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Schmeisser SLP-9 Pistol

Autumn 2015 Year Manufacturer weapons from Germany, the Schmeisser GmbH company has launched its new product - a 9-mm self-loading pistol SLP-9 with a double-action striker trigger and a polymer frame. This model is a full-size pistol, which is similar in design and layout to the Austrian Glock 17 and the American Smith & Wesson M&P. It is with the Austrian "Glock" that this pistol will compete in the European and world markets.

Schmeisser GmbH proudly bears the name of the famous gunsmith Hugo Schmeisser (Hugo Schmeisser), who is rightfully considered one of the most innovative weapon designers of the first half of the 20th century. Currently, the company is mainly engaged in the production of AR-15 semi-automatic rifles for hunting and sport shooting (the company is quite popular in Europe among athletes-shooters), as well as combat / police versions of M4 / M16 rifles. In this case, all the main components of the listed small arms are made directly in Germany according to the highest quality standards, with a guarantee of the early delivery of the ordered small arms and spare parts to them.

Schmeisser SLP-9 pistol allowed the company to enter the market of short-barreled weapons, representing a rather interesting product. First shown at the end of last year at an exhibition in the United States, in 2016, it was officially introduced for the international market at the gun shows SHOT Show and IWA. The SLP-9 pistol was the first self-loading short-barreled weapon of this German company. The gun is designed primarily for personal self-defense, open and hidden carrying, can be used as a service weapon and for target and recreational shooting, as well as for conducting IDPA competitions.

In fairness, it is worth noting that the Schmeisser SLP-9 is not a completely new product on the international market for small arms: several years ago, exactly the same gun was already released under the name TM-9. Then its manufacturer was engaged in a small company TARA Perfection DOO, which is located in Montenegro. This model has already been able to achieve some fame on the world market for civilian and military / police small arms, but under the brand name Schmeisser you can always count on a faster growth in sales. At the same time, the TARA group of companies has many years of experience in the field of high-tech products for the defense and aerospace industries, while possessing the most modern production technologies. Being in the territory of Montenegro, the company is able to provide a high level of product quality at a low cost compared to most of its direct competitors.

The TM-9 pistol was first shown in Paris back in 2013. At the same time, this model is a good sample of modern firearms, which successfully combines the popular cartridge caliber 9x19 mm, a relatively small mass, good ergonomics and a decent store capacity. In addition, trying to convince the consumer of the maximum reliability of its product, TARA provided its customers with a guarantee for the main parts of the gun on the 50 thousand shots.

Automatic pistol built on the use of recoil in the short course of the barrel. Locking is carried out using the declining breech of the pistol, which enters with its rectangular protrusion located directly above the chamber, into the window for ejection of the shotgun shells. In front of the frame of the Schmeisser SLP-9 self-loading pistol there is a Picatinny rail that allows you to attach a laser designator, tactical flashlight or other tactical accessories to the pistol. To protect the gun from mechanical damage and corrosion, the surface of the steel parts was treated with a special coating called Tenifer.

The Schmeisser SLP-9 self-loading pistol is equipped with a milled shutter housing made of stainless steel with black coating, the reinforced polymer frame of the pistol is available to buyers in black, grayish-green olive and sandy versions. In addition, there are 3 interchangeable lining for the back of the pistol grip, butt plates of various sizes are used to adapt the gun to the hand of the owner. On the sighting device, there are three white dots designed to improve aiming in low light conditions. The standard front sight and rear sight, which are secured in dovetail slots, can be replaced quite easily with any other sighting devices, for example, with fiber-optic or tritium inserts.

Like the Austrian model Glock 17, the Schmeisser SLP-9 pistol holds 17 ammunition caliber 9x19 mm. It uses a two-row box store, while the store is completely steel, with the exception of the heel (made of polymeric materials). Schmeisser SLP-9 pistol magazine latch was designed as a button. In contrast to the lever latch, which is typical of modern German-made pistols, it is made two-sided, while the lever for disassembling the weapon and the bolt lag lever were located on the left side of the frame. Such a solution greatly simplifies the weapon, making the process of its incomplete disassembly extremely simple in comparison with other shock gun pistols. The design of the store uses stainless steel, while the store body is covered with a special anti-friction coating, which is designed to provide higher speed, reliability and convenience of reloading the store in a variety of situations.

The SLP-9 pistol uses a hammer-type firing mechanism. The length of the barrel of the gun is 113 mm, it has six right-hand polygonal grooves. The axis of the bore is extremely low - 25 mm (or 0,98 inches), which provides the arrow a soft recoil and a small tossed muzzle of the barrel when fired. A distinctive feature of the Schmeisser SLP-9 pistol is its unusually easy double action trigger, which the manufacturer designates as DARE (Double Action Rapid Engagement). So the first pistol shot requires an 3,5 kg effort on the trigger and the 10 mm hook stroke, but then it is triggered already during the 3 mm course, allowing the shooter to make quick presses after the first shot. The DARE trigger mechanism also allows, after a misfire, not to send a new cartridge into the chamber, but simply re-press the trigger. At the same time, most schools of military firing teach that in case of a misfire, it is imperative to extract the defective cartridge and send a new one, not trying to try your luck and experiment.

The Schmeisser SLP-9 pistol is equipped with an automatic firing pin guard, which makes a shot from it possible only when the shooter has fully squeezed the trigger. A wide and openly located ejector liner will always tell the gun owner about the presence of a cartridge in the chamber. It is worth noting that the SLP-9 self-loading pistol is quite compact in size. Its length is 187 mm, the width of the entire 30 mm, and the weapon with a fully equipped magazine on 17 cartridges weighs 950 grams (33,5 ounces).

But if we leave out the technical features of the model and its compactness, the price of the novelty comes out on top. There is no information on the availability of the model and current prices in the Old World, but the price recommended for the SHOT Show 2016 exhibition for the USA ranges from 499 to 550 dollars, and in Canada to 750 dollars. This pricing makes the Schmeisser SLP-9 a very good alternative to Glock pistols, both in terms of sales price and manufacturing quality.

Schmeisser SLP-9 Pistol

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  1. Tyomanator
    Tyomanator 15 June 2016 06: 30
    A complete Glock clone, or are there any differences?
    1. the47th
      the47th 15 June 2016 10: 03
      USM double, not "triple" action.
    2. brn521
      brn521 15 June 2016 11: 56
      This one was originally designed as a sports pistol for practical shooting. An alternative to the unadapted Glock with its dubious descent, which not everyone likes, and which you need to get used to. But Glock is universal, and this, judging by the description, has a security problem. One automatic fuse in case the gun is dropped.
    3. smershxnumx
      smershxnumx 15 June 2016 21: 55
      The user will not display these differences. laughing
  2. Victor Demchenko
    Victor Demchenko 15 June 2016 06: 42
    judging by the photo, there is quite a lot: it’s easier to disassemble, the trunk is lower relative to the frame, the return is softer from here, and the workmanship is not inferior, so ... you know, looking at this car there are tears in his eyes. Well, why are we adopting PY type scrap metal ?!
    damn it! I'm in the states now!
    1. would
      would 16 June 2016 03: 31
      Yes, alas, we have a lot of problems in general with such things and not only with PY. Recently, new models of army summer boots have already been marked twice: Both were made on the basis of the Corcoran retro-decorative model. The first fell apart in a month, someone according to reviews, the sole began to depart after 2 days. Urgently refused. Now there are others and they do not fall apart so quickly ... the problem is that they do not breathe at all and are too hot for the summer. Yes, they have textile inserts, but experience has shown that even with a vacuum cleaner they cannot draw air through them. As it turned out, they were tightly glued with a powerful lining.

      And this is not the only such case after which the scolding Stalin gets into his head, mass executions, paranoid ideas that this is not disorder in the field, but a massive wrecking conspiracy.
  3. ovod84
    ovod84 15 June 2016 06: 55
    A good pistol, German-speaking can create pistols that Glock, what it is.
  4. 7race
    7race 15 June 2016 08: 30
    Germany, Switzerland, and even the Czech Republic produce quite successful devices that have earned respect all over the world.
    But our defenctech, with sad constancy, churns out either stillborn monsters like the Swift or the double-barreled colt .45, or some Gyurza, which falls apart after a couple of thousand shots with an "unparalleled" Über-cartridge (about what this "pistol crusher" to develop completely different materials and alloys, no one thought out of habit).
    Can really buy the production line of the same Glock? To do quietly a couple of models for policemen, warriors and gebni and grief do not know? Money for this from the treasury will go much less than for the creation of the next #non-having analogue in the galaxy of miscarriage.
    1. Slon1978
      Slon1978 15 June 2016 09: 11
      You have some categorical reasoning. Strizh did not pass the state tests, which are very tough in our country. Do you have confidence that the Glock or the new Schmeiser will pass them, what is it based on? For example, I have no such confidence at all. So, according to your logic, they will also turn into "stillborn monsters". There are only 2 problems in the Russian design of light weapons: 1) the inaccessibility of the Russian civilian market for their sale, and since the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Internal Affairs will not buy much, so no one wants to bother designing them, the money is not the same ... And when they are forced to participate in competitions, then it turns out masterpieces like PYa. 2) too strict requirements of state tests for pistols, which are long overdue to revise IMHO, since a pistol is not a trench weapon.
      1. 7race
        7race 15 June 2016 09: 37
        Strizh emnip not only "did not pass" the state tests - he failed them miserably.
        As for Glock, it’s where it is not officially used, and nothing, there aren’t very many negative complaints. Inexpensive and reliable trunk. And universal - under any arm, any reasonable and unreasonable caliber and barrel length and with a bunch of companies riveting various devices for it - sights, lts etc.
        So I say, than from year to year to spend a lot of money on construction, PR (and kickbacks!) Of the next "not having" would-be shot, which will be forgotten a week after the first exhibition, isn't it better to just buy a license for Glock. The crown will not fall off - they themselves said that the design of pistols for the Russian Federation is far from a priority goal. Not RD-180 tea!
        1. the47th
          the47th 15 June 2016 10: 05
          ORSIS has been producing Glocks under license for a long time.
          1. 7race
            7race 15 June 2016 10: 38
            Exactly. I really don’t know in what volumes, but I think not very large. But this trunk wouldn’t hurt anyone, I think the same cops would gladly exchange their pasta, remembered for the USSR and not yet brought to mind, for the glock.
            1. the47th
              the47th 15 June 2016 11: 10
              The cops who shoot Glock every few months instead of PM will not do the weather. And, given his trigger, which is always ready to fire, gentlemen, police will be much more likely to shoot their lower limbs.
              1. bunta
                bunta 15 June 2016 11: 26
                And not just yourself and not only limbs.
                1. papik09
                  papik09 16 June 2016 08: 44
                  Yeah. Often between the legs fellow
          2. would
            would 16 June 2016 03: 25
            ORSIS does not produce, but collects from purchased imported kits. 2 big differences.
        2. Slon1978
          Slon1978 15 June 2016 12: 43
          I will repeat my question again - are you sure that Glock will pass the Russian state tests? In some article it was mentioned that he could not stand them in the course of comparative tests with a pistol like Yarygin. I do not diminish Glock’s dignity, I just want to say that the same Swift to blame indiscriminately because of their failure, at least, is incorrect. The absence of complaints (from predominantly qualified users) is not a guarantee of the passage of Glock State. tests of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Swift, Lebedev Pistol - no worse than Glock, I am sure of this, with proper marketing and price they can make him a worthy competition.
          1. gladcu2
            gladcu2 26 June 2016 17: 21

            Why does glock pass state tests? Who needs it? :)

            It's like the elusive John.
          2. 4thParasinok
            4thParasinok 11 July 2016 21: 32
            Quote: Slon1978
            I will repeat my question again - are you sure that Glock will pass the Russian state tests?
            they will not pass the "hold chamber" ... at -50, after the fall, the frame breaks into 2-3 parts, no one dared to test it with a shot - life is more expensive ... But these are the usual conditions of the winter north ...
        3. The comment was deleted.
      2. brn521
        brn521 15 June 2016 12: 29
        Quote: Slon1978
        Swift did not pass state tests, which we have very stringent. Do you have confidence that Glock or the new Schmeiser will pass them, on what is it based?

        1) To do this, you need a metal frame, which will raise the cost of manufacture and the mass of the gun. 2) Surely they will require the installation of a non-automatic fuse. The gun will no longer be smooth, flat and comfortable to wear. 3) Licensing fees will certainly be rather big. 4) The original Glock has the most expensive and high-quality part - the trunk. We will definitely try to save on it.
        As a result, we get something at the price of Glock, but less convenient and reliable. And the target audience, all kinds of elites, will swear and beg for the original Glock.
        1. brn521
          brn521 15 June 2016 12: 41
          Quote: brn521
          License fees will probably be rather big

          By the way, an interesting point. 1981 Glock patent. Dates not expired yet?
          1. Witold
            Witold 18 June 2016 16: 56
            Patents are renewed annually.
  5. bunta
    bunta 15 June 2016 11: 46
    Schmeisser GmbH proudly bears the name of the famous arms designer Hugo Schmeisser, who is rightfully considered one of the most innovative weapons designers of the first half of the 20th century.

    The name (surname) "Schmeisser" lay in the dust until the mid-80s, since neither three brothers nor three sisters left a single heir to a pile of useless patents. The brothers "innovators" were not even smart enough to register a trademark with their own name. The Schumacher brothers turned out to be more far-sighted than the Schmeisser brothers. They took advantage of the legend about Schmeisser's involvement in the creation of AK and the myth of his innovation or genius raised on this foam. All that remains is to register the Schmeisser trademark and stick it on your AR-15 assembly company from purchased parts. The Schumachers got the fame of the trade mark for free, on which the companies have been working for years, working on quality, image, etc. However, quite in the style of Hugo Schmeisser himself.
    1. robbihood
      robbihood 15 June 2016 12: 02
      Yeah! Where to this grief the artisan-linden Schmeiser to the graduates of the Izhevsk technical school! And whole courses!
      1. Alexey RA
        Alexey RA 15 June 2016 17: 50
        Quote: robbihood
        Yeah! Where to this grief the artisan-linden Schmeiser to the graduates of the Izhevsk technical school! And whole courses!

        Hehehehe ... so MTK was very lucky with the place of work.
        Because at the NIPSMVO, tests were carried out of all the weapons of all design bureaus available in the USSR, and not only ours, but also foreign ones. None of the weapon design bureaus had such an extensive base of weapons samples, their pros, cons and problems during testing.
        In addition, MTK knew not only the pros and cons of the available systems, but also was familiar with the test program - what they pay special attention to and what can slip through.
      2. bunta
        bunta 17 June 2016 16: 38
        Quote: robbihood
        Yeah! Where to this grief the artisan-linden Schmeiser to the graduates of the Izhevsk technical school! And whole courses!

        As I understand it, you mean graduates of the Izhevsk industrial technical college EF Dragunova, MF Dragunova, GN Nikonova, IE Deryusheva, AD Kryakushin Semenov I.E. and dozens more surnames from designers to plant directors. And also EIGHT STATE PRIZE LAUREATES. More than one technical university can envy such a constellation.
  6. Skubudu
    Skubudu 15 June 2016 15: 46
    Glock does not really move from the niche that it occupies.
    By mass use in the Arms world, it can be safely put in one row - AK / AR / GLOCK
    By the number of possible tuning among Glock pistols, the undisputed leader, maybe 911 is somewhere nearby ...
    In general, to understand all the charm of Glock you need to own it and preferably in the United States. As a rule, buying a Glock pistol is just the beginning, then you should buy various tuning and a lot of experiments.
    On my own I will say after Glock 17 another gun is not interesting to me.
    1. the47th
      the47th 15 June 2016 16: 02
      One of the main reasons for the popularity of Glock is that Glock GmbH sells licenses for the production of pistols to anyone who asks. This provides a lower price. And if you can’t see the difference, why pay more?
  7. tracer
    tracer 15 June 2016 21: 11
    Swift declared earlier as a megapistol and a step forward in the first state tests did not pass, secondly, two of my tovarischu bought about (1200 Baku) which is not sour .. what was the serious chimpanzee regretted about. First ... go crazy. the so-called "pipes" catches. The second frame is cracking on one ... and this can be thrown out altogether. There is no service, in principle, except for regrets on the phone. I don’t know anything about the pistol in the article. LIKE ALL "chips are caught". The barrel sits low, probably the "striker" stands. All plastic with picatinny bar. The Germans know how to do ... I'm terribly pleased with the S&W MP9 pro. Ergonomically, it is better than the Glock. Yes, yes, better. Approximately the same size as Schmeiser. But comparisons are pointless. Only application practice shows how good this or that design is. Well, where was the sinister hiding there?

  8. salavat
    salavat 16 June 2016 09: 33
    And how will a misfire cartridge be thrown, even I did not understand? If you just pull the trigger again?
    1. Skubudu
      Skubudu 16 June 2016 21: 08
      They are most likely compared with Glock, Glock has a single-acting trigger with a self-reload, there is no self-reload, after a misfire it is necessary to twist the shutter to cock the drummer, or rather to put it in pre-reload.
  9. Aqela
    Aqela 17 June 2016 05: 55
    There is a wish: before posting the material, it is advisable to correct the machine translation at least a little - a monstrous amount of "extra beeches", especially in the form of any "there are", etc. (obviously tracing paper from all sorts of "ir habe" and "zi zind"). wassat
  10. Dinko
    Dinko 7 July 2016 12: 14
    Well, that’s nonsense right away! Who considers Schmeisser to be one of the best gunsmiths of the first half of the 20th century? Schmeisser, according to the recall of the leadership of the Izhevsk arms factory during his work there in the late 40s, did not represent any value as a specialist and even had no engineering background.
  11. Michael HORNET
    Michael HORNET 8 July 2016 13: 21
    Finally, the normal brought to mind Glock)
    With self-cocking normal trigger, and still a lower axis of the barrel
    On the contrary, YES (as they call it DARE), the mechanism is safer than Glock, since an additional spring travel and a little more force are required
    We have the truth GSh-18 which is even easier, but there is also a osm SA, as in Glock