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Museo storico della motorizzazione militare

In 1955, on the initiative of the head of the automotive service of the Italian army, the Museo storico della motorizzazione militare was founded, the only collection of Italian military vehicles of the 20 century.

In 1991, the museum moved to the territory of the Chechchinola military base on the southern outskirts of Rome.

He does not have wide advertising, and it’s not easy to get there - the work schedule is completely stupid - the museum works ONCE once a week on Saturdays from 9.00 to 12.00.

The easiest way to reach it is by public transport. First, on the subway to the EUR-Fermi station (a very strategically advantageous place - there is McDonald's, because with toilets in Italy - the greatest trouble). Next, take the bus number XXUMX and go to the stop "Esercito fusilieri". Further we follow the signs "Museo".
At the checkpoint, a day documentary will ask for a document (any, the main thing is a photo) and will issue a visitor badge.

The entire exposition of the museum is located in six hangars, but at the time of the visit only three were available for inspection - a hangar with remarkably restored retro cars.

Fiat 3,5 HP - 1899

Renault 4 - 1910

Sodel - 1910

Itala-61 - 1924

Amilcar Sports - 1927

Separately, are cars that worked in the presidential garage

Lancia Flaminia Berlin - 1960

Lancia Flaminia Presidente Belsito - 1961

Maserati Quatroporte - 1983

The second hangar contains replicas of cars 19 century and cars of the First World War.

Bernardi Tricycle - 1896

DeDion Buton

Kuno Steam Wagon - 1799

Fiat xnumx




Xust sample 1912

The third hangar presents the colonial technique and rare Anglo-German blotches.

Lancia Aprilia Coloniale




SPA 39 Colonial

3 / 38

Lancia lins

Morris quad tractor


Here is also the Italian auto-technology of the postwar period.

Alfa Romeo-2 and F-12 ambulances

Fiat AR51

Fiat AR59

Hunting Harrier

All-wheel drive tricycle Guzzi

The equipment outside is very heterogeneous - here are Italian cars of the 30-40 period and post-war cars, also American Tanks period of the war and the period of NATO. The condition of most exhibits is not so hot, which is strange for their climate. But, since armored vehicles are not the theme of the museum, apparently they are not being watched. But there is something to see, which is not in Kubinka.

Canon 149

M2 Long Tom

Zemovente 75 / 18

Commander version of Zemovente

P 26 / 40 - the last and most perfect Italian tank

SPA 41


M26A2 Dragon-wagon

Diamond M19

М74 ARV - BREM based on Sherman



Fiat 6614

Experimental Italian SAU SP-70


OTRK Lance

The accompanying soldier forbade to leave the central path, and therefore the angles of some exhibits are so bad. In the photo I tried to show something that can not be seen in our museums (although Long-Tom has already appeared in Verkhnyaya Pyshma).

Different vehicles are stored in the remaining three hangars - fire trucks in one, American and British jeeps in the other, nothing is visible in the third through muddy glass.

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  1. kugelblitz
    kugelblitz 18 June 2016 08: 05
    The Italians automotive technology has always been at a very high level, even now, despite not much reliability. The same Centaur of all imported ones, the only one has high stability of the chassis when firing across the course, for example.

    Or trucks of the second world, SPA Dovunque 41 all-wheel drive 6x6, single-wheel, with independent suspension and fantastic geometric cross-country ability. I don’t even remember the Germans like that. True complicated and expensive, yes.

    1. Lankaster
      Lankaster 18 June 2016 08: 58
      Quote: kugelblitz
      True complicated and expensive, yes.

      Still surprising is the desire of Italians for "beauty", even in military equipment. I don’t understand - why does an army truck Alfa Romeo 800RE need a cabin of this shape? wassat
      1. kugelblitz
        kugelblitz 18 June 2016 09: 35
        Yes, he was essentially a civilian, Dovunque trucks and artillery trucks based on TL 37, Breda and Pavesi were considered army. More monocoque Autocarretta trolleys and tricycles. Where to go then, transmissions are very complex often and the price is not weak, in the absence of mass production.
      2. grandfather Krasnokharev
        grandfather Krasnokharev 18 June 2016 11: 32
        Italians have always been artists, and in everything.
      3. kumaxa
        kumaxa 23 June 2016 05: 18
        on our maz lja or vice versa!
    2. Maksus
      19 June 2016 09: 22
      There Dovunque just in the photo Under the name 41 SPA.
  2. masiya
    masiya 18 June 2016 10: 55
    An excellent report! It’s amazing that they allowed us to shoot, you can’t even do it everywhere, or such grandmas will ask, you yourself forget what you wanted ...
  3. igor67
    igor67 18 June 2016 11: 00
    Two-liter engine of an army off-road vehicle Fiat
  4. igor67
    igor67 18 June 2016 11: 05
    Surf panel, the same SUV
  5. igor67
    igor67 18 June 2016 11: 27
    Here he is Fiat
  6. Beefeater
    Beefeater 18 June 2016 22: 42
    Gorgeous satya. I read it with great pleasure.
  7. Robin_bad
    Robin_bad 18 June 2016 23: 40
    I alone noticed leaking ceilings in the museum?
    1. Maksus
      19 June 2016 09: 21
      Oh, sorry, I had to cover up in Photoshop so that it was imperceptible.
  8. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 19 June 2016 05: 48
    Nice collection. Thanks to the author. Only I did not understand, but what kind of thing is this, a military "sofa" with an open top good laughing
    1. Maksus
      19 June 2016 09: 21
      No, this is an interesting attempt (from an engineering, non-operational point of view) to create an airborne transport
      1. Lankaster
        Lankaster 20 June 2016 00: 09
        Quote: Maksus
        No, this is an interesting attempt (from an engineering, non-operational point of view) to create an airborne transport

        So is this a post-war development?
        In general, Italians had experience in the production of airborne transport in WWII - since 1942. produced an airborne motorcycle Volugrafo Aermoto 125
        1. Maksus
          20 June 2016 10: 14
          Post-war, moreover, British. Exotic, as well as all-wheel drive tricycle Guzzi.
  9. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 20 June 2016 13: 18
    Nice place. I remember I had a chance to visit him about 8 years ago. Thanks for the report!
    1. Maksus
      20 June 2016 13: 25
      I also liked it, it’s a pity that some of the exhibits left at the time of the visit - there were no pair of colonial machines, M13 / 42 and a Hemingway nurse.
  10. Warrior2015
    Warrior2015 27 June 2016 15: 50
    Maxim, what a chic museum! A car hangar with old retro cars just killed on the spot! THANKS HUGE! Received true pleasure from so many rare and beautiful techniques!
    1. Maksus
      27 June 2016 16: 39
      I can still lay out, if interested.