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“Ukrainians should not be beaten either. But they should be led firmly”


During the years of the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet special services intercepted many important documents of the enemy, showing the intentions of the carriers of the "new order" invading our territory from various sides. The documentation of the German occupation authorities, including the recently declassified documents of the Archives of the President of the Russian Federation, is the answer to those whom the Nazis see as almost "civilizers" and "saviors from the Bolshevik plague."

From the bins Merkulov

11 March 1944, at a time when Kiev was already liberated by the Red Army, and the liberation of other regions of the Ukrainian SSR was actively preparing and was a matter of the immediate future, Vsevolod Nikolaevich Merkulov, people's commissar of the USSR State Security, sent an important document with such accompanying note to Stalin : The NKGB of the USSR presents a photocopy and a translation of the Directive for Employee Orientation, issued by the imperial commissar of Ukraine. This directive was sent to 22 on June 1942, by the head of the SS and the head of the police poplars leaders of the SS and police leaders of a number of Ukrainian regions. The document found NKGB authorities in Kiev "1.

The directive came from the supreme leader of the SS and the police at the Reich Commissar of Ukraine, Hans Adolf Pryutsman2. For him, the document was signed by the chief of staff, colonel of the security police Muller-Brunkhorst. The paper was sent to "leaders of the SS and the police in Brest - Zhytomyr - Kiev - Nikolaev - Dnepropetrovsk - Chernigov - Kharkov" 3.

The reason for writing the paper was one sad fact for the Germans: it turns out that "the employees of the imperial commissar and subordinate authorities often find themselves in a difficult situation when Ukrainians ask them specific and, in most cases, specific questions. As is evident from experience, these questions always concern the same areas and below they are answered in a certain order "4.

Campaign flyer 1942 of the year.

"Workers go to Germany fun and with songs ..."

The general directive begins, the main motive of which comes down to the fact that Ukrainians with their culture should be dismissed with all German bureaucratic training and talk beautifully about life and work in Germany. Propaganda slogans are combined in this installation with an accentuated disregard for the occupied population: “It’s in the interests of every Ukrainian to help this war triumphantly for the liberator of Ukraine from the Bolshevik yoke. When we make this or that decision, we have in the foreground the question always arises whether the case is decisive or important militarily, we can only take care of things that are not decisive or important for the war, and now, as a rule, we can take care of them oats do not think. With this we answer in advance many questions of Ukrainians, why we don’t organize or do this or that. For example, at the moment we have other concerns than to think about the development of Ukrainian literature; we can only have it in mind "5.

The following are answers to the most sensitive issues for occupation officials. There were exactly six of these problems, four of which are particularly noteworthy:

"a) What geographical and state shape will Ukraine take in the future?

Answer: The final answer to these questions will be given only by the Führer. There is no doubt that the Führer will not make a decision until the end of the Eastern campaign; it is very likely that he will make a decision only at the end of the war.

b) What are the German authorities doing for the development of Ukrainian culture?

Answer: In general terms, the answer to this question has already been given in the introduction. However, the creation of prerequisites for the restoration of Ukrainian culture was not the immediate goal of the struggle of our soldiers. Now it is important with joint efforts to create prerequisites for victory in the field of food and farming. This should not mean that we are striving to bring Ukraine into a state of lack of culture or want to oppress the cultural institutions of Ukrainians. We do not prevent Ukrainians from putting Ukrainian plays in the Ukrainian theaters that are still available with forces that are still at their disposal. We give them the opportunity to watch movies in their cinemas again. We treat favorably the Ukrainian national attires and Ukrainian folk songs. As soon as the war ends and there will be enough paper again, the possibility of reprinting the old or creating a new Ukrainian literature will appear. The fact that we confiscated the radios and have not yet returned them is explained by the following: the war is fought not only by fire but also by spiritual weapons. As the rear areas must be protected from enemy fire, so must the population in the rear be protected from the effects of enemy propaganda. It is perfectly established that a significant percentage of Ukrainians, Russians and Poles spreads enemy propaganda and thus causes unrest and unrest. [...]

e) How will the food situation develop?

Answer: The rural population of Ukraine is sufficiently supplied with food. In addition, to a greater or lesser proximity to cities, it has reached unprecedented wealth so far. That the urban population cannot be sufficiently supplied with food is not our fault. We, of course, do everything we can to eliminate this evil, especially with regard to those who work. Since the Bolsheviks destroyed the means of transport and, in addition, many agricultural means of production, in the near future we cannot count on a radical change in this situation. However, these complaints are often exaggerated. Not a single Ukrainian has died of hunger.

f) How are Ukrainians recruited for Germany used?

Answer: It is rumored that Ukrainians recruited for Germany are allegedly being used at the front for earthworks and similar purposes. The spread of these rumors has already kept many volunteers. Not a single Ukrainian who registered for work in the Empire has been used so far otherwise than for work in the Empire. Workers go to Germany fun and with songs and eager to get acquainted with the German conditions of life "6.

“Ukrainians should not be beaten either. But they should be led firmly”

Women are sent to forced labor in Germany. Kiev. Train Station.

"Germans should not accept invitations from Ukrainians"

Having answered the burning questions, the directive further suggests to German officials how to treat the peoples living in Ukraine. The first on the list are the local Germans, they are not specifically insulted: "... it should be borne in mind that the local German is, above all, German. There were alleged cases when supervisory authorities beat non-imperial Germans. It goes without saying the attitude towards the local Germans will be punished in the strictest terms. The local Germans need only education and direction "7.

But to the Ukrainians, even to the fact that, according to the directive, the fed and merry go and drive, the attitude is completely different and very frank:

"Ukrainians need guidance.

During the stories they proved incapable of independence. But if they are well managed and directed by them, then they are an obedient workforce. Under good supervision, they are even punctual and diligent. If the Ukrainians do not work well, then, given the above circumstances, this is our fault. Ukrainians also can not be beat. But they must be led firmly. Against lazy and recalcitrant elements there is a means of admonition. Their objection that they cannot buy what they would like for our salary should be refuted by pointing out that it was not we, but the Bolsheviks who were engaged in systematic destruction and removal of all values.

Germans should not accept invitations from Ukrainians. Not only in conversation, but also in behavior, extreme restraint is necessary. Intimate relations with Ukrainians, as is known, are not resolved "8.

This is the whole "new order" in the utmost nude, just such is the "civilizing mission" of the Nazis occupying Ukraine.

"The Germans make up the leadership in this country"

More strictly prescribes the directive to treat the Poles living in Ukraine, Jews and Russians. Poles should be pushed in every possible way compared to Ukrainians: “300 000 Poles live in Volyn, strongly emphasizing their national identity. They refuse to speak differently than in Polish, and are the same Poles as murderers from Bydgoszcz. They were attached to the Soviet Union only over the past two years. Before the war against Poland, they were part of the whole people of congress Poland, a people whose nature we met again in this war. They deserve exactly the same treatment as Poles in Germany, or as Poles in the Governor-Generalship, who we described as invitations from them and visiting them are not worthy of the Germans. We should limit ourselves to official relationships with them. Their national pride will be broken. In Volyn, as in Ukraine as a whole, there will be no more Polish schools, Polish culture will not be allowed, only Roman Catholic worship in Polish will be allowed only to special order. By the way, the Poles still continue to wage a national struggle against the Ukrainians. Where we assign a Pole to any post, we insult the Ukrainians, who in most cases do not understand our behavior in this matter. Therefore, it is necessary to gradually remove the Poles from the leading and privileged posts and replace them with Ukrainians or Russians. When choosing, preference should be given to Ukrainians "9.

In the next year, 1943, the Polish-Ukrainian contradictions resulted, as is known, into a bloody "Volyn massacre"; and it is precisely this German policy of suppressing two nations that played a significant role in the causes of this tragedy, and not the mythical "NKVD machinations", as the modern Polish version of 10 says.

For any communication with the Jews, the directive threatens severe punishments: "Anyone who conducts other conversations with Jews, except for purely official, is an unworthy person and deprived of instinct, and he should be called to order by all means. They do not greet the Jews. Any personal communication with them entails punishment. "11.

In Russian, the directive on behalf of Prutsman sees first of all the staunch bearers of the VKP (b) ideology: "They were Bolsheviks for 25 years, and most of them are still now. Some of them pretend to be loyal to us. Bolsheviks fanatics sometimes they accuse the Bolshevik agitation of those Russians about whom the present Bolsheviks know that they sympathize with us. Thus they try to use our ignorance of the actual state of things and make us accomplices of Bolshevik agitation. Inventions from the Russians should be carefully checked. In some cases, the Bolsheviks have already succeeded with our help to neutralize the Russians friendly to us according to the “Hold the Thief.” Thus, those Russians who were Bolsheviks for 25 years require special vigilance on our part. Bad communication with them is dangerous. ”12.

Hitler's invaders are the only higher caste in Ukraine in the summer of 1942,

"The Germans are in this country leading layer. People belonging to the leading layer cannot perform rough work in front of the leaders. It is unwise to have German officials themselves wear their boots across the street to a shoemaker, walk with buckets and other utensils along common public roads No matter how sad it is in another respect, it is impossible for the Germans here to cultivate and dig up the kindergarten themselves. For this, there are Jews and Poles, as well as Ukrainians and Russians. Also, we, Germans, should not come to the cities, squatting in straw on the body It is necessary that a German belonging to a leading stratum can be recognized only by his behavior in society, and not only in form. A German who appeared drunk before Ukrainians, that is, to the public, should be punished. ”13 .


Thus, exactly one year after the start of the war with the USSR, 22 June 1942, the Nazi authorities extremely frankly and cynically explained to their subordinates the mechanisms of their misanthropic policy towards Ukraine and its population. Under the guise of “liberation from the Bolsheviks”, there was a humiliating enslavement that was interrupted in addition to the wishes of the invaders by the Red Army, which liberated Ukraine from the “leading layer”.


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  1. Alexy
    Alexy 19 June 2016 06: 25
    Fascists also wrote in Ukraine.
    1. marlin1203
      marlin1203 19 June 2016 13: 38
      So what is it ... a real visa-free regime ...
    2. BEECH 1972
      BEECH 1972 19 June 2016 19: 59
      Quote: Alexy
      Fascists also wrote in Ukraine.

      Do you think the fascists wrote this text in Ukrainian? She didn’t, it was the Ukrainians who wrote that they faithfully served the occupation regime, but at the same time under the vigilant control of the OUN - UPA, they did not forget about their own independence.
  2. zoknyay82
    zoknyay82 19 June 2016 06: 26
    Go ahead, Ukraine! To Europe! But déjà vu will not happen?
  3. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 19 June 2016 06: 32
    Well, it will not prove anything to the salo-eaters anyway, they have that the corporal adik, that the heroic union with the abamka, everything is one, liberators and guardians of happiness 404 ... and on the ball. These, in contrast to the "hunchback," and the grave cannot be corrected - "Europeans", love their mother in skates on her bare feet. hi
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 19 June 2016 08: 13
    Ukrainians with their culture should be dismissed with all German bureaucratic training and beautifully talk about life and work in Germany... Nothing has changed, they are now beautifully talking about life and work in the EU ... Yes, they did, people went crazy, went to Maidan, friend. They began to kill friends and are now killing, those who do not want to go to work and live in the EU ...
  5. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 19 June 2016 08: 23
    With a slight movement of the pen, the word "Germans" is replaced by "Americans" ("Europeans") and ... Oh, Lord! Your deeds are wonderful! ... Everything falls into place in modern Ukraine lol repeat
    1. BEECH 1972
      BEECH 1972 19 June 2016 20: 02
      Quote: Rurikovich
      Everything falls into place in modern Ukraine

      Alas, but on a modern used y-krajina.
  6. atos_kin
    atos_kin 19 June 2016 08: 25
    In addition to the ban on sex and instead of Prutzman Valtsman, everything else is unchanged for ukr_ov.
  7. qwert111
    qwert111 19 June 2016 08: 31
    What lace panties? What then they did not smell, what now! But the fact that they will remain with a naked salary, this becomes an objective reality!
  8. Aleksandr72
    Aleksandr72 19 June 2016 08: 47
    “Ukrainians need leadership. Throughout history they have proven that they are incapable of independence. But if they are well led and guided, then they are an obedient work force. Under good supervision, they are even punctual and diligent. the aforementioned circumstances, it is our fault. Ukrainians, too, can not be beaten (? - but you can kill, as I understand it). But they should be led firmly. Against lazy and stubborn elements there are means of admonition.

    In principle, this paragraph says it all. This is the attitude to Ukraine and its population and Nazi Germans during the Great Patriotic War and the period of occupation of Ukraine, and the current attitude of modern Europe to this unfortunate country in which modern Nazis came to power.
    I can imagine the "means of admonition." Especially considering that the Nazis were far from the ideas of tolerance and humanism. Nowadays living Ukrainians should bow at the feet of the Soviet soldiers and the commander in gratitude for the fact that they are Ukrainians in general.
  9. peta locksmith
    peta locksmith 19 June 2016 10: 00
    present hohlos .. people are lured in about the same way to Europe, they say, well, everything will be European, starting from cesspools, ending with toilets in hospices ...
    and this is after the aviation enterprises and seaports that the USSR built in Khokhlos ... e ... the truth, mainly Russian worked at these enterprises ...
    In life, note-taking Ukrainians were peasants or slaves-servants, serfs, with rare exceptions - small proprietors with the life principle "my house is on the edge" ...
    Biden, too, Khokhlov firmly leads, leads them to Europe, but someone in Europe needs to shit for the Europeans, not the Europeans themselves to do this and not to force Muslims.
    so now, in the creeping mode, the idea of ​​the third Reich is being successfully implemented - to make working cattle out of Ukrainians ...
    and even allowed to bark at Russia .... and the power to show-to be honest over honest people ..
    and the Ukrainians themselves (not all !, but the majority) and then in 1942-1944.
    and now in 2013-2016. all the same, if only they were not touched and the cow and piglets were left ...
    one word slams!
  10. Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 19 June 2016 10: 30
    You can beat, you need to beat! Schaub is not a bad bulo!
  11. a housewife
    a housewife 19 June 2016 11: 42
    How has this changed nothing? Changed at its core! I had a neighbor, Ukrainian. She was driven to Germany at 16 when she was 90 years old. DEPARTED. Keyword. There were no idiots who rode of their own free will. She said that she worked there in two places, I don’t remember in what sequence. At the factory and with the peasant in the village. It was worse at the factory - they were hungrier and were beaten if something had been done wrong. This is the bosses, and the workers point blank did not notice, like an empty place. She lived with her family in the village and looked after cattle. They fed a little more satisfying, talking only in teams. Although these people themselves did not live to say so richly. They raised pigs, some part were given to the state for free, some for money (small), a small part was sold. They themselves ate mostly bread, potatoes and pea soup, rarely chicken, pork once or twice a month. Already in the XNUMXs, Germany began to pay her compensation. In stamps. I do not remember the amount per month, but she was pleased. And now these idiots are torn there themselves. They are proud that they are Ukrainians, but if a miracle happened that they would be allowed to call themselves a different nationality, half would take advantage, if not all. That would be a concert! See how many Germans would become, how many Russians, how many Poles, how many others.
  12. magician
    magician 19 June 2016 19: 50
    It’s difficult to talk about the history of the Second World War, there are few witnesses left. In the Kaluga province, during the occupation, ordinary inhabitants quite politely and unburdened by politics and patriotism lived fairly well, exchanged various nishtyaks for products from the German army, during this period not many voluntarily left to work in Germany, in search of a better life (alas, there were some). Everything changed after the Germans (namely Germans, Nazis in the Wehrmacht were not so many) were driven from Moscow. Villages and cities were burned, the population was forcibly stolen or destroyed under the fictitious pretext of helping partisans (41-42gg, this movement was only in its infancy). He talked with one very interesting grandfather, his parents went to Germany to work with him voluntarily in 41, he recalled the beginning of the occupation without negativity, the German soldiers treated them loyally, did not offend them, they indulged children with sweets. But he didn’t remember the years spent in voluntary work in Germany without tears, at the end of 45g he returned to the USSR alone, his father, mother, older brother and two sisters remained there, in the land of the Third Reich.

    The story is a woman whimsical, walks in a circle and it is not known how she will treat us. Build the future of your homeland and protect it! The rest is all lyrics and a trifle.))))
  13. Jääkorppi
    Jääkorppi 26 June 2016 12: 35
    My grandmother’s sister Nadezhda Zakharovna Chuprina was stolen to Germany !!! At 16 years old! It was stolen, taken by force from home! There, until the age of 45 (the Americans freed), she labored in the village. It was the laborer, from morning to evening, for food. Here is such a visa-free visa !!