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Air parade in honor of Queen Elizabeth II's Queen's 90 anniversary


On June 11, 2016 in London, a traditional military parade was held in honor of the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, in which more than 1600 royal guardsmen, as well as horse guards, took part. Sailed across the Thames flotilla ships, and Royal Air Force planes flew over Buckingham Palace.

This year, on the occasion of the round date of the celebration lasted three days, as the Queen celebrates 90 anniversary. A series of anniversary events began on April 20, on the eve of the Queen's birthday. Queen Elizabeth was born on April 21, but traditionally the English monarch's birthday is celebrated twice. The first time is the birthday itself, and the second time is in June, when warm weather is established and public events can be held outdoors. The second celebration is the official birthday and is celebrated with a military parade.

June 11 - Queen in an open phaeton drawn by a pair of horses, took the parade of "carrying out the banners" (Trooping of colors). As always, thousands of people watched this, but this year the attention to this event was unprecedented. No less expected than the parade, was the traditional exit of the entire royal family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Official events ended with a parade. The queen and her relatives greeted the crowd on the square, after which they watched the ceremonial flight of the aircraft of the Royal British Air Force (RAF).

The procedure for the passage of aircraft and helicopters during the air parade

15 of various types of aircraft took part in the celebration of the anniversary of Her Majesty, five of which are currently provided by squadrons celebrating their own 100-th birthday.

RAF airplanes and helicopters involved in the air show

Air parade in honor of Queen Elizabeth II's Queen's 90 anniversary

Helicopters Chinook CH2, Griffin HT 1, Puma HC1 and AW109SP

In the parade with an interval of 30 seconds passed eight groups, each of which was from two to nine aircraft. The parade was opened by helicopters Chinook CH2, Griffin HT 1 (British version of Bell 412), Puma HC1 and AW109SP from different helicopter squadrons.

Helicopter Puma HC1 over London

Heavy military transport helicopters Chinook CH2 were purchased in the USA, Griffin HT1 and Puma HC1 were built under license, AW109SP is a joint British-Italian project.

Spitfire and Hurricane Fighters

Following the wing-to-wing helicopters were reconstructed piston fighters from the Second World War, the Spitfire and Hurricane. Such fighters took an active part in the air battle for Britain.

In flight Hercules C4 and King Air T1

For piston fighters flew military transport Hercules C4 (C-130H) and twin-engine turboprop training and training King Air T1. C-130 airplanes of various modifications have already been used in the UK Air Force for 50 years.

Hercules C4 and A400M

Military transport aviation The UK was also represented by another Hercules C4 and A400M. Despite the fact that the S-130 itself is not a very small aircraft, but against the background of the Airbus A400M Atlas, it looked modest. A400M, which is a product of cooperation between aviation companies in Europe and the USA, has just begun to enter the arsenal of the Royal Air Force.

Next in the line of transport vehicles were C-17 Globemaster III and BAE 146. American-made C-17 is capable of transporting more than a hundred military personnel. Flight range with cargo weight 76 650 kg - 4 445 km. The British Air Force has eight C-17 transports.

C-17 and BAE 146

The RAE BAE 146 is used in two versions - for delivering small loads and transporting senior officers. The aircraft with a VIP-cabin is designed for 19 passengers. The Royal Air Forces operate four BAE 146.

Accompanied by a pair of Tornado GR4 fighter-bomber aircraft, the reconnaissance aircraft RC-135W and Sentinel R1 followed. The basis of the British air force fleet are four squadrons Tornado GR4. These aircraft can carry a wide range weapons, including Storm Shadow cruise missiles, laser-guided bombs and ASRAAM air-to-air missiles.

RC-135W and Sentinel R1 reconnaissance aircraft accompanied by Tornado GR4

American-made reconnaissance aircraft RC-135W based on Boeing-707 were replaced in the UK by Nimrod R1, which, for financial reasons, were abandoned in June of the year 2011. RC-135W has a wide range of capabilities for detecting and identifying radio frequency spectrum emissions and jamming. It can be radiation of radar and air defense guidance stations, as well as signals of radio relay lines and mobile phones. Today in the RAF and there are two aircraft RC-135W.

Sentinel R1, built on the basis of the Bombardier Global Express, is designed to monitor the battlefield using AFAR radar and optoelectronic systems, receiving and retransmitting data from the UAV. The aircraft may also be involved in the search for submarines. Currently in the UK there is 6 Sentinel R1.

For scouts and fighter-bombers "Tornado", accompanied by two Eurofighter Typhoon followed by air tanker Airbus Voyager.

Tanker Voyager and Typhoon fighters

Typhoon fighters at the moment in the RAF are the only aircraft designed to gain air supremacy and intercept. As of the beginning of the 2016, the British Air Force received 137 fighters, all ordered by the 232 aircraft.

Voyager is a military modification of the Airbus A330-200 passenger airliner. It was created as a universal dual-purpose aircraft - tanker and transport. The Royal Air Force tanker fleet consists of six such vehicles.

Hawk T1 aerobatic team Red Arrows

Completed aerial parade nine Hawk T1 aerobatic team Red Arrows. The Red Arrows group has been flying the Jet Hawk training since the end of 1979. In total, the Red Arrows pilots made 4700 performances in 56 countries around the world. The red lightweight Hoki are equipped with a forced engine and special smoke generators with which you can produce colored smoke of blue, red and white.

For a long time, Hawk Controller Family was leading in the market for training and combat training aircraft. Thanks to good flight data, this machine can carry weapons and be used as a light attack aircraft and fight subsonic aerial targets. In the near future, in the UK, early-firing trainings should be replaced by a new, modern Hawk T2 modification, which uses the Eurofighter Typhoon fighter's avionics.

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          Yes, I understand, England was the mother country of almost the whole world, and then the USA became its heir

          The whole world is watching news about the heir to the Queen of England. Become Big Ben and 2 floor bus brands, etc.

          The Russian media regularly inform us of news related to the royal family of England, etc.

          Just paying your attention. that we are used to the SIGNIFICANCE of news about England. In fact, their time is already running out.
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      And the second red-haired prince (behind the back of the heir) fought, was a special forces soldier in Afghanistan.

      How are the children of Russian "tsars" fighting there?
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        How are the children of Russian "tsars" fighting there?

        But how! On Gelendvagens, dangerous chases are avoided, such as "Mercedes is leaving the chase" (there is such a movie), in elite clubs they fight to death for the "fattest" females with their parents' wallets, on supercars along the Moscow Ring Road at extreme speeds they do not spare their belly and other road users , AIDS and gonorrhea are at risk every day. Spetsnaz, in short.
        You'd better ask them yourself. As a fellow tribesman, I think they will not refuse you information. And maybe they will offer to participate. There is an oversupply of your brother in ZAO "Krasny Zabor". And not the best representatives of your kind-tribe. Do not blame me.
      2. midivan
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        Quote: voyaka uh

        How are the children of Russian "tsars" fighting there?

        one was even a prisoner, but the current one, as I understand what you are hinting at, girls, and even that I hardly believe that the princes there risked their lives wink
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          Quote: mordvin xnumx
          Quote: midivan
          ? this old hag for life didn’t hit finger on finger

          But interestingly, does she make a consecration with a real sword? Or is she a toy?

          in the sense of masons? think wooden inlaid with children's bones yes
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    According to France Presse, these frames are part of a video dated 1933 or 1934. Presumably, seven-year-old Elizabeth II and her mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, thus greeted the cameraman filming them.
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