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Perspective torpedo "Case" passes state tests

In the foreseeable future, the navy of Russia will be able to get a new type of torpedo. As reported by domestic media, is currently being tested a new torpedo, intended for use by submarines. Soon state tests of the product should be completed, after which it will be put into service. In addition, some technical features of the new project have become known.

Information on the development and testing of a new submarine torpedo was published by TASS news agency. Information about the new project was received from an unnamed source in the military-industrial complex. The source revealed some of the technical details of the project, and also spoke about current work and prospects. In addition, he announced the name of the project. Perspective armament is denoted by the code "Case". The new project "Case" is a further development of the existing torpedo "Physicist", adopted earlier.

The torpedo of the new model is currently undergoing state tests. The sighting station on Issyk-Kul Lake (Kyrgyzstan) became a platform for verification. Already conducted the first test firing using experienced products. In the near future several more similar checks should take place. According to existing plans, state tests of the torpedo "Case" should be completed by the end of the year. Based on the test results, the further fate of the new one will be determined. weapons. So, at the end of the year a torpedo can be put into service. In this case, mass production will begin in 2017.

Perspective torpedo "Case" passes state tests
Torpedo UGST. Photo

According to TASS, the development of torpedo "Case" was engaged in the Research Institute of Marine Technology (St. Petersburg), and the production of serial products is planned to entrust the plant "Dagdizel" (Kaspiysk). The development of the project was carried out with a wide application of existing developments in previous projects.

Torpedo "Case" is an upgraded version of the existing weapon type UGST "Physicist", which leads to the preservation of some features of the design, at the same time apply some new components and assemblies. Thus, as follows from the available data, the new torpedo should have a caliber of 533 mm and a length of the order of 7-7,2 m. It is also likely that the existing weight parameters, as well as other design features and operating principles, will be preserved.

According to a Tass source, the main driving characteristics of the new torpedo remain at the existing level. It will be able to hit targets at ranges up to 50 kilometers, moving at speeds up to 50 nodes. The maximum depth of fire is defined in 400 m. Thus, it becomes possible to re-equip submarines without noticeable difficulty.

It is argued that the product "Case" retains a thermal power plant, similar to that used in the torpedo "Physicist". It is known that the existing UGST torpedo has an axial piston engine using liquid single-component fuel. The engine is equipped with a rotating combustion chamber and a high-pressure plunger-type fuel pump. To improve the performance of the propeller is placed inside the annular channel. Apparently, the new torpedo "Case" gets a similar power plant, which allows you to keep the characteristics at the level of its predecessor.

The main objective of the new project was the creation and implementation of improved control systems and homing with enhanced characteristics. The overall structure of the control systems is preserved. Like the product "Physicist", the new torpedo "Case" is equipped with a homing system based on sonar equipment. With the help of some improvements of the homing head, the detection range of underwater targets was increased, which makes it possible to markedly increase the effectiveness of the attack. The possibility of remote control from the submarine carrier is also retained. The method of targeting a torpedo is chosen by the crew of the carrier in accordance with the current situation.

By the end of 2016, it is planned to complete state tests of a new type of torpedo, after which it can be put into service with the subsequent order of mass production. Serial products "Case" will be produced by the factory "Dagdiesel". Weapons of a new type will be supplied to various operational and strategic associations of the naval fleetprimarily featuring the latest submarines. It is reported that the start of production of new torpedoes will lead to the cessation of production of “Physicist” products.

According to reports, the submarines of the 955 and 955A Borey projects, as well as the 885 and 885M Ash trees will have to be the first carriers of torpedoes "Case". Currently, the Russian Navy operates three submarines of the 955 project and one “Ash” type. Next year, the fleet submarine forces should be replenished with several new submarines of this type. In the future, the construction and supply of boats will continue. After the start of mass production of new torpedoes, there will be a gradual re-equipment of existing submarines. Subsequent representatives of the projects “Borey” and “Ash”, apparently, will immediately become the carriers of “Cases”. Re-equipment of other types of submarines is also planned.

It is noteworthy that the latest at the moment update of the nomenclature of submarine torpedo weapons occurred not so long ago. In April, 2015, it was reported that a new version of the deep-sea torpedo “Physicist” with a thermal power plant and a firing range of up to 50 km was adopted. As now, it was claimed that these weapons would be received by the newest submarines, and then rearmament of other submarines would begin. With the help of the new torpedo “Physicist”, it was planned to replace outdated USET-80 products, which have been used for several decades. Now, however, a new re-equipment of submarines is planned using another modern development.

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  1. Lyton
    Lyton 24 June 2016 06: 35
    Apparently, the developers gave money and things went ahead.
  2. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 24 June 2016 06: 42
    Good "Case" for "Physics" (in the photo in the article is a sample of the steam-gas long-range torpedo UGST "Physicist") - NATO scratches turnips!
  3. Voha_krim
    Voha_krim 24 June 2016 07: 47
    "Case" - a nod to a wooden submarine mac? wink
  4. dsm100
    dsm100 24 June 2016 07: 58
    Our names are such that no one would have guessed: a case, a physicist, and on land hyacinths, chrysanets, pinocchio, sun, etc. I like. With feeling, humor and arrangement.
    1. denvar555
      denvar555 24 June 2016 08: 07
      The names of our weapons, in spite of their absurdity sometimes, are still better remembered than any abbreviations of the M243 / 244 type, as is customary among the Americans, when under the same index there can be a machine gun and a howitzer, or even some kind of helmet. And what kind of brain explosion do they have now when trying to understand what a mortar and a "cornflower" or who is "Buratino" can have in common?
      1. grandson of the hero
        grandson of the hero 24 June 2016 11: 21
        Buratino is a player of the Russian national football team !!!
      2. PKK
        PKK 24 June 2016 16: 47
        "Pioneer" turned out to be a Pioneer of "Poplar", and now "Yarsu", and the next generations, will soon recognize the call signs.
        1. kamikaze
          kamikaze 24 June 2016 19: 52
          one may ask, where is the SHKVAL missile torpedo? the news is inaudibly inaudible
          1. marshes
            marshes 24 June 2016 20: 40
            Quote: kamikaze
            one may ask, where is the SHKVAL missile torpedo? the news is inaudibly inaudible

            So rummaged, before the Flurry there was still a torpedo with a rocket propulsion. So Flurry is like the main caliber for direct fire.
            There are still a lot of interesting products produced by the Dastan plant and the Kirov Plant in Almaty, about 20 more ...
            These enterprises work, produce products ...
          2. bugagich
            bugagich 29 December 2016 03: 16
            they are not in service. do not pay attention to PR. stupid torpedo missile. effective range up to 10 km (different data up to 20 km, but this is a theoretical maximum). homing is absent (impossible). as written above - "for direct fire". the only + is speed. but she will unmask ... already in the Pentagon they will hear ...
      3. Black Colonel
        Black Colonel 17 August 2016 09: 55
        In finally "Cheburashka" was used. belay
  5. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 24 June 2016 14: 11
    It looks like they put the homing head from the "Packet", and the telecontrol from the "physicist" on the VO was described as not effective enough. If the "case" has remote control left from the "physicist", then installing the GOS from the "package" is an attempt to correct its shortcomings. Honestly, it would be better if they tried to make telecontrol at the western level, but as a palliative, of course, you can put the GOS.
    1. mine
      mine 19 March 2017 00: 42
      Given the fact that the head of the “Package” was made 10 years ago, why put it on a new torpedo?
  6. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 1 July 2016 21: 52
    it looks like a hybrid, sores should fall away.
  7. Alexey Prokopov
    Alexey Prokopov April 13 2019 13: 00
    I propose to call the next torpedo "Combi".
    We then understand from what its properties, but let them tremble in advance.
    Since even another Loma is not enough against it)))
    Since it is not known whether he is scrap at all)))