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Observing what is happening in our armed forces, it turned out to raise such a moment as the training of the "adjacent" specialty. For all those who have given their due amount of their lives to the troops, terms such as "gunner-radio operator", "driver-gunner" and others are not new. It was, is, and, I hope, will be.

Communicating a certain number of years ago with acquaintances who had come from the army, noted with regret such a thing: many who served in artillery, missile forces, communications, said that the machine gun was held for the whole service life a couple of times: KMB (with the obligatory shooting of 3 -5 cartridges), oath, a couple of field exits. About proper possession of personal weapons speech did not go at all.

But today we will not discuss this problem, if one exists. On the contrary, I want to talk about the part where this is a complete order. As an example.

We got to the training sessions of the 488 of the rocket brigade. Classes were not ostentatious when there is a high command and a bunch of federal TV channels. Were just us. That is, they observed what was not intended for wide coverage, but was carried out as a training process.

It should be noted that the 488 Brigade is considered the best in our 20 Army and one of the best in the district. And the example of the workflow in the team is to learn many others.

The fact that the rocket men are not ordinary people, I was convinced when in April I was shooting the preparation of salute calculations. There was a little material about this, surprisingly, fireworks and salutes were occupied not by artillerymen, but by rocket men. Related specialty.

But it turned out that the brigade also duly applied to the training of personnel in terms of possession of personal weapons. The driver must be a gunner - a helmet, a bronik, a machine gun - and on the firing line. It is worth in the column "specialty" position "driver of TZM-grenade launcher" - be kind, hit the target with a grenade from an RPG. Fall, by the way.

The essence of what is happening is simple. As Comrade Major, who led the RPG firing practice, explained to me, the drivers of TZM and other vehicles, if they advance to the line, fulfill the role of combat guard, while the rest of the staff take up preparations for the launch — that is, we will train and train.

And they teach and train. Convinced in practice.

By the way, with considerable surprise, I saw women returning from firing lines. I asked the fighter: who is it? "And this is a medical unit headed by a psychologist," was the answer.

But the most interesting thing was at the end, when six buses of conscripts were brought to the firing range of the brigade. And the fighters instantly retrained as shooting instructors and snail drivers. The screams became louder and louder, and the snails really ran.

But let's start in order.

It all starts as laid: with the construction and instruction.

Nomination to the firing line

Further, in principle, everything is pretty monotonous. But loud.

Some - there, others - back.

The first hit in the target.

Speaking of targets. I asked a stupid question why not shoot at armor. The answer was simple: where would take it in the missile unit? Tried to expose the old trucks, but they end after two hits. Clean up longer scrap metal. So it's easier on the layout. And hemorrhoids less.

I really wanted to catch a beautiful frame. Shooting went on, we gradually stumbled, but somewhere on the thirtieth shot lucky:

Meanwhile, at the shooting range, the work went on as usual.

Shot out people quietly crawled into the shadows.

[/ Center]

Doctors frankly bored, for them there was no work.

And they brought pre-conscripts ...

If in general, then, despite some deafness, obtained by close contact with the RPG, satisfaction was the place to be. It's nice to see how combat training is done in a normal combat unit. And it is especially pleasant to understand that this combat training is not a major specialty. But multiplicity is also a necessary thing.

The team will soon celebrate their 30 anniversary. Be sure to attend. And if you’re completely lucky, in the fall we’ll witness combat shooting. Not from machine guns and grenade launchers, of course.

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  1. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 17 June 2016 06: 22
    Yeah, the shaitan pipe is something ... I had an RPG 7D at the time, I was bulging from my belly, I didn’t get deafness because, like a parrot, we mumbled aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ... but it looked awesome, because they beat on the armor at the firing range flyers ... well, yes, nevertheless, let it be better to study more sweat than blood in case of something pah, pah, pah. God forbid ...
    1. Finches
      Finches 17 June 2016 06: 49
      I, as a person who served military service and after graduating from college, having passed positions from a platoon commander, a company ..., commanding a separate military unit, I am still deeply convinced that one year of service is complete nonsense! Even with intensive combat training, a young man needs elementary to form psychologically! And those who are fighting for a 100% contract army - this is absolutely impossible to do! These are just crimes against all foundations of statehood and common sense - there must be a reasonable proportion! Otherwise, we will be left without a mobilization reserve in addition to the elementary military-patriotic aspect. I will cite the most banal example - in a large-scale continental war, God forbid, contract units and formations covering the state border, the first echelon will rather quickly lose their combat effectiveness due to the loss of personnel, but during this time, where people from civilians should be mobilized elementary skills - but in a simple way, those who have completed military service and do not need to be taught anew, just remind, after conducting combat coordination and forward - the conveyor of the military replenishment machine should work! We are not Luxembourg - we do not take "friends" from NATO, only with China 4 thousand, more than km. the length of the border and on the other side is worth 2,5 million soldiers of the People's Liberation Army, and theoretically more than 200 million huywebin can mobilize China! The Shenyang Military District, which borders on us, has 250 thousand bayonets ... to the maximum, as Vladimir Ilyich used to say: "He studies military affairs in a real way"!
      1. ando_bor
        ando_bor 17 June 2016 08: 02
        The fact is that now they do not call everyone for urgency, they call the right amount, and this is about a third of the entire draft contingent, maybe a little more in the demographic pit, but it would be worth calling everyone.
        And if you don’t go to the kitchen and “sweep the parade ground” with a crowbar, it’s enough to train a soldier, they still have time to serve.
        My son served an urgent period, 12-13 years old, asked how it would be enough if you looked objectively: - quite, he says: in two years they would have done a professional beating cutter with irreversible consequences, and for a year he would learn everything, he was a signalman in a motorized rifle company - Enough, shot from everything that is in the battalion, his comrade, he said, counted 3000 shots per year.
        1. michell
          michell 17 June 2016 14: 58
          Quote: ando_bor
          and for a year, he’ll learn everything, he was a signalman in a motorized rifle company

          Allow me to inquire about the class of a signalman after one year of service - with which class did he return from the army?
          A purely personal opinion - two years - the minimum service life in order to become a normal specialist (i.e. 1 class). He served at a stationary communication center (wireless telegraph operator of an open auditory telegraph), we assigned the third class at the end of training (the first six months), then completing the training in part, passing the standings for independent self-defense, passing the exam for the second grade (second half), then in during the third half of the year, dense service, delivery to the first grade, and only then, in the last six months of the service, you are already a normal specialist, one hundred percent. I do not impose anything on anyone, but for a year a cool radio operator from a beginner will not work, even if he will spend the night at the radio class.
          PySy - in two years I shot 25 (twenty-five) rounds of ammunition from the SCS - it’s a pity, of course, that it is so small, but this did not depend on me.
          1. ando_bor
            ando_bor 28 June 2016 21: 21
            He was a company signalman in the infantry (reconnaissance battalion of the mountain brigade), I don’t even know the class, they didn’t seem to have assigned them, there were more than forty radios in the company, in order - he was in good condition, that's all. He hid for three months from the NS and the brigade signalman, and persuaded him to stay on the contract.
            His battalion, he only found the very beginning of filming:
        2. The comment was deleted.
      2. Nehist
        Nehist 17 June 2016 08: 31
        So besides this, again, cropped parts must be created. As it turned out, keeping them expensive. So they ruined the entire mobilization system unfortunately.
      3. Egor-dis
        Egor-dis 17 June 2016 10: 05
        Quote: Finches
        one year of service is complete nonsense!
        In a good way, it would be worth starting training with the 6th grade of high school. Moreover, to combine primary military training with physical education in one subject. So that, in the process of military service, not to teach something, but to grind already acquired skills, well, to form psychologically. That would be a mobilization reserve.
        1. Verdun
          Verdun 17 June 2016 14: 05
          Quote: Egor-dis
          In a good way, it would be worth starting training with the 6th grade of high school

          During the Soviet era, NVP - Basic Military Training was taught in schools. In today's education system, there is such a subject - life safety. Relatives of someone from the school leadership are often invited to teach it. And they teach this subject each to the best of his understanding and desire. I learned to assemble and disassemble an automatic machine back in school. They were regularly taken to shooting ranges and shooting ranges. And now the maximum that the teacher at the daughter's class has done is to read out the list of what should be in the "emergency suitcase", and that is just for show. How could it be otherwise when the entire Civil Defense system is destroyed?
        2. would
          would 18 June 2016 03: 06
          In a good way, it would be worth starting training with the 6th grade of high school. Moreover, to combine primary military training with physical education in one subject.

          It would be nice, but alas, all this runs into the existing education system. Have you ever been to an OBZh lesson (or whatever it is called KBZ) in a modern school? I somehow observed and it looks like this: Teacher monotonously reads out an absolutely theoretical chapter from the textbook, and the guys write. Well, what to do if a person has lost consciousness, how to behave during a fire, how to provide first aid. How to provide first aid, not even at least on the desk partner, but on paper ... rewriting with a pen. And this is all life safety in a modern school. And so all over the country.

          For a long time, ideas have been floating in the air that everything should be changed, it is necessary to introduce real teaching instead of this profanation, and so on. But "things are still there". And I have the opinion that if you do not change the education system, then the CWP will easily turn into the same thing: They will sit, listen, rewrite, and maybe, if there is, they will disassemble the MMG of the Kalashnikov Assault Rifle. And according to tradition, this MMG will be broken to such an extent that it will understand only from one of my coughs, and on a real, and even more so a brand new Kalash, the "student", when trying to fulfill the standard, will rip his nail down to meat. And there is nothing to say about shooting, something tells me that the "people's choice" Yarovaya will be very much against familiarizing schoolchildren with military weapons and live ammunition. Especially with real shooting training. And not only her.

          Well, of course, do not forget about the modern burden of high school students. She has already exceeded reasonable limits and there are already problems with this. NVP in mind is a separate subject from OBZH. So in order to cram the NVP, you need to reduce the load in other subjects, otherwise everything will become even worse.
      4. Mikhail Matyugin
        Mikhail Matyugin 17 June 2016 10: 16
        Quote: Finches
        . Let me give you the most banal example - in a large-scale continental war, God forbid, the contract units and formations of covering the state border, the first echelon will quickly lose their combat effectiveness due to the loss of personnel, but during this time, people with civilians must already be mobilized elementary skills

        I will answer this with the words of one Spartan - "IF".

        In the meantime, thank God, such a thing as that is not expected, because no one has yet destroyed the nuclear shield.

        And it is precisely in our time that the Russian army has finally begun to conduct the most correct and adequate draft policy than in recent decades.

        And at the same time, it is absolutely necessary to increase the share of contractors / long-term employees (call who you like).
      5. Svoy_tovarish
        Svoy_tovarish 17 June 2016 22: 32
        He served as an urgent, And then served in Omon. Compared to your past experience, mine is of course much smaller, but my opinion is that even six months is enough To prepare a good shooter, train him and teach him how to fight. Only this is possible if a lot of non-military activities, such as household work, are deleted from the soldier's service, otherwise I remember well the phrase of the foreman "a soldier's machine is a shovel." If the conscript will be dealt with by professionals in their field, if at least three times a week there will be shooting ranges (60 rounds at least), where the bulk of the classes takes place not on a notebook, but in real training. Where they will conduct interesting tactical classes, show training videos. In general, if the work is tailored to the training of a soldier, And not the desire to show the soldier all the "delights of the so-called army service." PS I returned from the army several years ago, and I will say that according to old-timers, the situation is changing. The same shooting we had at least 20-25 per year, although they used to say there were only 3-4 (and they fired cartridges of 6-10, but at least every third time we were given a whole magazine for me). This made me happy. Our guys were pleasantly surprised, some with poor eyesight and glasses, but aiming at the target at the same 2-3 shooting))
        1. Mikhail Matyugin
          Mikhail Matyugin 23 June 2016 22: 28
          Quote: Svoy_tovarish
          but my opinion is that even half a year is enough To prepare a good shooter, train him and teach him how to fight. Only this is possible if a lot of non-military activities, such as household work, are deleted from the soldier's service, otherwise I remember well the phrase of the foreman "a soldier's machine is a shovel."
          Your words, yes to God’s ears ... But the situation is really changing! This especially contrasts with the 90s.

          Quote: Svoy_tovarish
          We had the same firing at least 20-25 for the year, although before they said it was only 3-4 (and shot cartridges at 6-10, for me they gave us a whole store at least every third time).
          Yes, yes, it is in recent years that the Russian army has finally turned into a real military force, and not into a herd of half agricultural workers or builders of summer cottages. And it pleases!
      6. DJDJ GORA
        DJDJ GORA 22 June 2016 02: 36
        Tretiak heard these words from the Commander of the Far Eastern Military District when he served in the UR. They will kill everyone, but they will come mobilized and fight, therefore they should store storage facilities for equipment. It is not in vain that BelVO became the Hero of Social Work.
    2. ammunition
      ammunition 17 June 2016 13: 38
      Quote: Shiva83483
      Yeah, a shaitan pipe is something ... I had an RPG 7 at one time - I was puffed up from a belly, I didn’t get deafness because I mumbled aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebeehawboo

      And the article surprised .. And your comment .. also slightly surprised. belay
      What is this?
      Now at the shooting range they are firing with live grenades? belay
      And on the tank directing, I suppose ... do tank crews use high-explosive shells?
      Little of! Requirements are heard to provide an IFV (or better, a tank) as a target. Well well!
      But what about the accuracy of hits?
      Nowadays, and grenade launchers .. and tankers, fired mass and dimensions. Discs. And from time to time - loose trunks. Both those and those.
      Because :-
      1) training is much more effective.
      2) It is much cheaper, and at one shot grenade launchers made several approaches.
      3) The holes in the lifting targets indicated the exact location of the hit. Yes, and less often it was necessary to change the target.
      How strange it all is.
      1. ammunition
        ammunition 17 June 2016 14: 29
        And on the other hand - Commander well done! Conducts training with available means .. in the current environment smile
      2. Verdun
        Verdun 17 June 2016 15: 40
        Quote: ammunition
        How strange it all is.

        Not a single shooting with bullet-shaped blanks at targets (and even more so, with the use of inset barrels) will not replace shooting with real ammunition at a real target. For the first is good for a shooting gallery, and the second is for a real battle.
        1. ammunition
          ammunition 17 June 2016 22: 10
          Quote: Verdun
          Not a single shooting with bullet-shaped blanks at targets (and even more so, with the use of inset barrels) will not replace shooting with real ammunition at a real target. For the first is good for a shooting gallery, and the second is for a real battle.

          Here I do not agree with you.
          There is simply no normal equipped shooting range in this missile unit. So they study as they can.
          The target (at the shooting range), rises only for 10 seconds. Yes, and moves on rails.
          In these 10 seconds, you need to be in time and make, and aim and get there.
          Moreover! Grenade launcher goes to the line of fire as part of the shift. So .. stress is present.
          Besides. Next come the BSO (combat firing squads) BSV (platoons) RTU (company tactical training with live firing. And so on.
          To prepare a good grenade launcher is required minimum 500 shots "blank" plus 1000 shots with an insert.
          And if a holey tank is put in the field .. and they fire at it even with a charged grenade .. - that’s not it. Not that! And the tank is motionless .. and there is no stress .. and time in bulk.
  2. Fox
    Fox 17 June 2016 06: 22
    lucky fighters with the commander ... and finds ammunition and grenades. really a fan of his case. successes to such guys.
    1. Two handed
      Two handed 17 June 2016 09: 58
      C'mon, I served relatively recently, whole mountains gave out to firing and all kinds of ammunition exercises, only have time to shoot. Although I remember that the battalion commander demanded to shoot everything, otherwise the type would reduce the issuance. Total on the last day of the field exit turned into a terrible shot) I remember the night, it is raining, the area is swampy, we are working out the battle on the defensive or something like that). He brought the behu to the firing position, I was sitting dozing, around the fire from everything. In the headset, I can only hear negotiations, rather funny dialogs, the call sign of something broke, someone got bogged down, everywhere the requirements of ammunition. I look there guys chest in water drag boxes on themselves with beavers to cars, it was funny)
  3. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 17 June 2016 06: 37
    Only the Real Way to learn Military Affairs! - The correct article. Thank!
  4. Beaver
    Beaver 17 June 2016 07: 33
    terms such as "gunner-radio operator", "driver-gunner" and others are nothing new

    The term "gunner-radio operator" is correct, but "driver-gunner" is not quite, IMHO. Any soldier must and must first of all own a combined arms specialty, and then narrowly specialize. Otherwise, the loss of equipment (car, radio, tank, etc.) is tantamount to the loss of personnel. "And I am a radio operator, I can’t do anything else, I’ll go to surrender," - is it so? soldier
    1. Moore
      Moore 17 June 2016 08: 52
      Quote: Castor
      The term "gunner-radio operator" is correct, but "driver-gunner" is not quite, IMHO.

      Do you think that a driver, for example, an armored personnel carrier (his position is precisely what is called "driver-gunner") must first learn to shoot without a miss, and then learn to drive?
      I believe that the name of a post does not have to fully reflect the volume of tasks in / s and the sequence of training in these very tasks. To do this, there are a bunch of other documents - from the combat manuals to the operating instructions.
      1. Beaver
        Beaver 17 June 2016 15: 36
        Quote: Moore
        the name of a post is not required to fully reflect

        Yes, of course, it's not about the name of the position, you don't have to pretend to be a robot. And it's not only about the drivers of armored personnel carriers (I think they have everything in order with fire, tactical and other training, after all, they serve in the "infantry", they have picked up the necessary skills in any way), but about entire branches of the military, "tied" to equipment , without which they are simply physically unable to fulfill their main combat mission. sad I’ll try to explain by personal example. RTV air defense on the borders of the USSR, constant round-the-clock combat duty. The main task
        Quote: Finches
        in a large-scale continental war, God forbid
        be the first to notice that "it is not accidental" and report back. Further, with a high degree of probability,
        Quote: Finches
        quickly lose their fighting ability
        but what disagrees with a colleague is
        Quote: Finches
        with a decrease in personnel

        We all perfectly understood that the equipment in this case would probably be destroyed to the point of impossibility of recovery, but no one was going to die. For some reason I wanted to survive, join the motorized rifle unit, and then how it goes. They will send new equipment - we will continue to fight in our specialty, they will not send - AKM to help.
        I repeat, IMHO, every soldier must be first of all a military man, and then be able to do something else, otherwise he is just a "consumable". soldier
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. wanderer_032
      wanderer_032 17 June 2016 11: 50
      Quote: Castor
      Any member of the armed forces must and must first possess a combined arms specialty

      This is what the first months of training are taught in training, and then - specialization.
  5. black
    black 17 June 2016 08: 33
    Normal workflow. They would try like us in 90. Six months without a salary. You can’t go to the tankodrome because it was repaired. Petrol limit, two liters per car per day. The batteries are brisk for the third time. Soldiers are the best gateway people. A battalion without an addict - that a village without a button accordion. For weeks at the training ground, midges are already squeamish about us. We washed ourselves from personal pools. Driving at night was carried out so that the authorities did not see. In part, the minitankodrom was done. According to the result, the equipment was transferred. And drive to the platform from the side. Officers tankers drove themselves. And I, especially trusted sergeants. The order was then, to ensure security, the officers ride for the commander of the car, and the soldiers shoot. Only in BMP-2 just do not ride. You’ll get your hands on two dozen loads. Contrary to orders and a frightened battalion commander, he planted sergeants. And so they returned to normal combat training. Not thanks, but contrary.
    1. Two handed
      Two handed 17 June 2016 10: 24
      But what, in the Far East and a few years ago, it was like that when he was an conscript, probably now. The batteries are half dead, the training equipment started with a pusher. They hung out at the training grounds for weeks, on the first day they didn’t let the kitchen down, they plowed all day without food and water, at 22 o'clock there is a combined meal. Due to lack of water, they dug pits and drank the water that was typed there. They gave one tent to the company, they all slept sideways, clinging to each other like sprats in a jar to fit. After night shooting I slept for 1.5-2 hours, getting up, it's time for daylight hours. The difference is probably only that driving and shooting was the most I can not.
  6. Sergey-72
    Sergey-72 17 June 2016 09: 02
    Each military unit in a military ID card has a weapon assigned to it. If an assault rifle then it should shoot out of it and not just in that direction. If Art. shooter machine gun and grenade launcher, respectively, those who have nightlights should be able to use them and so on.
    That the drivers of the TZM are guarding your area, this probably corresponds to the military calculation of the unit, and not that he is a driver-shooter, your psychologist woman with a couple of orderlies can put it there.
    The combat training at the training ground includes only the execution of a shooting exercise, and many other elements move around in these places. And your fighters are lying and sitting relaxed, such as tired after shooting.
    Well, a typical paradise. soldier
    1. Two handed
      Two handed 17 June 2016 10: 06
      Yes, part of the trip
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 17 June 2016 13: 19
      Sergey -72

      I accidentally put you a minus, I wanted a plus, but my finger slipped on a smartphone.

      Yes you are right. Training should be in accordance with the staffing table. Well, of course, if the unit is the correct unit commander, then the most insidious soldier offended by life feels like a person.

      And shooting from a personal weapon? Yes, once every half a year is enough for peacetime. More important is daily running and physically, and once a week a marching throw with weapons and ozk.

      Although my experience is 30 years behind, I could be wrong.
  7. Felix99
    Felix99 17 June 2016 10: 14
    "On the whole, in spite of some deafness obtained through close communication with the RPG, satisfaction has taken place." Where are the personal protective equipment? Antiphones and goggles. Nobody considers hearing and vision problems as an occupational disease?
    Handsome instructor fingers in ears - a modern achievement of military thought.
    1. would
      would 18 June 2016 03: 08
      I support and note that this is relevant not only for RPGs, but also for small arms. I know more than one officer who, just after constant firing, became deaf. Well, for example, he no longer hears high sounds, he does not hear at all.
  8. Mikhail Matyugin
    Mikhail Matyugin 17 June 2016 10: 20
    Quote: Zweihander
    Yes, part of the trip

    And why such a thoughtful conclusion? Just because the soldiers were released to lie in the shade after firing? Well, according to the schedule there were not general classes at the training ground, but specifically shooting! Did they really have to be left in the ranks next to the shooters ?!

    In my opinion, a reasonable combination of a normal, human attitude towards soldiers, where possible, with all the necessary rigor, where required, is precisely the most important feature of an officer.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 17 June 2016 13: 24
      Mikhail Matyukhin

      I am committed to a more strict attitude towards soldiers. Moreover, they serve the whole year. Over the year, they should create the correct idea of ​​the army.

      No lie down. A hill from the left, a flash from the right. Running, constant voltage. Lost consciousness from overheating? Punishment cell. Learn to control your well-being.

      Only in this way and nothing else.
      1. Mikhail Matyugin
        Mikhail Matyugin 17 June 2016 14: 09
        Well, firstly, I ask you not to distort my surname.

        Quote: gladcu2
        I am committed to a more strict attitude towards soldiers. Moreover, they serve the whole year. Over the year, they should create the correct idea of ​​the army.
        That's exactly what year! And the guys need to WANT to return to the army to return, if anything happens! But they did not remember the furious discipline and brutality of the officers! And so we will educate potential draft deviators and deserters! (Who even in civilian life will not tell you so - "wow, how great!", But "what a Arctic fox was!".)

        Quote: gladcu2
        No lie down. A hill from the left, a flash from the right. Running, constant voltage. Lost consciousness from overheating? Punishment cell. Learn to control your well-being.
        With this approach, you can destroy the health, and even the life of a soldier. Do you need this?

        The purpose of the modern draft army, in my opinion, is to make a WARRIOR from a draftee (to some extent). And do not ditch his health.
        1. gladcu2
          gladcu2 17 June 2016 19: 38

          I tried not to distort, but failed. I'll try to avoid mistakes this time :)

          I do not agree with you.

          Each soldier should feel the duty of belonging to the army and country. And the motivation of the loads imposed on the soldier should be connected precisely with this sense of duty.

          If you motivate a soldier with a joyful feeling of celebration, then you will get an LGBT army.

          Well, as it were.
      2. would
        would 18 June 2016 03: 21
        At first I wanted to support, but when I saw this

        Lost consciousness from overheating? Punishment cell. Learn to control your well-being.

        abruptly stopped wanting and realized the real train of your thoughts. And he immediately remembered the famous deaths of soldiers after they were driven in gas masks. And all because it was led by people like you, it was absolutely the same as what would happen to a soldier, they did not even think that such a long and energetic cross was in itself an extremely high load, and in a gas mask that reduces the flow of oxygen, this load is already professional level. And about the fact that you need to come to the load, that you need to step up step by step to become a Fighter and there was no question. Both they and you do not need Fighters. So they drove yesterday's boys as if they were already professional athletes.

        So you want to give a person an underdosed load not for his physical development, but consider the natural indicators of the pathological nature of such a load (the example you gave with overheating) to be a weakness that needs to be overcome and for which you need to punish. You need to overcome not in order to become stronger, more enduring, more collected, to rise to the next level, or at least because it is possible (and this is known to be impossible), but because you have decided so. From under the "study" of people like you, at best, a weakened and beaten organism will come out whose body will have to recover for a long time to its previous level, but the heart, for example, will not recover. This is at best, otherwise you know from this and you can die. Especially if there are previously undetected pathologies of the cardiovascular system that often manifest themselves precisely with prolonged overload.

        And I wish you one, that you would meet the coach with the same views. That he would chase you so, and after you would constantly vomit and you would simply fall unconscious, and then a punishment cell. And after a year, a dead heart would have made itself felt, because this is what you are striving for, isn't it? No not like this. You are ready to kill others, but there is definitely no way to let yourself be torn to pieces.
    2. ammunition
      ammunition 17 June 2016 14: 11
      Quote: Mikhail Matyugin
      Did they really have to be left in the ranks next to the shooters ?!

      There is a schedule. Each shift is busy with its own business.
      One shoots. Another sits in the shooting range classes on theory. Still others are practicing the manufacture.
      Fourth - drive small tactics -)) The fifth receives ammunition.
      But a soldier is a soldier. laughing Always strives to lie down in the shade. Yes, and officers .. it happens in crowbars. Ce la vie.
  9. puskarinkis
    puskarinkis 17 June 2016 16: 22
    Once I spoke on this topic, but I repeat and remember the Soviet system - in the nursery and kindergarten, the initial healthy development under the supervision of competent educators, in the school of knowledge, parallel sports sections, and a little later - technical circles, NVP, DOSSAAF ... K many armies had ranks in sports, technical skills, parachuting, general knowledge of military affairs and the habit of working in a team. In the army, to a greater or lesser extent, they were distributed according to their abilities (circus performers, athletes and punks in the airborne forces, tractor drivers for a tank, technicians as signalmen), the necessary knowledge was deepened, new knowledge was given, tactics were worked out, etc. Under such a system, a person developed gradually and he was ready for the army. As for the service life, I think that in a year you can get all the necessary knowledge, but to learn how to use it, you need more time.