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Feodosia shipbuilders received a loan for the timely execution of received orders

PJSC "Russian National Commercial Bank" (RNKB) opened a "credit line for the federal state enterprise" Theodosia Shipbuilding Plant "More" for a period of 6 months to replenish working capital, " RIA News message of the press service of the bank.

According to the credit institution, the funds are “necessary to fulfill the received orders.”

"We assume that the financing of the largest shipbuilding enterprise in the Crimea will contribute to its modernization and integration into the defense industry complex of Russia, as well as the development of the shipbuilding industry as a whole",
quoted by the press service of the Vice-President of the Bank Alexey Shcherbakov.

“The first stage of the restoration of the shipyard“ More ”is scheduled for completion in the autumn of 2016, after which the coastal platform of the plant will be able to receive vessels with a displacement of up to 800 tons. At the end of last year, the plant received a number of federal orders that allow it to fully ensure the capacity utilization of the enterprise, ”the release says.

The agency recalls that on May 10, the MRK of the 22800 Storm project, which will be part of the Black Sea Fleet, was laid at the More plant. Two similar ships are already under construction at the Pella shipyard (Leningrad Region).
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  1. Khariton
    Khariton 22 June 2016 13: 24
    PJSC Russian National Commercial Bank (RNKB)
    Who is the owner .... Last names need to be listed!
    1. avg
      avg 22 June 2016 13: 32
      I don’t know about the owners, but a soft loan, under the guarantee of the state.
      He called up with men from Feodosia. Everyone is happy, waiting for new orders, even retirees are called. They hope in the future to restore the production of civilian hydrofoils, but on a new, modern tech. level. Representatives of the Nizhny Novgorod Design Bureau have already arrived at the plant.
    2. i80186
      i80186 22 June 2016 13: 53
      Quote: Chariton
      Who is the owner .... Last names need to be listed!

      Shareholders of the Bank who own more than 1% of the shares:

      The Russian Federation represented by the Federal Agency for State Property Management (Rosimushchestvo), with a share in the authorized capital of the Bank - 100%
      Location: Russian Federation, Moscow, Nikolsky per., 9.

      Russian Federation owner. smile
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 22 June 2016 19: 52
        Now it remains to find out who owns the plant itself. It was at the plant about 5 years ago, it was pulled apart and not weakly
  2. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 22 June 2016 13: 25
    I am glad that the enterprises of the Crimea begin to inhale oxygen in full!
  3. Evil 55
    Evil 55 22 June 2016 13: 31
    It is necessary to build where to operate ... where to repair ... Given the unlimited possibilities of the Crimean shipyards, it is there to place orders for the Black Sea Fleet and auxiliary brigades ..
  4. Engineer
    Engineer 22 June 2016 13: 37
    Good thing not Alfa Bank
    1. FID
      FID 22 June 2016 14: 00
      I support you very much!
  5. masiya
    masiya 22 June 2016 14: 08
    Finally, Theodosius is reborn, in the USSR AK-176 went from the Gorky Machine Plant to the USSR ...
    1. gray smeet
      gray smeet 22 June 2016 14: 22
      How is Mashzavod now?
      1. gispanec
        gispanec 22 June 2016 14: 28
        Quote: gray smeet
        How is Mashzavod now?

  6. Onegin
    Onegin 22 June 2016 14: 36
    They said "no money"
    1. CT-55_11-9009
      CT-55_11-9009 22 June 2016 23: 09
      Nothing, for such a case found.
  7. Sealek
    Sealek 22 June 2016 20: 50
    As far as I understand, the contract with China for the production of MDKVP pr.958 has entered the practical phase, replacing the "state / contractor".