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EMRO about Russian nationalism and national movement I.I. Strelkova

EMRO about Russian nationalism and national movement I.I. StrelkovaRecord of the conversation of the ROVS Chairman I. B. Ivanova with Gleb Khodkevich, editor of the magazine Pereklichka

Gleb Chodkiewicz: We decided to devote today's conversation to the organization of the patriotic community. The topic is very painful, since in the past since the beginning of the Russian Time of Troubles, many attempts have been made to rally the patriots of Russia into a single organization - and all these attempts have failed. Why it happens? What are the main problems facing the Russian patriotic community on the path to unity? What is the future of patriots of Russia? One way or another, many are trying to find answers to these questions, but this does not prevent Russian patriots from stepping on the old rake again and again ...

Igor Borisovich, your book on the All-Russian Social-Christian Union for the Liberation of the People (VSHSON) and stories Russian national movement in 1960-e-1980-s. The topic touched in it aroused great interest. How do you think how relevant is this topic today?

Ib Ivanov: The book "Russian Underground" - both of its publications - was published in small editions, but judging by the incoming responses, it was keenly interested by professional historians and ordinary readers.
The fact is that today many people, including those who have a good education and are interested in history, know almost nothing about the history of the Russian national movement. Some generally believe that the Russian movement is a phenomenon characteristic only of our days, and Russian nationalism appeared somewhere in the beginning of 1990's.

In fact, our national movement has a long history. But if about the Slavophiles of the XIX century and the Union of the Russian People of the beginning of the XX-th heard almost everything, then about the later stages, few people know today. But the Russian national movement also existed during the Civil War - represented by the White movement, which was organized precisely in opposition to international, Russophobic Bolshevism. After the end of 1917-1922 armed struggle, it existed in the White emigration, right up to its physical end at the turn of the XX-XXI centuries. In the USSR, representatives of this movement were thrown into prisons and concentration camps, and operated in the deep underground. In the 1960-1970-s, the Russian national movement was ideally headed by such “bison” as Igor Vyacheslavovich Ogurtsov and Alexander Isaevich Solzhenitsyn. In 1980, “Memory” and “Russian Banner” appeared ... I tried to tell about all this in the monograph “Russian Underground”, relying on little-known materials, testimonies of participants, as well as documents not previously entered into scientific circulation.

Gleb Chodkiewicz: Why is it so important today to know the history of the Russian national movement, including the period of the 1960-1980-s of the last century?

Ib Ivanov: Because now Russia is once again facing the choice of its path, in one of its key points, and not knowing history, it is impossible to move forward in the right direction. In this sense, the experience of VSHSON is invaluable, it must be studied by all patriots. Otherwise, instead of the present National movement, the Russians will, to the delight of the enemies, create stillborn pseudo-patriotic simulacra or sects that lead away, which, unfortunately, often happens.

Gleb Chodkiewicz: That is, today we are dealing with a distorted historical perception of the concept of Russian patriotism. The history of the Russian national movement in the twentieth century is a blank spot for the overwhelming majority of our citizens. We monitored the reaction of people on the web to your book - and their main question was: “What is VSHSON in general?”

Ib Ivanov: VSHSON - the brightest page of the Russian national movement in the Khrushchev and Brezhnev era. And the fact that even those who consider themselves Russian patriots have not heard about this organization today is explicable. After all, Yuri Andropov, who at one time headed the KGB of the USSR, considered Russian nationalism - “Russianists” - the main danger for the totalitarian communist system. By the personal order of Andropov, all information about the VSKhSON was classified. In the Soviet Union it was even forbidden to mention the existence of this organization.

There is, unfortunately, another reason why the Russians today know almost nothing about the history of their national movement — the low educational and cultural level of today's youth. Solzhenitsyn at one time lamented the fact that there was no intelligentsia in the USSR, but only Soviet educators. Today, the situation is even worse - in the Russian Federation, the very educated people are gradually disappearing: the purchased, forced diplomas of the current “bachelors” and “specialists” quite often cover up the inconsistency of semi-educated people who are narrow in horizons; modern higher education, unfortunately, is not worth much.

I happened to work a lot and communicate with representatives of the Russian White emigration - now, alas, already gone to a better world. Some of them proudly called themselves Russian nationalists. It was a real Russian intelligentsia, received a brilliant upbringing, extremely well-read, imbued with the spirit of Orthodoxy, love of national Russian culture and Historical Russia. Real Russian people. These were all the old officers of the EMRO. They not only knew how to hold weaponbut also perfectly understood the most complex issues of Russian history, the vicissitudes of politics ...

I was also impressed by the communication with representatives of the national movement 1960-1970-s, “Russianists”, such as the writer Leonid Borodin, orientalists Mikhail Sado, Igor Klochkov, the Africanist Vyacheslav Platonov and others. Not to mention the brilliant Russian thinker and the true national hero - Igor Ogurtsov!

I do not want to offend anyone, but against the background of this brilliant pleiad of the Russian movement of the recent past - real fighters and intellectuals - the current so-called “nationalists” are, as it were, softer to say, people of a fundamentally different format. All these skinheads, zigzuyuschy Natsik, neo-pagans decorated with curls, European nationalists, hit by Stalinism in the head of national-Bolsheviks, operettochnye ryazhennye in black uniforms or uniforms "a la White Guard" (simulacra created for every taste and color!) level parodies of the Russian national movement.

I will give an example. Can you imagine that at the beginning of the twentieth century, with its highest level of educated segments of society and the centuries-old spiritual experience of the people, a neo-pagan subculture that is being actively implanted today in the Russian Federation and Ukraine could arise and develop in Russia?

Gleb Chodkiewicz: This, of course, is difficult to imagine. In the Russian Empire, built on the Christian tradition, it was impossible.

Ib Ivanov: And I can not imagine. Because the most "dark" Russian peasant in tsarist Russia would turn away from paganism with disgust as if it was a foul story. But some of the current Russians - and this, do not forget, the children of atheists, grandchildren and great-grandsons of God-fighting people - easily swallow the primitive hook of the neo-pagan subculture, because behind their shoulders, like their parents-materialists, there is no longer a real spiritual experience. Seventy-four years of the Bolshevik sovereignty were not in vain - the ruin remained in their heads.

It is not by chance that I speak of neo-paganism as a subculture, and not as a religion. Because, seriously, this movement cannot be called religion. There are punks, emo, goths, there are neo-pagans ... The difference is that neo-paganism is not just a subculture, but another western Russophobic project, wrapped in a pseudo-historical wrapper and purposefully "sharpened" for the destruction of Christian foundations in Russia.

The national policy of the Soviet-democratic model carried out in the Russian Federation, which is not supported by the majority of the population, clearly goes to the detriment of Russia, and in combination with a low level of education, upbringing, culture, lack of knowledge of its own history, and, of course, conscious influence from the anti-Russian forces - this gives rise to in modern Russia, the most perverted forms of pseudo-nationalism.

Gleb Chodkiewicz: 28 May, the notorious "January 25 Committee" announced its reformatting into the All-Russian National Movement under the direction of Igor Strelkov (OND, or ORND). In this regard, the readers of Roll Call ask what your opinion is about this movement?

Ib Ivanov: The EMRO, from the very beginning of these initiatives, was not supported by K-25 for principled ideological reasons. And for the same reasons, does not participate in OND.

Yes, this movement has a bright leader, but in addition to the leader, any political organization should have the appropriate team and its unifying idea. Moreover, such an idea for which it would be worth fighting, and such a team on which you can rely. And with this, the former “Committee 25 January” - big problems. I'll try to explain.

Initially, K-25 included two ideologically multidirectional groups. These are, firstly, the Western democrats under the umbrella of "European Russian nationalism." Secondly, the Stalinists. True, the head of the National Bolsheviks Limonov quickly left the ranks of the Committee, but there were other leftists in it, for whom 1917 year - the year of our national catastrophe and the beginning of the genocide of the Russian people - is the greatest holiday. A small group of neo-pagans subsequently joined these two main groups.

It is clear that with such a composition, nothing in the traditional sense of the Russian national can obviously turn out. Indeed, throughout its history, the national Russian movement was forced to death to fight on two fronts. On the one hand - against Western liberalism, on the other - against communism (by the way, also brought to Russia from the West). And the All-Russian National Movement is in fact an association, under the “national” sign, of representatives of two old anti-national movements — Western liberals and communists. You need to call things by their proper names. Presence I.I. Strelkova at the head of this association does not change the situation.

Gleb Chodkiewicz: When the “25 January Committee” was still being created, a startling statement was made that allegedly “red and white are united under its roof”. For us it is clear that such a union is impossible in principle, and the very idea of ​​a “red-white” union is absurd and provocative. But those who promote this idea-refer to the Militia of New Russia, where, allegedly, for the first time, people of very different political views were able to unite.

Ib Ivanov: White did not enter K-25. And they could not enter without changing their ideological principles. Because the contract between whites and reds in the name of the defense of the Fatherland is as absurd as the contract between the priest and the devil in the name of the defense of the Church. We talked about this at the beginning of 2016, when Gennady Zyuganov came up with the provocative idea of ​​concluding an agreement between red and white. I believe that we then gave a very clear answer to this question and to repeat unnecessarily.

As for the comparison with Novorossia, it is not correct. Sadly, this page, which is heroic for Russian volunteering, is already becoming an object for manipulation.

I would like to remind you that the Militia of the 2014 year clearly positioned its non-partisan character. I emphasize - not the all-party, namely, the non-partisan, that is, truly national Russian. That is why it took place. And here, if the Militia, God forbid, depended on parties and political organizations, there would be no Novorossia at all. So everyone would remain sitting on the sofas, biting into each other ...

The militias did not enter into any political agreements between themselves and, moreover, did not give out their ideological views anywhere. They went to the Militia not to engage in politics, but to physically protect the Russian people. Therefore, in politics, it will not work "as in the Militia." Protecting people, helping civilians suffering from war, wounded or captured - is one thing. In such cases, party tickets no one asks anyone: this is a military, Christian, and just a human duty. It is quite another thing - the conclusion of political unions. Moreover, the unions with the bearers of the criminal communist ideology or outright enemies of Russia from the “liberal opposition”.

Gleb Chodkiewicz: The All-Russian National Movement published its declaration, which, in my opinion, contains a number of correct provisions, but much in it seems unacceptable for Russian patriots. What is your impression of this document?

Ib Ivanov: Indeed, the OND declaration contains quite a few important points, the need to translate them into reality leaves no doubt. For example, conducting a competent migration policy or changing a clearly defective Soviet territorial system. Some of the provisions of the declaration are borrowed from the VSHSON Program, such as declaring a policy of returning property taken away from the people and creating a middle class. And so on.

But it is impossible to identify the OND declaration and the traditional course of the Russian national movement. The OND Declaration is a paper-based compromise between the Reds and the Liberals. Everything else follows directly from this.

Take, for example, the aforementioned OND thesis already mentioned: “We’ll return the property illegally alienated during the privatization of 90's to the citizens of Russia.” Did the people have property before 1990's? Did not have! Because the property was not taken away from him at all in the nineties, according to neobolshevitsky propagandists, it was taken away after the 1917 year. They took away everything, including the land, including the most laboring groups of the population - millions of peasants and Cossacks. So the very topical issue of restitution in Russia is much more complicated.

It is clear that such distortions in the OND declaration are a concession to the K-25 communist wing. But on the whole - it is difficult not to notice this - the liberal-democratic values ​​were laid down in the ideological basis of the movement led by Strelkov. Those "human rights" ...

Gleb Chodkiewicz: Speaking of Bolshevism and liberalism. The head of the OND “state structure” declaration states the preservation of the principles of fiscal federalism, equality of regions, etc. But this, in fact, is also the legacy of 1917 of the year, when a federalist device was artificially imposed on our country. Under its cover today, preparations are being made for the dismemberment of Russia along internal regional borders with the support of local separatist elites.

Ib Ivanov: Yes, and specific examples can be continued. For example, a purely democratic demand to ensure access to political power and the media to all political forces. We must not forget that there is a war going on - and not only informational - and among the political forces there are clearly anti-Russian ones. And if the authorities really want to defend the country, they are obliged to take tough measures to protect its security. In particular, including directly denying access to political power and the media all the destructive forces.

Or another popular slogan in the liberal-democratic environment: “end the blocking of websites on the Internet.” What does it mean? Tomorrow someone, having seized power, will give everyone the freedom to work on the Web, including ukronatsistam, satanists, wahhabis, sodomites and other extremists and perverts?

The leader of the movement, Igor Strelkov, undoubtedly understands such things. I remember that in the summer of 2014, at the initiative of the Political Department of the Militia, in one fell swoop, twenty local television channels were discontinued in Donetsk at once. This was done because they allowed Russophobic propaganda and, to a greater or lesser extent, engaged in subversive informational work in the capital of the DPR. It was impossible not to pay attention to this, and twenty television channels are not some sites. What kind of abolition of censorship in general can be talked about, in conditions when the “two-tongues” have actually announced the campaign against Russia again? Censorship must firmly prevent the spread of enemy propaganda.

In general, the declaration we are considering is “sharpened” under one of the factions of the former K-25 - Western liberals who advocate European-style “nationalism” - with democracy, reference points to the “first world countries”, as they call them, and, of course, without all Christianity. As far as I know, work is currently underway on introducing curtsies in the declaration towards the communist wing of the UPM.

Gleb Chodkiewicz: Does this mean that people and organizations that express a commitment to a liberal democratic or communist project should be considered as being behind the patriotic community?

Ib Ivanov: Actually, they have always been behind the national movement. Liberal democracy and communism are born in the West as early as the 18th and 19th centuries and have twin brothers who hate each other, whose services the enemies of Russia used more than once to weaken and disintegrate it. And they still use it - alternately or in tandem.

When the Liberal Democrats today advocate “Russian European nationalism,” modern “European monarchism,” and so on, the key word is “European.” And behind the bright and for someone attractive sign of “Europeanism” there is something completely different from what many expect to see. Do not forget that Europe today is subject to the United States. In practice, “Europeanization” will mean for Russia - the end of any hope for state sovereignty, the rejection of any influence on the territories that were part of the Empire and the USSR, the rejection of natural monopolies, the expansion of regional powers, etc. In other words, the “Europeanism” promoted by the liberals — for Russia — is DEATH.

And it doesn’t matter at all what kind of wrapper the liberals are wrapping Europeanism - “national”, “social”, etc. In 2014, the Orthodox-Slavic civilization began to finish off with the “European choice” of Ukraine. By the way, some of the founders and activists of K-25 - OND in 2014, very actively supported the Kiev Maidan and the Ukrainian "nationalists".

Therefore, for the Russian movement, liberals, even with the prefix "national", are not easy, as you put it, "overboard." They are on the other side of the barricade. For patriots, political union with them is as absurd as the “red and white union”. Such political ecumenism, based on the principles of the “Overton windows”, can only lead to a blurring of traditional patriotic principles and the subsequent replacement of the system of Russian patriotic coordinates with a destructive ideology of a politically omnivorous tolerant general human.

Please note - in the program document of the movement, which positions itself all-Russian and national, there is not a word about Christianity, about Faith and Orthodoxy. But even Dostoevsky argued that a person is as Russian as he is Orthodox, without a faith, a Russian is a rubbish, not a person. Remember the basic principles of VSHSON?

Gleb Chodkiewicz: Yes, the Christianization of culture, the Christianization of politics, the Christianization of the social sphere.

Ib Ivanov: And also the Christianization of the economy - which is very important. That Christianization has always been the basis of the Russian national movement. And the UNM, judging by the declaration published by 28 in May, proposes to create an all-Russian movement, completely devoid of the basis of Russianness. But after all, from the "generalities" without Russianness - not far from the common people. By the way, it is very significant that the ignoring of Christianity is one of those points on which all the “factions” of the UPM came together - both the Communists, and the Democrats, and the Gentiles.

In general, the UPM is now an organization built on ideas and principles that are directly opposed to those that the Russian national movement has traditionally defended, including in Novorossia. After all, the Militia 2014 of the year, unexpectedly for everyone, and became such a natural embodiment of the Russian spirit - a truly Russian national movement. At that time, they spoke about “Europeanism” only from the opposite side of our trenches, but every militiaman knew and believed the words of the Order of the Commander, who announced the Militia “The Orthodox Army that proudly serves Christ and his people, and not the golden calf.” Raising such a banner, it was impossible to move away from it.

Gleb Chodkiewicz: But after all, if we add a section on attitudes towards Orthodoxy to the declaration of the UNM, this will not change anything. Because it is not enough just to say about Orthodoxy and its place in the Russian state. The Russian National Movement has always put Christian values ​​at its core. And based on Christian values, OND will destroy its own - the liberal-communist one.

Every state must have a goal of existence. In my opinion, in the program of the Russian national movement the first line should state the purpose of Russia's existence as the Third Rome - a state that performs the function of Restraining from evil at all levels of our life: social, spiritual, informational, cultural, scientific and political. Moreover, performing the function of Restraining as in its own territory, but also offering this civilizational alternative to the whole world.

If not, then the house is being built without a cornerstone in the foundation - in fact, on sand. On such sand, the Westernizers in the XIX century, and the socialists in the late XIX - early XX centuries, and the communists in the last century tried to build their theories ...

Ib Ivanov: Generally, declaring such things as “freedoms” and “human rights”, we must remember that it was under these slogans that the Russian Empire was destroyed and thrown into the abyss of civil war in the 1917 year; in 1991, the USSR was dismembered under these slogans. Whenever somewhere shouting about freedoms and protecting human rights, the mechanism of disintegration, distemper and war is triggered. About “rights and freedoms”, about “down with censorship,” Russia heard in 1917, in 2014, Ukraine heard. On the Independence, too, they shouted about social justice and the fight against the oligarchs ...

Yes, the regime of Yanukovych was thoroughly corrupt, unfair, and demanded reform. And what replaced it as a result of a coup d'état - the new February revolution? Even more anti-people, a hundred times worse, bloody regime. And already under the direct control of the West. It threatens the Russian Federation. In the Russian Federation today, too, there is a socially unfair regime that is not viable from a historical perspective and requires urgent radical reform. But at the same time with severe internal problems, the external threat has become extremely acute: the West is in a hurry to demolish a geopolitical rival - Russia, and with it the entire Orthodox-Slavic civilization.

If these plans of the notorious world behind the scenes succeed, then a miracle, alas, will not happen: the current regime will be replaced by an unfair and noble knight on a white horse. A further prospect is only the Russian equivalent of some puppet Poroshenko with a civil war, the final dismemberment of Russia and the redistribution of historic Russian territories with Western management. The scenario of 1917, 1991 and 2014 will be repeated once again, but with even greater sacrifices.

It is important to understand that in this struggle liberalism and communism are not allies of National Russia, but precisely those tried and tested mechanisms with the help of which it will be carried out (ordinary militants, as usual, will use blindly). For the West, no matter which of these two projects will bring Russia to collapse, the variant of their union is also quite suitable. World backstage will applaud standing and the final victory of liberal democracy in Russia, and the victory of communism. The only option that doesn’t suit the world behind the scenes — and the West is now most worried about it — is Russia’s return to the natural historical path that the Russian Empire had before 1917.

Gleb Chodkiewicz: With questions of the past and present, we figured out. But the question of the future of Russian patriots and the whole patriotic community remains unresolved. Criticism alone, as well as endless software projectors, cannot solve this issue. What, for example, can the Russian All-Military Union offer itself in this regard?

Ib Ivanov: The idea. The very same, historically justified, national idea, for which it is worth fighting. The EMRO for the 92 year of its existence, for natural reasons, could not, of course, save its regiments and divisions, from the mere names of which the enemies of Russia once trembled. But the strength and importance of the ROVS is not at all in the military component (although in Novorossia, a small group of Union officers and local volunteers who joined the ROVS, fought extremely well). We have preserved what can be more important now than regiments and divisions - the Idea of ​​Russian Statehood, based on traditional basic principles, and direct historical continuity from the Russian Imperial Army and the White movement.

Gleb Chodkiewicz: Here, probably, it will not be superfluous to remind you about which basic principles you are talking about?

Ib Ivanov: For these 92, the All-Military Union has already said everything that is needed. The fundamental ideological attitudes of the national movement are perfectly formulated in the works of one of the ideologists of the ROVS, the Russian philosopher, Professor Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin. He who has ears, let him hear.

As for the mentioned principles, 20 February 2016, they were once again clearly named in a brief, but with a very specific content of the document under the heading: "The oldest national organization of Russia on the basic traditionally-patriotic principles". Today it is the most up-to-date program document not only for ROVS, but, probably, for all Russian patriots. Because only on this basis - the basis of traditional patriotic values ​​- can a genuine Russian National Movement be built. And only on this basis is the revival of the Russian State possible.

Gleb Chodkiewicz: How do you think, who among today's politicians could unite around them all truly patriotic forces?

Ib Ivanov: I am not a soothsayer, and it is not given to me to know in advance who of the political figures, whether acting or still in the shadows, is destined to raise Russia from its knees, restore its sovereignty and return the country to the rank of a Single, Great, Free Power. But I firmly know WHAT this leader will be.

The real unifier of the people will be the one who will help him return to the natural historical path. Who will reject all alien scum in the form of communism, democracy, Nazism and other alien false doctrines, and instead of all this, return to Russians their traditional basic patriotic values ​​- those values ​​that allowed Great Russia to survive and develop successfully, growing with lands, wealth and people more than 1000 years .

This is the leader of all Russian people, for whom the concepts of Faith and Fatherland, without any superficial adjectives, is not an empty sound — they will fully support both their experience and their bayonets and their hearts, and the Russian Spring has shown that such people in Russia are very lot.

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  1. A-Sim
    A-Sim 14 June 2016 09: 19
    "Ah, white acacia, flowers of emigration?"

    "What regiment did you serve in?"

    "Abroad will help us!"
    1. Igor39
      Igor39 14 June 2016 09: 32
      This is a patriotic fifth column laughing
      1. Corporal Valera
        Corporal Valera 14 June 2016 09: 47
        "Our organization is the most correct and we are real patriots! All patriots are patriots!"
        Raising the banner of Solzhenitsyn is strong! It's amazing how they forgot Vlasov and Krasnov - the most important "patriots". It is interesting how comrades famously discard 70 years of Russian history, like, "a filthy communist idea", and then shed crocodile tears over the collapse of the USSR. A society that considers the years in which the Russian people reached the peak of their power to be lost is, in fact, an anti-Russian society. Yaroslavna's lament over the white movement, which was not supported by the people, not in the 18th, let alone later, is very indicative. Otherwise there would be no emigration. It is just as interesting how the modern alliance of whites and reds is attacked in the interests of Russia, as something anti-popular. In general, the article is "instructive" and boils down to the fact that this guy is our everything! Solid and unequivocal minus
        1. volot-voin
          volot-voin 14 June 2016 09: 50
          Quote: Corporal Valera
          "Our organization is the most correct and we are real patriots! All patriots are patriots!"

          And the rest, with the same ideology or similar - all Jews)))) and wrong.
          1. Corporal Valera
            Corporal Valera 14 June 2016 10: 02
            We will return to the citizens of Russia property that was illegally alienated during the privatization of the 90s. ” But did the people have property before the 1990s?

            Does the patriot of all Russia still position himself as a great connoisseur of history and a very educated intellectual? It's funny, yes. The people, however, had ownership of the means of production. But now everyone has been given 50sq.m. plus Bibik and write boiling water from Happiness
            she was taken away - after 1917

            Especially sorry for the Rothschilds, who took away 43% of the Baku oil fields. Come on patriot, correct injustice
            1. potroshenko
              potroshenko 14 June 2016 10: 40
              Is Christianization of the Economy a New Pearl from the EMRO?
              1. avt
                avt 14 June 2016 10: 57
                Quote: potroshenko
                Is Christianization of the Economy a New Pearl from the EMRO?

                It’s generally that ROVS will prohibit plowing and sowing, but he will get heaven’s manna from God and free people and horses will ride on the land liberated from agricultural work .... but with the Orthodox king! bully
              2. Pushkar77
                Pushkar77 14 June 2016 12: 48
                In general, some kind of nonsense, they also hide behind Christianity. "Caesar's Caesar, God of God. People are starting to go crazy.
          2. Bath
            Bath 14 June 2016 10: 05
            Too many bukaf author vypiy yadu and odi f gazenvagen
        2. lexx_sv
          lexx_sv 14 June 2016 11: 47
          They have not forgotten, just until they raise it to the shield
        3. lexx_sv
          lexx_sv 14 June 2016 12: 07
          They did not forget Vlasov and Krasnov - they simply do not raise them to the shield yet ...
      2. avt
        avt 14 June 2016 10: 08
        Quote: Igor39
        This is a patriotic fifth column

        Well, as it used to be good
        “Who is your last king, for example? Nobody? So I am the first! ”
        And now, right in the Fuhrer of all Russia, the line is built -Girkin / Strelkov, this Ivanov, Barkashov, however, the race has irrevocably lagged behind in the race. laughing
        Quote: A-Sim
        "Ah, white acacia, flowers of emigration?"

        If ! Those scientists are the Father of nations and the Friend of athletes, and this generation is not scared idiots. This particular fate of Kutepov and his followers clearly either does not know, or thinks that he is smarter. Again, if only the life of the Harbin Fuhrer Rodzaevsky would be revered or something at leisure.
        1. Corporal Valera
          Corporal Valera 14 June 2016 10: 36
          The West is in a hurry to demolish a geopolitical competitor - Russia, and with it the entire Orthodox Slavic civilization.

          Therefore, Ivanov will help him in every possible way.
          In the 2000s became the initiator and author of a number of collective appeals by the Russian patriotic public with a call for a strong condemnation of communism, including the United Nations, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), as well as international and Russian public. [13], [14] [non-authoritative source? 43 days], [15] In these documents, he insisted on the need for a legal condemnation of the theory and practice of communism, just as it was done with respect to German National Socialism, with all the legal consequences arising from this (ban on the activities of communist parties and organizations, a ban on communist symbols, etc.) At the same time, he accused the leadership of the Western countries and international organizations (PACE, OSCE) of the extreme inconsistency and half-heartedness of the steps they took to condemn communism and of frankly Russophobic trends that slip in the resolutions adopted by international organizations on attitude to communism, in particular, in the preliminary version of PACE resolution No. 1481 (2006). [13]
      3. iouris
        iouris 14 June 2016 11: 05
        Fifth Columns can easily take on different guises. "Leaders" parasitize on the real contradictions of the official policy of the authorities. The main problem of creating a fifth column is financing their activities and exerting pressure on power from outside. Without funding and corruption, such movements are not viable.
      4. Prisoner
        Prisoner 14 June 2016 11: 14
        No, not patriotic. The usual fifth column, wrapped in the toga of a patriot. The top, anyway.
        1. Mavrikiy
          Mavrikiy 14 June 2016 20: 04
          Quote: Captive
          No, not patriotic. The usual fifth column, wrapped in the toga of a patriot. The top, anyway.

          That's right. Just look at the banners:
          White movement and Solzhenitsyn. The elderberry garden, and the uncle in Kiev.
          And Ogurtsov, he sat a lot, where he deservedly, where not very, but when he signed the appeal to PACE "Russians - in support of the idea of ​​international condemnation of communism."
          I consider the aspen stake to Ogurtsova and others like them. Solzhenitsyn gloriously began, and ended in the outskirts of the Great Empire.

          "- they will support them in every way with their experience, their bayonets, and their hearts, and the Russian Spring has shown that there are a lot of such people in Russia."
          Otpad. Here's about this Russian Spring, but with a capital letter, a song in more detail. You need to get a carbine, wipe it off by fag, sorry for the expression, but in the spring ....
      5. Skif83
        Skif83 14 June 2016 14: 26
        If the author mentioned Solzhenitsyn, then it is exactly the fifth column, without any "patriotic"!
      6. Mavrikiy
        Mavrikiy 14 June 2016 16: 55
        Quote: Igor39

        This is a patriotic fifth column

        Yes, no sweethearts, it is steeper involved.

        "Because his property was not taken away from him at all in the nineties, as neo-Bolshevik propagandists claim, it was taken away - after 1917."
        I understand what I have read so. Those who owned the cham before 1917 - so return. Otherwise it will be worse. The question is who to return something. And here is where the mouths are: from the Niders, to the Amers and Yaps with them. And when we ask “what was the blood shed for?” It is a completely legitimate answer: “what we fought for, we ran into it.” I think this is fair.
        The reconstruction of the Russian Empire and nationalism are incompatible concepts.
        What to do, skinheads at Calvary. You did a good job, congratulations. For a grant, go around the corner, indecent, sir.
        (until today I considered myself so)
    2. Ami du peuple
      Ami du peuple 14 June 2016 09: 35
      Fuck this bullshit, from the monarchy on the whole head "White Guard", spread it? Although, if we consider that he is Girkin's dumb friend and ideological adherent, then it is probably worth it.
      And yes, remember what ROVS really is and on whose side it was in the Great Patriotic War.
      Quote: Igor39
      This is a patriotic fifth column
      Considering that the ideologist of the ROVS was the philosopher Ilyin, so revered by our President, I am not sure of the "five-column" structure of this organization. It. rather anti-Soviet and anti-communist project. And similar worldviews prevail in our ruling elite. And under what sauce these ideas are presented to us - what is liberal, what is monarchist-Orthodox, what is national-patriotic - it does not matter. They are all equally anti-Soviet.
      1. Pinkie F.
        Pinkie F. 14 June 2016 09: 49
        Quote: Ami du peuple
        This is an anti-Soviet and anti-communist project, rather.

        so black and white:
        Who will throw away all the alien scum in the form of communism, democratism, Nazism and other alien false teachings,
        in short - antivirus.
        uncles live in their invented matrix with a rather amorphous idea of ​​reality.
      2. potroshenko
        potroshenko 14 June 2016 10: 42
        Quote: Ami du peuple
        Although, if you consider that this is Girkin’s sculpted friend and ideological like-minded person, then it’s probably worth it.

        In the article, on the contrary, he tries to squeeze the electorate from Girkin. Do not scribble.
        1. Ami du peuple
          Ami du peuple 14 June 2016 11: 06
          Quote: potroshenko
          Do not scribble.
          What are you doing? But was not Ivanov-Liskin Strelkova the head of the political department of the Ministry of Defense of the DPR? That is, do you think that Girkin appointed an ideologically alien element as the main political work? Do not make me laugh.
          Just now, Strelkov is muddying his project, Ivanov - his own. But from this they did not become ideological opponents.
      3. g1v2
        g1v2 14 June 2016 11: 36
        The EMRO was kept for a long time by the CIA and coaxed against the USSR. There are no doubts as to who is behind them. The Soviet Union collapsed primarily under the banner of nationalism. The main emphasis was on Russian nationalism. It was a major blow. The union actually broke up in 1990, when the declaration of sovereignty of the RSFSR was adopted. All that came afterwards was already a consequence. Now these ghouls are being dragged again - already to the collapse of the Russian Federation. Apparently their sponsors felt that too much was left of our country. It was hoped that she herself would break up, but it didn’t work out, so again they were dragging different dogs to destroy their country. Nothing new. request
        1. gladcu2
          gladcu2 14 June 2016 20: 58

          There is no point in looking for a reason for the collapse of the USSR. Defined - betrayal of the government.

          The restoration of the monarchy in principle is not possible. The pillar of the monarchy is a strong church. And in modern times, the church has lost power in the struggle for power with the media. Religion and the church will go down in history forever. But they need a powerful replacement. This is a SYSTEM of education.

          If you do not fuss in time, you can again be at a trough.
          1. Corporal Valera
            Corporal Valera 14 June 2016 21: 53
            Quote: gladcu2
            There is no point in looking for a reason for the collapse of the USSR.

            Not only everyone can find her!
            Quote: gladcu2
            The restoration of the monarchy in principle is not possible.

            Maybe. The question is, who needs it?
            Quote: gladcu2
            The pillar of the monarchy is a strong church.

            Why did the church not restrain Nicholas? The pillar of any power is a real assessment of the environment.
            Quote: gladcu2
            And in modern times, the church has lost power in the struggle for power with the media.

            Perhaps you mean the effect on human consciousness. You greatly exaggerate the influence of the media. Especially YOUR media!
            Quote: gladcu2
            Religion and the church will go down in history forever.

            Yes Yes. Do you know that there are no atheists on a falling plane and a sinking ship?
            1. gladcu2
              gladcu2 14 June 2016 22: 11
              Corporal Valera

              The restoration of the monarchy is not possible in principle.

              To understand the support of the monarchy you need to return to history.

              Remember before there was a pagan faith? And then where did Christianity come from? Do you think the Bible was given by God? No.

              The Bible was written by people, philosophers. But this was done in order to create a society united by a single morality. Did Jesus Christ know only good deeds and it was very convenient to punish those who did things differently than Jesus Christ. The power of religion is the control of MORAL.

              Why did Christianity suddenly gain power? Because Christianity was supported by secular power. Heads of state who baptized their people. The Church, in turn, cannonized the power of the king.

              Hence the conclusion of a monarchy is not possible without a church. The monarch is the governor of God.

              The church and the monarchy left because the economic system changed. Science, knowledge, technology have undermined faith.

              But the thing remained to be controlled. This is MORAL. He who controls morality rules the world.

              How to control morality in the Russian Federation? GDP, trying to restore the church. This is temporary. But in my opinion it is necessary to restore the SYSTEM of education and it is very important that every person in the Russian Federation knows the definition of the following:

              Morality, people, state, capitalism, socialism, communism, ideology, morality, country, homeland.

              If you know these terms, then consciousness will appear how to do things so that there is progress.
    3. Mareman Vasilich
      Mareman Vasilich 14 June 2016 11: 05
      Yeah, another insane person turned up.
    4. andj61
      andj61 14 June 2016 11: 23
      Quote: A-Sim
      "Ah, white acacia, flowers of emigration?"

      "What regiment did you serve in?"

      "Abroad will help us!"

      good Well, yes - a giant of thought, the father of Russian democracy, a person close to the emperor ... laughing
      And also: "I will give you parabellum!" bully
  2. Pinkie F.
    Pinkie F. 14 June 2016 09: 28
    Gleb Khodkevich: Yes, the Christianization of culture, the Christianization of politics, the Christianization of the social sphere.

    I.B. Ivanov: And also the Christianization of the economy - which is very important.

    Db. both.
    1. potroshenko
      potroshenko 14 June 2016 10: 43
      Quote: Pinky F.
      Db. both.

      100% PGM.
      1. Pinkie F.
        Pinkie F. 14 June 2016 11: 47
        Quote: potroshenko
        100% PGM.

  3. Same lech
    Same lech 14 June 2016 09: 28
    The real unifier of the people will be the one who will help him return to the natural historical path. Who will reject all alien scum in the form of communism, democracy, Nazism and other alien false doctrines, and instead of all this, return to Russians their traditional basic patriotic values ​​- those values ​​that allowed Great Russia to survive and develop successfully, growing with lands, wealth and people more than 1000 years .

    Vaguely imagine ... who it may be and whether it is possible today at all.

    Only in the face of an external threat or a growing catastrophe of destruction does our people unite in a monolithic society.

    Putin poorly poorly managed to unite a large part of the people ... but this is not enough for further development without a clear goal for the future.
    ROVS, OND, K-25 .... children's names ... well, all this is not serious ... how the children play in some kind of movement.
    In my opinion, the Russian people just need to preserve their identity, culture, lifestyle ...

    it is unacceptable for a Russian person to be turned into an impersonal creature such as parent No. 1 or No. 2 and absolutely unacceptable for the ideas of LGBT or juvenile society that are alien to us to prevail in Russian society ...
    they want to destroy the Russian people from within ... this is the main threat to us.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 14 June 2016 09: 41
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      ROVS, OND, K-25 .... children's names ... well, all this is not serious ... how the children play in some kind of movement.

      If you do not want to work, organize a patriotic movement, hung with flags and slogans. Supporters of any blizzards we will find and support both morally and financially.
      1. Same lech
        Same lech 14 June 2016 09: 49
        If you do not want to work, organize a patriotic movement, hung with flags and slogans. Supporters of any blizzards we will hurt and support both morally and financially

        Yes ... unfortunately, simple-minded people are easily led by various slogans, but this has always been and always will be.
        It will be worse if the bastards use this to push people to fratricide, and in our history this already happened. hi
      2. B.T.V.
        B.T.V. 14 June 2016 10: 10
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        If you do not want to work, organize a patriotic movement, hung with flags and slogans. Supporters of any blizzards we will find and support both morally and financially.

        Greetings, Alexander! You are right, after reading it I would like to ask the authors: "But have you tried to work ?!" Sulakshin with his "Center" also creates a new party, writes the Charter, "sculpts" a new constitution, and keeps silent about the fact that he was in power at the time of the shooting of the White House. How many of them are there?
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 14 June 2016 13: 30
          Quote: B.T.W.
          I would like to ask the authors: "Have you tried to work?

          It's too boring, you need to get up early. Well, in fact, horses die from work.
          Hello Tatyana love
      3. Strezhevchanin
        Strezhevchanin 14 June 2016 10: 22
        Quote: Alexander Romanov

        If you do not want to work, organize a patriotic movement, hung with flags and slogans. Supporters of any blizzards we will hurt and support both morally and financially

        Essential. And financiers will be the same as always, investors from the golden god)))
    2. nizrum
      nizrum 14 June 2016 09: 45
      Putin poorly poorly managed to unite a large part of the people ... but this is not enough for further development without a clear goal for the future.

      In general, I have a feeling that Putin conducts social polls, and that what the people most want, he does ...
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. volot-voin
      volot-voin 14 June 2016 09: 48
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      The real unifier of the people will be the one who helps him return to the natural historical path. Who will drop all the alien scum in the form of communisms, democratisms, Nazis and other alien false teachings, and instead return all their traditional basic patriotic values ​​to the Russians

      It's hard to argue with that. I agree. I would add to this democracy (amer. Spill) and Christianity.
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      And based on Christian values,

      Christian values ​​are based on the Bible (Torah), which has purely Jewish roots - what kind of identity is said here, what is national here? Why is it not communism of a thousand years ago? "We will destroy the old world to the ground, and then ..." (with all due respect to the communist statesmen of the USSR). If you already go back to the roots, then thoroughly.
      The name ROVS - to be honest, gives Vlasovschina and cuts the ear.
    5. gladcu2
      gladcu2 14 June 2016 21: 06
      The same Lech.

      The answer to your question, what to do to save the people is in the definition of the word -people.

      The people is a society united by a single system of survival - morality.

      Now it’s clear why common problems unite?

      What to do? Raise morality.
  4. vanavatny
    vanavatny 14 June 2016 09: 44
    another patriot rescuer materialized, the story pleased that they were so forbidden and secret, well, so conspired that they did not know about themselves, one Andropov knew about them and was panicky afraid.
  5. Greyjojo
    Greyjojo 14 June 2016 09: 47
    Russian fascism on the march?
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 14 June 2016 13: 31
      Quote: GreyJoJo
      Russian fascism on the march?

      Anything but fascism.
  6. hirurg
    hirurg 14 June 2016 09: 48
    They climbed in the muddy water to catch fish.
  7. Altona
    Altona 14 June 2016 09: 55
    Mr. Ivanov would describe the Russian in its purest form. To say "not to wander in the dark." We must first define the terms in order to develop the theory. For whom will the new Russian monarchical society be built with a new anointed tsar? And then I have to immediately get the spinning wheel and kochedyk out of my grandfather's closet and enroll in slaves? Where shall we find the king? From foreign impostors or from their home-grown "new two-Gian houses" and "new goose people"? Is Leo Tolstoy not a Russian anymore? Only Solzhenitsyn remained on the pedestal? And Pushkin was somehow bypassed. That's how brother Pushkin, they didn't find you among the future Russian idols. And you, and Lermontov, and Derzhavin and Krylov, Gogol and Baratynsky. Solzhenitsyn alone remained.
    1. Corporal Valera
      Corporal Valera 14 June 2016 11: 51
      Quote: Altona
      Mr. Ivanov would describe Russian in its purest form.

      Well, apparently, a genetic examination will be conducted. A couple hundred people will be selected - true Aryans Slavs. These will be real Russians who will live well in Russia. The rest, with impurities, will be recognized as insufficient patriots and carriers of anti-Russian ideas. Only here, the ideologist himself, besides his surname, does not see anything Slavic. And the eyes are not blue, and the hair is not blond.
    2. wanderer_032
      wanderer_032 14 June 2016 13: 07
      Quote: Altona
      For whom will a new Russian monarchical society with a new anointed king be built?

      Which apparently will bring us from behind the hill. Not without reason, somewhere in the vast expanses of Europe, the descendants of the Romanovs were found and all sorts of other movements in this direction are made.
  8. Erg
    Erg 14 June 2016 09: 56
    A rare delirium. To plan something for the future, you need to put elementary order in the present! If in the country "some are in the woods, some for wood," what vector of development can we talk about at all.
  9. siberalt
    siberalt 14 June 2016 09: 59
    "Dry theory, my friend, and the tree of life is everlasting green." ("Faust". Goethe)
    "Theory without practice is dead, practice without theory is blind." (Immanuel Kant)
    Suppose the author is right in everything. But the White movement defended its ideas with weapons in their hands and at the cost of their lives. Then what, or whom, are the ideologists of the EMRO waiting for? A hundred years have passed, so what? ROVS for a variety of national Russian ideology is not the last and necessary thing. But where is the result? Or how to bring it to life and on what sections of the people does it rely? The communist Kurginyan went even further in his ideology, but he can’t offer anything specifically, except to paint the benches near his porch and set up pickets against the demolition of Lenin’s monuments at the factory entrance.
  10. filalex79
    filalex79 14 June 2016 10: 00
    As I saw the name "Solzhe-nitsyn" in the article, I stopped reading.
  11. ImPerts
    ImPerts 14 June 2016 10: 01
    Alexander Isaevich Solzhenitsyn as a savior, unifier and keeper ... This is already too much for me.
    Pearl o
    Can you imagine that at the beginning of the twentieth century, with its highest level of educated layers of society and centuries-old spiritual experience of the people, in Russia the neopagan subculture, which is so actively planted today in the Russian Federation and Ukraine, could arise and develop?

    finished off completely. Those. a highly developed society in the Russian Empire did not burn estates, did not ... in the piano and did not kill church employees. These are the best representatives of Russian society, the elite in the form of nobles, sold peasants, made cripples out of them, forced them to cohabit ... Well and so on.
    1. Dr. Sorge
      Dr. Sorge 14 June 2016 12: 11
      That's for sure! Do you see the dictatorship tortured them ...
  12. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 14 June 2016 10: 06
    Some kind of "blessed", excuse me, this is a straight article-utopia, I don't even want to disassemble, everything is so ridiculous
  13. Cananecat
    Cananecat 14 June 2016 10: 24
    The case of O. Bender lives and thrives ...)))
  14. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 14 June 2016 10: 24
    For these people, there is no period in the history of the state that should not be falsified. They themselves know the history of their patriotism, know where to start? What does their past have to do with the beginning of the Russian Troubles (by the way, what centennial is such an interview dedicated to?), And who are they authorized to speak on behalf of, even the minorities of the Russian population?
  15. Berkut24
    Berkut24 14 June 2016 10: 24
    For me, a patriot is one who does a specific good to a country. And not the one who makes theoretical statements. If only the Russians of Donbass apologized for a start.
  16. V.ic
    V.ic 14 June 2016 10: 44
    With gentlemen, for whom Mr. Solzhenitser is the light in the window, even on the neighboring hectare it is not worth sitting down "hard".
  17. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 14 June 2016 10: 48
    With such a mess in his head, Ivanov will "go far" and there will be supporters.
    Author Chairman of the EMRO captain Ib Ivanov

    And in the photo are the major epaulettes. Having become the chairman, did you think that the captain is not enough?
    1. wanderer_032
      wanderer_032 14 June 2016 13: 02
      As for the supporters. You just need to explain to people where and to whom they want to join. I believe that after that they are unlikely to have many supporters.
  18. Aleksander
    Aleksander 14 June 2016 10: 55
    discard all alien scum in the form of communism, democratism, Nazism and other alien false teachings, and instead of all this will return to Russians their traditional basic patriotic values - those values ​​that allowed Great Russia to survive and successfully develop, growing with lands, wealth and people for more than 1000 years.

    Wonderful and accurate words!
    But Strelkov, I am sure, will subscribe to these correct definitions. They should become the basis for uniting all Russians: they must cooperate, not seek out differences.
  19. Tambov Wolf
    Tambov Wolf 14 June 2016 10: 58
    The author, accusing Strelkov of liberalism, signs himself as a pure liberal. Only his mention of Solzhenitsyn as a Russian nationalist-brechology of a pure degree. Solzhenitsyn, an icon that today's liberals pray for, even introduced him to the curriculum in schools. in fact, a snitch who lived in the "office", and even slandered Stalin. Well, they began to give interviews to us here. As I understand it, the command has been given to spread rot Strelkov with all his might. Our government has this union - a stake in the ass. That's the soul rushed over the bumps ...
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 14 June 2016 11: 35
      Strelkov drove himself into the political swamp, lost his guiding lines and is now drowning in a quagmire - the ROVS guys are the same.
  20. Observer2014
    Observer2014 14 June 2016 11: 01
    Any Russian. Namely the Russian patriotic movement in Russia will immediately be desperate, ridiculed with insults. For death, any association of Russian people is like for non-Russians. And if they can’t hold on to the Russian impulse, they try to get into their ranks and lead any movement.
  21. Basil50
    Basil50 14 June 2016 11: 11
    About how * whites * fought for what ideas a lot and was written in detail by * whites themselves * and their * ideologists *. They also did not hide the fact that they fought for money stolen from RUSSIA, and * abroad will help us * was the main refrain of the white movement. The most striking example is Kolchak, who in spite of * ideals and service * managed to take the oath of THREE to different countries and helped in the looting of RUSSIA.
    An interesting period of white emigration in the twenties would be more detailed. But most likely * they are shy * of the fact that it was at that time that they chose their masters and slaughtered mercilessly for the opportunity to feed themselves on all sorts of different, even outright enemies of RUSSIA, with whom they had recently fought. During the GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR, very few * ex * recalled that they were RUSSIAN PEOPLE.
    Today, the same phenomenon among emigrants as one of them will speak so necessarily from the perspective of the hosts of the host country, with slight variations, and frankly lie.
  22. ImPerts
    ImPerts 14 June 2016 11: 29
    I was always amused by the trait of "true" liberals, to call the Bolsheviks a totalitarian sect and immediately rant about the need to burn out dissent with a hot iron.
    This is so liberal ...
  23. Ivan Slavyanin
    Ivan Slavyanin 14 June 2016 11: 47
    With such articles, this author is just right to stand in line with the hater of Russia Sulakshin with his some kind of institute of political ideology, Roslyakov from the site "", I. Kabardin, who puts the same nonsense here, and so on.
    Do they really have the illusion that the people of Russia will never support them ?!
  24. Bayonet
    Bayonet 14 June 2016 12: 18
    Yes, they play ... Who takes them seriously?
  25. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 14 June 2016 12: 37
    Russian General Military Union (ROVS) - created in 1924 in the White Emigration by the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Army, Lieutenant General Baron Peter Wrangel. Initially, the union united the military organizations and unions of the White Emigration in all countries, now it unites the descendants of the White Movement participants and their like-minded people.

    The basic principle of the Russian All-Military Union is selfless service to the Motherland, irreconcilable struggle against communism and all those who work for the dismemberment of Russia. The Russian All-Military Union seeks to preserve the foundations and best traditions and precepts of the Russian Imperial Army and the armies of the white fronts of the Civil War in Russia.Русский_общевоинский_союз

    Sounds good at first glance. But!

    White-emigrant military-political extremism in the 1920-40 years sought support from the Western intelligence services, first of all, trying to get financial assistance and legal cover for their activities. In the 1920 years, Russian emigrant extremist organizations were actively looking for their place in the existing system of special services of Eastern and Western Europe, which would allow them to launch a large-scale anti-Bolshevik struggle and, accordingly, try to take revenge for the defeat in the 1917-1920 Civil War. The revanchist organizations of foreign Russia were of interest to foreign intelligence, primarily because of their contacts behind the Iron Curtain on the territory of the USSR. Western intelligence agencies heavily used white-emigrant organizations that had clandestine structures on Soviet territory. For example, the Polish U-6 residency, operating in the territory of the Belarusian military district, used the help of the extremist organization of the Brotherhood of Russian Truth, which also had its underground cells in the region.

    The coincidence at this stage of the interests of Russian extremism and foreign intelligence services conducting intelligence operations on the territory of the USSR allowed emigrant revanchist unions to receive certain, financial and organizational support from the 2 Bureau of the General Staff of Poland, Sürte Generale, German intelligence, and a number of similar structures that pursued however, their own goals, very different from the ideas of the white movement.

    Western intelligence, starting from the 1920 of the year, began to use the counter-intelligence structures of the white armies to organize intelligence and sabotage activities in Soviet Russia. So, in September 1920, the Estonian General Staff invited a number of Russian military leaders of the former North-West Volunteer Army to supply it with intelligence information. The proposal was accepted, and soon the White Guard counter-intelligence in the north-west direction actually turned into a branch of Estonian intelligence.

    The article is fully here:

    That is, we are invited to listen to the successors of those who, not only all the years before the collapse of the USSR, worked to split Russia, but also actively helped our enemies in intervention and in actions against Russia during the 2 World and Cold Wars.

    Awesome "patriots". In fact, they are wolves in sheep's clothing. Which brought Russia a lot of trouble and grief.
    In addition, they do not advocate for the people of Russia, but for the return of the social division of society, as it was in pre-revolutionary Russia, as well as for the junk of their ancestors, who fled abroad when they fled abroad. Because they could not grab with them.
  26. Borus017
    Borus017 14 June 2016 12: 37
    Thanks for the stuff.
    My personal opinion - THESE need to know in person. So that in the process accidentally strangers do not catch.
  27. Disorder
    Disorder 14 June 2016 14: 41
    What is the EMRO clearly manifested during the Second World War. Some began to simply fight against fascism, while others, under the banner of the struggle against communism, sided with Nazi Germany.
    And now these pseudo-patriots crawl out with old slogans under which their predecessors helped enslave the Motherland.
  28. Warlock_r
    Warlock_r 14 June 2016 14: 47
    Some garbage (to put it mildly) from the very first paragraphs. A lot of nonsense, nasilil.
  29. Sealek
    Sealek 14 June 2016 14: 59
    "Master" am The shit "gaponchik / strelkov" (a specialist on the issue of "fattening up on war") is used as a shit from the Moscow Ring Road ...
    Even kicking "IBivanov" in the face is squeamish ... a piece of rygotina.
  30. Chulman
    Chulman 14 June 2016 16: 18
    Although I am angry with the Communists (there is a reason), all resources must belong to the state, and not to private muzzles.
  31. Egor123
    Egor123 14 June 2016 19: 22
    Of course I am for the White Movement, but that I love Solzhenitsyn and write such nonsense ....:
    In the USSR, representatives of this movement were thrown into prisons and concentration camps, acted in a deep underground. In the 1960-1970-th years, the Russian national movement was ideologically led by such "bison" as Igor Vyacheslavovich Ogurtsov and Alexander Isaevich Solzhenitsyn

    Yes, I support the White movement, but not in its entire face, but in the person of such military leaders as M.G. Drozdovsky, Markov, Miller, but not in the person of Krasnov, Shkuro and other garbage!
    1. Basil50
      Basil50 15 June 2016 17: 17
      Here are just the ones you listed that fought under the same slogans and differed only in their names when * pacifying * RUSSIA. The differences are only in the owners, chosen already in exile.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  32. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich 14 June 2016 19: 33
    I read something, thought ... Maybe I should also concoct a political movement? They are fed well there, but I'm tired of working
  33. Bramb
    Bramb 14 June 2016 19: 53
    A simple question to these "movers": can you show your deeds?
    For man is known by deeds. not verbiage. If there is a case, we are evaluating it. There is no business - a waste of time. They wrote a lot. but about his affairs - zero, zero ...
    ALEA IACTA EST 14 June 2016 21: 35
    Christianization, Christianization ...
    Article 28
    Everyone is guaranteed freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, including the right to individually or jointly with others profess any religion or not to profess any, freely choose, have and disseminate religious and other beliefs and act in accordance with them.
  35. Al1977
    Al1977 15 June 2016 11: 53
    I am not a soothsayer, and it is not given to me to know in advance who of the political figures, whether acting or still in the shadows, is destined to raise Russia from its knees, restore its sovereignty and return the country to the rank of a Single, Great, Free Power. But I firmly know WHAT this leader will be.

    But what about Putin with a 90% rating, haven't we got up from our knees yet and all that stuff like that? And we do not trade in sovereignty. Why is this leader bad? Or each new one should come, and instead of the task of raising the welfare of the population, he will call upon "getting up from his knees" and talking about other nonsense?
    I don’t know how anyone, but I’m on my knees and didn’t stand, I only need one thing for the economy to work and I work and support my family, and then, in the evening, on the couch, with beer, on TV I can and "Sovereignty to defend ".