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Victor Chepkin died - the creator of engines for the MiG-31

Viktor Mikhailovich Chepkin, the creator of the engines for the all-high interceptor MiG-31 and the prototype of the fifth-generation fighter MiG-1.44, did not become. The designer died in Moscow after a long illness.

Victor Chepkin died - the creator of engines for the MiG-31

“In the 83 year of life after a long illness of 3, June, the doctor of technical sciences, professor, laureate of the Lenin Prize, Viktor Mikhailovich Chepkin, died,” said the United Engine Corporation (UDC).

After graduating from MAI at 1957, MAI Chepkin was sent to work at the Perm Enginebuilding Bureau, "where he went from a design engineer to first deputy general designer".

“Victor M. led the work on the engine AL-31FP, equipped with a jet nozzle with a controlled thrust vector, allowing you to perform aerobatics in super maneuverability. Since 1985, under his leadership, work has been carried out on the "20 product" turbojet. Experimental multifunctional fighter "1.44" Mikoyan Design Bureau successfully made the first flight of 29 February 2000, with these engines, "- said the press service.

In 1984, Mr. Chepkin was appointed General Designer - General Director of the NPO Saturn engine company.

Created in 90-x prototype MiG-1.44 was first demonstrated at the exhibition MAKS-2015.
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 7 June 2016 17: 11
    God send a decent change. We wait.
    1. Dam
      Dam 7 June 2016 17: 28
      The galaxy of great Soviet industrial designers is leaving. Who will replace them? Hey?
      1. cniza
        cniza 7 June 2016 17: 30
        Thanks for the work, eternal memory and gratitude of posterity.
      2. Samurai3X
        Samurai3X 7 June 2016 17: 58
        Examination will change, do not worry. Or do you think that he personally makes the engines for the new Sukhoi?
        Great loss, but there is a replacement.
        Moreover, we still have the Salyut design bureau if Saturn fails. Although I think it will do just fine.
        1. Dam
          Dam 7 June 2016 18: 30
          God grant that it would happen
      3. Number 17
        Number 17 7 June 2016 23: 14
        Not a galaxy. Alas, the era of the genealogical and sought-after people of their time is leaving. Those whose work glorified our Motherland and made us reckon with our military-industrial complex.
    2. Grandson of Veteran
      Grandson of Veteran 7 June 2016 17: 29
      The Kingdom of heaven! He lived and worked for the good of the motherland ....
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. siberalt
      siberalt 8 June 2016 01: 16
      Eternal memory and rest in peace!
  2. inkass_98
    inkass_98 7 June 2016 17: 12
    The era is leaving, and there are very few left who created Soviet military power.
  3. resh
    resh 7 June 2016 17: 14
    Unfortunately, titans of thought are leaving us, thanks to which our weapons are the best. Eternal memory to him.
  4. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 7 June 2016 17: 14
    Bright memory. Still, the article rating should be removed. No.
    1. In100gram
      In100gram 7 June 2016 20: 40
      Quote: Vladimirets
      Bright memory. Still, the article rating should be removed.

      My condolences to family and friends.

      Rating under such articles is inappropriate. I support for a long time
      1. Dart2027
        Dart2027 7 June 2016 21: 44
        Quote: In100gram
        Rating under such articles is inappropriate. I support for a long time

        So do I.
    2. gridasov
      gridasov 8 June 2016 09: 51
      I'm trying to understand why each other has advantages? In general, we went with our brains. Respect and expression of condolences is a manifestation of an attitude towards a person. But what have the "pluses" to do with it? And then you need to understand that the person has made a significant contribution to the development of aviation. BUT! the process has not stopped and new solutions must be sought. If someone thinks that the existing engines are the height of perfection, then this is a misconception. The same revolutionary processes are coming.
  5. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 7 June 2016 17: 16
    The earth rest in peace to the newly-represented Victor. Our Homeland is holding onto such People. Condolences to all relatives and friends.
  6. Dr. Sorge
    Dr. Sorge 7 June 2016 17: 17
    His projects live for centuries and future generations.
  7. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 7 June 2016 17: 21
    The 31st is a thing, I tell you, comrades. Impressive with power. TU-154 on the runway jumps when such a product takes off.
  8. General Frost
    General Frost 7 June 2016 17: 27
    Eternal memory to the true blacksmith SHIELD of our Motherland. I believe that Viktor Mikhailovich managed to prepare a worthy shift of the successors of his work.
    1. iliitchitch
      iliitchitch 7 June 2016 17: 54
      Quote: Oskar1965
      Eternal memory to the true blacksmith SHIELD of our Motherland. I believe that Viktor Mikhailovich managed to prepare a worthy shift of the successors of his work.

      100% smog. This is not "daddy can" for you.
  9. Oskar1965
    Oskar1965 7 June 2016 17: 28
    The bright memory of a man of great engineering intelligence and selfless work for the good of our country.
  10. staryivoin
    staryivoin 7 June 2016 17: 30
    Earth rest in peace and eternal memory, though Mig-31 is a very powerful memory. One hope is that a person was preparing a strong shift ...
  11. Mercenary
    Mercenary 7 June 2016 17: 32
    Who puts the article (+), rejoice or something?
    Condolences to family and friends. It is especially painful when talented people leave for our Motherland!
    1. boroda64
      boroda64 7 June 2016 17: 59
      - and minus ... ???
      - like mourn .. ???
      / but seriously - it's a pity when such people leave /
    2. ohtandur
      ohtandur 7 June 2016 18: 08
      in my case + I put emphasizing the significance of the event and its importance. Plus, the article does not mean joy, but respect for the journalists who brought this bitter news. And minus the article, in my understanding, means ignoring the event, emphasizing its insignificance and unnecessary publication. But the attitude to the Man himself can be written in the comments - for this they were created on the forum.
  12. Next
    Next 7 June 2016 17: 39
    Very sorry. Condolences to his loved ones. Unfortunately, dvigatelists are worth their weight in gold. And in general there is a question about the presence of a "long bench" for designers in the defense industry, tk. If I think correctly, the bulk of the designers are people who are well over 60, or even 70, unfortunately. If I'm wrong, I'll be glad.
  13. alauda1038
    alauda1038 7 June 2016 17: 50
    Bright memory
  14. newcomer
    newcomer 7 June 2016 17: 59
    the eternal memory of a genius. enchantment of heaven. the great mind has gone. condolences to the family and friends.
    1. firefighter
      firefighter 7 June 2016 18: 30
      the eternal memory of a genius
      I am joining. Nothing to add ...
  15. Ros 56
    Ros 56 7 June 2016 17: 59
    God grant if there are sensible followers. Must not be all for money sold.
  16. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 7 June 2016 18: 18
    Geniuses do not die, they live in successors ...
    The Ufa Engine-Building Production Association (UMPO) demonstrated the 117C engine for the domestic multifunctional Su-35S fighter.
    Everlasting memory...
  17. firefighter
    firefighter 7 June 2016 18: 27
    KB will certainly cope with the tasks. Great honor and respect to the person, giving us the opportunity to write reviews HERE. ON SUCH RUSSIA KEEP. Honor him and eternal memory.
  18. WERSTA.
    WERSTA. 7 June 2016 18: 34
    Talented and intelligent techies are leaving ... And another bright mind left our aviation .... Eternal memory to him.
  19. midshipman
    midshipman 7 June 2016 19: 00
    You rest in peace and blessed memory. For this aircraft, under my leadership, there were created: a multifunctional AFS, guidance system, a system for semi-autonomous actions, short-range radio navigation and instrumental landing equipment, and secondary radar equipment. I have the honor.
  20. cherkas.oe
    cherkas.oe 7 June 2016 19: 19
    "Another soldier of the era left, through no fault of his own."
    The kingdom of heaven to him, the eternal glory and memory of the living.
  21. jovanni
    jovanni 7 June 2016 19: 23
    We are all mortal, but we leave a different mark after ourselves. This man left a worthy mark. For many years, beautiful interceptors will guard the peace of the motherland. Thank you Victor Mikhailovich! You rest in peace ...
  22. Yuri from Volgograd
    Yuri from Volgograd 7 June 2016 19: 52
    The kingdom of heaven and eternal memory.
  23. aspid1944
    aspid1944 7 June 2016 20: 27
    Everlasting memory.
  24. gridasov
    gridasov 7 June 2016 20: 29
    It is unfortunate that communication with the creator of the aircraft engine does not work out. After all, only he could be given and justified the new principles of operation of the aircraft engine.
  25. michajlo
    michajlo 7 June 2016 21: 02
    Greetings to all members of the forum!

    let the old cohort of SOVIET ENGINEERS, SCIENTISTS and MILITARY leave us, I am creating the power and basis of conscience weapons. And Alas, Russian weapons are mainly based on the DEVELOPERS of the USSR. Digitization (digitalization) of the processes of designing and controlling combat vehicles is only an external effect.
    But the main ones are brilliant ideas, technological studies of the manufacture and operation of military equipment.
    In the former republics, military production and design, apart from Russia, practically "died".

    But in Russia, there are also very big questions in the defense industry, especially in terms of personnel.
    Who will replace the departing and over the past 25 years already deceased designers, technologists, production organizers?

    I have no hope for "new effective manaKherov", in the Stalinist times, the current "managers, optimizers and businessmen" were directly called pests and punished severely!

    Today, at the suggestion of the top leadership of the Russian Federation, they "optimize" military science, development and production.
    About the natural results, we will all hear and see in 5-10 years.

    And the undertakers of Soviet education and science, the defenders of the "modern USE" continue to work in the Government, the Kremlin and various Glavkas ...

    But the hour of enlightenment is inevitably drawing near, and who will be GENERALLY responsible for the collapse of the education and science of Russia, the successor of the Soviet system?

    The fame and popularity of the "current Guarantor" - alas, then will not be enough!

    And sabotage in this area has continued for the last 15 years, when "he runs the country", or "he is run by the greedy and greedy oliHarchs for state money."

    I join in sincere condolences from the members of the forum, to all the relatives and friends of the late Engineer, Designer and Scientist, State husband!

    Michael. Smolensk
  26. atamankko
    atamankko 7 June 2016 21: 17
    Everlasting memory. Condolences to the family.
  27. NordUral
    NordUral 7 June 2016 21: 43
    Many thanks to this man! The enviable fate of a techie and just a person.
  28. proud
    proud 7 June 2016 22: 21
    Lord What year? What kind of people leave us? And who will replace them? It’s hard for the soul - God sees people like you, Viktor Mikhailovich, we will really miss!
  29. eleronn
    eleronn 8 June 2016 02: 13
    And how many knows what engine stands on the MiG-31? And how does it differ from the D-30KP engine? Most commentators have no idea what they are talking about! The main thing is to shove burning candles into avatars. Adherents ...
  30. tolmachiev51
    tolmachiev51 8 June 2016 04: 32
    Eternal memory and earth rest in peace !!!! When such people leave, they worry anxiously about changing, we hope that the Russian land was famous for Great Minds and will be famous.
  31. Exumer
    Exumer 8 June 2016 07: 06
    Rest in peace! Thank you very much!
  32. AKsvlad047
    AKsvlad047 8 June 2016 11: 52
    This leaves a whole school of Soviet engine building !!! Big loss for the country and young professionals !!! Did everyone manage to adopt everything, learn to think globally !!!
  33. magician
    magician 14 June 2016 21: 25
    Everlasting memory! Remember, mourn!