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Russia and the United States in a fight for neutral Turkmenistan

Is it difficult to be a neutral state in the modern world? Oh, how difficult ... Gone are the days when a country in the world could constitutionally register its military neutrality, saying something from the series "I'm in the house." And if by and large, so in historical retrospective of really “capable” of military neutrality of states was not at all a lot. Even Sweden and Switzerland are well aware that their “neutrality” during the Second World War was very conditional, and that at least the banking system of the states was used not only for transactions with unambiguous transparency.

In the face of growing tensions in the world, given the fact that a well-known state is trying to remain the only pole on the planet, the issue of state neutrality is particularly acute. And only a constitutional measure for the announcement of its “military neutrality” is unlikely to provide real neutrality for almost any of these states.

After the collapse of the USSR, it was fashionable, if I may say so, to declare oneself non-aligned. First of all, this concerns the former republics of the Soviet Union and some countries of Eastern Europe. They say that we are free from the “communist yoke”, we are not going to join NATO, and therefore we prescribe a neutral status in the constitution - vivat, democracy, disarmament, peace, friendship and stuff like that. As examples: Ukraine and Turkmenistan.

This “fashion” can be partly connected with the oral promises of Western “partners” given to Mikhail Gorbachev. The fact that NATO promised not a centimeter to the East ... We, they say, now friends do not spill water ... Gorbachev then, as you know, signed where he was needed by “partners”, he put it in exchange for everything the same verbal promises; MA-LA-DETS! .. After some time, the oral promises of the “partners” suddenly became forgotten, and they asked the individual “neutrals” about whether they wanted to integrate exclusively at the level of a non-binding partnership. As a result, new agreements were signed, and the military bloc began to spread eastward, in parallel, making it clear that the neutrality of individual countries as a fact to him (the block) is not entirely clear ...

Now, as is well known, Kiev expresses its irresistible desire to join the Western military alliance. But yesterday, Ukraine also positioned itself as a non-aligned (de facto neutral) state, although it did not disdain to send its units, for example, to Afghanistan.

And ever since the question of the abolition of non-aligned status began to be actively exaggerated on Maidan Ukraine, the United States also began to think about the need to deprive the non-aligned status of another former Union Republic - Turkmenistan. In 2014-2015, American delegations began to fly more often to Ashgabat, and to Washington - Turkmen delegations. The agenda is a “strategic partnership” under the well-known Western fable about the “threat from Russia”, and also under the fact that “after the withdrawal of the American troops from Afghanistan”, the Turkmen Armed Forces may have something military-technical.

From the statement of the government of Turkmenistan of October 2015:
Turkmenistan views the United States as a strategic partner and attaches great importance to deepening cooperation with this country.

Then, as it was stated, cooperation issues were discussed both in the economic sphere and in the field of security. Washington seems to have promised Ashgabat to take into account its concerns about the growing threats from radical groups in Afghanistan. What is the "taking into account" in the end resulted? - while the question. The only thing that has become known is the official Ashkhabad’s refusal to accept the head of the Russian defense ministry, Sergei Shoigu, in Turkmenistan, who intended to visit the Asian republic in 2015. There were no special explanations on this issue then, and a completely obvious slap in the address of Russia then was, as they say, lowered on the brakes, apparently, so as not to aggravate.

Turkmenistan announced that it is organizing a partnership with the United States in terms of countering drug trafficking. On US embassy site The following message appeared in Ashgabat:

23-27 in May 2016, the United States Department of State's Department of International Drug Enforcement and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) and the US Department of Justice’s Drug Enforcement Administration conducted a workshop in Ashgabat for drug control officers from the Department of the Interior Migration and State Customs Service of Turkmenistan.

Everything seemed to indicate that “neutral” Turkmenistan is no longer neutral, making its choice in the direction of the United States.

However, a few days ago an event occurred that, among other (very important), even the major Russian media decided to bypass their attention. We are talking about the visit (albeit with a deviation of several months from the original plan) of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to Turkmenistan. Attention is drawn to the fact that the head of the Russian military department was received not only by his Turkmen counterpart, but also by the president of Turkmenistan.

From the press service of the presidential administration of the country (quote
President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov received Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu, who arrived in Ashgabat.

The head of state and his guest exchanged views on the prospects for Turkmen-Russian cooperation, noting the constructive intergovernmental dialogue, as well as successful cooperation in a multilateral format, in the framework of international and regional organizations.

A special topic of discussion was the partnership in the areas of strengthening regional and universal security, countering global challenges and threats of our time, including terrorism and extremism.

And this statement press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation:
During his official visit to Turkmenistan, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Army General Sergei Shoigu, held talks with the Minister of Defense of Turkmenistan, Colonel General Yaylym Berdiyev.

Topical issues of bilateral military and military-technical cooperation, as well as problems of regional and global security were discussed.

Promising areas of deepening Russian-Turkmen cooperation in the military field were identified, concrete steps were agreed to strengthen the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan.

First of all, it concerns the provision of their compatible weapons and military equipment, training of military personnel.

Russia and the United States in a fight for neutral Turkmenistan

Against this background, the press service of the head of the Turkmen state reports that Sergei Shoigu declared "deep respect for the neutral status of Turkmenistan." According to the Russian Defense Minister, the neutrality of Turkmenistan is an important factor in maintaining peace and stability in the region.

Translated from diplomatic to household, it looks like this:
Gentlemen Turkmen partners! Perhaps this is not our business, but if neutrality is registered in your main document, so what, excuse me, is it for American specialists to work out a security system? Do you think that the status of neutrality requires a slightly different approach to the issues of interstate relations and obviously cannot be based on one-sidedness? ..

And just a few days after the Russian Defense Minister’s visit to Ashgabat, the Turkmen parliamentarians went to Moscow. The official purpose of the visit is to familiarize with the organization of parliamentary activities in Russia. Moreover, the Turkmen guests were invited by the Russian side. The head of the delegation is the chairman of the Mejlis, Akja Nurberdyev. She held a series of meetings with Russian politicians - Sergey Naryshkin and Valentina Matvienko (chairmen of the Lower and Upper Chambers of the Russian Parliament). After the end of the visit, during which agreements were reached on the need to strengthen Russian-Turkmen relations, the head of the Turkmen parliament reportedly informed Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedova.

Turkmen authorities have received a clear signal from Russia about the fact that neutrality in the modern world should not become a bargaining chip and a kind of green light for those who sleep and see a flaming cauldron in Central Asia.

The main thing here is not to forget that excessive assertiveness in Eastern affairs can be detrimental, but a methodical dialogue with Ashgabat in order to prevent the very possibility of the spread of influence in the region from the main chaos hotbed in the world - the United States is a matter of considerable importance. And it is unlikely that the Turkmen colleagues were not explained that the western “partner”, if he doesn’t succeed in realizing his interests in this or that state of the world, uses the worked-out reception of coup d'état for “democratic” cries of foreign-liver amateurs.
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  1. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 17 June 2016 06: 09
    I hope the Turkmen Bashi are aware of how friendship with the hegemon ends ... the Baltic und 404 is a vivid example. As they say, make the choice, gentlemen, on the RIGHT side, so that it does not painfully aggravate, for an aimlessly profaned country ...
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 17 June 2016 06: 46
      Turkmen Bashi died a long time ago. Berdymukhamedov diligently but gradually erases the memory of Saparmurat Niyazov, in the vernacular of Turkmen Bashi laughing .
      By the way, what about the level of democracy in Turkmenistan? In 2015, it was clearly higher, as allusions were made to partnership with the States. Now the regime may suddenly turn out to be dictatorial (which it actually is, in the spirit of eastern despotism).
      And regarding the independent and neutral status of Turkmenistan, my opinion is this: this is not a neutral position, but the status of "both yours and ours," in common parlance, a combination for which Skomorokhov bans me, namely "political prostitution". Moreover, this policy is successive, and the late Niyazov still professed it.
      1. Skif83
        Skif83 17 June 2016 07: 35
        It is, rather, not "both yours and ours," but between two fires.
        If it weren’t for the position of political prostitutes from the time of Gorbachev and Eltsin, when they surrendered everything they could, distributed territories, lost zones of influence for which our ancestors shed blood, maybe the policy of the imposed Turkmen bash would be pro-Russian.
        Russia, as one of the main centers of world politics, should attract its closest neighbors, but until recently this was not observed.
        Therefore, you need to start with yourself.
        Russia will be strong, they will not go anywhere, they will come with friendship, etc.
        1. Monarchist
          Monarchist 17 June 2016 09: 10
          Here you are right: M.S. as a child stroked the head and is good. BN yourself remember him ... mind and addictions. So that this does not happen again, Russia needs to overcome difficulties and then the sky will be blue and the whole beam
  2. Teberii
    Teberii 17 June 2016 06: 11
    The Americans need another springboard for Russia's concern.
    1. kepmor
      kepmor 17 June 2016 08: 36
      Not even the bridgehead itself, but rather a "green corridor" (as at customs), and not for itself, but for IS.
      Karimov and Nazarbayev are already old, Rohmon himself barely holds on.
      One obstacle remains - Turkmenistan with a young and cunning ruler. And the Turkmen themselves are not Tajiks with Uzbeks, they are rebellious and fierce. Until the age of 41, Soviet power was chasing the Basmachi-Turkmens along the dunes.
      The events in Aktau are actually reconnaissance in force, they say, how the Kazakhs will react, and the "black mark" to Nazarbayev at the same time.
      These sc ... km, Americans, are clearly preparing Central Asia for the arrival of the Islamic State from Afghanistan and Syria, and there our border is completely unprotected!
  3. 24rus
    24rus 17 June 2016 06: 25
    USA diligently repaints all potential friends of Russia
  4. Dmitry Potapov
    Dmitry Potapov 17 June 2016 06: 35
    Neutrality is a synonym for independence, if you want to maintain neutrality you will have to be independent, on the one hand there is a field for maneuver, and on the other hand an attempt to sit on two chairs, which often ends in a fall, in my opinion, India and China are unique in this regard, only the chairs are always the same Russia and the USA.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 17 June 2016 06: 39
    “Strategic partnership”

    The Turkmen leadership should think about how this "strategic partnership" might end. Having pecked at the spreading promises of the United States, Turkmenistan may become not only another springboard for pressure on Russia, but also lose the right to dispose of its oil reserves. Just let the goat into the garden and before you have time to look back, there will be no cabbage.
  6. strelets
    strelets 17 June 2016 06: 39
    Eh, in vain the Union collapsed. Now there would be one big country. Everyone would live in safety and prosperity.
  7. pts-m
    pts-m 17 June 2016 06: 41
    Khm. Turkmens are not inferior to coughs in tricks, but it’s impossible to calculate everything and maybe they will fall for the bastard of pendos with the ensuing consequences. As people say ... what they are fighting for, they are pushing for something ...
  8. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 17 June 2016 06: 52
    The United States breaks in everywhere and spoils everything that they can reach. How many countries have suffered from them in the most terrible way.
    Really it is possible not to notice. And this process began to go faster, when the USSR was destroyed.
  9. 1536
    1536 17 June 2016 07: 20
    It would be nice to clash in the battle for neutral Mexico or Canada. It's time to kick the Americans out of the CIS along with their henchmen!
  10. Olena
    Olena 17 June 2016 07: 25
    - The monstrous mistake made by the Russian leadership was ... - the loss of the territory of Turkmenistan ... - It was simply impossible to make such mistakes ... - Now we are biting our elbows ... - The USA and China would never have allowed this. ..
    -What now ..? -And now Russia cannot particularly "influence" Turkmenistan ... -this is how God will order ... -For some reason, only the United States is mentioned about "Turkmenistan" all the time .., but China is already concretely and thoroughly there. " climbed "... -China has long been and with might and main" pumps "gas from Turkmenistan at bargain prices ... -Rather, the Turkmens themselves have long been supplying gas to China for a song ... -The gas pipeline has already been built and put into operation ... four lines ... -Russia has nothing left but to become an importer of gas from Turkmenistan too ...-although they managed and managed to "fix" it ... -But everything is not so smooth here too ... -And since the prices for gas decreased, but it is now unprofitable for Russia to buy Turkmen gas at a price of $ 240 per 1 cubic meters. m. Gazprom tried to negotiate with Turkmenistan on lower prices, but the Turkmen did not agree to the terms proposed by Gazprom ...
    -Well, and China, of course, buys "everything" like a proprietor ... no more than $ 180 per 1000 cubic meters ... -Yes, and this price is most likely lower ... -That's right, but Russia remained "with nose "... -If the US also" climbs "into this region, then everything will become much more complicated ... -One hope that China will not allow this; but even in this case it will not make it easier for Russia ... -This is the price of the global mistake made by Russia in the "surrender" of the Caspian territory ...
    1. Semurg
      Semurg 17 June 2016 10: 01
      Gazprom frolic for a long time in Turkmenistan using the monopoly on gas transit. but the Chinese came and quickly built transit to China, if the Turkmens also connected to the South Caucasus corridor, they would really undergo diversification of transit routes.
  11. Million
    Million 17 June 2016 10: 10
    Our diplomats should work better, in this case with Turkey, in order to avoid possible problems and not step on the rake as with Ukraine and the Baltic states
  12. iouris
    iouris 17 June 2016 10: 39
    The former Turkmen SSR is a buridan donkey. Let me remind you that he died of starvation, because he was unable to decide which of the two carrots to eat first.
  13. Arktidianets
    Arktidianets 17 June 2016 12: 45
    East is a delicate matter, Petruha!
    1. Olena
      Olena 17 June 2016 13: 08
      - I would correct ... - "The East is a vile, cunning and insidious thing" ... - And the policy that Russia is pursuing today in the same "East" is, to put it mildly, ... quite unsuccessful ... -In the days of Tsarist Russia "this policy" had much more "significant successes" ...
  14. su163
    su163 17 June 2016 13: 21
    The point here is quite delicate. The Americans will get in there and will wander along the Caspian Sea, as if at home. All southern rulers will not survive in a "western democracy." This is either the tough democracy of the Bashi dictatorship or the complete confusion and vacillation of the poor Turkmen and, accordingly, an infusion into daish. Then we will immediately become sour and very sour. I hope our undemocrats understand this perfectly. It is worth lighting even a small fire, you cannot extinguish it, it will always smolder. The Turkmens themselves are normal, friendly people. But it all depends on the amount of dollars. The more of them, the more impudent, well, in principle, like ours. I repeat that the Caspian Sea is needed for amers and democrats first of all, and then light a fire.
  15. mihalych
    mihalych 17 June 2016 13: 37
    What do we know about Central Asia? What east is a delicate matter? What is Tashkent the capital of any of the Central Asian republics? The level of illiteracy, both political and geographical, is in a deep minus. Analysts ***, sorry, indecent word.
    "Fierce and rebellious Turkmens" is from movies and books about the Basmachi. The current Turkmen is quite a modern person - he drives a car (not the worst one, jeeps are held in high esteem), enjoys all the benefits of civilization and, like everyone else, loves to drink and eat. It has recently become very fashionable to keep a fast (uraza), not because of religiosity, but because of ostentation - that's how correct I am - and a little health. Mosques ... yes, mosques are being built, one in each city, large and modern, but not in every quarter, as in Turkey, besides, all religious leaders are under complete control.
    Run along the dunes in 40-45 degrees of heat ... well, well, try to run yourself, gentlemen dreamers.
    And neutrality, of course, is not a panacea for attacks from outside. To terrorists and other dushmans, he is somehow a light bulb. This is a question of geography - who is closer to Turkmenistan? States? Of course, Russia. It seems to me that if, God forbid, someone snoops into Turkmenistan, then Putin will not hesitate, and under the pretext of a fictitious statement of Gurbanguly for help, he will move the troops and make a protectorate. Everyone will have to move in, including the Chinese.
    1. Olena
      Olena 17 June 2016 14: 11
      - Unfortunately ... - It's not that simple ... - Well, if Erdogan "bent" the whole of Germany .., then with the Turkmens everything will turn out much easier for him ... - Erdogan that their Turks support and consider him a hero. ., that "kindred Turkmens" clearly "do not condemn" him ...
      -And in any "scenario" ... Russia is unlikely to dare to send troops to Turkmenistan ... -And what kind of China it is .., suddenly "move" ... -No, China will not be able to "move" anything. .. -Like Russia itself ... China would not move ...
      -And the US today is "cautious" with Turkmenistan only clearly because of China ...
      -And they would, with the consent of the Turkmens and with the full support of Nazarbayev .., they would have turned this matter over a long time ...
      -Yes, it was Kazakhstan that was not against the creation of an American military base in the Caspian ...- and Nazarbayev was already ready to "for a start" provide the Americans with the port "Aktau" in the Caspian ... -that is such a "reliable" partner of Russia in the CSTO ... represented by Kazakhstan ...
    2. Weyland
      Weyland 18 June 2016 00: 10
      Quote: mihalych
      This is a question of geography - who is closer to Turkmenistan?

      Iran. And Afghanistan (however, historically, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan, and much more from the Euphrates to the Indus - all this is so-called. "Greater Iran")
    3. The comment was deleted.
  16. Asadullah
    Asadullah 17 June 2016 14: 32
    in the battle for neutral Turkmenistan

    Since when has Turkmenistan become neutral? Ashgabat has the largest Turkish embassy in the world. The largest number of guest workers in Turkey from Turkmenistan. The closest ties are, and I do not even have questions about the behavior of Turkmenistan in the event of a war between Iran and Turkey. Definitely a second front. So much for neutral ....
  17. eskanderRUS
    eskanderRUS 18 June 2016 17: 31
    The fact that Turkmenistan has long been under Turkish influence is no secret. The question is, why did this happen and what problems did this create for Russia to return its former influence to the former TSSR? As soon as Chekhorda went with the collapse of the USSR, the Turks quickly realized and agreed, a kindred group of Turkic-speaking languages, there are a lot of them in the post-Soviet space, a large proportion of natural gas reserves, etc., etc. But the time of quiet Turkmen gatherings on the couch under the vineyard in the fig garden is over. Bearded thugs on the Turkmen border banged the frontier guards and soldiers, of course not like a perley on the frontier guards of the Russian Federation in Tajikistan, but still ... If you really look at things, then the Turkmens are not warriors and there is no great motivation to protect the clan tribal of life. Uncle Vova won’t think for a long time if a mattress or Chinese with flags on tanks tuck in there. The jokes are long over, gentlemen.