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In the Moscow region completed the first comparative tests of robots developed by defense enterprises

On the "robodrome" in Krasnoarmeysk (Moscow region) 7-8 of June, under the guidance of specialists from the Ministry of Defense, the first comparative tests of robotic complexes developed by defense enterprises on their own initiative were carried out. press office Russian military department.

In the Moscow region completed the first comparative tests of robots developed by defense enterprises

It is noted that “for the purpose of their quality, the specialized 800 meter track with 8 obstacles (railway crossing, labyrinth, ford, etc.) was equipped with various road surfaces (asphalt, paving stones, sand, grass, soil) and various lifting and descent angles from 15 ° to 45 °. "

According to the press service, “to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the samples, more than 80 specialists were involved in the practical stage, representing the Main Directorate for Research and Development and Technological Support for Advanced Technologies (Innovative Research) of the Russian Defense Ministry, the Main Command of the Ground Forces, and Airborne Forces , Engineering troops, as well as specialized educational and research institutions of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation ".

"In the practical part of the test took part about 10 robotic platforms that can perform a different list of tasks, depending on the wearable payload in the interests of reconnaissance routes, building penetration, monitoring, detection and demining explosive objects," the release said.

In this category, robots weighing from 15-ti to 100 kg "came out."

According to the chief of the Main Research and Testing Center for Robotics at the Ministry of Defense, Sergei Popov, “the purpose of the comparative tests being conducted was to check the actual technical characteristics of the samples of robotic complexes presented and to develop practical recommendations for their use.”

"Robotic systems that have successfully completed the comparative test program will be considered for their possible use in the interests of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation," he stressed.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. Ami du peuple
    Ami du peuple 9 June 2016 09: 47
    In this category, robots weighing from 15-ti to 100 kg "came out."
    And were the sparring? smile In fact: great news. It is especially pleasing that on their own initiative and at their own expense, defense industry enterprises are developing similar robotic systems. Actual, not paper, competition.
  2. Penzuck
    Penzuck 9 June 2016 09: 50
    Aviadarts, Tank Biathlon ...
    It's time ROBOTS winked !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 9 June 2016 10: 01
    The photo is solid misery. Photo 1 -3 in general about anything. What functions besides video recording at the 0.5m level. they can perform. I have children of the 8-11 class in a circle prepared for the exhibition 4 self-propelled with various functionalities, so I looked there and the purpose is clear and how he will perform the work clearly.
    We will go through the area (and I have no doubt), we will offer the military to look.
    1. Aviagr
      Aviagr 9 June 2016 10: 53
      Absolutely right! You need to start not with sawing iron (more precisely - money), but with development TACTICS!
      So I have a very good idea of ​​what my mortar will do under the 40 mm grenade launcher grenade launcher: this is an ambush tactic against the advancing enemy, and in the offensive - for reconnaissance of advanced lines (identifying and partially suppressing firing points), and guarding objects (block- posts, warehouses, etc.) including and non-lethal weapons (signal, smoke-tear grenades, etc.); transportation and security of a unified trailer-missile unit with remote control for launch (NUR, UR, ATGM ...); reconnaissance and suppression of military personnel in urban battles, the supply of ammunition and the removal of the wounded (in a unified trailer, which was previously, for example, a missile unit); mining and setting smoke with a unified trailer and much more.
      Like the underbarrel grenade launcher, the mortar can also fire with mounted fire, incl. and cumulative grenades (the modernization of which I have already outlined) up to 600m, which allows you to shoot without the reach of enemy return fire (from hollows and other folds of the terrain) according to Glonass coordinates or additional adjustments (UAV, gunner ...), similarly, the rocket unit with a new method of "soft" launch of a rocket from a tube.
      When the enemy captures the electronics, it burns out, and at best they get 30-40 grenades 40mm (and not a whole machine gun like the others), although they can be blown up (but there are enough of their own fools - they can undermine themselves, so this is only an option ) Bulletproof booking, a well-developed design for the production of hundreds of thousands with multifunctional applications will reduce the price of mass production. Searching for partner enterprisesboth for patenting and production (at least separately, as the refinement of 40-mm grenades to increase range and accuracy, and the whole complex as a whole - with a trailer).
  4. vasdel
    vasdel 9 June 2016 10: 03
    a little expensive equipment, in the last picture the drone flies for 300 tons.
  5. Berkut24
    Berkut24 9 June 2016 10: 22
    Fuck a fly! Well, it's not robots! Insert the brains with artificial intelligence in these carts, then you will have a robot. In the meantime, these are self-propelled devices with a hoist and radio control. They will work in battle until the first inclusion of electronic warfare equipment.
    1. dvina71
      dvina71 9 June 2016 11: 21
      Quote: Berkut24
      Insert artificial intelligence brains into these carts

      What .. to ... yum artificial intelligence in a binary system?
      What are you talking about?
      These trolleys can be laid unconditionally prescribed functionality, which they will implement without an operator. And that makes them a robot.
      In addition, I believe that military robotic platforms cannot be left without human control, because:
      On the night of September 26, 1983, a missile attack warning system dispassionately recorded the launch of a military missile from one of the American bases. In the duty shift hall in Serpukhov-15 sirens howled. All eyes were on Lieutenant Colonel Petrov.
  6. masiya
    masiya 9 June 2016 10: 32
    Some kind of toys, it’s direct not a scientific institution with a military profile, but a station of young technicians of a regional scale.
  7. ayuric
    ayuric 9 June 2016 10: 45
    Why is green gears open on the case? getting confused in the grass? In general, a aliexpress saw a toy tank, control from a smartphone, a bunch of functions, up to shooting, the price tag is funny in the region of 10krub. - a ready-made solution, against these absurdities.
    1. Ev1l_4eLL
      Ev1l_4eLL 11 June 2016 09: 55
      This is probably a circular saw. Sneaked up to the adversary from the rear and began to cut laughing
  8. Altona
    Altona 9 June 2016 10: 54
    The chassis raises questions. For some reason, everyone has it pressed to the belly. Especially the 2nd photo, which looks like my 1974 toy armored personnel carrier. In fact, all of these robots require the presence of an operator and not perform the task on their own. Paws and arrows are understandable, pull out suspicious objects. But with a toothed wheel, is it a "self-propelled saw"?
    1. masiya
      masiya 9 June 2016 10: 57
      This is the main highlight ... creeps under the tank and saws the bottom, then releases a lulling or poisonous gas and kirdyk to the crew, and the tank is safe ...