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Monument to Peshkov, Hero of Russia, erected in the Amur Region

Today, on the Day of Russia, on the territory of a military unit stationed in the village of Vozzhaevka, Amur Region, a monument was opened to Oleg Peshkov, who died in Syria during the performance of military duty, reports press office BBO.

Archive photo

It is noted that "representatives of the headquarters of the Eastern Military District, associations of the Air Force and Air Defense of the district, first persons of the region, administrations of the region, as well as public organizations and local residents took part in the opening ceremony of the monument."

“The monument is a cast-iron bust of the Hero of Russia Oleg Peshkov, about one meter high, and with a base of more than three meters. On the commemorative plaque next to the name of the Hero of the word - "The pilot-sniper died during the performance of military duty in Syria."

According to the information, “the monument was cast in the Chelyabinsk region with voluntary donations from servicemen and caring residents of the Amur region on the initiative of the administration of the Belogorsk district”.

The press service recalled that "the hero-pilot served in the Amur region in the named military unit for seven years before the 1998 year."
Photos used:
ress service SoyuzMash RF

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  1. cerbuk6155
    cerbuk6155 12 June 2016 12: 01
    Thank you for everything. Eternal memory to you. Mourn soldier
  2. Tusv
    Tusv 12 June 2016 12: 08
    I dream when a sign will be hung at the Turkish embassy. Street Peshkova, house number 1. The lane is not required to be renamed
    1. Wiruz
      Wiruz 12 June 2016 12: 19
      The idea is not bad, but by renaming the street Turkey will not get off. Oil should be added to the Kurdish hearth, Armenia should be prepared in possible military operations. There is no need for a large-scale war between NATO and the CSTO, but ... I would like, twenty years later, to cross myself in front of the entrance to the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople smile
      1. lelikas
        lelikas 12 June 2016 12: 44
        Here, a little more informative -

        ovu-otkryili-v-belogorskom-rayone /
    2. The comment was deleted.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. samarin1969
    samarin1969 12 June 2016 12: 32
    The real hero!

    PS: It is unpleasant that lately clowns from show business have been awarded state awards. This blurs the concepts.
  5. cniza
    cniza 12 June 2016 12: 33
    Thanks to the hero, eternal memory and low bow.
  6. Tusv
    Tusv 12 June 2016 12: 34
    Quote: Wiruz
    Large-scale war between NATO and the CSTO

    The Ministry of Health warns. The propaganda of war is dangerous to health. More specifically prohibited by our Constitution. But at the level of the management company, servicing this house, it can absolutely legitimately drive such a sign into the sidewalk, with the consent of those living in this territory
  7. siberalt
    siberalt 12 June 2016 12: 36
    Eternal Memory and Glory to our heroes!
    Actually, a memorial plaque to Peshkov was opened on December 9, 2015 in the village. Vozzhaevka, Belogorsk district, Amur region. (photo below). Presumably on May 9 this year. it was defiled by vandals with the words "for Syria" and obscene words. On May 10, a criminal case was opened under part 1 of article 124 of the Criminal Code of the RSF - "Vandalism". It is not reported whether the perpetrators were found. Is the monument mentioned in the article, which was opened already on the Day of Russia? But here is a man laying flowers to Peshkov in winter clothes.
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 12 June 2016 12: 43
      Really minusanul that same vandal !? am If the article speaks of a monument with a three-meter base, then at least a photo of this monument by the author should be posted? The address of the location is the same, the memorial plaque is the same. Or is it another monument?
    2. 33 Watcher
      33 Watcher 12 June 2016 14: 51
      This is apparently a memorial plate, on the spot where the monument should stand in the future.
  8. cap
    cap 12 June 2016 13: 22
    Everlasting memory.
  9. Mourner
    Mourner 12 June 2016 13: 33
    Monument to the Flyer! Low bow to builders and decision makers! I am a Provost, standing on the earth, how many friends I saw off to heaven! Fly guys and let the number of takeoffs equal the number of landings! Clear skies to you!
  10. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 12 June 2016 14: 38
    26.01.2016 - 19: 02
    In gratitude, the Syrian sculptor created a monument to the fallen pilot Su-24 Oleg Peshkov. | Russian spring

    The Syrian sculptor Ayad al-Bilal, in gratitude and respect, created a monument in honor of the crew commander of Su-24 Lt. Col. Oleg Peshkov.
  11. Rimlianin
    Rimlianin 12 June 2016 15: 09
    As you know, the title of hero of Russia is awarded for services to the state and people. associated with the performance of a heroic feat. Explain to me what is the heroic feat of Peshkov? Here is Alexander Prokhorenko, who caused fire on himself - this is understandable, or Major Solnechnikov, who closed a grenade with his body. And what is the heroic act of Peshkov? He tried to save his life, catapulted, but on the descent he was shot from the ground by militants. Naturally, the pilot Peshkov is worthy of fame, and his family - for life maintenance and care of the state. But the title of Hero ...? I ask you not to minus, but to answer in essence, maybe I'm mistaken in something.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 12 June 2016 15: 26
      To do this, you need to look at the "statute" of the Order of the Hero of Russia. Everything is written there for what and to whom it can be assigned. By the way, he must be in the internet.
      1. Rimlianin
        Rimlianin 12 June 2016 16: 36
        1. The title of Hero of the Russian Federation is awarded for services to the state and people associated with the achievement of a heroic feat.

        GARANT system:
        There is no definition of "heroic deed". So everything is uncertain, at the discretion of the law enforcement officer, that is, the President ..
        1. The comment was deleted.
    3. Kostya Andreev
      Kostya Andreev 12 June 2016 16: 45
      I wanted to ask this question myself. but you got ahead. Therefore I join !!! With all due respect to Peshkov, I would like to know, did he perform a heroic feat?
      1. Kostya Andreev
        Kostya Andreev 12 June 2016 17: 21
        that is, in other words, a person who deliberately caused fire on himself. knowing that his life will end on this, and he dying will not be captured and will take several enemies with him. and a man who helplessly hanging on a parachute, trying to save his life and was shot, performed the same feat.
        And now Peshkov didn’t make anything heroic (with all due respect), and rewarding him is a requirement of a political moment. and I would be able to accomplish such a feat, which is extremely prohibitive when you hang on a parachute and no one shoots at you. but how Prokhorenko could die, I don’t know if I could bring fire to myself.
        justify minus before putting minuses. and I have the attitude "Plato is my friend, but the truth is dearer"
    4. Kovlad
      Kovlad 12 June 2016 19: 47
      Not a minus. I will try to explain. Name at least one Hero who knows that he will perform the Heroic deed and will be awarded the high title of Hero. There are just soldiers, warriors who perform their difficult, thankless work and who can die at any second. Without pretending to be anything. Yes, any of our soldiers who performed their duty in Syria is a Hero!
      1. Kostya Andreev
        Kostya Andreev 12 June 2016 20: 23
        my classmate died an officer in Chechnya. he did not receive rewards!
        Quote: Kovlad
        Yes, any of our warriors who performed their duty in Syria is a Hero

        I agree by 120%, but then everyone needs to give the star of the Hero. including marines, helicopter pilots and others.
      2. Kostya Andreev
        Kostya Andreev 12 June 2016 20: 55
        when a person knowing what load the bombers bear and knows what will be where they will be unloaded, he makes a decision after which he is dead, roughly speaking, he completed his task by his decision, destroyed the enemy personnel, was not captured at the cost of his life .
        The other after the plane crashes, catapults, which means he hoped that the rescue services would pull him out.
        that’s the whole difference, the pilot after leaving the plane could not change his fate, and Prokhorenko could remain alive at any moment (This is called Heroism! When the instinct of self-preservation is overcome).
        maybe I’m putting it in a mess, please excuse me
  12. siberalt
    siberalt 12 June 2016 16: 01
    Here is what the author of the article should have done.
    Monument to the Hero of Russia Peshkov in a military unit located in the village. Vozhaevka, Belogorsky district, Amur region. This is no longer a plaque illustrated by the author, as the opening of the monument. Hero is honored by that, but already in bronze, and forever!
    1. KVIRTU
      KVIRTU 12 June 2016 19: 03
      Causes a certain misunderstanding: "on voluntary donations of military personnel and caring residents."
      A monument to "polite people" was recently unveiled in Simferopol, also built on donations. And the local authorities are poorly funded?
  13. avia1991
    avia1991 12 June 2016 20: 55
    The officer honorably fulfilled his military duty .. it is a little strange that the monument was created "on voluntary donations." Although it is indicative: the people's memory is stronger than the bureaucratic ones ..
  14. atamankko
    atamankko 12 June 2016 21: 13
    Monuments are created to remember the heroes
    and the time they lived and what they did.
  15. Svetovod
    Svetovod 13 June 2016 11: 24
    Rest in peace.
  16. Sakhalin.
    Sakhalin. 13 June 2016 12: 40
    Sleep well, hero, sincere thanks for your courage and military duty! We will always remember you. Of course, I also want to mention Alexander Pozynich, "Alexander Pozynich, as part of a search and rescue group in two helicopters, went to find and rescue two Russian pilots of a Su-24 bomber who ejected from a wrecked plane in Syria.
    Helicopters with paratroopers fired from the ground. One combat vehicle was knocked out, the Marine Alexander Pozynich, who was on board, died on the spot from being hit by a splinter in the neck. "ETERNAL GLORY TO YOU WARRIORS!