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Victor Panasyuk: "The best weapon is a smile"

Victor B. Panasyuk - the owner of 7 dan Goju-ryu. But he shared with us information about the South Chinese style of the "Crane of the White Crane", which has been studying 10 for years, as well as its experience and observations on life and its extreme sides. "Fist of the white crane" for a number of signs is a real martial art. All these signs are indicated in the material and the attentive reader will be able to find them.

About morale

- Our biggest enemy is ourselves, and the biggest fear is producing our own consciousness. A person can break a board or a baseball bat with a blow, but on the street he will be frightened by a thin hooligan, and will not be able to strike at full strength at that moment, or in general, in life. Therefore, first you need to overcome yourself. I will give an example - a man got into the wild, say, after a plane crash, or got lost. If he started to panic - he almost disappeared. Need to calm down. Turn off the internal dialogue - thought "Everything is bad!" and "What to do?". To gain this skill, in the Fist of the White Crane there are special psychophysical techniques. For example, walking along the columns is the height from 1,70 m to 3 m. The diameter of the columns is small - only about 50% of the foot is placed on the column. Therefore, you can safely fall, hitting the pole, or even tumble from it. We have guys circus artists who are accustomed to the height and physically developed - but even they are not comfortable on these pillars.

V.B. Panasyuk

Because in the circus they have insurance, there is a grid below. And the consciousness says: "Even if you fall, you will correctly group, land on the grid, and everything will be fine." And from the post you fall right on the ground. I have concrete in the park - anti-vandal poles. It is difficult for a newcomer to climb onto a pole for the first time to make even a step And if we talk about meditation, then usually a person performs it in a quiet place, working with the superconscious or subconscious. And on the post you have to be extremely collected, because one wrong step and I will fall. We must be here and now. And thoughts creep into my head: “What if I miss? If I suddenly fall asleep?”, And the mind paints a picture of how you fall and hit your chin on a nearby pole. The same thing happens with those in extreme situations - an earthquake, flooding - it does not matter. I was “lucky enough” several times to attend quite strong earthquakes when buildings swayed from side to side, and I was shaking like in the back of a truck as I ran up the stairs.
Next comes the connection between the conscious and the subconscious. Consciousness is the logic: “that is dangerous”, “it is not dangerous”. These things need to know in advance. For example, we did not know that the safest place in an earthquake in a building is a doorway. But to run the stairs is strictly prohibited. In addition, you can not panic - it's subconscious. Just at that earthquake, people jumped out of windows with fear and broke their legs.

Once I lived with a teacher (in China). A boy came to him, he started training - he was insulted at school, he had a psychological problem. The teacher forced him to walk on the edge of the abyss, to climb into the mountains. Before that, I had not seen such a practice with him, and I had trained for 6 years. Each student has an individual approach - if there is no such problem, you don’t need this practice. In general, I climbed with him on these mountains. An interesting point - on the edge of the cliff is an observation deck, bounded as if by an ancient wall with teeth. The wall begins at an altitude of 2 meters, and ends at the height of a four-story house. So, I was at the height of hard, although I already had the experience of walking on the pillars. And the teacher's wife in some slippers ran along these teeth, making turns in the right places by 90 degrees with jumps. Running up to the tine on which the teacher stood, she jumped into his arms. And the prong area is somewhere 50 on 50, see. He staggered, but restrained. And they felt that they were not afraid.

Another example - we climbed the stairs to the mountains, and got dirty, because we were clinging with our hands and feet. And the teacher's wife rose and descended only on her feet, without arms. They live in the mountains, accustomed to.

About the start of training

- Training begins with the complex San Jan (three battles), which is needed to combine the top, bottom and middle. Speaking energetically: the energy of heaven, earth and man. Physically speaking, arms, legs, and body. Collect branches without scattering foliage.

For example, a new prime minister came to power. He needs his decree to reach the executive branch. There is a chain - his deputy, and so on. If these are people on whom he cannot rely, if they cannot transfer his order, it means that the vertical of power is not built. If his orders are not executed, he does not control anything. The same is with a person - if you do not control all the muscles from neck to stop (some yes and some not), it means that the fight will develop so - it will work, then it will not work.

It is necessary to build a system of "central energy" - from the crown to the feet. There is a vertical axis, there is a horizontal one - both of them must be learned to use. This must be done physically. This requires a spin to antagonist muscles included. We get a tone. Total words can not explain, it is better to show.

Unlike the White Crane Fist, there are systems based on the centrifugal, centrifugal action, when you strike with your hand like a saber. There, too, there is a disclosure-closure, and not everything is so simple. Different systems have different "engine".

Our "engine" is based on the tendon tone, which allows you to make a discharge in any direction. It is suitable for people of all body types, because everyone has tendons and muscles.

Combining the "top" and "bottom" of the body on the one hand is very simple, on the other is very difficult. The fingers are located on the hand, which is connected to the forearm. The forearm through the elbow is connected to the shoulder. The shoulder is controlled by the muscles of the scapula and the pectoral muscles. Next comes the loin, then the groin area, then the knees, beyond the foot. In the Fist of the White Crane, they are combined at the expense of a directly opposite spin. This is like squeezing underwear. And the soft becomes hard - tightly curled linen becomes a solid braid.

Press the elbow to the ribs, shoulder back. Unscrew the forearm with the hand clockwise (if it is the right hand) and you will see how your arm tightened without the muscles. Due to one biomechanics. Over time, you will learn to do it quickly, in battle. In general, you will become more structured and will be able to “twist” like this even in case of an unexpected attack. This structure must always be observed - and when you walk, and when you sit.

In 90, many people had bodyguards, and I collaborated with an international firm that trained bodyguards. It happens, you enter the house, and the bodyguard is lying on the sofa, spread his legs. In this position, he did not even have time to pull out a pistol. And the most important thing is that his consciousness is in the same state. This means that it, too, scattered his legs and lying on the couch. Internally, he is not ready.

Another moment. Now it is not noticeable, but before the bodyguards of state leaders were very noticeable. They carefully peered into the crowd, into every detail, which is very tiring. After 3 minutes of such careful observation, the protected face could be taken with bare hands, as their attention was scattered. Now the level has grown - the guys have become less visible and more relaxed. Learned something.

You have to be focused, but absolutely calm when you move. When you do not move, you must be ready to move at any moment. For this you need a teacher.

They say that martial arts can be learned quickly, and martial arts take years. This is not quite true. For example, you do not like to fight, and you are trying to negotiate. The enemy does not want to negotiate. And you feel that the barrier has already passed and will hit it in a second or two. So, we must act. How? Won't you say "Wasps!", Bow? It is necessary to attack unexpectedly. Push a chair, for example. Salt, pepper also contribute. You are not the aggressor, but if it does not work out in another way, then so. This is the level of thinking. This is the main thing, but not the trajectory of the hand upon impact.

There will definitely be a man who is stronger than me. Only intellectually underdeveloped people can think that it is possible to become the strongest, fastest, and learn top-secret techniques. And what to do? "Sorry, take my house, car and my wife"? To cope with a stronger and faster will allow the right worldview, and the right approach. When you are confident, but calm and not aggressive. And, by the way, the aggressor will relax himself and will no longer expect a surprise attack from you. Yes, and his level of aggression will go down. This may be a trick - to pretend to be scared. Then the aggressor will also relax, which will give you a chance. For all this, too, need practice.

About tendons

- In physical terms, work on the pillars strengthens the tendons of the legs - hip and knee joints, as well as the Achilles tendon. For example, if a person had an operation on the Achilles tendon, he performs balance exercises for recovery. For example, on the "balance board" - a circle on a hemisphere. And these micromotions on the pole - because you cannot find a stable equilibrium there as on the floor, constantly holding the tendons in tension. On the one hand, you learn to take root, because you are trying to keep the amplitude of the micromotions as small as possible, and on the other hand, these micromotations will still be there, and they will greatly strengthen the tendons. Dynamics - barbell or jogging - tendons are difficult to strengthen. We need static, isometric exercises. And the process of strengthening is quite long. If the muscle grows quickly - especially at the initial stage, tendon reinforcement takes time. At least several months on 15-20 minutes a day. At first I went more because it was interesting. By the way, the first step was scary to do - it took a step only because the students watched.

I have a book on Shaolin practices - an option is described there, when walking along long and flexible bamboo poles. There it is very difficult to keep balance. And there the internal dialogue will definitely stop! On the one hand, you should be relaxed, and on the other, fully assembled.

What does this give? For example, on the street the enemy pulled out a knife. You immediately have thoughts, feelings - remember how you once cut, or news from the newspaper about a similar case with a fatal outcome ... The brain instantly analyzes everything, there is fear. Fear is a natural defense response, but in this case it can become your brake. And a person can not even run away from a stupor. If you are able to stop the internal dialogue, you do not think about the consequences, that you can cut yourself and there will be blood. And you begin to perceive the knife as a tool that is harmless in itself. When the knife is on the table, it’s hard to cut yourself. The person who acts for them is dangerous, the hand in which the knife lies. Well, the hand moves along certain trajectories known to us, and then there is a chance.

About training

- At each workout should be stressful - for example, strikes at full strength and speed. He didn’t dodge - he is guilty. This is also a criticism of traditional martial arts. Applied techniques are prohibited in MMA, but what is allowed is beating at full strength, and therefore they know how to use it. And the "traditionalists" often do some kind of imitation: you, I, you, got, dispersed. Well, at least not drinking beer, and that is good. But in a stressful situation it will not help them. There is no sincerity - no one took them specifically by the collar. The best technique of release from capture is not to let yourself be caught. It also trains. If caught, attack the groin, throat, eyes.

About thinking

- Martial arts are thinking. For example, one of my teachers in a real situation, when the enemy wanted to hit him through a doorway, simply closed the door instead of a cunning block. Opened - he lies, writhes in pain because of a broken arm ... That is traditional martial art - correct thinking and the maximum simple, effective action. You can splash hot coffee in the face, and, having stood at the table, leave. And you can tumble across the table like in a movie and try to kick with a turn with your foot ... The difference is the approach.

To learn to think so, you need practice. Each style has its own approach. We need to understand how we work, how the world works.

We must live like a warrior, and not train as a warrior. So that there is no such thing that you are a fighter in training, but an office manager also leaves the room. You should try to implement the strategy of the office, your knowledge of the business in the martial arts, and immediately use this scheme. Or vice versa - use the strategy of martial arts in the management. This is a sign of martial art - when training gives you more and professional growth. Career, if you are a manager, or level of sales, if you are a businessman. The system is the same in everything. Why did the masters of antiquity watch the animals, the world? Or, for example, you can compare the development of the child with the system of setting a strong blow. The child does not know how, he is small. He learned to hold his head - but he keeps it at the expense of the abdomen. We do not see it, we only see that it strains the neck. Then he turns on his stomach, his back begins to strengthen. He strengthened the body, he sat down. Then he began to jump on his feet, learning to stand. Then with the support begins to walk, then run. Now about the staging of the blow. First you have to stand up. Learn to stand. Many people think that they can stand ... For life they have enough of it, but for a strong blow it is not enough. There are certain principles - how to stand. Then he begins to study the trajectories of movements with his hands - then with the transfer of the center of gravity from one foot to the other. Then the rotation of the body, which must be combined with the transfer of the center of gravity, otherwise the force of motion will move away from the target. And the student will fill the bumps, like a small child who learns to walk - he will break his arm, pull the muscles of his shoulder, miss the counter blow, because he “cables” about his blow ... All this takes time.

The same in business. First you need to understand what is the essence, what people in this field make money from. The next step is to ask yourself: do I have some kind of exclusivity? If not, I will have many serious competitors. And this is essentially a traditional martial art - to have in stock some exclusive “gift” for the enemy - an attack along an unexpected trajectory or into an unexpected part of the body. In sports, the situation is different - everything is fair there, but not so much as in life. There was a case - a familiar boxing trainer in a restaurant fell out with some guy and knocked him out qualitatively. Then he went out and waited for the bus at the bus stop. And he came quietly behind, and hit hard with a bottle of champagne. Now the trainer is out of coordination, speech, speaks with difficulty.

This is about the difference between martial arts and martial arts. The master of traditional martial art would try to solve everything by talking, and such a situation would not have arisen at all. Secondly, if you are a master, you are always ready, listening to the rhythm without any indulgence. Everyday. Even opening the door to the entrance, you should always stand on the side. If someone is standing outside the door and kicks sharply at it or opens it, it will not hit you. Or tying shoelaces, and a relative in front of you. Tying is necessary so that if a relative suddenly wants to kick you, you would be able to repel it. This is a definite way of thinking. The first time it will interfere in life, but then you get used to it, it will become natural. And the pattern of thinking will remain. Otherwise you are not a warrior. Because if you chose this path, then there can be no breaks - today is a warrior, tomorrow is not. This will increase your survival rate.

There is also such a practice, when a stool is suddenly knocked out from under you, or as if they are attacking. I periodically attack my students from time to time - imitating an attack.

About biomechanics

- It is necessary to know biomechanics and physics. Say, in order to strike a blow, I need to strain the extensor muscles, but if I still have a shoulder arm, the blow will also become stronger due to biomechanics. This is our structural approach.

Another example - a straight back increases the force of impact. Greco-Roman wrestlers who struggle with a straight back have very hard punches, although they do not train them. To fully straighten your back, you need to tighten your chin, as taught by the Chinese. Then the back muscles of the neck are tightened, which are attached to the back of the head and go all the way to the tailbone in the form of fascias. On the other hand, we tighten the pelvis and tension is obtained.

It also contributes to the review - a man who bends forward, looking frowningly, sees worse. Yes, and simply his blood vessels are clamped, the brain is worse supplied with blood. There are many practices and peripheral vision, especially paired. It is necessary, working in pairs, to see at the same time the floor, the ceiling, and everything that happens around. In this case, you need to look to your partner in the eye to understand what he feels at the moment, what he is going to do. Sometimes even in everyday communication, we understand some things by the eyes, without talking. In this case it is necessary to look at the partner’s feet, to notice all the smallest movements. Because you can kick, and the person does not even have time to react, because he did not notice the movement. You can, holding your hands in front of you, start to push them apart, moving your fingers while keeping both hands in sight.

About controlling emotions

- What is needed in order to be calm? We must start with the ability to take control of ourselves, and for this you need an appropriate world view. If, for example, a person is extremely important how he looks from the outside, he will never be calm, what techniques would he not have gained. Any contempt or delight (filled with any emotion) look - - will bring him out of balance. Either it will be nice or not, but in any case, they have taken this person out of balance. In martial arts, we aim for the center, the middle, and not the edges. This does not mean that you are a soulless robot, it means that when an untrained person on a ten-point scale 9 has a level of emotion, you only have 2. Moreover, it should be natural, not artificial.

As the saying goes: "Think about things." This is not only a way to save the soul, but also to be calm. If, for example, a person believes that life does not end after death, then he is worried much less. All truly religious people have a happier and more peaceful life. Because if you think that everything is for the first and only time, then the first more or less serious illness and everything - you are in a trance, depression. You didn’t see any country, you didn’t buy some kind of car, you couldn’t achieve anything. Life has failed.

If you believe in eternal life, then everything is fine, you continue to go about your business. This is a very important point.

One journalist asked me to talk about self-defense on the street. I tried to talk about peace of mind, that envisaging aggression is better than reacting to it at the last moment. For this we need to develop vision, hearing, sensitivity. He says: “I don’t need it, tell me how to hit the eye with the heel” (figuratively speaking). These were the 90s. A month later, I met his colleagues and asked how he was. Answered that the journalist in intensive care. He was returning home after seeing the girl. Came up from behind, hit on the head. If he had developed a hearing, maybe this would not have happened.

Exercises for the development of hearing:

1. You take a box of matches and throw behind your back in a more or less empty room. You turn on the sound, trying to immediately turn to where it fell. You practice like this for a while. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time on it - I dropped it a couple of times in a day, and that's fine.

Then you do the same with your eyes already closed.

2. Learn to listen to the rhythm. For example, in a cafe where we are now. Listen up Here a fork or a plate has tinkled - this sound got out of the general rhythm. If something gets out of the general rhythm, pay attention to it. You learn to listen to the rhythm everywhere - on the street, for example. And if this rhythm suddenly changed, it is necessary to be on the alert. Maybe someone runs up behind you with a stick. I am exaggerating, but this should become a habit - a habit of reacting to a change in the situation.

Any match is a rhythm. Good fighters can keep a rhythm and break the rhythm. They break the rhythm and thus become unpredictable.

How to train a rhythm - for example, you strengthen your fingers and beat them into a pillow with sand in a certain, your rhythm. General recommendations: between beats there should not be long pauses - otherwise this is not a rhythm, and time is wasted a lot. But too frequent strikes are no longer blows, the quality is falling. First you need to copy the rhythm of the teacher, then, slowly learn to feel your own.

There are certain steps with a rhythm, but it should be shown live. There are exercises with strikes, there are steps and a beat. As well as paired interaction exercises.

The ability to listen to the rhythm is one of the ways to perceive the external environment. And the task of any traditional kind is not to fight at all. On the street, only low-level fighters fight, who either do not know how to foresee the situation, or do not know how to get out of it without a duel. This requires self-confidence, because fear will be felt. The aggressor will try to push through, and in business it will not be dealt with, because no one needs a weak partner.
Therefore, in order not to fight, you need to be calm. And in order to be calm, you need to be strong. And to get power you need to go through a certain process. You can not become strong from birth. A child is born and can not even hold his head, but after a while he already knows how to do it. Then he sits, then he stands. And then he already learned to run in such a way that he could not catch up. The same with the practice of martial arts.

I had a case somehow. Walking along the street, and suddenly someone threw something from the balcony. I noticed that an object was flying through the foliage. At first, naturally, there was a desire to step aside. And then I realized that he was flying past, and remained standing still. It was only after this that I realized my actions, and I was surprised - before this was not the case. Before, I, like any normal person, would first bounce, and then begin to think. And then I realized that it was flying by and calmly went on. There are specific exercises for how to achieve such a response, but not everything can be told - and not everything will be understood. But I will give one example. There are areas in our body where the artery makes a turn around the bone - and in this place it is very close to the bone. Figurative comparison: an artery is a hose. If the hose is in cotton (muscle), it is difficult to transfer it. If you put it on a hard surface (bone) - it takes a little effort to damage it. And the artery is not as strong as a rubber hose ... If you know such places, and strike at them, then the artery can burst and internal blood loss begins. Outside it is not visible. The person will feel a slight indisposition, slight pain. If the critical period is passed, it cannot be saved. This is the so-called "slow death." And no "energy". There are still places, even a slight blow to which can be fatal. And a person who knows these places can kill - even if he does not train. This is not about a duel, but about hitting from an ambush or from the back. Life is not a duel. The same techniques for "delayed death" were created in order to make it difficult to understand whom to avenge after the death of a loved one.

It also happens that you defend yourself, hit, and a man fell, hit his head on a stone and died. And you took essentially two lives - him and his. Therefore, the tradition is trying not to bring to the extreme. Fight is an extreme case.

About selfishness and self-respect

- They say: "Love yourself!". But I still do not know a single narcissistic turkey, who would be loved by other people. Yes, and so we all love ourselves. But start to respect yourself! Only some respect themselves. Because you can respect only for something specific. A person may like it or not, but it has nothing to do with respect (or disrespect). And if I respect myself (to be honest - this is a very important moment), then others will respect me. But I must respect them.

All opponents, all enemies - the most recent - must be respected. Because otherwise you can miss an unexpected lunge (hit, situation). If you do not respect, then you will think - what will I watch over him? If I respect him, then I take him as an equal - and, therefore, I must carefully watch him. After all, an equal can attack very seriously - and in a fight, and in business, and in relations between states.

About sincerity

- The Chinese often show and give some generalized things. There are many on the Internet who are not as good as a fighter in reality. It is clear that if a person earns teaching, he needs advertising. But you have to be sincere in what you do. It doesn't matter who you are - a butcher, a programmer ...
You can push up on the number, not thinking about whether you have the right elbows, exactly keep the body, or just to fulfill the standard. And you can in order to better beat. Sincerity is multi-layered. We consider ourselves sincere, and then it turns out that this is not entirely true. A person who lies to himself and others will never rise high neither in business, nor in society, nor in the martial arts. Because sincerity is necessary for immersion. Yes, I was scared. Yes, I was wrong. And if you think that you were not mistaken, then there is no need to correct you. We often justify ourselves, but you have to tell yourself how it is. No need to criticize the shortcomings of their people, especially reputable and respected by us. It is necessary to show by example, and try to understand for yourself what is the reason. For the mechanism to work well, it is necessary that everything be debugged. And when a person is not debugged, then he has that in thinking, that in battle, that in the life of the "hole".

About secret techniques

- Martial arts is one big secret. Give the applied technique to someone (fingers in the eyes, for example), but he will be abnormal and will practice it in dark courtyards at night. Therefore, there is a filter: on the one hand, it is impossible to admit to the technique of the wrong people, on the other hand, secrecy allows maintaining interest among students.

Besides, everything is gradually. It is impossible to demand from a child that he know how to run, if he still does not hold his head. So secret techniques are given gradually.
There is a violation of this approach in martial arts - a young man came to the group, and he was immediately put to sparring. And he did not come again. Or maybe this is the future champion? But you need to work with him. Or else they will cripple him there.

About conflict resolution

- The fight does not have to end with the fact that you tread on the enemy. This will lead to a subsequent situation. If you spend a little strength, you lose immediately. You spend a lot of strength - you lose later (you create a situation of revenge). And just spend a lot of energy.

For example, a noisy, aggressive company has come. Do not wait to check their fighting qualities. They got up and left, and that's it. Recently there was a situation - not far from my house there is the Green Theater - an open area where concerts are often held. Somehow after such a rock concert, where people show not the most gentle qualities, my wife and I walked along the avenue. In a certain rhythm. And I heard that the 20-30 band is coming from the concert. Unnoticed by my wife (so that she would not worry), I slowed down the pace of walking, so that when we drew level between us there were lilac bushes. We walked along the sidewalk, they were on the roadway (it was later, the cars did not drive anymore). They were busy with their chants, and did not pay attention to us. And only two stragglers screamed at us: “Stand!”. The main crowd went ahead, they could not catch up with them, eventually they followed their own. If the majority saw us right away, it would be impossible to predict how it would all end. We would not have so easily surrendered, but in any case, the consequences would be bad — either beat them, or you hit someone so that you would then be responsible for the consequences.

Martial art is a method of knowing oneself, the laws of this world.

About inner emptiness

- In addition to simultaneous composure and relaxation, there should be an internal emptiness. For example, after a week you have a conversation with a sponsor on an important project. If you scroll through the conversation with him the whole week, you will spend energy and cannot convey information to him. Information can not be without energy. Energy can not be without information. Charismatic leaders have a high level of energy, and people follow this. You can describe it as a confidence, but the essence is in energy. The same Vysotsky - weak vocal, but try to perform his song correctly! Each of them as a play, with anguish.

To have a lot of energy, you can not communicate with yourself from morning to night. This is a permanent loss. You can compare it with the work on the computer - as if something was taken from you. Fatigue is exhausting, not like after manual labor, when fatigue is pleasant.

About naturalness

- Martial arts are just fun to do. There is a huge layer of meditation, turning off the internal dialogue, and a lot of things that are interesting to do all my life, to old age. It is important for health and for happiness - to have some aspirations and achievements. Because if a person has no aspirations, he will start some kind of illness, even if there were no prerequisites. You have to be busy with something. Now there are many people, especially women, who suffer from "wandering pain syndrome". This is when there is no real disease, but there are some symptoms. Diseases are actively implanted by the Internet, television. And before, every man had to milk a cow every day, chop wood. And that was a great exercise for him.

We must live as naturally as possible. And here, too, there is a fine line. On the one hand, natural products that are not made by trans-corporations are useful, and on the other hand, you should not “bother” about this topic. And if you think that everything you eat is bad, you will not live long either. Here we again return to the worldview, thinking.

About smile

- In the early years I was engaged in the park of Chisinau. I went there only in sports shorts, with a naked torso. I also had to go barefoot, in order to be able to beat with my bare foot. Shock in shoes and without shoes different. I was separated from the park by a street with a stop, where many people used to gather. I was too lazy to take changeable shoes with me just to cross the street. And I decided to walk barefoot. In addition, in one hand I held an iron stick, with which I practiced, in the other I made a homemade makivara. Imagine a picture - a strange guy walks with an iron stick, an incomprehensible thing in his other hand and barefoot.

I was embarrassed, but I knew that I needed to practice. So I decided to look people in the eye and smile. When I hid my eyes, they smiled. When I began to look at them and smile, they began to hide their eyes. I do not know, maybe they considered me a holy fool. Probably! The main thing is that it was easier for me. And I realized that sometimes a smile is much more serious. weaponthan frowning eyebrows. In addition, you can smile so that the person will then cry out at night for two weeks. In fact, even among the representatives of crime, the most dangerous are those who smile, and not those who behave harshly. These are ready for serious actions.

After walking with a stick past the stop, I can go into any, the highest office and talk with any official.
And things like a smile are part of survival in the modern world.

The author thanks for the help of Anatoly Petkoglo, the instructor of the style of the fist of the white crane (Moscow)


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  1. carp
    carp 22 June 2016 06: 40
    There is no Karate better than two TTs in your pocket)))
    1. Mister X
      Mister X 22 June 2016 07: 10
      Quote: carpag
      There is no Karate better than two TTs in your pocket)))

      The sword in the hands of a coward is useless.
      As the saying goes: "In a healthy body - a healthy mind" ...

      And the article is interesting. good
      Himself once engaged in Wushu.
      He did not become a master, but several times the acquired skills really helped: he acted clearly, without thinking, on the machine.
      And this is a gain in time and a victory.
      Thanks to the author!
      1. Verdun
        Verdun 22 June 2016 22: 04
        Quote: Mister X
        He did not become a master, but several times the acquired skills really helped: he acted clearly, without thinking, on the machine.

        That is why he did not become a master. No offense. Actions on instincts - the lot of fighters mediocre. A true master becomes one who knows how to think during a duel.
        1. Mister X
          Mister X 23 June 2016 14: 15
          Quote: Verdun
          That is why he did not become a master. No offense. Actions on instincts - the lot of fighters mediocre. A true master becomes one who knows how to think during a duel.

          What insults can be?
          I don’t even consider myself a mediocre fighter, and I fought in life only a few times.
          Yes, and then, because there was no way out: attempts at street robberies.

          In everyday life, an instant reaction also brings a certain benefit, for example:
          - I'm going to the trolleybus, next is a woman with bags. Suddenly the trolley bus abruptly pulls away and the lady flies in the opposite direction.
          I throw my hand forward on the machine and help her to stay on her feet.
          And it could have fallen. Or worse - to suffer ...

          - I sit at a table in a restaurant and sip brandy from a glass. Suddenly someone accidentally elbow brushes my glass off the table, but I have time to catch it on the fly.
          Not even brandy spilled.
          In the end - I continue to enjoy the drink, and for the fight the dishes do not have to pay.
          Yes, and the guys at my desk are joking that once there is a reaction - therefore the children will be ...

          - I sit at the table in the bar, with my back to a small podium for musicians.
          Not understanding why I am doing this - I dramatically pull my hand back and the back of the girl who ordered the song falls on my palm, but the heel slid off the edge of the podium and she flies down.
          Another moment and she would hit the back of the head on a tiled floor.
          In the end, I met a beautiful girl.
          He introduced himself as lieutenant Rzhevsky :)

          - Someone drops the smartphone, and I have time to catch it on the fly.
          The owner could get in the repair or a new phone.
          - Etc...
    2. Hon
      Hon 22 June 2016 09: 42
      Quote: carpag
      There is no Karate better than two TTs in your pocket)))

      recently in Bali there was a clash of police with an MMA fighter, the police were mostly armed, he managed to kill one.
      1. carp
        carp 22 June 2016 16: 25
        And in our special forces and in the delta, the ability to quickly and accurately shoot from any position and in any situation is much more appreciated than the art of hand-to-hand combat. And accordingly, much more time is devoted to shooting than to melee
      2. cast iron
        cast iron 22 June 2016 22: 14
        And what did you want to say? With a knife, even a child can kill with a high probability the most powerful MMA fighter or the same special forces. Knife - he is also a knife in Africa.
  2. horoh
    horoh 22 June 2016 07: 32
    Practicing martial arts is generally useful, not in terms of concrete massacre, but of psychological strengthening.
    1. Mister X
      Mister X 22 June 2016 08: 29
      Quote: horoh
      Practicing martial arts is generally useful, not in terms of concrete massacre, but of psychological strengthening.

      I agree.
      Any sport not only strengthens the body, but also disciplines, gives confidence.
      More than 20 years have passed since my studies of Wushu.
      But I still do warm-ups, push-ups, squats and a contrast shower in the morning.
      And if I do not do it - all day I feel overwhelmed both physically and morally.
      With all that follows: suspiciousness, laziness, apathy, etc.
  3. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 22 June 2016 08: 04
    Do SAMBO ...
    1. Andreitas
      Andreitas 22 June 2016 08: 33
      Or melee ...
      1. Kenneth
        Kenneth 22 June 2016 08: 57
        Or bullet shooting. :)
        1. marlin1203
          marlin1203 22 June 2016 10: 20
          And orienteering ... play generally Rambo laughing
      2. AlexSK
        AlexSK 22 June 2016 13: 44
        ARB is power!
  4. erased
    erased 22 June 2016 08: 37
    Drink beer, eat meat! And remember: the green dragon style is the coolest of all the green ones! Checked by dragons!
    A mix of concepts - martial art and combat training - is very funny. It is like sardines and sardinia.
  5. Knizhnik
    Knizhnik 22 June 2016 09: 11
    In traditional styles, there is a rich store of knowledge about the inner world of a person, which has concrete practical application. The author's "Chinese" theses probably seemed familiar to hand-to-hand fighters, special services and even just those who have rethought a lot in life.
  6. Skalpel
    Skalpel 22 June 2016 09: 15
    Reading is entertaining.
    Learning and practicing is probably fun.
    But application in a combat situation is not very desirable ..
  7. Riv
    Riv 22 June 2016 09: 45
    I read the article. I read the comments. People did not understand anything and not surprisingly. To understand such a person, one must live like him.

    欢迎 老师
    1. Verdun
      Verdun 22 June 2016 22: 08
      Quote: Riv
      People did not understand anything and not surprisingly. To understand such a person, one must live like him.

      Any martial art is first of all a certain philosophy. If it is not there, there is no art, but in the bottom line is an ordinary fight.
  8. nekot
    nekot 22 June 2016 09: 45
    Erased, and besides the irony, which, by the way, is not entirely understandable, is there anything to say? By the way, there is not a word about any advantages of a particular style in the article, so if you communicate with green dragons directly, then these are your problems, not the author's)) And what is "combat training" in your understanding? The author speaks about a certain "style" of life and not just about any training. Nice article that shows what traditional martial art is in China.
  9. Leo7777
    Leo7777 22 June 2016 13: 05
    Quote: Mister X
    Quote: carpag
    There is no Karate better than two TTs in your pocket)))

    The sword in the hands of a coward is useless.
    As the saying goes: "In a healthy body - a healthy mind" ...

    And the article is interesting. good
    Himself once engaged in Wushu.
    He did not become a master, but several times the acquired skills really helped: he acted clearly, without thinking, on the machine.
    And this is a gain in time and a victory.
    Thanks to the author!

    With a healthy mind - a healthy body
  10. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 22 June 2016 15: 29
    It all depends on the person. I practiced for many years, and now I try to keep fit. He practiced starting with karate, ARB, boxing, Sambo a little .... moreover, in karate to the blue belt, in boxing up to 1 category, etc. .... everywhere there are advantages. The author gives more guidance on the psychological state of a person and this is true ... if you are ready for battle, then this is almost a victory. Many people entering the ring, the tatami (no matter) morally lose the fight .... well, on the street is almost the same.
  11. gladcu2
    gladcu2 22 June 2016 20: 57
    Thanks to the author, of course.

    But as a simple layman I note. We simply do not have time, or rather, the ability to do something even to the level of the second category. Either work for many hours, or work is not uniform, when nothing is possible to plan, or both. But as a rule, all this does not give enough money for classes.

    Therefore, all martial arts ended with the end of the 40 hour work week.

    Therefore, it is better not to go into any holes. But if your whole life is a hole. Then a good pocket gun to help.
    1. Verdun
      Verdun 22 June 2016 22: 12
      Quote: gladcu2
      Then a good pocket gun to help.

      Perhaps this will be a revelation for you, but in order to use this gun, even without fear of harming innocent people, you must also constantly train in shooting. Regularly, diligently, in no way less than once a month.
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 23 June 2016 19: 16

        When pripret, let's figure out which hole the bullet flies.
  12. Bosk
    Bosk 23 June 2016 09: 24
    Hmm ..., I remember back in the days when vidics were a great rarity, we boxers with a bang from two or three TYKs put the guys who were engaged in karate, and in fact in those days the karateka in the "basements" physical exercise, for sure ... it was only later when vidics became not uncommon, we realized that we unknowingly bend over the super). I'm not saying that the "Easterners" are bad, but from my own experience I can say that a "knowledgeable" boxer from any position without preparation can qualitatively "poke" the opponent, and if he is allowed to work with his feet) ... there is some kind of prelude ... a pause before the punch in comparison with the boxer, again TIME !, if you want to be a good "orientalist" then you will have to spend an order of magnitude more time in comparison with the same boxing.
    1. Knizhnik
      Knizhnik 23 June 2016 10: 07
      we are boxers with a bang with two or three tyk

      There was a case. winked At that time, as a teenager, I myself started with boxing, boxers and wrestlers (sambo, freestyle wrestlers, etc.) prevailed in street fights, the "orientalists" were not competitors. Why? Preparation - "staged" school of Soviet boxing against, for the most part, dubious Shotokan sensei. There is good bodywork in boxing, everyone is talking about it. A sense of distance is established quickly. Emphasis on a series of strikes. The situation began to level out when the first adherents of kickboxing, kyokushinkai, gojuyu, and Muay Thai appeared. By the way, the last three, after getting acquainted with boxing, significantly improved their combat characteristics, and they also took from each other. And what are we seeing now? A fighter of MMA and other universal versions is, as a rule: hands - mainly boxing, legs - Thai, kickboxing, kyokushin, wrestling - sambo, jujitsu, freestyle.
      1. Verdun
        Verdun 23 June 2016 12: 03
        Quote: Knizhnik

        There was a case. winked At that time, as a teenager, I myself began with boxing, boxers and wrestlers (sambo, freestyle wrestlers, etc.) prevailed in street fights, the "orientalists" were not competitors.

        You forget that most wushu styles are not a sport, but a martial art. To put it simply, mastering the style, you learn not to win, but to kill. Since in the modern world such an approach is far from always possible, some teachers emasculate the Wushu styles. The same problem is with the so-called "fights without rules". If one fighter dumps another on the air, there will be a scandal. Although, of course, it takes much more time to fully master the wushu style than to staging a blow in boxing.
        1. Bosk
          Bosk 23 June 2016 12: 19
          Well, in general, here we are talking about the "budget" option, if not every day, then at least a couple of three hours every other day. To fully master, say the same Wushu, it takes not just more time, but a lot of time, here really at least become a monk and go into celibacy edri him ..., on the subject of "killing" ... you can kill with a fist if an experienced boxer wakes up to have a goal to kill the enemy, he will do it, in the same crime reports if you "dig" then a lot of examples can be found ...
          1. Verdun
            Verdun 23 June 2016 12: 52
            Quote: Bosk
            on the subject of "kill" ... you can kill with a fist, if an experienced boxer wakes up to have a goal to kill an opponent, he will do it,

            An important condition is if necessary. But the problem is that most of the most effective Wushu techniques are designed specifically to kill a person. Otherwise, their use loses its meaning.
            1. Knizhnik
              Knizhnik 23 June 2016 16: 57
              Let me disagree. In your opinion, a real warrior should only kill with every move, and not be able to simply "cut out" a limb, discourage him from continuing to fight? smile Movement in wu-shu (more precisely) aimed at killing is a secret technique, few and few will teach them, and it makes no sense to talk about it. In the styles of wu-shu with their richest supply of techniques, an arsenal for simply effective self-defense without killing more than enough. Another thing is that you can not own them because of the lack of a good teacher or a desire to study.
              By the way, there are deadly techniques in all the martial arts of Asia, but this does not bother them. Even in European boxing they were for sure, at least in Savat for sure.
              1. Bosk
                Bosk 24 June 2016 02: 39
                And if you remove the video ... and you are even aware that you know more about Wushu than the average Chinese ... We look about China and drag ourselves ...
  13. gladcu2
    gladcu2 23 June 2016 12: 47
    Thanks to the author, of course.

    But as a simple layman I note. We simply do not have time, or rather, the ability to do something even to the level of the second category. Either work for many hours, or work is not uniform, when nothing is possible to plan, or both. But as a rule, all this does not give enough money for classes.

    Therefore, all martial arts ended with the end of the 40 hour work week.

    Therefore, it is better not to go into any holes. But if your whole life is a hole. Then a good pocket gun to help.
  14. AleBors
    AleBors 26 June 2016 19: 34
    Interesting. Interesting. In general, everything is correct. And still need to constantly keep fit. And this is the most difficult thing in our life.
  15. Oslyabya
    Oslyabya 12 July 2016 15: 58
    Wonderful uncle! Very correct and wise. Health to him!
    Thanks to the author for a quality conversation!