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Poland claims a special position in NATO

This week was surprised by the statement of the President of Poland Andrzej Duda. According to the Internet resource Onet, on Thursday, during his visit to Copenhagen, during negotiations with the Prime Minister of Denmark, Rasmussen, Duda stressed that he had never considered Russia to be an enemy. According to the President of Poland, none of the responsible Polish politicians see the enemy in Russia and do not make corresponding statements.

Political drift of Andrzej Duda

Against the background of the anti-Russian hysteria of Polish politicians, Duda’s statement looks at least strange. The president of Poland himself is also sinful in forcing the Russian threat. For example, last August, shortly after his election, Andrzej Duda, in an interview with The Financial Times, noted that “he sees Russia as one threat”. Now he calls it a “neighbor-country of Poland,” although he clarifies that “Moscow is pursuing an imperial policy that often violates the norms of international law.”

To be fair, it should be noted: the change in the rhetoric of the Polish president was outlined not last Thursday. Back in May, during his working visit to Italy, Duda spoke out against the “cold war” with Russia. At a meeting at the Roman Military College of NATO, the Polish president expressed his readiness to "establish a dialogue with Moscow" and noted the need to remove from Russia "the isolation that was introduced against the background of the Ukrainian situation."

What made the Polish president adjust his position so sharply? Most likely, this is due to a change in sentiment in Europe itself. Here, growing discontent with the policies of the European bureaucracy towards Russia begins to show. Its economic and political isolation is already openly condemned in the parliaments of the countries and individual municipalities.

Poland needs to comply with new trends. After all, the support of Europeans at the upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw in July will largely depend on this. The Poles are counting on this meeting to enlist the support of the countries of the alliance and to carry out the decision to deploy NATO military forces in Poland on a permanent basis. It is unlikely that this will be promoted by the aggressive hysteria of the Poles about the Russian threat, their confinement to a military conflict with Russia.

In Europe, the war did not want. Now it has become take into account the top leadership of Poland. It, in principle, is also not located to fight. It is publicly acknowledged that the potential of Russia is many times more powerful. However, all outweigh their own ambitions - to occupy a special position in NATO, to become not just the Eastern outpost of the alliance, but to head the internal anti-Russian bloc from Eastern European countries and the Baltic states. For this, a permanent NATO presence in Poland is important. According to Duda, it “will only demonstrate solidarity and allow for dialogue with the Russian Federation.”

Today, Andrzej Duda is counting only on "joint support" of NATO. There is a certain sequence. In the above-mentioned interview last year by the Polish president of the British The Financial Times, Duda openly criticized NATO for “taking the Polish state as a buffer zone between the West and Russia.” Poles want more. Experts note that Poland seeks to occupy the place of Germany in the alliance, to become the main European military partner of the United States.

Poland is increasing its military potential

This conclusion is pushed by the real actions of the Polish authorities. Currently, the Polish army has 80 thousands of soldiers and officers. This is in line with the resolution of the Polish Sejm, adopted in the 1991 year. Then the Poles decided that the country's army should not exceed 100 thousand people.

Now the Polish authorities have decided to increase the number of their armed forces. The basis for such a radical change in the military-political strategy of the country's defense minister Anthony Matserevich called "a significant increase in the military threat from Russia." (Hello Danish statement Duda).

In the coming years, 16 will create new mechanized brigades of about 35 thousands of servicemen in Poland. The first three brigades will be completed next year. In addition, separate volunteer brigades will be created in each voivodship. The personnel of such units will serve without interruption from civil work. Periodically, he will be training camps.

Such brigades have already appeared in Poland. They include up to 12 thousands of volunteers. Some of them are taking part today in the NATO Anaconda-16 large-scale NATO exercises taking place in Poland. In a word, territorial brigades are quite combat-ready units. According to the plan of the Polish General Staff, their number should grow to 17.

Plans for the military are being actively implemented. “I think that ultimately the Polish army should have at its disposal 150 forces of thousands of soldiers,” Minister Matserevich said recently at an official press conference. “This is the minimum that is needed so that the army can repel threats.”

Speaking of "threats", Matserevich paid more tribute to the Polish tradition than to real strategic dangers. First, the leaders of Russia have many times publicly stated that there are no plans to invade Europe. Secondly, the Russian-Polish border occupies only a kilometer of 232. To protect such a site it is not at all necessary to have the largest army in Europe.

It is precisely such armed forces that Poland intends to acquire by the year 2020 in order to surpass Germany. However, this is half the battle. The main thing in the plans of Polish strategists is to give their local units an international character. Therefore, the Poles are fighting for the permanent deployment of NATO troops on their territory.

In Poland, the position of the missile defense system is already deployed. In addition, an agreement was concluded on the deployment of five US military bases on the territory of the country (in Skvezhina, Tsekhanov, Dravsko-Pomorskie, Lasku and Hoshno). Basically, these will be bases for storing military equipment and weapons for the deployment of two NATO brigades if necessary. Only one mechanized battalion of the US Army is waiting for permanent deployment (even if it is on rotational terms).

A few days ago it became known about the preliminary agreement of NATO on the deployment of its troops near the Polish city of Suwalki, which is near the Lithuanian border. This was reported by the American newspaper Wall Street Journal, citing Polish Deputy Minister of Defense Tomash Shatkovsky.

According to the Polish military, the contingent of the alliance (it will be deployed in Suwalki early next year) will insure not the Polish-Russian border, but a strategic corridor through Southern Lithuania deep into the Baltic States. They talk again about the Russian threat, they keep quiet that, above all, the dependence of the Baltic countries on the actions of the alliance, and the military weight of Poland itself will now increase.

A meeting of NATO defense ministers will be held in Brussels on Tuesday. As for the leaks that fall into the Western media, this meeting will deal with the preparation of the upcoming Warsaw Summit and the strengthening of the southern flank of the alliance. Threats from the Middle East for NATO countries are much more real than the myths about the Russian attack. In the war against Islamic terrorism, the decisive stage is beginning. So the southern region requires increased attention from the alliance that has played with the exercises on the eastern flank.

The Poles are on their guard. In addition to increasing its influence in NATO, Warsaw is also interested in direct investments related to the deployment of bases and troops of the alliance on their lands. The United States has already promised Poland for five military bases a billion of its dollars. How will it be now?

The answer to this question is not so important. More importantly, how sincere was the Polish president in Rome and Copenhagen. If Andrzej Duda starts “establishing a dialogue with Moscow,” the “Russian threat” will resolve, peace will be consolidated on the continent. In the meantime, NATO is increasing tensions in Europe. Poland is only at hand. In such a situation, it is easier to implement the “first among equals” strategy and rise above neighbors and allies. It seems that inflated strategic ambitions still outweigh the pragmatic political calculation among the Poles.

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  1. Dmitry Potapov
    Dmitry Potapov 14 June 2016 06: 23
    Lovely wife!?
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Megatron
      Megatron 14 June 2016 16: 07
      For some reason, it seems to me that they will soon want to butt with the Germans.
      Did Poland still have claims to them over territories?
      Yes, and wow oh how to think.
      1. puffnutiy
        puffnutiy 27 June 2016 14: 21
        Poland means there were claims on the territory, and Germany against Poland? It seems to me that Germany has long been grinding its teeth in territories that were separated from it by the outcome of World War II.
  2. AFG-X
    AFG-X 14 June 2016 06: 28
    Finish sometime. Themselves then crawl first apologize when fried smells.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 14 June 2016 12: 06
      Duda said exactly what the Allies advised him to say. It seems like they’re getting uncomilfé lately. NATO is a complete Europe, and there is no protection against international terror from them laughing
  3. drunkram
    drunkram 14 June 2016 06: 34
    Poland is far from strong ...
    1. Vasyan1971
      Vasyan1971 14 June 2016 19: 43
      Quote: drunkram
      Poland is far from strong ...

      And far from ice!
  4. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 14 June 2016 06: 49
    Poles need to watch a Soviet film -4 tankmen and a dog-who and what the heroes of this series fought for.
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 14 June 2016 06: 53
      This series was banned for showing during the reign of the Pokemon brother Kaczynski. In this connection, its download via the Internet has sharply increased and disk sales have increased laughing .
  5. EvgNik
    EvgNik 14 June 2016 06: 53
    Poland seeks to take Germany's place in the alliance and become the main military partner of the United States in Europe.

    And it will be the first that will not be.
  6. azer
    azer 14 June 2016 07: 01
    Most of all ... hate Russia and such statements look strange
    1. EvgNik
      EvgNik 14 June 2016 07: 37
      Quote: azer
      and something strange such statements look

      More than. Very thought-provoking.
      1. Amurets
        Amurets 14 June 2016 11: 56
        Quote: EvgNik
        More than. Very thought-provoking.

        “According to the Polish military, the alliance contingent (it will be deployed in Suwalki early next year) will insure not the Polish-Russian border, but the strategic corridor through southern Lithuania deep into the Baltic. They are again talking about the Russian threat, keeping quiet about the fact that, first of all, the dependence of the Baltic countries on the actions of the alliance, and the military weight of Poland itself, will increase. >>
        Dreams of "Greater Poland from sea to sea". That is what drives them.

        << The Poles were on their guard. In addition to strengthening its influence in NATO, Warsaw is also interested in direct investments related to the deployment of bases and troops of the alliance on its lands. The United States has already promised Poland a billion of its dollars for five military bases. How will it be now? >>
        And here the Poles can fly by if they choose Trump, but now the congresses of the parties decide everything, whether or not they will approve these candidates. Http:// In general, we will wait and see .
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 14 June 2016 17: 39

      Poles are generally against everyone. They don't care about Russia or NATO, they don't care. They are with Russia against NATO. They are with NATO against Russia. But it's not bad if one more country appears in the "budget" of independent states.

      Recently relocated their troops under the protection of Russian Point U.

      And so they play NATO only for themselves. Create terrorism. Then they fight terrorism and impose their services.

      Well, they develop their morality, like the gopniks before taking the wallet.
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 14 June 2016 07: 03
    ... also not disposed to fight

    It’s not located to fight, knowing that they will rake in full, and you will have to forget about a country like Poland (this, by the way, applies to the Baltic states). But in their historical arrogance and claim to leadership, they bitterly bark at Russia without disdaining anything. The United States plays the main fiddle in Polish politics, while Poland only adjusts to their interests.
  8. bocsman
    bocsman 14 June 2016 07: 11
    History is clearly completing another circle. What were the costs of the Polish military in 1939. And then they probably imagined themselves as "partners" of Germany. Well, now, of course, the "partner" is different, but the posture is the same (four-point), although they imagine themselves "on a war horse and with a saber on the head." As they say, you can't mold candy from waste!
  9. parusnik
    parusnik 14 June 2016 07: 17
    The Poles want more..... Yes, it is understandable .. Money is needed .. A lot of money .. You can't sell much on "mermaids and lollipops" ...
    1. EvgNik
      EvgNik 14 June 2016 07: 40
      Quote: parusnik
      You can't buy much on "mermaids and lollipops" ...

      Alexey, not only. Cosmetics, perfumes, a lot of things come from Poland. I myself use the Polish "Rondo".
      1. Aleksandr72
        Aleksandr72 14 June 2016 08: 29
        The Poles always wanted a lot. In my opinion, this is the national Polish fix idea - to occupy an exceptional position in Europe, and even heavily involved in traditional Russophobia.
        Secondly, the Russian-Polish border occupies only 232 kilometers. To protect such a site, it is not necessary to have the largest army in Europe.

        - It depends on whom, if Russia suddenly (we can fantasize a little wassat ) decides once and for all to resolve the issue with Poland, then the Pshekam and the largest army in Europe will not be enough to defend these 232 km. Polish politicians are the same pragmatists as everyone else in the world (with the exception of some not quite adequate individuals like McKay) and clearly understand that a direct confrontation with Russia is the death of Poland as a state. In addition, they - Polish politicians also keep their nose to the wind, and if in Western Europe they started talking about "unfreezing" relations with Russia, the Polish president with the speaking surname Duda immediately began to sing along with them. On the one hand, he needs NATO bases in Poland and money from the European Union, on the other hand, apples (I am exaggerating a little about Polish goods in general) also need to be sold, and to whom - only to Russia with its vast market, because in Europe Polish products are free no one needs - enough of their own.
        It seems that the overstated strategic ambitions still outweigh the pragmatic political calculation among the Poles.
        - And this is also a good old Polish tradition, well, they don’t know how and, most importantly, the Poles do not want to balance their desires with their capabilities.
        1. Revolver
          Revolver 14 June 2016 20: 07
          Quote: Aleksandr72
          then depending on whom, if Russia suddenly (we can imagine a little schassat) decides once and for all to solve the problem with Poland, then the Psheks and the largest army in Europe will not be enough to protect these 232 km.

          If Russia suddenly decides, it will most likely begin with the liberation of Ukraine from the Bandera dictatorship, and stop behind Lvov. Or does not stop.
    2. Amurets
      Amurets 14 June 2016 12: 02
      Quote: parusnik
      Poles want more ... Yes, of course ... you need money ... a lot of money ... You can't sell much on "mermaids and candy" ...

      "Panovy ambition" is also a commodity, though stale. So they are now trying to sell it, until the elections in the United States have passed, and then how will God give?
  10. nobody14
    nobody14 14 June 2016 07: 57
    I wonder how many more centuries she will lift her skirt
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 14 June 2016 13: 20
      Quote: nobody14
      I wonder how many more centuries she will lift her skirt

      So many! How much will they pay.
  11. igordok
    igordok 14 June 2016 08: 20
    To protect such a site, it is not necessary to have the largest army in Europe.
    It is these armed forces that Poland intends to acquire by the 2020 year to surpass Germany.

    But the economy is not German.
    1. kotvov
      kotvov 14 June 2016 17: 19
      But the economy is not German. ,,
      So they expect that the Americans will throw from their bounty.
  12. Ros 56
    Ros 56 14 June 2016 08: 23
    This is how much he took on his chest. So much dirt was poured on Russia by the Poles, and now I, not me, and not the hut. Well psheki, well clowns, say anything, but the Iskanders on the drum.
  13. Pinkie F.
    Pinkie F. 14 June 2016 08: 47
    I wonder if the referents had confused the papers and, say, being in Lithuania, he would have blurted out - "Russia is not our enemy ..." I can imagine Grib's cognitive stupor. And Parashenka would have gone from such a rage in a weekly binge
    1. Ros 56
      Ros 56 14 June 2016 09: 49
      Quote: Pinky F.
      and if referents mixed up pieces of paper

      Well, referents are referents, but have you put your brains on a shelf to dry? After all, sometimes you need to think with your head, and not just read a piece of paper. Sometimes this Oyropa reminds me of a bunch of prostitutes who serve only one client in striped underpants.
      1. Pinkie F.
        Pinkie F. 14 June 2016 11: 54
        Quote: Ros 56
        who serve only one customer in striped underpants.
  14. Kostya Andreev
    Kostya Andreev 14 June 2016 09: 12
    Poland always claims to be something. The truth ends with others starting to claim Poland
  15. Russian_Bear
    Russian_Bear 14 June 2016 10: 01
    History does not teach them anything.
    For each warlike Pole there is a Susanin
    1. kotvov
      kotvov 14 June 2016 17: 22
      There is a Susanin for every warlike Pole,
      only in the role of the Susanins do their presidents act. one (Kochinsky) committed suicide, if only according to him.
  16. Getman
    Getman 14 June 2016 10: 35
    The Commonwealth's speech wants to be reanimated.
  17. erik cartman
    erik cartman 14 June 2016 10: 39
    Quote: azer
    Most of all ... hate Russia and such statements look strange

    Psheks hate Russia, but increase their army, etc. primarily against Ukraine. Afraid that the crest Bandera to them will rush for a better share. Time will tell.
  18. Galleon
    Galleon 14 June 2016 11: 07
    Quote: Kostya Andrei
    Poland always claims to be something. The truth ends with others starting to claim Poland

    Bravo! How well said! good
  19. solombalec
    solombalec 14 June 2016 13: 56
    Or maybe they said something from the Vatican? How to know.
  20. dvs73
    dvs73 14 June 2016 15: 14
    Poland's place in NATO? hee hee in the :)
  21. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 14 June 2016 17: 34
    When people rush about in their statements and especially in actions, these are cheap people and there’s nothing to talk about with them.
  22. aba
    aba 14 June 2016 18: 06
    Apparently, the Poles will calm down when they again return to the bosom of Russia.
  23. behemot
    behemot 14 June 2016 18: 12
    Exceptional Poles. Your place at the bucket. That’s all your exclusivity.
  24. 1536
    1536 14 June 2016 19: 33
    It is necessary to make the Pole the UN Secretary General, in NATO the Pole must also be the Secretary General. In the European Union, it seems, the Pole is the chairman, or commissar. Of course, the Pope should also be a Pole. In the USA, let the Pole be the president (no matter what color of skin and gender). In short, the Poles, the Poles, the Poles are everywhere ... Maybe then they will calm down and at least start working, as they did under the Communists, at least feed themselves.
  25. Vasyan1971
    Vasyan1971 14 June 2016 19: 47
    "... For this, NATO's permanent presence in Poland is important. According to Duda, it" will only demonstrate solidarity and allow a dialogue with the Russian Federation. "
    Is this a "dialogue" from a position of strength? Like a kind word and a gun is better than one kind word?
    Eh Duda, Duda! Wrong Dudu.
  26. t118an
    t118an 14 June 2016 19: 48
    In place of an empty field ... claim ..
  27. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 14 June 2016 20: 49
    Psheki nation zelo flawed. Sort of Slavic Jews. But they are furious and hate Russia because for the last thousand years only the lazy have not had them. But nobody is Russia! They caved in under all under whom only conceivable, starting with the Vatican. Russia-never under anyone, not counting the humpback-ebnov period. All the Geyropa wiped their feet about them, and now the Americans. Here's a comparison, they scorch. It seems, too, like, the Slavs, but they serve only as dust under the boots. That's what they cannot forgive in any way - their insignificance, in comparison with the Russian people.
  28. Denis Skiff
    Denis Skiff 15 June 2016 13: 53
    Poland claims a special position
    Doggy style.

    The landlord appointed Poland first for destruction.
  29. andrew42
    andrew42 15 June 2016 17: 12
    The problem is in the Polish "elite". The crux of the problem is that this "elite" is not Polish, but absolutely cosmopolitan, and serving anyone who "rolls a barrel" to Russia. Plus the eternal Polish arrogance "from below", from the part of the population that is delirious "from Moss to Mozha," that is, from the victims of the propaganda carried out by the same comprador "elite". By contacting Poland directly, no such acceptable relationship can be established in the foreseeable future. The root of all evil is the American protectorate over Europe. Until NATO collapses, Poland is lost to us as a neutral partner. To shake the EU, to destroy NATO, then the "Polish brick" will be rolled from the cornice of this pyramid onto the sinful earth. The vector is to facilitate the struggle of France, Italy and Germany for real independence, or less dependence on the American Kaganate. And Poland by itself is not the kind of "brick" for which it makes sense to put out - nothing will come of it.