitical border looks much worse. So courage to all of us!
  27. AleBors
    AleBors 25 June 2016 10: 44
    Thanks to the author for the article. It's nice to know that healthy paranoia lives not only in my punched head. Disputes in the comments, forgive the authors, are perky and funny .. Like Ilf and Petrov have "pike vests". I myself think that war is inevitable. What it will be, I do not know, but there will be something more terrible than we can even imagine. Therefore, I sincerely believe that it is necessary to prepare for it. Collect RD, prepare zapryonov for the family and carry out other necessary activities. And you need to put yourself in order .. When was the last time I ran a "five"? ...))
  28. SlavaP
    SlavaP 25 June 2016 21: 29
    The fact that they are preparing a war, unfortunately, does not even need to be discussed. And speaking of parallels, it will most likely begin not as 22 / 06 / 41 but as 01 / 09 / 39 with a dirty provocation and most likely in the Baltic states. The attack on the Estonian border post allegedly from the East, corpses in the form of Russian soldiers, etc. Arguments are not accepted, everything is pre-cut out and the videos are sent to the SNN and the Air Force. And this will happen very soon, probably at the beginning of next year, when Clintonsha will take the oath of office as the new president of America. Because the rearmament program launched in Russia should lead to a situation around the 2020 years that it will be impossible to defeat Russia by military methods, even hypothetically.
    1. Everything is strange
      Everything is strange 26 June 2016 13: 09
      And who said that by 2020, this figure is for the media. Everyone understands that even now mother should not attack Russia, because they might not be able to take out the entire bazaar. And if they don’t take it out, then there will be no superpower of the USA either an arms race or anything, or any superpower. Because they understand that the Russians will not stop in Berlin. That’s why they scream, more from impotence and from fear than from what they really can come and put Russia in place, so to speak
  29. Forever so
    Forever so 25 June 2016 22: 41
    Parallels are more than uncomfortable. The world community has a bunch of new Hitlers, but we don’t have either Stalin or Beria, and we’re not anticipating it, but a corrupt thief who dreams of a Gauleiter’s place under the new owners is above the roof. By the way, and part of the territories that originally belonged to Russia under all international laws, have already lost, in the name of shit democracy.
  30. fsps
    fsps 26 June 2016 09: 12
    Yes, the West can only deter fear of retribution from trying to rob the weak and looting. So - all the best - to defend Russia, only we have a chance. The security of Russia is the security of each of us, except, of course, those who count on a career as a security guard in a concentration camp or executioner.
  31. kotvov
    kotvov 26 June 2016 09: 30
    Romanian President Traian Basescu that if he had been in the place of dictator Antonescu, he would have attacked the USSR in the same way? ,,
    whoever didn’t hear, Koreyba (Polish journalist) recently stated: we have taken into account the mistakes of the past, we need to go along with Hitler. Now Sasha and the Poles are playing the role of Adolf. I hope that they take this into account.
  32. fsps
    fsps 26 June 2016 10: 21
    Quote: kotvov
    Romanian President Traian Basescu that if he had been in the place of dictator Antonescu, he would have attacked the USSR in the same way? ,,
    whoever didn’t hear, Koreyba (Polish journalist) recently stated: we have taken into account the mistakes of the past, we need to go along with Hitler. Now Sasha and the Poles are playing the role of Adolf. I hope that they take this into account.

    And what's new? Read Dostoevsky about the southern Slavs: at least here:
  33. TRV
    TRV 26 June 2016 10: 28
    good article
  34. kunstkammer
    kunstkammer 26 June 2016 11: 17
    Now the situation is worse than before the start of the Second World War.
    A few days ago, on one of the Russian TV channels, one of the Polish political scientists "beloved" by our television said that Poland had to conclude a pact with Hitler and attack the USSR together !!!
    Extrapolating the current situation to the state of June 1941, we can say that Poland has already signed a treaty with Hitler, England and France, which had not been defeated by that time, support the aspirations of Poland and Hitler to attack the USSR. In the decision of its Congress, the United States voiced a resolution to support Hitler if he attacks the "aggressive" Soviet Union.
    Everything is ready! Until June 22, 1941 there is very little time left.
    The only thing that pleases is that the Nazi army does not have the experience of war and the military co-ordination of troops, as after the defeat of France, Poland and the troops of England. But together they conduct exercises on such coherence right at the borders of the USSR.
    Unfortunately, we will not be able to carry out Stalin's strategy of "not succumbing to provocations" now.
    We won’t have time.
  35. Torins
    Torins 26 June 2016 11: 32
    Quote: tiredwithall
    Everything is right - they are getting ready, they are lying and will probably trample. Only one obscure question is when will they trample.

    Waiting for the effect of sanctions. If the effect necessary for them will be at all. Russia needs to build up modern weapons available now, aircraft, tanks, ships, the more the better, but not to the detriment of quality. And most importantly, more air defense systems, because modern western tactics rests on cruise missiles and aircraft.
  36. Prince of Pensions
    Prince of Pensions 26 June 2016 15: 16
    Quote: Delink
    Vladimir Putin: “Even 50 years ago, Leningradskaya Street taught me one rule: if a fight is inevitable, you must beat first.”

    This phrase is taken from NTV.

    You can’t even imagine how everything is wrapped up here and for whom it is intended))
  37. Olegater
    Olegater 26 June 2016 17: 59
    Well, the third Reich correctly degenerated into the Euroreich, NATO troops are an analogue of the fascist troops. The ideology is the same. I recently read an article about comparing the statements of Goebels, Hitler with modern speeches by Stoltenberg and similar human beings, and I get interesting similarities. That is, fascism as such did not disappear, but simply acquired a new grin, given the current situation.

    “Today, 160 Soviet divisions are on our borders.” Reich Chancellor of Germany Hitler, June 22, 1941
    "Russia is on the verge of NATO." US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, October 2014
    “Along the border with the Soviet Union, a large number of my troops, about 80 divisions, accumulated, which may have generated rumors circulating now about a possible military conflict between us. I assure you with the honor of the head of state that this is not so. ” Reich Chancellor Hitler, May 15, 1941
    “The strengthening of NATO’s position in Eastern Europe causes concern in Moscow. But we are not looking for a confrontation with Russia. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg, May 2016
    “The future belongs to us! When we create Great Germany, anything can think of us. We have no need to cling to the bourgeois notions of honor and moral character. If we fail to conquer the world, we must plunge half the world into destruction with us. ” Reich Chancellor Hitler
    “I believe that the United States is an exceptional country, partly because we have demonstrated our readiness to protect not only our interests, but also the interests of all states.” US President Obama
    “Russia is to blame for everything! Guilty of our civil war. The destruction of Russia is a requirement of the history and future of Europe. ” Ramon Sunniere (1901-2003), a leading Spanish diplomat under the dictatorship of Franco, an ardent admirer of Hitler
    “A new world order under US hegemony is being created against Russia, at the expense of Russia and on the wreckage of Russia ... Russia is a defeated power. She lost the titanic struggle. And to say “it was not Russia, but the Soviet Union” means to flee from reality. It was Russia, called the Soviet Union. She challenged the USA. She was defeated. Now there is no need to fuel illusions about the great power of Russia. It’s necessary to discourage such a way of thinking ... Russia will be fragmented and under guardianship. ” Leading modern ideologist of the USA Zbigniew Brzezinski
    “The greatest injustice is when Russia owns such lands as Siberia ... You are lucky to have oil. However, wealth must be shared. ” Madeleine Albright, US Secretary of State 1997-2001, the most influential political lady in the States

    As they say, find at least one difference!
  38. Maxim73
    Maxim73 26 June 2016 19: 40
    Quote: Chariton
    ... So gentlemen, who would not come to us ... I feel sorry for them! Do you agree men ...?
    Here will be a mess (if there is), then we’ll see who it will be sorry or not sorry. Before the Great Patriotic War, they also talked about little blood and battles on the territory of the enemy, and everything turned into a terrifying meat grinder.
  39. Ima tsoh
    Ima tsoh 26 June 2016 20: 03
    What makes these ugly creatures expand and wage war on Russia? What is at stake if you can so want this war. Why do we endure so much?
  40. Old warrior
    Old warrior 26 June 2016 20: 48
    Yes. And this is striking.
  41. vandarus
    vandarus 27 June 2016 09: 46
    Okay, right, emotionally. I would like to read further without emotions a comparative analysis of our readiness and "them". With parallels with 1941.
  42. Slon_on
    Slon_on 27 June 2016 10: 01
    Yes, the situation is indeed tense, and it looks like it will escalate further. One of the reasons is the historically unprecedented external debt of the USA, which, according to forecasts, may lead to collapse by 2020. In this regard, I recall one historical parallel to the Great Depression - the 2nd World War. It just so happened, the Atlantic civilization cannot develop without wars, robberies, enslavement. There will be provocations, whipping up hysteria, false accusations against Russia. Although, in principle, one of the phases of the hybrid war against the Russian Federation is already underway - information, sanctions, etc. In the event of a direct armed conflict, let's hope that it will not come to a global nuclear war, because everyone understands that there will be an end to everything and everything. Perhaps (I really would not like) the use of tactical nuclear weapons in t.e. up to 50-60 kt, on the battlefield for individual targets, i.e. "limited nuclear war". Yes, and from the usual means of armed struggle will not seem a little. But for the West, this will be the last war. That's just a pity for the civilian population. And to unfriendly limitrophes and other Euroshakals - no statehood, an occupation regime with a curfew for 50 years, the nationalization of the economy, because
  43. Everything is strange
    Everything is strange 27 June 2016 10: 54
    What kind of war are you guys talking about? Do you mean the ground operation in Russia by NATO forces? )))) Do you even understand what will be at stake? That is, thoughtlessly, NATO will take and go to war on Russia? But what about the scenario if suddenly they fail to advance and gain a foothold? Yes, no modern politician will dare to take such a step)))) They are used to living in megacities surrounded by comfort and tossing millions of dollars! And Russia will become such an impenetrable swamp for them that they don’t have enough money or human resources, and they understand this. All the excitement around Our Country is aimed at distracting potential investors from Russia and attracting them. No one wants to invest in that area in which it will not be clear whether or not war. And vice versa, they will invest in places where everything flourishes, so to speak, and it seems like very strong, like dividends are guaranteed. But ... it is unlikely that they will succeed even from this. Russia shows a great economic upsurge, and strangely enough they are investing in it, so far with caution but investing !!! So the war is on, but do not wait for a ground operation
  44. antivirus
    antivirus 27 June 2016 12: 31
    afraid of wolves, do not go to the forest.
    And there are mosquitoes in the forest.
    all pressure issues (and even tertiary issues) are always used on us (including spare parts / parts for foreign cars and apples).
    We also need to use all the opportunities for gaining advantageous positions (both economy and political), and not wrinkle our bruises at conferences on peaceful coexistence.