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The battles of the transcorps or "Do the Russians want war?"


Transnational corporations redo the world ...

Write this article encouraged me to read the publication "Washington's Last Dream" on KONT At first, a simple comment arose, but as it was compiled, it became apparent that the problem was much wider, which means that a detailed explanation cannot be avoided. The author does not just talk about the upcoming Third World War, he formulated extremely similarly all the alarmist forecasts, the number of which has increased significantly over the past year. Moreover, the farther, the more friendly the media becomes the support of an extremely emasculated primitive: the West is afraid of Russia's strengthening so much that it is ready to go to a direct hot war with it. Which, of course, will immediately spill over into the Third World War. With all the accompanying clichés in the form of throws tanks NATO to Moscow and the exchange of strategic nuclear strikes. Well, or forcing our tank armies of the Vistula, Oder and Rhine. For nothing, have we already begun to restore one such one! This, of course, is only my private opinion, however, I believe the author is categorically mistaken in his estimates. Let's try to put aside the stamps and rise above the situation.

What kind of threat can Russia constitute to the West? The country, with a population of 145 million. will conquer united Europe with a population of 750 million? Seriously? And in the appendix to that, she also the United States with their 325 million win / occupy? Why don't they bomb China with its 1,37 billion? Because Beijing has a nuclear weaponwhich he will "answer" immediately? So Russia also has it, and obviously more and more perfect, but for some reason the West does not frighten it. Strange, isn't it?

Maybe Russia is some other threat, for example, financial? Well, there, having accumulated 100500 ohrenilionov dough, Moscow will just come and buy everything to immediately disassemble and take it to itself? Factories - for the Urals. Road surface - to Siberia. Houses - to the Far East. Again, no. The volume of Russian direct accumulated investment in Europe and the United States is about 2% of China’s foreign investment and even less of the amount of money that Arabs have invested in the EU and the US.

The battles of the transcorps or "Do the Russians want war?"

What then? Maybe in Russia absolutely crazy and reckless scumbags came to power, dreaming to immediately use nuclear weapons in order to turn the whole world into one “cleansing ashes”? Also somehow not at all like.

Does Russia refuse to play according to Western economic rules? And what? According to the World Bank for 2014 year global GDP is 108,4 trillion. dollars. However, the decisive factor in it is the total share of the leading developed countries (about 30 of the states from the 193 on the planet existing), which is approximately 72 trillion. USD Total Western GDP 18,4 trillion US + 17,4 trillion. EU = 35,8 trillion or 53,3% of GDP of the leading economies of the world. Plus separately 18 trillion. China - 25% of it. These three players together make up 78,3% of the entire global economy. Russia's GDP barely exceeds 3,7 trillion. or 5,1% of the world. Five and one tenth percent, Karl! Fence and forget what the name was! What problems? Poles will have nowhere to put their apples, and the Finns - their milk? And what? The sanctions will soon begin the third year, and the Western economy has not failed at all from the problems of the Poles, the Balts and the Scandinavians. Small funny difficulties, yes, but no more.

So why would Russia so demonically diligently demonize and draw from it Mordor, the wall of Darkness slowly creeping from the horizon into the “world of people”? Why these talks about the insurmountable contradictions between Russia and the West, which can not be resolved without the Great War? And the contradictions, what are they manifested in? Strange as it may sound, however, in reality there are no such particularly deep fundamentally insurmountable contradictions between us and them. As well as the objective reasons for the inevitability of the Great War - as well. Everything is much simpler and fundamentally different.

The West has lost solidity. Uniform and solid, he was not before, you should not flatter yourself, but then he had someone to rob in the outside world. Individual countries could throw little tricks at each other, build tricks and weave intrigues, but everything was done, firstly, utterly not publicly, secondly, it did not affect the main principle: we, the civilizers, rob the rest of savages. All their differences were something of a minor friction between relatives within the clan. They are important and serious, but the clan has always stood against the rest of the world as a united front. The problem is that the outside world is over. Totally. Rob no one else. All that there is delicious, or already scooped up to the bottom, or already belongs to some "gentleman from the West." The West has never been able to live solely with its work. All his well-being in the closest way based on a model of the economy, which is based only on robbery.

With the only difference that in the days of the Crusaders, he literally expressed himself — he came, took valuables, took it with him, and burned the rest — and today this is called foreign investment. Although the essence remains the same. Came, bought cheaply, became the owner, thereby forcing the local to work for themselves, took the profit and took it with him. In an ordinary economy, the profit, even if it had settled in the pocket of the oligarch, still remained within the national territory. The oligarchs were spent on the palaces, but they were built by local hard workers from local materials. The rich merchants good roads and bridges laid primarily for their own benefit, but in the end all enjoyed them. Patrons donated money to museums, monuments, institutes of their own name or funds that pay access to education to the poor. And these foreign investors take profits to spend it on the same thing, but only at home. Those. roads, bridges and educational grants that only their people can use.

However, today the world is changing. China and Russia are beginning to block access to plundering their wealth to the West. It is still possible to plow and plow to full success, but in general the process has already gained momentum and reached the level from which the Western model of the economy no longer has the resources to function. Here is the system and went into the dressing. The West no longer sees itself as a common gang with a single interest, in which "one for all and all for one." To survive, the Germans need all the resources of the rest of Europe. Only this will allow Berlin, which has its own GDP (by PPP, 2014 g) in 3,7 trillion. dollars to take a profit from the entire EU GDP in 18,4 trillion. dollars and thus preserve for themselves the usual high standard of living, as well as dictate the rules of the rest of the world "how he should live." Exactly the same plans, but strictly in their favor, are trying to implement all the others. First of all, France (2,57 trillion), Great Britain (2,56 trillion) and even Poland (0,94 trillion), although the Polish claims look frankly ridiculous. And the United States wants to eat them all, both to ensure that the cumulative profits are consumed in their favor, and to prolong their political domination in the world.

What does Russia have to do with it? She needs strictly as a scarecrow. It should be recognized that Russia for this role is the only, and, moreover, ideal, candidate. It is large, several times larger than Europe in size. It is rich, above all with raw materials and energy resources. It is technologically advanced enough to have a strong army and demonstrate really formidable armaments, for a number of which it has already clearly surpassed the level of the West. It is quite “not like that” in the sense of culture. Especially in the field of "Western democratic values", for example, such as tolerance and the rights of minorities, primarily sexual. She publicly demonstrates her unwillingness to merge into the Western world, especially as a powerless colony. And with all this, it is adequate! The latter is especially important. It’s all there Islamic radicals can be offended by some stupid act of some individual American or European and begin to organize mass terrorist attacks like the massacre in Paris. And Russia is not. She understands too well the geopolitical responsibility inherent in the status of a great power. I emphasize that it is responsibility, and not weakness or cowardice at all, as populists or liberals like to shout about it.

For whom is this scarecrow meant? For internal use only. For millennia, the best, sometimes the only, means of rallying the motley crowd was the presence of an external enemy. The more terrible, the better. The Western elites, who are becoming isolated, are in such an acute need today. From this, they unite and swing the bogey of the Russian military threat. That is why they so fiercely popularize the idea of ​​the “approaching Great War”. For only this can create the appearance of the validity of your own ambitions and the justification of claims to "you must give your money to me."

So it is very good that Russia does not go into hysterics at the slightest pretext, as it happens in Europe, and is not going to attack anyone, and does not intend to take anything away. For, on their own initiative to go to Russia in a real war, the first in the West are no fools. Ukraine? And who said she is Europe? This is a strange country, for some reason, the "mad cow milk." Poland? A country with an economy in 3,97 times smaller than the Russian, a population of 3,76 times smaller and the size of the army in 80 thousand people, which in number is inferior even to the armed forces of the LC? Indeed? Oh, yes, I forgot. By the year 2019, the Poles are going to double the size of their armed forces, bringing them up to as many as 150 thousand. Does this general change somehow fundamentally change? The Poles themselves think quite differently. They say bluntly that “if something happens,” the task of the Polish army, as in 1939, is only to hold out until the approach of military units from other NATO countries. German battalion panzer, French foreign legion, British "red uniforms" and all kinds of American "green berets". Seriously obliged to fight strictly someone else, not Poles. However, the irony is that everyone in the West, the Balts, the British, the French, the Germans, the Belgians, the Dutch and even the political leadership of the United States think exactly the same way in the West. None of the Western countries, even in theory, is going to bear the brunt of the war only on their shoulders. Just pick it up. And also that each "I" got off with the minimum possible participation. Best of all - the rear. Even better - purely technical. And ideally, in general, so that it can be limited to only one "kind word" in the style of "Je suis Charlie". Well, or there are small things in the metropolitan area to depict something sentimental. What, with such a psychology of elites, can there be a Great War?

However, joyfully throwing caps in the air should not be in a hurry. Because the Great War is already underway. It began with the events of August 2008, and continues to this day. Only it is conducted by methods and methods that are very different from traditional ones. There are no "aine marches marches", "zweine marches marches", "dri marchers marches". And in general, it goes not in Russia, it rages in Europe. We hear its echo and neighbors sometimes fly heads, capable of causing devastating fires. There, for example, from the firehead in 2011, Libya burned to the ground. In the same year Syria flared up, the civil war which continues to this day. Egypt almost burned out. Clearly puffed up in Turkey. But in the main theater of warfare, the armies are not fighting, for the example of Libya itself demonstrates the senselessness of conducting classical warfare for purposes of conquest. In modern war, victory is achieved at the price of complete destruction of civilization in all theaters, the winner gets the ruins, from which there is nothing left to take. At least - to take quickly, to immediately turn into a specie. And now not territorial states, but corporations are fighting among themselves. They need to have time to show the profit from the war in the next quarterly, the edge - the annual report for shareholders. To seize the ruins, so that after ten years from my own pocket, invest in restoration, before there is a chance to get the first profit, not their option.

The world has changed, gentlemen. By inertia, it still seems to consist of states, but in reality, the First Gulf War (January 17 - February 28, 1991) was initiated not by America as a state, but by American transnational corporations that used US state institutions as a technical tool. We are all somehow accustomed to considering the state superior to any private company, regardless of its size. In the real world, this is no longer the case. In Russia, the state model is still close to this ideal, although even in our country it does not fully correspond to it. In Europe, the degree of inconsistency is higher, although in general, the financial well-being of the lion's share of large corporate capital is still strongly tied to its influence, primarily on its nation states. But in the United States, the picture is completely different. Take a list of America's XNUMX largest economic pillars, who are there? JP Morgan Chase. General Electric. Citigroup. AT&T. Wal-Mart. Pfizer. PepsiCo. Coca-Cola. Cisco. Apple. Microsoft. Intel. Oracle. American Express. Boeing. Google. Absolutely the entire list consists of transnational corporations that profit from the economies of all countries of the world. They are American only at the place of registration of the headquarters. America, as a state, is only a socio-political instrument for achieving their economic goals. Simply because the United States has a legal place in the UN Security Council, and some Phillip Morris International cannot get it there for any money. At least for now.

American TNCs need to conquer the only available market for them - Europe. But to conquer in such a way as to not turn it into useless ruins in the process. Therefore, instead of tanks, bomber, cruise missiles and multiple rocket launchers, TTIP negotiations are used. And in order for the "partners" to be more self-explanatory, they create numerous problems on the periphery in various ways. The Middle East turned out to be the first to be scorched precisely because it was largely the food base of the European "national", i.e. focused on the preservation of their national governments, corporations of Germany, France and the UK. And in the confrontation with Russia, by stirring up a civil war in Ukraine, American TNCs invaded Europe for the same purpose. To maximize the EU benefits from economic cooperation with Russia.

However, one should not think that all the above gives grounds for complacency. They say that this is not our war, even if they kill each other, but we will live more peacefully. Not a damn thing like that. Any war, regardless of the form of its conduct, is always aimed at destroying the infrastructure of the enemy. In the broadest sense of the word. From the literal, - to bomb bridges and power stations, - to the system one, - to violate in any way the fundamentals of the functioning of the state control system of society. Although Abbott Laboratories or Google are not hammering across Tomorrow or Berlin, the problem of blocking migrants in the EU copes with the task of blocking the work of European state mechanisms.

The general destabilization of the system of state administration of society leads to the destruction of this very society. In every sense, from economic, to ideological. Sly Europe falls apart and the speed of destructive processes increases. However, problems in the US are growing too. Not only in shale mining. In the current economic environment, it has been a financial bubble right from the start. It is far more important that the reduction of the food supply base of the American segment of Western capitalism led to the drying up of the purchasing power of the US domestic market. On so much significant that the financial shoaling of consumers has become a major obstacle to returning production capacity from China back to America. In order for them to remain competitive, their total robotization is required, and this is a very big amount of money, which is no longer a fact that they can fight off in sales within a clear current planning horizon. As a result, the total energy demand has begun to drastically decrease in the United States. First of all - in the electric. The matter has already reached the point where the number of unprofitable NPPs has begun to grow, some of which, as announced, will most likely be closed by the end of this year.

This is the practical embodiment in real life of the abstract concept of "systemic destruction of infrastructure". Only America is far from us and the 325 million people living there will be enough local territory to somehow reduce the urbanization density of megacities. Another thing - Europe, 750-ty millions of people who, in the event of a significant disintegration of the state system, really have nowhere to go. Their usual level of well-being was no less than half dependent on the income received by European business outside Europe. Moreover, to a large extent it was also provided with social subsidies from the state budgets. The destruction of this system at some point will lead to the beginning of a rapid decline in social programs, an increase in unemployment and an overall total decline in the standard of living. Not for a couple - three percent, not for a tenth - twentieth part, but at once in two, three, and even four times. In other words, about half of Europeans very quickly become redundant. EU internal resources will not be able to provide them with any means of livelihood. From the word - nothing at all.

It is not difficult to imagine how then events in Europe will develop further. When just a couple of tens of thousands of people are laid off at once, Paris is captured by gangs of marauders. The Germans with the Austrians in this sense are noticeably calmer, but they often sneak up to mass pogroms, although they are of a short-term local nature. But this is only until beyond survival will not be at least about the 200 millions of Europeans at once. Then all the tolerance will fall down from them, like old plaster from a damp wall. With all the attendant charms, in the form of religious, ethnic, ideological and property squabbles, enhanced by a progressive level of impunity, as the police no longer come to the cries of the victims.

And the most unpleasant thing for us is that the lion's share of this crowd of angry and desperate people, from Europe, which quickly turned into one huge Walk-field, will not be difficult to guess in which direction. And not at all to Australia or the USA with Canada. Far away across the ocean, and there too the situation will be no better than European. But Russia, with all its flaws, will abruptly begin to seem the coveted sea of ​​calm and security. Even with the prevailing views among EU citizens about us as a grim Mordor. Because this shaft will roll to us. It will be very large, larger than our own population, and very muddy, according to the ethical, religious, ethnic composition and level of law-abiding. And what kind of law-abiding can there be, if there is only horror, destruction, hunger and death behind your back? We see that for Europe the resettlement of last year only 1,9 million "refugees" ended ... and they will be moved a hundred times more towards us.

So, even though the Great War has been going on for the ninth year, the hardest and largest battles are still waiting for us ahead. Only they will look completely different from what they are trying to predict today. Not an exchange of massive nuclear strikes between Russia and the West, but, so to speak, the tsunami of the Great Exodus, which, under certain circumstances, can wash us off.

However, a certain hope is inspired by the fact that, judging by external manifestations, Putin’s team is very seriously and very thoroughly preparing for something like this.

So there is a chance to win ...

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  1. Teberii
    Teberii 11 June 2016 05: 24
    Hybrid wars, as I understand the author. All the forces to undermine the economy. The real war is only for resources, no matter what kind of money, natural, energy, absorbed by world corporations.
    1. Vladislav
      Vladislav 11 June 2016 05: 59
      As you know, Russian wars do not start, they end them. It used to be real, now there will be hybrid
      1. Ami du peuple
        Ami du peuple 11 June 2016 07: 55
        Quote: Vladislav
        As you know, Russian wars do not start
        Who knows? Or do you think that exclusively by peaceful means the small Moscow principality expanded to an empire occupying 1/6 of the land? Understand, finally, Russia - a country with a rich history in which there were both aggressive and defensive wars. Actually, like all the more or less significant states.
        But actually, we are peaceful people wink
        1. excomandante
          excomandante 11 June 2016 08: 12
          Russia, for your information, is a state of defensive expansion, this term was first used by A.J. Toynbee. Those. Russia annexed to itself those lands from which there was a threat to Russia, from which the aggressor came. Not without exceptions, but as a rule. Russia has never waged "purely" wars of conquest, unless the annexation of wild lands is considered full-fledged wars.
          1. Ami du peuple
            Ami du peuple 11 June 2016 09: 27
            Quote: excomandante
            Russia ... a state of defensive expansion
            Any state can be subsumed under this definition. But for some reason quasi-patriots are very much warmed by the allegedly permanent peace-loving nature of their own Motherland. I just don't understand why there is something to be ashamed of? I don’t think that the same Yermak Timofeevich in the Siberian campaign or, for example, the future General Skobelev in Khiva, believed that they were carrying out some kind of “defensive expansion”.
            Quote: excomandante
            unless you consider full-fledged wars annexation of wild lands
            Well, the colonization of the natives is not war in any way. yeah. bully Just what do you mean by "wild lands"? For the Spanish conquistadors, the empires of the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans were also wild lands inhabited by idolaters.
            1. Enot-poloskun
              Enot-poloskun 11 June 2016 10: 56
              An interesting idea in a good article: a crowd of Europeans will trample on us!

              So already it was like that - during the time of Alexei Mikhailovich, and under Peter and under Catherine ... Well, not 200 million ...

              Or can we use them?

              1) make you learn Russian

              2) baptize in Orthodoxy

              3) force to abandon geyropeyskih values.

              Working hands are needed!
              1. crumb
                crumb 11 June 2016 11: 39
                Pentagon. Obama and the generals discuss when it is best to attack Russia. They cannot come to a consensus when it is better to do so to win.
                We decided to ask those who have already attacked. They ask the French: "When is it better to attack?"
                The French answer: "We don’t know, but certainly not in the winter ..." Then they ask the Germans: "When to attack?" The Germans say: "We do not know, but certainly not in the summer."
                Dead end. What to do? Someone suggests - Let's ask the Chinese, they are the most advanced and cunning, always come up with something ...
                They ask: "The Chinese, when will we attack Russia to win?"
                The Chinese answer: "Right now, immediately. The Russians are now building the Power of Siberia and the Turkish Stream, they are still completing the Vostochny cosmodrome, the bridge to Crimea will soon begin, they decided to restore the BAM, they are building new stadiums for the 2018 World Cup, they are mastering the Arctic - THEM ....... HOW CAPTIVES ARE NEEDED! "
          2. Vasyan1971
            Vasyan1971 11 June 2016 12: 33
            Quote: excomandante
            Russia, for your information, is a state of defensive expansion, this term was first used by A.J. Toynbee. Those. Russia annexed to itself those lands from which there was a threat to Russia, from which the aggressor came. Not without exceptions, but as a rule. Russia has never waged "purely" wars of conquest, unless the annexation of wild lands is considered full-fledged wars.

            Well, NATO is widely known for its "defensive expansion". Prevents "possible" aggression from wild (note - WILD) Russia. It is as old as the world - to consider yourself the navel of the World, and everyone around is uncouth barbarians. And the barbarians, as everyone knows, is in desperate need of civilization and perhaps domestication. What kind of "full-fledged war" is this? This is a sacred duty! And the opinion of the aborigines is naturally not taken into account. And, of course, all sorts of goodies like additional territories and resources are just a nice little thing.
            This is not to say that Russia is a vicious, born-in aggressor. It's me that ALL are. No matter how beautiful words are hiding. Well, we are just like them, only without a tail. hi
            1. Douel
              Douel 11 June 2016 16: 26
              Yeah and the Georgian principality joined in blood, saving themselves from the genocide of Georgians, and Bogdan Khmelnitsky was drunk, and the money was evidently captured by Peter when he paid for Estonia and part of Latvia with hard currency.
              At the present time, Afghans commemorate the shuravi who built schools and hospitals with roads with a kind word. And the Americans, apart from democracy, do little to spread good things, except perhaps the "barbaric" states themselves.
            2. Olegovi4
              Olegovi4 11 June 2016 22: 09
              Quote: Vasyan1971
              And barbarians, as everyone knows, are in desperate need of civilization and, possibly, cultivation

              I remember the most-most civilized people thought so too. only ended with the fall of Rome. apparently they don’t like to study history in Europe. or maybe they as Ukrainians have their own, special?
        2. Tusv
          Tusv 11 June 2016 08: 14
          Quote: Ami du peuple
          Or do you think that exclusively by peaceful means the small Moscow principality expanded to an empire occupying 1/6 of the land?

          Not really yours. 1/6 of the land was captured by the Horde. And for Vanya Kalita we honestly voted. laughing laughing laughing
      2. dauria
        dauria 11 June 2016 09: 05
        It used to be real, now there will be hybrid

        An incomprehensible word, even a definition would be to find out. Are sanctions and information blocks on the Internet a war too?

        And most importantly, how can I imagine the roads clogged with Mercedes, Renault and Skodas with trailers with luggage, suitcases, children and cows ... laughing And wander in the dust east to Russia .... Author, are you serious? Article minus, such things need to be argued in more detail recourse
  2. Knowing
    Knowing 11 June 2016 05: 36
    At all times, Russia was not easy, coping, reborn. Always alone. The external enemy is known and its actions as a whole are not difficult to predict. It is very important to eliminate the problems within our State. But in general:
  3. gold
    gold 11 June 2016 05: 37
    The author is very mistaken! There are no differences in the population of 325 million or 1,37 billion thermonuclear weapons. What kind of occupation of radioactive territories can be? Utter nonsense!
    1. faridg7
      faridg7 11 June 2016 05: 42
      You read inattentively, read again slowly
  4. faridg7
    faridg7 11 June 2016 05: 39
    Yeah, I’ll go clean it up.
  5. Alexdark
    Alexdark 11 June 2016 05: 43
    "A country with a population of 145 million. will conquer a united Europe with a population of 750 million people? Seriously? And in addition to that, is it also the United States with their 325 million win / occupy?"
    Do not look at the number ... It is enough to recall Hitler's Germany with a population of about 80 million. Or the author believes that all will the population fight? All 750 million people plus 350 in the USA?
    1. Rurikovich
      Rurikovich 11 June 2016 07: 06
      Well, not 750 million. , and about 500 million. You must be more modest and truthful wink Although this does not change the essence. You're right. We don’t need them for hell either, so we found a reason to cover up our interests, and so
    2. faridg7
      faridg7 11 June 2016 09: 22
      Quote: AlexDARK
      "A country with a population of 145 million. will conquer a united Europe with a population of 750 million people? Seriously? And in addition to that, is it also the United States with their 325 million win / occupy?"
      Do not look at the number ... It is enough to recall Hitler's Germany with a population of about 80 million. Or the author believes that all will the population fight? All 750 million people plus 350 in the USA?

      I have a family of 4 people all liable for military or personnel, in any case, the entire population of my apartment will be at war. Here neither Napoleon nor Hitler expected that they would have to fight with the whole country
      1. atalef
        atalef 11 June 2016 09: 30
        Quote: faridg7
        I have a family of Xnumx people, all military or personnel

        Hope this is not what I was thinking?
        1. faridg7
          faridg7 11 June 2016 11: 32
          Well, I don’t live in the states, but in Russia. I am in reserve, my wife is a sergeant of the medical service in reserve, my eldest son is a cadet of VU, my younger son is a conscript. But thinking is generally useful, but not about what you think.
        2. Chertkov Oleg
          Chertkov Oleg 11 June 2016 15: 30
          Hope this is not what I was thinking?

          They don’t judge by themselves! How long has the crest grown at your Zwa hagan le Israel? Or are there still the defenders of the homeland serve?
          Joker e ....
    3. Alex777
      Alex777 11 June 2016 10: 36
      Quote: AlexDARK
      It is enough to recall Hitler's Germany with a population of approximately 80 million.

      And how it all ended - also remember. hi
  6. smart Fox
    smart Fox 11 June 2016 05: 58
    Smart, you won’t say anything. The answer to your question "Why do we need them?" I got.
    1. cap
      cap 11 June 2016 09: 03
      Quote: sly fox
      Smart, you won’t say anything. The answer to your question "Why do we need them?" I got.

      Everything has been known for a long time. To the author +. A good PPR is always useful.
  7. Revolver
    Revolver 11 June 2016 06: 04
    The author does not own the material. So, offhand, Merrill Lynch walks with him among the main spiders that have entangled the world. But bad luck - in 2009 ML slipped to the brink of bankruptcy and was eaten by Bank of America with all its giblets. Now it is just a BofA division, engaged in managing the investments of wealthy clients thereof. And if you dig, I’m sure there will still be mistakes. Minus.
    1. Rus2012
      11 June 2016 12: 45
      Quote: Nagan
      The author does not own the material.

      /// and transcorps - no? laughing

      Do the neocons themselves want to conquer the whole world?
  8. 34 region
    34 region 11 June 2016 06: 05
    Finally, at least touched on this topic. We judge future wars by the wars of the past. The topic is not at all funny. TNCs are now led by US governments. Through the lobby and the Senate, too, they pass the laws they need. Our thought is also unclear for whom it works. War is a battle of economies. Whose economy is developing better, that country is the winner. Therefore, warriors of light and ruin the economy of other countries. Today we use the Internet. It belongs to the winner (USA). And what are the technological breakthroughs in other countries? If your country uses the technology of the winners, then do not then resist the winner !? So it turns out? Why do we need to release our own? There they do it, we will buy from them. Here is the result of such a war on a psychological level. We are laughing and indignant over China. They are tying all the technology! They do not want to be defeated. Here and tyryat. What are we tyrim? Are we so honest or so flexible? Why strain? Better relax? Is this not the result of war?
  9. demiurg
    demiurg 11 June 2016 06: 13
    Fiercely plus the author.
    We already live in an incomprehensible world. Every two to three years we take a loan for the phone, exchange it for new efficient machines and computers, because it is necessary. Governments convince the population of their countries that there must be a budget deficit, it is imperative to borrow money from someone. Destroying states with a thousand-year history and tens of millions of citizens due to lack of democracy. Monster corporations nightmare half of Africa and Latin America (tantalum mining or deforestation as an example).
    The UN is no longer deciding anything, and TNCs will not bring their representatives into this talking room. There are more effective leverage, like the lobby in the USA.
  10. samarin1969
    samarin1969 11 June 2016 06: 22
    "We are all somehow accustomed to considering the state above any private company, regardless of its size. In the real world, this is no longer the case. In Russia, the state model is still close to this ideal." - not news, but fresh.

    In Russia, corporations are also the main factor in foreign policy: state "deflections" before China in negotiations, peripheral wars on transit routes (the Caucasus, Syria). Even the Russians of Donbass turned into nothing more than a "loss-making asset" after the closure of the shale project in Ukraine. Weapons are being sold to Venezuela on its own credit to cover up Rosneft projects. ... They even made Israeli pensioners happy in exchange for just the right to participate in tenders for the development of Israeli gas ... And all this at the expense of the Russian budget in the interests of foreign and conditionally Russian shareholders of Gazprom and Rosneft.
  11. 34 region
    34 region 11 June 2016 06: 27
    The surgeon! 06.13. Hope for the UN? Hope for the employee whose employer contains? The employee performs the work that is paid by his owner. At one time, the Union diluted this monopoly. But today in the UN the number of US allies is greater than the number of Russia's allies (if we still have allies). We at least increase the number of our allies.
  12. EvgNik
    EvgNik 11 June 2016 06: 33
    She publicly demonstrates a reluctance to join the Western world, especially as a rightsless colony. And with all this, it is adequate! The latter is especially important.

    it is responsibility, and not at all weakness or cowardice, as foolish populists or liberals like to shout about it.

    That's it, colleagues. We do not want to live by the standards of the West. Our own road. And its responsibility to the world. Therefore, we must comply.
    1. Pinkie F.
      Pinkie F. 11 June 2016 07: 33
      Quote: EvgNik
      Our own road.

      and what? I'm just wondering what lies behind this mysterious and meaningful phrase.
      For example, China has demonstrated (and continues to demonstrate) "its way" clearly. So much so that it became the No. 1 threat for the world hegemon, showing that success is quite possible outside the model of the world order implanted by the Americans.
      Quote: EvgNik
      We do not want to live by the standards of the West.

      it is at the household level. And the rest? Maybe HSE has issued some revolutionary concept of development? And does the EBP no longer fall into a depression at the sight of oil prices? What kind of path is this - "your own"?
      1. atalef
        atalef 11 June 2016 09: 04
        Quote: Pinky F.
        and what? I'm just wondering what lies behind this mysterious and meaningful phrase.

        It has long been said
        _ the mind can’t understand Russia, cannot be measured out with a common arshin
        Quote: EvgNik
        We do not want to live by the standards of the West

        Hi Zhen.
        Want to live by the standards of the West.
        You want their level of welfare, pensions, medicine, roads, public safety, workers' rights.
        Of course you want.
        Why don’t you want? buggers? - believe me funny - this problem is not worth a damn.
        And then what else?
        1. Mestny
          Mestny 11 June 2016 10: 01
          We still want the so-called social justice, the USSR still lives in us (or rather, the idealized idea of ​​what it should have become). And yes, so that the level of well-being would be like theirs.
          Alas, not realizing that this level is the product of real Western capitalism with robbery of colonies and without a shadow of social justice. Without the understanding that "everything for everyone" is not enough. And if that's enough, then a little.
          And with homosexuals and so on - they slip this "tolerance" into us, saying "you will treat this as we do, everything will be in order for you, as with us." As a recipe for prosperity is offered.
          And this is sorry a little not true. We naturally know about this.
        2. Boa kaa
          Boa kaa 11 June 2016 15: 49
          Quote: atalef
          And then what else?

          Spirituality, venality. When everything is measured by a bank account ...
          As one old man said: "They have forgotten God!"
          Therefore, they worship the golden calf. And they are pulling us there ... They want to arrange a kaganate, Christ sellers.
      2. SPACE
        SPACE 11 June 2016 09: 18
        Quote: Pinky F.
        What kind of path is this - "your own"?

        The author is a little wrong, arguing that the United States needs Russia as a scarecrow for Europe, this is the tenth thing. Smart and far-sighted seers from the USA see the enemy number 1 in Russia as a coincidence and this is absolutely correct and logical. Neither Isil nor China is America’s most dangerous enemy, namely Russia, while the enemy, individually, is neither ideological, nor economic, nor even military, but a hundred times worse, civilizational. Because monolithic Russia has absolutely everything in order to become the most powerful power on the planet and the most important of this, that, all this, it has on its territory, even the USSR has not reached even half of these capabilities. Not a single country in the world, alone, can compare with Russia, by the way, which pushes the global elite of the United States and the West to forcibly consolidate and unite the meager capabilities of their countries to confront. Otherwise, Russia has a legitimate opportunity to become a state individually establishing and giving truly equal and satisfactory to everyone, including small and underdeveloped countries, new world laws of rational development and opportunities, true, working multipolarity. If you want, then Russia has long been assigned the role of a tribunal judge, the arbiter of this world, the world, good police and the world’s only army! Because as soon as Russia has the resources and capabilities to maintain, without robbing others, a world-wide, sufficient, normal-governing, economic, social, cultural, and military, control apparatus. And all this deprives some reactionary circles of the world snack of power, therefore they will resist and demonize Russia, reckoning number 1 as their personal enemy.
        Quote: Pinky F.
        Perhaps the HSE gave out some revolutionary concept of development?

        Their activity is a small sandbox in which to tinker with everything, including China in the pursuit, in the framework of the rules imposed and adopted by them, they don’t create and define nothing of their bread crust and which is not even aware that a fairer world can be created, including and an economy where bread is enough for everyone.
  13. valent45
    valent45 11 June 2016 06: 36
    Largely agree with the author. Somewhat gloomy future. This is debatable.
  14. demiurg
    demiurg 11 June 2016 06: 52
    Quote: 34 region
    The surgeon!

    Demiurge hi
    The UN has lost its meaning. Now the winners of the Second World War, who were in the Security Council, are on the verge of a war among themselves in incomprehensible compositions for the interests of TNCs, and not states. On the brink, this does not mean tomorrow, just the chance I have to see a new redistribution of borders in Europe.
    There are one and a half billion Chinese, almost a billion Anglo-Saxons, and there are still a billion Indians. Billion Muslims in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. And in addition, we, with a nuclear arsenal, which all the rest put together will suffice with a two-threefold reserve. The intersection of these interests of the UN will not resolve.
    What are they meeting at meetings like the Beidelberg Club, against whom will they be friends after the next meeting?
    1. 34 region
      34 region 11 June 2016 07: 38
      Demiurge! hi 06.52. Winners in the Second World War were still not even breathing at each other. And then we stood on the verge of a hot war. But the war was fought by economic methods. The result is known. Having trained well on cats, they overwhelmed the Union. After such a victory, the frost did not care. They began to act already on a businesslike basis, under the powerful cover of the media. They won over Ukraine! What can we oppose to them? Only a powerful economy. Then other countries will reach us. Take Israel. A tiny country, but economically developed. In our country, hundreds of such (by territory) and more administrative entities. But for some reason they are developed worse than Israel. Why?
    2. atalef
      atalef 11 June 2016 09: 06
      Quote: demiurg
      Now the winners of the Second World War, who were in the Security Council, are on the brink of war

      So during the Cold War - stood
      Quote: demiurg
      x for the interests of TNCs, not states

      Beautiful words - just do not understand what.
      Tell me, why do you think Strelkov entered it in Slavyansk?
  15. zurbagan63
    zurbagan63 11 June 2016 06: 57
    I liked the article. smile
  16. Ros 56
    Ros 56 11 June 2016 07: 09
    In principle, everything is true, I disagree with only one, it will not be instantaneous, it will be quite stretched in time, which means we have a small margin of time. And the fact that the Europeans will come to our permanent residence for a long time, is generally understandable for a long time, and not only for economic reasons, but also for climatic reasons, they just have nowhere else to go and again this is a matter of time. If someone doesn’t understand what I’m talking about, I’ll explain that their lands will gradually go under water. And here it is our turn to select candidates for labor activity in our not quite developed territories.
  17. SPACE
    SPACE 11 June 2016 07: 15
    Everything is simpler, the three whales on which the world economy, resources, markets, technologies balance. Within the framework of the WTO, the United States and the West, taking advantage of the technological advantage from the loot in a direct way in the past, conquered the markets of other countries, selling goods with high added value, a kind of legalized robbery, in return acquiring cheap resources. But today the technological development of many countries has reached this level and is gradually growing, which has allowed them to produce many goods themselves, primarily for themselves, thereby displacing Western manufacturers from their market, but also within the framework of the same WTO they have the opportunity to enter the foreign market. There are more and more sellers, fierce competition for sales markets arises, which leads either to a shrinkage of the volume of traditional US and Western markets or to a fall in added value and profits, on the other hand, access to resources becomes more difficult, which is becoming less and less. It is within the framework of such constantly shrinking opportunities that the West and the United States have approached the present day, realizing that within the framework of their own trade rules, their advantages are practically reduced to zero and the irreversibility of the trend itself will sooner or later lead to a complete loss of their leading trade and civilizational positions, a decrease in the share of influence in the world, and in the future, a complete collapse. Against this background, they faced the vital question of what to do? They have no choice, they have to go beyond the legal framework. At the first stage, by manipulating the demand to lower the price of resources to give impetus to their economies, but what is a stick with two ends, on the one hand they get access, on the other, China, India, etc., their direct competitors, in addition, the purchasing power of the markets of extractive countries will begin to fall, respectively they are the West and the United States are beginning to lose their markets more intensively. The second stage is to arrange revolutions in the countries of their competitors, in order to either drag their markets or resources to their side, or wreak havoc in these regions in order to destroy the market of their competitors or the production of their direct competitor. The third is the withdrawal from the WTO and the creation of its own closed "pasture" for the radical protection of their markets or hunting grounds. Fourth for the usa, gobble up europe, its own rainy day raised cow. Fifth, the war between China and Russia, India with China, Europe with Russia and, in general, everyone against everyone, with the destruction of states and throwing them back into the Middle Ages, where the United States, according to their plans, will remain the only "city on the mountain" with the right of global domination.
    1. RedBaron
      RedBaron 11 June 2016 14: 46
      The technological advantage allows us to reduce the consumption of resources, which we have seen lately, as well as increase production from places that were previously inaccessible. Also, processing plants and renewable energy sources will further reduce the cost of production that countries of the third world are simply inaccessible. The conclusion here is simple, trading only with these very resources with a bare backside is possible, and there is no need for war.
  18. S_Baykala
    S_Baykala 11 June 2016 07: 20
    The article is good. But upon reading, only one thought was in my head: wasn’t it time for us to build a fence?
    1. Rurikovich
      Rurikovich 11 June 2016 07: 46
      It may be simpler and cheaper to have a club that will reach everyone who wants to encroach on us. wink It didn’t rot, but rather modernizes and grows stronger, which infuriates the enemies ... lol
      1. Pinkie F.
        Pinkie F. 11 June 2016 07: 57
        Quote: Rurikovich
        It may be easier and cheaper to have a club,

        and that's enough? Oh yes still
        Quote: S_Baykala
        build a fence

        joyful prospect - enclose yourself with a thorn and clang loudly with a shutter. One eye on the sight, the other on oil quotes.
        Quote: Rurikovich
        which infuriates the enemies ...

        Well, yes, they, dumbasses, do not upgrade their arsenal. Or, by enemies, do you mean any small-shell husk of the type of Limitrophs and the xoxlov that joined them?
        1. Ros 56
          Ros 56 11 June 2016 08: 47
          Quote: Pinky F.
          they dumbasses don’t modernize their arsenal

          Just in topic, just published: WP: in the USA study possibility of production of analogues of the Russian weapon.

          So their arsenal, a little the wrong arsenal. hi
          1. Pinkie F.
            Pinkie F. 11 June 2016 08: 58
            Quote: Ros 56
            So their arsenal, a little the wrong arsenal.

            may be. But to reckon that in the modern world you can have a monopoly on some kind of prodigy - at least careless)
    2. RedBaron
      RedBaron 11 June 2016 14: 48
      Quote: S_Baykala
      The article is good. But upon reading, only one thought was in my head: wasn’t it time for us to build a fence?

      And to go to a bright future in the footsteps of North Korea, so to speak, a good journey to you, do not get sick and you will be fine ... laughing
  19. Antiprogressor
    Antiprogressor 11 June 2016 07: 57
    Something like an outline of lectures by Fursov, Katasonov and others.
    Well, all these companies appeared not so long ago, and Russians are demonized a long time ago. There was no king who would not be recognized as a monster (with the total horror of all the monarchs of the West) Here lies a certain Western super-task, which means bankers or, more simply, moneylenders ... The same Pharisees, the same Venetians, Genoese ... Blood, innate from the Khazars ...
    And now the Khazars rule the world, possess information about each person (no, well, somewhere in the Bushmen there are no documents, phone numbers and bank cards, pension and tax data, which are always transmitted to super servers without fail. For example, the NSA or another agency (organization) , first of all, financial. From where? Yes, from everywhere. You buy a loaf of bread or a ticket to Rio, you get a tax from you, or you get child support, talk on the phone or work at a computer - the information about you has already gone abroad. And how is it it will be used, those who will use it know. While we are still poorly managed. But young people are learning to manage. We lived in Ukraine. And please! One generation. No need to drive through the desert. And the cadres of our managers are forged in Europe. So the whole reckoning on Russian sloppiness and desire to deviate from instructions.
  20. Lens
    Lens 11 June 2016 08: 03
    The author ambiguously makes it clear that the nuclear club in our time is a weapon against the Papuans, who "from Budun" will decide to cross the borders and wreak havoc. There is no need to even create color revolutions - it is enough to "envelop" the necessary "partner" with such "attention that" the upper classes cannot ... the lower classes do not want to form on their territory ... And then they will control the same nuclear club. The one who is needed. China, indeed, in this example. In my life there was such a case, not a military truth - five or six years ago. We bought fabrics from one supplier. Stable, a rank of a plane. At a certain moment the supplier declares a rise in price for a pair Well, we decided to refuse - the world is stable, the dollar does not jump, but it is thrown out. Let's go to other suppliers - the same story. Collusion? We got into the "network" - a similar story behind the hill. Analysts opened their eyes a little later - China through a lot dummy and real firms bought the ENTIRE cotton harvest and raised the price. ”Still in the bud - and we" backfired "in the final ...
  21. MsRedMaster
    MsRedMaster 11 June 2016 08: 06
    What threat can Russia pose to the West? A country with a population of 145 million. will conquer a united Europe
    . Yes, a country with a population of 145 million will conquer the whole world, there just has to be faith! But the teaser is not bad ... https: // V = wsQYn2zyOgw
    1. Pinkie F.
      Pinkie F. 11 June 2016 08: 34
      Quote: MsRedMaster
      Yes, a country with a population of 145 million will conquer the whole world, there just has to be faith!

      it looks more like paranoia. When are you planning to start? Does the world know?
      1. Tusv
        Tusv 11 June 2016 08: 42
        Quote: Pinky F.
        it looks more like paranoia. When are you planning to start? Does the world know?

        What kind of gloomy mood? The sky is gloomy, Rain pours, but you don’t have to go to work. the beauty
    2. atalef
      atalef 11 June 2016 09: 10
      Quote: MsRedMaster
      Yes, a country with a population of 145 million will conquer the whole world, there just has to be faith!

      Small or big?
  22. 31rus2
    31rus2 11 June 2016 08: 16
    Dear, but the question is backfill, why did Russia follow the development of the West? How do you explain, or will we become different in the development process? Another question, why fight and kill if we ourselves are ready to sell all our own from oil and gas, to strategic enterprises? Why should the West mix Putin when it is possible to calmly create (which is done) a belt of non-stability from countries close to Russia, reorienting all politics to Russophobia. And think about whether a war is possible?
    1. atalef
      atalef 11 June 2016 09: 11
      Quote: 31rus2
      Dear, but the question is backfilling, why did Russia follow the development of the West?

      And what else would you suggest a development path?
  23. kon125
    kon125 11 June 2016 08: 44
    The author initially set the priorities wrong. Russia is interested in the West as a huge pantry of resources. This opinion is not mine. There is no need to wonder whether there will be a war for Russian resources. It is already underway. And this is not a figure of speech. everything is ready, the fighting is going on, reconnaissance in battle, in which our Ukrainian brothers are fighting. This is a brilliant solution. The author is, to put it mildly, stupid. If he does not see obvious things, he probably needs to serve in the army on a contract, for example, in the Airborne Forces, go on a business trip, and yet understand that the war is already in full swing. Wake up, sir, you ... Togo..
  24. Alex Xorkam
    Alex Xorkam 11 June 2016 08: 57
    All is correct. Indeed, Russia is used as a scarecrow, but this is an appearance. Russia is also a country that, fortunately, so far has not been able to turn into a meek vassal, but I really want to. There seems to be one more reason for the war with Russia, including, possibly, a hot one. The mentality of the people of Russia, allows you to resist the usual propaganda methods of the financial oligarchy and serve as an example of another way of life. The people of Russia, of course, are also degrading, but not as swiftly as in the West, and this also creates a danger when pursuing a policy of transnational financial oligarchy.
    1. Pinkie F.
      Pinkie F. 11 June 2016 09: 27
      Quote: Alex Xorkam
      serve as an example of another lifestyle.

      what "other"? Are we building our own model of a consumer society, reviving old Soviet slogans?
      Quote: Alex Xorkam
      There seems to be one more reason for the war with Russia, including, possibly, a hot one. The mentality of the people of Russia

      mentality cannot be a pretext for war. The mentality lends itself to correction, for this a "hot" war is not needed, not the 16th century.
    2. atalef
      atalef 11 June 2016 09: 33
      Quote: Alex Xorkam
      The mentality of the people of Russia, allows you to resist the usual propaganda tricks financial oligarchy and serve as an example of a different lifestyle

      allows you to resist the usual propaganda tricks laughing laughing
  25. Nocontrol
    Nocontrol 11 June 2016 09: 13
    Quote: 31rus2
    Dear, but the question is backfilling, why did Russia follow the development of the West? ..

    What specific development path are you talking about? On the legalization of drugs, the legislative licensing of brothels, the legalization of same-sex marriage, the killing and butchering of animals in front of children? ...
  26. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 11 June 2016 09: 56
    The article is definitely good. The question just raised is very complex, but the article itself is a gulp of truth against the background of the dominance of informational fooling. All points on i will not be placed, but the author shows in the right direction.
    In the modern world there is no understanding of the essence of the processes.
    The article first met an understanding of the essence of investments, so promoted by our rulers. Investments are a source of enslavement, not prosperity, as people are trying to inspire today.
    In fact, our civilization is created by the mind, life is intelligent in itself, and each person is a piece of the general mind, intelligent in his own right and rationally human body. Life is supported by the mind.
    The existing world is trying to subjugate corporations that are created by people with flawed minds, and the struggle is by and large not between countries. The concept of a country as an association of a people living in a certain territory is eroded. Corporations, the goal of which is world domination, put pressure on the world’s population, for which it is necessary that states protecting the interests of the population disappear from the planet, and what they are successfully doing. The fate of the population of the corporation is not interested - they build the world for themselves and neglect the vital interests of people, they need to narrow the world to the size of personal interests, i.e. leave on the planet only the number of slaves they need. These are criminal designs. So they need war, only they are not going to pollute the territory, which excludes the use of atomic weapons.
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 11 June 2016 16: 27
      Quote: olimpiada15
      they need war, only they are not going to pollute the territory, which excludes the use of atomic weapons.

      Wars, they are different too: there, and the hybrid is on the agenda in full growth. About economic, propaganda, hopefully heard. And there are civilizational ...
      Maybe they are not going to pollute ... So for this purpose short-lived fissile materials are developed, and on their basis ultra-small nuclear warheads. After application after a month, the radiation level is normal again. And before that, neutron ammunition was ... Well, what is not an instrument of force acting on an opponent?
      And then, if you are not going to apply the "last argument of kings", this does not mean at all that the losing side, having nuclear weapons, will not use it as an adversary. Hence the courage of the DPRK, yapping at the Stars and Stripes ELEPHANT! Again, the example of India and Pakistan ...
      And nuclear weapons play the role of a guarantor of sovereignty.
      Israel, having nuclear weapons, provides itself with the possibility of inevitable retribution to the aggressor ... That is why it still stands (like a finger) surrounded by "well-wishers."
      So, a hint that nuclear weapons have outlived their lives does not go away ... Oh, how far away it is to nuclear disarmament!
  27. zakamsk1971
    zakamsk1971 11 June 2016 10: 38
    Thank you for the article to the author, of course, although everyone has long known that Russia is a treasure box that, however, should be sent to the development of your country, and not to the purchase of Chelsea. And yet, we must breed, my friends. In this gigantic territory should live 300 - 350 million! And invest in education and, damn it, on the road. The educated, passionate generation will find its place on this vast land, Russia!
  28. sergey2017
    sergey2017 11 June 2016 10: 42
    The article is good and informatively useful! I’m looking at comments about the article, but many people didn’t catch the essence of the article! Once again, they begin to measure the number of armed forces and nuclear weapons! One nuclear conflict is enough for life on earth to end! Therefore, global corporations cannot deal with a nuclear conflict! In fact, the point is that global corporations (the Rothschilds and Rockefellers) influence armed conflicts in order to absorb countries, especially countries that do not fit into the framework of their world domination! The problem is that the external the world is over. Absolutely. There is no one else to rob. Everything that is there has long been shared. The States and the West never knew how to live exclusively with their labor. All their well-being is closely based on a model of the economy, which is based only on robbery! Only Russia prevents the States and the West from continuing to redistribute the world!
  29. aleksandrs95
    aleksandrs95 11 June 2016 11: 01
    the first thing that needs to be recognized: the West economically and by state of mind regresses (collapses), albeit slowly, all large economies have inertia. 2. Instability as economic and political pose a threat to the movement of millions into the quiet territory of Russia (as a soldier, refugee, another question) 3 The entropy of national sovereignties and states is in the interests of transnational corporations, and they are beneficiaries with the control of almost all processes. 4. The predatory and aggressive nature of transnational corporations leads to intense interests in those countries and territories where there is no complete dominance. 5. The world that we know is changing globally and it will be different, the projection and servicing of Western interests (TNCs) occurs both at the level of national elites and in the spiritual sphere (the Patriarchate of Constantinople as an example.) Civilizational bonds are being transformed. A large BADAK is approaching, and it is necessary to prepare on all fronts and acquire its supporters.
  30. red_october
    red_october 11 June 2016 11: 39
    it has always been so ...
  31. vabvab
    vabvab 11 June 2016 12: 50
    The seizure of Ukraine in the form of the Euroassociation was made with the aim of turning it into a "vacuum cleaner" for pumping money out of Russia. Europe also counted on joining this "celebration of life". But Putin made it clear that this number would not work. After this, the events followed a bloody scenario. And now Europe is in the position of Ukraine. Now they have caught up with the Asian "raguli", and now they are planning to extract economic resources from it with the help of TTIP. France said "No", and now she, too, will have to "take the blow" like Russia. As for Germany, the Germans will remember Merkel for a long time only with obscenities.
  32. faterdom
    faterdom 11 June 2016 13: 07
    We should not worry much - they use Russia as a scarecrow, or, there, they don’t use ...
    We must be that calm, terrible force, so that it was scary to lift us up, right up to diarrhea, and this requires a strain of strength and endurance. Then the corpse of our enemies will pass by ...
    The most zealous are already sailing - the Baltic states and Ukraine are no longer seriously states at all; their opinion does not mean anything for either the West or the East, their economy is in a tailspin and no one will save it. But - these are the first Euro-swallows, then there is Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary, from the south - Greece, Italy, Spain, but also in the core of the EU - France-Germany, the situation is rapidly deteriorating.
  33. demiurg
    demiurg 11 June 2016 18: 41
    Quote: atalef

    Tell me, why do you think Strelkov entered it in Slavyansk?

    Kill God with bast shoes I do not know, and did not even think about it.
    During the Cold War, the confrontation was at the level: on a signal we rumbled on Calais, who first drove into the salt water rank +1, who last cleaned all the barrels of tanks in the battalion. Then calm people in bunkers tear wax seals, tuck magnetic wire with targets into Satan, and that’s all, from the word p .... c. The world belongs to cockroaches.
  34. CORNET
    CORNET 12 June 2016 07: 45
    Here on the Internet I read .... But it is so, damn it!
    Do not anger us gentlemen, otherwise you will regret ...
    “Clean and tidy German soldiers jumped into their huge trucks, which roared out of the village with a roar. After some time, a column of Soviet foot soldiers appeared. Dirty, long unshaven, tired, they slowly entered the village. To the boy’s perplexed question why the German soldiers, clean and full of strength, fled from these emaciated and barely standing people, his father answered him: “And look at their eyes. They are nothing and no one will stop ... "

    Source: ©

    It was in Poland ... hi
  35. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 14 June 2016 18: 39
    The article is controversial. Still put a minus. Because firstly, the author lied three times, and secondly, he made erroneous conclusions.
    And no one will trample here, because the territory is occupied and not occupied by anyone, by people with the gene pool of soldiers and survivors. And the honor of getting to Russia must be earned or worked out with blood. Of course, we can accept several million white people from geyropa. We need to build roads, canals, raise the Arctic, and just the streets of revenge. I agree that if the Germans do this, they will do well. Englishmen can be used in mines and mines. Essno not give citizenship, only to the elite. Entrance to Russia only through the transfer of the entire state acquired by the treasury. We can launch ten million white, family, traditional ones, but on what terms - this must be carefully considered. The rest half a billion let them dissolve wherever they want, in Africa (Gadaffi discovered the potential for turning it into a blooming garden, creating a water supply system ... We have outlined Africa, let it now be humped, irrigating and building it), however, it’s big in Australia, Iceland, Greenland .. .
    It’s not at all ridiculous to talk about Russia's power capture - who will capture? buggers with Tolerasts? Niggas at -20? It's actually cold here. Neither in geyropa, nor in geymerika there is, in principle, such human material that is capable of it. Everyone who jerks against the Russians has the right and honorable duty to die. And all these barbarians and savages from the west are aware of this, or they know for sure.