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The second oceanographic vessel was laid at the Yantar NHS

Today, at the Yantar Baltic Plant, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the oceanographic research vessel (OIC) “Almaz”, reports press office enterprises.

The laid-out board was attached to the vessel’s section: Eduard Efimov, Director General of Yantar Design Bureau (at the microphone, then from left to right), Vyacheslav Gospodinov, Head of the Department of the State Defense Committee of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, Aleksandr Shlyakhtenko, Director of Almaz Central Design Bureau, and Alexey Burilichev.

"OIS" Almaz "is the second ship of the 22010 project, which will be built by the Yantar AIP. The lead ship of this project, "Yantar", transferred the plant to the Russian Defense Ministry in May last year. The contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the construction of the OIS "Almaz" was concluded in March of this year. The vessel was named after the Almaz Central Design Bureau, which developed the project. Under the terms of the contract, it must be transferred to the customer in 2019, ”the release says.

“On May 23 last year, we handed over to our esteemed customer (the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation) the first ship of the 22010 project, OIC Yantar. It is symbolic that only a year has passed, and we are laying the second ship of this project, which is called the Almaz. The laying of ships in our factory and the laying of this ship is a guarantee that the plant is alive and will live by releasing products that confirm our motto "Quality Tested by the Sea". I hope this is not the last ship of this project that we will be mortgaging at our plant, ”said Eduard Efimov, general director of the plant, at the ceremony.

The first vessel, “Yantar”, has already proved itself in the service in a year and is now making a second long-distance cruise, solving ocean research tasks.

“We exploited the lead ship for a year, got experience, and figured out what could be improved. The equipment is almost the same, but it will be more conveniently located, conditions for the crew’s activities will become better. This is an incarnated experience in the operation of the head vessel, ”said Alexei Burilichev, Head of the Main Directorate for Deep-Water Research of the Defense Ministry.

Help press service: “The OIS project 22010 is a vessel with unlimited navigation area. It is intended to study the ocean strata and its bottom. On the ship are based deep-sea habitable and autonomous uninhabited underwater vehicles of the type "Rus", "Consul" and "Mir". The ship can also be used for rescue purposes, the equipment installed on it allows you to search for sunken objects on the seabed and ocean floor ”.
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  1. AdekvatNICK
    AdekvatNICK 9 June 2016 18: 26
    the research fleet is also not deprived of attention.
    1. avt
      avt 9 June 2016 18: 32
      Quote: AdekvatNICK
      the research fleet is also not deprived of attention.

      Yeah ! These googies will be investigated! laughing It seems that the project has been adjusted and, Almaz "will look more abruptly.
      1. Vorobey-1
        Vorobey-1 9 June 2016 19: 01
        One is good, and two are better!
      2. NEXUS
        NEXUS 9 June 2016 22: 06
        Quote: avt
        It seems that the project has been adjusted and, Almaz "will look more abruptly.

        A necessary and very cunning scout. wink Another couple of three such "stones" ... Amber, Diamond ... maybe Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire? And something tells me that I'm not far from the truth. hi
        1. Igor V
          Igor V 9 June 2016 22: 16
          These stones are in the kidneys of our partners. smile
  2. Vladimir61
    Vladimir61 9 June 2016 18: 29
    The elder brother is "Yantar".
  3. Prisoner
    Prisoner 9 June 2016 18: 30
    If we recall the sphere of activity of such courts during the Soviet era, then the "partners" should stand up. winked
    1. Vladimir61
      Vladimir61 9 June 2016 18: 33
      Quote: Captive
      If you recall the scope of activity

      Marine illegal immigrants.
      US Department of Defense officials believe Yantar is collecting intelligence about underwater sensors and other equipment used on American submarines. One of Russia's newest naval research ships, launched earlier this year, is part of Moscow's major strategic reconnaissance operation aimed at studying US nuclear submarines, missile carriers and other targets, according to intelligence analysts.
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      1. 31rus2
        31rus2 9 June 2016 18: 46
        To the very point, but I think not only nuclear submarines, there is a lot of work and the base and movement of ships
  4. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 9 June 2016 18: 40
    But can he find submarines in the warrant of ships? Well, that’s --- a useful nice function. Is it there or not, because they write in an article about the study of the ocean?
  5. VohaAhov
    VohaAhov 9 June 2016 18: 47
    This is what Almaz will look like in 2019. Picture taken from the Internet.
    1. proud
      proud 9 June 2016 21: 18
      The view is spectacular!
    2. SSeT
      SSeT 9 June 2016 23: 04
      If so, then such a good upgrade will turn out even externally! Well, inside ... soldier
  6. 9 June 2016 18: 54
    Research ships are also needed! Here is another good news! good
    1. Bort radist
      Bort radist 9 June 2016 18: 57
      Research ships are also needed!

      Intelligence under conditional cover. Everyone knows, but the status is not the same. lol
  7. fa2998
    fa2998 9 June 2016 18: 57
    Quote: AdekvatNICK
    the research fleet is also not deprived of attention.

    Our guard, towing, corvette fleet is not deprived. Also, the boat, trawl, messenger fleet is not deprived either. Also, the rescue, transport, and much more are attracted by the attention of shipbuilders. And I just want to ask if this is a support vessel or coast defense when we start build a REAL NAVY, without which auxiliary vessels are useless. When we read the news that they laid the destroyer, cruiser or other large battle ship? yes hi
    RS-almost all the large ships of the Russian Navy is a legacy of the USSR, they will not go forever, modernization is good, but where are the new ones (after all, many have already written off)
    1. Ros 56
      Ros 56 9 June 2016 19: 06
      Quote: fa2998

      Why do you need a large warship, or you are going to arrange artillery dueling, this is the last century. Today, carriers and their guards are in fashion, and missiles can be delivered on any container ship. hi good
    2. SSeT
      SSeT 9 June 2016 23: 09
      Design and build - we’ll write right away! It’s not for you to fix the latrine, and it’s not in the office to polish Claudia in the contact room, the ship’s sofa ...
  8. Ros 56
    Ros 56 9 June 2016 19: 01
    These are very different courts for any kind of research, they are just more modern, but they investigate everything that interests the Russian Federation. From underwater affairs to space.
  9. KnightRider
    KnightRider 9 June 2016 20: 56
    Cool ship! Go to the Pacific Fleet soldier
  10. masiya
    masiya 9 June 2016 21: 18
    Lord God, have they really finally waited for such ships, when they were on the stream in the USSR, they did not pay attention, and now RUSSIA really rises and catches up with the USSR in terms of the level of development of the military, scientific fleet, it’s fortunate that we managed to see all this ... after the tagged, the drunkard, and the crooks of the oligarchs (who really remained and only the tail was a little tightened ...).
  11. fa2998
    fa2998 9 June 2016 22: 03
    Quote: Ros 56
    Why do you need a large warship, or you are going to arrange artillery dueling, this is the last century. Today, carriers and their guards are in fashion, and missiles can be delivered on any container ship.

    So let's "Peter 1", "Moscow" and so on. Let's put on pins and needles. And for example, we'll go to Africa on a missile boat. And the above-mentioned aircraft carriers, firstly why do we need them, and secondly, we must first build escort destroyers and cruisers -Now see the first comment. what repeat hi
  12. AKsvlad047
    AKsvlad047 10 June 2016 07: 37
    Well done !!!! A beautiful and very necessary fleet facility !!!
  13. vadimtt
    vadimtt 10 June 2016 09: 51
    Is this shipyard (Amber) sort of like in Kaliningrad?
    The grandfather of this new project, the research vessel Cosmonaut Viktor Patsaev, stands there in the museum, despite the fact that he still receives telemetry from the ISS despite his pension. For a long time, his fate was balancing on the pins and needles, but now, as I understood from the conversation with the guide, the threat has receded a little. I would like that, along with the introduction of new ships of this class, they did not forget about the veterans, because this is our history, and one of its best chapters.
    Well, the new ship - seven feet under the keel and interesting trips.