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Does NATO want to scare someone or is it just freeing itself?

The closer the NATO summit, the more aggressive the statements made by the leadership of the alliance. The more interesting is the very concept of the upcoming meeting. There was not even a week when any of the NATO or US generals would not “uncover” another terrible “secret”.

To immediately put a dot on the letters over which they are needed, I will say my point of view at the beginning of the article. All these statements today are nothing more than another move in the information war. Another "pugalka" with the aim of knocking out from the frightened Europeans the next percentages of the budgets of the countries for NATO. However, if the alliance feels the weakness of any of the opponents, the “pugalka” can become a reality.

So, during regular meetings in preparation for the summit, Stoltenberg repeatedly stated that due to the changing format of the war in modern conditions, the emergence of the so-called "hybrid" form of war, now any cyber attack on a NATO member country will be regarded as a real attack. And, accordingly, will serve as a pretext for countermeasures against the aggressors.

Speaking more simply, hackers of any state, most often with the prefix "probably" will become the German soldiers who were used by Hitler to begin the seizure of Poland. Those corpses that pulled millions of others. Yes, and the question itself seems somewhat "far-fetched." Proving the involvement of a hacker to the state structure is always difficult. But the attack of the alliance will be on the state. There will not be an alliance to fight with a private person.

The upcoming summit will be really important for NATO. The Poles, while in informal conversations, are almost demanding to place American nuclear bombs on their territory. The preposition is also quite interesting. Delivery to the territory of a potential enemy (understand, Russia) is quite long. This is from Germany.

Another "pugalka", were the combined naval forces of NATO in the Black and Baltic Seas. This was also repeatedly stated. NATO seeks to create a serious grouping of ships in the Baltic and the Black Sea. I already wrote that we can cope with NATO ships in the Russian Sea today. To the extent that they will be there. But even if it is possible to introduce one ship from each country of the block into the Black Sea, while not violating any agreements, the grouping is significant. 28 ships ...

Some experts talk about the weakness of the NATO fleets. On the problems with the ships, On the strength of our response. May be. Only here a comparative analysis suggests otherwise. And the Black Sea, and especially the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Federation today is really weak. It is weak and "clamped" in its ports or the water area of ​​the "closed" sea.

True, there is another group of "haters". We will destroy the ships with the Bastions and cruise missiles, and US aircraft carriers will not enter the Black Sea. So our aviation hands will be untied. I would like to remind you why use sea-based aircraft, limited in distances and weapons, if you can perfectly use airfields in Bulgaria or Romania.

It seems to me that Stoltenberg is today preparing European public opinion so that the thought of the possibility for an alliance to "spit" on all treaties and other international agreements, if it is necessary for the "security" of Europe and the US, is rooted in the mind of a simple man in the street,

Everything I wrote above applies to a greater degree to the NATO-Russia relationship. But there is one more state that should be considered in the light of the statements of the NATO Secretary General. This is China. Let me remind you that most Chinese cyber attacks were blamed on Chinese hackers. And given the location of China and the potential, the Chinese are almost directly threatened. And threaten in their own region. Who!

Today, the Chinese army and navy are no longer "paper dragons." Japan adopted an amendment to the Constitution on the use of self-defense forces abroad. North Korea is not just developing, but already testing missiles. South Korea in a panic. The power of the United States in the region, even in the presence of "Japanese bases" is a big question.

It seems that NATO is too "globalized." It is possible to frighten the inhabitants. It is possible to frighten those who want to be afraid. You can even scare yourself. Well, or convince yourself of your strength. But you can not scare those who are not afraid. You can not scare those who simply forgot how to fear. This applies to both Russia and China ... But there are still those who are simply not afraid yet. They just live and know that no one can force them to become slaves. India, Brazil and others ...

Honestly, I already really wonder what will be done at the summit? So many words have been said. So many different threats and offers. To what extent all these conversations are realized into something substantial.

And in order to avoid any thoughts about some kind of forcing by the author, I will quote only one statement by Stoltenberg, which he made to the German newspaper Bild. A serious cyber attack can be classified as a precedent for the alliance. Then NATO can and should respond. "
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  1. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 20 June 2016 06: 41
    Ugh on them three times, not calm down ... they don’t sit quietly, everything in the sphincter didn’t give them peace ... and who then escalates the atmosphere of panic in the world-Uncle Vasya, Aunt Motya, or comrade Li-SI- Qing?
    1. domokl
      domokl 20 June 2016 07: 20
      Well yes. Only conversations about a new US initiative are already heard louder. Transfer the high alert units of the NATO member countries to the NATO command. And this is 40 000 people. But to collect ministers, in case of war they will be during 3's (!) Days.
      Simply put, if this proposal is rolled out by the Americans with NATO forces, they may well start a war on their own. And to introduce the Europeans into the course of what is happening only after 3 days. And this is no longer needed in a modern war. So, as a "daughter of a Crimean officer" I will say, not everything is so simple lol
      Hysteria is growing and the world is really on the verge of war. And it is not known whether we can stop
    2. Finches
      Finches 20 June 2016 08: 09
      NATO Wehrmacht USA!
    3. Volzhanin
      Volzhanin 20 June 2016 20: 00
      As soon as the question of life or death becomes an edge, they will calm down immediately and even apologize.
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 20 June 2016 07: 01
    Of course, loud statements by NATO representatives are more likely for internal use, well, and the creation of a clear-cut statement among the average person that Russia is indeed an "aggressor" and is not predictable in its actions. The main NATO members are well aware that this will not intimidate Russia, and that they will be hysterical from this.
  3. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 20 June 2016 07: 10
    The summit word is what they invented! According to the thieves' gangway from the scumbags of the half-colonies, so that with their horror stories they invented themselves more terrible and intimidate.
  4. niki233
    niki233 20 June 2016 07: 20
    yeah, and on the summit they’ll shake you with white powder and say that it’s a cyberattack (sarcasm if that)
  5. Kenneth
    Kenneth 20 June 2016 08: 12
    Do not be confused. NATO expansion, all these quick reaction forces and summits are money and power, that is, health bonuses. And war is, as it were, quite the opposite. What do they risk their enemies.
    1. 72jora72
      72jora72 20 June 2016 10: 55
      Do not be confused. NATO expansion, all these quick reaction forces and summits are money and power, that is, health bonuses. And war is, as it were, quite the opposite. What do they risk their enemies.
      Unfortunately, the complete loss of a sense of self-preservation, and the growing confidence in a preventive unrequited strike on Russia can play a very cruel joke with Americans and Europeans (as well as with the whole world) ......
      1. Kenneth
        Kenneth 20 June 2016 11: 02
        Can not. Taxpayers will not appreciate it. They live so well. They do not need to distract the attention of the population in small wars. Moreover, they receive everything that they want from us. We bring it and increase production. All this noise is just for the sake of maintaining tone and increase certain costs for drank dough
        There is no serious conflict of interest. And if they wanted to insult us, they would impose an embargo on oil and gas like Iran. And that’s all ....
        1. gaura
          gaura 21 June 2016 05: 16
          And when does he ask taxpayers? Especially in the context of a quick response, everything can end in a week, taxpayers only have time to draw posters for demonstrations. In the United States, for several years, they went with posters against the war in Afghanistan, what did it affect? Yes, now no country can drag out a protracted war with heavy losses, but no one expects such wars.
          There is a conflict of interests - the sales market, not just oil. And you can buy oil at cost, or you can feed the "aggressor", Russia. Everything is like on the eve of World War 1: everyone is confident in their quick victory and everyone wants to rattle their weapons. I hope that if something starts, there will be no more such wonderful prostitute countries as Poland and the Baltic States at all
          1. Hayer 31
            Hayer 31 21 June 2016 15: 19
            A kto kusaet Rassiju pochemu po morde nedat? Hot sanktionnimi sposobomi. Pradajnaya rukavodstva ili kak
  6. Svoy_tovarish
    Svoy_tovarish 20 June 2016 08: 46
    I doubt that the threats are addressed to China. If in our fans at the European Championship 2016 Europe saw the Kremlin’s hand as funny as it may seem, this statement is yet another preparation for accusing us of another aggression. And I am more concerned about statements about the strengthening of the NATO Navy in the Baltic and Black Seas. We really have nothing to oppose them, the Bastions do not work so far, And we do not have so many carriers of calibers and the required number of missiles of this class. As I understand it, they need 300-400 calibres in each of the two directions in order to restrain the grouping of 20-30 ships and keep airfields from which their aircraft can fly at gunpoint. In addition, it is necessary to seriously increase the air defense group in the coastal zone, if so many ships with offensive weapons are nearby. In general, they encircle us, and create very difficult conditions to counter these threats.
    1. Camel
      Camel 20 June 2016 14: 27
      As I understand it, they need to 300-400 Caliber in each of the two directions, in order to restrain the grouping of 20-30 ships and to keep airdromes from which their aircraft can fly at gunpoint.

      Dear, what is your mathematics based on? Why have you set aside an insane amount of missiles to neutralize 30 ships?

      By the way, why 30? Why not 50, not 100? To be afraid, so to be afraid!

      A missile launcher will neutralize ANY ship in its range, they don’t know which, until the launch is made. So, with such coastal complexes, not everything is lost! Well, nobody canceled the special warhead. wassat there in general the aircraft carrier group "kirdyk" will come!
    2. Volzhanin
      Volzhanin 20 June 2016 20: 05
      What for? In which case, we will still be thrashing with the strategists of America. And where will the ships go if there are no ports left?
  7. Taygerus
    Taygerus 20 June 2016 09: 27
    Such statements are all sorts of Western talking heads wassat form the opinion of their western biomass.
    I can’t understand anything. Where have so many public clinical idiots been in the West lately, have they got any food there?
    1. Kenneth
      Kenneth 20 June 2016 10: 21
      Explain where you came to the conclusion about clinical idiots in the west. If from our propaganda then you are biomass yourself, and if from personal communication and independent study of the Western media, then your opinion is probably significant.
  8. v.yegorov
    v.yegorov 20 June 2016 09: 40
    A serious cyberattack can be classified as a precedent for an alliance. Then NATO can and will have to react. "

    In this case, it is best for them to give up immediately. Us. Then maybe
    will survive. Too many Russia has accumulated accounts for the West.
    1. Kenneth
      Kenneth 20 June 2016 10: 24
      If they surrender to us, we strive to feed the prisoners. We ourselves can’t really ...
  9. zulusuluz
    zulusuluz 20 June 2016 09: 42
    Why don't correspondents teach history? Why did the correspondent of the German newspaper Bild not remind Stoltenberg of how the Second World War began? Or the war in Iraq? .. Political correctness or international terrorism?
  10. Wolka
    Wolka 20 June 2016 13: 56
    Well, not everything is so simple, the Yankees and NATO are very frightened of the modern military capabilities of Russia, which it has already limitedly demonstrated in Syria, they did not expect Russia to recover after the dashing 90s, because NATO is also showing off its alleged strength. But power is power, but all this is for the most part the armaments of the 70-80s and from the part of the 90s of the 20th century, which are already morally obsolete, their use is possible, but very cumbersome and costly, so they are trying to determine in NATO how much their use is possible in what real terms can one or another weapon be deployed in the event of a real war. And the results, it seems, are not comforting, because for now, only a demonstration of outdated power and fetid Russophobic propaganda to maintain the image and pants are seen ...
  11. PValery53
    PValery53 20 June 2016 14: 32
    Whether NATA wants to scare someone, or does not want to, or simply unties his hands, our answer should be unequivocal: to make them so bad that they regretted having contacted us.
  12. denchik1977
    denchik1977 20 June 2016 15: 42
    It seems that the current NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is haunted by the laurels in the military affairs of Guy Julius Caesar, Charles the Bold, Frederick the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, for that simply fantastic obstinacy with Conora he repeats about the Russian military threat or about "hybrid war" "Russia with the rest of the civilized world, in the end can actually lead to very disastrous consequences for both himself and the entire NATO bloc as a whole. As a result, instead of the laurels of the victor and the eternal memory of the European peoples, Stoltenberg, as NATO Secretary General, will receive from Russia, firstly, a hefty slap in the face, and secondly, instead of an honorary place among the great commanders, he will be on a par with Adolf Hitler, who also once dreamed of the winner's laurels, and he himself shamefully poisoned himself in his bunker ...
    Thus, the entire campaign against Russia will end with another suicide somewhere in the basements of the NATO command in Brussels, and Europe itself, with all its tolerance, parades of sexual minorities and multiculturalism, will receive such a "response" for its desire to dominate that the next 100 or 200 years will be quietly and very evenly enough "to sit on your fifth point" quieter than water and below the grass ... Or in the most unfavorable coincidence of circumstances, Europe and NATO will simply sink into obscurity without a trace and no one will ever remember them ...
  13. Stinger
    Stinger 20 June 2016 17: 06
    It is better not to touch the bear that is in the den. There is no need to poke sticks into the den continuously and for any reason. When an angry bear jumps out of the den, all the "summits" will fly out of their heads. Don't wash your pants, partners.
    1. dmitriyruss
      dmitriyruss 20 June 2016 19: 18
      the last time the bear got out of the den and really calmed all the neighbors, the bear cost 27 million lives .... of course we can, but how much more blood do the Russian people need to shed to close the question completely with everyone who wants to bury us?
  14. Atlant-1164
    Atlant-1164 20 June 2016 20: 41
    then who sang that the State Department was ending patience. it was a mistake ..

    General Staff:

    Patience with the situation in Syria ends with Russia, not the United States. This was stated by the chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov. So he commented on what was previously done by US Secretary of State John Kerry.
  15. Ratmir_Ryazan
    Ratmir_Ryazan 20 June 2016 20: 52
    Amers also have tags on the machines))) ... And I thought only we were doing this))) ...