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Ministry of Defense: the number of Russians claiming to be a veteran of the anti-terrorist operation in Syria does not exceed 25 thousand

Veteran status operations in the SAR can get about 25 Thousands of Russian citizens, leads Look statement by the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Anatoly Antonov.

"It is assumed that the total number of citizens who will be provided with additional social support measures associated with the adoption of the bill will not exceed 25 thousand people",
Antonov said, answering questions about the government bill.

This bill has already been passed by the State Duma in the first reading.

The document assumes that “the status of a veteran of hostilities will be established for those who were sent to work to perform special tasks on the territory of Syria from 30 September 2015 of the year, spent the established deadline, or seconded ahead of time for good reasons”.

Social support measures stipulated by the law “On Veterans” will be extended to all these citizens.

The explanatory note to the bill states: "The adoption of this federal law will allow establishing the status of a war veteran to citizens who are going to perform special tasks on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, and extend to them appropriate social support measures in order to create conditions ensuring their decent life, vigorous activity, respect and respect in society ".

According to the authors of the document, the implementation of its provisions in 2016 g will require 967,8 million rubles.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. fzr1000
    fzr1000 16 June 2016 11: 52
    However, we’re not fighting so badly. Obviously, not only the pilots and the cover of the base were noted. Or is there the whole General Staff claiming medals?
    1. rotmistr60
      rotmistr60 16 June 2016 11: 55
      Representatives of the General Staff rightfully deserved the award. A majority of them are veterans for a long time. Many went through local conflicts and hot spots.
      1. Andrey K
        Andrey K 16 June 2016 12: 09
        VKS, guarding the military base in Latakia (air defense and marines), SSO, military experts seconded to the SAA, personnel of the 720th logistics point of the Russian Navy, crews of ships located in the theater of operations. Given at least one rotation - the figure is quite real.
        1. Mahmut
          Mahmut 16 June 2016 12: 18
          Wow, I figured that 2,5 - 3 thousand. Again postscript.
        2. fzr1000
          fzr1000 16 June 2016 12: 59
          Well, I also recorded crews of warships and reconnaissance ships in the cover of the base. And so, if you take transporters (air and sea), and the Caspian flotilla, etc., then yes.
          According to GS, it is clear that without it in any way. So consider yourself joking.
    2. tiredwithall
      tiredwithall 16 June 2016 12: 10
      In-in! I just want to say: "Sound out the entire list at once and tick off the representatives of the General Staff."
    3. Ami du peuple
      Ami du peuple 16 June 2016 12: 11
      Quote: fzr1000
      However, not so bad fighting
      If we compare the number of participants in the anti-terrorist operation in Syria with the number of veterans of the war in Afghanistan, it turns out that the participation of citizens of our country in these conflicts is practically comparable: 620 thousand "Afghan" veterans over 10 years and 25 thousand "Syrian" veterans over six months. Something like this..
    4. Vadim237
      Vadim237 16 June 2016 12: 15
      And what does status itself mean for these participants?
      1. Andrey K
        Andrey K 16 June 2016 12: 25
        Quote: Vadim237
        And what does status itself mean for these participants?

        2600, with copecks, monthly request
        Well, a bunch of theoretical and hypothetical privileges, like prosthetics in dentistry, paying only for work (we go there every day and this is the most necessary) request
        Getting land for private housing (the administration sends all the columns in an erotic walk) and other and other ... wassat
        1. Vladimirets
          Vladimirets 16 June 2016 15: 01
          Quote: Andrey K
          (the administration sends everyone in columns in an erotic walk)

          Well, why, some are allocated. yes
          1. Andrey K
            Andrey K 16 June 2016 15: 17
            Quote: Vladimirets

            Well, why, some are allocated. yes

            Kolega, where did you find this paradise for goblin and kikimore laughing
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. The comment was deleted.
        4. Dr. Vlado
          Dr. Vlado 16 June 2016 22: 51
          This payment (I call it handout all over the face) is 2638 rubles.27 kopecks. This is for saving me from my health. I just don’t know, I smear this amount at one time on bread or cut it into slices so that it’s enough for every day .
        5. The comment was deleted.
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. siberalt
      siberalt 16 June 2016 12: 15
      Why not a "member of the SAR"? Or how long does it take to be in Syria to become a veteran? what This is a pure devaluation of the very concept of "veteran", as associated with long-term service or age. But the very first "veterans" will be the staff from Moscow, as usual.
    7. Skif83
      Skif83 16 June 2016 12: 29
      Well, how else?
      It always has been, for every warring ten awarded angry
      Well, the benefits and merits of those who are fighting and those who serve, and even more so, hamster in the rear, should at least somehow differ.
      Only when will this happen, and who will make such a decision ...?
      It looks like other "generals" will not see awards and benefits.
    8. raif
      raif 16 June 2016 13: 00
      something like that. in Chechnya, the leadership of the OGV (s) also changed quite often - they did not have time to memorize and change in the documents the names and initials of the next commander. and what a sum of expenses! you would think, directly ALL-ALL privileges will be provided to participants. ordinary and sergeant staff will still have to collect a bunch of pieces of paper to get at least one privilege in the civilian world - many will spit on the bureaucracy and score on this red tape
  2. RuslanNN
    RuslanNN 16 June 2016 11: 52
    May God grant all healthy healthy children to return home, having fulfilled their mission with honor.
  3. axel320
    axel320 16 June 2016 11: 55
    Somehow somehow I still imagined different scales ...
    1. Scoun
      Scoun 16 June 2016 12: 17
      Quote: axel320
      Somehow somehow I still imagined different scales ...

      Me too, but if at least "offhand" to estimate ... it seems to work.
      in servicing the VKS and helicopters let 1000,
      Navy + several thousand at once,
      sappers (Palmyra) + gunners let a thousand
      Air defense, let a thousand
      Special Forces and Marines ...?
      + rotation + attendants, technicians, instructors
      Probably these 25000 thousand people are running over.
  4. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 16 June 2016 11: 55
    Wow: 25,000.
    This is probably 24,000 generals / officers of the rear and
    1000 combat officers and soldiers. laughing
  5. 16 June 2016 11: 57
    clearly underestimated hi
  6. avvg
    avvg 16 June 2016 11: 57
    In my opinion, they, the participants in the anti-terrorist operation in Syria, should not feel sorry for anything, they are all ready to die outside of Russia, for Russia.
  7. Wiruz
    Wiruz 16 June 2016 12: 05
    Nichosi! belay
    I thought there would be a maximum of five thousand request
  8. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 16 June 2016 12: 07
    There’s not even much for such an operation. There was rotation, and adviser-instructors worked. Not only pilots. And intelligence, and aircraft manufacturers, and other and other. For the budget of the Ministry of Defense, these are seeds. And for men - honor and respect.
  9. engineering
    engineering 16 June 2016 12: 13
    This is very small, given the rotation of personnel. It is very good that they approved the status of veterans, this is not a lot of money and benefits for military personnel and civilians who took part in helping the ATS.
  10. megafair
    megafair 16 June 2016 12: 14
    As far as I know, pilots and personnel were sent on business trips for a period of 1-2 months, then they were replaced so that as many people as possible gained experience in combat use.

    So in 25'000 I don't see anything strange, the crews changed, the staff changed, all this happened repeatedly.

    To all participants - past and future - I wish only one thing - to return home safe and sound!
  11. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 16 June 2016 12: 47
    People did not go for a walk in Syria, if the status of the Veteran for the participants is maximum, they must receive it.
  12. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 16 June 2016 13: 51
    Quote: siberalt
    But the very first "veterans" will be the staff from Moscow, as usual.

    Read the position on the title Veteran Fighting. Everything is registered there, staff from Moscow will receive their benefits, but not as participants (if they did not directly participate). For example here
  13. Betahon
    Betahon 16 June 2016 14: 19
    25 000 .... Two divisions against 200 000 ISIS. The ratio is quite normal for us .....
  14. 7race
    7race 16 June 2016 14: 54
    The core of Assad’s army, as I understand it?
    It seems that the Syrians themselves are not particularly eager to shed blood for the sake of the "alternatively elected"?
    Those who are weak in faith join the ranks of ISIS, those who are smarter are dumped into Europe, and some of the patriots self-organized, grabbed a part of the territory for themselves and chases the ISIS members, not forgetting to kick in the groomed ass of a loser dictator from time to time. Yes, take at least the same Kurds - by the way who are they: fighters for freedom and independence or lousy "separatists" (and what has Ukraine to do with it)?
    Assad is a vicious Pinocchio for himself - if he hadn’t divided the Syrian people into 2 grades: the highest Alavite and the lowest for everyone else, you look and there would be no ISIS in Syria ...
  15. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 16 June 2016 17: 21
    Quote: 7race
    Assad is a vicious Pinocchio for himself - if he hadn’t divided the Syrian people into 2 grades: the highest Alavite and the lowest for everyone else, you look and there would be no ISIS in Syria ...

    Dad or mom ISIS - Assad? Wake up or do not talk nonsense!
  16. iouris
    iouris 16 June 2016 17: 22
    To "claim" does not mean to become.
  17. Volksib
    Volksib 16 June 2016 17: 22
    Our Russia is big, but in any village you will always find at least five veterans of hostilities, a country that is constantly at war to one degree or another. The operation in Syria in terms of financial costs-results ratio, a model for the "Western coalition". The rotation is carried out operational, why pilots to work out on ranges when there are other goals. New methods of conducting, planning operations. One SVP-24 system that is worth, turned huge stocks of Soviet free-fall bombs into precision weapons. New models of weapons and military equipment were tested. Solid effective advertising for our military-industrial complex. Cooling the hot heads of "partners" can not be enumerated. Advisers of all ranks and specialties, special forces, intelligence ....... Good
  18. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 16 June 2016 17: 30
    Quote: Volksib
    And for 2600 rubles a month, the state will not become poorer for a DB veteran.

    People serve the motherland, took the oath of allegiance to her, this is the first. Second, there is a concept - Honor. Third, I assure you, not one Member of the hostilities, heading to the place of (no matter what) hostilities, does not think about benefits !!! You are not about the essence of the matter.
    The controversy over the issue is redundant. I have the honor.
  19. KnightRider
    KnightRider 16 June 2016 22: 16
    No more than 25 people will receive social support under the new law on veterans of the Russian operation in Syria.

    This was announced at a meeting of the State Duma by the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Anatoly Antonov, RBC reports. He spoke at the bill on the assignment of the status of war veterans to the participants in the operation in Syria. Get it all Russians heading for special tasks in Syria since September 30, 2015. Thus, the Ministry of Defense estimated the number of participants in the operation, naming the number of people who will be able to obtain the status of a war veteran in Syrian territory.

    "25 thousand people - this is a rotated contingent"- said Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Veterans Affairs Mikhail Moiseev." This figure is included in the budget for the total number of those who participated in the operation at different times, This does not meanthat there were 25 thousand people held there at a time, "he explained.

    In other words, 25 thousand is the total number of participants in the operation in Syria (including civilian personnel) during all this time carrying out this operation starting September 30, 2015 and ending with the future presidential decree on its completion.

    Operation for now continues, if we assume that now there are 3-4 thousand of our military and civilians (plus or minus), and 7-10 thousand (including all rotations) have been there for 12 and a half months, then the duration of the operation will depend on the number of rotations and their size, until they come up to the limit of 25 thousand voiced by the Ministry of Defense.
  20. mvg
    mvg 17 June 2016 14: 32
    Was someone forcibly taken to Syria? In my opinion, only contract soldiers. When signing the contract, they knew that they were not going to serve as a security guard in a hypermarket. And do not watch the parking lot. And now the state owes them a lifetime? Benefits, money, cars, apartments .. Nothing that a good salary for this received and get?
    PS: Lovers of "freebies", if only to get something from the state ... 2600 is no longer money, but other benefits and tries are not needed .. I've seen enough of both "Chernobyl victims" and "veterans" .. If you take the conditional 1000 people, then, in all conscience, they are entitled to benefits - hardly 20-25 people. I speak as a person who has come across these m for 3.5 years .. more than close .. And I saw these lists several times a day ...