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Candidate for death row

Who and for what reason is at risk of becoming a terrorist

The action, which with the maximum socio-political effect requires minimal human and financial investments, for some is called “terrorism”, for others — an “affordable means of achieving goals”.

The main event of any terrorist attack is the killing of most of the civilian population. To prevent this should lead scientific research. With this should be correlated any efforts to curb the attacks. The real result can only be considered averted tragedy.

Jihadi Clients

Experts studied Islam - the attacks did not stop, investigated history terrorism and its phenomenology - attacks continue. Deepening in ethnopsychology, theology, characterology and other aspects of the phenomenon gives nothing. What are we doing wrong?

The philosophical and psychological basis of the phenomenon of terrorism lies in the fact that man is one and the same in measuring the body, psyche, conscience and spirit. If problems arise on one level, they appear on another. In a harmonious person, they are all developed evenly. The individual is inclined to save them. If circumstances make it impossible, a hierarchy is built. The levels that can be sacrificed are chosen, the more significant ones remain inviolable. Terrorists also have a physical body, they have a psyche, conscience (sense of right), meanings, spirituality. But they are fundamentally different, and consider them on the basis of the coordinate system in which we live with you, it is useless. Common language will never be found. The opportunity to take the path of terror lies in the structure and qualitative originality of the consciousness of a particular person. Such people are among any ethnic group, in every culture and religion. The psycho-terrorist is international and universal. What is important is what factors and how influence the formation of his consciousness.

From the point of view of the researcher, some anti-mythological installations are important. First, it must be admitted that top-secret and super-effective methods of “zombing” into the ranks of suicide bombers are absent. Neither the emirs, nor the preachers, nor the recruits themselves know about them. Secondly, all suicide bombers are united by one property of the psyche that is of interest for study, namely, suggestibility. Let's name a number of the psychological features connected with it which are characteristic for all terrorists:

Candidate for death row1. The degree and severity of intellectual disorders. The presence of concomitant mental illness and conditions.

2. The conditions of training, education, social situation of development (marital status, relationships with relatives).

3. Tendency to maintain a hedonistic lifestyle, to meet the immediate desires and needs.

4. The level of addiction (evidence of substance use - alcohol, drugs, drugs), the formation of dependence on other people.

5. Emotional instability, superficial judgments, a tendency to symbolize and attribute the phenomena of everyday life.

6. The weakness of volitional control of their own actions.

7. The inability to give a personal assessment of what is happening, a focus on the opinion of outsiders, uncritical behavior to their own and others.

8. Internal conflict caused by the discrepancy of the desired and actually performed social role. Attempts rejected by society to occupy in it the desired niche, narrowness and specificity of contacts.

The results of our many years of research show that, in particular, Muslim organized criminal groups (MOGG, terrorist organizations) have several components of functioning.

First of all, the conventionally ideological component stands out - religious Islamic trends and postulates that are declared by representatives of the MOGD: Wahhabism, Nourism, Alavitism, Sheikhism, Sufism, Kharijism and others.

Of great importance is the nature of the organization. MOGF is a kind of symbiosis of a sect and a criminal grouping in which the most viable, practice-oriented methods of functioning and self-reproduction of these associations are preserved.

One of the key roles in the MOGD is played by the deep motivational component of jihad, its internal and physical aspects, and the specific psychological, semantic and behavioral field. Of particular importance is the psychological portrait of the contingent joining the group.

Sad motives

Practice shows that there are several surface as well as deep levels of motivation for joining the MOGG and carrying out terrorist acts. A huge role is played by the desire to change your life so that you get what one doesn’t have, considering himself worthy. Among the most significant motivational aspects are the following:

personal gain (self-interest, the desire to occupy the desired social position, to satisfy low-lying needs, to gain psychological benefits: to raise self-esteem, to realize inadequate claims);
enjoyment (sadomasochistic inclinations, sexual perversions, latent sadism);
suggested attitudes (not intrapersonal motivation, but superficial, introduced from the outside through education, training);
the desire for power or at least its imitation;
increased aggressiveness;
coercively-motivated behavior (not the subject’s own motivation, but, for example, coercion to undermine through the creation of intolerable living conditions, physical or psychological violence);
the desire to find their social niche, to be realized.

An analysis of the psychological characteristics and motivational principles of the behavior of potential terrorists makes it possible to single out at-risk populations where the chances of the appearance of persons capable of committing a serious crime are highest.

First of all, these are subjects who are in a state of deep grief, especially in the pathological state associated with the loss of loved ones. There is a very high risk of manifestation of terrorist tendencies among subjects with mental retardation, mental retardation and pedagogical neglect. Favorable environment can be social outsiders, outcasts of society, marginalized and lumpen. Subjects with inadequate self-esteem and an overestimated level of claims are very dangerous. Predisposed to terrorism are aggressive, impulsive, psychopathic personalities. Drug and alcohol addiction, destroying a person, makes him a toy in the hands of the organizers of the terrorist attacks. Those who find themselves in a difficult life situation, especially if they perceive it as hopeless, psychologically broken, can be easily forced into terrorist activity, either by promising a way out of a difficult situation, or by direct threats to themselves and their families. However, the most endangered group is the Sharia wives and sexual slaves who are in a position where death seems to be the best deliverance from the painful existence that they drag. The risk of becoming a Sharia wife is for women who are in the “active search” of the second half and who are not just surviving a divorce or having unsuccessful attempts to arrange a private life, but submitting their problems and emotional state to the public, asking for help dating sites, women's forums, where periodically recruiting neophytes. Another equally dangerous environment is communities of people who sincerely sympathize with terrorists, who feel “identification with the aggressor” (citizens who, after committing terrorist acts, call for understanding, forgiving of criminals, appealing to their pain, difficult life, psychological trauma).

Neskorah victory

Thus, quite obvious personal, intellectual, social deviations of members of terrorist groups exposed to mass ecstasy, and sometimes even psychosis, hide behind a leaky ideological and theological veil in the form of “testimony of a shahid of monotheism”, religious hatred, etc. In fact, the deep mental defects in the form of, for example, pathological sadism in their expressions receive a reliance on the super-idea of ​​the “war with the infidels”, which plays the role of an explanatory psychological mask justifying any atrocities, wands ism and inadequate behavior.

Every death of a shahid, every destroyed "lone hero" increases the value of the idea of ​​terror. Indeed, from the point of view of universal morality, death, even meaningless, cannot express the banal mental or intellectual inadequacy of the whole group. Here we are dealing with one of the main and deepest archetypes of any culture and ethnic group. Death is by definition meaningful. And a terrorist too. The universality of this formula leaves no chance for the rapid achievement of the goal of countering the terrorist threat.

The image of a suicide bomber through the efforts of "experts on assassins" and the media has already become an archetype. To level it, it will take the efforts of the social institutions of all states for very long years. For generations. Or maybe for ages ...

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    1. Reserve officer
      Reserve officer 8 June 2016 21: 35
      The article is a theoretical foundation of the philosophy of terrorism. But only purely hypothetically. And if without "scientific" research - then what the hell is the "phenomenon of terrorism"? The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation has long had all the answers to such actions. The only thing that saddens is the moratorium on the death penalty, including for such "figures".
      1. Teberii
        Teberii 8 June 2016 21: 42
        There is no phenomenon, suicides have always and everywhere sufficed. And now they have also been promised paradise.
      2. Ami du peuple
        Ami du peuple 8 June 2016 21: 43
        Quote: Reserve officer
        The only thing that saddens is the moratorium on the death penalty, including for such "figures".
        And what upsets something? Death row cannot be scared. What do they need the "highest measure of social protection"? They are martyrs, that is, martyrs - they will get their own in paradise (well, at least they think so). But with regard to organizers, ideologues and sponsors, the inevitability of a quick meeting with Allah must be present - these creatures love life on earth, not afterlife.
        1. FlyEngine
          FlyEngine 9 June 2016 01: 51
          If capital punishment for crazy Islamists is not a punishment - why not punish them by their standards of terrible punishment? To bury in pork skins, for example, with the mandatory dissemination of information about this among those who want to carry out terrorist attacks or fight against civilians.
        2. PKK
          PKK 9 June 2016 06: 12
          The absence of counter-propaganda about the actual state of affairs in the Other World, direct connivance and gives freedom to instigators of terror. The media around the world may well convey to everyone that there is no heaven or hell in the next world. There is no body for this that nourishes feelings in this World .And there In the Other World, after one, two questions, everything freezes until the next incarnation.
      3. Tersky
        Tersky 8 June 2016 22: 01
        Quote: Reserve officer
        The only thing that saddens is the moratorium on the death penalty, including for such "figures".

        I agree. It is high time for "thirsty gurias" to make an exception in Russian legislation - to issue a nine-gram one-way ticket without a queue, let them "enjoy".
        1. Revolver
          Revolver 9 June 2016 05: 20
          Quote: Tersky
          It is high time for "thirsty gurias" to make an exception in Russian legislation - to issue a nine-gram one-way ticket without a queue, let them "enjoy".

          Stake lubricated pork fat. So that they went away to meet with Allah in ecstasy. And there they are already waiting for such gurus amamamamamamamamamam
      4. Major Yurik
        Major Yurik 8 June 2016 22: 05
        When Russian bombers from the militant groups of the Socialist-Revolutionaries, regicide and other expropriates of capitalist property tormented Russian soil with home-made and not-so-very bombs, these Islamic terror theorists looked with curiosity at the world from a palm tree, catching their tail on a branch. Everything is new, well-forgotten old, and therefore it is not worth looking for some special Muslim background. The use of Wahhabism is just a way to embody their selfish interests for the elite of the eastern rulers. negative
      5. Asadullah
        Asadullah 9 June 2016 00: 25
        The article is a theoretical foundation of the philosophy of terrorism

        laughing Article, an attempt to surpass the gray gelding. And what kind of terrorism are we talking about? About Islamic? But in Islam there is not a word about terrorism. As in any Old Testament branch. Terrorist attacks in Russia were usually carried out by the bloodsheds, after the defeat of the chicha in the Caucasus, and this is generally no side to Islam. In each state, different conditions for the occurrence of such phenomena. You can’t talk about the Pomidorov terrorists, because this archetype is completely enclosed in the personality of his insults and accounts for society. As you remember, these were in the USSR. In the Middle East, terror is a kind of b \ d. And a means to maintain tension between the Sunnis and Shiites. And the phenomenon itself appeared during the Indian colonial war, in response to the truly primitive brutality of the British. Then the British took him into service, raising Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, for the contradictions in the Saudi Arabia they create. Wahhabis, by the way, the Saudis chopped their heads until the sixties of the twentieth century.

        In short, we do not need theorists of the okroshka master, more practitioners would .....
      6. Pitot
        Pitot 9 June 2016 02: 16
        In fact, you can still recall the eSeRs. They were still terrorist bombers .... It was they who raised a wave (with the help of impudent) of terror in Russia and in general ....
      7. siberalt
        siberalt 9 June 2016 05: 21
        And here is philosophy. If we are talking about religion, then there is another term "theosophy" (mystical knowledge). If it’s about the psychology of terrorists, then the ideology of terrorism is used here.
      8. dmi.pris
        dmi.pris 9 June 2016 05: 51
        You know, when a person has something to do, he works for his family and society, doesn’t hit the bucket, and all nonsense does not get into his head .. This is all from idleness and dullness ..
  3. Ami du peuple
    Ami du peuple 8 June 2016 21: 34
    Quote: from article
    There is a very high risk of manifestation of terrorist tendencies among subjects with mental retardation, mental retardation and pedagogical neglect ... Subjects with inadequate self-esteem and overstated claims are very dangerous
    I just see Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman as a suicide bomber. The above symptoms apply to it in full. bully
  4. Baloo
    Baloo 8 June 2016 21: 34
    Thank you for the article. A simplified and reduced version should be prepared for schoolchildren and students. Why not conduct lessons in schools and institutes using this material, only in a simpler and more accessible form.
    In every city there are veterans of special services, is their potential in educating youth fully utilized? hi
    1. poquello
      poquello 8 June 2016 22: 19
      Quote: Balu
      Thank you for the article. A simplified and reduced version should be prepared for schoolchildren and students. Why not conduct lessons in schools and institutes using this material, only in a simpler and more accessible form.

      one small formality - if it's someone’s research, you can dig through the link, but the article is here, if the opinion is, then what are the conclusions
  5. vasdel
    vasdel 8 June 2016 21: 38
    One desire to blow up everyone is not enough, explosives and other material means are necessary. Until the sponsoring terrorists cut off their hands, the explosions will thunder more than once.
    1. Anglorussian
      Anglorussian 8 June 2016 23: 12
      explosives and other materiel needed
      Make a bomb in the kitchen quite realistically. Such a product will be deprived of marginally in reliability-duplicate detonators; in fraud, boil more explosives. And carry the soul to paradise ... It is true it is not known whether the virgins remained there ... Can it be only the male?
  6. weksha50
    weksha50 8 June 2016 21: 39
    All 8 psychological characteristics of terrorists, listed in the article, are inherent specifically and in essence of young people, and not their "mentors" - curators ...

    And, in fact, I have long been thinking about the fact that it is this terrorism, implicated in supposedly religion, that is practically ineradicable ...

    In any country there is a mass of social problems that primarily affect young people and affect them negatively ... And then "smart" uncles-mentors turn up, who skillfully drag these young people into their networks ...

    Their work is similar to sects ... Only here you don’t have to beat your head against the floor and observe the fasts ... Here they will give weapons to the unsatisfied, make them feel like a superman ... In general, there are a lot of opportunities ...

    But for all this, powerful funding is needed ... And only by blocking the financing channels can a preventive fight be waged ...

    I have a very respectful attitude towards Yakov Kedmi ... And he has long been saying simple, accessible things about terrorism: "We must fight terrorism on any territory of any state together ... To plant, destroy, and block financing channels - first of all" ...

    However - who hears it ??? A joint fight against terrorism has not yet been achieved ... Apparently, there are still few terrorist attacks that governments cannot unite to resolve these issues ...
    1. poquello
      poquello 8 June 2016 22: 39
      Quote: weksha50
      All 8 psychological characteristics of terrorists, listed in the article, are inherent specifically and in essence of young people, and not their "mentors" - curators ...

      IMHO is still a well-established, well-funded network with support people and, like a regular organized crime group, has a backbone at the place of business.
  7. masiya
    masiya 8 June 2016 22: 00
    It is written grandiose - right, everything in our heads, maybe not everyone has it, of course, but the Muslims have a lot of things to do, and our Slavs don’t get better in the brains after fooling the Wahhabis, the problem is different, how to prevent such fooling of people wild and crazy the ideology used to destroy people and the existence of a society of some Islamic states that preach a universal caliphate, Sharia, .... and other chukhn ... for destruction ??
  8. Dart2027
    Dart2027 8 June 2016 22: 10
    Any terrorism needs financing, a powerful organization of professionals who do not have any phobias, deviations and the roof of any special service.
    1. 31rus2
      31rus2 8 June 2016 22: 29
      Dear, it’s not so simple, the world is not ideal for someone a terrorist, for someone a freedom fighter, and for someone the material from which is sculpted or both, this is the problem. The article does not answer the question posed, nor psychological not from a religious point of view, terrorism is precisely the merging of a fairly extensive range of factors, including psychological ones. It is not right to investigate each individually
      1. Dart2027
        Dart2027 8 June 2016 23: 00
        Quote: 31rus2
        The article does not answer the question posed, neither from a psychological nor a religious point of view

        Terrorism is not the subject of a psychological or religious point of view. Both that and another are tools by means of which operate ordinary structure. But those who manage - this is a completely different article, and they are the source of what is happening. Simply put, terrorism is the weapon of politicians that they create through the hands of special services.
  9. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 8 June 2016 22: 42
    First of all, it’s not the candidates for
    suicide bombers (there is plenty of such material - you won’t catch everyone),
    and those involved in the logistics of this business: preparation, supply.
    These people, just love life, split up during interrogations quickly
    and rent the entire network.
  10. slava5553
    slava5553 8 June 2016 22: 43
    There is such a science, psychology, if a person is not trained to counteract it, then they can be twisted, as you wish or as it is beneficial to anyone
    1. Anglorussian
      Anglorussian 8 June 2016 23: 15
      There is such a science, psychology, if a person is not trained to counter it
      And counteracting psychology is how? If this is science? About how to counteract geography?
      1. Dart2027
        Dart2027 8 June 2016 23: 30
        Quote: Anglorussian
        And counteracting psychology is how?

        This refers to the processing of a person by methods of psychological manipulation.
        1. Anglorussian
          Anglorussian 8 June 2016 23: 41
          Clearly .. But I believe that these methods are far from an absolute weapon.
          1. Dart2027
            Dart2027 9 June 2016 19: 22
            Absolute weapons, in principle, do not exist. But a professional is very likely to dust his brain with an amateur. It is enough to recall how many times people became victims of various sectarians.
    2. sogdianec
      sogdianec 8 June 2016 23: 53
      Do not enlighten, do not inspire what is good and what is bad, all the same, Satan will always find his flock.
      There will always be a contingent prone to provocations, suggestion, hypnosis, and other types of manipulation. Frantic terrorists often come out of wealthy families.
  11. atamankko
    atamankko 8 June 2016 23: 39
    I believe that an optimist will never be a suicide bomber,
    it is impossible, even in thoughts, to be a pessimist.
  12. Homo
    Homo 9 June 2016 02: 18
    After reading the article, I have one question - is this an attempt to analyze terrorism or the propaganda of terrorism?
  13. Bramb
    Bramb 9 June 2016 03: 38
    The inability to realize oneself, to become a useful member of society, respected by others and the family - this is the main thing in terrorism. The Arab clan world does not give this to the majority, the Western world for them, too. And here, though virtual, but hope: you can at least become something yourself, even after death, and you will help the family (they are promised that they will help the family financially after their death).
    And if you add to the law that the body of a suicide bury is buried in a cesspool of pork (and does not fall into heaven, respectively), and his relatives on earth are deprived of all the benefits of civilization, including all rights, including housing, work, medicine, education, then the number of suicide bombers will decrease dramatically.
    To do these two things and bring them to all the terrorists - and immediately he will decline. Without all these conclusions about the centuries of terrorism. Just terrorism is beneficial for many. And these many are sitting on money and in power.
    1. Cat man null
      Cat man null 9 June 2016 03: 48
      Quote: Bramb
      And if you add to the law that the body of a suicide bury is buried in a cesspool of pork (and does not fall into heaven, respectively)

      You are famously with them good

      Only - either a cesspool or pork skin.

      - in the second case, the patient doesn’t exactly go to heaven
      - in the first - honestly, I don’t know
      - "pig cesspool" does not exist in nature request

      Voooot ...
      1. Bramb
        Bramb 9 June 2016 03: 52
        Exist. At the pig farms.
        For the townspeople, I explain: pure manure cannot be applied as fertilizer, but must be diluted. Therefore, at pig farms, he is first dumped into large pits, where he crosses for some time. This is the pork cesspool (cesspool - because then manure is scooped out from there).

        PS. And one more thing: if a piece of meat or the body of a terrorist is thrown into such manure ("live" is such a term), then worms will instantly start up and eat it. Little yellow and white, they move and gnaw on flesh ... A sight still! To make such a film and show it in Arab countries under the title "the future of every terrorist is like this."

        PPP. What do you want? If it is impossible for a person to create a normal present and even promise a decent future, then let him know that having entered the path of terrorism can be much worse for him, and his life is now a paradise on Earth in comparison with this.
  14. Wolka
    Wolka 9 June 2016 06: 39
    quite juicy layout for those who still do not know what modern terrorism is and where this evil comes from, the authors have a personal plus ...
  15. Bort radist
    Bort radist 9 June 2016 06: 51
    "By its origin, the Latin term" terror "means" fear, horror. "
    However, terrorism as a phenomenon appeared long before it got its name.
    The earliest known terrorist group in the history of mankind - the sikari sect (sika - dagger or short sword) - operated in Judea in 66-73. ad. She destroyed representatives of the Jewish nobility who collaborated with the Romans.
    In the XI century in the East, there was a Muslim sect of Assoshafins, whose representatives killed prefects and caliphs. This secret sect, whose name is still considered synonymous with insidious murder, was founded by Hasan al-Sabbah, whom historians consider the founder of the ideology of terrorism. He was called the genius of evil. He founded not only the ideology of terrorism, but also created a prototype of a state of a new formation - a terrorist state in which there was a clear hierarchy of subordination and there were no uniform borders. Al-Sabbah's possessions consisted of separate castles-fortresses. The territory of his state could not be captured, conquered or conquered. His supporters roamed from fortress to fortress. "
    It should be added that the sycarias warned their victims with a letter, and then killed, usually with a dagger. Outsiders did not suffer. In a state of horror, it was precisely the warned who lived and it was him who was waiting for death for his state activities.
  16. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 9 June 2016 12: 02
    The article focuses only on Islamists. Although terrorism is not only religious, but also political. And also household, for example - this is when your inadequate apartment building neighbor decides to take revenge on the whole world or commit suicide over himself, along with taking someone with him and discovering gas in his apartment.

    Terrorism can also have mixed forms. The most common form of mixed terrorism is religious-political terrorism.