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Cars "Ural" in the Egyptian army

Soviet (Russian) all-terrain vehicles "Ural" firmly settled in the Egyptian army, winning the deserved recognition of the military of this country, writes Messenger of Mordovia.

Cars "Ural" in the Egyptian army

According to the resource, "the Egyptian army began to receive the" Urals-375D "even at a time when relations between Egypt and the USSR were in full bloom." Machines took an active part in armed conflicts.

However, soon after the peace treaty with Israel, relations between the USSR and Egypt seriously deteriorated. “Nevertheless, the Egyptians still use 70-s trucks, and according to various sources, there are still more than two and a half thousand such vehicles,” the author notes.

Now in the Armed Forces of Egypt are widely used "Urals-4320". These cars "first appeared during the so-called" color revolution "2011 of the year, now the number of such all-terrain vehicles exceeded three and a half thousand," the article says.

"Urals" are used as transport vehicles, and as a chassis for the installation of artillery pieces.

“So, using the 130-mm cannon Type 59 (copies of the Soviet M-46 cannon) a wheeled ACS was created. This machine, depending on the type of projectiles, is capable of hitting targets from a distance of 27 to 37 km. The cabin of the car is armored and protects against small arms. weapons and splinters, ”the author reports.

There is also another installation with the Soviet howitzer D-30 (mm 122). Its firing range to 15,3 km is high-explosive fragmentation ammunition and to 22 km is active-reactive.
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  1. Wild_grey_wolf
    Wild_grey_wolf 21 June 2016 12: 06
    not surprising, time-tested technique.
    Tenacious. . .
    1. Khariton
      Khariton 21 June 2016 12: 33
      URAL and it all means ... Does not need advertising!
      1. St Petrov
        St Petrov 21 June 2016 13: 08
        The car’s cabin is armored and protects from bullets of small arms and fragments, ”the author reports.

        and there is?
        1. tiredwithall
          tiredwithall 21 June 2016 14: 34
          Another self-propelled gun based on the Urals. Not from a good life.
        2. The comment was deleted.
  2. Altona
    Altona 21 June 2016 12: 09
    There is nothing to say about the car, it is a classic and a classic in Africa. But about the Middle Eastern armies, they all come up with all sorts of "shaitan-arbs", putting artillery or machine-gun installations on a car chassis in order to drive through the desert. From light pick-ups to commercial trucks.
    1. volot-voin
      volot-voin 21 June 2016 12: 13
      Quote: Altona
      There is nothing to say about the car, it’s a classic in Africa too.

      This SUV. Three driving axles. Probably it's great to ride it in the desert. Fuel consumption only ... but for the sun, this is normal.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. novobranets
        novobranets 21 June 2016 12: 53
        Quote: volot-voin
        Probably it's great to ride it in the desert.

        You can ride it ... everywhere. An amazing machine, the definition is multi-purpose.
        1. novobranets
          novobranets 21 June 2016 12: 53
          And this is also Ural.
          The line of models is very extensive.
          1. Khariton
            Khariton 21 June 2016 13: 07
            And men in the Urals live serious! And the girls are beautiful ...
          2. Ramzaj99
            Ramzaj99 21 June 2016 17: 31
            Quote: novobranets
            And this is also Ural. The line of models is very extensive.

            But this one in my opinion is the most beautiful and brutal)
        2. Khariton
          Khariton 21 June 2016 13: 09
          Quote: novobranets
          You can ride it ... everywhere. An amazing machine, the definition is multi-purpose.

          They steal the forest .....)))) On the video!
          1. novobranets
            novobranets 21 June 2016 15: 28
            Quote: Chariton
            They steal the forest ....

            These are the details. repeatThe main beast car ... chauffeur dog laughing.
        3. 16112014nk
          16112014nk 21 June 2016 20: 59
          There are not only Urals here. ZIL-131 does more impressive tricks! And by and large, probably the forest is illegally exported from the taiga. But the drivers, of course, are real masters! good
  3. dmitriyruss
    dmitriyruss 21 June 2016 12: 11
    To all our allies and others (as time shows), the carers and temporary companions especially like not only the excellent performance of our equipment, but, first of all, that in extremely rare cases they pay for this equipment with real money (mainly then Russia - Mother forgives everyone around)
  4. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 21 June 2016 12: 11
    "Ural", there is "Ural". Whether in the desert or in the snow. It was not for nothing that he wore the "Quality Mark" in the USSR.
    In general, the article is extremely rare about anything, a shame for the author. Not a minus, he will understand.
  5. sever.56
    sever.56 21 June 2016 12: 15
    In the army he served as a driver in the Urals-375. The car is great. Patency - fantastic! On a trailer dragged a station weighing 8 tons, almost a bumper in the snow, at a position in the exercises.
    No wonder, back in Soviet times, at one of the exhibitions in the West, he (the Urals) received a gold medal in his class!
    1. Dimon19661
      Dimon19661 21 June 2016 12: 21
      Fantastic is not the word. I had to work in the Urals in such places, where it’s hard to walk and walk, and he always helped out.
      1. jjj
        jjj 21 June 2016 12: 39
        Somehow, during the transition from Soviet power to democracy in Severodvinsk, they made a truck based on the four-axle MAZ ...
  6. Sirocco
    Sirocco 21 June 2016 12: 17
    What can I say, well done, especially the color of the car is striking, they think correctly. There is something to compare, and what to learn. The difference I think is visible to everyone.
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 21 June 2016 12: 21
    The Urals will enter the historical classics of cars for the army and the national economy.
  8. soroKING
    soroKING 21 June 2016 12: 27
    and the fuel they have is cheaper than water hi
    1. Samy
      Samy 21 June 2016 12: 36
      No, rather, their water is more expensive than oil.
  9. Engineer
    Engineer 21 June 2016 12: 29
    But why not use it if the Union supplied them with all the equipment for nothing? Duck, these descendants of the Faranas also came running over that it was worse than the western one, because the Jews had always trashed them too easily. As the bad dancer says ...
  10. Sergey-72
    Sergey-72 21 June 2016 12: 30
    Indeed, “Ural” is also “Ural” in Africa. But former brothers and sisters easily change to mattress and mattress trash. In spite of my mother, I will frostbite my ears laughing
  11. pofigisst74
    pofigisst74 21 June 2016 12: 47
    In the cabin, I suppose the heat is there. what
    1. Khariton
      Khariton 21 June 2016 13: 11
      Quote: pofigisst74
      In the cabin, I suppose the heat is there. what

      It's usually fun there ... The car rushing foolishly!
  12. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff 21 June 2016 13: 13
    Glory to Miass! On the other hand, have you been traveling for hundreds of kilometers in Zilka 130, or did you drive in the same Urals? The buzz is unsurpassed!
    1. Beaver
      Beaver 21 June 2016 13: 34
      Quote: pafegosoff
      for hundreds of kilometers in 130

      On take-off, there was a deal. good I still shudder as I recall. laughing
  13. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 21 June 2016 13: 49
    A hare of animals stands on the trail fines. A donkey approaches, he asks if you are a donkey for cars or trucks. A donkey thinks I’ll say a cargo log is being thrown, screaming at a passenger! Hare hands sideways: Why is the universal joint drive from MAZ ???
  14. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 21 June 2016 14: 30
    A steep piece of iron was checked in Siberia for dirt, snow, salt marsh, YMZ dry-creeper unkillable and omnivorous, men put on KamAZ trucks.
  15. Evil 55
    Evil 55 21 June 2016 14: 54
    URAL-3 meters to death .. The most reliable, unpretentious and simple machine in the world ..
  16. Dr. Vlado
    Dr. Vlado 21 June 2016 21: 53
    In 1992, in the Republika Srpska Krajina, a policeman (Russian) who was driving along the way, Militari, gave me a lift. He had a Portuguese driver. We are going. At the right point, I say: here is a turn and straight ahead "All the way!" You see, after 2 km. Is the Ural worth? There. He translated to the driver and said: Do you know what the UN officials call our Urals? No, Great Monster! With irony? No! Yours faithfully! With great respect! Our Urals calmly passes where all these Maymunas get stuck! PS : And our Urals "flew" on a good road like fighters!
  17. proud
    proud 21 June 2016 22: 34
    "Ural" - how much there is in this word! Car class, praise you Mias!