Cluster game

How is it possible from the mayor of a town with a destroyed sewage system to demand that Stalin, and Beria, and all the people's commissars be replaced at once?

Single-industry towns were once considered a successful Soviet project. They moved scientific and technological progress, set an example of social standards, and strengthened the country's defense capability. In monotowns every tenth Russian lives today, but their fate is sad. Yury Krupnov, head of the Institute of Demography, Migration and Regional Development, thinks how to breathe life into the former pride of the national economy, to give people who have recently been considered the intellectual and industrial elite of the country hope for better times.

- Yury Vasilyevich, do you know modern examples of prosperous monotowns? If so, what is the basis of their success?

- Unfortunately, such cities are unknown not only to me, but also to the government, which is responsible for their development. The degree of complexity of the problem is evidenced by the preparation by the Analytical Center under the government and the Federal Security Service of a closed report, references to which appeared in print this May.

- It turns out that the situation is so serious that you had to involve the special services in the analysis? Why did this happen? After all, for a quarter of a century, reforms have been carried out in the country, which were supposed to stabilize the economy and the social sphere ...

- It's all about the nature, direction of reform. The Russian Federation has found itself in the neoliberal mainstream and is currently integrated into the international division of labor as a peripheral, semi-colonial state. It does not need single-industry towns, which are the intellectual frame of the economy, the guarantor of technological sovereignty. The policy of Gaidar-Kudrin-Chubais issued the death sentence to this unique invention of Soviet scientists and politicians. At one time, our commissars, major representatives of national science created unique industries and industries. Now these projects need radical reorganization, a new framework of technological sovereignty of Russia is needed. However, the government and the “modernizers of the economy” do not point out the urgency of such approaches.

- Is there a fundamental difference between departmental (under the authority of the Ministry of Defense, Rosatom) and the "corporate" single-industry towns? Obviously, the prospects of some of them are related to the location, for example, on the Northern Sea Route, other strategic directions. Does this take into account public policy?

Cluster game- No, it does not count. State policy is only simulated; instead of a strategy for getting out of a critical situation in single-industry towns and replacing the retiring productive forces, we see solid PR or rare isolated, absolutely inadequate solutions. In many cities, there was no industry left at all. People survive by laboring. There are about 40 millions of people in our country. This figure shows that in Russia there is no efficient economic system. Those who live in monotowns especially feel this, because highly educated people are concentrated here. If the town is located from Moscow within 200 kilometers, a person can still go to the capital to earn money. But those who go on feel like Papanins on an ice floe. And they have no prospects. Therefore, I repeat, the root of all evil is in the criminally inadequate neoliberal economic model, which does not need industry and new technologies.

The only cure for monotowns is forced industrialization, the organization of a dozen promising national industries.

- A few years ago, a plan was developed to help 70 single-industry cities. Their salvation due to tourism, unification with regional centers did not justify itself?

- Over the past ten years, AvtoVAZ, the largest city-forming enterprise, has reduced the number of employees at least three times - from 150 to 50 thousand people. We foresaw this social catastrophe. But what was heard in response? Say, retired capacity will be replaced by new ones. In 2010, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, for example, promised to create a cluster of toys. Ten years have passed. Where are the toys? And where the landing - for the game with the fate of people and cities?

We can recall other chimeras - various kinds of tourist pseudo-clusters, plans to create an “energy superpower”, and so on. Behind all these searchlights was not viewed the design of new national industries. Now that the disastrous result is obvious, one would have to ask for it from the government, which for seven years has been demanding that unhappy monotowns send complex investment plans to Moscow for it.

The activity of the single-industry development fund is completely unproductive, which is unable to develop even a conceptual approach and directly answer the main question with affairs: why does the life in his wards barely live, people leave the inhabited places and leave for work?

- The government does not understand that only development economics will allow Russia to take its rightful place in the international division of labor, strengthen its defense capability?

- The problem is not as simple as it seems at first glance. To begin with, the majority of our elites do not understand at all what the economy is, on which the economy rests. These financial managers, in all seriousness, believe that through ties and association with the “elect”, one can gain a solid foundation, which is how the world economy is organized. In the “black zones” such as developing states, the elites do not want to be, they are dreaming of London or New York, where financial managers prosper, who do not need any industry.

“She worries them a little because she has been transferred to other countries ...”

- There is already another trend. American elites are beginning to understand that the rejection of the further industrialization of the country leads to a host of negative consequences, primarily social ones. People are degrading, a growing number of crimes. And most importantly, citizens stop making money. Obama understands these problems and encourages national businesses to come back from undeveloped countries and offshore zones. Of course, these are the first bells, such sentiments are not yet prevalent among Western capital. However, the rethinking of dogma is already happening. I will cite the example of the former Treasury Secretary under Clinton Lawrence Summers, a well-known economist who has expressed concern over the past four years about the age-old stagnation of the entire developed world. The economy has stalled, investment is at zero, elites have lost the secret of the economy everywhere. And it is to bet on industry, to design new national and planetary industries. Such an approach should be the basis of a strong policy. Summers reasonably notes that we are trapped in stagnation. He does not see a way out, but it is good that at least he sees a trap.

Nowadays, such traditional sources of growth as scientific and technical progress or demographic growth no longer work. Developed societies are aging, pensioners are becoming more and more. So, we need new sources of growth. Again, they are in creating efficient industries. Our country has a chance to do this on the basis of monotowns and set a new global trend. But you need to change the elite in the executive branch and the economy.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the 70 assistance plan for monotowns developed several years ago did not bring results. It would be surprising if the anti-industrial approach turned out differently.

The program of assistance to monotowns was announced in 2008: a list was compiled, their “ranking” began, fees for comprehensive investment plans of the former NTP flagships. This work was led by First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. Over the years since then, at least 250 billions of budget rubles have been allocated to company towns. If you add on here indirect costs, the amount is close to a trillion. For what purpose was this money spent? Why didn't they take the expected action? Maybe the trouble is that the money was spent without understanding the problem?

From monotowns began to demand that they make comprehensive investment plans. Previously, the entire huge economic apparatus, primarily Stalin’s people's commissars, dealt with this issue, and now the mayor of the town, often yesterday's teacher or doctor, began to demand that a plan be drawn up in three months. Instead of focusing at the federal level the forces of specialists capable of dealing with single-industry towns, the Cabinet sends out the above-mentioned prescriptions to three hundred localities. Hoped that such developments really send? Such an "extraordinary ease in brains" is not just a sign of inability to control, it is a refusal of control, of responsibility. How is it possible to demand from the mayor of a town with a destroyed sewage system, a host of other problems that Stalin, and Beria, and all the people's commissars be replaced at once?

- Can the principle of “controlled compression” be transferred to our soil? This refers to the relocation through the purchase of housing or the issuance of housing certificates, the provision of guarantees to those who are not ready to leave. There are areas that remain “alive” and unpromising.

- You drew a cheap popular picture, which crumbles, coming into contact with reality. Instead of organizing industry as the basis for the prosperity of the regions, the depopulation of our territories will continue.

And further. Most of the territories in which mono-cities are located are bordering. This means: we are releasing them for other states ... As we say: take the land, we are “squeezed”, because our managers are incapacitated. We are deserting the country, and soon we will give it to you in general. Come and own us!

At the same time, the concept of “20 agglomerations” is moving into the public consciousness. It is proposed to collect the entire population of Russia in cities with a population of over one million people. It seems to be another idea, but the basic meaning is the same. This is a spatial development strategy that is detrimental to our country. Unfortunately, she has recently gained supporters at the top. During the crisis of 2009, the then Minister of Regional Development, Viktor Basargin, speaking in the State Duma, spoke in favor of developing a program to resettle people from single-industry towns to those communities where there is work. I would like to clarify where he found such.

Call things by their proper names. “Managed compression” is the theory of the surrender of its land, the surrender of Russia.

- But after all, some of the production are outdated, gradually outlive themselves. Why not put new technologies in the “core”?

- Yes, the production is really outdated, lost relevance, morally and physically decayed. But what happens is it was obvious even 30 years ago. Instead of creating new productions and realistically, not in words, but in practice replacing the retiring industrial capacities, managers have been moving away from solving the urgent problems for a quarter of a century and come up with theories of "controlled compression" - disguising their incapacity or directly promoting the ideology of putting the country. But in reality, the problem is that the post-Soviet elites of the new Russia are unable to organize new industries, the industrial system of the country as a whole, which is vital in monotowns as well.

- You know well the problems of the Vostochny cosmodrome; you personally fought to develop space activities in the Far East. Is it possible to create a science city here that would become an example for the rest?

- And maybe it should. My colleagues and I fired through this idea during the crisis years of 2008 – 2009; we really saved the space industry in the Far East. Vladimir Putin in 2012 decided: to be a science city. The following year, he came up with a beautiful name for him - Tsiolkovsky. Now there was a construction there, money was sent there. However, the project of science city and space cluster is still not there. There is no understanding of the essence of the new industrialization. Officials think that science cities will be created by themselves, as industry in the country will take and recover. But even the cats themselves will not be born. Therefore, so far no project of the science city at the Eastern one exists. Apartments with high-quality Korean toilets are being built, but enterprises of science and space industry are not being created. No one can do this. They do not select and prepare young people, they do not attract old people with their scientific schools. For five years I have continuously been making proposals to make the Vostochny Cosmodrome with a science city an outpost for Russian development. But my appeals do not respond, because no one knows where to even begin.

- But surely there are still people who designed, built and improved Baikonur ...

- To wait from the government that it will hear something, understand, attract people who can design new scientific and industrial systems is a waste of time. These elites are not created for new industrialization; they cannot build cities, restore industrial facilities. Therefore, these people must resign.

If they create new structures for managing single-industry towns, the colossal funds will again pass by, into some projects that do not change anything. We need other concepts, approaches, a different model of the country's economy.

- How to bring the production potential of monotowns in line with the requirements of the day?

- First: create a headquarters of about a hundred specialists in strategic planning for new industrialization in the country based on the single-industry city. The second is to take as a basis the method of building new national competitive industries, to issue money for them, but only for them, as super-promising projects.

In a year, you can select and train a thousand energetic and skilled managers ...

- It reminds Sergo Ordzhonikidze’s rapid activities during the first five-year plan, when he headed the People's Commissariat of Industry ...

- Yes, we need energetic and qualified specialists who will come to make a new industrial profile of each single-industry city. We must make every effort to save his idea and carry out reconstruction. This will be done by two or three trained people in a special headquarters in each such locality. They will do concrete work, unlike talkative officials and irresponsible consultants who have been eating up money for eight years. And low-level structures for the reorganization of single-industry towns should be raised to the level of direct contacts with a specially created Industrial Policy Council headed by the president.
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  1. +11
    27 2016 June
    All this is not new, has long been known.
    But I am glad that they allowed me to talk about it.
    Maybe the powerful have decided to take up the correction? But if this is the scoring of a new economic policy, then where are the resignations, the landings of those who destroyed science, industry, cities and people?
    And without this, I won’t believe in the seriousness of intentions.
    Or is it just theorizing, which will not be followed by managerial decisions, what Krupnov complains about using the example of the East?

    I'm afraid all this will remain the voice of one crying in the desert. Not with our effective managers to make economic leaps. I would say, call the Bolsheviks, they know how. But where to get the Bolsheviks in the country? They all died of old age.
    1. +7
      27 2016 June
      Quote: Pereira
      Maybe the powerful have decided to take up the correction? But if this is the scoring of a new economic policy, then where are the resignations, the landings of those who destroyed science, industry, cities and people?

      What landing, what are you talking about ?! Is it possible so with colleagues?
      But seriously, think carefully, how else can you solve the problem of single-industry towns, except by pouring money into the development of their economic component - institutions, factories or other enterprises - and by providing housing for working people? No serious progress in this direction has yet been observed. And when you hear a person’s statement in the rank of prime minister that it is not work that should go to people, but people to work, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. How is this possible for a resident of the hinterland, who has at his disposal a dilapidated house in the village or odnushka in the hrusche? What will he get for them, even having managed to sell? What kind of housing can be acquired where there is work today? For such people, most often there is only one way out - actual slavery and penniless work ... We are constantly told that the only possible way out is a mortgage. In fact, instead of providing working people with cheap housing, developing the economy and infrastructure of the city, squeezing the latter. As long as this situation does not change, I personally would not wait for noticeable improvements in the economy.
    2. 0
      27 2016 June
      Yes, I think new ones have already been born. Whoever is looking for will always find it. The fact is that no one is looking for and the young have no way. That's what needs to be fixed.
    3. +12
      27 2016 June
      I would say, call the Bolsheviks, they know how.

      Do you know what suddenly came to the head? The Bolsheviks knew how to build factories, fly into space, move world science, teach children, and fight for their homeland. They could and did perfectly, without any irony. One they did not know how to make normal children... Their children became oligarchs or an ordinary "electorate", calmly gawking on TV like a show, how they are breaking the country created by the Bolshevik fathers. One of Gaidar's grandfather and grandson, as you remember ... Brr. Miracles ... Why so? It would seem that it’s easier - just live, and the child himself will take over your habits and values. This means that they lived in a family differently than in public .... The Bolsheviks were hypocritical, this is the result.

      It is disgusting to realize that snickering Western egoists-burghers
      were more honest with their children. They brought up the same loners-egoists. And our people glorified collectivism, latently remembering and quietly acting according to the principle "your shirt is closer to your body" .... Amen
      1. +3
        27 2016 June
        Quote: dauria
        The hypocrites of the Bolsheviks, here is the result.

        One of the most important mistakes of the CPSU was the fact that over time, having a party membership card became an aid in career growth and material well-being. My late grandfather, a Communist with a capital letter and just a good person, always recalled those times when there was such a thing as "party maximum". that is, a non-party person in the same workplace could receive a large salary, but a communist could not. And when the communists were the first to go into battle. Those were the Bolsheviks ...
      2. +1
        27 2016 June
        Here you, dear, confuse.
        Until the Khrushchev’s negative selection for power began in the country, everything was in order with the children.
        But those who rose up with Nikitka were not only Bolsheviks, but in many ways also Communists.

        By the way, the current Gaidars have no relation to Arkady. In this, Arkady Gaidar is clean in front of the country.
        1. +1
          27 2016 June
          Until the Khrushchev’s negative selection for power began in the country, everything was in order with the children.

          But how is it "okay" if the result is like this? Fathers are good, children are good, and the result is "asshole"? Cunning ... it turns out that the Bolsheviks have "inferior Bolshevik children" at some stage were born, or are they foundlings laughing ? Is it scary to admit that the system turned out to be rotten?
          1. 0
            28 2016 June
            Quote: dauria

            But how is it "okay" if the result is like this? Fathers are good, children are good, but the result is "asshole"? Cunning ... it turns out that the Bolsheviks have "inferior Bolshevik children" at some stage were born, or are they laughing foundlings? Is it scary to admit that the system turned out to be rotten?

            I read your commentary and I remembered Irina Ginzburg's book "Steep Route", or rather its first part, before her arrest. Where she writes that already in the 30s, under Stalin, there was a division into prestigious and non-prestigious countries and directions. Those from where you can bring prestigious clothes and other consumer goods and not prestigious, where this was not. Do not just accuse her of liberalism. Until the end of her life, despite what she had to go through, she remained an ardent supporter of the CPSU.
    4. -1
      27 2016 June
      Monotowns is one of the forms of organization of the intellectual proletariat. As a successful development example, Skolkovo is also losing to them. But liberals only understand benefits, and if development is primary, then benefits may be delayed. Therefore, either liberals or development. Having made this choice, we can solve the problem of single-industry towns.
    5. +1
      27 2016 June
      At the last St. Petersburg forum there was an interesting report by Lauren Graham about why inventions are not being introduced in our country. The conclusion "due to the lack of demonstrations" is, of course, ridiculous. Our management system is adapted to harsh natural conditions, therefore it is distinguished by strict operational management (and not totalitarianism). But the "servants" provide not development, but life support. And for development we need not Chubais, but Shipunovs, who are "effective" for development are not suitable. Accordingly, general designers must be selected and protected from "servicemen", their encroachments border on an administrative crime. The system of government in our country is quite capable of this task.
    6. +6
      28 2016 June
      Quote: Pereira
      They all died

      I'm not going to die! hi
      1. +1
        28 2016 June
        Quote: Denis Obukhov
        At the last St. Petersburg forum there was an interesting report by Lauren Graham on why inventions are not being introduced in our country. .

        The Bolsheviks immediately after the revolution assumed the state and people "for centuries." And under socialism it was also. Take different phrases from the film "the meeting place cannot be changed." Or poems and songs about the very distant future. There was the prospect of the state itself. And now, after collapse of the Union it is absent.
        1. +5
          28 2016 June
          Our care is simple,
          Our concern is this:
          If my native country lived,
          And there are no other worries.
          1. 0
            28 2016 June
            It turns out --- CMEA building its own economic system and plans "for centuries." Then the country would not have become an appendage of raw materials, a donor for vampires.
            Pessimism after this article. Is it possible to change everything so much after the done harm? And human resources are not the same. Lego was to destroy.
  2. +12
    27 2016 June
    How many can be chewed one and the same, for a long time two-thirds of the government had to be put against the wall together with the young and not very reformers of the 90-2000s. Filling billions with pockets is energy and enterprise, and there are no brains to think about state affairs and people. Conclusion, why the hell are such reformers and a government needed? But what's the point of procrastinating the same thing. request
  3. +7
    27 2016 June
    A heavy, sad article and unfortunately absolutely reliable. As for:

    This work was carried out under the leadership of First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov.

    Can anyone name at least one state action that the above member of the government has implemented? Do not rack your colleague's brains, there are no such cases. For in our government there are no "effective menajars" capable of creation. There are all the LADIES and others like that.
  4. +12
    27 2016 June
    "But I am glad that they were allowed to talk about it" ????

    "In many cities there is no industry left at all. People survive by seasonal work. There are about 40 million of them in our country. This figure shows that Russia does not have a viable economic system."
    ... these words of the author have recently become quite drawn to "terrorism". wink
    1. +5
      27 2016 June
      Quote: samarin1969
      ... these words of the author have recently become quite drawn to "terrorism".

      Well said, Konstantin. And the saddest thing is quite realistic.
    2. +2
      27 2016 June
      By abandonment? This is about me.
    3. +3
      27 2016 June
      Well, that's why the National Guard is created in our country, a new law has been adopted, is the Sat reformed?
      Probably for the World Cup ...
      Considering the "help" of the US special services (read: 90 countries of the world) in shaking social foundations, as well as the betrayal of top officials (almost universal, incomparably greater in scope than the Trotskyist-Tukhachev-Khrushchevskoe), as well as the real trouble at the same time and in one place tens of thousands of people who have nothing to lose, one can most likely assume very "fun" events in the next two years. If it comes to the point that the state sees a loss, there will be only one way out: nuclear war. "So don't get anyone else!
      They will try not to reach this, because ... and what was the Tukhachevsky Tambov peasants with pacifying? The Ishimskys, by the way, had an army of one hundred thousand, and they also "dispersed" in the graves ... No, Well, some of them remained alive. Even the Makhnovists, what really! My partner was a Makhnovist. He served 50 years and was released with a clear conscience under an amnesty in honor of the 100th anniversary of Lenin. And they could have spanked like the others after the capture of Perekop. There is hope that the living will remain. At least oligarchs and officials - for sure.
  5. +3
    27 2016 June
    "Yes, we need energetic and qualified specialists who will come to create a new industrial profile for each single-industry town. We must make every effort to save its idea and carry out reconstruction. This will be done by two or three trained people in a special headquarters in each such settlement."
    Presidential Council and ..... And another "hundred years of solitude." Either a fairy tale, or a dream. Business must be done, not bureaucrats. These 2 specialists need devices, financing and TIME. And people cannot wait.
    And most importantly, black should be called black. And the president is in no hurry, although he plays chess well.
  6. +25
    27 2016 June
    Well, I live in a monotown. They killed all industries, destroyed 10 thousand jobs in 25 years. And what have you created? They made a carriage building out of a car repair plant, the old buildings were empty, although the new cars are being brought to mind anyway in the old workshop. But now the carriages are not needed either. There is an auto-aggregate plant where axle units of dubious quality are made to complete GAZ Pavlovo buses. The rest of the factories are so-so. The people are all in the waste industries, in Nizhny, in Moscow, in Surgut, anywhere. And at the congress of "United Russia" they proclaim a "program" which the government was supposed to implement the day before yesterday. They promise to "index" pensions, to carry out "social policy". In general, "there is no money, but you are holding on." And there are plenty of such cities. There is no life in small towns. Even the railway has taken off a lot from itself, does not want to maintain the entire infrastructure. Fuck knows where to look for work at the age of 47, he went to Nizhny, so he could not find an apartment (or rather even a room) there within his means. We do not have people's power, if you look from the hinterland.
    1. +10
      27 2016 June
      Quote: Altona
      We do not have people's power, if you look from the depths.

      Eugene, and I live in Krasnodar. Do you think from here you can consider people's power? No, also not considered. hi
      I'm already over 50, so it’s not easy with work, even in a big city. But we "hold on without money", as the LADY bequeathed. soldier
      1. +6
        28 2016 June
        Quote: Vladimir 1964
        as DAM bequeathed

        What did he grunt already? You’ll get carried away with you and miss the good news. lol
        1. 0
          28 2016 June
          Quote: Ros 56
          What did he grunt already? You’ll get carried away with you and miss the good news.

          Good comment Yuri, after work the mood was raised. good
    2. +3
      28 2016 June
      Quote: Altona
      We do not have people's power, if you look from the depths.

      Ha! Discovery of America №145000001! laughing
      Quote: Altona
      Fuck knows where to look for work at 47
      Where your knowledge and experience are required .. or what you can create with the help of the above advantages!
      You do great analytics! Why can't this generate income? .. Something like "Interesting Recent History of Russia", in your interpretation, could become a bestseller at all wink
      Quote: Altona
      I live in a single-industry town. They killed all production, destroyed 10 thousand jobs in 25 years

      In general, this is not so much a problem of single-industry towns as of the whole of Russia - especially large industrial centers .. although single-industry towns have had a harder time, of course - due to the lack of an alternative in principle.
      And in 25 years, tens of thousands of ENTERPRISES have been destroyed !!! - what can we say about 10 thousand jobs ..
      Quote: Altona
      And at the congress of "United Russia" they proclaim a "program" which the government was supposed to implement the day before yesterday.

      ..I doubt very much that you doubted what VEDROSA will promise before the elections wassat ! If you delve into the archived videos, you can find their campaign promises four years ago .. entertaining "reading"! wink
      I formulated my opinion in the comment below, and I think that this is the most real way to get out of the impasse. PERSONALITY ONLY NEEDED .. hi
    3. +4
      28 2016 June
      Quote: Altona
      We do not have people's power, if you look from the depths.

      You can look in profile, in full face, from below, from above, its essence was clear 25 years ago, and the fairy tales that it transformed in the XNUMXs, let's leave it in favor of the "poor" for the substance of gray color.
      And to your statement, I would add the particle "ANTI".
      1. +4
        28 2016 June
        Quote: PHANTOM-AS
        it was transformed in the XNUMXs, let's leave in favor of the "poor

        hi Victor, you don’t believe in EDRO headed by Volodin .. evona wink
        1. +5
          28 2016 June
          Quote: afdjhbn67
          Victor, you don’t believe in EDRO headed by Volodin .. evona

          Kohl, I believe in you, I believe in myself, I believe in Avia-91, but I don’t believe in Hedro, I force myself to do it with all my strength, but I don’t believe it, I’ve been tormented all over, gee-gee wassat
          1. +1
            28 2016 June
            Quote: PHANTOM-AS
            but I don’t believe

            Do not mind it laughing
          2. +1
            29 2016 June
            Quote: PHANTOM-AS
            Kolya, I believe in you, I believe in myself, in Avia-91

            Thank you for your trust, Victor! ( lol)
            And with the "extreme rank" you! Rarely "see each other" - missed .. hi
            1. +1
              30 2016 June
              Quote: avia1991
              Thank you for your trust, Victor! ()
              And with the "extreme rank" you! Rarely "see each other" - missed ..

              Thank you, man! drinks
              firmly shake my hand! soldier
  7. +5
    27 2016 June
    How can one demand from the mayor of a town with destroyed sewers to replace both Stalin and Beria, and all the people's commissars at once? == but how could I.V. Stalin imagine ... that his descendants could sell and betray his country like that. PPC full.

    Georgia offered its Black Sea coast to the US Navy.

    Defense Minister Tina Khidasheli admitted that the country does not have its own navy and there is no money for its construction, RIA Novosti reports.

    According to Khidasheli, NATO is actively working on the “security concept” of the Black Sea. She added that she considers the new stage of cooperation with Washington unprecedented.
  8. +6
    27 2016 June
    Until now, the entire bureaucratic structure is not geared towards creation. It all comes down to the implementation (under the guise of Russia's development, of course) one of 400 methods of relatively honest taking money from citizens. Fiscal services, law enforcement, judicial system, industrial and agricultural management system ALL have obvious signs of corruption in the form of irrepressible thirst for consumption, unjustified enrichment. Note that the most successful Russians are not the most intelligent, educated and hardworking, but the most dexterous, shameless and "without a homeland, without a flag", cosmopolitans - there is a homeland where it is sweet to eat and soft to sleep. Where are the "noble tractor drivers", "noble grain growers", "noble engineers" who really live with dignity? They are! But we do not know how well they live, for that we know the details of the family happiness of Ksenia Borodina or Andrey Arshavin. With the word "ALL" I probably overdid it and generalized, but the global paradigm of state structure is exactly the same as described above. Striving for FREEZE is a trend of the last decades. Lost forward movement towards creation. That's why monotowns are bent. These settlements are for specific tasks of creation, not for free living. Not in a trend .... We have unlearned ... Another 10 years of the exam and everyone will forget the joy of the creative process, stop doing good. But everything is not bad with us ... We finally can HANA ... it may soon come, if we do not take up our minds more actively. Everyone in his place must honestly, proactively and conscientiously fulfill his duties to begin with!
  9. +2
    27 2016 June
    The article is necessary and true, the authors are well done.
  10. +4
    27 2016 June
    Such an economy has been created that production in it is not profitable. At least two thousand ingenious managers a year, but all that they create, after three years, usurers will go bankrupt and bankrupt, interest will increase. It is necessary to change the fundamentals of the economy. Not necessarily all at once. You can start with a state bank, with economists inside, rather than interest-bearing loan sharks, who will lend to production regardless of the stock price for firewood.
    In general, the government, doing nothing, falls into the formula "the top can not ..." The word is ours?
  11. +3
    27 2016 June
    Quote: Altona
    Well, I live in a single-industry town. They killed all the production,

    And I live in a single-industry town? Before, in 100 thousand cities, 80% of men worked in mines and the infrastructure of coal mining. Women had a garment production (over 5000 people). Now the city is not listed in single-industry towns, according to all reports we have a city MULTIDISCIPLINE. Yes, they built "new" production facilities - car repair, fish factory, nave
    factory, such warehouses and terminals. BUT THESE PRODUCTIONS for 200-400 people, TOTAL for 1,5 thousand. Recently, many worked on construction sites, now construction sites are abandoned, there is no funding! The city drank and fled! negative hi
  12. 0
    28 2016 June
    Salvation of drowning people is the work of drowning people themselves.
  13. +4
    28 2016 June
    What to add? ! We and children live here. Officials buy places and passports in Schengen and the Americas. Then they will sell the territory, the bowels, the people, like animals of some kind of Monsante for genetic experiments and that’s all.
    Well, well, they will declare a state of emergency in case of a naughty, introduce a dictatorship if they brainwash that money in foreign banks has been arrested, and the doors of Guantanamo and Auschwitz (they say they are actively restoring) are open for the former "servants of the people" with former accounts in the FRS banks. Therefore - the state of emergency, the rationing system, the curfew, the universal surrender of each other (because, if not you, then you).
    Well, and after the reign of the junta, the happiness of the new North Korea will come (because the old one will cease to exist in five years because of the gratuitousness and stealing of officials ...
    Sik, as one Roman used to say, is a Gloria Mundi transit!
    Don’t you believe about the kids of the North Korean officials? And children are the future of the country!
    Where do the children of our officials live and study? Correctly! They graze deer in the Voyvohltomsoymkurt hut (what sorts of debris will pop up in forty years! Savelyev, ay!).
    But officials have a chance to survive. Only you need to work honestly, and to the fullest ...
    No! Do not survive! They will die, but they will not work for the people!
  14. +3
    28 2016 June
    I paraphrase Maxim our Gorky. Born to find fault cannot create
  15. +2
    28 2016 June
    Yes, we need energetic and qualified specialists who will come to make a new industrial profile of each single-industry town
    It seems that we, first of all, need new leader, with a new team and classic soviet understanding of social values, and the dignity of the nation ..
  16. +2
    28 2016 June
    Quote: Pereira
    By the way, the current Gaidars have no relation to Arkady. In this, Arkady Gaidar is clean in front of the country.

    That's right. Gaidar, who was the first, married a lady with a baby boy, already being quite famous. He, receiving a passport, having made a glance himself or at the instigation of his mother, took the surname of his stepfather.
    And did not fail, you know wink And so his son, whom we all know here as a chubby little Kolobok with forever charming lips, personally attached
    their hands to ruin and robbery of the country, stop production, etc. and so on. How many people finished their earthly journey ahead of time .., as a result of such "transformations" and through his direct fault, for that, burn in hell! Ugh!
    1. +4
      28 2016 June
      Quote: VladimS
      He, receiving a passport, having made a glance himself or at the instigation of his mother, took the surname of his stepfather.

      It’s clear that this is neither Chuck nor Huck!
      I am sure that if Arkady Petrovich had known in advance, he would have sterilized the stepson with one sweep of the checker.

      I often think about what wonderful people that war took away.
      After all, the most honest, pure and brave, the first to go on the attack, made tank rams, threw themselves with a bunch of grenades under the tracks of tanks, laid their chest on machine guns. I am sure they would survive, in our country, many things would be different.
  17. +3
    28 2016 June
    There is no general concept of state development.
    That is, programs and visions of what we want to receive after a certain period of time.
    Oh, so this is the Soviet five-year plan, is it?
    And until this happens, part of the country will be empty
    but in another part they will live on each other’s heads, as in Moscow time.
    But it’s kind of like going to take on the development of mega-projects,
    which will solve certain problems.
  18. +2
    28 2016 June
    I apologize for the repetition. I’ll copy my comment about officials and in general

    In our case, we must say - a civil servant, an official. It is people who are in the public service who are engaged in the distribution of funds allocated for basic research. And the main problem is the problem of motivating people who are required to monitor the state of science in the country. The average official, most likely, does not care about the final result, the salary is on, the office writes. They can only be punished for negative consequences, for example: the official as much as possible appreciated the prospects of the development, allocated funds there, but the result did not work (sometimes it happens). Thus, the official does not make sense to take risks. He can also be punished for any violations - in the preparation of documentation, paragraphs of instructions, misuse of finances. And the same civil servants who find it easier to find formal errors check the activities of such an official.

    So it turns out that it makes no sense for the current official to take the initiative, he lives according to the principles of "the salary goes", "no matter what happens" and "we live once." Therefore, the official begins to be wise with kickbacks, bribes and sawing off funds. What will he leave behind? Chair and table? And there is a house in Spain ...

    Moreover, this applies not only to science, but also to all state activity in general. All levels of the structure (except, of course, the very, very top wink ).

    As a result, it turns out that the first person of the state is forced to intervene in all state affairs. This has been going on since the time of Peter the Great, if not earlier. Although in one of the management theories the peak of the organization's development, the unattainable ideal is described as "one thing is known about a good leader - he is ...".

    What to do?

    1. You can put an official in the "area of ​​death". Keep him in fear of irreversible punishment, up to and including the death penalty. This method seems to be effective, but we will also end up with an absolutely inert mass of officials, incapable of any independent action.

    2. You can follow the path proposed by Y. Mukhin - to evaluate an official by the results of his activities in a national referendum, for more details see his books. Sound idea, but up for discussion. Because often saying "the people are against, the people will rise," they forget that the people are not a brick put on the scales. You can't please everyone ... I already wrote once: my friend's neighbor in Maria Devi, Christ, believes - but she is also a people .. And a Russian official - did not fall from the moon.

    3. You can do patriotic education, train managerial personnel from childhood, by attracting the population (ONF, youth organizations, academies of management). This is a progressive path, it takes time and effort, does not always end in success. As I can judge, smart and proactive people will not go to the civil service. Self-employment, where they pay more or abroad, for example, will always be more attractive.

    4. And sorry for the repetition. It is necessary to introduce scientific methods for assessing a person's ability to hold important government posts. Select passionaries in the understanding of Gumilev, give them extraordinary powers and entrust them to make decisions. Test everyone, create a personnel reserve. However, as one wise man told me - "It smacks of fascism ..."

    5. ?
    1. 0
      28 2016 June
      3. It is possible to engage in patriotic education, to train managerial personnel from childhood, by attracting the population (ONF, youth organizations, management academies) ...
      4. And sorry for repeating. It is necessary to introduce scientific methods for assessing a person’s ability to occupy important government posts. Select passionaries ... Test everyone, create a talent pool.

      There is a ready-made and successful method of training civil servants in Japan. Tests and selection in childhood. Those chosen from the beginning of the school know where they are preparing and how it is not easy and how honorable. And they dig the earth for 15 years to become a real elite due to their labor and competence. Dad can only help pay tuition. That's all. This system has disadvantages, but the result is not bad at all. Moreover, the Japanese took as a basis the training of personnel in the USSR with the addition of their own specifics and speak directly about it. They tried to introduce the Anglo-Saxon approach, but it could not stand the competition with the Soviet one. Just do not forget the main thing - planned staff training events are IMPOSSIBLE without total control in society. If you do not control the development model, preparation goes into the unknown.
      1. 0
        28 2016 June
        Almost there, but not that. I will copy my comment

        First a big quote:

        “A professor of psychology at the University of London, Hans Eisenck, who visited Singapore in the 1987 year, strengthened my conviction of the usefulness of tests to check the IQ, personal qualities and character traits.

        He cited the example of an American oil multinational corporation, which employed 40 psychologists who participated in hiring and promoting 40 000 company employees. We did not have enough trained psychologists to test candidates for important positions. After a discussion with him, I demanded that the National University of Singapore prepare more psychologists who study human behavior in order to help select people with the necessary qualities for various positions.
        I was also interested in the leaders of TNCs in their system of selection and promotion of high-ranking employees.

        I came to the conclusion that one of the best systems was developed and implemented at Shell's Anglo-Dutch oil company. They mainly paid attention to what they called the “current assessment of potential” of a person. This assessment was determined by three factors: the person’s ability to analyze, the development of imagination, the presence of common sense. Together, they constituted an integral indicator, which Shell called “helicopter vision,” reflecting a person’s ability to see facts and problems in a broader context, while highlighting critical details. The assessment team included people who personally knew the candidate. This group could rather accurately rank candidates with approximately the same abilities, according to the level of their “helicopter vision”

        In the 1983 year, after we tested this system and became convinced of its reliability and practicality, it was adopted and recommended for use in government agencies, replacing the British system we inherited. ”

        Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore Story: 1965-2000. From the Third World - to the First, M., MGIMO-University Publishing House, 2010, p. 633-634.

        - In the courtyard of the 21 century. Develop and implement our own testing system for various parameters (including the presence / absence of thirst for expensive watches and pens) wink ) Conduct a selection of all interested citizens of Russia to form a personnel reserve. Enter a voluntary citizen index based on testing results. To appoint positions that are important to the state, those who have passed the selection with the greatest result.
    2. 0
      July 1 2016
      Quote: tasha
      5. ?

      Create boarding schools for nurturing managers, these boarding schools, teachers
      Quote: tasha
      To select passionaries in Gumilyov’s understanding, to give them extraordinary powers and to entrust
      education of the future - honest and decent - civil servants of Russia!
      ..And along the way, vacate jobs for these new managers, for which purpose from the arsenal of the Revolutionary Military Council certification teams select 2 (two) Maxim machine guns so that one does not overheat .. hi
  19. 0
    28 2016 June
    Everything is lost?
    Why didn’t the comrade mention the launch of Europe’s largest polymer plant in Tobolsk? Why didn’t you mention the launch of TFK production a month ago? Now the need for PET in import has disappeared. Why didn’t he mention the existing scientific center in Tomsk? Why didn’t I mention that dozens of chemical production and pharmaceutical production are being built? About Ufa, in general, kept quiet: obviously. not in courses.
    The comrade has very little information. There is a lot of water, there is little specificity.
    Why is the bastard bastard? A normal business executive would say: we need to produce such and such chemicals in such and such quantity, the most convenient places here and here, we need machine-building plants with such and such capacity for such productions, for this we need ... etc. P. And this is just a dumbbell. Article minus for this:.
    1. +3
      28 2016 June
      Quote: Bramb
      Comrade has very little information

      So where do they come from, if instead of the closed 10000 factories, only ten were opened, let them say you are very significant. But ten and ten thousand is the difference? So there really is nothing to boast about. I’ll even say a little more - yesterday, the DOSAAF infa box filled the state order for the preparation of specialists for the army, and Shoigu confirmed this. My eyes got on my forehead, where did such information come from when DOSAAF was half dead. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. In Soviet times, only our ASK trained 400 people for the Airborne Forces, plus pilots, plus drivers in STK, modellers, Young Sailors, etc. But now this is not there, everything is breathing in the air. And so it will be until there is funding and a clear, clear program throughout the country. And when the world aerobatics champions go and fight, give Christ for a barrel of gasoline for training, this is not good. hi
  20. 0
    28 2016 June
    - Over the past ten years at AvtoVAZ, the largest city-forming enterprise, the number of employees decreased at least three times - from 150 up to xnumx thousand people.
    What are 50 thousand? !! 37 thousand left ... crying
    1. 0
      28 2016 June
      non-core asset victims good
  21. 0
    28 2016 June
    Dear Yuri and Alexander, the problem you raised is extremely urgent. It must be solved only with the restoration of industry and science.
    I had to create new enterprises in Saransk, Zhigulevsk, Leninogorsk, Kuznetsk, Partizansk, Makhach Kale, Dylyme, Khasavyurt, Khmelnytsky, Vitebsk and many other cities of the USSR. Why did we do this? The first is to give specialists a job. The second is to boost our economy and defense. The task was completed. In 1998, the level of GDP of the USSR compared to the world level of GDP was 25%, and at present 1%. Here is an economic development strategy. I am very disappointed that the enterprises developed and created by us were liquidated, and the specialists were left idle. I have the honor.
  22. 0
    28 2016 June
    An industrial breakthrough is possible only with the active mobilization of the country's financial resources, but how can this be done if the entire elite sucks up "bonuses" and will not give up. Kadyrov will build another mosque with federal money instead of a bearing plant. Sobyanin - 1 more park, etc. And the eternally problematic Russian Railways will build one more hotel for our son for investments. That's the problem.
  23. 0
    28 2016 June
    - Yes, we need energetic and qualified specialists who will come to make a new industrial profile of each single-industry city. We must make every effort to save his idea and carry out reconstruction. This will be done by two or three trained people in a special headquarters in each such locality. They will do concrete work, unlike talkative officials and irresponsible consultants who have been eating up money for eight years. And low-level structures for the reorganization of single-industry towns should be raised to the level of direct contacts with a specially created Industrial Policy Council headed by the president.

    And where to get them: two to three people? The bureaucrats have a great scent - they will all be there first

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