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More 30 military engineers awarded for demining the Syrian Palmyra

Today, in the Moscow region of Nakhabino, in the location of the mine action center of the RF Armed Forces, a ceremony was held for a meeting of servicemen of the engineering troops who participated in the demining of Palmyra, reports press office Ministry of Defense

More 30 military engineers awarded for demining the Syrian Palmyra

“More than 30 servicemen of the engineering troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation received awards for the clearance of Palmyra. The awards were awarded by Colonel-General Sergei Istrakov, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, ”the release said.

“Over the period of the task, more than 800 ha of territory, 23 km of roads, 10 of historical heritage objects have been cleared of explosive objects. The result of the work you have done was the successful fulfillment of the task set by the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and the deep appreciation of the Syrian people ",
quoted by the press service of General Istrakov.

It is noted that "Russian sappers cleared more than 2,5 thousands of buildings and structures in Syria, discovered and defused about 17,5 thousand explosive objects, of which more than 400 are improvised explosive devices."

Mine clearance specialists were in Syria for a month and a half. "After cleaning from explosive objects historical parts of Palmyra, they neutralized explosive devices in residential quarters of the city, ”the department noted.

“Russian sappers had to deal with complex and new ways of setting up explosive devices by terrorists: radio-controlled land mines, land mines, controlled by wires, installed for non-recoverability, as well as many different mine traps,” the message said.

In the course of performing the tasks, the sappers used the newest robotic complexes, in addition, divisions of cynologists with mine detection dogs took part in the demining.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. oleg-gr
    oleg-gr 7 June 2016 18: 55
    The sappers deserve it. Dangerous profession. Health to them and less "such work" during the service.
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 7 June 2016 19: 02
      Quote: oleg-gr
      The sappers deserve it.

      That's for sure, and a rare medal. But I would have handed them over to BZ.
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana 7 June 2016 19: 24
        Congratulations to the Russian sappers with a well-deserved award!
        These Men adequately represented the RF Armed Forces in the SAR! We Russians can proudly be proud of their courage, their military skill and valor all over the country!
        All awarded health, happiness and all well-being!
        1. cniza
          cniza 7 June 2016 22: 03
          Guys, thank you for your work.
        2. The comment was deleted.
      2. moskowit
        moskowit 7 June 2016 19: 36
        Surely, one of the sappers and "For Courage" is quite worthy!
        All Well done! Fulfilled their military duty with dignity and showed the highest professional combat training.
        And everyone received the medal "For demining Palmyra". Memory of hard days. I think that the grateful Syrian people will honor the memory of our glorious fighters!
        1. Vladimirets
          Vladimirets 7 June 2016 19: 42
          Quote: moskowit
          Surely, one of the sappers and "For Courage" is quite worthy!

          It is "For Courage" that I meant, "For Military Merit" is not being awarded now, I apologize for the typo. But from the position "For Courage":
          "servicemen are awarded for personal courage and bravery shown by:
          in battles in defense of the Fatherland and state interests of the Russian Federation;
          in the performance of special tasks to ensure state security of the Russian Federation;
          while protecting the state border of the Russian Federation;
          in the performance of military, service or civil duty, protection of the constitutional rights of citizens and in other circumstances, associated with a risk to life. "
          Can not argue.
        2. Simon
          Simon 7 June 2016 19: 52
          I think that the medal "For demining Palmyra" is equal to the medal "For Courage". Well done sappers!
      3. masiya
        masiya 7 June 2016 21: 00
        By and large it was necessary to give military (even for courage or military merit, do we really have them ...?), And not those that appear on the Internet in a week later ...- our senior officers begin to resemble the staff and NATO at the top of their chests in anniversary medals and it’s not clear why ..., Leonid Ilyich at least wore his USSR deserved ...
      4. Tra-ta-ta
        Tra-ta-ta 7 June 2016 23: 57
        .. yes and a rare medal ..
        And I'm sure that this medal will eventually be equal to a weighty order ..
        "For demining Palmyra" ..! I want to savor and cherish this short phrase.
        The current "For demining modern history" will be steeper ..
        Congratulations to the guys for qualification and compliance with TB ..!
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 7 June 2016 19: 39
      We gained a lot of experience and did a good job!
      1. In100gram
        In100gram 7 June 2016 21: 19
        Quote: Sith Lord
        We gained a lot of experience and did a good job!

        I really agree. Experience is priceless, it’s very good, because there are few specialists of this level in Syria. But the award is departmental, but not State. And they did a great thing.
      2. In100gram
        In100gram 7 June 2016 21: 34
        Quote: Sith Lord
        We gained a lot of experience and did a good job!

        The experience is great. The thing is very good. They did everything very professionally, in Syria there are few specialists of this level. But the award is departmental, not State. I think there is no need to equate the Gergiev Orchestra and the dangerous work of sappers.
  2. Skubudu
    Skubudu 7 June 2016 19: 05
    The main thing without loss was done.
  3. staryivoin
    staryivoin 7 June 2016 19: 06
    Such work is worth a lot. This is a demonstration of the PROFESSIONALISM of a Russian sapper and a presentation that the Russians perform combat missions not for money, but as part of helping those who are in dire need of it. Thank you very much guys! YOU'RE GOOD !!! And most importantly, that they returned ... drinks
    APASUS 7 June 2016 19: 06
    Sappers well done for anyone who at least once shot a mine understand.
    And our specialists have gained invaluable experience in detecting real combat bookmarks. I saw a video where ours shot a blasting control unit in the form of a garland, well, just no words as expertly.
  5. megafair
    megafair 7 June 2016 19: 16
    Real men, experts of extra class. Could perform the most difficult work without loss!

    I join in the congratulations! good
  6. esaul1950
    esaul1950 7 June 2016 19: 21
    Real soldiers. Glory to you and a deep bow.
  7. sergey2017
    sergey2017 7 June 2016 19: 25
    In Syria, the engineering troops completed the task by five points! When performing tasks in wartime, sappers cover the special forces of the engineering troops! The motto of the special forces of the engineering troops is WITHOUT US-NO ONE! Well done guys!
  8. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 7 June 2016 19: 43
    Sappers well done that everyone returned home!
    I hope that the dogs were also awarded!
  9. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 7 June 2016 19: 43
    Guys like hounds, great. And it’s time for Mr. Eneral to enter the fields.
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 7 June 2016 20: 10
      Quote: Mavrikiy
      And it’s time for Mr. Eneral to enter the fields.

      In the photo, the Chief of the Main Staff of the Ground Forces - First Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces, Colonel General S. Istrakov And here is his track record:
      From 1982 to 1989 - platoon commander, company commander, commander of a separate parachute airborne battalion of the 39th separate airborne assault brigade in the Carpathian military district.
      From 1992 to 2000 - deputy commander, commander of a paratrooper regiment, deputy commander of an airborne division, commander of an airborne assault brigade.
      In 1999-2000 performed tasks as part of the peacekeeping forces in Yugoslavia, was a participant in the march of Russian paratroopers to Pristina in June 1999.
      In 2000-2003 - commander of the 205th separate Cossack motorized rifle brigade.
      In 2003-2004, he was commander of the 20th Guards Carpathian-Berlin Motorized Rifle Division.
      From 2006 to April 2008 - Deputy Commander, Chief of Staff of the 58th Army of the North Caucasus Military District. In August 2008, as part of the army, he took part in the war in South Ossetia.
      From April 2008 to June 2009 - commander of the 41st Army of the Siberian Military District.
      In June 2009 - January 2011 - Deputy Commander of the Siberian Military District.
      From January 9, 2011 to April 2013, he was deputy commander of the troops of the Central Military District.
      Since April 2013 - Chief of the Main Staff of the Ground Forces - 1st Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces
      From December 2, 2013 - May 2, 2014 - Acting Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces ex officio
      Since May 2, 2014 - Chief of the Main Staff of the Ground Forces - First Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces
      Since 2015 - Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

      Indeed, what can he know about the "fields". wink
      1. Mavrikiy
        Mavrikiy 8 June 2016 05: 29
        Vladimir (3) RU B

        Sorry, Comrade General, did not recognize!
  10. Bassoon
    Bassoon 7 June 2016 19: 54
    Honor and respect.
  11. taseka
    taseka 7 June 2016 20: 08
    fellow Well done! They say the sappers do not like 2 phrases: 1. "Come on quickly, one leg here, the other there" 2. "Go and try your brain"
  12. narval20
    narval20 7 June 2016 20: 29
    A courageous profession, requiring iron nerves and deep knowledge of engineering and mine engineering. Congratulations to the guys! drinks soldier
  13. Asadullah
    Asadullah 7 June 2016 20: 37
    All is well, only the fat general spoils the picture. I would introduce penalties for every extra kg. Yes, and tests for fizuhu. Our instructor consultant came to watch, 75 years old, 8 exits by force. Exactly, beautifully, without buildup. Military, this is the proportion of body, spirit and mind.
    1. Horst78
      Horst78 7 June 2016 20: 47
      Age gives its own. nothing to blame him. I in 37 in the office already got chewing and osteochonrosis for 5 years I got sad
      1. Asadullah
        Asadullah 7 June 2016 22: 16
        Age gives its

        I have nothing against age, she and her mother and father are too lazy, but there must be a certain standard of trust. If you are a commander, then a personal example is your entire home book. How you look, how you think you know how. You leave to l \ s, untidy, it is impossible to imagine? So physical form, this is the same, only achieved by a more powerful application of the will. Yes, and I understand that I won’t make a revolution, that’s why these are my installations, exclusively for myself.
  14. atamankko
    atamankko 7 June 2016 20: 55
    Alive, healthy and okay. Honored awards. The guys are eagles.
  15. wandlitz
    wandlitz 7 June 2016 21: 29
    Glory to those who are in the ranks of the Engineering Troops!
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. Yak28
    Yak28 7 June 2016 22: 01
    Well done guys, we are proud of you. And why are the colors on the medals similar to the flag of the Russian Empire?
    1. seregatara1969
      seregatara1969 8 June 2016 11: 42
      these are the colors of the Syrian flag
  18. pexotinec
    pexotinec 7 June 2016 22: 11
    I hope the whole cult of the world. Though ....
    Russia is a headache for Europe, said Polish Foreign Minister Vitold Washchikovsky following a meeting with Bulgarian counterpart Daniel Mitov.
  19. pexotinec
    pexotinec 7 June 2016 22: 15
    We are correctly deploying our troops! WWII, I think taught !!!!
  20. Not served
    Not served 7 June 2016 23: 17
    I didn’t understand from the photo where it is in Nakhabino itself, in the former school or in the Engineering? The engineer, in theory, is no longer Nakhabino, but Nicolo-Uryupino.
    Karbyshev Institute is almost no longer functioning, rem. The oldest engineering plant is also put into storage under warehouses, the MLC of the engineering troops also does not work, there are already businessmen sitting there. A large supply base was also not working, everything was privatized and withdrawn. Some sites at the landfill are still doing something, and already everything is being set aside for development. The landfill itself is no longer working, before it was constantly thumping specifically, now it has been silence for a long time, they only shoot sometimes. In 2008, two buildings from Gorynych flew to the cottages, and therefore probably closed.
    At a classmate, his father tried to restore the institute, he did it tightly, but he died recently, a good man, colonel, candidate of sciences, Libya, Egypt passed.
    At the training ground, a movement began somehow, many technicians drove the truth of the old. Camps were broken. They were unloaded at the Nakhabino station, and before, cars on their branch straight to the landfill were driven. Ways dismantled.
  21. Barakuda
    Barakuda 7 June 2016 23: 20
    I have ashtray bins. From the howitzer. Who is jabbering? And where they find it.
  22. The comment was deleted.
  23. cap
    cap 8 June 2016 03: 27
    Well done guys and honored awards. All returned alive, which speaks of
    high professionalism. God grant everyone success in service and personal life.
  24. The comment was deleted.
  25. fa2998
    fa2998 8 June 2016 10: 35
    Minesweepers, sincere respect, well done guys! soldier I wanted to ask, have Yudashkin been kicked out of the Moscow Region already, or is he still developing a uniform? Something our military do not look in this uniform! recourse hi
  26. seregatara1969
    seregatara1969 8 June 2016 11: 44
    besides honorary awards it was necessary to give military
  27. AKsvlad047
    AKsvlad047 8 June 2016 11: 47
    Well done guys and experience gained and the honor of Russia did not shame!
  28. Ros 56
    Ros 56 8 June 2016 17: 06
    That's right, men deserve their awards. Here it’s just right to reward you for soaking in a protective suit at a temperature of + 35 and you can’t be distracted, in short, the steam room is still the same.